Latex bondage orgasm and bdsm agent teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her

Latex bondage orgasm and bdsm agent teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and her
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As I start to wake up and realize that you aren't in bed with me, I grab the blanket that has all but fallen to the floor, wrap it around me and start to walk out of the bedroom. I hear your voice down the hall asking me "what do you think you are doing?" you are wearing nothing but a white towel wrapped around your waist.

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The sight of you makes my skin tingle and my body shake. There is a little bit of pink crawling it's way up into my face as I remember my bahavior last night. As I start to move towards the bathroom to get a shower, you tell me to get back into bed, "I have something for you but you have to be in my bed".

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I look at you as you start to walk closer to me and I tell you that I want a shower. Your reply is that we will take a shower together in a little while. I turn around and head back into your bedroom to get back into your bed. As I lay there with the blanket still wrapped around me, I fluff the pillows so that I can lean against them for support. Next thing I know you are in the doorway, I never heard you coming, it startled me a bit and I released the blanket from my breast where I was holding it closed.

You come in carrying a breakfast tray and you can't take your eyes off of my breasts which have been exposed because the blanket fell down to my waist. My nipples are hard as it is just a little chilly in the bedroom. You walk over and place the tray in my lap and reach down for a good morning kiss.

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As you set the tray down it frees your hands to play with my nipples as your tongue carresses mine, causing my body to shake and quiver with anticipation. You pull away and all I hear is "good morning, beautiful, I made us breakfast".

You walk around the bed, and I follow you with your eyes, as you climb back into bed with me, I can see the effects of our kiss quite plainly under the towel. You lay across the bed with your arms propping you up, your face within inches of my breasts. As you grab a fork and fill it with pieces of the waffles you made for breakfast to bring it to my mouth and feed me, syrup dribbles down onto my breasts.

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You reach over and take it with your tongue, teasing me with every lap of your tongue. I finish the bite you gave me and you reach for another, I grab the fork, grab up a bite for you and carry it to your mouth, as I hold the fork there for you to take th bite, you gently put your tongue out and bring it into your mouth.


knowing all the time what this is doing to my I watch your mouth, I start to hold my breath, when you release the fork, I release my breath, not realizing that I am doing it. I lean forward to kiss you and it takes my breath away. You release me from the kiss so that you can move the breakfast tray and once done with that, you grab my legs and pull me down off the pillows and start to unwrap my body from the blanket barely covering me.

Once you have found me, you slide onto the bed to lay down next to me and I pull the towel off from around your waist. You gather me close to you, putting your hand at the small of my back and it sends shivers coursing through my body.

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You run your finger tips lightly up and down the arch of my back, licking and kissing my neck and shoulders. Knowing what your hands do to me when you touch my back, you reach down and raise my leg just enough to slip your finger into me. The sensations I am feeling caused by your hands, lips and fingers throws me immediately into an orgasm.

Without stopping what you are doing my body continues to shake and you take your fingers out of me and turn yourself enough for your manhhod to come into contact with my warm, wet pussy. You bring my leg up and over your hip and thrust into me, you can feel the walls of my pussy still contracting from the orgasm that you just sent me through.

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As if I weren't already tight, that just makes it all the more tighter as it contracts and relaxes. You whisper in my ear "oh my god you feel so good, so tight and wet". As you begin to thrust in and out of me you return your hands to what they were doing, running up and down my back, reaching for a handful of hair. My hands on your shoulders, digging my nails into them as I try not to scream out in ecstacy.biting my lip.


You put your arms around my waist and begin the thrust deeper, harder and faster. You ask me if I am ready to cum and I tell you that I am.

You tell me that you want to cum inside of me and I beg you not to stop, as you feel my muscles start to contract around you again, you tell me that you are going to cum. We lay there with your cock still inside of me just relaxing, and you ask me if I am ready for that shower yet. When I look up at you I see the look of anticipation in your eyes at some water fun. I tell you that I am and you pick me up with my legs around your waist and your arms around my hips and carry me to the bathroom for that very long very wet shower.