Horny hot babe Payton Banks loves large cock

Horny hot babe Payton Banks loves large cock
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Chrissie's New Found Pleasure 28 October 2008 Currently 2.83/5 Stars.12345 Rate this article 5Comments | Comment on this Article Chrissie discovers a new skill Chrissie thought that Jake deserved something a little bit special after last night, after she tasted the delights of Jake's new found skill. Chrissie realised after last night just what she'd been missing for several years.

oral sex! Now she wanted Jake to feel that same intimate pleasure that she'd felt when he went down on her last night. Chrissie was at College and already 18, whereas Jake was headed for life in business. Contrary to the feelings of his parents, Jake had shirked off the thought of Uni, and headed instead for a full time career in the cut and thrust of marketting It was Friday night, and as usual, Jake stopped by Chrissie's house to see her once he had finished for the evening; usually about 6.

He was on time tonight, and Chrissie smiled to herself as she heard her boyfriend's car pull up outside; the car door close behind him and the doorbell ring - typical, she thought.

Day after day she told Jake to just come in; the two had been together over a year after all. But no, he insisted on ringing the bell, to be polite. Chrissie swung the front door open and Jake kissed his girlfriend on the forehead.

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As they sat down in the living room, Chrissie told Jake that her parents were out for the night. The two had a good sex life, it wasn't very often that either of their parents were around to spoil their plans. Settling down on the sofa, they began kissing and slowly undressing each other.

Jake brushed his lips on Chrissie's neck, pulling her so close into him that she could feel a bulge already forming in his pants.

She smiled to herself and leaned in and kissed his cheekbones and up to his ear. "I've a surprise for you," she wispered softly and sensuously, as she nibbled and licked at his earlobe. Jake smiled slightly, quite sure he knew what Chrissie had planned for him. The couple kissed more intensely as they both became more and more aroused. Slowly, Chrissie slid her hand down Jake's side, to his groin, and rubbed at his stiffening cock through his sweatpants.

She moved slowly up and down and she could feel him growing stiffer with every stroke. She lowered his trousers, and snaked her hands in the slit of his boxers; grabbing at his cock and lightly teasing the head around in her fingers. This was driving Jake to his limits. He reached down and slid his hand inside Chrissie's jeans, pushing her thong to the side as he rubbed her mound slowly; carressing and teasing.

Chrissie pushed Jake's boxers around his ankles violently, and began to tug harder at his cock. Slowly, she pulled away from Jake's probing fingers and licked teasingly down his body, until her mouth was just centimetres from his cock. She licked the very base of the shaft with the tip of her tongue, driving Jake mad with frustration.

Chrissie teased him with her tongue, flicking quickly about his shaft, slowly massaging his balls with one free hand. Chrissie engulfed the head of Jake's dick, and tongued the piss-slit deeply.

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She rimmed his head lightly at first, then harder, faster. Jake began to moan and grew more aroused. Chrissie lowered her mouth over almost the full length of her boyfriend's cock, and his increased arousal only added to her already wet panties.


She reached down with a free hand and began to insert a finger into her own pussy, while she sucked harder on Jake's cock. Chrissie stood up slowly and undid her jeans, sliding them teasing to the floor. She still had her mouth over Jake's cock, but had resided once again in tormenting the boy with slow, teasing licks around the head. She moved herself onto the sofa and Jake pulled her hips towards him, pulling Chrissie down onto his face.

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As soon as Jake's tongue hit her clit she started bobbing up and down on Jake's cock faster, up and down. The faster Chrissie sucked, the faster Jake darted his tongue in and out of her pussy.

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He twirled her clit around with his tongue, and then plunged it deep into her. Jake could resist no longer. He was so close to orgasm it was unreal, and one last tongue-twirl with his head brought him over the edge.

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As a hot stream of cum shot to the back of Chrissie's throat, she swallowed it down. She hadn't been sure what the cum would taste like, not bad, she thought. She licked up around his dick, missing nothing, as Jake continued to flick his tongue back and forth inside Chrissie's pussy. As he sucked her clit into his mouth for the third time, Chrissie bucked wildly and thrust herself deeper onto Jake's face.

She felt her orgasm building slowly, and as Jake's tongue flicked vigorously over her clit, her juices eluded from her pussy and onto Jake's face. He in turn scooped her juices out with his tongue, her sensitivity causing Chrissie to writhe once again on his face.

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As they slowly separated, they shared one last kiss, each tasting themselves in the other's mouth. The two of them realised, that oral sex would make one hell of an addition to their sex life! How could they have gone so long missing out?


On the plus side, making up for lost time would be great fun!