Hot Latina Girl Agrees to Have Nude Body Photographed

Hot Latina Girl Agrees to Have Nude Body Photographed
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Chapter 3 - Goodnight kiss Needing to put some distance between us, I went downstairs to the kitchen. I opened the fridge door and the cool air felt fresh and nice, so I just stood there for a while with the door open, not really looking for anything to eat or drink.

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Standing there taking deep breaths of fresh air, my mind wasn't a commotion of thoughts, instead it was quiet still, and the memories of my near sexual encounter with my teenage daughter were just slowly sinking in, letting my subconscious process it all. Our little encounter was the sexiest thing I had experienced in a long time.

Even the last few years before her mother left, our sex life had gotten a bit stale, which I should have seen as a sign. The way in which my urges had just completely taken over me was exciting and frightening. It was very freeing to let go and feel no responsibility for what I was doing, but at the same time, I knew I had already crossed a moral boundary.

I closed the fridge door and opened the freezer, pulling out a carton of ice cream, which I slowly scooped into a bowl. I took a seat at the kitchen table and just sat for a moment, not yet touching my snack.

My gaze fell to my lap. My erection had finally subsided, but I was shocked to see a huge spot on the front of my gray sweatpants.


It was a big dark spot, as if the front had been very wet, but there was also a trace of little bits of white solids. At first I was confused because I thought I had cum in my pants and didn't realize it, but it wouldn't make a spot that big, and the white residue, well I was familiar with that. It was my daughter's juices. My sweatpants were covered in her pussy cream. My fingers reached down and ran along the spot, scooping up a little of the residue.

I brought the fingers right up to my face and paused, considering what I was about to do.Then, I put them directly under my nose and lightly inhaled. It was intoxicating. I don't know exactly how long I sat there just breathing in her musk, but when I finally stopped, my bowl of ice cream was mostly melted.

The house had been dead silent since I fled the scene of my crime, so to speak, and between that and me zoning out I had no conception of how much time had passed, but I thought that maybe I try to resume a normal life. I had decided that unless Julia brought it up, I would just never speak of it again.


I grabbed the newspaper off of the counter and began to thumb through it, just biding some more time before I dared venture back upstairs.

My hope was that Julia would be fast asleep first. I should have known better. My teenage daughter came plodding down the stairs, wearing a thin white nightie with the image of a crescent moon and a cloud on it. Her pink cotton panties were peeking through the sheer material and she was not wearing a bra. But that wasn't even the worst of it. Not only had she put her hair in pigtails, but she was carrying Mr. Buttons, her teddy bear that she had had for what seemed like forever.

I quickly looked down, but she saw me noticing her. She came right over to me, and just like when she was a kid, she just plopped herself on my lap. Our eyes met, and she bit her lip and started to twirl her hair.

I didn't know how to handle the situation. Do I ask why she was dressed like this? Do I play along?

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My stomach full of butterflies, I mustered up the courage to ask, "Sweetie, can't you see I was reading the paper?" I tried to give a stern look, but I was just barely keeping my cool. She responded, but I wasn't sure if my mind was playing tricks on me, or had she just said "I'm sawwy daddy"? She was pouting at me with full moist lips -- lips I had been uncontrollably kissing earlier… "Its ok." like it or not, she was playing the part very well, and I couldn't ever be mad at her when she was so young and sweet.

She was still twirling her hair, so I asked. I thought I would probably regret it, because I didn't want to draw any attention to anything being out the usual, because that would sort of by juxtaposition allude to the other thing that had just happened, which was definitely an unusual occurrence in our household.

"Pigtails, huh? Haven't seen you do that in a while." She grinned, caught. She didn't think I'd ask. But then she spiked it back,"Well, since you said I reminded you so much of mommy, I thought it would be nice to remind you who I really am; your daughter. And you're my daddy." "You sure are." was the only generic response I could come up with. Before I could barely finish my sentence she started up again, "Remember when we used to play games?" Oh boy.

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I pivoted, "Of course. I always loved chutes and ladders." I was on the edge of my seat, so to speak, afraid of where she was trying to take this, but lacking the self control to do much more than lazily deflect. "I remember really liking horsie. Do you remember that one?" She asked, with a sly smile. "Oh yes-" "Do you remember why we stopped playing, daddy?" She prodded.

"Well, umm-" "You said I was getting too heavy. I was too big you said." "Uh, yeah-" "But I don't think I'm too big. Do you?

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If I was all big and growed up, you might forget that I'm your little girl." My heart paused. "You might forget who I am." Still.

"You might confuse me with mommy." I thought I was going to implode. "We wouldn't want that would we?" "Err, no. Not at all. That would be silly." The word silly was the word that slipped out, but there had been many others on my tongue.

Her face broke out into a huge smile. "YAY! I can't wait to play it again!" I wanted to spit out, "Wait, what now?!" but I didn't have the time. She had been sitting on my lap "sidesaddle", you know both of her legs off to one side, but she immediately swung one leg over to the other side, straddling me, so that I was facing the back of her head.

She reached back and grabbed both of my hands and put them on her supple waist. He nightie was so sheer I could feel her tender flesh through it. Before I could protest she started bouncing on my lap. "C'mon daddy! It doesn't work if you don't bounce your knees!" How could I reject her? She was sweet little baby girl. I started to bounce her on my knees, doing short fast little bumps punctuated by the occasional bigger bump. The entire time I was solidly holding her by her hips, and her hands were on my knees, and she was pushing her back into my chest.

This went on for while, and I noticed she had really begun to grind into the top of my legs while her back was against me and she was looking up at me, her eyes consumed with lust. I also noticed her nipples had gotten very hard, and were poking through her sheer white nightie.

I was getting harder the more sexual her grinding got, and all of a sudden I found myself laughing internally at the thought that there would be yet another wet spot on my sweat pants tonight, and if she kept going pressing the back of her ass against my cock there would also be a third. By now her nightie had ridden up, exposing her inner thighs and panties and my hands had somehow found their way under her nightie and were now settled in on her midriff.

All of a sudden her movements got really jerky and she sped up and then slowed down to a crawl. She stretched out her legs and brought her arms up around the back of my head. She looked me in the eye and said, "Thank you daddy. That was always my favorite game, but this time was the best." then she smiled and said, "I love you." "Love ya too, cutie pie." I managed to let out, stunned at what had just happened.

"Daddy, I'm tired, can you tuck me in?" She asked, very innocently. "Sure thing sweetie. Go to bed and I'll be right behind you." She leaped off my lap, grabbed Mr. Buttons off of the table and started upstairs, but I couldn't help myself. It was an old habit I had totally forgot about. I reached out and smacked her on the ass. Her ample tush gave out a loud popping sound and she turned and just wryly smiled at me and said, "See you upstairs…" I gave it a moment and then bravely followed behind.

She was laying in bed, but had kicked her blankets and sheet down to her feet. Her arms were wrapped around Mr.

Buttons neck in a tight hug. I sat down next to her and pushed a few stray hairs behind her ear. "Goodnight daddy." "Goodnight. Sleep tight." I leaned in a kissed her on the forehead, but when I returned back upright she was giving me an angry look. "Wha-" I began to ask, but then I remembered. When she was ten she had been told that she was a big girl because she was double digits. So that night when I kissed her on her forehead she asked me not to anymore, because it made her feel like a little girl.

"But you'll always be my little girl." I had told her.

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But she insisted that now that she was all grown up that I kiss her on the mouth, the way grown ups kiss, the way mommy and I kissed.

I had to explain that not all grown ups kiss that way, that only people who loved each other kissed like that. "But you love me and I love you daddy." She had said. So I had had to explain that familial love and romantic love were different. I told her that if being kissed on the forehead made her feel small that I wouldn't do it anymore, but that I wouldn't kiss her on the lips.


I told her to pick a spot. "Pick a spot?" She had asked. "Yeah liiiiiike. your nose!" I exclaimed plating one on her nose. "Orrrrr. you're elbow!" it went on like that for a while.

Eventually she had started to every night just point to a spot, sometimes they were cute and other times they were funny and would get us in an uproar. Her index finger was pointing to her nose. I obliged, and we both smiled. She lifted her arm and pointed to her elbow. So I took her arm in my hands and kiss her elbow. It went like that for some time, we were deeply lost in each other's presence, not a word was spoken, it didn't need to be.

I had kissed her chin, her knee, her ear, her foot, her shoulder, and even pecked her on the neck -- where by the way I had noticed a small mark was beginning to develop from earlier. Then she lifted her nightie and pointed to her belly. I slowly shifted my weight on the bed and leaned in toward her belly, her exposed pink cotton panties closer and closer to my face. I kissed her belly. It was so soft and smooth. I wanted to just rest my face on it and fall asleep.

Before I could fully pull myself back up I saw her finger move down&hellip.

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down. and point to her crotch. I looked back up at her, and she just stared at me, daring, begging, commanding, all at once. I moved further down on the bed and leaned in toward her lap.

I was a nervous wreck.

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the tip of my nose accidentally brushed up against her, and I could tell the effect it had on her was powerful because both hands grabbed her sheets squeezing hard. Her panties were dark pink in her crotch, probably from the orgasm I gave her earlier as she bounced on my lap, grinding into me.

Her pungent smell engulfed me, the scent was so thick I could literally taste it in my mouth. I leaned in and gave her a firm kiss right between the legs. Then I looked back up at her. Her head was cocked, eyes closed, and one hand was still gripping the sheet while the other had found its way to her breast. I brought one of my hands down into my pants and began to rub my cock, and I leaned in again, kissing her cotton panties, which were now totally soaked again.

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I made sure to nuzzle her a little with my nose too. Her body was writhing and my hand was now massaging my cock as best it could. I landed a few softer kisses and then let my tongue out to taste her moist panties and prod a little at the treasure that lay beneath. I was getting really close and I was about to go back for another big kiss on her covered mound when she grabbed my shirt and pulled me up with a strength I didn't know she had.

She brought my mouth to hers and our mouths, our tongues passionately embraced.At this point I was basically laying on the bed half next to her, half on top of her.

Her other hand moved down to rub her clit while I was just a stroke away from creaming my pants. Simultaneously we both began to shudder, noises escaped our mouths and I came, burst after burst after burst, while she let a second orgasm of the night ride over her.

We both lay still for a long time after that, and eventually we fell asleep, her head on my chest and holding hands.