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All Natural Amateur Lesbians only at Ersties
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Part 2 "I've never been a squirter!" Janice thought to herself as she squeezed her thighs together and felt her cum spread around her inner thighs from the pressure.

She held that position for a while as she leaned against the center counter in the kitchen, amazed at having that much fluid leave her pussy during an orgasm. Brody came up stairs and sat in the living room. Dinner was almost ready so he found no point in going up to his room only to be called down in a few minutes.

While sitting in the living room, instead of watching TV he was watching his mother move about the kitchen. He noticed she was still wearing her cum soaked yoga pants which made his cock twitch, he adjusted in an attempt to conceal it in case anyone would notice it.

Janice was preparing the dinner and preparing each plate and began pouring some white mushroom sauce onto some vegetables, she stared at the motion of the thick liquid pouring out of its container and suddenly she had an image flash in her head of a thick, veiny cock squirting copious amounts of semen. She was shocked that her mind could think of such vulgar and dirty images.

She snapped out of her daze and finished up preparing the meals, set the table and announced dinner was ready. They all sat down at the dinner table and no one said a word as they ate their dinner. The only sound in the house was the TV and the sound of forks and knives clinking against ceramic plates. Janice was going through the motions when she looked over at her Brody for a brief second. Suddenly she could feel his hot breath on her crotch. She snatched her gaze away from him and tried to compose herself but her mind had its own agenda.

As she stared at her plate and remembered the sensation of his face in her pussy, her mind replayed those memories so vividly it was as if she could actually feel him doing it.

Soon after she felt the same warm, moist feeling on her soft toes as she remembered the sensation of his tongue gliding between her pedicured toes. Then once more the image of a fully erect cock ejaculating flashed through her head. She felt her pussy heat up rapidly as she remembered the bulge in her son's pants and wondered what his cock would look like if she were to make it nice and hard. "Uh hmmm." She cleared her throat in an attempt to stop her thoughts progressing any further.

Dinner was over with when she stood up and announced she was going to have a shower. "Uh, and what about the dishes?" John said in a sarcastic, condescending tone. "Brody will do them for me, won't you?" She said as she looked at her son and gave him a wink. That wink must've had telekinetic powers because he felt his cock twitch violently as if she had made it do that herself. "Shh.sure mom." Brody said in a shaky voice. He wasn't quite sure what had just happened but for some reason he felt compelled to agree to what she had asked although he hated doing dishes.

Janice turned and walked off and began ascending the stairs to the bathroom. She smiled at how easy a victory it was for her to get her son to do a chore since she had battled to get him to do anything for the past few years. She got into the bathroom and turned knob for the shower, holding her hand under the stream of water and quickly pulling it back when the cold water touched her hand. She allowed it a few minutes to warm up while she undressed.

She took her top and bra off and looked in the mirror. She cupped her breasts and let them drop. She was impressed at how a woman of her age still had perky, large tits which only had very slight sag. They were so perky that they almost looked fake. She turned around and threw her top and bra into the clothes hamper. She then slipped her thumbs under the waistband of her yoga pants and peeled her soaked yoga pants off along with her thong which clung to her pussy until finally slipping out from between her labia.

While bent over she looked over her shoulder in the mirror and looked at herself. "I'd fuck that." She said playfully as she noticed how swollen her pussy lips were surrounded by her wide hips and round ass.

In the back of her head she thought about what it would feel to have her son kiss her swollen, aching pussy lips. She shook her head and straightened her stance.

"My gosh you are such a filthy whore!" She scolded herself while tossing her pants and underwear into the hamper. The bathroom had become misted with steam as she got into the shower. She stepped forward and felt the warm water cascade over her as she stood under the shower head with her face up toward it.

She imagined Brody busting in the bathroom, pinning her against the wall and shoving his cock into her as he groped and fondled her large breasts. Her eyes shot opened as she was taken aback by her thoughts. She was now truly disgusted by her thoughts but somehow could not stop them from occurring when she least expected it.

Realizing the shower was an arousing place for her to be in her state, she washed up quickly and turned the knob to shut the water off. She got out of the shower and began drying herself off. Her entire body had entered a highly sensitive state as the simplest things she normal thought nothing off her having an effect on her. The sensation of the towel's fabric brushing over hard nipples excited her beyond what she was used to.

She tried to ignore it and continue drying herself off but as she ran the soft towel between her wet ass cheeks and up her moist pussy lips, she shuddered as the sensations ran through her body. She finally managed to dry herself off and get dressed but there was one place on her body between her things that just wouldn't get dry, it was permanently wet.

She wrapped the towel around her body and left the bathroom headed straight for her bedroom. She got under the covers and tried to sleep as she was feeling feverish only the high temperature wasn't on her forehead but between her soft, supple thighs. After restless tossing and turning she finally managed to fall asleep. The next morning Janice woke up in a daze as she noticed her alarm hadn't gone off.

She sat up quickly and grabbed her mobile phone to see how late she was only to notice it stating it was a Saturday. She held her head and laughed at herself realizing how silly she had been the night before. "You really need to invest in a vibrator." She giggled as she spoke to herself. She then noticed there was an unread text message on her phone. She tapped the screen and the message opened up which read: 'Girls night out tonight!

No excuses, I'm getting you drunk tonight. You really need to de-stress.' The message was from her friend Karen, just about one of the only friends she had left as no else was able to put up with her stern nature and bitchy attitude. She began typing her reply giving a reason why she wouldn't be able to make it but then she stopped and thought about it.

She thought about how her life had been over the past few days and realized she needed to let her hair down. She erased the message she had begun typing then started a new one that simply read: 'Sounds like fun. Pick me up at 8.' She smiled as she tapped the 'Send' option in the dialog box.

She sat in bed and thought for a moment about what to wear tonight before standing up and walking toward her wardrobe. It had been so long since she had been out that as she looked through her clothes she realized most of them were just formal, work clothes.

She continued flipping through her clothes almost going into a panic when she came across a black dress that she hadn't worn in at least 7 years. She frowned as she wondered if she could still fit into it. She took it out of the closet and held it low, stepping into and then pulling it up her thighs.

She shrugged off the towel she had been wearing as she pulled the dress up but noticed her hands pulling the dress up were met with a lot of resistance when they reached her hips. She tried to roll her hips until the dress finally gave way and slipped over her hips, lucky for her the dress was a mixture of cotton and spandex so it had elasticity on its side.

She pulled it up her abdomen and practically had to stuff her tits into it. After finally managing to get it on, she looked in the mirror and sighed. The dress was tight! Tight was an understatement actually, a second skin would be a more accurate description. "What's this, whore's night out?" She heard her husband say as he looked at her dress code while passing the room on his way to the bathroom.

"Well at least someone might pay attention to me in this dress which is something you haven't done for a while." She spat back at him. He just smirked and walked away. Janice felt like she was showing way too much skin as the dress' topline was cut so low, it barely managed to contain her nipples and its bottom was so short, if she bent over her pussy would be in full view. She thought about her husband's words which stung like a wasp so out of spite she decided to wear the dress anyway.

She snaked out of the dress and headed for the bathroom. She ran a warm bath and grabbed her razor knowing her pussy was a jungle of hair right now. She got in the bath and began washing off the pussy residue from the night before and then proceeded shaving it as clean as possible. It had been years since she had shaved, she never felt any reason to since her husband had stopped paying attention to her.

After shaving she got out of the bath and dried off. The sensation of the towel running against her now hairless pussy almost drove her insane. In a matter of minutes she managed to get herself right back into the state she was in the night before: disorienting arousal.

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She dressed in some shorts and a t-shirt and left the bathroom. As she arrived downstairs, she found only her husband sitting in the living room.

"Where's Brody?" She asked her John. "I don't know." He said callously, not even turning to look at her. Janice became so infuriated by his attitude she almost punched him right at the side of his head. She held back and let out a long sigh, trying to calm herself as a lady doesn't resort to violence. "This marriage will be the death of me." She said to herself as she turned away and walked up the stairs.

She walked into Brody's room only to find him still sleeping in nothing but boxer shorts with the bed covers pushed onto the floor. He didn't participate in any sports activities but somehow had a wide, almost athletic build. She bit her lip and squeezed her thighs together when she noticed the tent in his pants. 'It looks thick' she thought to herself as her eyes poured over his body, drinking in his youthful looks.

She had to stop herself as she noticed she was now looking at her son in a perverted way. "Brody" She called his name sharply like she always did. Brody woke from his sleep to find his mother dressed in a tight yellow t-shirt and blue denim shorts and being a teenage male, he automatically woke up aroused.

He followed her toned, smooth legs down to her feet which he marveled at. He noticed her toes now had silver nail polish on them and them back up her legs to her tits which looked as if they were about to tear her top open. The sight of her made his cock twitch.

That didn't go unnoticed by his mother. "Aww, aren't we happy to see mommy in the morning." She said teasingly, gesturing towards his stiff cock. She laughed at her little joke which went completely over Brody's head as he was still half asleep. "What is it?" He asked, knowing the only reason she woke him up at 9 in the morning was to order him to do something. "I need to go shopping." She stated plainly as she folded her arms in front of her heavy breasts. "So? What do you need from me?" He asked as he shifted on the bed to a seating position at the edge, he was irritated from being woken up early on a Saturday morning.

"I need you to come with me." She explained, irritation now evident in her voice as well. "Why do you need me there? You know I hate shopping with you or anyone for that matter." He said frankly as he rubbed the sleep from his eyes.

"I'm going shoe shopping. I need a new pair of heels because I'm having a girl's night out tonight." She said, waiting for his reaction. Brody stopped all movement when he heard her response.

He moved his hands away from his eyes and looked at her feet again and thought long and hard about what that would mean as he noticed her silver nail polish gleaming in the limited sunlight that peered into the room. "I'm in! Let me get dressed." He said sharply as he stood up and began putting his pants on. Janice laughed at his sudden enthusiasm but smiled brightly inside at the thought of her being able to get him to agree to almost anything these days. It wasn't long before they were in the car and on their way to the mall.

Once they arrived they began walking around shoe shops which was boring the living daylights out of Brody who had started to wish he hadn't agreed to come. He tailed his mother until they walked into a shop stocked only with designer high heels of all sorts.

They walked around as Janice weighed her options but there were just too many. She walked over to one of the cushion stools and sat down, to which Brody gave her a puzzled look.

"There are way too many choices. So I'm going to sit here and relax while you walk around and chose a few pairs for me." She said casually as she set her bags down beside her. Brody looked at her in disbelief and was about to protest when she cut him off.

"Now now. I distinctly remember you expressing how you wanted to be my slave. Well this what slaves do." She said casually, not seeming to care who could hear her. Her words sunk in and Brody made note of her shoe size before walking off hanging his shoulders. Janice began to feel irritated as she sat there waiting for a while when suddenly she saw Brody walking up to her carrying four pairs of high heels. She smiled as she once again felt like she had won this round. He walked up to her and quickly placed the shoes in front of her.

Janice leaned back as if nothing were out of the ordinary, lifted her right leg and stretched it out in front of her toward him. He reached out and took her shoe off and as he moved around he could smell the scent of her foot lightly sweating in her leather flat pumps, which sent him from 0 to 90 on the arousal scale real quick.

He held the first high heel and gently slipped it onto her foot. It was a maroon, suede, closed shoe. She swung her foot from left to right while looking at it from the top as well as in the mirror to her left. "I like it, but suede is difficult to clean.


Good first effort though. NEXT!" She said to him. He removed the shoe from her foot and slipped on the next one. This one was matte black leather with studded spikes around the sole. "I don't think so dear, these don't match my style." She said. He removed the shoe and went to reach for the third pair when she stopped him. "Brody. Think about it!" She said to him.

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He was a little confused at first until she spoke again. "Use your head to make this decision." She said, gesturing with her eyes toward the subtle bulge in his pants. Brody simply stood up and went to return the shoes.

He came back with one pair this time. He got down on his knees and slipped the shoe on, making sure to fasten the strap around her ankle. They were high gloss, gold patent leather, 5 inch platform high heeled shoes.

Janice smiled as she admired the shoe and swung her foot in front of his face. She giggled as she watched his eyes follow her foot's every move like he had been hypnotized. "I like your taste.

I'll take them." She said to the store clerk as she readjusted her position and stretched out her left leg this time. The store clerk walked off with her credit card as Brody slipped the other shoe onto her foot.

She stood up carefully and smiled internally as she felt her feet press against the cool leather insoles of her new shoes. She felt tall, elegant and downright sexy in them. "Grab my things Brody." She said as she walked off toward the checkout counter.

Brody mumbled as he picked up the shoes she had come wearing together with her hand bag. After paying for the shoes, she gestured for Brody to follow her as she walked out.

"I wish I'm able to find a toy boy when I'm that age." One of the store clerks said in envy as she watched the pair walk away. They arrived at their house only to find John on the couch in exactly the same position they had left him.

"Back from spending more money?" John asked sarcastically. "Yes, back from spending MY money." Janice answered briefly as she walked past him and up the stairs. Brody just sort of strolled in and went into his room to try and find something to do. He sat down at his computer and began browsing the net, not really knowing what he was looking for.

Half an hour later he heard a knock at the door. He turned around to see his mother standing in the door way. "Karen called. We are leaving at 6 instead of 8." She said as she stood in the door way.

She had on her black dress which looked more like a modified body stocking because of the way it was so tight.


Brody stared at her, his eyes roving over her curves. He was speechless when he saw her. "Too much? Your dad says I look like a whore." She asked, feeling a little conscious about her dress. "Oh God no. You look incredible. If you weren't my mom, I'd&hellip.!" His sentence trailed off as he spoke, knowing he shouldn't finish that sentence. "You would what?" She asked curiously but then realized the answer soon after when she noticed the rapidly growing bulge in his pants.

She smiled as she walked in. "Well at least someone in this house still gets aroused by looking at me." She said as she walked up to his desk, Brody didn't answer, but instead noticed she was carrying her new heels instead of wearing them. Her steps were feather light as she practically glided across the room.

"I need you to do something for me." She said. Her voice sounded odd and sort of low and husky. Brody tried to make sense of the situation but was more confused than ever. "You have been a very good slave today." She said as she placed her new shoes on the desk, the sound of the heels clicking on the desk surface made a soft echo through the room. "Would you be so kind as to fill these up for me?" She said to him plainly, as if it were a common, every day request.

Brody was trying to make sense of her request when he followed her gaze which led directly to his crotch. Brody looked back up at her and noticed she had a seductive smile on her face.

Janice's heart was pounding in her chest as she couldn't believe what she was asking her own son to do but she couldn't stop herself. She smiled to put on a brave face and act natural but in her mind she was hoping he would understand her meaning and save her the embarrassment of having to explain her request.

Brody's eyes went wide and Janice noticed the light bulb turn on in his head as he realized what she was asking for. "You mean you want me to…" He began but then his words faded off when she leaned on the desk above the shoes.

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Her heavy breasts were now hanging just over the shoes giving him a full view of her cleavage which Brody was now staring at attentively. "Yes. I'd like you to fill them up for me. I'm leaving in 20 minutes." She said, giving him a wink as she walked out of the room.

Brody felt like his cock was going to burst out of his pants as he stared at the shoes on the desk. The light coming into the room made the gloss leather shine as if the shoes were made of glass.

He leaned forward and admired the gold insole, with his face near them he noticed the shoes already had the faint scent of her feet which he recognized he was beginning to form an addiction to. He picked up one shoe and noticed it was still warm. "Oh my gosh she has just taken them off." He said to himself in a low voice and inhaled deeply. He felt like his cock had now drained all the blood out of his body just to occupy it. It throbbed feverishly as he held the shoe his mother's foot had just been in not more than a few minutes ago.

Being unable to hold back any longer, Brody placed the shoe back on the desk. He stood up and undid his pants, letting them drop to his ankles. Brody sat down in his chair, one hand wrapped around his throbbing cock and the other strategically held both shoes by arch of the soles allowing him to hold them evenly.

His mind replayed the last few day's events as he began stroking his cock which had already begun leaking precum due to his high level of arousal.

He scooted forward on the chair, pointed his cock forward and held the shoes under it and as he thought about the taste of his mother's feet, precum dripped like sap from a tree into the insoles of the shoes. He thought about the look of her cleavage as she leaned over her desk and imagined what her nipples looked like.

Lastly he imagined what her naked pussy looked like and how her pussy and asshole would taste and that drove him over the edge. He clenched his jaw as he felt his balls tighten and his cock released a small initial squirt. He adjusted the shoes position while stroking his cock and then it finally erupted. His cock powerfully shot thick ropes of orgasmic cum directly into his mother's new high heels.

He aimed his cock back and forth between the two trying his best to even out the load in each shoe. After his cock had finally shot its last rope, he shook it to get that last drop out and then placed the shoes on the table before he pulled his pants up and fastened them.

He looked at the shoes sitting on his desk in amazement. The thick liquid occupying the area where the arch of her foot would soon occupy, began oozing down the gently slope and pooling in the front of the shoe where the ball of the foot and toes would be.

He was snapped out of his daze by his mother's voice. "Is it done? Can I come in? are decent?" She asked, Brody noticed the excitement in her voice. "Yes mom it's done." He said nervously, only now thinking about the consequences he would face if he had read the situation wrong and took it too far.

Janice walked in and walked up to the table were her son sat in his chair. She peered into her new shoes and noticed the glistening streaks running down the arches of the insole. She then noticed the pool of thick cum at in the toe section of the shoe. She could no longer feel her heart beating in her chest, instead it seemed to have relocated between her thighs as her clit pulsated as if it were about to burst.

She somehow managed to keep her cool. "Is that all yours? That's quite a load young man." She said, tapping him on the top of his head like a normal parent does when their child has done something well. Brody began to relax as he had received confirmation of having done the right thing.

Janice was trying to act casual but seeing her son's cum in thick puddles in her new high heels was weakening her by the second as she looked at her son's crotch and felt her mouth begin to salivate. Suddenly they heard someone honking the horn outside. Janice felt relief as she snapped out of her lust and came back to her senses.

"That must be Karen, I gotta run." She said excitedly. She grabbed her shoes and sat on the bed. "No stockings today? You always were stockings with heels." Brody enquired as he watched her put her heels on. He watched her point her toes and then flex her foot as her silver toes disappeared inside the glossy gold shoe.

She repeated the process with her other foot and then sat up straight with both feet on the ground. She stood up and closed her eyes. She felt her son's cum ooze and seep between her toes and spread around to accommodate her foot. The sensation of it almost made her pussy melt right off her body. "No my dear, no stockings today. I don't want to dull this feeling." She said as she slowly opened her eyes.

She smiled at her son and then heard the second horn. "It's still so warm and thick…and it's so much!" She said in a low voice, her excitement and delight becoming quite apparent.

She was fully aware of the irony of the situation. Most mothers are proud of their sons for performing chores or doing well at school and performing admirably at sporting activities. Janice was proud her son was able to deposit a copious amount of semen into her shoes at her request.

She snapped out of her trance and dashed for the door. "I gotta run, be good." Brody heard her voice fade as she walked out of the house. He hadn't known her to act maternal toward him since he was a kid. It was odd to say the least, warm but odd. Brody spent the evening researching various topics online. He had a curious mind and the internet was the world's gift to him as he could now satisfy his thirst for random knowledge.

He tried not to think about what had happened with his mother as he suspected any minute she would switch back to her old ways and become bitchy. Janice on the other hand sat in the car with Karen as they drove off.

Her pussy had become so wet she could feel her lady juices on her inner thighs whenever she moved and a breeze blew up her tight dress. Karen had taken them to a cocktail lounge in the city to meet up with some of Karen's friends. After 2 cocktails, Janice was finding it easy to make conversation with Karen's friends and was having a great time with them much to Karen's surprise.

Brody tried to forget about what was happening but Janice wouldn't let herself forget. Every now and then she would wiggle her toes in her shoes and feel her son's cum squishing around her toes, every time she did that, her pussy would get notably wet. A few times that night when Janice would go to the bathroom to pee, she would find herself rubbing her clit long after she had finished peeing.

Her body was on edge and needed satisfaction badly. Brody noticed the time on the computer screen which read 11:45. He was feeling quite tired and was about to turn in for the night when he heard a knock at the front door.

He thought he was imagining things and tried to ignore it when he heard the knock for a second time. He wondered who it was as he got out of bed and walked down the stairs. He knew it couldn't be his father as he walked through the living room and noticed him passed out on the couch. He walked up to the door, unlocked and opened it only find his mother standing by the door with an embarrassed school girl look on her face. "Mom, what's going on?" He asked in a concerned voice.

"I'm sorry. I've had a few cocktails and I couldn't find my keys in my bag, there is just so much junk in my bag." She said, giving a giggle at the end. She walked in passed her son and tried to adjust her eyes to the low light the living. Brody closed and locked the door after watching Karen drive off. "Mom are you ok?" He asked as he noticed she her swaying as she walked. "Oh my I'm just perfect Brody. I feel amazing." She said as she walked in to the kitchen and turned on the light. She sat down on one of the stools placed near the center counter in the kitchen and as it swung around due to her lack of balance.

She noticed Brody was in boxer shorts and nothing else. "Have you had something to eat" She asked as if coming to a realization that she was someone's mother. "I'm ok mom, I've been nibbling the whole night. I'm not feeling hungry." He answered, turning away as he was about to leave the room.

"Nonsense! A growing young man like you with a big frame like yours needs a nutritional meal." She said as she frantically looked around the kitchen as if she was about to fix him something to eat but couldn't think of anything.

She tapped her long silver fingernails on the counter as she thought hard about it. She absent mindedly wiggled her toes in her shoes and felt his cum ooze around her toes. The heat from the night coupled with the fact that her shoes were closed allowed his cum to stay moist in her shoes even after all these hours.

She felt her clit throb again as she reveled in the sensations her pedicured toes were experiencing. "I think I have something for you to eat that will be quick and ready made." She said as she bit her lower lip.

Brody heard the change in her voice again, it was the same voice she had used when she asked him for a 'favour' that afternoon. He turned to look at her and almost didn't recognize the woman at the center counter.

Her eyes were glossy and sparkling and her body posture was unlike anything he had ever seen from her before. She stretched her neck to the side in order to peer into the living room to make sure her husband was still asleep, at that moment Brody had walked over the sink to get a drink of water. She smiled at her son as she adjusted herself in her seat until she was now facing the kitchen window with her back to the center counter.

She leaned back as she ran hands up her thighs and tucked her fingers under her tight black dress. She lifted her dress and positioned it around her waist and parted her legs. "You need a proper meal but mommy can only offer you some of her pie." He heard his mother say behind him. Brody's last gulp of water was quite audible.

He placed the glass in the sink and turned around to find his mother now held a pose similar those found on a porn site. She smiled as she noticed his eyes quickly travel from hers all the way down to her crotch were he noticed a large dark patch on the front of her panty. Without giving it a second thought Brody got down on his knees in front of her. He took a deep breath and his brain was overwhelmed by the scent of her perfume mixed with the scent of her pussy juice.

Janice slowly and seductively ran her hands along her inner thighs as she bent her legs at the knees and lifted them up. She gently lowered her lower legs slowly and let her high heeled feet rest on her son's shoulders, one leg one either side of his head. She ran her dainty middle finger up and down the middle of her red panty covered pussy a few times before she held the cotton triangle that covered her pussy and pulled it aside, giving her son a full view of his place of birth just inches away from his face.

His eyes drank in the smoothness of her hairless pussy. Her labia were perfectly formed and didn't protrude at all, allowing him to clearly see her swollen clit which was covered in a layer of pussy fluid that glistened in the kitchen lighting above them.

Her pussy lips were puffy and a swollen from the prolonged blood rushing thorough them which caused them to look like they were pouting, almost inviting him to kiss them. The thought of sitting in the kitchen and showing her pussy to her son was driving Janice insane as her brain was soaked in hormones and she couldn't stop herself even if she wanted to, which she was unclear whether she wanted to or not. "Go on son, give your mother a kiss." She said to him, giving a wink of encouragement.

As if he were not in control of his body, Brody leaned forward and gave her pussy a kiss which made an audible smacking sound as her pussy was drenched in fluid. She shuddered when she felt his lips touch hers. She was about to encourage him to do more when she felt him plant a lingering kiss on her pussy which was followed by another, and then another, one of which landed directly on her clit. She flinched at the unexpected pleasure but before she could adjust the sensation, she looked down and watched him stick out tongue and slowly part her glistening pussy lips and penetrate her pussy.

The sight of it alone was almost enough to bring her to an orgasm as she felt his tongue curl up inside her almost tocuching her G-spot. She held her breath as she felt his tongue retract and then penetrate her pussy again, this time with more enthusiasm as he had now tasted the inside of his mother's pussy and an incredible addiction had just been formed.

Her head fell back as his pace increased and in no time he was tongue-fucking his mother. "AHH" she let out a moan and quickly covered her mouth knowing her husband was only a few feet away from them. Brody was really not interested in anything else on earth except for the meal presented to him which he was thoroughly enjoying. Every few minutes he would pull his tongue out of her and run it up and down her pussy lips, only stopping to flick it against her now soaking clit before dipping his tongue back into her love pool.

"Oh my God Brody" She squealed as she felt herself edging closer to orgasm but something was different. Her body wasn't tense, instead it was incredibly relaxed as if what was happening was the most natural thing in the world. The only movement on her body was her heaving breasts and her throbbing clit which was getting some long overdue attention. Brody pulled his tongue out and once again ran it up and down her glistening pussy lips, this time stopping to circle her clit repeatedly.

He then began vigorously flicking it with his tongue. "Ahh, don't do that. You will make me cum on your face again." She protested. She thought he had heeded her warning as he seemed to stop his ministrations. "You didn't stop to think that maybe I want some cream with this pie?" She heard him say from between her legs and then shortly felt his lips cover her sensitive clit. "You are so filthy it's unreal!" She replied as she felt his hands take hold of her thick, firm thighs while sucking her clit like a moist, sensitive nipple.

He sucked it feverishly as if trying to detach it from her body. Janice's mouth fell open as she felt herself reach the point of no return. She held the sides of his head as she felt the orgasms rush through her body. From his past experiences Brody had now learned what it meant when she began having body spasms. He sucked on her clit for a little while longer until he felt her hands tightly grab a handful each of his thick hair.

In response he simply closed his eyes and opened his mouth. Janice looked down and watched a gush of orgasmic fluid squirt out of her pussy right into her son's waiting mouth. The sight of it almost made her faint as she felt her pussy contract while it squirted into his waiting mouth.

She watched him swallow her fluids and open his mouth again to receive more of his mother's delicious love syrup.

This proved too much for Janice's hormone filled body. Her head fell back again as her brain soaked in the idea that an attractive young man was so eager to swallow her cum.

What made it even more tantalizing was this young man happened to be her son. It took a little while for Janice to come back down to earth as her orgasm had her flying high in the clouds. It had been a while since she had had anything inside or even near her pussy.

She smiled as she looked down at her son whose bottom half of his face was glistening with her pussy juice. "That was incredible mom. That was the first and best pussy I've ever tasted." He said gleefully. His words rang through Janice's ears and her brain took a short while to digest his words. Soon the smile began to fade from her face. "Wait! You mean you've never eaten a girl out before? How do you avoid doing that when you have sex?" She asked in a shy tone as this was an awkward topic for all mothers and sons even though they were having this conversation with her naked, wet pussy right in front of his face.

"Well, I haven't." He replied briefly. "You haven't what?" Janice asked but before she could answer her eyes grew wide as it dawned on her.

"You've never had sex?" She asked in a shouting whisper. She was astonished that firstly, he was a very attractive 17 year old so how could that be possible. Secondly, she thought he ate her pussy like a pro! Brody wiped his face with his hands and in the same moment seemed to wipe an embarrassed look onto his face. Janice looked at her son who was now looking down on the floor feeling like he was being judged.

"Ok just for the record, have you not done anything with a girl before?" She asked. Her voice sounding more concerned than anything. "Well I touched a girls boob once in a game of truth or dare, but it was over her top." He said, embarrassment was very evident in his voice. Janice bit her lip as she contemplated the situation.

She felt flattered hers had still been the only pussy he had seen with his own eyes and felt extremely flattered to be the first he had eaten. Then an idea popped into her head and a wicked smile crept across her face. "Well I think maybe we can do something about that don't you?" She said. Brody looked up at her, not sure what she was implying.

"What do you mean?" He said. "Well. You hadn't done anything with a girl before and since we have already started, we might as well both get something out of it don't you think?

However, it does depend on how good you perform as a slave." She said with a smile, her voice once again sounding low and seductive. "That depends do you think I've been a good slave today?" He asked, seeking her approval.

"Oh my dear Brody, you have performed very well today although I could think of a few areas of improvement." She said, sounding as though she were talking to one of her students. Brody's head dropped again as he felt like he could've done a better job. Janice noticed this and her heart sank as she didn't want him to feel like he had disappointed her. She had to keep herself in check as her emotions were beginning to betray her as they seeped out although she wanted to keep up the facade of being stern and strict.

"Now now, I didn't say you had been a bad slave." She said in an attempt to salvage the situation. "What do you say I give you a little reward for your effort today?" She said with a smile.

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Brody looked up at her, his eyes sparkling with hope as he admired her beauty. "I would like that a lot mom." He replied sharply. "I thought you would. And its 'Mistress' to you." She teased while giving him a wink. "Yes mistress." He corrected himself. His compliance pleased her a great deal as she always enjoyed being in control, hence her career choice.

She lifted her arms and tucked her thumbs under the top hem of her dress. She pulled it down slowly, revealing her pale breasts to her son. Brody stared at them as if it were the first time he had seen any breasts in his life, with his own eyes or otherwise.

They were round and full with a slight sag. She had small areolas but large nipples which stood proud on her tits. "So, what do you think?" She asked casually.

Brody just stared for a few moments. The scent of her pussy right below his face had him in a trance as he stared at his mother's magnificent breasts. "They look so gorgeous. And full!" He stated, not taking his eyes off them for even a second. "Why don't you feel them and see if they are full?" She replied, giving him another playful wink. Brody needed no further encouragement. He reached around her thighs and gently held her tits in his hands.

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He marveled at their warmth and suppleness. Janice tried to remain completely calm and appeared to be doing so, but on the inside it was a different scene altogether. She was over the top horny to put it bluntly. She hadn't been touched, fondled or fucked in years and her body yearned for those things more than anything. The sensation of his large, strong hands covering her breast made her pussy quiver, as it were a mouth begging to be fed.

She closed her eyes as she felt him gently grope and squeeze them as if her were testing balloons for volume and structural integrity. Janice felt her pussy get wet all over again as he fondled her large breasts. "Would you like a taste?" She said in a whisper without opening her eyes. The only response she received was the sensation of warm, wet lips surrounding one of her nipples. Brody gently sucked his mother's nipple and squeezed it as if trying to get water out of a sack.

"Oh" She gave a soft, sharp moan as he caught her nipple between his teeth and pulled his head back before letting it go. He moved on to the other nipple and sucked it into his mouth while Janice lovingly held the back of his head. Her hips began moving slightly, humping the air as the hormones flowing through her body had a firm grip on her body and mind. She reached down and briefly ran her finger up and down her pussy before slipping it in. She then pulled it out and rubbed it on her free nipple in a circular motion.

As if in a sex fueled trance, she held the underside of her breast and lifted it up while lowering her head. By this time Brody had stopped what he was doing and was paying enough attention to notice his mother suck her own pussy juices off her puffy nipple.

Watching this scene unfold in front of him caused his cock to throb hard and push against his pants to a point where it was beginning to get painful.

As if they spoke telepathically, Brody moved his head began sucking the very same nipple his mother had now removed her lips from. Janice looked down and noticed a small dark patch in the crotch of her son's pants. She bit her lip as she stared at it, almost as if she were in deep thought.

Her resolve grew firm as her hormone soaked brain yearned for any sort of sexual interaction. She knew she couldn't take things too far but knew she couldn't stop there either. 'Why should I get to orgasm and he doesn't? That's quite unfair.' She thought to herself. In the back of her mind she knew this was just a poor excuse for her to go through with her depraved acts. Without saying a word she gently pushed Brody back until he was standing up straight, his mouth detaching from her nipple made a loud sucking noise.

She lowered her legs until the click of her high heels meeting the cold tile floor echoed through the kitchen. "What is it? Did I do something wrong?" Brody asked worriedly. Janice stood up straight and tried to find her balance as her legs felt like rubber due to the monumental orgasm she had just experienced and the alcohol lingering in her brain. "Oh no dear, not at all." Janice replied, as she held his shoulder with one hand and tried to steady herself.

Managing to regain her balance, she held her son's shoulders with both hands and guided him until he had his back against the center kitchen counter and was now leaning against it. Although Janice was high heels she still had to stretch to have her head the same height as his when she whispered into his ear. "You have been a very good slave and a very good son these past few days.

I think I need to keep you interested and encouraged somehow. It's my duty as your mother to make sure you are well taken care of." She whispered seductively in his ear before lightly licking his ear lobe and gently rubbing her hand along the tent pole in his boxers.

Brody's brain nearly melted out of his ears with those words. He could recognize this was the same bitchy woman who was supposedly his mother but now he felt a sort of warmth and lust coming from her toward him, the two emotions clashing and confusing him somewhat. However, his cock was not confused as it became even more tense as she caressed it.

Janice slowly got down on her knees in front of him. She licked her red lipstick covered lips as she rubbed her palm up and down his crotch. "I bet you like having a woman on her knees in front of you?" She said teasingly as she grabbed his cock through is boxers. "MmmH. Oh God yes!" Brody whispered as he felt his mother's hand caress and grope his cock. "And I bet your little Johnson is just dying to get out here and play with me.

Can mommy play with it?" She asked in a seductive tone. Brody gave a vigorous nod indicating his approval. Janice giggled as the excitement inside her rose to new levels. She tucked her index fingers under the waist and of his boxers pulled the front down just enough to have his cock spring out. It stood proudly erect as if showing off its freedom to the first person to see it other than its owner. "Oh my. I guess I was mistaken. It isn't little at all." She said with her eyebrows raised.

Brody's cock wasn't anything special in terms of length, measuring in at 7 inches. Its girth on the other hand was quite impressive as it was quite thicker than average. Janice stared at it starry eyed as her eyes roamed over every visible vein which pulsated making his cock look strong and powerful. Suddenly Janice felt intimidated as she had never seen something so thick before and she was humbled by its presence.

"Is…is it ok if I touch it?" She said in a shaky voice. Her dominant bravado seemed to have been diminished somewhat as she stared at her son's thick cock. She reached out and lightly ran her index finger back and forth on the top side of his shaft. She could feel each bumpy vein as her finger travelled back and forth. She then wrapped her hand around it, her fingers barely met around its circumference. She gently squeezed it at different points of the shaft as if testing it firmness and consistency.

A faint smell of sweat surrounded his crotch area as it had been quite hot out that day. Janice leaned forward and took a deep breath.


The smell nearly made her clit burst as it throbbed harder than ever. Pheromones were thick in the air and they were playing a number on her quite well. Her grip gradually switched from squeezing to a slow stroke. Brody nearly melted as he felt his mother's soft, mature hand glide up and down his throbbing cock. He looked down and nearly came on the spot as all he saw was his incredibly hot mother's large, full breasts slowly sway from side to side as her hand stroked his cock.

To add to that, the sight of her silver glossy, long, manicured nails glistening in the light while her fingers moved up and down his shaft was too sexy for him to put in words.

Janice stared at his cock as she slowly stroked it, her confidence growing again as she steadied her resolve to take on this mammoth cock. "I must say, I'm quite proud of myself for giving birth to such a magnificent male specimen.

Your cock was definitely made with pleasure in mind." She said as her strokes began increasing in pace. Brody was shocked to hear such a stern and proper woman use a word like that. "I've never heard you speak like that or use those type of words before." He stated. "Which words, specimen or cock?" She asked teasingly, the left side of her mouth curled up into a half smile. Brody looked at her full lips in amazement of their sexual nature.

"The second one." He replied. "Really? I guess I haven't had a need to use it before when speaking to you. Does it bother you?" She asked curiously. "No no. not at all, it was just weird. But it's sort of sexy in a way." He replied truthfully. "Is that so? Do you find ME sexy while I'm rubbing your thick, manly cock?" She said, purposely using words she thought sounded vulgar and dirty.

"Oh god yes!" He replied under his breath. "Do you find it sexy if I do this?" She asked as she moved closer and sat back on her haunches bringing her right between his legs and right under his cock and hanging balls. She stuck her tongue and spread it wide as she tilted her head back and moved up toward him.

Her tongue met with the underside of his cock as she slowly licked her way from the hilt of his cock up his shaft. Brody could not believe his eyes as he watched his mother lick his throbbing cock.

The sensation of her moist, warm tongue almost had a chemical effect on him as it made his cock feel relaxed but tense at the same time. As she neared the head of his cock it pulsated and a thick stream of precum oozed out and traveled down his cock headed toward her tongue. She did not stop or change direction and the stream of precum got licked up almost as if it was intentional. Her tongue reached the top of his cock and she gently pointed her tongue as she licked the slit where the precum originated from.

Her tongue disappeared between her lips as she moved her head back and looked up at him and moved her tongue back and forth in her mouth, trying to get taste every bit of flavour on it. The mixture between his precum and sweat were the predominant flavors and she savored them in her mouth as a wine connoisseur would do with a sip of a fine wine. "mmmmmm" She said as she closed her eyes and opened them again, mimicking the exaggerated expressions she had often seen in the porn movies her husband tried to make her watch at one point in their marriage in an attempt to spice things up in the bedroom.

"I must say, you have quite a delicious package going on there." She said, pointing her manicured index finger in a circular motion around his genital area. "You really think so? And the answer is yes, that was damn sexy! Better than I've ever seen in any porn movie." He replied. His compliment under normal circumstances would have been taken as an insult by her but given the situation, she found herself blushing as her cheeks turned bright red.

Here she was on her knees on the kitchen floor in a tight dress that had been reduced to a belt. Her breasts on display for her son, her panty pulled to the side and her pussy and asshole exposed to anyone who could walk into the kitchen and come around the center counter. Having just seductively licked her son's penis and being told she did it better than a porn star was in her mind, one of the best compliments any man had ever given.

She had always wanted so badly to be sexy and slutty but her husband never gave her the approval she so desperately needed. She couldn't help but notice how ironic it was that her son would be the one to give her that approval and make her feel wanted.

"I…I don't know what to say. That's very sweet of you." She said as she blushed. Brody's lust for her burned with the intensity of the sun as he thought it was mighty cute to see her on her knees practically naked and blushing like a school girl.

'Oh my, he is such a gentleman. But i know it can't go any further than this, he is still my son.' Janice thought to herself. Still trying to convince herself to turn back, not realizing she had already gone too far and there was no use turning back. Brody's cock twitched right above her face and as if in a trance, she stared at the strong looking underside of his cock.

It twitched once more and she saw a bead of precum slowly ooze out of the tip and hang from his cock just inches above her face. She felt her wetness spread to her inner thighs and drip down, wetting the back of her ankles. She struggled to keep her composure but failed dismally. "Brody. I know I am your mother and all, and what we are doing is wrong on so many levels but I was wondering. Would you let me suck your cock please?" She asked him, she had now become quite frank and felt not need to disguise her desires or intensions any longer.

Her words travelled through the air and into Brody's ears like a vapor, shrouding his teenage brain like some sort of mind control. He said nothing but gave a nod. Having received his approval, she held his leaking cock with her soft hand and stuck her tongue out to catch the precum dripping from it. She straightened out her posture and as her mouth became level with his cock, her red lips wrapped around the head.

She looked up at him and their gazes met as his cock disappeared between her lips with a bit of struggle. The thickness of his cock was not so easy for her mouth to accommodate as it stretched her lips near their limits. It felt slightly uncomfortable but Janice had no intension of stopping or giving up. She ran her hands up the back of his thighs and grabbed a handful each of his ass cheeks. Having a firm grip on them, she pulled them toward her as she pushed her head forward, slowly forcing his cock deeper into her mouth until she felt it hit the back of her throat and she gagged.

Brody was about to pull out but her grip would not let him do so, instead she back off a bit and then forced herself back onto his cock. The wet and tight sensation of her warm mouth encased around his cock was unlike anything her had ever experienced in his 17 years.

Her need for air outweighed her need to suck him off as she finally pulled her head back and as his shaft left her mouth it made a wet, sloppy sound as he gasped for air. "Gosh, I wonder if I will have a voice tomorrow after you have finished wrecking my throat with the monster." She said as he tried to catch her breath. Brody was beyond empathy as his cock was doing the thinking now and it needed more attention. He looked down at his mother gasping for air and his cock was now glistening with her saliva.

There was a prominent red ring around his cock about two thirds of the way down his shaft. It would be clear for anyone to see I was lipstick prints. There was a string of saliva hanging off the tip of his cock which he followed, leading him directly to his mother's full supple lips. This whole situation was becoming too much for his young mind to handle. He gently but firmly held the back of her head and pulled it toward him, slowly forcing his cock into his mother's mouth and down her throat.

"Mmmmhmmmmhhhm" was all the resistance and protest she could give before she felt his other hand hold her chin. He began moving his hips back and forth as he tried to bury his cock deeper in his mother's throat but him being thicker than her throat could accommodate, it was not possible without hurting her.

Instead he simply began moving his cock in and out of her mouth, right to the point where only the head of his cock was in her mouth before he would slide it back in. Realizing he had no intensions in forcing the matter or hurting her, Janice relaxed her body and pouted her lip in a suction manner in an attempt to aid her son fuck her mouth like some cheap slut.

Janice knew what this scene would look like to and outsider, she knew she looked like a whore undressed and letting her son use her mouth for his pleasure and if she was honest with herself, she loved it more than she ever thought she would as she felt her pussy juice literally dripping out of her pussy.

"Hey son, have you seen your mother?" They heard John's voice in door way. In their incestuous excitement neither of them heard him move in the living as he woke up. Brody let go of his mother's head and froze thinking they had been busted. "Ummm. No, I think she is in the basement." Brody answered trying to act casual. "Really?

I wonder what she could be doing down there at this time." John asked his son. Brody had a difficult time concentrating because instead of them stopping and trying not to get caught, Janice continued sucking her son's cock with more enthusiasm and vigor than ever.

She was slobbering and sucking it as if she were poisoned and his cum was the only cure on earth. Brody leaned back on the counter and held onto the edges. "Um. I don't know dad, it think she is exercising of working on something." Brody replied in a shaky voice. "What's wrong son? You sound a bit shaken up?" He said as he began walking into the kitchen.

"I'm fine dad, don't come in here, I dropped a glass and you have no shoes on." Brody replied. His ability to keep the conversation going and divert his father's attention gave Janice more encouragement as she sucked his cock even faster.

The thought that she could possibly be caught sucking her son's dick by her husband was just too erotic for her to stop. "Really? Did you get hurt? Do you need some help?" John relied. "No dad! I have all the hhh& I need. There's just so much wetness and it's getting really messy in here." Brody said. His voice becoming more unstable by the second as he felt his balls tighten up. Janice understood his hint quite clearly and began trying to deep throat him while massaging his balls with her soft hands and a gentle, warm motherly touch.

Brody held the edges of the counter so tight that his knuckles began to turn white. "Oh ok, you should get to bed, it's late." John replied in a stern, fatherly voice.

"Sure thing dad, I'm coming now. I mean I will go up in a minute once I've sorted out this mess." He replied, sounding out of breath. He clenched his teeth as he looked down only to have his gaze met by his mother who was staring him dead in the eye as she sucked his cock hard and fast. Janice felt his body stiffen and felt his cock begin to pulsate rapidly and with great force. She pulled her head back until only the head of his cock was caught between full, red lips.

She wrapped her hand left hand around his lipstick stained cock and began pumping her fist up and down his wet shaft. Brody was on the verge of having an orgasm when he noticed her wedding ring sparkling in the light. She was right handed but chose to use her left so her son could watch her stroke his cock with her wedding ring visible, for some reason this aroused her intensely.

She began to tighten her grip as she increased the speed of her strokes and gave him a slow seductive wink before closing her eyes. Suddenly she felt a powerful squirt of hot liquid fill her mouth. It was quickly followed by another few squirts of his hot semen. She continued pumping her fist up and down his thick shaft so fast that her mouth filled up quite quickly and it a little bit seeped out the sides of her mouth and ran down her chin.

The squirts finally stopped as Brody's orgasm subsided. Brody could feel his mother's lips clasp around his shaft with just the head of his cock in her mouth, they gave off a heated sensation as they had increased in temperature from the friction of his cock sliding in and out of his mother's mouth.

Now neither of them moved as he deposited his last few drops of cum into her hot mouth. She finally detached her face from his cock and sat back on her haunches. She tilted her head back and showed her son her mouth full of his own cum before she swallowed it in one big gulp. To be continued.