Ebony fatty spreads her legs for white cock

Ebony fatty spreads her legs for white cock
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Zack woke up and noticed that he had been covered with a blanket. Thinking this is odd but took no more notice of it. Looking around he saw that Kayla wasn't in the room with him. He got up and stretched, remembering that he took off his clothes earlier and left them on the floor and looked down and nothing. Searching around, looking under the bed and on the surfaces of the room he still found no trace of his clothes.

Deciding to just use the blanket to cover himself he lifted it off the bed and saw his clothes lying there freshly washed and neatly folded.

After putting on his clothes, Zack checked himself in Kayla's floor mirror.

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Judging that he looked decent enough, left the room. Coming out into the hallway he heard the shower running behind the door to his left. He wanted to see if it was Kayla but fearing it might be Kaitlen he just proceeded to the right and down the stairs.

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Upon reaching the landing below he saw the light streaming in from the windows. That looks like early morning light and to confirm this thought.

"Good morning sleepy head. I can't believe that you slept that long, I was kind of disappointed but didn't want to wake you." Kayla got up from the table and gave Zack a hug and a quick kiss. She held there for a moment with her arms wrapped around his neck and looked into his eyes. "Thank you for that yesterday, it was the first time I ever passed out from an orgasm.

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Also I never got to finish with you." Saying this Kayla reached down, slipped inside his waistband and grasped his cock. "Wait!" Zack pulled Kayla's hand from his pants and asked "what if your parents walked in?" Kayla pulled her hand from his grip, momentarily afraid of what she thought of yesterday.

Then she put one hand behind his head, pulling him closer and the other hand grabbed his and brought it to her left tit, squeezing them both. "They're gone on business trips, my mom is in L.A.

'til next week and my dad is in Detroit for two more weeks." Kayla then brought both of her hands to rest on Zack's chest but noticed that he left his hand where it was. "The only person we might have to worry about is Kaitlen, though I don't think she will be a problem." Zack brought both hands up to Kayla's chest and took both her melons in his hands, taking notice that she wasn't wearing a bra and presumed that she wasn't wearing any underwear underneath her pajama bottoms.

Thinking of this was turning him on and he felt his dick twitch. Leaning towards her, Kayla came forward and mashed her lips against his lips. Zack opened them up to allow her in. Their tongues in a wrestling match, each trying to win dominance over the other but then giving way. Kayla reached back inside his jeans and grabbed his now hardening cock. She began stroking it as best she could while still inside he jeans. Zack let out a moan into their kiss and Kayla sped up her motion trying to elicit some more moans from him.

Zack felling that things weren't even reached down to her ass, beginning to knead it and pulled her closer to himself. Kaitlen having pleasured herself enough and every thoroughly, exited the bathroom, turning off the light but leaving the vent fan on.

Wrapped in a towel that when fully covering her 34B breasts only barely come past her perfect ass.

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Formed into this round firm shape from years of playing soccer, it also toned her legs so they looked flawless. Thinking she was adequately dressed assuming that Zack was still asleep. She turned right down the hall and began descending the stairs. Halfway down though she heard a muffled moan.

Her thoughts of Zack being asleep were immediately dispelled. Kaitlen crept slowly and silently down the last of the steps. Peeking around the corner she could see part of the way into the kitchen where they ate breakfast and past that into the dining room. Seeing no one in her partial field of view, Kaitlen tip toed through the front hall to the edge of the doorway leading into the living room.

Also peeking around this corner, even more carefully she spied no one, confused because their kissing sounded right on top of her. Kaitlen stepped fully into the living room, thinking to check the corners in an a attempt to locate Kayla and her man. Moving to the center of the room thinking that they were in the dining room, probably about to do it on the table which she thought was totally hot!

Kaitlen was surprised to see out of the corner of her eye that they were in the kitchen. Kaitlen had come even with an opening above their kitchen sink.


It gave her a view that couldn't be seen from peeking around from the stairs. Despite her caution before, Kaitlen made no move to hide herself, she just stood there staring at the couple making out. Kaitlen saw her sister very deftly pull Zack's clothing off.

Kaitlen was safe from discovery by Zack because Kayla, to pull his pants off pushed Zack up to the sink. They broke their kiss long enough for Zack to pull off Kayla's shirt, an oversized faded black tee that she sleeps in. Before it even hit the ground he had dropped down in front of Kayla and started kissing her stomach and tonguing her belly button. After a few moments of this, Zack slipped his fingers in the waistband of Kayla's tight, pink shorts, Inch by inch he started pulling them down and every piece of skin that was exposed was covered with kisses.

Kaitlen saw a grimace flash across her sister's face and knowing what Zack was more than capable, guessed that it was a because he was going agonizingly slow. Kayla's eyes flew opened for some reason or another and Kaitlen met her sister's gaze, thinking that she would tell her to get lost. How wrong she was, Kayla pointed to herself then to Kaitlen and made a half circle motion indicating that they should swap rooms.

Kaitlen was more than eager to comply and rushed into the dining room as she heard Kayla say "lets move into the living room." Kaitlen hid behind the divider separating the living room and dining rooms. Waiting for the sound of the couple to plop onto the sofa. Hearing it Kaitlen entered the kitchen moving cautiously because of some of the squeaky floorboards. Kaitlen made it to the sink without incident and peered into the living room. She saw Zack sitting on the sofa just below the window opening and Kayla on her knees in front of him.

From this vantage point Kaitlen could clearly see the length of Zack's dick. Then it disappeared inside of Kayla's mouth. Zack let out a moan and said "oh wow! Yeah just like that babe." Kaitlen without even meaning to dropped the towel and reached down with her left hand and began sliding her fingers in the moisture already leaking from her. When her fingers were wet enough she slipped her index finger into her wet hole, hooking it upwards and placing her thumb on her clit.

As she began to pump her hand she moved her finger and thumb in an almost pinching motion and added her middle finger inside using that more for the pumping.

Then as if through a fog Kaitlen heard Zack say "oh shit, yes stick deep down your throat." Opening her eyes she saw Kayla shoving his member down her throat and then only coming up just a bit before going back down. At this point Zack could only moan and occasionally mumble "yes!" Kaitlen kept on going adding more vigor as she felt her orgasm coming. "Kay… Ima… Ima… bout to cum!" Hearing this Kaitlen looked down to see what Kayla would do.

She saw her sister bob her head down once more and hold that position kind of twisting her head. Then releasing his cock with a pop, brought one hand to the tip and using her fingers rubbed the top of his head while her thumb rubbed the bottom.


Stroking his shaft with her other hand, Kaitlen saw her sister aim it at her chest. "OH FUCK!" was all Zack said before he started blowing his load over Kayla's tits.

Seeing Zack's cum shoot out of his dick sent Kaitlen over the edge. Her orgasm hit her like a brick wall mounted on the front of a rocket.


The pleasure was so intense that she had to break contact with her pussy, so great that she didn't even need to coax more from her clit. Kaitlen was shuddering from and as a new wave hit her, her knees buckled. Kaitlen fell forward onto the sink barely able to hold herself up. It was too much for her to handle and she started screaming, non comprehensible words, but something along the lines of "FUCK, SHIT, NO, YES, YES OH FUCK!" Zack was just about done emptying his load onto Kayla's face and chest when he heard a thud and then some very loud very loud screaming coming from right behind him.

Looking up and behind himself Zack saw the top of Kaitlen's head, her auburn hair pulled into a bun. Thinking that she was somehow in pain, Zack got up on the couch, almost falling over in his daze.

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Regaining his balance he crawled through the opening and held Kaitlen up from slipping to the floor. Grabbing Kaitlen's face he turned it towards himself and saw her eyelids fluttering and noticed that her chest was heaving. Then he noticed that she was naked and realized she wasn't in pain but pleasure. He guessed it was a pretty big climax because this hadn't happened to her yesterday. Slowly he lay Kaitlen on the floor and as he did so her eyes flew open and she asked him "did you do that to me?" A hopeful look in her eyes.

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"No babe, that was all you. But I kept you from cracking your skull." The look vanished from Kaitlen's eyes. Looking up Zack saw Kayla standing there scooping up his cum and licking it off of her fingers. The sight of her doing this was almost funny enough to burst out laughing but he knew better than that and held it back and just smiled at her.

Kaitlen looked up to Zack and asked "will you do that to me… please?"

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