Dazzling Milf With A Creamy Pussy Riding Her Dildo

Dazzling Milf With A Creamy Pussy Riding Her Dildo
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Who would have thought? I certainly didn't. I grew up in an era where you did not play with yourself. Not good girls and boys. So all these years, I never masturbated.

Sometime around my fifty-third birthday, I just happened to wake up horny as all hell. I had been single for years, and I dated very little, so I was pretty much living the life of a nun. Just when I thought I should be through menopause with a dead libido, all I could think about was sex.

Christ, I tingled all the time. A good-looking man made my nipples hard, and no menopause was not in sight. Good breeding stock, I guess you might say. I found this erotic literature site on the net, and I started reading the stories I found there.

Oh, and I have a secret…shhhh. come closer. I looked at the porn videos, too. When I tell you I was horny I was really, really horny. This went on for a few months. I kept thinking the urges would go away. I read more sex stories than I care to admit to reading. One night I was sitting at my desk, reading a non-consensual themed piece, when I realized my tingling sensation had turned into an out and out throbbing of my clit.

I stupidly looked around (I live alone, so that made perfect sense). I unzipped my jeans and eased them down my hips. I leaned back on my office chair, spread my legs, took my right hand and pressed into my crotch. I swear I could feel heat, and my clit throbbed more and more. I started rubbing the entire area, like trying to scratch an itch.

Nothing was helping. Oh God, could I really do this? I got to the really steamy part in the story where the guy just started to run his finger up and down the woman's slit. I slid my hand inside my panties and ran my finger up and down. I literally did what the male character was doing until I plunged my middle finger inside my hot hole.

I never knew just how satisfying that could feel. Moving it in and out, and then adding a second finger, I continued to fuck myself. It was good. It was so damn good. The more I kept reading, the more I went at it, and the wetter I became.

But, something was still missing. The throbbing had continued. I knew it was my clit calling to me. Although it had been years, I vaguely remembered the absolute pleasure of a man's tongue as he hit my clit. Could I do that? I removed my fingers from my dripping hole and slowly ran them up my slit, searching for the hard knob at the top of it. The first time I hit it, I let out a very audible gasp. God, it felt good. I leaned back further, spread my legs wider and started making slow circles around my clit.

Every so often, I would rub it and my body would jump. By now, I had stopped reading. My eyes were half closed and I was rubbing my clit in what was approaching a very frenzied pace. I took my left hand, slid it under my bra and began rolling, pinching and tugging at my very hard nipples.

Rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, occasionally sliding my two fingers back in. When it hit, it hit hard. I almost fell off the chair. I started panting and my back arched. In the back of my mind, I could hear this peculiar sound. It took me a moment to realize it was me, moaning. I was in self-fucking heaven as I brought myself to orgasm. What the hell was wrong with our parents, telling us this was a bad thing?

I felt so warm, tingly all over and very, very satisfied. From that day forward, except when I had my period, I got myself off at least once a day.

This went on for a few months. My hand was fast becoming my best friend. And I was happy cumming on my own terms, no demands, but still I wanted more. One night, I couldn't sleep.

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That's something that sometimes happens to the "mature" female. I turned on the television to find something boring enough to send me back to sleep. As soon as the screen came on, my eyes shot wide open. Two gorgeous women were talking about sex toys. It was an infomercial for god damn sex toys! Holy shit! And they used to censor Barbara Eden's navel? Have you ever seen one of these? Do you have any idea how many dildos, vibrators, clit stimulators, magic bullets and fake pussies there are out there?

Have you ever seen a thirteen inch black dildo? I mean, holy crap! I guess I really had led a sheltered life. This show went on for an hour. Her toys, his toys, their toys. When did sex become this much fun? God, I was jealous. I wanted to play like that too.

Well? Well? Why couldn't I? Thus began my search for the perfect toy. I scoured websites and watched this show when I couldn't sleep. As much as I wanted to, I couldn't bring myself to order one and have it delivered. What if the packaging was damaged and the mailman could see what it was? What if it ended up at the neighbor's house? And then, which one should I get -- battery operated or electric? Samantha, on Sex in the City, swore by her rabbit.

Well, if it was good enough for her&hellip. The Christmas season came upon us, and I was doing some marathon shopping with my twenty-seven year old daughter. We were at our favorite mall, not hurrying, going in and out of all the stores. We ended up at a popular novelty gift shop. Anything that was a tad off-color could be found here.

I was mindlessly looking up and down the aisles, when I spotted him. My heart started to race. He was gorgeous. He was firm, not too slender, about six inches long, pink and with pearls my rabbit. I knew I had to have him. But how could I do this? My daughter and I left the store and I asked where she wanted to go next.

Thankfully, she wanted to go into a shop around the corner that I had no interest in going to. We agreed to meet at the food court in thirty minutes. So picture this, a fifty-something year old grandmother waiting for her daughter to disappear around the corner, so I could sneak back into the shop. I got to the back of the store and waited for the aisle to clear. When I saw the chance, I quickly grabbed him off the rack. As I started to walk towards the checkout counter, I saw the clerks were two young girls.

I can't do this. I'll look ridiculous. I looked around and picked up a bachelorette party card and some gift wrap. That's it! It's a gag gift! Still feeling uneasy, I laid the items on the counter, with the rabbit on the bottom.

I know I was totally red-faced. "Do you need batteries for this vibe?" Could she have asked the question any louder? "Batteries," I giggled nervously. "I guess that would complete the gift. Hey, do you girls think this is an embarrassing enough gag gift?" "Gag gift? Heck, I'd use it." Everything paid for; I hid this bag inside another with other purchases I had already made. I walked around the corner to meet my daughter, now praying she would want to cut the shopping trip short.

When I got home, I was too excited to do anything. I removed my shiny pink rabbit from its box. I carefully studied the directions, washed it accordingly and let it sit on the counter to air dry. I could feel myself begin to grow wet. That evening, I decided to treat myself. I took a glass of wine with me into the bathroom. I took a nice hot shower, shaved all over, applied lotion, perfumed myself, and put on a sexy black nightgown, as if preparing for a date.

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I turned on some soft music, lit the candles around my bedroom, and turned down the lights. I sat cross-legged in the middle of my bed me, my battery-operated friend, and my bottle of K-Y warming oil. I plumped the pillows and lay back, sipping my wine, and rubbing my breasts. My nipples hardened almost immediately.

As I lay back a little more, my nightgown slid up, exposing my pussy to the cool air. My hand traveled slowly down my belly to my freshly shaved V. I moved slowly, sensuously, starting to make myself feel good.

Slipping my finger in the top of my slit, I began gentle circles around my clit. God this felt good my breasts, my clit, and then sliding one finger deep inside. Mmmm… I reached for the rabbit. I was wet, but lets face it this was cold, hard plastic. I popped the lid on the K-Y and drizzled it over the shaft. I took another sip of wine, spread my legs and bent them at the knee. Slowly, very, very slowly, I began to insert my new found friend.

God, this felt good. I hadn't had anything this big in a long, long time. I moved it in and out a few times, adjusting to its size, before flipping the vibrator switch. This thing moved like no man. The shaft moved and the middle section sort of spun around.

I carefully increased the speed every minute or so, until it was running on high. Moving it in and out, I could hear the wetness over the sound of the music. I reached over and flipped the clit stimulator switch. It felt like an electric current hit me. I adjusted so that every time I pushed it in, it hit my clit just right. Oh, this was so good.

On and on, in and out, I was getting a great fuck. I decided to turn the clit stimulator on high. Okay, that did it. The vibrations on my clit soon sent me up that huge hill on the roller coaster ride. As I started falling, my whole body tensed and I screamed with pleasure. I kept fucking it in and out, until I couldn't take it any more. Holy Mary Mother of God I was in love.

Considering how long and cold winters can be in the northeast, I kept myself feeling very warm and fuzzy. Only once did my daughter drop in, while my toy was sitting out. There are just some things daughters do not want to know. Winter turned to spring and soon the long holiday weekends were upon us. My friends invited me to a pig roast, being hosted by friends of theirs. It was going to be extremely casual, music, drinking, and some people camping out over night.

It was just what I needed. The party started at one, but Gail and her husband picked me up at three, because we knew we would not eat until six. Their friends were very nice, but I still felt like a fifth wheel. The music was great. I walked around, watched some guys play horseshoes, and finally settled at a picnic table. I only half-noticed the man sitting at the end of the table, opposite me. He had a couple of young women teasing him and calling him "Johnny." He got up with them and walked away, as I was finishing my Yuengling beer.

I was sort of lost in the music when a fresh bottle of beer was set down in front of me. I looked up and there was "Johnny" settling on the bench next to me.

This was not a man I would normally be attracted to, purely because of his size. He was about 5'9" tall and very slender. Now, I am not a small woman never have been, but I was never wanting for the attention of men.

I am just normally attracted to larger men. But then he spoke. "You looked like you were ready for another one." My god, this man had a voice that could be used for phone sex. It was not too deep, but so rich in tone. His eyes were the color of chestnuts, he had brown salt and pepper hair, and a moustache that was more gray, than not. "I'm John," he said, extending his hand.

"Hi, I'm Jeanne." There was something about him. He made me smile. We sat in the warm sun, just people-watching and chatting. I guess it was inevitable that two older people would end up sitting and talking. It was nice to be able to bring up something from the sixties or seventies, and actually have him get the joke. Within a very short time, we were laughing like old friends.

I was so comfortable. He was smart, funny and kind. We found we had similar tastes in music and books. We also had very similar backgrounds. Every so often a young woman would come over and kiss "Johnny" on the cheek, tease him, or ask him if he needed anything. John almost looked embarrassed by the attention they were paying him.

"Those are my girls" he said. I smiled. "You don't have to explain." "No, I want to. We all work together. The girls call me 'Johnny.' Only a few special people can get away with that with me." We spent the next hour or so talking about anything and everything. My friends showed up to get me for dinner, and as I stood to leave, John said, "Are you staying?

Will I see you later?" "I guess. I rode with my friends, so I'm kind of at their mercy." "Okay see you around the fire." As I walked off with my friends, I started to get the third degree. "Okay, spill. Who was that?" "John? Just a guy. We kept each other company." "Did he ask you out?" "What?

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No don't be silly. Besides, he's really not my type." We kept on walking, but little did I know, John was watching me leave. ******************************************************************************************** I guess I must have been staring at her ass.

I know I was fascinated with the easy grace of her movements. She was what some people would call "pleasingly plump," "voluptuous," or "curvy," but she was definitely not "fat" as she had called herself. She was, however, thicker than any of the women I had ever been with. But I thought she was beautiful, and I really enjoyed talking to her.

I was busy watching her, so I didn't notice one of my girls sitting down next to me. "Johnny?" she said. I must not have heard her. "Johnny?" I still was not paying any attention to the pretty young girl sitting next to me, concentrating instead on how Jeanne moved, and on my memory of how nice it had been to talk with her. "Earth to Johnny, Earth to Johnny, come in Johnny," Sami said, as she touched my cheek with her finger. I was startled. I turned to see one of my girls sitting next to me.

"I'm sorry, Sweetheart, I didn't notice you sit down. How long have you been there?" "Long enough to see the look on your face," Sami giggled. "Look? What look?" "What look?" Sami asked. "The same look you gave us girls when you picked us up to bring us here today. The look you gave me when you first saw me today in my halter top and booty shorts.

The same look you gave Tina and Carey when you saw they weren't wearing bras under their t-shirts when the water balloon battle started earlier today. The look of a man who sees something he likes. So, who is she?" "Who is who?" I asked, still a little confused. Then it dawned on me. I had been staring at Jeanne's ass, and Sami caught me.

Sami giggled. "You're a lousy liar. You can't put on a poker face to save your ass. I'm talking about the woman you were just talking to, the woman whose butt you were drooling over when she walked away just now. Who was she?" I replied, feeling myself blush, "Oh, you mean Jeanne? I wasn't drooling. I don't know who she is, really. I just met her. She's here with some friends." "You were talking with her for quite a while," Sami said. "You were sitting really close to her.

Do you like her?" I replied, "I was sitting close to her so I could hear her. The music's pretty loud, and you kids make a lot of noise. And to answer your second question, yes, I enjoyed talking with her." "Enjoyed talking with her?

I wondered if you were gonna kiss her. Are you two gonna hook up? I haven't seen you stare at someone's ass that way since last summer when we all went swimming at the lake. We wore our skimpiest bikinis to tease you. Remember? We got a kick out of watching you watching us, trying to hide your hard-on. Do you have a hard-on now?" Sami teased. "Sami! What kind of a question is that to ask?" I said, feeling a bit embarrassed.

I realized that I was feeling a little stirring down below, and it wasn't because of Sami. "Are you going to ask her out? She's kind of pretty, in an old sort of way," Sami said. "That's not nice, Sami! Jeanne's not old. She's three years younger than me." Sami was still giving me a naughty, knowing smile. "Then she's the perfect age for you. I think you should go for it. Is she single? If you like her, and if you think she's sexy, you should so try to hook up with her.

How long has it been since you've slept with a woman? I bet she'd fuck you if you asked her." "Sami! How did we get from me talking with her to me fucking her? I don't just walk up to women I've never met before and ask them to sleep with me. She'd probably slap my face." "What makes you so sure? She certainly looked like she liked you.

I bet you could hook up with her if you'd get off your ass and try to get with her. You're a charming guy. You know us girls all think you're cute for an old guy.

You deserve to get some loving every once in a while. Besides, you already took the first step." "What do you mean?" I asked. Sami said, "You said you'd see her at the bonfire later tonight. I heard you.

She nodded her head when you said it. That's when you make your move. That's when you turn on your charm and see if you can get her to sleep with you. You brought a tent big enough for four people. Tina, Carey and I can sleep in someone else's tent tonight and you can bed down with Jeanne and see if you can get some.

I'll go talk to them right now. We sure don't want to be cock-blockers for you. And don't argue with me. I know you well enough to see that you'd jump at the chance to get a piece of that ass you were staring at. If there's anything we can do to help, let us know." With that, Sami laughed, gave me a peck on the cheek and a thumbs up, and ran off to bring Tina and Carey up to speed on her newly-hatched conspiracy to get me laid.

I hadn't been thinking about Jeanne that way at all. But now that Sami had called me out, I had to admit that I was pretty attracted to Jeanne. But, could I be that forward?

I was way past the age of pretending to be a player. I was way past the age of trying to initiate a one-night stand. Besides, I didn't even know if Jeanne was single, and I certainly didn't know if she was interested in me as anything more than someone her own age to talk with. But, maybe. "Oh, don't be an idiot, John," I thought.

"Don't make a fool of yourself." But I did enjoy talking to her, and she seemed to like talking to me. She was attractive, and I remembered how she touched my hand a few times as we talked when she was trying to make a point about something she said. I decided to seek her out to see if she wanted to hang out and talk some more. The bonfire would be a perfect setting. It would be fairly quiet, calm, and romantic. Romantic? Here I go again.

I just met her, for crying out loud! I felt a hand on my shoulder. Turning, I saw my three girls. "We have it all worked out for you," Sami said with a wicked smile on her face. "Carey and I are sleeping in that huge 9-man tent over there," Tina said, pointing to the far corner of the yard. "It belongs to my cousin and her family, and they have a couple of empty spaces.

You should see this thing. It even has separate rooms. We'll be able to come and go as we please through the screened-in front area, and we won't have to sleep crowded in with strangers." "Yeah, assuming we ever go to bed," Carey said. "I was here last year, and only the old people ever went to bed. Them and the people who hooked up with someone interesting." "This is exactly why we're moving our stuff out of your tent.

You're old, and you're hooking up with someone interesting," Sami laughed. "But, guess where I'll be?" "I have no idea, sweetheart," I answered. "See that tent right next to yours?" Sami smiled. "I'll be in there, actually lying about three feet away from you. Just so you know, if you guys get loud, I'll hear you." "What do you mean, if we get loud?" I asked, immediately regretting the question.

"Come on, don't act innocent. Maybe she's a screamer," Sami said as the others began to giggle. "Knock it off, girls! That's not funny," I said, indignantly. "I wasn't trying to be funny, Johnny," Sami said with a gleam in her eye.

"I'm just saying that if you play your cards right, and if you do it right, I should be able to at least hear some moaning and whimpering." I opened my mouth to speak, and then decided it would be best to let that comment go, along with the thoughts it was inspiring in me. I hoped that I could spend the evening with Jeanne, but I certainly wasn't expecting much more.

I wandered over to the buffet table and started loading a plate with food. My good friend, Tyler, who was hosting the party, yelled to me to come over to the pig roaster. He was cutting huge chunks of meat and put some on my plate. I settled down under a tree and proceeded to feed my face.

It wasn't dark yet, but the party had started to wind down. Some of the people with little kids had left, the heavy drinkers were settling down to get seriously smashed, and the rest of us were all well-satisfied with the huge amount of food we had consumed. The bonfire hadn't been lit yet, but I knew it soon would be. I decided to see if I could find Jeanne. She was sitting in a lawn chair near her friends, who were sitting on the ground. There was an empty chair next to her.

I grabbed two beers and my courage, and walked over to her. "Remember me?" I said. "Oh, hi, John," she said, smiling at me. "Is that beer for me?

Thank you. These are the friends I told you about, Gail, and her husband, Mark. Gail and I work together. Guys, this is John." Handshakes and greetings were exchanged all around. Gail and Mark seemed like a nice couple, and we all made small talk for a while. Gail then announced that she needed to go to the bathroom, and asked Jeanne to go with her.

Mark said, to no one in particular, "Why is that?" "Why is what?" I asked. "Why is it that women can never go to the bathroom alone?" Mark asked. "I guess I can see it when they're in a strange place and have to go to a public restroom, but they're just going inside Tyler's house to the powder room.

I mean, what is this big deal about bathroom togetherness?" I looked at the women and laughed. "I may be wrong, but I suspect that's where they go to discuss their plans to dominate the male gender. They plot against us, you know." Mark laughed, gave me a high five, and said, "You sound like a married man." "Been there, done that, and the only thing I had left after her lawyer was done was the t-shirt.

But that was years ago. I am now blissfully single," I said. Gail seemed to give Jeanne a strange look for a second, but then said, "You boys do some male bonding. I have to pee. And you're coming with me, Jeanne." Jeanne smiled at me and said, "She's my boss Monday through Friday. Sometimes she forgets that I'm her elder when the weekend comes.

OK, come on little girl, I'll help you to the bathroom." When the women were gone, Mark leaned toward me. "You just met Jeanne today, didn't you?" "Yeah," I said. "We talked for a while at a picnic table earlier. She seems pretty nice." "She's very nice.

I've known Jeanne for a long time. In fact, she's the one who introduced me to Gail. Jeanne's like a big sister to us both. She doesn't get out much, and we practically had to drag her here today. I wasn't sure she would enjoy herself, but she seems to be having a good time." Mark continued, "I'm going to tell you something, as one man to another. Unless I don't know my wife of twenty years very well, I'm pretty sure she's in there with Jeanne telling her how great she thinks it would be if Jeanne would find a man to spend some time with.

Ever since Gail saw you and Jeanne talking this afternoon, she's been going out of her way to watch you to see if you meet her standards for Jeanne. Right now, Gail's in there telling her that you would be perfect for her. So, if you don't want Gail to try to manipulate things, you should clear out now." "Hmmm," I said.

"Thanks for the warning. So Gail likes to play matchmaker?" "Yeah," Mark said. "I think she saw 'Fiddler on the Roof' too many times." "Well," I said, "I really enjoyed talking with Jeanne this afternoon. I came over here just now to see if she still wanted to sit and talk with me at the bonfire. I think they're lighting it now." The women were coming out of the house. Mark winked at me and said, "Good luck, John. Like I said, Jeanne's a real nice lady." I was mulling over what Mark had said.

I also kept remembering what Sami and the other girls had said and had done for me. Should I try to get Jeanne to sit with me at the bonfire? Yes, I had already decided that, and it seemed like she was willing.

Should I try to kiss her? Well, that depended on how things went. I knew I wanted to.

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Should I try to get her to stay with me tonight? That definitely depended on how things went at the bonfire. I really hoped she would.

Not just because my girls had made sure we would be uninterrupted, although I certainly appreciated that. Not just because I wanted to sleep with her, although I wanted that very much. Maybe it was just because I really enjoyed her company. After all, I reasoned, just because she stayed with me, it didn't mean anything had to happen. I would have been content just to spend more time with her. But, frankly, I was nervous.

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She seemed to enjoy being with me, but I could easily have been misreading her signals, putting my own horny spin on things. And, to be honest, I was horny. It had been a long time since I had been intimate with a woman. It had been even longer since I had cared about a woman. And I couldn't ever remember having enjoyed the company of a woman so much after only talking with her for a few hours.

Boy, was I going to feel like an idiot if Jeanne shot me down. I didn't know what to do. Watching her walk across the yard to me, I was in a quandary. Thankfully, Jeanne helped me along. When she got to me, she put her hand on top of mine. "John," she said, "it looks like they have the bonfire going.

Do you want to sit over there for a while?" "Sure, Jeanne. I'll grab a blanket for us to sit on. I'll be right back," I said, heading for my tent. "Lead the way," I said to Jeanne as I returned with the blanket. I caught Jeanne and Gail staring at each other. Jeanne tried to hide from me the way she crossed the index and middle fingers of one hand in a "wish me luck" gesture, and Gail gave her a big smile and a thumbs-up. Mark smiled at me and silently mouthed, "Go for it." When we got to the circle around the fire, I found a place to spread our blanket where it didn't seem that we would be in the direct line of the smoke.

"Do you want anything from the tables at the house?" I asked. "There's still a fair amount of food left." "Oh, God, no," Jeanne answered. "I ate enough today to hold me the rest of the weekend. But I would take another beer if you can find one." "I'll be back," I growled in my best (actually, pathetic) Schwarzenegger imitation.

When I returned to the fire, Jeanne was sitting in the middle of the blanket. She motioned me to sit down close beside her. I noticed she had put on a sweatshirt, as I had when I was at my tent. We sat and talked. We discussed work, friends, our children and grandchildren, music, sports, funny childhood experiences all the things people share with each other when they want to get better acquainted.

I enjoyed myself immensely, and Jeanne seemed to be having a good time, too. At one point, I touched her hand, and she clasped it, gently.

We were holding hands! Maybe it's not much, but it was a huge thrill to me. I started to wonder where this was going. I knew where I wanted it to go, but I didn't allow myself to dwell on it. It was getting late. Gail, who had been playing games with some of the others, finally came over to the fire. "Jeanne," Gail said, "we're thinking about going home soon. I hate to be a party-pooper, but we really need to get home to let the dogs out." Moment of truth time.

I had learned that Jeanne only lived about ten miles from me. "Jeanne, if you want to stay awhile, I can run you home. I'm enjoying talking with you." "Do you mind, Gail?" Jeanne asked. "Of course I don't mind, Sweetie," Gail said. "I'll see you at work on Tuesday.


If you want to call me tomorrow or Monday, we'll probably be home. John, it was good to meet you." I got up to shake her hand. "I enjoyed meeting you and Mark, too, Gail. Say goodbye to him for me." "We'll have to have you over sometime," Gail said, giving me a smile and a rather intense look.

"Take good care of Jeanne tonight for me." "She'll be fine with me. Goodnight, Gail," I said. When I sat back down, Jeanne took my hand again. I was grateful that she had decided to stay. We sat and talked for a while longer. Then Jeanne said, "It's getting kind of chilly. The fire is warm enough to toast my toes, but my back and shoulders are getting cold." "I can take you home, if you like, or I can get another blanket from my tent for you," I said.

"Ooh, a blanket sounds nice," Jeanne said. I went to my tent and grabbed a blanket. When I got back to Jeanne, I wrapped the blanket around her back and shoulders, and then sat down again next to her. "Why do you have a tent here, John?" Jeanne asked.

"When Tyler invited me, he told me a lot of people would camp out here, and said it would be OK if I set up a tent. That's my four-man tent over there in the corner of the yard," I said, pointing. "A four-man tent?" Jeanne asked. "Are your girls sleeping there with you?" "That was the original plan, but they all decided to sleep in other people's tents, so I guess I'll be alone there tonight." "Oh," was all she said. The night air was getting cooler, and the dampness of the spring night was only partially alleviated by the heat of the fire.

I shivered slightly, and Jeanne said, "I'm being a blanket hog. Here, share this with me." She opened the blanket and we wrapped it around ourselves. I could feel the warmth of her body through our clothes.


It was a comfortable sensation, and it inspired heat in me that was only partially explained by the insulation our shared blanket provided. I looked across the fire and spotted my three young friends. They were sitting together, talking and laughing quietly between themselves. Tina saw me looking at her first. When our eyes met, she puckered her lips and kissed the air, then pointed toward Jeanne. Carey pantomimed fondling Sami's breasts, and Sami held her hand in front of her mouth, parted her index and middle fingers, and flicked her tongue between them, mimicking the motion of someone licking between a woman's thighs.

The three of them, almost in unison, then opened their mouths, pursed their lips into an "O" shape, and imitated the motion of a woman stroking and sucking a cock.

I had to look away, but I could hear them giggling. If Jeanne noticed, she gave no indication. She did, however, shift her position so her body was pushed more tightly against me. I could clearly feel her one large breast pressing firmly against my side. We had fallen silent. Neither of us had spoken for a few minutes. The time seemed right. I wasn't sure whether I dared to do what I wanted very badly to do. I was relieved when Jeanne made the first move.

She touched my cheek with just the tip of her index finger, causing me to turn toward her. Our faces were only inches apart. "John?" she said, in a voice barely above a whisper. "Jeanne?" I said softly, "may I kiss you?" She let out a soft sigh. "I wish you would." The first time our lips touched, I felt light-headed.

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My heart was pounding. My palms were sweating. And my cock was very, very hard. That first kiss was soft, tentative, fairly brief, but with a promise of so much more. I pulled back reluctantly, and just stared into her eyes. I have no idea how long we stayed like that, silently peering into each other.

But then, together, we moved to begin a much longer, much more tender and meaningful kiss. Without conscious thought, I moved one hand to gently stroke her hair and her face, while the other went to her back, urging her to press herself more tightly against me. Finally, we pulled apart. "I don't really want to take you home right now, Jeanne. I like being here with you too much." "I don't want to go, John. It feels too right to be here with you.

It's been a such long time since I shared a kiss like that. It's been a such long time since I've been in a man's arms." I thought for a second. "I don't know if I've ever enjoyed a kiss that much.

I want to spend more time with you, Jeanne. A lot more time. And, I love the feel of you. You feel so good to me." Jeanne kissed me again, more quickly this time, but more firmly. Just before she broke away from me, her lips opened slightly, and she passed just the tip of her tongue across my lower lip. "John?" she began. "What, baby?" I said, surprising myself with my breathlessness. "Could we go in your tent for awhile? I want to kiss you some more." Finally, I asked the question I had been bursting to ask.

"Jeanne, would you stay with me tonight? I want to kiss you, too. I want to hold you. I want to cuddle you. I want." She stopped me with her finger against my lips. "John, I'm scared. I want those things too. I think I may want more. It's been a long time since I've felt this way. But with you, I feel safe." "I only have one sleeping bag, but I have lots of blankets," I said. "I'm sure we'll find a way to get comfortable," Jeanne said, smiling.

"OK, baby," I replied. We got up off the ground, scooping up the blankets, and made our way to my tent. We couldn't stand upright, so we crawled in on our hands and knees.

After we got inside, I zipped the flap closed. We could see the flames from the bonfire flickering on the tent walls. "Well…," I said, resting on my knees, not quite sure where to take the conversation. Jeanne started, "Perhaps we ought to spread out the sleeping bag. You seem to have more than enough blankets to keep us warm." We did not touch, but went to work making up a makeshift bed in the middle of the tent.

With me on one side and Jeanne on the other, we just looked at each other. I spoke first. "I know this is going to sound like a line, but I was a Boy Scout. If we crawl into bed with our damp clothes on, we're going to stay cold all night. I think that our outer clothes really ought to come off." Jeanne laughed softly, "It does sound like a line, but I do trust you, John, if you'll just turn your head. "Only if you turn yours, too." We stripped out of our sweatshirts and jeans.

Jeanne pulled her bra out from under her shirt, and dropped it in the corner with her clothes. She grabbed a blanket and wrapped it around her. "Let me know when you're ready," I said.

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"Done." We turned around at the same time each cocooned in our own blanket. I had rolled up another blanket into a pillow we could share. We lay down, facing each other, and I covered us both with another blanket. "Hi this is nice," Jeanne said softly. "Yeah, it is.

I really had a good time today." "John, can I ask you a question?" "Sure, what do you want to know?" "Why did your girls choose to sleep elsewhere tonight?" I thought to myself, "How the hell do I answer this one?" Aloud, I said, "Do you want the truth?" "Of course. I wouldn't expect anything less." I sighed, "They wanted me to have a chance to be alone with you." "Oh.

Can I ask you another question?" "Sure." "What did they think was going to happen?" I really didn't know what to say at that point. Jeanne simply leaned over and tenderly kissed my lips and said, "Maybe this?" "Yeah, and maybe this&hellip." I rose up a little and reached for her. Without hesitation, Jeanne came into my arms. This time when our lips met, the kiss was still gentle, but it was longer and deeper.

Her arms went around my neck and she held me close as we kissed again. When our lips separated, we stayed in each other's arms. I finally broke the silence. "Jeanne? I meant what I said. I like you. I like you here with me." "John, there's nowhere else I would rather be, and I trust you, but…well… it's just&hellip." "Shhh, baby, just let me hold you.

Let me kiss you. That's all I want tonight. I just want to be with you." "Oh God," she said. "I'm afraid." "Of me?

I told you, Jeanne, I just want to hold you and kiss you." "I'm not afraid of you, John. I'm afraid of me. What if I don't want you to stop?" "I promise you, I'll be strong for the both of us.

I will never do more than I know you are ready for," I said. I had no idea how much that statement would be put to the test. We continued to hold each other, kissing, whispering.

Jeanne seemed to be feeling confined by the blanket she had wrapped around her. "I'm sorry, but I really have to get out of this blanket." She stood up and started to unwrap herself. The first thing I noticed was how beautifully shaped her legs were. The second thing I noticed was how short her t-shirt was, exposing her panty-covered ass. When Jeanne got back down on our "bed", I noticed one last thing Jeanne was not wearing a bra.

The deep V of her shirt allowed ample view of her large breasts. I stared and swallowed hard. "There, I feel better, "Jeanne said arranging the blanket to just lie on top of her. Lying on her side, she rose up on one arm and asked me, "Are you comfortable enough?" "Well, it is a little confining, wrapped up like this." Hurriedly, I got out of the blanket and lay back down.

As I went to cover myself, Jeanne raised her blanket, moved closer, and covered me with it. I just looked at her as she straightened the blanket around both of us. When she settled down on her side, she looked at me and asked quietly, "Now, where were we?" As I pulled her into my arms, I felt her full breasts push against my chest.

One silky, smooth leg worked its way between mine, and she raised her head to kiss me. I had to move my hips away from her, in an effort to hide my growing desire. My mouth opened slightly and Jeanne pushed her tongue in, to play with mine. My arms pulled her closer. Our mouths were hungry for each other. I could feel her nipples hardening against my chest.

She could feel my undeniable attraction to her, and the wanting I felt. "Oh God, Jeanne, I don't know how much more I can take." "John, it's okay. Honest, I want this." "No, no, not this way. Not now." Jeanne looked confused as I pulled away from her.

"Look, I like you a lot. And as much as I would like nothing better than to make love to you all night, I am not going to let our first time together be in a tent, on the hard ground." "John&hellip." "Jeanne, please understand. I want our first time to be so very special. Can we wait?" "Oh John, you are the dearest, sweetest man," she said, leaning in to kiss me again. Whether she knew it or not, Jeanne pushed her body against me a little more.

"You have no idea how hard you are making this, do you?" I asked in a hoarse whisper. She looked at me with her wide eyes in a way that told me she really didn't know. I laughed out loud, and pulled her close to hold her. "John? Does this mean you're asking me out on at date?" she giggled.

"Oh yeah," I said kissing her once more. "Oh yeah." We kissed again. If possible, the kiss was even more expressive of our mutual need than our earlier kisses had been. The feel of Jeanne's warm body against me was pushing my arousal higher. I knew that she could feel my erection against her. The fact that she was pushing herself against it let me know how she was feeling.

"John?" Jeanne breathed. "I'm starting to get an idea of how 'hard' I'm making this." She giggled softly. "Oh my God, Jeanne. It's been a very long time since I've held a woman this way, since I've felt this way." She raised the leg that was between mine until it pressed noticeably against my very hard penis.

"Does that feel good?" I felt myself shudder in a way I hadn't done since I was a teenager. "Oh, yes, baby, it really does." I moved one hand from her back and slowly slid it to her side, allowing the heel of my hand to rest against the side of her breast. She gasped.

"Touch me, John. Touch my nipple. Please. I want it. I want you to feel how hard my nipple is." Tentatively, I did as I been asked. With just the tips of my fingers, I traced the shape of her hard nipple through her thin t-shirt. I could feel it tighten in response. The tiny bumps of her areola felt like fragments of diamond. Jeanne's soft moan sounded like a choir of angels murmuring a hymn of love in my ear. Still using only my fingertips, I began to explore the expanse of Jeanne's large soft breast.

As she rolled slightly toward her back to expose both her breasts to my touch, I moved with her.

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She had to remove her leg from the space between mine, but I then filled the void between her thighs with my own leg. I thought I could feel her heat. Never breaking our passionate kisses, I touched her breast more firmly. Jeanne rewarded me with another long, appreciative moan.

I propped myself on one arm so I could better touch the entire expanse of her full chest with my free hand. "Jeanne?" "Hmmm?" "Remember how I said I wanted to wait?" "Uh huh." "I was wrong." "Good." ******************************************************************************************** John sat up and pulled me to him.

With trembling fingers, he grasped the hem of my shirt and pulled it over my head. In the dim light from the bonfire, he could see the curve of my ample bosom. "You're beautiful," he said. I quickly removed John's shirt and sat back to study his upper body. I saw the hair on his chest and belly, still as dark as it had been when he was a young man.

He was not the large bear of a man I normally found attractive, but I didn't care. Right now, he looked very good to me. Together, we began to explore each other's naked upper torsos. John quickly learned that I enjoyed having the undersides of my breasts stroked. I discovered that John's nipples were as sensitive as my own. We continued kissing, enjoying the taste and feel of each other's tongues. Soon, we lay back down. With me all but naked, John was now able to begin to explore my body the way he wanted, using all five of his senses.

With his fingers, he felt the softness and smoothness of my flesh. With his eyes, he saw the bounty of my breasts and softly rounded belly. With his ears, he heard my breathing, my moaning, and my occasional soft gasp. With his tongue, he tasted my skin, a combination of sweet lotion, clean sweat, and woman-flavor. With his nose, he breathed my arousal.

John looked like he was in heaven. I was enjoying my own discoveries. John's beard stubble felt good as I caressed his face. His man-scent was an aphrodisiac. The soft growl I heard in his chest as I played with his nipples thrilled me. And the twitching hardness I could see straining within his shorts gave me promise of a very nice night. ******************************************************************************************** I knew my resolve was far in the past. I wanted this woman.

My physical attraction to her was undeniable, but there was so much more. I felt her filling a void in my life. For the first time in many years, I knew I would not be alone tonight. I tried, but somehow, could not quite remember. Was this what it felt like to be falling in love? I wanted to ask her, but the question died on my lips when I first felt her hand brush purposefully against my cock. "My God, Jeanne." "What?" "Be careful." "What's wrong?" "I don't know how much of that I can take.

It's been awhile since I've been with a woman." "It's been too long since I've been with a man. I'd almost forgotten how good a man could feel." "Let me refresh your memory," I said, so softly Jeanne had to concentrate to hear me. I then placed my hand, softly, between her legs.

I know I smiled in satisfaction when I found that Jeanne's panties were soaked through. Before I could ask, Jeanne raised her hips to make it easy for me to remove the dripping bit of cotton. The sweet, tangy perfume of her flooded the air inside our tent. Lowering my face to her, I struggled not to drool. She smelled so good. She looked so beautiful. With a single lick, I found that she tasted divine. We had all night, and I decided I could spend that amount of time making sure my new lover was well pleased.

I set myself to the delightful task of worshiping her womanhood with my mouth. Stroking my fingers on the tops and insides of her thighs, I silently directed her to open herself to me. When she had parted her legs to my liking, I teased the crease between her thigh and her lip with my tongue, first on one side, then on the other. When I felt her thigh muscles begin to tremble, I moved my tongue to the center, tracing slowly from the bottom of her slit to the top, over and over, first with the lightest pressure I could manage, but then ever more firmly.

Her lips parted for me. Her whimpers and moans were nearly drowned out by the soft growl of pleasure coming from deep in my chest. I knew she liked this. The ever-increasing flow of her nectar onto my tongue made that clear. I had purposefully been avoiding her clit. I wanted to save it. I knew, if I did things right, Jeanne would cum for me when I finally touched it. Jeanne wasn't making it easy for me. Her hips were in constant motion, up, down, right, left, sometimes in a straight line, sometimes in a circle.

The time was coming closer. I began to crave the sound of her orgasm. But still, I waited. I wanted it to be perfect for her. I wanted her to always remember the first time I made her cum.

We became impatient. Jeanne was struggling more and more to stay still enough for me to continue to feast on her, and I began to want her release as much as she did. I paused for a moment, raised my head, and looked at her.

A few strands of hair were matted to her forehead. Her nipples were straining toward the sky. Her breathing was ragged. I could actually see her pulse in her throat. It was time. "Please, John, please!" I smiled at her, and lowered my face.

With just the tip of my tongue, I touched her shining pearl. For a moment, there was no sound. Then, Jeanne gulped in a breath so rapidly that it almost sounded like a scream.

She began to convulse. Her body writhed, every muscle vibrating. It seemed like she held her breath forever. I was pleased. I love nothing more than to make my lover cum. I let her recover for only a moment, allowing her to catch a few breaths, but long before she had regained her composure, I was at her again. This time, I inserted my middle finger into her depths while licking vigorously at her lips and her clit.

She was well on her way to another orgasm when I added my index finger. I was massaging her walls, probing her wetness, stroking her relentlessly. As soon as I thought she was comfortable with two fingers, I added a third. Jeanne knew she was lost. It seemed she was almost afraid to cum that hard again, and yet her fevered mind must have told her to be afraid not to. I made the decision for her when I curled my fingers and found her G-spot. Another reward for me the music of orgasm from a beautiful woman.

I let her rest this time. I knew she had had enough for now. As her screams died away, I heard another voice. It was Sami in the next tent. I could clearly hear her say, "Holy shit, Johnny! Holy shit!" "That's going to be awkward in the morning," I thought to myself. But then I turned my attention back to my lover. She was sobbing and mumbling, "No more. No more. I can't take any more." I moved up to hold Jeanne in my arms. "What's wrong, baby?

Are you OK?" Panting for breath, she began to laugh softly. It was a lovely sound. "Wrong? Nothing is wrong. My God, John, nothing is wrong. I just knew I was going to pass out if you did that any more. Wrong? Hell, no! Right!


As right as anything has ever been! Where the hell did you learn to do that? How the hell did you do that?" I kissed her tenderly. "I don't know. I guess you inspired me. I just wanted you to have a good time." ******************************************************************************************** I looked at him.

My thoughts were clearing enough for me to ask myself a question. "Am I going to fall in love with this man?" For a panicked moment, I wondered if I had spoken aloud, but then realized I hadn't.

I kissed him back. I wanted to keep kissing him for a very long time. But then, I had a better idea. "John, I hope you're ready," I said. "For what?" "For this!" I pushed John rather forcefully onto his back and sat up. I pulled his shorts off him and wrapped my hand around his manhood. "I want you to have a good time, too." I crawled up John's body and kissed his lips, pushing my tongue into his mouth to explore.

I stayed on my hands and knees and kissed his whole face. I loved that I could taste myself on him. I kissed his eyes, nose, cheeks and mouth again. I began to trail kisses down his chin, along his strong jaw line and then down his throat. I could feel the vibration on my lips when he murmured, "Mmmm." I continued my kisses, along his collar bone, to his shoulder and then down his arm. When I reached his hands, I brought his fingers to my mouth and sucked on them.

Smiling, I returned to his chest, and kissed all down the other side, offering equal attention to that side of his body. I knelt between his legs and began toying with his nipples. I hadn't been with a man who reacted so intensely when I sucked on them. Goosebumps rose on his skin, as I left them to kiss lower. My mouth followed the line of dark hair that went down his abdomen, as if giving me a trail to follow.

I stopped briefly to lick his navel, pushing my tongue inside, but I didn't want to linger. I had other things to do. Down, down, I kept kissing until I reached his wiry hair. I could smell his musk, and it made my nipples go hard once more. I moved my body back, so that I was lying on my belly, between his legs. I now had full access to his manhood. I blew my hot breath onto his balls, as I began to lightly run one finger up and down his cock.

It jumped in anticipation, and John inhaled sharply. I kept my touch light and feathery, still breathing my hot breath on his balls. His hands came to my hair, and started running through it.

Carefully, tenderly, I took his shaft in my hand and lowered my mouth. I took him in to the back of my throat, thoroughly wetting him. I bobbed up and down a couple of times, tasting the pre-cum that he was oozing. He came out of my mouth with a soft pop, as I began to lick his shaft up and down. I wanted to know every inch of him.

My tongue traced the delicate patterns of veins and bumps. I ran my tongue all around the head, paying special attention to the V on the underside, and then licking back to the tip, pressing my tongue into his slit, to capture as much of his essence as I could. John's hands lightly grabbed my hair. I could see his stomach muscles contract and his body seemed to tense.

A low growl came from his belly, and out his mouth, as I replaced my mouth with my hand. I gave his penis long, slow, firm, deliberate strokes, as I lowered my mouth to his balls. "Oh God, Jeanne. Not there." His words said no, but his body said yes. I licked his balls, making them hot with my mouth, before sucking them in and rolling them around with my tongue.

I could feel the glands inside the thin sack. Sucking his balls, stroking his cock, I needed to push him to the limit. After a few minutes, and feeling his legs go stiff, I came away from his balls, and dropped my mouth onto John's cock. "Jesus, baby, I'm so close" he muttered. That was what I needed to hear.

I fondled his balls with my hand and began to suck his cock with vigor. I needed him to feed me. I needed to take him into my belly. John's grip on my hair tightened. I could feel him raise his hips, trying to push his cock deeper into my mouth. I heard a deep guttural sound, just before he exploded in my mouth, shooting down into my belly. I did my best to keep up with his continual spurts, swallowing as fast as I could.

I kept my lips clamped around his shaft, until I felt his balls had drained. When John's hands finally relaxed their hold, I attentively cleaned his cock and balls, and then moved to his side. John rolled to look at my face. I smiled and kissed him softly.

"I hope that was to your liking, John," I said softly, kissing him once more. "Oh, God, Jeanne," John said, trying to regain the rhythm of his breathing. "I can't believe how good you made me feel!" "Just returning a favor," I said, laying my head on his shoulder.

We held each other close, listening to the murmur of a few hushed voices at the waning camp fire, enjoying the closeness we felt, cuddled together in our tent. We caressed each other's bodies, holding each other under the blankets. The last thing either of us remembered was a long series of lovely, soft kisses.