La Vore Girl Heidi Sweet vs The Foiler

La Vore Girl Heidi Sweet vs The Foiler
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Hot Box Chapter 5, Holy Shit Fiction, Romance, Male/Female, Adventure Throughout history man has been able to make some pretty impressive engineering achievements. Take a look at the great pyramids of Egypt for example. Those huge piles of rocks were constructed thousands of years ago before the modern industrialized age and yet they still stand. Many places on the pyramids have joints between the rocks so tight that you can't slide a piece of paper in between them.

So with that in mind I was impressed to see the engineering in action right in front of me. More than 100 years since the last time these doors were probably used and yet they opened without a hitch. Like I said, I was impressed. "Holy shit!" exclaimed Mandy from her seated position. Sweat was pouring down from her forehead and her chest heaved up and down as she looked at the now gaping hole in the wall behind me.

"I've heard of giving birth but this is crazy!" Putting my dick back into my pants I stepped down from the pedestal and walked over to the new passage. It was now easy to hear the running water in the pitch blackness with the two massive doors out of the way. The new passage was easily the size of the one that had brought us up to the room with the stone chair in it, being some 10 or 12 feet wide and at least as tall. But some serious light was needed before any further exploration was going to take place.

I turned back around and looked at Mandy who had just stood up, leaving the now very shiny key sticking up into the empty space in the seat bottom. "Are you ok?" I asked as I stepped back over to her. She looked to be a bit wobbly and she was still breathing a little hard. Cupping one hand over her pussy as she stood up straight with her feet apart she responded with a very quiet voice. "Yea I'm fine, that just took a lot out of me." "I should say it did," I said as I looked down at the shiny key.

In the bottom of the seat was a large pool of cum extending in both directions away from the key toward the front and back of the chair. "You came all over the place." Mandy turned slightly and looked at the seat bottom.

I don't think she really cared about having cum all over the seat. The doors were open and the key was no longer turning. "At least the doors stayed open when I stood up," she said as she picked up her shorts.

"True," I said as I placed my hand on her shoulder to steady her while she donned her kakis. "Because if it didn't you'd have to ride that thing again." Mandy looked out of the corner of her eye as she snapped the button at the waist band. "Not today." she responded as she adjusted her shorts before placing her hand over the pit of her stomach.

"That thing is only for a single ride. I don't think I could handle it twice in a row." "You sure seemed to enjoy it," I said as I picked up my pack and dug out my flashlight. "Maybe I'll build one of those for you back at home." Mandy just scoffed at my statement as she picked up her flashlight and readied herself to commence with the exploration.

"Let's go find something!" she said as she switched on her light. We didn't even take a step before we made the first find. Just past the doors on the floor there were two skeletons, one on either side of the passageway.

"Well," I said as I stepped down from the pedestal, "Let's go and see who they are." Both of the remains appeared to be dressed almost alike, donning what appeared to be white skirts and some kind of halter top. They had long since decayed but their skeletons were still mostly intact. The one on my side of the passage seemed to be leaning back against the base of the wall, almost like she had sat down before she died.

There were several silver rings on the fingers of both hands as well as multiple silver bracelets on both arms. Two thick silver chains were draped over the shoulders, extending down to the remains of the cloth encircling the chest. "This appears to be a woman," I said as I continued looking at the remains. "Same here," said Mandy from the other side of the passage. "And she is covered with jewelry." "This one too," I replied while noting the silver bracelets on both ankles and the rings on her toes.

Somewhere under the stones in this part of the passage I could hear the water flowing very clearly. Maybe they had tried to get to it when they had met their demise. Whatever the case, something had drawn them to this part of the passageway. "Hey David, come here and look at this," Mandy said. The skeleton Mandy was inspecting was lying down on her left side with her feet toward the big doors.

The remains were pretty much the same as the one on the other side of the passage, have decayed probably a hundred years ago or more. "This is most likely the remains of one of the women officers from this tribe," Mandy said. "Look here," she continued as she moved the piece of cloth up next to the shoulders to uncover two silver rings laying almost side by side on the floor.

"She had her nipples pierced. And there are two more rings on her left hand." I looked at the skeleton and then back toward the open doors.

"I'll bet they got locked in here when that man took off with the key." "You're probably right," Mandy said as she continued her search of the remains.

"She's not dressed like she was a servant. She looks more like a…" and her words tailed off. "What is it?" I asked as I watched Mandy slowly lift the piece of material that was draped over the hips and part of the legs. "She was definitely someone of importance," Mandy said as she folded the decayed piece of material out of the way.

On the ground next to the ball joint of the left hip was a large golf ball sized stone. It was not like the kind of stone you would see in a jewelry store in that it had no cut faces on it. It was just a large round stone that had been polished smooth, almost like a giant marble or even a giant pacific pearl. In either case if it was a precious gem it was huge, and most likely VERY expensive.

Mandy extended her hand and carefully picked up the dust covered rock. "Look…at…that," Mandy said as she carefully lifted the stone from its resting place to take a better look.

"It must weigh 3 or 4 ounces." "That's a nice bit of jewelry," I said while I watched the stone begin to sparkle as the dust was wiped away. "Yea." Mandy responded.

She held the stone up and shown her flashlight on it, revealing the deep red color. "You don't just carry one of these around and not have an important job. She was an important person." "Too bad she can't tell us what happened here," I said as I took a step back to let Mandy stand up.

"What about that one?" Mandy asked. "I didn't look there," I responded as I stepped back across the passageway with Mandy directly behind me. "I'm a gentleman." Mandy scoffed at my remark as I took a knee next to the woman I had checked out previously.

(I guess she remembered the time I fucked her in the elevator at school when she was going to her interview for an internship with the archeology department.) With only the slightest touch the decayed piece of material around the chest fell apart, allowing two silver rings to rattle down through the ribs and fall to the floor. "It looks like her nipples were pierced as well.

They're bigger than the ones on your girl," I noted as I picked up the two larger rings. "Yea they are," Mandy said as she took the rings from hand. Holding one of them up close to her flashlight she inspected it further. "And these have a small gem stone embedded in them." "It seems like we're moving up the command chain," I replied as I carefully lifted the piece of material covering the waist and hips to reveal what was underneath.

"This girl has one too." Sitting on the ground directly beneath where her crotch would have been was another stone. This one had a distinct egg shape to it and was a bit smaller than the first one Mandy had found, but it had been carried internally just like the other one.

"Here," I said as I carefully lifted the stone from its resting place and handed it to Mandy. "This woman has bracelets on her wrists and rings on her fingers as well as these two thick silver chains around her neck and one around her waist. And look here, she also has them on her ankles and toes. This woman must have been the treasurer or something." "That could very well be," came the reply from Mandy as she held her hand out toward me with the now clean stone in it.

"If this is what I think it is, she was carrying the largest diamond I have ever heard of." Directly in the middle of Mandy's palm sat a completely clear egg shaped crystal.

It was not as big as the red stone found in the remains of the first woman, but it was also completely smooth. If it was a diamond, there was no telling how much it was worth. At about an inch and a half long from tip to tail and maybe the same size in diameter, this one stone would not only pay for the entire trip, but probably fund several more.

"I'm guessing it weighs 2 or 3 ounces," Mandy said as she turned her hand and looked at the sparkling stone. "If that is a diamond," I said as I stood up, "then we have paid for this trip and then some." "If we found these in the officers," Mandy said as she tucked the egg shaped stone in the opposite pocket than the round stone, "Than what do you think we will find in the actual treasury?" "I don't know," I responded as I looked up the passageway toward the unknown.

"But let's go find out." From the doors the passage continued another 60 or 70 feet back into complete blackness. It's a wonder how the engineers could have built this place. But as we continued forward I noticed that every ten feet or so there was a hole in the wall for an oil lamp. So in its day this passage must have been well lit. Up ahead we could see what looked like the end of the passage in that the walls on either side abruptly stopped, leaving only a black hole with the floor extending out into the darkness.

"This is it," I said as we approached the opening. I have to admit that my heart was pounding in my chest. Who knows what we might find? Could it be a room with a huge pile of gems and coins in it like the fabled treasure of King Solomon? Or maybe it would be just stacks and stacks of silver bars with gems strewn all over them.

Whatever it was we were at the gateway to infinite possibilities. The passageway opened up into a very large room. Taking a guess it was 60 or 70 feet square with a pair of large columns on either side of the entrance. There was nothing spectacular about it other than the ceiling was shaped like the inside of a pyramid and the walls were lined with what looked like hundreds of earthen pots.

About 10 or 15 feet into the room was another chair holding the remains of another person, decayed and decomposed just like the others. "Looks like our last victim," I said as I approached the elaborately decorated seat. This skeleton was decorated even more elaborately than the other two. Instead of a garment on the upper torso she appeared to be wearing a solid silver breast plate that extended from her shoulders down to her waist, contouring her breasts and chest features like it had been made from a mold or casting.

There is a pair of small holes at the ends of the breast cups the size of a half dollar coin, apparently to allow her nipples to stick out. At the tops of the shoulders and at two places on the sides were thick leather straps which held a similar back plate in place at the skeletons back. The silver buckles were still fastened as if she were ready to stand up and start giving commands at a moment's notice.

Several thick silver chains hung from around the neck and down over the breast plate. One of which held a pendant with the embossed shape of the key Mandy used to let us in here. "This must be the ruler of the city," Mandy exclaimed as she stepped up to the chair to inspect its occupant.


"Look here," she said as she reached into the lap and picked up a pair of silver rings with big stones hanging from them. "Talk about a pair of nipple weights, these must weigh one or two ounces each." The two rings had large teardrop shaped stones hanging from them in silver mountings.

As Mandy wiped the dust away it quickly became evident that they were a pair of emeralds. The rings themselves looked to have a split in them with a small single pin hinge so they could be removed. Probably so the woman could take off the breast plate for sleeping. She also had several dozen bracelets on each arm as well as both ankles. And instead of rings on the fingers she wore silver finger sleeves on eight of the fingers, all of which were encrusted with various sized gem stones of different colors, leaving the thumbs free and exposed.

This had to be the ruler. "Only one place left to check," I said as I reached for the bottom hem of the skirt around her waist. Mandy trained her flashlight on the remains as I gently lifted back the material. As expected there was a large stone in the seat directly beneath where her crotch had been as well as 3 very thick silver chains around her waist.

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"Oh my," Mandy said with widening eyes as the full size of the stone was finally revealed. The stone was about 5 or 6 inches long, considerably bigger than either one of the two previous stones we found with the other women. And it was a solid inch and three quarters to two inches in diameter, making it almost the same size as the silver key. As I held the skirt up Mandy reached in and picked up the dust covered stone.

"It's easily a pound or two," Mandy said as she slowly ran her fingers up its length, pushing a hundred years of dust and decay from its surface. With the first swipe of her fingers Mandy froze in place, her eyes glued to the object in front of her. "HOLY SHIT!!" Mandy exclaimed quietly as she quickly began rubbing the stone from top to bottom in a frantic attempt to polish it all at once.

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"David&hellip." she said as her motions became more and more energetic, "It's the biggest fucking emerald I have ever heard of!" I dropped the hem of the skirt and looked at the now sparkling stone in Mandy's hands. It appeared to be one big solid emerald crystal. It was just barely distinguishable on the sides, but the flat faces of the crystal were still notable.

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Both ends had been polished and smoothed into rounded ends, making insertion from either end possible. With these kinds of crystals found with the remains of the former leaders and keepers of this place, I wondered what was inside the dark looking pots that surrounded the room.

As Mandy stood inspecting the big crystal I stepped over to the first row of pots. Standing close to four feet tall they were aligned side by side extending all the way around the room from the pillar at the entrance to the opposite pillar 4 rows deep with a second stack of shorter vessels on the back two rows, making a total of six rows of pots.

They didn't look extra ordinary in appearance, being a dark color and comparatively plain compared to the chair behind me. It wasn't until I picked up one of the lids that I realized they were made out of silver. A hundred years of neglect had tarnished the outsides of them. The lid alone must have weighed 8 or 10 pounds. But what I saw inside is what really made my heart flutter. As I moved the lid out of the way my eyes were instantly greeted with the sparkling green color of hundreds of raw uncut and unpolished emerald crystals.

"Mandy," I said as I set the lid down on the adjacent pot and reached into the top of the open vessel. "I think we found the jackpot!" Mandy looked over at the top of the open pot as I lifted my hand and poured the contents out in the beam of her flashlight. The cascade of green sparkling gems made a nice gentle sound as my hand emptied.

Mandy let out a loud gasp as she watched the 50 or so stones fall from my hand before her flashlight turned away and shown around the rest of the room. 'Hitting the jackpot' was an incredible understatement.

It would be like telling a guy standing in front of a tidal wave that he was about to experience moisture. No, this was more like 'HOLY MOTHER FUCKING SHIT WERE RICH ! !' "We did it," I said with my heart thumping in my throat as I looked back over at Mandy who was standing with her mouth hanging open.

"All of those years of research you put in really paid off." "David," Mandy said as she started bouncing up and down on her toes. "We're rich! Holy shit we're rich!" She looked back at me with a grin that reached from ear to ear. I am pretty sure I knew exactly how she felt because I know her rather well. My condition could best be described as that kind of tingly feeling you get when you have hyperventilated and the oxygen levels are starting to return to normal in your system.

I felt like I could just fly apart in all directions at once as I looked at the huge cash of wealth and my beautiful girlfriend. The holler was virtually simultaneous. "WAHOO!!" we both shouted before we ran to each other and locked into an air stifling embrace. Mandy's small body felt fantastic crushed up against my chest as we celebrated jumping up about 75 different tax brackets. Mandy's family might have been wealthy, but nothing like this.

We were now richer than most nations in the third world, and it was all ours! We kissed passionately as I spun us around in circles. This payday had been a long time coming. Setting about the inventory of the booty was simple enough. With several trips each to the room with the flasks Mandy and I soon had the whole passageway and the treasure room lit up.

With the orange light flickering in the slight draft that came through the room the bounty seemed larger than we had first thought. With my tape measure in hand I began the task of laying out the room. It was 69 feet by 69 feet square with a 12 foot wide opening for the passageway.

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The pots, arranged 4 rows deep on the bottom, were 40 inches tall each while the ones on the top 2 rows were 28 inches tall. The remains of a thick woven mat separated the two different stacks, keeping the top rows supported from tip over.

The pots themselves were 18 inches in diameter, making a total of 46 standing side by side against the longest stretch of the wall. Some quick math gave me the jaw dropping total.

"Mandy," I said as I looked at my notebook in disbelief. "There are 1504 of these silver pots in here; 900 on the bottom 4 rows and 604 for the top." I think the revelation of how many pots there were in the room was a bit too much for Mandy. She just stood there with her mouth hanging open as she looked around the room.

"I don't think we'll be hauling much of this out of here." Actually there was no way to do it. In an effort to begin the extraction of our new found wealth I tried to move one of the pots. There was no way. It must have weighed a thousand pounds. And with just over 1500 of them, that was an estimated 750 tons, twice the weight of a 747 jumbo jet.

It would take an army. "Well we had better pick wisely," Mandy said as she started going from pot to pot and removing the lids.

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"Since we can only take a little back with us we had better make it count." Her thinking was smart and clear, given the circumstances. We would have to choose what we took with us and just make several thousand trips back here.

Our biggest issue is that neither one of us knows very much about gemstones. By that I mean which is the more valuable a diamond or an emerald? And we had quite a few more choices than that to choose from. As our inspection took us around the room the collection of wealth varied from pot to pot. Several dozen pots near the passageway were empty. I could actually move these. Just one large empty silver vessel weighed about 80 pounds. So we couldn't even take one of these back with us.

Not without giving me a hernia. It appeared, after a little bit of detective work, that the room was divided up into sections with each section having a different kind of treasure. It became easier to tell what was in each pot after I found the small markings near the lids. The pots with a single vertical line were filled with emeralds. And these came in all shapes and sizes.

One such pot had emerald crystals that were the size of golf balls while another was filled with emeralds the size of peas. Most of the pots seemed to be emerald filled.

The pots with the two horizontal lines were filled with ruby. (Pretty sure that's what they were) The bold red stones were also assorted by size though there were nowhere near as many of these as the ones filled with emerald.

Two diagonal lines indicated diamond. In the whole room there were only 5 of these and they were all clumped together in one corner. Then there were the pots that had all of the fore mentioned markings on them. These pots were a mixed bag of virtually every kind of precious gem stone found on earth. Inside the pot it sparkled in a rainbow of colors when a flashlight was directed onto the cash.

Blues, greens, red, orange, clear and pink colors shown under the directed beam. Our guess is that these were used for the everyday kind of business transactions associated with daily life. And then there was the silver.

Sure, the pots were made out of silver. But the pots with no markings on them at all were filled with either struck silver coins or thousands of silver balls the size of grapes. All of these were on the opposite side of the passageway from the empty pots. It wasn't until my stomach started to growl that I looked at my watch. It was almost 6 in the evening. We had been at this for almost 7 hours nonstop. "Hey," I said to Mandy as I picked up my backpack.

"I'm going to go and make sure the coast is clear and get a fire going. Come on out and take a break, it's getting late." Mandy was sitting on the arm of the chair writing in her journal as I stepped up to her. "Just give me a few minutes and I'll be right there," she said with a smile as she lifted her head and dropped her hands to her lap. For some reason she looked even more beautiful than usual. Maybe it was because she was now the richest woman on the planet and she knew it.

Or it might have been because of the soft orange glow of the light from the oil lamps blanketing the smooth features of her face. In either case her beauty struck me hard at that moment, beckoning me to lean down and kiss her tenderly.

A soft little moan resonated in her mouth as we pressed our lips together, indicating that she felt just as wonderful as I did.

As we separated I looked at her glowing face. Her eyes were only half way open and she had this very pleasant smile on her face. "Mmmm," she hummed as she scrunched her shoulders together.

"I like that." "Well then come on down to the bungalow," I responded as I slung my pack over one shoulder, "and you can have some more." "I'll be there," she said as she lifted her journal back up and started writing in it again. I still consider myself to be lucky as hell for having bumped into Mandy that day in the library.

Ever since that first moment my life has been different. The places we have gone to and the things we have done all seemed better in some fashion because of her. When I reached the chair with the silver key in it I turned and looked back up the passageway. Mandy was still sitting on the arm of the other chair but she was looking directly at me. She had watched me walk down the passageway.

I gave her a little wave which she returned with a barely visible smile. What a little minx. I was met with a nice and nasty surprise when I got to the hole in the ceiling which was our exit.

It was raining. And not just a little, it was coming down in buckets. The only really nice thing about it was that it knocked down the incredible heat of the day. I actually welcomed it as I climbed up from the passageway below.

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After having been in that enclosed space for the bulk of the day I felt like I had been used as a pipe cleaner, so the warm rain felt very refreshing.

The bungalow was pretty much just as we had left it although I could tell that the banditos had searched it rather well. At least the little bit of firewood I had collected was still in the dry, so making a fire was rather easy work.

Once the pile of wood was crackling and popping I stripped off my wet clothes and leaned back naked against my backpack and twisted a rather large joint using one of the blank pages out of the back of my journal.

The gooey green bud smelt of a very strong musky odor, almost like the plant had been sprayed by a skunk or something. It was so sticky that I almost didn't need to lick the paper to get it to stay together. Mandy and I were going to celebrate the find of a lifetime. One of the things about Mandy that I truly enjoy is her creativity and imagination. When she appeared around the corner of the door my jaw dropped to the floor.

She had donned the silver breast and back plate from the ruler of the city and worn it as she came here. The rain had cleaned off all of the dust and grime leaving the silver shining brightly in the dim light of the camp fire.

Striding carefully into the room she set her backpack down before she walked up to the edge of the camp fire and stopped with her feet apart. Since Mandy does not have her nipples pierced she wore the huge emerald nipple rings in her ears. They looked to be a bit uncomfortable because they pulled her earlobes down quite a bit, but otherwise they looked great peeking out from under her wet hair. The form fitting silver back and breast plate kept Mandy's back straight so her nipples stuck out proudly from the holes in the ends of the breast cups.

I could now see why the ruler wore the emeralds on her nipples. The breast plate made the nipple and areola protrude from the hole to an unnatural looking length, making them seem to be begging for attention.

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It only seemed natural to hang something from them. And the silver breast and back plates looked to be an exact fit on Mandy. All she needed was a sword hanging from her hip and she would have looked like she had just walked out of an episode of Xena, Princess Warrior.

With the added accoutrements of the silver chains around her neck and waist, the silver bracelets on her wrists and the finger sleeves on her fingers, Mandy looked every bit the part of the ruler of the city.

She even had on a white skirt. (It turned out to be the bottom half of her tight fitting T-shirt that she had torn off) Her smooth and toned legs extending down to her three quarter high top hiking boots highlighted the only miss match pats of her ensemble. Slick from the rain and shining in the light of the fire, I could already imagine running my tongue up the smooth inside of her thigh to feast on her hot box.

Standing there in front of me she looked like the Queen of the domain. She looked magnificent! "Wow. You look fabulous!" I said as my dick began to get hard and stand up on its own. For just the briefest of moments Mandy smiled before she got that serious look back on her face. Placing her closed fist on her hips she stood up straight and said, "I am the great Mandy, ruler of Mandovia and all the lands around it." she said in a very bold and dominant sounding voice while trying to keep a straight face.

"You will take your cock and worship in me." and with that said she lifted the bottom of her make shift skirt to reveal her naked pussy. "Cool," I said as I picked up the joint and stood up to face her. Lighting the end of the joint with a burning stick from the fire I took a deep inhale before looking down at my armor clad sweetheart. "Only after you have a hit off this…" and I held the joint between my lips and leaned down till I was almost kissing her. Mandy opened her mouth and started to inhale as I blew her a huge shotgun hit.

The thick gray smoke jetted smoothly into her mouth and around the sides of her face as she tried to inhale the larger volume of air I was sending her direction. Mandy sputtered a few times before she coughed once and blew out the majority of the smoke, only then to start coughing her lungs out. 'Yea, this was going to be quite a celebration,' I thought as I turned the joint around and took another big hit. Kind of like some of the partying we used to do back in our school days.

Here in the jungle we had nowhere to go. It was a good 4 days walk back through the forest just to get to the nearest town. And if we had wanted to return to the world it would be at least a week. But none of that mattered right now.

Because at this moment, we had no place to go, and no real time frame to get there, and I was starting to get really horny looking at my scantily clad girlfriend. "Holy shit," Mandy finally managed to spit out as she coughed and reeled from the big hit I had just blown her.

"That one hit is making me dizzy." "I know," I said as I reached between her legs and rubbed her clit back and forth with my fingertips. "This is some good shit I found." Mandy took the joint from me as I dropped to one knee and rolled the wet material of her makeshift skirt up to her waist.

Immediately I could smell her musky scent as I leaned in and kissed her at the top of her mons, bringing about a slight giggle from the self-appointed ruler of the city we were in.

She smelled delicious, sporting a combination of sweat, ancient dust, and female arousal. "Mmmmmm," I hummed as I wrapped my arms around her waist and hugged my face into her crotch.

I love the smell of a woman. With each inhale that musky fragrance supercharged my system and geared me up for some very primal mating.

I stuck my tongue in between the folds of her pussy and began lapping my tongue up and down against her clit. Mandy jolted forward each time my tongue rasped against her hard little nub as I was once again treated to the delicious taste of her womanhood.

I heard Mandy inhale and I looked up just in time to see her take a big pull off the joint. "Oh yea, I'm gonna get fucked good" she said quietly as she struggled to hold the smoke in. She bounced up and down on her toes a few times before looking down at me with a big smile on her face. "Are you going to fuck me big man?" she asked very seductively. Her eyes were now just barely more than slits and blood red, but she had a very content and happy look about her.

To show my appreciation for her enthusiasm I brought my right hand up between her legs and slid two fingers up into her now dripping hole.


"What, no jewels in here?" I said when I found her to be empty inside while massaging her G spot. Mandy blew out the smoke she was holding before she offered the smoldering joint back to me. "No sweetie," she said as she brought her hands back up and began pulling her nipples through the holes in the silver breast cups. "It's too heavy for me to carry." I watched in awe as Mandy pulled at her nipples hard, causing all of her areolas and some of her breast to come out through the holes in the ends of the silver breast plate.

"Oooh yea," she hissed between her teeth as she twisted her nipples back and forth, "I am so hot." I took one more drag off the joint before standing up to face my hot little honey. "Let's get this thing off you," I said as I reached for the straps to unbuckle them.

"No," she responded as she turned her shoulder away from me, preventing me from loosening the strap. "It feels good wrapped around me." "Alright," I said as I took one more huge drag from the joint before dropping it to the floor.

Grasping Mandy by her shoulders I pulled her toward me and kissed her very deeply. When Mandy opened her mouth I blew the smoke I had into her lungs, sharing the last hit with the woman I loved the most. Mandy's eyes opened up wide for just a moment as the hit I had taken rushed from my lungs into her mouth.

It only took her a split second to realize what I was doing before she locked her mouth against mine and began grinding her crotch up and down against the top of my leg.

We shared that same hit 5 or 6 times, breathing back and forth into each other's lungs until we absolutely had to have some fresh air. When we parted from the kiss and both blew out the remains of the smoke, the rush of oxygen was a trip in and of itself.

"Man, am I high!" I said as I took one step backward from Mandy and looked at her semi naked body. The whole world seemed like it was numb. It seemed like I was watching a movie I was not a part of as Mandy first took a knee before sitting down on the floor next to the fire.

"Come on David," she said as she leaned back on our backpacks and spread her legs apart, exposing her soaking wet pussy to me in the humid night air, "Fuck me with that big hard cock of yours.

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Come on," she continued as I knelt down between her toned thighs and lined my cock up with her inviting hole, "stuff that thing in me. Force my legs open with that thick piece of meat!" As she said this she reached between her legs and locked her hand around my shaft, pulling me toward her.

"Come on big boy, cock fuck me." I've had Mandy talk dirty to me before, and I have had Mandy really horny before too.

But in all the times that we have spent enjoying each other I had never heard her talk like she was now. She had pulled out all the stops and was expressing her primal urge to me with the filthiest language I had ever heard.

I am quite positive the joint we were smoking had a little to do with it. Mandy was definitely wound up for sex and I was definitely going to give it to her. When I felt the head of my cock slide in against the slick wet folds of her pussy I leaned forward hard, thrusting myself up inside her until my nuts hit her ass. Mandy took in as big of a breath as she could with the restricting silver plates on her when my cock probed into her deepest recess.

"OOOOOHHH YEEEEAAA!" I moaned out loud, feeling the hot wetness of my girlfriend wrapped around my shaft once again.

Mandy seemed to be in a world of her own at this point. "OOOOHH GOD YESSSS!" she hollered out as she was immediately filled to capacity with my rock hard cock. Her eyes were just barely open and she kept licking her lips back and forth while I set up a good steady rhythm inside her. With her legs splayed out wide on the floor I drove myself repeatedly into her wide open sex, marveling at the squishing sound her pussy was making as my cock rammed deep in and out of her. Mandy's hands were everywhere while I serviced her pussy.

She ran her hands over my ass and up my back only to go down my arms and wind up on her own breasts. She tugged at her nipples for a moment before running them down the silver breast plate to her lower stomach, savoring the feel of the warm metal under her hands and against her rib cage.

Then it was between her legs. Her fingers found the sides of my cum slickened shaft as I continued on my relentless pace of steadily fucking a hole through her. She grunted and groaned with each inward thrust, feeling my cock not only inside her pussy, but with her fingertips as well. Then she pulled her pussy lips wide open before assaulting her clit with all ten fingers.

Even though she screamed out with a powerful orgasm I did not slow down. I was enjoying her pussy too much to even think about stopping. "OH GOD YES!!" she bellowed out as she tried to lift her head to look up at me. "FUCK MY FUCKING CUNT!!" She had this wild look in her eyes, almost animalistic as her body jerked back and forth with each new wave of pleasure. All I know is that she was going crazy while I pummeled her insides, and I was nowhere close to an orgasm of my own.

Sweat was pouring down from me as my body worked to pleasure us both. Hell, I think I would have tried to stuff my entire body up inside her if I could have at that point. We were locked together in the moment and completely absorbed with each other. Subtleties had gone out the window when I jammed my cock into her.

We were on the full on, full out fuck fest of the century and I was pounding her brains out from the inside. Mandy's body lurched back and forth from the power of my strokes, making it feel like I was fucking a rag doll as I hammered her pussy relentlessly. When I looked down Mandy was just looking off into space to our left, almost oblivious to what was happening between her legs.

It was time to change positions. With the breast and back plates on Mandy could not bend her torso at all, making the task of getting up virtually impossible. (Especially for someone who was not used to wearing them) With a quick yank Mandy's pussy was vacant and my cum slick dick stuck straight out into the warm night air.

I gave her hips a twist and leaned back out of the way of her leg going right past my face before I was plunging back into her from behind with her silver clad chest resting on my backpack. Mandy let out a good grunt when the head of my cock smashed into her cervix once again, forcing the excess cum inside her to squirt out onto my thighs as my dogged pace resumed. "Come on baby," I said as I pulled hard on her hips, forcing my cock to dig in deeper into her.


"Give me that pussy." To this day she has never repeated what she did next. With only her chest and face holding up her upper half on my backpack, she reached down and grasped her legs right behind her knees and pulled them up and out to the sides, spreading her pussy wide open. Now the only thing holding up all of her lower half was my hands on her hips and my cock in her pussy. Mandy groaned really loud as I reached new depths inside her.

"Is…that…all…you've…got…you&hellip.big…mo…ther…fuck…er?!" she gasped out in between my strokes. What would you do in this situation? Be honest. I fucked her brains out for as long as I could stand it, pounding into her as hard as I could without any regard for her. Only a few minutes went by before she went completely limp and became dead weight in my hands.

Her hands released their grip on her knees and her legs dangled loosely on the floor while I continued my destruction of her pussy. I stopped several times over the next several hours to catch my breath and get a drink of water.

I even relit the joint and took a few more hits before I started up again on my quest to climb inside her body. I have never enjoyed the raw animalistic side of fucking like I was at that moment. For the briefest of times we were not a man and a woman. We were a cock and a pussy. And I was hell bent for leather to stuff myself into her. I don't know what set it off but when my orgasm cam, it hit me like an asteroid crashing into the earth. At the first moment I was fucking like it was illegal, then I was screaming at the top of my lungs with Mandy's hips pulled back hard against my waist while my dick blasted cum into her now well used pussy.

I could feel myself shaking violently with each squirt as Mandy's pussy was being force fed with a huge deposit of man milk. It felt like my soul was being extracted out of my body and was being injected into Mandy, that is how complete my orgasm was. I woke up to find myself still completely naked and it light outside.

Mandy was still lying face down over our backpacks with her legs spread wide and her naked pussy exposed for me to see. A thick glop of semen was dried against her pussy lips, sealing everything else inside her extremely red and swollen outer labia. 'Holy shit,' I thought to myself as I slowly roused myself from the grass induced slumber I had been in. The faces of both of my knees were raw and bleeding from where I had supported myself on the stone floor while I had attempted to fuck Mandy to death.

There was no doubt about it; this was one for the record books. Mandy slowly began to stir when the aroma of the coffee I brewed up danced into her nose. "Mmmmmm," she moaned as she slowly brought her knees under her so she could push herself up into a kneeling position. "Good morning sleepy," I said as I poured her a cup of Joe. "How are you this morning?" "What did you do to me?" she said as she brought one hand down to her pussy as she turned around to face me.

"It feels like I am full of water." "I don't think that's water my dear," I said as I looked her up and down in the light of day.

"Or should I say your majesty?" A big smile came across her face as she took the cup from me and gently sat down on her feet which she had folded under her. "Your grace will suffice." The End Chapter 5