Fighting girls acquire punished and a hole fucked

Fighting girls acquire punished and a hole fucked
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Jenny Lawrence was walking home, taking her usual shortcut through the woods to her house. It cut off an two extra blocks, and she got to hear the birds singing as she strolled along, not really paying attention to her surroundings.

She walked down the fairly steep, but short bank to the creek, crossed on the stones, then clambered up the other side.


There was a screen of brush along the top of the bank, then a small clearing, and a few more trees lining the road across from her house. The grass in the clearing was about knee high in the June sunshine. As her head rose above the bank, she was astonished to find someone sitting in the small clearing beside a fairly large backpack. He was eating a sandwich and had a bottle of beer open beside him.

"Hello?" she said, entering the clearing. He looked up, startled. "Hello." he said. He looked around. "I'm not trespassing, am I?" "I don't think so." she replied. "What are you doing here? I've never seen anyone here before." "Well, I was walking to the freeway to hitch out, but it's further than I thought, and so I figured to take a break, eat some food, drink a beer and smoke a bowl, and see about maybe walking some more, or perhaps crashing here tonight.

I walked a fair piece today." he answered. "You're a hitch hiker?" she asked, fascinated. "I've never met anyone who did that before." She came over and sat in the grass next to him. "This is far out cool!" "They call me Tripp." he said. "What's your name?" he asked. "How old are you?" "My name is Jenny, and I'm seventeen." she told him. "You're going to spend the night here?

What if it rains?" "If it rains, I'll get wet as I walk to that motel up the road." he replied. "It don't feel like rain, though, does it? I think it's going to be a nice night." "Me too." she agreed, looking up. "Can I ask another question?" "You just did, but go for it." he chuckled.

"What did you mean by 'smoke a bowl?" "You never smoked weed before?" he asked. "And you're seventeen?" "You mean marijuana?!" she exclaimed, a little shocked. "No, never!" "You want to try it? I promise it won't hurt you." he offered. She watched him open a flap on his pack and pull out a baggie and a blue glass pipe. "Oh my God, are you sure?" she whispered.

"Oh, I'm going to get into SOO much trouble if anyone finds out." "How will anyone find out if you don't tell them?" he countered. He thumbed the pipe full and handed it to her with his lighter. "Can you go fist so I can watch?" she asked timidly. "Green hit tastes better." he replied, pushing it back at her. She took it, then put the tip gingerly between her lips. "Just practice taking a hit before you light it." he suggested. "Suck some air through it, then inhale.

Yeah, just like that. Now do the same thing as you light it." He watched her take a hit, then cough out a big lungful of smoke. "Hell yeah, baby!" he laughed. "Just like that!

Take another one before you give it back, it's okay!" She got her coughing under control, then breathed in another big hit, and was able to hold it in this time. "Let it out slow and easy this time." he advised. "Nice.


How do you feel?" "Really relaxed." she smiled back, speaking a little slowly. "Wow, this feels really nice." "Are you feeling horny at all?" he asked. "You know, turned on? A lot of people say it gets them going.

I know it does for me." "Umm, I don't know." she said. "Maybe?" "Well, does this feel good?" he asked her, putting his hand on her knee. He stroked her inner thigh through her jeans, running his hand dangerously close to her crotch. "Yes!" she giggled, trying to close her legs. He put his other hand on her knee and held them open, giggling and laughing with her. "If it feels good, then why are you trying to stop me?" he asked. "I don't know." she laughed.

"I'm not supposed to let boys touch me there." "How about here?" he asked, moving both hands up and cupping her breasts. "That feels good too, doesn't it?" "Ohh, you have to stop that, too!" she giggled, pushing his hands away. "That felt even better!" "Smoke some more of this." he suggested. "You might not want me to stop so much if it feels even better." "I already don't want you to stop." she whispered.

His hands were on her thighs again, rubbing her through her jeans as she took a third hit. "Oh my goodness, I've never felt anything like this in my whole life!" "If you came with me, you could feel like this all the time." he said softly.

"Come with you?" she asked, startled. "Where?" "Where do you want to go?" he asked, taking the pipe back and putting it away. "If you could go anywhere in the United States, where would you go?" "Anywhere?" she mused, leaning back against his pack and looking up at the clouds. "I'd go. to the Pacific ocean.

Somewhere with an endless sand beach, as far as the eye can see in either direction and the sun going down into the water. Then we fall asleep by the fire and the sound of the waves." "That sounds really beautiful." he said, stroking her face with his hand. "As beautiful as you are." His hand moved down and cupped her breast. "I know just the perfect spot to make it happen, too. San Diego. Totally warm this time of year, too. Little kids there have no idea what snow is, except for TV. You should come with me." "I can't come with you; I'm only seventeen.

I'm still in high school." she said. "My parents would kill me." "Well, no, not if you stayed away long enough. If you chicken out after a few days, yeah, they're going to be plenty steamed, sure.

Grounded for the rest of the year." "But if you're gone a month? Six weeks? No, they're just gonna be glad to see you again. They'll probably be too scared to really do anything for fear you'll take off again for good. Nope. They'll be the best, most sweetest parents a young lady could ever want." "They'd be worried out of their minds!

I couldn't do that to them!" she protested. "It wouldn't be fair to them, and I have school." "Yeah, they'd worry." he admitted. "But you would be perfectly fine. There's like, what, a week left before summer vacation? Big deal. All their worry would be for nothing, and you would have the time of your life this summer. Free, anonymous, and on the grandest adventure you could imagine.

Sleeping under the stars; eating in restaurants every day, getting rides from complete strangers, who are really the most wonderful people in the world." "Really?" she asked, her voice full of wonder. "You eat in restaurants every day?" "Sure." he said easily. "And when it rains, I get motel rooms.

I just felt like sleeping outside tonight, and this spot is as good as any. There's actually a motel just a mile or so up the road if I need it." "How could you get a motel?" she asked. "Easy." he said, pulling out his wallet. It wasn't fat with money, but it wasn't thin, either, and a lot of the bills were hundreds, she noted, as he riffled them for her. "Where did you get all that money?" she asked, her mind boggled.

"My parents were rich when they died." he said. "My trust fund matured when I turned twenty one, and I invested most of it. I get twelve hundred a month just from the trust fund, but I get sixty five hundred a month from my investments. I have trouble spending it all, and you look like just the person to help me. "If you want to come with me, that is." he looked at her pointedly.

"You're serious." she said. "You really want to take me to California?" "Starting with tonight in the motel up the road, then a shopping trip tomorrow, then. the open road, baby! You and me, and. hey, do you like cars?" he asked.

"It's the wrong time of year for a convertible, but a car, yeah. we drive to California! I'm going to buy a car tomorrow, how's that? No hitchin' for us, I'm gonna ride you in style." "I'll make you a deal." she said, eying the wallet full of money. "You buy my dream car, and I'll ride to California in it with you so we can spend my perfect night on the beach." "Deal." he grinned. "Wait a minute." she said.

"I'm not done yet. At the end of the trip, it's my truck, and I can go home in it if I want to." "Truck?" he asked, sounding surprised.

"Oh yeah, my dream car is a four door pickup truck, Chevy, any year. Four wheel drive, of course." "Of course." he said. "That thing is going to be a monster on gas all the way across, but okay.

Any particular color?" "Anything but orange or green." she said, snuggling into his hand on her breast. "Blue." he said. "Last year's model, I think, but new.

My girl doesn't drive second hand trucks." "I like the sound of that." she said, snuggling closer and putting her arm around his chest. "I'm your girl now." A rumble of thunder came from the distance, and they looked at each other. "I don't like is the sound of that thunder." he said, getting to his feet.

He helped her up, then grabbed his pack and swung it easily up onto his back. "Come on, milady, you have officially run away, as of now. Come with me to my hotel room for the night, and let tomorrow begin the Grand Adventure, ending at the Pacific Ocean!" he said grandly, then took her hand and led her out of the clearing and back down the path, the way she had come and away from her house.

She gave a lingering look back over her shoulder, but she went with him, and Jennifer Lawrence began the journey of her life. * * * The next morning, after a long night of worry when their daughter didn't come home, the phone rang in the Lawrence kitchen at precisely eight AM. Brad Lawrence answered it.

"I convinced her to come with me." said a man's voice into his ear. "If you want me to convince her to come home, get eight thousand dollars from the bank tomorrow and await my call at suppertime." "There will be a problem with you asking for more than five thousand cash, so it is going to take your wife's help to do this.

She is going to have to cooperate, and she is going to have to keep all this secret from the police, just as you are.

If you two can work together as a team, you can get your daughter back. "If you can't work together as a team, your daughter is going to know about it, and she isn't going to want to come back. Do you understand what is upon you?" "No, I don't understand, you sonofabitch! Where's my daughter! What have you done with her?" "Put your wife on the phone, Mr Lawrence. You're too angry to be rational right now. Put Cathy on the phone. Please. Do it for Jennifer." Brad handed the phone to his wife wordlessly.

Everything was in the look that passed between husband and wife. "Hello?" Cathy said. "Hello Cathy, good morning. Please listen carefully. Jennifer, for all intents and purposes, has been kidnapped. She came with me willingly, and so far, she hasn't figured out that she's not free to leave and go home. I hope to keep it this way and not scare or harm her; I like Jennifer, I really do. She's a very sweet girl without a mean bone in her body. "You will not go to the police or discuss this with anyone but your husband until after it's over.

You will cooperate in getting money for Jennifer's safe return, and you will assist in making sure the money is counted correctly. "Jennifer will be returned to you unharmed as long as both you and your husband cooperate one hundred percent with all instructions, and maintain complete secrecy. "How's Brad doing? Is he calm enough to talk yet?" "Yes, he's much better now." Cathy said. "Would you like to talk to him again?" "In a moment." the man replied.

"Cathy, I want you to understand that this is not going to be over quickly. Jennifer is going to be gone for at least four to six weeks, perhaps as many as seven of eight weeks. It depends on Jennifer, and you and Brad." "What do we have to do?" Cathy whispered. "We'll do anything to get her back. Please." "You have to keep this a secret, get a lot of money from the bank, and be patient, Cathy. Now, put Brad back on the phone, if he's ready. I'd rather discuss money man to man, no offense." "None taken." she said.

"Here's Brad." Brad took the phone. "Eight thousand dollars, Brad. All in twenties. In a large brown paper grocery bag with the top folded twice and stapled. Have it counted and ready by suppertime.


Cathy will be counting it as well, as she is going to have to help you get it from the bank. "Do you understand? Do you understand what is upon you?" "Yes, I understand. Please don't hurt my daughter." Brad said. "My intention is not to hurt her, I assure." the man told the distraught father. "That's not why I'm doing this at all." "Why are you doing this?" Brad asked. "Eight grand isn't enough to risk federal felonies, which is what you're facing if you get caught." "Eight grand is just the beginning." he laughed.

"That's just good faith money, to make sure you can follow directions properly. To see if you and your wife can really pull this off together." "What, it's a test?" Brad asked. "This first part is." the man told him. "The real test is Jennifer's. She has to want to come home. Doesn't she, Brad?" "Please don't hurt her. Please don't keep her. We want her back. Please. We just want her back. We'll do anything. We'll pay anything. We'll keep it a secret forever, just please give her back.

We'll do anything." "That's the proper attitude, Brad. Just don't do anything stupid, like calling the cops. That would end. very badly." The line went dead as the man hung up. * * * Jennifer came out of the shower as he hung up the phone. "Who was that?" she asked, toweling her hair dry.

"Some new friends, hopefully."he replied, looking at her appraisingly. She had two towels from the motel wrapped around her, one around her top, and one around her waist. "You used both the towels?" "Well, I had to." she said. "Look how small these are! There's no way just one would cover both halves!" "No, you're right." he said, then went over to his pack and opened the top.

Folded neatly on top was a large brown towel, so he slung it around his neck and headed for the bathroom. "Lucky I come prepared." "Yeah." she murmured approvingly as he brushed past her.

"How cool is that?" "I'll be right out." he said, then glanced at her thoughtfully. "If you're interested, this motel has a porn channel. I don't know if you've ever seen any or not, but there's some pretty hot stuff on there sometimes." He closed the bathroom door, and she went over to the bed and pulled out some of her new clothes from the shopping trip he'd taken her on. There was last year's model of the four door Chevy truck, metallic blue (the only one they had at the dealership) in the parking lot, registered in his name, but she had the title to it in her new bag.

The payment arrangements were made with his bank and everything, and he let her drive it to the motel, even though she didn't have her license yet. The TV caught her eye, and she put the bags down beside the single queen bed, and grabbed the remote.

She didn't even have to flip any stations; the TV was already tuned to it. It was right at the top of the hour, and one was just beginning. It showed a girl about Jennifer's age walking down a suburban street, apparently on the way home from school.

She went up to a house and walked right in, tossing her book bag by the front door. Then it cut to a scene of that girl, naked in the shower, thrusting her ass out and rubbing her pussy for about a half second. Her moan was cut off as it immediately cut back the the girl going through into the kitchen and opening the fridge.

Another 2 second cut in, only this time the girl was on her knees and an enormous cock was in her mouth. The girl lifted her mouth off it and the scene ended, back to her pouring a glass of milk, but Jennifer had seen the look in the girl's eyes, and she liked what she was doing. It was the sound of the man's moan that filled the room this time, long and low.

Jennifer let the scene play out as she thought about what she had seen. Her heart beat faster than it ever had before, and she was beginning to doubt what she was doing.

She was running away! Not only that, but running away with a strange man, a hitchhiker, and here she was in his motel room.

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She thought about the girl and that thing on her mouth. but then she remembered the look she'd seen in her eye, and wondered what it would be like. She glanced at the bathroom door, and the thought of it excited her a little more. She never even looked at the door to the outside once.

On the TV, the girl was done drinking her milk. She went upstairs, and surprised a man coming out of the shower with only a towel wrapped around his waist. The girl's eyes lit right up at seeing him, and she wasted no time going to her knees. The man came forward and let the girl undo his towel, folding his hands together behind his back.

She took his huge member in one hand, lifted it a little, then raised herself up and slurped half of his huge cock into her mouth in one go. Once it was in there, she let go and put her hands behind her back, too. She was using only the suction of her mouth and the bobbing of her head and whole upper body but she could work her mouth of three quarters of his length.

"Would you like some help?" the man asked kindly. She nodded, looking up at him with as much of his cock in her mouth as she could get.

The man reached out and pulled her head the rest of the way down, burying his entire length down her throat and holding her there a long moment. When he let her go, the girl fell back and looked up him with shining eyes. "Thank you, daddy." she said.

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Jennifer's mind went sort of numb for a moment after she heard that. Sensory overload. Seeing that a girl could like doing that, and knowing she she was probably going to like it, too. The thought of doing that to her own father would be the very pinnacle of naughtiness. "That's not her real father. This is TV." Jennifer thought to herself a moment later, and it became much easier to watch this girl acting naughty in the nastiest ways. The man took his cock out of the girl's asshole, then turned her around, and she was sucking it again, boom, just like that.

She wondered what it tasted like. The bathroom door opened and he came out, using his towel on his hair, too. She took a long look as he exposed himself "Hi." he said, noticing the TV was on. "Did you see anything you would like to try?" " A couple of things, now that you mention it." she said, licking her lips as he came closer.

"Stand up." he said, gesturing with his hand. "Will you let me look at you, too?" he asked, then reached out and untucked her top towel and let it fall to the floor. "Beautiful." "Here." she said, dropping her bottom towel. "You can have this part of me too." "Yes." he agreed. "Did you see anything that you didn't want?" She hesitated.

"She had it in her butt." Jennifer whispered. "But then he took it right out and put it in her mouth." "The girls on TV have been in the business for a few years before they're at the level where they can do that." he explained. "I would never expect that of you. Unless you want it." he said, then laughed at the look on her face. "How much have you ever done with a boy?" he asked her. "Well, I kissed you on the grass today, and you made my breasts feel really nice." she said, smiling coyly.

"And whatever you want to do to me tonight." "What do you want to do tonight?" he countered. "This." she said, then went to her knees. She copied the girl as much as she could, lifting him up a little with her fist at the base of his cock, then taking him in her mouth, as far as she could take him, much less than half but a considerable mouthful. "Ohh, yes, good girl." he said approvingly, stroking her hair.

He let her go down as far as she was comfortable, a little more than halfway each time. "Will you help me, please?" she asked, letting him go for a moment. "Help you how?" he asked. "You were doing great." "Pull my head all the way down." she said. "I can't do it myself." "You'll puke if I did that." he said.

"No way. I don't want to smell that for the rest of the night!" "I won't puke!" she protested. "Yes you will. You still have your gag reflex." he said. "I already told you, these girls have sucked cocks every day for a couple of years. A couple of times every day." "Really?" she asked.

"I want to learn to do it. It looked far out cool, hella!" Jennifer's eyes were shining. "Maybe in the tub, tomorrow morning." he suggested. "Right now, why don't you finish what you started?" Just then, the TV caught her attention again, because the guy had pulled out of the girl suddenly, sending her to her knees in front of his.

She was caressing her breasts, and smiling eagerly as he stroked his cock inches from her face as fast as he could. "What the." Jennifer whispered, as the guy on TV came, and tons of thick white goo spurted out of him and spattered into the girl's mouth and across her nose. Jennifer watched in rapt attention as she held still while he finished on her forehead and cheeks, painting her perfectly.

Jennifer couldn't believe her eyes when she began wiping it into her mouth with both hands, eating it with a huge smile and her eyes shining. How could anyone like that stuff? Gross! That girl obviously did, though. Jennifer saw genuine enjoyment on the girl's face, and her curiosity piqued again. Maybe it wasn't so bad? "Is. is yours going to do that, too?" she asked, hesitantly, dragging her eyes away from the TV and flicking down to his groin.

"It sure is." he chuckled. "Maybe not quite that much; I don't know how these porn stars do it. There must be pills they take to increase sperm production, because normal guys don't produce that much.

Just a couple of teaspoons, at most, not half a cup." "Are you going to do it in my mouth?" she asked. "It's okay if you do. I think I want to try it. Look how much she likes it." Jennifer gestured at the TV.

"Remember, she's acting." he reminded her again. "No, she's not. Look at her eyes. She really does like it." Jennifer contradicted. "Nobody can fake it that good." He looked at the TV again, just as the scene was finishing up. He shut it off. "I think you learned enough for a minute." he said. "It's distracting you. I can teach you everything you need to know all by myself." He put his hand back on her head and guided his cock back to her lips. "Please finish." he said quietly.

"I need you to finish, please." "Okay." she said, smiling, then accepted him back into her mouth. Again, he let her go at her own pace, but this time, he had a few suggestions. "Use your hands. Just follow your mouth with one of your fists, and use your other one to fondle my balls. I like having my balls played with." "Do you want me to lick them, too?" she asked.

"The girl did that to the guy. I'll do it for you if you want." "Oh, yes, please." he smiled down at her. "Thank you!" She dipped her head lower, and began licking at his nut sack, then tried to take both of his testes in her mouth at the same time, but could only really manage one at a time. He groaned after letting her play for a long moment, then encouraged her to take his cock again, putting slight pressure on her head as he stroked her hair.

She lifted herself up slightly, then sank her head as far down onto him as she could go, pulling herself froward with both hands around his waist. She got her nose to within an inch of his groin, then had to pull back, swallowing hard and tears in her eyes. "Oh my God, I don't see how she could do that." Jennifer exclaimed.

"You're right, it would make me puke." "Keep going. I'm almost there." he gasped. "Just do the head of it in your mouth, and stroke the shaft with both hands.

Use your tongue a lot, especially just under the helmet." She bent forward one more time as did as he asked, and suddenly it erupted, half filling her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise, but she gamely swallowed it, and all the successive spurts as well, not taking her face away until he was done.

"How'd you like it?" he chuckled, seeing the expression on her face. She swallowed thickly a few more times, trying to get the slimy feeling to go away, but it seemed to have coated all of the inside of her mouth. "I need to brush my teeth." she said weakly, moving toward the bathroom. "I might throw up, too." "Take your time." he chuckled, laying down on the bed and turning the TV back on.

"It's your turn when you come back out, and I promise, you're going to like this next part. Jennifer saw two women licking each other, and turned away, going into the bathroom to brush her teeth, her mind blown again.

Two women? She got into the bathroom and closed the door, looking in the mirror. She saw quite a bit of his stuff dripped onto her chin, and remembered the girl wiping it off her face and eating it with a slight shudder. She slowly raised her hand and wiped some up with two fingers, then looked at them, rubbing it with her thumb to feel the texture. "That's cool." she muttered, then licked her fingers clean, tasting it again. Not so bad as all that.

She lifted her hand to her face again, and wiped the other side of her chin, this time pushing it into her mouth. Not so bad at all. She could see herself getting to like the taste of it. The texture. that was going to be harder to like. It sort of felt like boogers. She rinsed her mouth with a handful of water, then patted her face dry with the last clean hand towel and went back out.

She saw him sitting on the bed, and he was fully hard again, stroking himself slowly as he watched the porn on TV. "It's really beautiful." she said, coming over to the other side of the bed and climbing on. "I love your cock. It's beautiful." "All better? That was quick." he asked her, smiling. "You're really beautiful, too." "I didn't brush my teeth." she told him, smiling shyly. "I decided I like the taste of it." She looked back down at his lap, staring raptly at his cock.

"Can I touch it? I want to suck it again. "Tell you what." he said, scooting lower in the bed, so his head was below the pillows and his feet were slightly off the end.

"You sit on my face, and if you want to suck it again, you can." "Okay!" she smiled. The two women had been licking each other, which sort of squicked her, but if he wanted to do it. She was curious to see what it would feel like if he licked her down there. It felt good when she rubbed it sometimes.

She turned around on the bed, then straddled his head and found herself staring down at his cock, right in front of her face. "Oh, goody!" She bent her head and began sucking on him again. "Lower your hips so I don't have to lift my head." he said, putting his arms around her waist and pulling her lower. The only way to really lower her hips to his face was to spread her knees as wide as they could go, which was perfect for his purposes.

He felt her shuffle her legs apart and saw her open up a little as her thighs spread wide. She was pink and flowery looking, with just the smallest nubbin of a clit poking out of it's hooded sheath. He just looked at her for a long moment, caressing the globes of her ass and lower back as she sucked away on him again. "You really enjoy sucking on it, don't you?" he observed.

"It's really fun." she answered. He could hear the smile in her voice, and the happiness. "Am I doing it good?" "You're doing it great!" he said.

"I can't believe you've never done it before.

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You must just be a natural." "So you think I could learn how to do the whole thing?" she asked. "I think you could probably learn how by the time we get to California, if you practice every day." he told her.

"A couple times a day." she corrected. "This makes two." "As many as you want." he smiled, feeling her go back down on him. He pulled her the rest of the way down and put his whole mouth on her, licking and laving every part of her sex and tasting every inch of her. She tasted like nectar. He'd never tasted a virgin before, and it was like ambrosia. She gasped and let his cock fall out of her mouth, letting out the cutest little squeaks of pleasure he'd ever heard. He had to wrap both hands around her waist to hold her still as his mouth worked away, never staying still for a moment.

When she was almost at the peak of her excitement, judging by her voice, he moved his mouth up and began licking and probing her asshole. Her squeals went up a whole octave, and she mashed her hips down onto his mouth, her whole body vibrating. He went back down a little and licked up all the juices she'd secreted, then let her spasms subside after a long moment by letting her slide forward and relax her legs.

It took her several minutes to catch her breath, and he let her lay on top of him as long as she needed to. She was the best thing to ever happen to him in his whole life, and he wanted to take his time and savor every moment of this. When she finally came back into her body, she could feel something hard and hot between her breasts and realized it was him. "Oh, my God." she breathed. She took two more breaths and scooted her knees together beside his head, and lifted herself up on her arms. She took him in hand and just looked at it for a long moment.

"It's so beautiful." "Rub your titties on it." he suggested, making her giggle. "Okay." she said, a naughty tone in her voice. She did as he said, and he enjoyed the sight of her waving her ass in the air as much as the feel of her tight little breasts brushing over his cock.

"Now suck it again." he told her a moment later. "Don't stop sucking until I come." "Mmm." she smiled, then did as he said.

She took him in her mouth with one fist just below her lips, just how he liked it, then proceeded to bob her head up and down and a fairly rapid pace. She felt him pumping his hips upward into her downward motion, so she compensated to keep him from going too deep and choking her again.

"Oh, yeah, baby, just like that." he grunted. Her second time ever, and she was giving him the best head he'd ever had, not that he'd gotten that many. He knew he wasn't going to be able to hold out long, and didn't mind. He could wait a week to fuck this girl, but he wanted her to be the one to suggest it.

She felt him getting close, so she moved her mouth up and just held the head of it between her lips, and sped up her fist, tightening her grip just a bit.

She heard his breath go to short little gasps and her mouth filled up. She swallowed it all quickly, gulping down each spurt as it gushed out, over and over, until he was done and gently pushed her head off him.

"Come here." he whispered, smiling at her. She turned around and snuggled into his chest as he curled an arm around her, holding her close. "Was that good?" she asked. "Baby, that was perfect." he said, kissing her forehead. "Yeah, you'll be able to deep throat by the time we get to California." "California is where they make these porn films." he told her.

"Really?" she asked, her eyes shining. "Do you think I." "I think you'd be great at it." he said, smiling down at her. "I could teach you everything by the time we get there, if you want.

We could make a lot of money together." "We could?" she asked, puzzled. "How?" "Well. would you be willing to have sex with other men?" he asked. "Other men?" she whispered, getting pale. "Yeah, look at this." he said, going over to his pack.

He pulled out his laptop and plugged it in, and set it on the desk next to the TV. He looked at the back of the TV, then smiled. He got a HDMI cable out of his pack and connected the laptop to the TV. A few moments of typing later, and she was watching a video of an older woman, about her mother's age, sitting on a couch in a living room with three other men in suits, big men.

She had time to smile at the camera once, then the man next to her turned her face to his and kissed her roughly, forcing his tongue into her mouth while the other guy took her leg and put it over his lap, exposing the woman's panties to the camera under her mini skirt.

His big hand went right up her bare leg and began rubbing her the gusset of her panties. The third man went behind the couch and put his hands on her breasts, then slid his hands down and stripped her shirt right off.

She lifted her arm up and let him do it, Jennifer noticed. The woman wasn't fighting this at all. She was smiling. Her face was smiling, but not her eyes, Jennifer noticed a moment later.

She was letting them do this to to her, but she wasn't enjoying herself, not the way the first girl was. "Can you turn it off?" Jennifer asked, a moment later. The men were taking turns choking her with their cocks, one after another with barely a breath for her in between, and spit and drool was running freely out of her mouth. "I don't want that much." "Okay, sure." he said, stopping the video.

The screen filled with about 20 different images, each one a different video. "Let's watch this one." she said, pointing at the TV. "That's a good one." he agreed. "She's almost as pretty as you are, too." They settled back to watch it together, and he got the remote for the laptop out of the side so he wouldn't get up every time. "When I asked you about sex with other men, it would only be one at a time." he said. "And I wouldn't want them to fuck you. Blow jobs only." "Really?" she said, sounding a little relieved.

"I think I could handle that. Especially if you were right there to protect me." "Oh, I would be." he said. "Truckers on the Interstate would be the customers." he said. "Under no circumstances are you to get in any of the trucks, okay? That's the first rule of doing this." "Oh my God." she whispered, realizing how serious this was.

She licked her lips with excitement, and could hardly wait for tomorrow. "What do you want your name to be?" he asked. She turned to look at him, puzzled. "What do you mean?" she asked. "My name is Jennifer." "Yeah, but you shouldn't be telling anyone that." he said. "You're a runaway. Nobody can know your real name anymore. You can be anyone you want." "This is so cool!" she whispered excitedly, snuggling closer to him.

"This is going to be the best summer ever!" "How about that for a name?" he suggested. "Summer." "Summer." she said, smiling. "Okay. I like that." She paused and looked at him for a moment. "Jennifer was a good little girl who lived in that house back there with her parents." she said.

"I grew up the moment I met you, and became Summer." "I agree." he smiled back at her. "I'm glad you're here. I love you, Summer." "I love you, too, Tripp." As she snuggled against him, she could feel him growing hard against her belly again and she giggled as she slipped her hand down and stroked him.

"I especially like this part of you!" "I like all of you." he said. "Pick one part to be your favorite." she said playfully, poking his chest.

"Okay." he smiled, getting up and standing beside the bed. "Let me look at all your parts in perspective." "Sure." she said, laying on her back and spreading her legs for him. "Not like that." he said. "Let me show you how to do it for the porn producers. I show you how to do it the way they want to see it." "Okay!" she smiled eagerly. "That'll be fun!" "Go put on an outfit in the bathroom, something comfortable, like the clothes you'll wear tomorrow, so they'll be a little broken in instead of all the way brand new and more comfortable in the truck tomorrow.

Then come out and I'll you how to take them all off for me, and you can suck it again." "Aren't you going to. you know, put it in me?" she asked. "If you really want me to, I will." he said. "But you're very special to me, and I don't want to fuck you our first night together. The more we wait, the more special it will be. Is that okay?" "It's more than okay." she said. "Thank you. I want my first time to be as special as you can make it." "I promise, it will be." he said.

"Will you promise to suck it every time I get hard?" "I'm going to be getting it hard on purpose." she said coyly, smiling as she scooted down. "I need to learn how to deep throat." * * * The next morning, he woke her up early and had roll all her new clothes up into the pack, then she learned how to tightly roll up her sleeping bag and stowed that in there, too.

"Am I really going to need this?" she asked. "We have the truck." "The truck is off road, isn't it?" he asked. "That's why it has two tanks. One to drive out there, and one to drive back." "Oh yeah." she mused. "Okay." He had her put the mostly full pack on, and adjusted all the strap so it fit perfectly. She could hardly feel the weight. He policed room of all their stuff, cleaned it up mostly, take out containers in the trash and the towels back in the bathroom, and his computer put away.

"Ready to go?" he asked. "It's a long way to California, and I like early starts." "It's okay." she said, looking at the digital clock on the TV. I like mornings too." She thought about her mother, who would be knocking on her door right about now for school if she were home, and a pang hit her heart.

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She suddenly had second thoughts about leaving. "Will you suck it for me in the truck while we're driving, Summer?" he asked softly. It was the right thing to ask. "Okay." she replied, smiling. She picked her pack up herself and opened the door to her new life as Summer. That afternoon, as they crossed the state line, he looked at her.

"You're only seventeen, right?" "Yup. I won't be eighteen until the end of this month, June 28th." she replied. "I just transported a minor across a state line." he told her. "That's a felony. We can't get pulled over, and if we do, you have to say you're nineteen." he told her.

"You don't have your real ID do you?" "I don't have anything from home." she said. "I even forgot my book bag at school. I was going to get it today, but it was no big deal because I didn't have any homework anyway." She looked at him coyly. "Can I suck it again? It's been a couple hours." "Would you like to suck a different one?" he asked. "There's a truck stop a couple miles up ahead." "I. uh, sure." she said, sounding a little hesitant.

"You totally don't have to if you don't want to." he said, glancing over at her. "No, I'll do it." she said. "I need all the practice I can get, right?" "If you want to be a porn star, you do." he told her. "You have to get every bit of shyness out, every inhibition the squares value so much.

You're going to have to suck hundreds of different cocks, and learn how to please every one of them." He glanced at her again. "Are you sure that's what you want?" he asked softly.

"She looked so beautiful, doing that. I want to look like that in a movie." she said. "Yes, this is what I want, and if giving blow jobs to truckers is how I have to do it, I will." she said. "I want to be a porn star in California, and I want to be so good that I'm an instant success when I get there." "Okay, here we go." he said, then took the turn off.

He drove up to the restaurant, parking at the far end of the dirt lot meant for the big rigs. He hopped out, then put both packs in the back of the truck bed, emptying the back seat. "Come on, hop in here. I want to show you something." She got into the back seat on the driver's side. He showed he a little .22 caliber derringer tucked into the space between the seats, and she was shocked.

"A gun?" she whispered. "It's there if you need it." he said. "I'll be right in the front seat, but still. I want you to be safe.

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This is a little dangerous." "That's what's so fun about it." she grinned, licking her lips. "I can't believe I'm doing this!" "Okay, I want us to practice a few times, until you're good at it. I'm going to be the trucker, and I'm going to come at you all wrong.

I want you to practice pulling the gun out and say 'get out' really loud." He took three steps back, then put an evil leer on his face. "Get over here and suck my sock, bitch!" he said, taking two menacing steps forward. She reached between the seats and fumbled around for the gun. "Too slow." he said. "That's why we're doing this. You have to be a lot faster when it's real." "Yeah." she said. She felt around for the gun, and felt the holster Velcro-ed that held it in place.

She pulled it out, hefting it. The little pistol fit her hand perfectly. She grinned and pointed it at Tripp. "Get out!" she said, then laughed. She put it back, then dived her hand in and grabbed it out, several times, getting used to the feel of it. "Good." he said. "Now get down on your knees on the floorboard and do it some more.

The same position you'll be in when you're blowing someone. That's probably how you'll be sitting when you need to grab it." "Good idea." she said. "You're the customer, right? Have a seat, sir." Tripp slid into the passenger side of the truck.

"Make him leave the door open, there's nobody around, and we're too far for anyone to see from the other side of that field." "Good idea." she said, then reached for his pants.

"What are you doing, bitch?" he snarled, slapping her hands away. "You don't want too suck my cock!" Quick as a snake, her hand darted for the gun, and it it appeared in her hand like magic. "Get out!" she snarled at him, her bitch face on. Tripp hopped out of the truck and laughed. "Yeah, do it just like that!" he said. "Whoa!" "Now what?" she asked. "Now we go into the restaurant, and you pick one out. I'll go over to his table and talk to him, then I'll come back and either tell you to come out here to the truck with us, or I sit down and you pick out a different one." She licked her lips with excitement.

"Okay, I'm ready. Let's go in." "Not quite yet." he said. "Give me the gun for a second." She reached unerringly into the seat and pulled it out, then handed it to him.

"This is how you open it, and over here is where the bullets are." he said, reaching into the pouch behind the driver's seat.

He took one out of the box and put it into the gun, then closed it. "No, no, stay there." he said, seeing her start to rise in panic.

"I'm going to teach you how to shoot it. It's a really little gun, and nobody is going to notice the tiny pop it makes way out here." "It doesn't look like a little gun." she said, shivering. "I have to shoot it?" "Yes. You see that pile of dirt right there?" The whole parking lot was bordered with dump truck loads of dirt, like someone was using it as a place to store fill.

He picked up an empty beer can and stood it up, halfway up the pile, then stepped to the side of the truck and put the gun on the seat.

"Go ahead and pick it up, keeping the barrel pointed out the door of the truck at all times." he said. "Point it at the can and pull the trigger." She was now on the passenger side of the truck, with the pistol held at arm's length, and aimed at the can about ten feet away. She pulled the trigger, and the gun made the tiniest of jerks in her hand, and the can fell over, a small hole punched through both sides.

"I hit it!" she said excitedly. "Oh my God, did you see that?" "You hit it dead center." he said, picking up the can and looking at it. He handed it to her. "Remind me not to piss you off. You're a dangerous woman. "Armed and dangerous." she grinned. "An underage runaway felon." he agreed. "Every time you open your lips for a cock, you're breaking the law." "Let's go commit some crimes." she said, hopping out of the truck. She watched him put two more bullets in the gun, then replace it between the seats.

"Not too many crimes." he said, winking at her. * * *