Italia christie gets her pussy banged in hardcore cfnm action

Italia christie gets her pussy banged in hardcore cfnm action
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This is my first story. It will be in multiple parts. Criticism, constructive or otherwise, is welcomed. Compliments too. I was a student at Princeton University when I started working for the Slaters as their kids' nanny. Don, a very successful attorney at a prestigious law firm, with a dominant, take-charge personality was in his late thirties. He was hot, hot, hot; a tall, broad-shouldered, muscular, dark haired charismatic man who knew what he wanted and how to get it.

His wife Amanda, a beautiful spoiled rich-bitch from a wealthy prominent family was used to a life of leisure and had no desire to be saddled down with taking care of their children.

I took the desperately needed job to pay my mounting bills. I was at Princeton on a scholarship that did not come remotely close to covering my numerous expenses. Since I couldn't afford to live on campus and the two-bedroom apartment that I shared with four others was starting to get to me, being a live-in nanny in a large beautiful estate home seemed ideal; it eliminated the costs I incurred from room and board.

I had a large bedroom and private bath at the far end of the house far from the other bedrooms which gave me all the quiet solitude I needed; it was perfect for marathon cram-sessions when studying for midterms and finals.

As the school year came to an end, I worked for the Slaters from early morning to after the kids went to bed. Mrs. Slater spent little to no time with the kids. She was constantly on the go with all of her activities, charity functions she chaired, long leisurely lunches with her girlfriends after tennis or golf at the exclusive country club and riding her horse at the equestrian club.

As time passed my feelings for the kids grew stronger, and so did Jon's lust for me. There were many times I would catch him watching me, staring at me; it began to make me uncomfortable. Because of Jon and Amanda's many dinner functions, my hours were often extended to being responsible for the kids overnight. After putting the kids to bed I would read, watch a little TV or spend some time enjoying the pool or the hot tub.


I prefer to swim in the nude but that was not an option since I didn't want to take the chance of being caught in my birthday suit. Instead, I slipped into my skimpiest bikini, the closest I could get to being nude, ease into the water and start swimming; gliding effortlessly doing laps or just floating on my back gazing at the stars.

I usually managed to leave the pool and be dressed before the Slaters got home but one night I stayed in a bit too long. Just as I was getting out of the pool I saw Jon heading towards me. I looked around, searching for a towel I could use to cover up, but there wasn't one to be found; I had forgotten to take one. As I headed towards the steps, leaving the pool area, I could feel his lustful stare burning into me from his piercing blue eyes.

I thought I was about to be reprimanded for leaving the kids alone in the house while I was outside, down at the pool. His eyes surveyed my body from head to toe as I walked towards him; his focus on my body in the clinging thin wet fabric of my thong bikini.

I normally saved this type of bikini for showing off my sexy body as I strolled along the beach. It accentuated all of my assets; the top barely covered my nipples on my large firm breasts and the bottom barely covered the lips of my plump pussy.

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Seeing me in this bikini drove men wild; it left just enough to the imagination causing them to salivate at the thought of my hidden sensuous treasures that they desperately wanted to uncover.

As I got closer, only a few feet from him, he stood firm blocking my way. "How's the water?" he asked as his eyes consumed every inch of my body. "It great; it feels really good." I nervously replied as I waited for him to step out of my way.

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"Next time, I'll join you and we can enjoy it together" His eyes went on perusing my body while he continued to block my way. "I really should go. It's late and I've got to get up early to take care of the kids." I responded, ignoring his comment; hoping he would move. "Or you can stay and take care of me." He took hold of my hand and held it against the bulge in his pants as he continued to stare at me while he slowly rubbed it over the length of his huge cock.

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I could feel its thickness and how it twitched from the feeling of my hand before I broke free of his grasp. I quickly went around him, rushed to get into the house, and up to my room before he followed.

I removed my wet bikini and hopped into bed. Thoughts about what just happened kept me awake; I knew it was only a matter of time before he made a more aggressive move on me. What should do? I really need this job. I had to avoid being alone with him.

I tossed and turned all night, at last, in the wee hours of the morning, I finally drifted off to sleep. I was entangled in the covers when I opened my eyes and stretched as the warmth of the morning sun caressed my naked body. I always slept in the nude; I love the feeling of the soft prima cotton sheets against my skin. Not wanting to waste any of the time I had left to myself, I hopped in the shower and bathed quickly.

I thought about hanging out by the pool with the kids as I enjoyed the warmth of the sun on my soft golden skin. As the water streamed down my body, I thought about how much I missed my ex-boyfriend; the touch of his hands caressing my body, the warmth of his mouth on my breasts as he sucked and tickled my nipples and rolled his tongue all round them.

I turned off the water and rushed out before my mind took me further.


I dried off quickly; douse my body with sun screen before putting on a less revealing swimsuit than the one I wore last night. I chose a bikini, not my usual thong bikini that showed my perfect bubble butt, but one that did all it could do to cover my fleshy pussy and most of my butt. I knew I was still smoking-hot but I did the best I could do to cover up my assets with what I had to work with. I then headed downstairs in my short cover-up to have a quick bite before the kids got up putting an end to my free time.

Mrs. Slater was heading out-of-town to go to a fundraiser with some of her country-club friends; she would be gone the entire weekend. I said good morning to her and asked a few questions about the fundraiser, feigning interest. She just looked at me and smiled, then said she was running late.

Jon then came in and gave her a kiss goodbye while staring at me; blatantly undressing me with his eyes then said good morning to me. After last night's proposition, I saw Jon differently. I could not stop wondering about his cock, knowing what was under his bathrobe. I wondered if I was causing his loins to stir as he watched me. Does he find what lies beneath my transparent cover-up so enticing that he would go to any lengths to have it?

As I finished nibbling on some fruit while sitting at the kitchen island, I watched him as he sat across the room at the kitchen table perusing the newspaper. Each nibble caused juices to run down my chin which I tried to catch by swirling my tongue all around licking my wet juicy lips. My sexually implicative actions were innocent even though they didn't appear that way.

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On occasion my sticky hands went up to rub a knot I had in my stiff neck. Jon asked me if I was alright since I kept rubbing and bending my neck from side to side; the stiffness resulting from the tension of my restless night. "You look like you could use a good massage," he said as he headed towards where I was sitting. "You'll be amazed at what these hands can do." Jon stood behind me and started to rub my neck.

As his warm hands worked its magic on my neck, I knew his fingers wanted to work on lower parts of my body. "You're really tense; relax. Am I hurting you?" he stopped for a moment waiting for a response.

"You're so tight!" I'm sure he was thinking, 'I bet that's not the only thing that's so tight.' "No, it feels good." I jumped down from the stool and started to move away; my actions contradicting my reply. With a determined look on his face, Jon came up behind me, placed his hands on my shoulders then led me out of the kitchen and into the family room.

"C'mon, lie down and let me finish before the kids get up." "No thanks Mr. Slater. I'll be ok; I really don't need a massage." I said hoping to deter his actions. "Call me Jon. You don't have to be so formal. No more calling me Mr. Slater, ok." He completely ignored what I said and continued to lead me to the sofa. He pulled the string lace tie on the back of my cover-up that held it in place.

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After it became untied, he slipped it off of my shoulders letting it fall to the floor before guiding me down onto the sofa and onto my stomach. I thought, 'I really should just get up and leave. Will he try something? Calm down; don't overreact. What could he possibly do when the kid will be up soon?' I remained on the sofa even though my gut feeling was I'm making a huge mistake. As I looked up at him, I watched Jon's eyes scan the entire length of my body stopping for a moment at my butt before he sat down and resumed the massage he started in the kitchen.

"This position isn't working." He got up then straddled my body. Even though I was uncomfortable being in such a position with Mr. Slater after what happened last night, the feeling of his warm strong hands on my skin massaging me was beginning to stir a deep sexual yearning causing me to squirm.

As he leaned over while massaging me, I kept feeling something warm lightly dragging against my back that definitely wasn't his hands. 'What is that?' I wondered as his massaging went from my stiff neck then moved on to my shoulders. "Close your eyes and relax. You're still very tense. I can make you feel so much better if you just relax." he coaxed. As his hand went from my shoulders and worked their way lower and lower down my back I finally figured out what was dragging against me.

It was his dick! He wasn't wearing anything under his bathrobe! It was his dick that had lightly dragged against my butt and my back as his fingers worked on me. I felt his hands moving lower and lower to where the tip of his fingers began touching my butt crack. I jumped up suddenly and onto my feet causing him to fall back onto the sofa. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry," I stammered as I started backing away.

He just smiled as he reached out, grabbed my hand and pulled me onto his lap. I instantly felt the bulge of his hard cock against my ass. "Am I making you uncomfortable?" he asked, whispering into my ear as the tip of his tongue grazed it. "You know I'd never hurt you or doing anything you didn't want me to do," he proclaimed as he wrapped his arms around my waist holding me firmly then placed a gentle kiss on my shoulder.

My heart was racing; my mind was racing. Thoughts flooded my mind from fear of what he would do next, from feeling his warm breath on my neck, from feeling the bulge of his hard cock against my ass.

I kept thinking, 'What should I do?' I sat there quietly, pondering how to handle the situation. I really need this job. It paid really well; it covered my expenses and paid off some of my mounting bills. I can't afford Princeton without it. I started to squirm and attempted to get up from his lap but he just held me firmly in place.

"Relax. don't be in such a hurry. The kids are still asleep." As I shifted my position on his lap I could feel the unmistakable twitch of his cock's growing erection. Jon shifted so that his large stiff cock was now positioned between my ass cheeks; the head of his cock was poking up rubbing against my pussy! "Mmmm… that's much better." he said as he began grinding his cock against me while he continued to hold me firmly in his lap. One of his hands began to travel landing between my legs, onto my crotch.

He rubbed and squeezed my mound then said softly, "I can feel the heat emanating from within your pussy lips. I bet it's even warmer deep inside." He then ran his fingers along the edges of my bikini bottom attempting to slip them in.

Just as two of his finger maneuvered their way in and were touching my pussy lips, we heard the thunderous sounds of the kids running down the stairs. He released his hold on me and abruptly stood up, propelling me from his lap. As I turned around and looked at him, I could see his rock hard cock pointing straight out like a flagpole protruding from his loosened bathrobe. I first looked down at the huge bulbous head then looking up, I met his lustful eyes.

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He wrapped his robe firmly and tied the belt so that his boner was no longer peeking through. As the kids bolted into the family room excitedly racing towards me, Jon quickly exited before they had a chance to see the tent his hard cock formed in his robe. Throughout the day I caught Jon leering at me with unmistakable lust. I did everything I could to avoid being alone with him for more than a moment; I kept the kids close at hand. While the kids and I were on the floor in the family room playing a board game Jon came in and lied down on the sofa.

"Daddy come play with us" the kids said in unison urging Jon to join us. "Maybe later. Just let me relax for awhile." Jon said as he pulled up the light-weight blanket, covering himself just past his waist. The kids' backs were turned to him but I was facing his direction and could see how he watched me incessantly.

Although I tried not to look at him, I would occasionally glance to see whether he was still staring at me. I was surprised by what I saw the next time I glanced over at him; he was stroking his stiff cock underneath the cover as he kept his eyes locked on me.

A very noticeable blush covered my face and Sara asked if I was alright. I said I was ok and then did everything I could do to rush through the game so we could leave the room. While the kids and I were in the kitchen finishing lunch, Jon overheard the kids squealing about wanting to swim and he immediate used the opportunity to be alone with me by sending them upstairs to their rooms to change into their swimsuits. As I turned to follow them Jon grabbed my wrist, stopping me from leaving, then moved in close to me and whispered into my ear.

"They can handle it all by themselves. Why don't you stay and take care of me." he said in a low suggestive voice. I froze like a deer caught in a car's headlights; paralyzed and confused as to what I should do. He then wrapped his arms around me holding me closely while grinding his hard-on against my ass.

He slipped his hand into my cover-up from the deep plunging v-neckline then cupped and squeezed my full breasts. After slipping my tits out of what little there was of my bikini top, his mouth immediately found a nipple to latch onto. He vigorously, sucked, nibbled and flicked my taunt brown nipples like they were a delicious treat from which he had been deprived.

"You have such great tits, large firm succulent tits. They're so much nicer than Amanda's." he groaned in between switching to my other breast and sucking and nibbling on it.

Moments later, he went back to rubbing and grinding his boner up and down against my ass as his hands roamed. His breathing became heavier after he slipped one of his hands into my bikini bottom and started fingering my pussy. "Mr. Slater please don't, please stop." I begged in a frightened quivering voice as tears rolled down my cheeks. He ignored my plea and whispered into my ear, "You're so wet. My cock is aching to feel your wet little pussy wrapped around it." He pulled one of the leg openings of my bikini bottom to the side as he pushed the head of his cock against my moist slit.

A deep guttural groan escaped from him as he thrust his cock, penetrating my warm wet depths deeply and then held it there. "Oh my god, you're sweet pussy is so tight." he moaned as he began to slowly slide his twitching rod in and out of my warm wet silky sheath.

"Oh god, oh god your pussy feels so good." As we heard the kids racing down the stairs, Jon pulled out of my cunt and went back to the sofa in the family room while I hurried to get my bikini top and bottom back in place.

I followed the kids outside and down to the pool. Once the kids were doused with sunscreen and went racing into the pool, I removed my cover-up then lied down on my stomach on one of the lounge chairs as I watched the kids frolic in the pool while I read.

Jon came outside after awhile and joined us. I nervously looked at him knowing that he would find a way to grope me. "You look like you could use some sunscreen, you're starting to burn." he said as his eyes lustfully scanned my body. "I'm OK; I just put&hellip." He grabbed the bottle and immediately squirted some on my back then proceeded to rub it in; completely ignoring what I was saying. His hands traveled up my back and around, rubbing closer and closer to my breast then his fingers slipped under my top without the kids noticing.

I didn't know what to do or say without it being seen or overheard by the kids. After rubbing and squeezing my breast for awhile, he moved his assault lower. As his hands rubbed sunscreen on the back of my legs they traveled higher and higher up my thighs then slipped into my bikini bottom unnoticed by the kids then started to rub and squeeze my mound. He became even bolder and started probing; working his fingers all around, pinching my fleshy lips then rubbing my clit before slipping two fingers deep into my pussy.

"You're even wetter than you were earlier… I can feel you pussy squeezing my fingers. You like this, don't you." he whispered to me as he continued to rub my clit with his thumb as his two fingers remained deep in my quivering canal. What he was doing was so wrong but the gentle caresses felt sooooo good. My wet pussy and heavy breathing confirmed that my body was enjoying his exploitation; he started to finger fuck me then went back to massaging my clit.

My face felt warm and flushed out of embarrassment and from my pussy's reactions to what Jon was doing.


My twat began to pulse and quiver as an orgasm was building in me, getting closer and closer to exploding when he suddenly stopped and whispered, "We'll continue this later" then walked over to the pool and dove in.

He got me so horny all I could think of was how much I wanted what he started to be finished. I was left with an ache deep in my groin; I desperately needed to get off!

Jon swam, splashed, and played in the pool with the kids for quite some time much to their delight before he made his next move on me. He called out for me to join them in the pool. "Toni, c'mon in. Come cool off, the water feels great". The kids also called and begged me to join them as I remained on the lounger. "Maybe later." I replied, trying to stay out of the pool while Jon was there.

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I knew that if I went in, Jon would find a way to grope and fondle me, maybe try more. After my last refusal to join them, I saw Jon whisper something to the kids which made them giggle. He then climbed out of the pool, walked over to where I was sitting, scooped me up in his arms, tossed me in then dove in after me. I swam to the far side of the pool so I could keep my distance from his probing hands and dick. As I clung to the wall getting ready to climb out, I felt strong arms wrap around my waist pulling me back into the pool, far away from the wall.

I was then propelled into the air and flung further into the pool far from the safety of my escape route. The kids squealed with delight and begged Jon to do the same to them. "Do me, do me." the kids begged. Once I'm done with Toni." he promised. The smug look on his face told me that he was going to use it as an opportunity to have his way with me using the pretense of playing to cover his actions from the watchful eyes of the kids.After being groped and tossed again, I once more, attempted to exit the pool only to be pulled back by Jon.

This time he forcibly wrapped my legs around his waist holding them firmly against his body. I could feel his unencumbered hard-on rubbing against my pussy lips through the thin fabric of my bikini bottom; he apparently had slipped his cock out of his swim trunks.

As I struggled to free my legs and push away from him, the kids laughed thinking we were just playing. "C'mon, let me go, please…" I pleaded. "Not yet." he said as he laughed with a wicked smile on his face.

Again, Jon used this opportunity to make an even bolder move. He then started to slide me up and down against his now rock-hard erection, causing a spark to ignite inside of me, rekindling my desperate desire to cum into a raging blaze. Each time he slid me up he found a way to pull my bikini bottom away from my pussy giving him clear access.

The next time I was brought down, I felt the tip of his thick cock slide into my horny pussy. He continued to do this and with each descent of my body his long thick rod slipped deeper and deeper into my quivering canal; I was being fucked right there in the pool in front of the kids! My breathing became heavier as I felt my orgasm building; my pussy clenched his thrusting rod tighter and tighter as low moaning sounds escaped from me.

"You really like the way I play, don't you…" he said while he continued to plunge deep into my clinging cunt. Up and down, in and out he continued satisfying his lust and building mine.

I had closed my eyes as I became lost in the pleasure his hard plunging cock was giving me when unexpectedly, he brought me down hard on his cock and with a forceful thrust he shot his warm cum deep into my gripping cunt. He whispered into my ear, "That was only a taste. I'm far from done with you; maybe I'll let you cum next time." then pulled out of me, once again, leaving me on the brinks of an orgasm. Then he flung me up and away causing a big splash which the kids thought was awesome and wanted him to do the same to them.

As I looked back at him, I could see that same smirk he had the last time he got me close to having an orgasm then left me wanting more. *************************** The day's activities exhausted the kids. After dinner they were ready to head off to bed even though it was way before their bedtime. "Sara, Robbie. Go on upstairs, get into your pajamas and brush your teeth, I'll be up in a few minutes to tuck you in" Jon said rushing the kids off to bed. When I started to follow the kids, Jon grabbed my wrist once again stopping me from leaving.

My heart raced as I watched the kids disappear upstairs; I knew once they were out of sight he would be all over me. He wasted no time before pulling me close to him, wrapping his arms around me forcibly keeping me pressed tightly against his body. I could feel his dick getting harder as it rubbed against my ass.

He whispered into my ear as he squeezed my tits, "I've wanted to sink my cock in your tight little pussy from the first time I met you. Fucking you in the pool in front of the kids was really hot; I want to fuck you in the hot tub next time we're out there." When his hands started traveling south I knew his destination would be that warm moist place between my legs.

"After having a taste of your sweet thing today, I want much more. I'm going to fuck your tight little juicy cunt every chance I get and I've got one right now." While holding me firmly, he forced me to walk over to the kitchen island until I was pressed against it. My head was pushed down forcing me to lean over onto the countertop. My cover-up was pushed up to my waist, as he said, "Honey, don't cry, I promise to fuck you until you cum this time." then leaned over me and kissed my tear-stained cheek.

One firm tug was all it took for him to tear my bikini bottom off which now exposed what he wanted to get to. He rubbed his dick up and down against my warm slit a few times mixing the pre-cum dripping from his cock with my wetness. He grunted as he slipped his rod deep into my moist tunnel then rhythmically thrust in and out, enjoying the incredible sensation of its warm tight silkiness.

"I love watching my cock going in and out of your tight pussy and bumping off of the warm soft golden skin of your firm perfect bubble butt." When he pulled out of me, I thought that he had come to his senses and decided to stop what he was doing given the risk of being caught by the kids.

Instead, he turned me around, picked me up and set me down onto the kitchen island's countertop then spread my legs wide open. A deep guttural groan came from him as he gazed upon my smooth hairless pussy, "Mmm…such a delicious succulent treat." "Mr. Slater, Jon stop, please…" I started to tell him 'don't' but my words were cut off by his mouth as it pressed against mine. As his tongue explored my mouth, I could smell alcohol on his breathe from the drinking he had done all afternoon.

As he kissed me with a passionate hunger that needed to be satiated as two of his fingers made their way deep into my pussy. A muffled moan escaped my lips as he slowly finger-fucked me while my tingling snatch clenched and tried to pull him in deeper.

When his kisses moved down my neck and onto a taunt nipple, I once again attempted to ask him to stop even though my wet clenching cunt conveyed a completely different message. "Please&hellip." this time my words were cut off by the same two fingers he just pulled out of pussy which he then pressed against my mouth. I could hear the kids playing upstairs from the baby monitor that I used to listen to what's going on, ensuring they were ok when I was downstairs and they were upstairs.

Jon knew that from the sounds the kids were making, they were preoccupied and he would have all the time he needed to have his way with me. "Shsss, not another word," he said softly. "I'm sure you wouldn't want the kids to hear us.

Just how long do you think you'll have your job or any other nanny job if the kids find us this way? We both know how much you want to feel my thick throbbing cock in your hot little discontent pussy." he uttered as his mouth made its way down to my cunt. He lowered his head so his tongue was placed where his fingers had been then swirled it all around tasting, rubbing, teasing every inch, dipping it as deep in my juicy hole as far as it could go.

Then he sucked my clit and savored the taste of my juices as he firmly rolled my nipples between his finger and thumb; hard enough to elicit sensuous tingling, but not so hard that it was painful. I grabbed his unyielding head and pushed it deeper into my dripping cunt. "Ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhhh…" gasping moans escaped my lips as the tingling feeling from a budding orgasm grew deep in my quivering tunnel. He came up from my cunt and said, "You have such a sweet pussy; so warm and wet, so tight.

I want you so badly it hurts. Feel how much I want you." He took my hand and wrapped it around his hot throbbing engorged shaft. He slid my butt forward to the very edge of the counter, then used my hand to guide his thick twitching pole into my wet wanton hole.

"You want me as much as I want you, don't you." He slowly pushed his rod deeper into my clinging cunt then stopped. "You like having my long thick meat deep in your tight teenage pussy, don't you.

Tell me to fuck you hard and make you cum." He was right. I was really horny from being left unfulfilled earlier; I did need a cock, I needed his long, thick, forceful cock to get me off. My clinging pussy longed for his hard throbbing shaft; I desperately wanted him to fuck me until I came. My quivering, hungry twat squeezed his thick throbbing pole attempting to pull it in even deeper but he did not move.

"C'mon baby, tell me. Tell me to fuck you hard and make you cum. Say it!" he demanded. Driven by my uncontrollable unfilled desires, my need to feel his thick long cock deep in my pussy, I rocked my hips back and forth and began to fuck his rock hard tool by sliding it in and out as he remained still. He gripped my ass and pushed me firmly against him forcing his cock all the way in to the hilt before grinding his groin against mine while we were firmly pressed against each other then he stopped and prevented me from moving.

"You want it, you say it, "Fuck me hard and make me cum."" he ordered. I couldn't stand it any longer. I needed his thick meat to pound my pussy. I needed to feel it thrusting deeply in and out; I needed to feel it rubbing, stimulating my clit. I needed to feel his hot thick meat hitting my g-stop. I needed him to fuck me hard and make me cum. "Ok, ok," I whimpered. Humiliated and nearly crazed with my need for fulfillment, I relented and said, "Fuck me hard and make me cum." "Again." he taunted.

"Fuck me hard and make me cum. "Again." he demanded. "Please…just do it already. Fuck me hard and make me cum." I begged as the tears rolled down my cheeks. He slowly began to rhythmically thrust in and out of my clenching, quivering desperately horny twat.

I called out all of the things I knew he wanted to hear, egging him on; I didn't want him to taunt and humiliate me any longer. I wanted it to be over but I also desperately wanted his warm, hard, long, thick meat to make me cum. "Oh yeah, that's it Jon … Fuck my tight, wet, teenage pussy.

Ahhhhh&hellip. that's it, fuck me hard and make me cum. Oh yeah, that's it… Ohhhhh Jon&hellip.ohhhhh Jon…ohhhhhh…make me cum, make me cum, make me cum …" I chanted as my heart raced while the tingling deep in my loins was spreading; I was on the verge of an explosive climax. We clung to each other and held on tightly as I rocked my hips to meet his driving forceful thrusts as they came harder and faster.

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He began to pound my gripping cunt with the speed of a piston, sliding in and out, in and out. "That's it baby, that's it. Come on, I want to feel your tight quivering cunt pulsating, squeezing my cock as I shoot my load." he coaxed as he pumped his throbbing rod. "Come on, that's it baby. I want to feel your sweet nectar all over my cock.

Oh, yeah that's it; squeeze it baby! That's it, that's it." He continued to pound my pussy until I exploded with a thunderous orgasm as he fired warm cum deep into my clenching pulsating tunnel. "Ahhhhhhhhhh" he groaned deeply as his cum continued to spurt into the depths of my convulsing pussy. I bit down on his shoulder, trying to muffle the sounds of my loud orgasmic cries. The deep riveting orgasmic pleasure racked my body as my vaginal spasms pulsed and squeezed, milking his cock until there was nothing left.

It had been a long time since a guy made me cum as intensely as Jon Slater. I was gasping and breathing heavily as I came down from the intense pleasure. After our tense bodies relaxed, he gently stroked my face as he looked deeply into my innocent amber doe eyes and tenderly said, "Your pussy is as sweet as you are hot. Each time I have you, I want you even more. I want to take you away so I can spend the entire day and night exploring and enjoying every one of your luscious delights. I want to take you to heights of pleasure you've never experienced; I want to show you what a real man can do for you." He kissed me tenderly before he slipped his softening cock out of my still quivering cunt, then pulled up his swim trunks as he walked away and headed upstairs to tuck the kids into bed.

The End