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Real dutch hooker cocksucking in Amsterdam
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Lady-Man Love, Part 3: New Feelings, New Lifestyle I found something more last time here in Da Nang, a male who was a female, or trying to be: Bo, who worked in the hotel I stayed at, and she gave me a taste of the future with another perhaps better person and indirectly introduced me to a new world, new lovers, my first glory-hole, and a new passionate lifestyle, and I was back for more&hellip.

I had left Da Nang last time after having been delayed by a tropical storm for an extra two days, but in those two days I had a whirlwind or even stormy introduction to the joys of being in a restaurant filled with workers and diners who were mostly gay or bi, maybe even lesbian, but it was a welcoming place for any lifestyles, but as a man who had found a new love for a lady-man named Bo, I had also found I had an enormous appetite and a passion for sucking lady-men and even men's cocks through a glory-hole, or two actually, in the walls of the restaurant's cubicles.

It was anonymous, raunchy and I couldn't get enough cum in my stomach it seemed, coming back for more. I carried on my trip to Hanoi office, inspected our new project where all was going well with no problems or worries, but had to return to Da Nang for meetings re-scheduled because of the storm, after only two days away.

As hard as I tried to concentrate on work matters on the plane, my mind could only dream of rushing back to the restaurant where I had had so much well, fun, but also joy, which is a more emotional way of describing deep feelings I found in one evening there. Upon landing, a car took me straight to a meeting in the Hotel which was looking to do a refurbishment/redevelopment, and the potential to be a major new project for our Company, and especially for the office here.

Our office manager had suddenly resigned just prior to my visit a few days before, so Liem, our office accountant, but young and not ready yet to be the manager in such a situation, and whose virginity I had taken some while back, and I, as the senior from HCMC head office, led our side in an administrative sense. But the really important person for us in these first, technical discussions was certainly not me, as an accountant/admin person, but rather our Design Managers. Our local one who would be working on it full-time, and our HO Design Manager, who had arrived yesterday from HCMC, and it had been him who had called me in Hanoi and asked me to lend weight to the meeting and asked me to come to Da Nang.

My contribution, if we were successful, would come later for contract and agreement discussions, but for now it was purely my title and seniority sitting there listening absently to the design and specifications being discussed&hellip. I jumped back into reality when Liem poked me in the ribs, none too gently, as the meeting broke up for the day; we had two days to prepare preliminary design concepts and a budget, and scheduled another meeting for the afternoon of, ah that would be Thursday, my brain finally worked out, confused from hopping around the country for now a week, storms, working, not working; so today is Tuesday, and as I looked up at the wall clock I was surprised it was 3.00pm and the meeting had lasted four hours!

We all shook hands and the clients seemed happy the main thing and our team headed out, stopping at the cars, where I suggested design could only take 75% of our time and the budget had to then be discussed. That agreed, I said I would work on my laptop back at the Hotel for this afternoon, and see them all in the office in the morning.

Liem held back and asked me about dinner, but I declined with a smile, telling her a gentle white lie about tiredness, and she sighed and nodded. My car took me to the Hotel where I was given the same room I always stay in, but something within me asked for a different room, same side fine, but a new room please, and they eagerly obliged as I was a regular, friendly and valued client here. Why had I changed, I wondered?

New room equals new lifestyle? Perhaps, I mused&hellip. I met Tuan, the floor housekeeper, as I was unlocking my room, and she welcomed me back; "Bo will be sorry he is not here now you are back so soon Anh." I raised my eyebrows as she continued, "He took a few days off to go to his home village and make sure his family were ok after the storm; its about 100kms or maybe more north of here, he might be back at the end of the week he said.

I am here if you need anything Anh…" I thanked her, she and I had had earlier times together also, and I had some beautifully sexy photos of her also. I smiled and said 'thanks em' and went in to unpack, calling Tuan back to take my laundry please.

I unpacked, gave Tuan my dirty clothes, including those I had on, but she had seen all of me before and I wasn't shy at all with her as I found shorts to put on; she moaned and asked when we could get together again.

I smiled, but gave no answer, and she said "I think Anh, now you like Bo more, right?" Again I didn't directly answer, but said "I like you also Tuan" as she headed out.

I hadn't expected to be away this long and I needed to have my washing done much more regularly this trip. I put my laptop on the dining table, took out clothes to hang up and my toilet gear, and sat to have a beer first. Finishing, I worked for an hour setting up basics for the project as I knew them at that point, called my office and updated the Boss, asked Quy, my secretary, to let my housekeeper know, etc, general duties, but all seemed in order everywhere, so shut it down.

I found the card given to me last time at the restaurant, not Ha, the waitress, but Nin, the pants-suited lady-man who had guided me to my first visit to the toilet with the glory-holes, and I think, because who knows anyone in a glory-hole she might have been the first cock-owner I had sucked to fulfillment there. But she had given her card when she returned. If she worked, now would be a normal or post-finishing time for most places, so I called her; "Miss Nin, my name is Steve, I am a foreigner, and we met a little bit at the restaurant…" "Yes, Anh, I remember you clearly, and very happily; where are you now, it's so nice of you to call me?" I explained I was at my Hotel, back for work for a few days and wondered if we could meet sometime; She quickly responded with an offer to pick me up in an hour and take me to dinner somewhere she was sure I would enjoy, but no, not the same as where we had met.

I agreed, said I would shower and be ready outside in an hour and we checked the time and agreed. That was fast, I thought, and my cock tingled at the possibilities which may be on offer later, but that was being presumptuous I told my cock as I pushed it down while taking off my shorts. Shaved, showered, brushed and dressed, Nin pulled up within a minute of me reaching the pavement outside the Hotel, and I climbed on behind her after a smiled greeting.

It quickly had to put my hands lightly to her thighs and lean forward to steady myself as she took off very fast. She asked "Are you ok Anh?" I assured her I was fine as long as she didn't mind my hands; "I don't mind where your hands hold me Anh, not at all." With that inviting comment, I raised them to her waist for a moment, able to feel above just enough to convince me she had breasts under her white business shirt and pants suit, and she snuggled back against against perhaps what she had expected: a protruding lump through my own pants.

I put my hands back down and slid back a few cms, letting Nin concentrate on driving and negotiating the evening traffic. It didn't take more than 15 minutes and she rolled in to a restaurant car park, and we alighted from the bike. I hadn't been here before but the sign was welcoming: 'The Alternatives Restaurant & Bar', but what did it mean for a restaurant establishment I wondered. Inside Nin was greeted warmly by a young lady receptionist, who looked at me closely before leading us at Nin's direction to the bar area, Nin turning to me and asking "Ok we sit and have a drink here first Anh?" I nodded and went back to studying the rear view of her; the pants suit was well cut and fitted her perfectly.

Her high heels gave her an elegant, sophisticated grace, while her delightfully model-like hips added sexuality to the whole.

When she stopped and I bumped into her, apologizing, she seemed to understand why it had happened: my eyes had been on her.

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She chose two vacant swivel bar stools at one end of a long, curved bar, at the side with a nice lake breeze blowing in off the water, and Nin put me facing her, but also facing the entire length of the bar behind her and the dozen or so people occupying other stools. Meanwhile, she only had me to look at, and I hoped that was enough. She smiled and we each chose a drink when the cute bartender came over, normal beer for me but Nin opted for a cocktail.

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While waiting, she excused herself, saying she wanted to 'freshen up' as she had just left her office, so she took her bulky handbag and patted my hand as she said "Just a few minutes Anh, be good until I am back ok." I smiled but was left wondering at the ambiguity, and turned to my beer when it came, and asking for 'a glass of ice also please as I drink my beer with ice', I explained to the young lady.

She said "You speak Vietnamese very well Anh; I thought foreigners didn't trust our ice and also don't drink it with their beer like we do?" I shrugged 'up to them em but I know what I like', and she laughed heading away. She gave me an ashtray when she saw me lighting up, and said it was ok to smoke in here, but not in the a/c rooms at the back; that was fine as I hoped Nin wouldn't want to be enclosed in those I liked open areas and a/c only when I slept.

I sipped my beer and looked at the other people, all Vietnamese, so several were looking at me with interest the only foreigner, so far anyway, and I raised my glass to whoever I found staring and gave a smile, receiving smiles and grins in response. I idly looked at people and then I am a bit slow at times understood I thought what the 'Alternatives' name meant: the couples seemed to be mostly man with man, girl with girl or mixed couples who could be bi or lady-boys, and some who appeared 'standard male with females'.

It was a place for every alternative person, 'how wonderful' I smiled to myself, and everyone seemed able to be so natural and enjoying themselves.

I would congratulate Nin on her choice and thank her for bringing me here when she returned and it did seem to be a long time since she left. Two girls -certainly girls as far as I knew - took the next chairs beyond Nin's, sat and then both turned to smile at me; beautiful they were, but one turned away quickly.

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Ok, she had short hair, other long hair: I could remember them that way a little. The one facing me leaned across her friend, chatted with me a little; she motioned to the cocktail and asked if I was with someone?

I replied I was, but she had gone to the Ladies' room to freshen up; she laughed and I looked confused, but then she smiled sweetly and said "Sorry Anh, but there is no 'Ladies' room here; there is only one 'Alternatives' room; I am sorry I laughed, first time here is it, having a good time?" Through my blushes, I nodded and said "I think it's wonderful" and looking around, continued "and whenever my good lady returns, I will tell her so and thank her for trusting me to come here." "Really Anh Steve, you like where I brought you?" and the short-haired one turned and took the cocktail of Nin's and toasted me, and her friend also came over laughing and clinked her glass to ours both.

I stared and blushed again as I was now able to see it was Nin's face and hair in front of me! Now, however, outfitted so differently, new make-up and attitude, and a total Woman was standing in front of me now, not an office executive in a pants suit. I did finally smile, and then laughed, joining them in the joke. "At least I didn't try and pick you up Nin or your friend, who is so friendly that I would have tried for her first anyway!" Nin slapped my arm, "This happens to be my older sister, Tin, but older or not, I brought you here, so you want to pick-up anyone, it's me!" "Well, nice to meet you Tin; but, in fact, you are both so tiny and slim, and petite really, I could maybe pick you both up together is that ok?" Tin laughed and Nin huffed and shook her head, so I gave up making more jokes for the moment.

Now I looked closer at the transformation Nin had undergone while she was away in the bathroom, or somewhere; she had more, but subtle lip glass and eye make-up, and she really did have a beautiful face, no masculinity there whatsoever. She was wearing a tight hot pink tank top, no bra I could discern, and nipples drawing my eyes to small, rounded breasts. A frilly, short skirt was hung from her hips, allowing a bare midriff to show off, flat and contoured with muscles I noticed, and her crossed legs were bare from below her skirt ending high on her thighs.

She did still have the high heels she had arrived here in, and a ravishing sight she was, a picture to fill my viewfinder I resolved.

Tin, who could only be older by a year "How old are you both?" I had to ask: 25 and 24 was Tin's answer as she realized I was scrutinizing her; she sat up straight to show me a better profile, but it was almost a double for Nin: same outfit, but a blue tank top, same skirt and even shoes, and muscled abdomen and slim, smooth legs the same.

When I lifted my eyes up again, her breasts appeared larger, and the nipples even more pointy through her top, but it was her hair which then drew my attention: long, silky, black, natural hair, and I was a sucker for long hair, and she could see that and she swung her head around with her hair following just as those ads on TV for shampoo commercials!


I groaned, "You are both very beautiful Ladies, but I need a new beer to cool and calm down!" "Anh, there is something you have to know first" Tin began, looking at her sister and Nin nodded; they each took one of my hands and, given they were sitting right beside/in front of me at the bar, were able to slide them up under their skirts to their groins and hold me against their hardened, excited cocks. "We are not exactly 'Ladies' Anh, is that ok with you?" I fondled two cocks in my fingers and whispered "They are perfect Ladies, to me you are perfect Ladies.

Thank you." I removed my hands slowly, sliding down thighs and up from under the table, raising my glass and toasting 'us' and Tin pulled a stool closer and we were all sitting close together at the bar, and ordered another round.

The cute little bargirl came with our drinks and she said to me "Oh Anh, you seem lucky tonight!" But I shook my head sadly "No, I'm not em; I was invited to dinner but there is no food!" Tin laughed and Nin whacked my arm yet again, and asked for a menu.

"Anh, why do you keep upsetting me?" "Well, Nin, didn't you invite me for dinner?" Tin added "Yes, she invited me also!" So now Tin and I were 'ganging up' on little sister, but only playfully, and a menu came and the girls discussed the choices, and I drank my beer. After they had chosen, and I had shrugged acceptance, we were ushered to a small table to the side, and I pushed both girls to the other side so I could smoke without worrying about discomfiting them.


But it did leave their feet able to play with mine under the table, and they soon did, fighting then to reach higher up my leg to my groin but I backed my chair away, and did light a cigarette and drink my beer in some semblance of peace at least for now, I warned myself. Food came and the girls competed to put some in my bowl, until I took it off the table and protested they had given me more than I could eat. I finished another beer and asked another cute waiter for a refill and when he returned and refilled my glass, I asked where the toilets are, and he said 'follow me Anh'.

Nin smiled up at me and said "I'll come and find you if you aren't back in a while - in case you get lost" and they both laughed, confusing me: how could it be that hard to find my way back? The waiter, nice slim body in his pants and white shirt, almost a blouse really, and delicate amount of eye shadow and lip gloss I noticed when he turned to make sure I was following him; I smiled and nodded I was coming, and it was only around one corner near the far end of the room and he stopped and extended his hand to show me the entrance, and I thanked him, pushed open the door and entered.

I immediately stopped in surprise: it was the most erotic bathroom I had ever been in, statues and paintings were of gay, lesbian and straight, and mixed couples in various couplings, wild ones and soft, gentle ones, looking romantic and looking in throes of a climax, all to waken the fire in any visitor's sexual thoughts and organs.

They did to mine, as I stared slowly around, studying each piece, but then I had to enter a vacant stall and empty my bladder there was a mirror on each wall, a full-length mirror, well actually two mirrors with a horizontal gap between them and two stylish removable discs in the wall partition about cock height I decided, but big enough to cater for slightly taller or shorter people.

Wow, I knew what this was designed for, but two designer-made holes on each side, a person in the middle me could be very busy indeed! I closed and locked the door, lifted the lid and waited for my cock to shrink enough to release, eventually, I put the lid down and sat, hoping that would relax me; it did eventually, and I was noisily squirting when I saw a disc removed in the wall to my left, and a finger beckoning.

I caressed it with my own fingers while I finished, my pants down around my ankles, but then pushed the finger gently back and beckoned an invitation with my own; I was rewarded with a cock, not so long and thin and perhaps semi-hard: my mouth's job began, the object to get it fully hard and cumming for me.

I kissed and slurped the end and it soon stiffened, and a moan began on the other side, as I then opened my mouth down over the length.

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Whether it was a man or a lady-man was immaterial to me; the size was perfect to fill my mouth without choking me, and in return the receiver could be fully enclosed and my lips reaching to kiss the groin. I varied my sucking, my tongues strokes, my lips to the head at times, and a gentle nip with my teeth; I hoped it was causing a build up of excitement in the neighbour's balls and giving him/her sensual feelings from me.

Amazingly, a second cock stroked my cheek and when I opened my eyes and swiveled my face a little, without letting the cock out of my mouth, my eye made contact with this new waving cock!

Doubting this one person could have two cocks, I assumed they were friends and certainly my cubicle was big enough to accommodate two people for an intimate party. I took hold of the new cock, shorter but thicker, and after slurping my fingers in my mouth beside my tongue, I used the wetness to lightly stroke the second cock while continuing to suck hard on the first, and I was rewarded with a stiffening in my hand, and a groan from one as my first cock began pulsing and emptying into my mouth, buried to the hilt at the groin, and the cum pumped into my throat, swallowing a substantial load as I sucked lightly to help draw it all out.

When it stopped leaking, I kissed and licked it all over, kissed the tip, as the new cock was waggled in my hand, demanding the same attention, which I duly gave via by mouth. This person's prick hardened slightly more, but I was very disappointed though I tried to be understanding and forgiving when it was only a minute or so before it blew into my mouth.

After all, it had happened to me more than once - an early climax, so I sucked it empty, licked it clean and kissed it, and it was pulled back through the hole and both holes were re-covered, as I sat back licking my lips and relaxing for a moment, my own cock hard and leaking, but in good spirits! I used a tissue to wipe pre-cum from my cock, re-dressed and finally flushed the toilet, before leaving.

I washed my hands and rinsing my mouth and freshening my flushed face, excitedly patting my stomach where dessert now sloshed around, and I waited a moment, but left my two receivers to their secret lives and headed back out; well, it wasn't the girls in there as they were still sitting at the table, and still eating. I topped up my own ice and beer and toasted them, before Tin said "You took a while Anh…did you like it in there?" "I was admiring it all - the artworks and design, most beautiful toilet ever I think." "Did you look at yourself in the mirror Anh?" Nin asked, smiling; I thought for a moment, only the giver gets to look at him-self/her-self reaching the climax moments: that must be something!

"No em, I was sitting down trying to relax; ok, you girls know this thing we have" and I pointed down to my groin "if it gets excited, we need wait a few moments even when we really need to empty our bladders, right?" Tin responded "Oh yes, Anh, we know; and how is it now, Anh relaxed after sitting…?" "With you two so beautiful and sexy sitting there, well no, its not!" Nin said "I told Tin: you have a beautiful mouth, Anh, and she was so jealous of my good luck, we nearly had a fight!" "That's why I had to invite her with me here after you called she wouldn't let me come without her!" I had some more beer and wiped my face of a hot sheen of flush, listening to this; "Girls, girls, it seems my mouth can work ok for quite a while; if it happens, I could try and satisfy both of you…sometime, somewhere…" The cute waiter came to the table and refilled, asking if I wanted another one?

I looked at the girls and said "Maybe two" and he giggled and put his hand on my shoulder as the girls gasped together! His hand remained, fingers lightly stroking me, while the girls calmed and I asked them if they wanted anything more, but first Nin looked daggers at the waiter until he reluctantly took his hand away, instead standing close to be able to rub against my side.

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He was not only cute, he seemed to be able to hold his own but I would like to hold it for him I decided! I let my hand rest on his leg under the table and smoothly rubbed it through his pants, as much as I could without showing the girls, my long arms meaning it was his calf and lower leg, but also meant I could pull up the material and feel some of his smooth skin directly.

He moaned and I took my hand away as the girls, who had conferred about drinks, ordered cocktails, and Mr. Waiter had to groan and move away, returning quickly with my new beer "One for now, ok Anh?" I smiled and nodded, and he asked for my name, before walking away with my eyes following his hips.

The girls now said they would go to the bathroom, and I said "Don't be long, or I think you two are together…" Tin shook her head strongly "Oh no, Anh, we would never do anything together we'd just fight because we both like to be dominant and top! What do you like Anh?" I thought, and answered with the new truth I knew: "I have found I like to be a bottom" and I blushed "but I have also found I love to suck ladies' cocks, or maybe men's also, so I guess I would be the 'slave', is that right?" Nin said, as they stood and headed off, "We need to talk more and teach you more I think Anh, wait for us." My waiter was back as soon as the girls went around the corner; as he topped up my beer, he felt for a shirt pocket with a slip of paper, but I didn't have one, so he slipped it inside my shirt and tickled my skin with his fingers, twisting the hairs on my chest hard, and I moaned when my cock jumped harder in my pants.

"Oh yes, please, whatever you want you can have, Mr. Waiter em" I was overcome with these new found submissive feelings, not what normally was me: I had indeed, it seems, begun an entirely new life and style of life, and I was willing to take it all further.

He said "My name Anh is: Master is that what you want?" But he pulled away quickly and then I found the girls returning to the table; somehow I needed get the paper out from my shirt and into my pocket, but I managed as the girls were sitting down. They picked up their new drinks and toasted me, and Nin asked "What now Anh?" "Up to you two decide." Tin, assertive even more than younger sister, said "Well Anh, I want sex." I gulped at her directness, and Nin said "Anh, sorry for my sister; we would like to take you and be with you and have sex!" Yes, very delicately put I thought!

I held my glass up and drained it of beer after we all clinked; "Be gentle ladies, ok?" I motioned to 'Master' for the bill, and he/she was visibly disappointed, and as we waited, I felt an urge "I have to go to the toilet first, Ladies really!" and I rushed away; perhaps because I am lucky to remain slim, even with all the beer I drink, it also meant my bladder gave me sudden warnings of fullness and, ever since an infection there when travelling through South America years and years ago, the urge came and I had to go: wherever I was.

I went inside by myself quietly, but again the centre stall was open and the others closed. No urinals in here, same as last restaurant where I met Nin, so no option: I went in. I lifted the lid and seat and quickly streamed my past several beers in, sighed and shook my cock of dribbles and drops, and zipped up.

Turning to the side, I was hardly surprised to find a cock invitation waiting; and this was bigger than I had seen or pleasured yet!

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What a party could be had with that. Poked through the hole it must have been 20cms, and growing, good heavens and thickening before my eyes as I put the lid down and sat, reaching my hand to grasp this gift. Now, at full stretch I can be 20cms, but not as thick as this around, and to hold it took the entire stretch of my long fingers, and I moaned in glorious feelings. It jumped in my hand and I went to work with my lips on the head, my tongue sliding up and down and around the length and into the piss hole, tickling.

I opened my mouth and enclosed the head inside, holding it as it jumped at me; I stretched as wide as I could and went down the length, smooth as silk, stopping when I began gagging, but slowly somehow I worked out how to relax enough and after a few experimental plunges, my lips hit the wall and oh my: this cock felt like it was in my stomach! I had a flash and put two fingers through the second hole, reaching towards the cock, and the giver understood and twisted their body a little and I could feel his balls there, big and full and hairy and I did my best to stroke them while keeping my mouth sliding up and down, and now the cock pulsed once, and again, and began pumping from those balls up the long length of his shaft and it did reach to my stomach in long spurts.

I was sure of it as it pooled there from repeated thrusts and pumps and my fingers on his balls felt them even as they became depleted and slightly smaller. I slurped up to the head and very gently sucked on it like a giant straw in a milkshake, and it lessened as it coated my tongue, and I held it there until it seemed the last drop was mine, and I swallowed and smacked my lips together, before holding the limping prick and cleaned it all as lovingly as I could.

I sat back, exhausted and bloated from this cock when previously I thought I could take many, one after another; certainly not for the moment I couldn't. I jumped up quickly, stuffing my own hard cock straighter down my pants, and opened the door, wanting, hoping, to be at the washbasin when this cock well, its owner came out. I began washing my hands, and in the mirror I saw the cubicle door open and out stepped: my waiter, Master! I was dumbfounded; this slim body of a man possessed a gold medal-winning cock in his pants, how amazing!

He looked at my reflection, and lightly smiled "Did you enjoy your job for your Master, Anh?" I could only nod, hoping I didn't look like a drooling puppy, but I am sure I did when he said "You did well Anh - call me." He came to the basin beside where I was rinsing my hands and my mouth and face, and he pulled me up, dripping water and dug his tongue into my mouth, slurping and sliding it everywhere; "Oh, I taste nice, don't I Anh?" I nodded, bewildered at the change which had come over me in just a few short days…now I felt like a slave in front of his Master, and wasn't sure that was a good thing I had to assert myself somehow!

I lifted him, maybe only 50kgs, so similar to myself, and sat him on the end of the washbasin shelf, and I felt for his nipples; he had defined pectorals, and his nipples were hard in my fingers as I tweaked them strongly, "I will call you Master if you call me Mistress, and if we are equals em!" He squeaked, nodded his head and panted as I thrust my tongue into his mouth, pulling his head down after releasing his nipples, and letting him then relax.

"Oh, I wanted you to be a strong man, and I needed you show me that! Oh yes, Mistress, and please, please call me soon Mistress." I rinsed my face and mouth again, dried with tissues and left him there; at the table, Nin said "We are still waiting for him to come and take our money Anh; did you see our waiter?" "I passed him in the toilet em; he'll be back soon I am sure." I poured the remainder of my beer and drained my glass as he approached, taking the bill tray and money, smiling at me as he walked off.

"So, Ladies, are you ready to go?" "Yes Anh" said Tin "we'll come to your hotel room." She was definitely the older and more assertive, and I felt myself being gobbled up even before anything happened.

Handing Master waiter a large tip, we left, climbing on Nin's bike, but Tin pushed me into the middle behind Nin, while she grabbed my hips from behind, and I fell against her as Nin wheeled away, making me grab for her hips, which I was happy to hold all the way to the hotel, while Tin's dropped lower and lower down until they were delving into my groin, and she gasped behind me when she traced my hardness through my pants.

She put her lips to my ear and breathed "Oh, yes, Anh, this is what I am getting out soon; you are mine!" A night I would never forget (and I certainly remembered next day when I had to work and try and concentrate) began as soon as I got my key from Reception and we quietly entered my room where the quietness ended, with Tin pushing me against the door, and she squashed me there, and her mouth locked to mine as her hands began disrobing me.

Nin joined her and I could feel their cocks risen and pressing me from the front and the side, and I reached my hands to their breasts and felt their nipples within my fingers that's what I wanted: they could do to me what they would, I wanted breasts and cocks in my mouth, all at once would be wonderful, if impossible! My pants and briefs were pulled down by Tin, and my shirt taken off by Nin, and they dragged me to the bed and lay me spread-eagled, standing at the side and slowly removing their own clothes, tops and silky bras first and they truly did have nice breasts, not big, Tin's perhaps slightly more so, but well-formed mounds and the nipples I had been feeling already.

I groaned at the sight and they both smiled together as my mouth opened, and my cock throbbed up along my abdomen as they stared at it, rushing and competing against each other to finish first. I teased them then by running off the other side of the bed and to the bathroom I wanted to be clean and washed for this and needed brush the cigarettes and beer from my mouth.

They squealed and soon chased me in, but they had to stop and tie their hair up, and they stood there naked, and my eyes feasted: 3 cocks now erect in the bathroom, but 2 of them came with Ladies' bodies also, and they were beautiful: Tin, a year older, also had a slightly bigger cock to go with her slightly bigger breasts, but Nin had a more delicate sweetness about her, rather than the more slightly abrasive Tin, who I knew, with great anticipation, would take me just as she wanted without protest.

I could, and wanted, to swallow these cocks, but washed myself first and as they joined me, I jumped out and said I wanted to brush my teeth first: patience Ladies and I can't wait also, I said. As erotic as a shower stall is, for 3 of us it was slightly small, so I finished, dried myself as the girls washed themselves, and I ran back to the bed, laying on my side and waiting… Two bodies soon joined me, damp and urgent, Nin facing me and Tin at my rear and at my rear she was, her mouth already at my man-cunt and slurping her tongue up and down my crack.

I pulled Nin higher on the bed and my mouth went for her breasts, swallowing one whole within and sucking as one hand held her there, as my other hand reached between us to enclose her prick in my fingers and lightly stroke it, my own cock dripping on her abdomen, laid up lengthways.

Tin had turned and almost straddled me as her tongue worked feverishly and her breasts were beautifully squashed against my lower back, nipples hard enough to be poking at me. I opened my legs wider and she thrust her tongue in and along to my balls, and then she was gone, but only for a moment and then her cock, sheathed in a condom I guessed. She slicked it along my slit, and she was now cuddling my cock between me and Nin, and then she pressed it in, and I yelped as she took no mercy and just thrust once all of her inside.

"Oh, poor baby, did mummy hurt you?" My mouth came off Nin's breast and I carefully turned on to my knees, bring Tin's inserted cock with me and behind me, and I pushed at Nin to move her up the bed under me, my tongue and mouth edging down as she snuggled under, and when her cock came within mouth rang, I said "No!" My hands then had two breasts of Nin to fondle, my mouth had her cock to suck, and I was being used and abused by a hard, thrusting cock from Tin in my man-cunt.

Is this my new heaven on earth it felt like it could be and I willed it to be so. Tin was relentless, and I was glad she wasn't as big as Master Waiter that would have been abuse I thought! But Tin felt just right, and I pushed back at her inward thrusts and felt her groan every time, felt her and heard her, and that spurred my swallowing of Nin's cock, smaller and easily within my mouth so I could kiss her groin, hairless and smooth and use my tongue also easily to stimulate her.

Her nipples were twisted in my fingers and I wanted my tongue on them, but it was busy!

Tattooed babe sells her vinyl records and gets screwed

She put her hands to my head and eased my mouth off, as if she knew she was going to burst and didn't want to or maybe she knew her sister was going to blow, which Tin did after a rapid series of thrusts and she held herself in, and I wiggled my bottom around her cock and it came in me and I soaked it up: a flood of built-up cum, and it feels so wonderful coming into me, and I almost bit Nin's body, her cock, anything I could reach, but her hands held me off, and she was lightly giggling at my urgency.

In reality, I think Nin knew it was about to be her turn, and that was confirmed when Tin rolled exhausted to the side, and Nin gently squirmed out from under me, kissed my face and mouth on the way past, whispered "Your mouth is wonderful Anh, but I want your bottom so bad!" and she worked her way behind me, pushing Tin to move up the bed, before rolling me over so I was flat on my back and this, oh this, is what I dreamed of: a cock making love to me, into my man-cunt as Nin slipped straight in through the cum of Tin and shoved so I'd know she was there, and her breasts above me cock and breasts from one Lady!

Oh this is my new Heaven! And I had Tin's deflated, slimy cock to hold in my hand: I had it all now, and I was content to let them do all they wanted, as many times as they could and wanted, as long as my mouth and my man-cunt were filled. Tin was worn out, and she snuggled against my side, breasts tantalizingly close and squashed against me, while Nin picked my legs up, slung them over her shoulders and slammed into me.

Her slightly shorter-length prick was now compensated by being as close to groin-to-groin as possible and I opened my mouth to groan in delight. But now she was that much closer and I could just stick my tongue to her nipple when she hit hard inside me if I lifted up, and I moaned with the ecstasy, my cock twitching and painfully erect bobbing up towards Nin, but Tin woke enough to perhaps guess I needed release, and she snuck her head in between us, preventing me from tonguing Nin, but letting me reach her breasts as her mouth went on to my cock and sucked it slowly and lovingly.

But then she decided to put it to better use, and she straddled me, facing her sister, and sat her buttocks down, burying me in one go within her man-cunt.

But, oh that must have hurt, as she squealed and jumped off, but then took hold of me, and did it again, fully inside! Now I had somewhere to put my hands, even if no use for my mouth at the moment, and I caressed her back from her sweet buttocks, bouncing on me, up her back to stroke her neck and ears, and then stretched them under her arms to hold her breasts and play with nipples. She was so dominant, this lady Tin, and she surprised me again by holding my cock in and laying herself slowly back on my chest, my prick bending painfully but long enough to manage it, and she held my hands at her breasts and sighed.

We couldn't move in this new position, but Nin did the work as she shoved into me, this meant I was pushing in Tin, who held her body hard and got the double movement's worth, especially when Nin held her hips for both support and extra oomph!

I was near delirious with the sensations of all this wildness - the only thing missing was a cock to put my mouth around, and oh, the thought of 4 of us and the possibilities of that burst like stars into my imagination, and I burst and throbbed inside Tin, who groaned with the knowledge she was being filled, and Nin then did the same within me.

My hands were clenching Tin's nipples and breasts hard, and it was only later a second, a minute or ten…? I didn't know, but as I collapsed within her, and Nin fell forward on top of us both, my hands had to let her go and she moaned again, perhaps with relief. We stayed there until the pressure on me became painful more than sexual, and when Nin fell out of me, she also fell to the side, panting, but Tin stayed exactly where she was, and I was still within, and I stroked her with one hand and Nin with the other, and she offered her breasts to me now to caress by pushing herself up the bed and into the crook of my arm.

Amazingly, I dozed off to sleep! I only stirred when Tin levered herself up and sloppily pulled off my prick; she sat between my legs for a few moments and then had to stumble to the bathroom, and I heard her noisily squirting into the toilet while emitting gasps and groans.

After the shower was running, and Nin dragged herself up, looking down at me, smiling, and she leaned to me and gave me her mouth to kiss, my tongue plunging inside like she had in my man-cunt earlier.

I held her to me until she too had to groan and get off the bed and go also to the toilet, but I just lay there, dazed and dozed without moving, flat on the bed, my legs still splayed wide, as indeed my buttocks felt splayed wide, used mercilessly by the girls and now needing recovery time.

Tin emerged, but Nin must be having a shower; soon they were both dressed and said they had better go their mother would be wondering why they were so late, and when I glanced at the clock, yes it was midnight, and that would be late for 2 Uni girls living at home. I stood, without clothes, my cock dangling, and we embraced and kissed and smiled.

They left without further words - perhaps sure we would be in contact again, and I went for a shower, and tried to go straight to sleep, at least remembering to set my alarm. I couldn't, so I got up and did some housekeeping things like pick up my clothes from the floor near the door where they had been stripped!

I emptied my pockets so I could fold them up, hang them up, put my money on the desk with my cigarettes and the piece of paper with 'Master Waiter's' number. When my cock rose just by looking at the writing, I had to text him: 'I am alone in my hotel, want to cum with me?' I added an inserted rose symbol and a happy smile, and signed it 'Mistress' and let what Fate would deal as I pressed send.

What I wanted was a cock in my mouth, and my Waiter had the biggest and best I had yet handled and I wanted some more, my mouth being the only orifice not more than satisfied tonight, and my cock was yearning for one, as surprising as that seemed.

While having these thoughts, my phone beeped, and the text asked for my hotel and room; I responded, and he answered '15 minutes there'. I had just showered, but I did so again, and shaved, and I shaved my groin oh, what a different sight that was! I would have shaved the hairs in my man-cunt, but was too afraid of cutting myself!! I also, however, shaved my chest hairs I didn't have a lot and I felt so womanly!

I cleaned my teeth, and debated, waiting on my knees at the door for a cock to come through no, that was hardly the sign of an equal!

Gosh I was excited and as tired as my whole body felt, my mouth was ready and it loved its new job of the past few days, and it wasn't yet tired; it wanted a cock inside, and it couldn't wait for the big cock that should be almost here.

Oh gosh… I phoned Reception and told them: 'a friend coming, it was ok to send him up" oh, yes, UP! He knocked on the door, and I opened it very fast; his lithe body entered, and not for the first time, we kissed as he put his tongue down my throat and his hands pushed down the shorts I had thrown on and feeling my cock and newly-shaved body; whatever status we had, or I tried to have, I melted when he was actually here caressing me, but I tried, and I also reached up to undo buttons, grasp his nipples, and he squeaked: good, we had become equals again, but I wanted his cock more!

He held me away for a moment, breaking the kiss to ask "Did you just shave for me Anh that's my sweet baby-man! Can I shower first, Anh, I just finished work, and want to be clean for us?" I led him to the bathroom, found a new spare, dry towel in the drawer outside and watched as he stripped, smiling in expectation, but I wanted to prolong the excitement, so I went out, got a beer and a cigarette and went on the balcony, naked but uncaring at this late hour.

But in fact, someone was also on their balcony to my right, and I turned when I heard a slight cough; a lady was leaning on the wall, close to me, staring; "That's a nice body you have Anh, you have a special use for it?" "For pleasuring men and lady-men, especially with my mouth, and I blew her a kiss, and went inside, cock up! Oh, this Life is exciting, and happening so fast; I didn't close the balcony doors or curtains, and I was pretty sure he this new Lady-Man could see inside as my Waiter emerged from the bath, naked and hanging big balls and cock taking my attention.

"What is your name, em, that's the first thing?" "Nickname is John, my family wanted a girl and called me 'Junio', but I knew I was a man and I use 'John'." He asked mine and I told him, and then I went outside, crushed out my cigarette without looking but she was there and turned to go inside, to the bathroom and clean my teeth yet again, and then I came and clasped John to me and let our cocks mingle and dance as I caressed him, pushing him to the bed, and laying him there, his cock gorgeously pointing up: up at me.

Before, in the restaurant, he must have been holding it straight through, but now, in the open, it was dark and curved…and up. Oh my, I knew what to do, so I turned around and 69'd with John, allowing his cock to curve straight in and down my throat, perfect position as my lips came to his slightly hairy groin, and to his big balls, full again as my fingers cradled them, and I began my work: my mouth and lips and tongue everywhere on his hard shaft, and under to swallow that scrotum.

I didn't care what he did to me, or even did nothing at all: it was him and his cock I wanted, whatever he wanted he could have!

And he bit me in his haste to also have me in his lips, and I yelped, but even as I did I pried open his legs to lay wider and went back down on him and now my concentration was only on stimulating John to give me his essence, to fill my belly. Perhaps I am good at this new job, perhaps he doesn't last so long; it doesn't matter, soon, within my fingers at his scrotum, I could feel it expanding and pulsing, and I buried my mouth down to the end of his shaft, my teeth able to be at his groin as his prick was deep in my throat: and I got it, up through his penis that life-making sperm juice came and it pumped into me, and straight down, and I was filled and fulfilled as it spurted and came and soaked my insides.

He relaxed on my cock, hard and equally long in his lips, but now I realized he hadn't taken me all didn't matter because he was moaning and breathlessly saying "Oh! Oh! Yes, yes." and that was all I needed to hear to feel pleased I had done a good job. But now John pulled away altogether, told me 'that was so very beautiful Anh; I have to go home' - and he dressed and left!

What was that all about, was all I could ask myself? I was nearly crying I thought he had enjoyed my mouth, and I didn't ask him to do anything, yet he could have done anything he felt like…what was the problem. Ok, ok, I told myself, calm down; maybe that is all he wanted; maybe the time, maybe he had to be home and couldn't stop to explain…better to think good thoughts, not bad or confused ones, so I took a deep breath and relaxed. I took my unfinished beer from the fridge, a new cigarette and ambled to the balcony…"What happened, he left so fast, when you did such a good, beautiful job?" came the question from my neighbour.

"I don't know" I replied, sadly looking over at her, shrouded in the absence of lights. 'My name is Dinh - open your door Anh" she said abruptly and curtly, and such was the tone I didn't dare disobey; I nodded, put my cigarette out in the ashtray, and poured my remaining beer in the flower pot, and headed to the door as she disappeared inside her room.

As I reached my door, a knock came on the other side; I opened it to a mouth bent across to find mine and a body covered in a black 'teddy' only, hard and wanting, and breasts pushing me to the bed. I guessed I was about to be dominated again by the roughness of the entrance to my room, but my body tingled at the thought of another experience with and I looked at a cock and breasts uncovered now oh yes, a Lady-Man! And now I knew this is to be my new Life: I can suck cocks, men or lady-men, and love it; but to make love, to feel love: that must be a Lady-Man!

It was oh so clear to me as Dinh lay me down on the bed, lying on top of me, her cock stimulating mine, but hers hard and strong and mine just there for her, but her breasts on me: oh that was a Lady to my willing Man. "Take me any way you want em; I am yours now." "I know" she said in a sweet, tiny voice which quickly became more powerful as she continued "and I will take you Anh 'Steve' is it…I asked at Reception." Oh my, she must have been interested before in me!

I nodded, and it didn't matter because she was looking down and she clearly wanted to suck me before fucking me, and only because I have long arms was I able to touch her at all as she slid down my body, my nipples sucked in passing, my flat belly, as she moved to what she wanted, and she held me in her hand as she opened her mouth and moved over the head of my prick on to my shaft. But that wasn't all she wanted as she stuck a finger, then two in her mouth along my shaft, soaked them in saliva, and stroked them quickly down my balls and around to my man-cunt: her objective.

Then she came back to wet her fingers again. Oh, and now she took them straight to my bum-hole, and pressed one and then two inside, loosening and wetting it, and I jumped into her mouth; she pressed one hand against my bony pelvis and held me down, while sucking me, and I wanted her breasts, but they were out of reach!

Dinh released my cock from her mouth and slid her tongue down my balls, closing them in her mouth for a few moments, then up the sensitive join from balls to my man-cunt, and her tongue was heaven as she stroked my cock still with her hand, until she let it slip out and pulse against my abdomen as she spread my legs and reared herself up in the air and slid upwards, and I could feel her cock on the skin of my thighs, and I was ecstatic, and waiting…but she only tickled me with her cock and took it away!

I moaned with an empty feeling, but she put her hands on my hips and urged me over, and as my bum passed her, she thrust her tongue there, and I yelped with joy that she was back! Now I understood, as Dinh took control totally, keeping me on my knees, spreading them and now sliding up along my body, and her breasts were so wonderful sliding on my back, nipples dimpling me, and her mouth slurping the way ahead, then she entered me.

It was not unexpected, but it was slow and beautiful, her cock sliding in, joining with me, making me Hers as I wanted; making me her man-woman as I wanted, and I sighed with happiness and would have collapsed, but her hands under my pelvis held me up and she began pumping strongly in and out, and I shook my long hair around my face as she shuffled her own knees further up between my legs to push inside hard and strong&hellip.

Oh wonderful lady: she found my hair band, which I had thrown off, and she slowed and stayed hard inside while she twisted my hair and put the band on to stop it flying loose oh, she had won me with such consideration! I could Love such a Lady-Man no serious problem only one of acceptance by others.

She could have learned her love-making techniques from the same teacher I had: deep and shallow, short insertions, long ones, different numbers of shallow strokes before a full, hard, deep plunge, or several deep plunges before withdrawing to the entrance. All designed to keep me on edge, waiting, unknowing what next was to come, and I hoped: prolonging her pleasure and time for release.

Oh, and she was strong and could last a long time, and I was feeling erotic beyond anything ever before, and more beautiful. As if reading my thoughts, Dinh leaned down and kissed my back and said "You are beautiful to make love to Anh, and I feel I could do this more, and often with you." I held myself up by one arm and reached the other behind me to stroke whatever of her I could reach, and managed to find her breast and caress a hardened nipple, but I had to let go to support myself and push back to get her buried in me to her hilt, and I moaned loudly "Oh yes please!" Now she gave me the ultimate of my desires: she slipped out, both moaning, pushed me down and over, and sliding between my legs again, she re-entered me to the depths until our groins were joined as one and she was able to lay her breasts down on my chest and her face within reach of mine.

I kissed her hair and her cheeks and her ears and now my hands could truly caress her beautifully smooth breasts, hold them enclosed and show her my new-found love was total.

She turned her face up and, on each in thrust she made, her lips reached for mine and I was given a quick kiss, sometimes a longer one when she held herself in, but she was torturing me by withdrawing and never let me have all the time I wanted!

I moved my hands to stroke her back, up and down and next push I held her. I buried my tongue in her mouth and my hands on her hips keeping her up, and she allowed me, and I couldn't help it: my cock, squashed between us facing up our abdomens, just exploded at this momentous joining of a lady-man making love with his man-woman, and I coated us both with spurts of sperm-less semen, but my offering nevertheless.

I was euphoric when I now felt her own cock begin pulsing within me, and I returned my hands to her breasts and pulled on her nipples and kissed her hair and head until she reared up and began hard, relentless and powerfully deep slams into me, and I squeaked and groaned as she began pumping her own love juice inside me, and I was filled to overflowing with both it and with feelings which burst in me, and I knew we had reached the Clouds, and the Rain was falling for us.

It was a new life, and it was wonderful; Dinh wanted someone, and I wanted someone; this must = the two of us. She fell flat on my chest and I stroked her with deep feelings as she spasmed a few more times, dribbles of her tickling me inside, and I kissed her head. I was smiling with heavenly satisfaction, physically and emotionally, for the first time for some time. Tin and Nin were beautiful Lady-Men, and they had taken what they wanted from my body and it had felt great!

But there was this new feeling with Dinh, at least from me even if she had hardly spoken and I could not presume to know her feelings for me…but I could be hopeful, right? I did have some thoughts of Bo, who had, after all, introduced me to this lifestyle, but I hoped I could handle both without hurting anyone.

She shrank inside me gosh, this is such a new, wonderful feeling also and slipped out with a final suck of juices, and crawled up my body, her wet cock level with mine, and our abdomens sliding in my ejected juices, up to kiss me with a beautiful passion.

Then she rolled to my side and pulled me over with her arm under my neck to cuddle me, and I was lying against her breast in the crook of her arm, like a baby being brought to suckle. "Do you have anyone in your life, Anh?" Dinh asked quietly. "There is a wife in Thailand, but we are just friends now; I am sure she has a boy or girlfriend she was a lesbian before we married, but if she is happy that's fine, I don't mind." "Here, I seem to have had a lot of casual sex and the Lady-Man who introduced me to it yes, she is special, and I must be honest: I have also found I love sucking cocks, anybody's and any number!

But, this with you Dinh oh that gave me emotions which told me I feel you are special. Do you feel something for an old man like me?" She squeezed me against her, and I was unable to resist seeking the milk I wanted from her nipple and I suckled on it gently, able to hear her answer "I don't find you old, Anh Steve, and yes, I felt it also; this must continue Anh, I won't let you go away from me, believe me." I hugged her to me and to my mouth tighter, but had to release to exclaim "But I will be going back to my office in HCMC in another 2 days, em, what do we do then?" "That's ok, Anh, I am only here for business too; I live there also.

We will be together, Anh believe me." She was dominant, but I didn't mind at this moment, she was a Beautiful Lady who wanted me, and I was willing to give myself to her. Dinh said "You like to suck, well…my cock wants you to suck it now Anh." Thus a new life began. (End of Part 3)