Petite cutie fingers her pussy in bed

Petite cutie fingers her pussy in bed
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It's so hard. It's so hard not to cry in front of the scientists. I wouldn't if they'd pull the tube out of my mouth and let me talk to them. No, they don't.

They never do. It's always, "Alice, you're so cute in your bonds." Or even, "Alice, you can take a shower, but you know I have to watch." Fuck you too, Richard. And you, Hanson. Johne, Caine, and the others I can't remember. The only one remotely kind to me was that Head Scientist, but only because he didn't talk when he gave me the injections. Today they've been telling me that I get a permanent scientist, and how it's a shame those assholes can't look at me.

I hope they get what's coming to them when the Heads crack down on them. They don't even regard the fucking camera's in my room. Oh. Right. Me.

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My name. Escaped me. I've been here so long I forgot my real name, but I guess it's Alice since that's what I'm called. If you're wondering why I mention scientists, well. There's a project happening. People are creating a serum to make a human's body more.


Desirable. I have no other words to explain it, my body hurts because it's slowly growing so much. My muscles hurt, my back hurts, my hips are on fire and my chest can barely move to support breathing. It would be better, do they not bind my hands behind my back and lay me on the floor to curl into a ball. The worst would be the skintight latex suit which is supposed to be "efficient" for us. I smell like a fucking.

Gym bag. I'm not happy here, no, but what can I do? I signed the waivers so they have free reign over me. They even changed the color of my hair, I used to have black hair and now it's blonde.

I used to have blue eyes and now they're green. I used to have dignity. Here we go, the lights just barely turned on. I heard the clicking of heels on the glass floor, much different from boots. The blindfold on my eyes was removed and I could see a bit more clearer than throught the fabric. What I first saw struck me by surprise. A woman was crouched over me, a beautiful young lady with black hair and. And blue eyes.

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She wore stunning red lipstick, had a beauty mark and some really cute glasses. "Good, you're awake," she said, "I'd hate to find you still asleep." She stood up and straightened a black skirt, and by the time my eyes adjusted all the way, I could see her stockings.

She rummaged through her pockets and took out a hexagonal key, then moved it to the device hooked onto my jaw. It released and she pulled it back, I nearly gagged as the six inch, silicone tube was pulled out of my mouth. I coughed out the thick, semi-clear liquid that was pumped through. It was the serum they were experimenting. The woman brought the entire tube to a desk and set it down, stopping the flow and then coming back to me.

She sat me up and I swallowed the last bit that was in my mouth.

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"Poor dear, you're a mess," she said comfortingly. "My name's Blaire, I'm your new scientist," she held up the ID card from around her neck and smiled just like in the photo. "I-I'm Alice." I choked out. It was so long since I talked. I cleared my throat and after a few moments Blaire reached around me and undid most of my bonds. The only one she kept was the one around my neck, a tracking device really.

"Nice to meet you, Alice. So from now on I'll be giving you your injections and monitoring your progress, I hope you like me because you'll be seeing me a lot!" She placed her hands on my shoulders and stood me up, shoving me towards the shower room. Through the door, she pushed me as we came to a tiled room. A bench was on one end and the shower tiles were on the other. "It's been a while since I been in this room." I said.

"I could tell," Blaire ran her hand along the zipper of my suit and brought the little tag down to unzip me, "are you just against showers or something?" "The other scientists said that if I wanted to shower, they'd have to watch." I felt a jump in the unzipping and then it resumed carefully.

I could hear Blaire tisking or whatever. "Well, I hope you don't mind me, because I need to do a physical evaluation on you and I have to see exactly how far the serum has been working," she shimmied me out of the suit and pushed my naked body into the shower part of the room. She just sat on the bench, crossed her legs and pulled out a clipboard. I had never used the showers here before, so the system was confusing at first.

At least the buttons were simple, just an on off switch and then a temperature dial and a water pressure dial. I smiled a bit at how they set the pressure dial, it went from rain shower to fire hydrant. No joke. I set it to heavy rain and the tiled of room started to pour down with the semi-warm water.

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I pumped up the temperature and then proceeded to an impressive rack of shampoo and soap. Blair grumbled to herself and I could see her biting her pen as she looked at me, "I'm not used to these damn forms, I have no idea how the Heads work with these so easily." She bent over slightly and shuffled the papers.

I went back to finding what type of soap to use. I pretty much said fuck it and grabbed two random bottles and sat down on a small, raised bowl chair in the middle. As I started lathering myself up, I noticed a couple of things. The first was how buxom I became, no wonder my chest was so heavy, my boobs were huge.

Next was my thighs, of course their sore, they look like. I dunno. They're thick okay? Although I liked the chair, it was comfortable to sit on probably because of my ass. The second was how sensative my skin was, whether it was the serum or being in the suit for so long. Probably the serum since scrubbing myself down relaxed my muscles sooooo damn well.

I turned my head around and looked at Blair, who was sulking at the papers, "Hey Blair? Would a massage be out of the question, regarding the rules?" "Hm?" She looked up momentarily and blinked her eyes before the sentence registered, "I was told anything that you wanted as long as it wasn't freedom or a weapon." She then shrugged and gave a face that said "sorry I can't give you freedom" on it.

"So, yes?" I smiled as I washed my hair. "If you want a massage, I guess I can give you one later. Warning you right now, I dunno how to give one." Blair cleared her throat and scribbled down on her clipboard. I hummed happily, I was already liking the new scientist more than the other assholes. And she was permanent? Good god yes! She's so kind and a cutie. After the shower was done, Blair threw me a towel and pushed me back out into my room.

I immediately scrambled to put the towel on before the cameras could pick me up. "Calm down, Alice," Blair started up as she walked pass, "I disabled the camera's, they gave me jurisdiction over that." I silently thanked the Heads and wrapped the towel around my waist.

A few minutes of drying later, Blair brought out a fresh suit and a small bottle with a little pump on it. "What's that?" I asked. Blair put on a pair of surgical gloves and sprayed down her hands, "Something to get you into your suit better. This might feel cold tough." She giggled and rubbed down my shoulders. She was right, it felt cold at first, but it warmed up shortly after. I looked at my skin and saw it just a bit shinier, oil I guess.

Oh but damn when she got to my breasts I was about ready to collapse. I tried playing it calm, but my knees wabbled because it felt so good. Despite being cold. I was glad Blair didn't notice, she just acted as if it was normal and sprayed down her hands again before she got to my lower back. I never loved something so odd before.

Her hands rubbed me all over, I just hoped this didn't count as the massage. I about lost it when she ran her hand through my crotch. "D-Do you have to oil up everywhere?" I nervously choked out.

"Hey, be glad the assholes aren't doing it, they'd take some type of sick pleasure in this." Blair oiled down the last little bit of my legs and then removed the gloves. She picked up the suit and tossed it to me. I put my foot through the opening and sure enough I just slid right into it.

It was actually a better fit than the last one, and no oily feeling. Blair zipped up the suit and clapped her hands, "Yay!" She cried. "Thanks, for everything so far," I said, turning around to her. She hugged me and laughed, I guess she thought it was cute but I was so sincere about it. "Alright, I need you to sit on your bed.

I have to do the hands on evaluation. I guess this could count as your massage," Blair pushed me to the bed, God damn she loves doing that, and sat me down. Her hands ran across my feet and I giggled, she wrote something down and moved up to my calves.

After that, it was my thighs, she was feeling them all over, outer, inner, good hell it was great! My plump thighs were about twice as big as her hands, but she was able to get everything she wanted done.

Next was my belly, then my breasts. I tried to avoid any obvious body language when she practically played with them. After finally feeling up my arms, she was done and had set her clipboard away.

I stood up off the bed and smiled at her, she was so awesome I couldn't help but hug her. "Well, I'm done with everything I need, is there something you want before I leave?" Blair said. "A kiss." I blurted out, fuck my brain, I wasn't thinking. "Um, alright." Blair blushed and smiled for me, placing a hand on the back of my head.

I don't know why she was doing this, neither was I, but, my heart just raced and I could hear it pounding. Our lips came in together as Blair closed her eyes and held me in close. I blushed madly and my eyes shot open. It was so crazy, I mean, like she was a damn good kisser.

Would she be weirded out if I stuck my tongue in? I really want to stick my tongue in. After about thirty seconds, she pulled away and looked at me with a really sexy stare.

After she shook her head, blushed, then wiped her mouth she mumbled, "Th-There you go." "U-Uh, wo-would." Fuck I forgot how to say words, "I. Enjoyed that.


A lot." Yes, a small sentence! I wasn't brain dead after all. "You're welcome. You're. Very welcome." Blair looked around her and stared at me again, she pulled me in like before and this time gave me a more passionate kiss.

I was pushed against my soft bed as her tongue found its way into my mouth. I just let myself be taken over as she layed on top of me, really pressing into the kiss. I closed my eyes and waited for her to stop. I counted to seventy-three before she let off.

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Her hands drifted downward towards my crotch and gently pressed the latex into my wet cunt. I whimpered a little and Blair just nuzzled my neck with her lips, "What?

After that you expected kissing to be the only thing? You serum project gals are really kind and all to a person who's kind first." "I-I just." I huffed out a shuttered sigh and looked at the pure white cieling, "This is my f-first time with." I had to bite my lip once she moved her fingertips around, playing with my pussy lips. "With a woman!" Blair giggled and pressed her fingers in harder, then I grabbed her wrists and arched my back.

"Alice, struggle. Struggle as hard as you can because I want a reason to spank you. You have enough ass for it." One hand reached down and grabbed one of my cheeks.

I bit my lip and kicked out my legs, "Th-Then stop making it so teasy!" I was so tempted at this point to start masterbating myself. Blair slid off of my bed and pulled me by my arms onto the floor.

I watched her as she stripped down to almost nothing, just her bra and panties. "I want you to kneal on the ground like you're going to lick it." Blair pushed my shoulders to the floor, leaving my ass in the air. She walked around behind me and ran a hand around it, then gave it a sharp smack.

I tensed up and blushed, the pain felt so good. She smacked me again, making another sharp sound. The went on for a few more times before she played with my cheeks like bread dough. She moved the sore mountains of flesh around and the played with my wet spot again.

I could feel some juices going down my inner thighs and my belly, I guess I was pretty wet. "Looks like you enjoy your sensative little stage. Well, this will set you off easily," she knealt down and nuzzled my cunt with her nose. Real soon I could feel her tongue grade it.

She wouldn't get much out of licking the latex, but it was so good I backed up a little into her mouth. She grabbed my cheeks again with her hands, squeezing them and licking harder. I had tried grabbing handfuls of the glass floor, but only managed to make streak marks against it.

I pressed my cheek against it and watched my breath create fog. After a few minutes of poking and prodding with her tongue, my cheek was laying in a puddle of my own saliva. Blair pulled away and stood me up. "Take off your suit." She said. I reached back around as far as I could, easily getting to the zipper by bending my arms back enough.

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The serum evidently made me more flexible. I zipped myself out and pulled the suit off. Around my crotch were sticky globs of strings of the oil and my own cum. Blair then ordered me to lick it clean. I hesitantly brought it up to my lips; I didn't want to do this. I just closed my eyes and pretended it was icecream. Sweet. Tasty. Icecream.


Before I knew it, Blair took away the suit with a smirk. I sank to the floor, my legs in a W shape with both my hands in front of my crotch. I had most of my cum smeared across my mouth.

"Was it really that good?" Blair asked. I nodded after a few moments and licked my lips. I couldn't tell if it was flat out the taste of me that was good or just a different taste in general. Silicone's flavor got old, you know. Blair approached me and pulled down her panties, showing me her clean shaven cunt.

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My tongue dripped with saliva, but I just wanted to bury my face in her crotch more than anything else. She stood over my head and nodded at me, the I went at her. She tasted better than what I licked off the suit, but I decided to go slow and savor this taste; I don't know if it'll be the last. I closed my eyes for no reason, it just seemed like a natural thing a this point. I could feel Blair's soft hands on the back of my head, pushing my lips harder into her.

I didn't speed up, I didn't lick harder, I just went at that one solid pace. I hugged her thighs and started suckling a bit, nibbling here and there. I realized my heart had slowed down and I could concentrate more on the situation. It was mostly just Blair's moaning I could hear along with her encouragement. The taste seemed sharper now, a very prominent sweetness, which brought me to my sense of feeling.

I could feel the smoothness of her skin on my arms and on my cheeks. That and the smoothness of her wet cunt. After a few moments, lost in my hailstorm of thought, I felt a wetness drip down my face. She had finally came and it gushed past my lips, the clear fluid tasted wonderful. I swallowed and didn't realize that my mouth was filled to the brim, the sweet liquid barreled down my throat.

The room made in my mouth was filled with the last amount of her discharge once she was done. I swallowed prominently, but kept my mouth where it was - looking up at the woman who was fondling her own breasts and biting her lip. "Okay," she started after releasing a shuttered breath, "you can, you can sit back down, Alice." This made me want to laugh but I was afraid it would tickle her too much.

I wanted to keep my mouth against her as long as I could, but common sense made me back off slowly, strings of saliva and cum connected the two places. "Fuck, I may never have sex with a man again," Blair said as she walked funny to her clothes, "Christ Alice, you acted like you knew exactly what to do." "But." I was flustered trying to say this, "This is my first time with a woman." Blair dropped her skirt she was unfolding and shook her head clear, then went back to cleaning herself up.

I stood up and looked over at the bed, still as clean as the first day I was put in here. I can't remember how long ago that was.

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"I don't even feel like showering again, maybe I'll go to bed like this," I said looking at my oiled skin. "Why though?

You can work that thing easily," Blair replied. I smirked and gave her a look before crossing my arms under my bust. "I wouldn't mind someone supervising me," I forced myself to blush, which wasn't hard, and looked down to the side, "In case if I fell of course." "As much as I'd love to 'supervise' you," Blair headed towards the door, "I have two other patients to attend to. If you wait patiently, I'll have something delivered to your cell.

But be a good little nymph and clean yourself up." She then left and I was left smiling in the room, "A nymph? I enjoy sex but." My words stopped working as the thoughts flew around and I ran my hand down to my crotch.

I layed down on the floor and grabbed a breast with my free hand, and that night, I went to sleep on the floor, naked, wet and in a puddle of cum.