Phoenix marie is a milf in heat

Phoenix marie is a milf in heat
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Part 2, all sex, hope you enjoy. "Mhhmmm, that tasted amazing, now let's get back to math" Trish said as she started to get up.

"Oh no, not now." I said, as I stood up. I quickly grabbed her by the waist and threw her on her back, and started to make out with her furiously, our tongues were swirling around each other 's mouths. I whispered, "I'm gonna make you scream" and with that I scooted myself down between her legs and started to kiss her inner thighs. I slowly pulled her thong off and sat back and admired her pussy.

I was swollen with desire, light brown in color; I spread her lips, and saw pink. I was in heaven, there was not a speck of hair around her pussy. I buried my face between her legs and started to eat her out. She arched her back in surprise and utter pleasure, "Trevvvvvvvvvvvvv, that feels so damn gooooooooooooood, oh my gosh." She exclaimed.

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She started to push my face hard into her pussy. I licked all around her, she was moaning hysterically. She tasted amazing, and smelled even better. I wouldn't mind doing this every day, I thought. I continued to swirl my tongue around her lips, waiting for the moment to drive her nuts by finding her clit.

"Gosh, Trevvvvvvvvvvvvor." She screamed.

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With that I quickly found her clit and started to suck on it. She moaned louder. "I'm going to explode!" she screamed. I inserted 2 fingers into her pussy and began to finger her while I was eating her out. "I'm going to cum!" she moaned. I quickly stuck my pinky finger up her ass hole and she began to orgasm. "You are amazinggggggggggg." She then proceeded to try to pull my head off of her pussy. She got my head about 6 inches away when she started to cum, she began to squirt, holy shit, she's a squirter, I thought.

It hit me in the face, instead of backing away, I stuck my face back into her pussy and started taking her sweet nectar into my mouth.

She tasted amazing. I lapped up all of her pussy juices.


My dick was yet again hard. Her final wave of her orgasm ended, and instead of giving her time to catch her breath. I stuck my dick into her pussy. "Trevor, you naughty boy!" she moaned. "You wanted to be my slut, now I'm gonna treat you like one." I told her. I grabbed her by her hair and began to slide my dick in and out of her sweet pussy.

With each thrust she moaned even louder. She began to pinch and twist her nipples. She looked so damn sexy. I began to thrust even harder, bottoming out into her pussy with each thrust. Still playing with her nipple with one hand, she put the other one on her pussy while I was fucking her, and began to play with herself.


"I love being your slut Trevor." She moaned, "but it's my turn now." And with that she caught me off guard and knocked me onto my back. She then mounted me and began to ride my dick. "It's so big, it fills me right up Trevor." She continued to bounce up and down on my dick as I began to feel her beautiful tits. She then started to scream, "I'm going to cum, againnnnnnnnnnnnnn." Her pussy wrapped around my dick even tighter, as she began her own orgasm, as her pussy was contracting on my dick I began to feel the familiar feeling of an orgasm of my own coming on.

"Trishhhhhhhhh, get off, I'm gonna cummmmmmmmmmmm." I told her loudly. "I don't care, I want your hot cum deep inside of me" That alone was enough to make me cum.

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I then proceeded to have the best orgasm of my life. My dick began to convulse, and I began to shoot my cum deep inside of her, grabbing her by the waist and keeping her as close to me as possible. We couldn't move even if we wanted too. We were both experiencing the best feelings of lust ever. Our orgasms finally subsided and I collapsed on top of her, with my dick still buried deep inside of her. After about 10 minutes of laying on top her exhausted, I rolled off of her and laid right next to her.

"Damn, Trevor, that was amazing." She told me. "Yeah, you weren't so bad yourself." I told her. We both began to laugh. I was content with just lying next to her, but she took me off guard when she stuck her hand back down into her pussy. Gathering as much of our juices as she could on her fingers and sticking them into her mouth, slowly sucking up and down on her two fingers. "We taste amazing." She told me as if this was second nature.

"I bet we do." I again felt my dick begin to harden, how was this possible? I had just got done cumming twice. Whether it was a miracle or not, I wanted to fuck her again. "What, does your friend want to play again?" she asked seductively, and instead of waiting for my answer, she inched her way down to my hard dick and began to lick up and down my shaft. "It tastes even better on your dick." She told me with a smile. It was only seconds later until she again began to bob up and down my dick.

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She did this for about 5 or 6 minutes while I just sat back and enjoyed myself. She abruptly ended my happy moment when she took her mouth off of my dick and turned around stuck her ass up in the air and said, "Trevor, I want you take my ass tonight." How was I the one to tell her no, "I don't have any lube, so looks like we're going to have to make our own." I then got on my knees and collected all of the saliva I possible could in my mouth and drooled it all over her ass hole.

I then began to lick her around her ass hole, sticking 2 fingers in trying to loosen her up enough. She moaned and squirmed as my fingers dug deeper. "Stick your dick up my ass right now!" she demanded. And with that I stood up and lined my dick up with her asshole. I then began to push, she was so tight.

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I could only get about 3 inches in when she said, "It hurts so good Trev, keep going." She then started to push her ass back onto my dick. I then began to move in and out of her beautiful ass, I could only get it in about 4 inches, but with each thrust, I was able to go a little bit deeper. "Your big dick fills my tiny little ass hole up." She told me, "I want it all right now." She moaned. And with that she pushed as hard as she could, my dick slid all the way into her brown hole.

It felt amazing, it was so tight. I attacked her ass without mercy, slamming into her as hard I could, causing both of us to moan.

I wrapped my hands around her waist, and began to pull her ass back onto my dick as hard as I could. I then reared back, and slapped her ass as hard as I could, causing her to scream with pleasure, "Slap my pretty ass Trev, I love it when you spank me like a naughty little girl." "Make me your bitch." "Don't worry I will." I told her and again wound back and slapped her ass as hard as I could.

Leaving her ass red, I then grabbed her by the hair and pulled, causing her head to roll straight back, and began to fuck her as hard as I could. There was no way I was gonna be able to last much longer.


"Babe, I'm going to cum." I told her. "Don't you dare pull out!" she screamed, moaning with pleasure. I then began to orgasm, shooting my cum deep inside of her ass. I lost control and just stopped fucking her, and letting my dick stay deep into her ass hole. Instead of just sitting there and taking, Trish began to move her ass up and down my dick, causing my orgasm to become even more intense. With each stream of my cum shooting deep into her ass hole, she pushed her ass back onto my dick even harder.

She was the sexiest girl in the world to me right now. After about 4 or 5 shots of my cum, my orgasm began to fade away. With one last push onto my dick, Trish began to orgasm herself, although my dick was beginning to go limp, I grabbed her by the hips and decided to return the favor by fucking her as hard and fast as I possibly could.

She buried her face into my comforter and began to scream. Her pussy juices began to run down the side of her legs. Once her orgasm subsided, we both collapsed next to each other, I pulled her into my arms and she buried her head into my chest. We were both utterly exhausted; sweat was dripping off of our bodies. "Hey Trish, as much as I like lying here with you, I think we ought to shower." I told her.

"Only if we can together." She said smiling. "Why do you think I said WE?" I said laughingly. I'm thinking of doing a part 3, but have not decided, please give me ideas on how to continue the next part.