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Sagging boner gay porn and gay porn fat daddy teen boy suck The
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I was in my office one day and I was looking on craigslist at ads. So I thot I would put on on there. I get a account and think what do I want to write. I decide to see who wants to be fisted and I put a ad on for it.

It go ( is there any women that want to be fisted) .if you look Im assuming you want to be! so dont leave hit me up and Ill fist you! must be white and ddf put yes in the subject line. I wait and I get a nibble but there bots. Then I get you. Im excited to get a real girl this is what you write me back hi.i am a 22 yr old white female i love having my pussy stretched out.i want you to do really bad things to me. send me a photo so i know what you look like. and do you live here in monroe?

I email you back and send you a pic. You tell me how bad you want it! an that your wet ! You send me a pic of your sweet pussy for me to fist. Its Beautiful !"I want you to throw me down, tie me up, choke me, whip me, slap me, force fuck me" these are your words. Im so hot and I want to see you right now ! My cock is so hard! You tell me you want me right now and you stopped emailing me. We keep in touch and I look at you fine pussy pics all the time. Because I still want you.

Now heres what i will do to you when I see you. First Im going to Kiss your beautiful lips and grab your fine ass!


Then I will lead you to my truck and open the door for you, help up inKiss you again an get in and we leave. You are beautiful and Daddy need to take you to his special place. We drive for a while and we smile at each other and talk some.

You ask where Im taking you and I tell you its a surprise. W get close so I tell you to put the blind fold on that I hand you. You do and I drive again. We turn down a dirt road. I drive about a mile in the wood till I get to our location.

I stop, get out and open your door. I help you out keeping the blindfold on. You smell smoke and can see the fire through your blindfold! Its dark now I lead you over to a seat and sit you down. I offer you a drink. I tell you will probably need it! You take it and kill it!

You hear me banging on something and you get excited. I come over to you and grab your hands and tie a rope to each of your wrist. I help you up and lead you over to a place and pull your arms up over your head and tie them tight. Then you feel me at your feet tying your angles to another place.

You lean in and you can feel the coldness ot the steel that I tied you to. It excites you even more wanting to know what happens next! You hear a pop of the whip that I have for you. Your tied up with your hands over your head an your feet spread apart you.

You wore a sun dress with the back open and short just below your ass. I whip it again and you jump. You all ready for the pleasure your fixing to receive.


I touch your back with my hand then I flog you as soon as my hand leaves your back. You have chills till the whip hit your back! I flog you over and over again. Till you beg for more. I now move to your ass and legs. I rub my hand down your back to calm you and to your fine ass. Its all tight and waiting the ass whopping your going to get. I move on to your thighs and feel your pussy. Your soaking wet. You want me to take you.

I rub your legs with the flogger then I began the whipping. Im whipping you ass and its so red and hot.

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Your in pleasure and pain! I stop an untie you to turn you around and tie you so your back is up against the cold steel and its soothing to you.

While I had you lose I took off your sun dress an Now you have on your bra and panties! Your awesome 38dd breast are call to me! I want to see them. I grab your breast and squeeze them. I kiss you and bite your lip. I flog your tits and around your pussy. You want more. I take your blindfold off and look in your eyes and kiss you again and nibble on your neck!

Now you can see that your tied to a step ladder, thats why it was cold and soothing to you. I put my hand around your throat and choke you. I tell you I going to fist you! I pull breast out over your bra so there sticking straight out and your nipples r so hard! I lick them and bite then and lick them again. I flog them and your nipples are so hard now. I put my hand down to your Hot wet pussy. I rub it hardpushing my finger in your clit. You moan and say fist me. I rip your panties off and put then in your mouth so you can taste you pussy.

I drop to my knees and start to lick your pussy juices up and sucking on your clit more! I stick 2 fingers in your pussy and it tight and wet and hot! I look up at you and your head is back from the pleasure.Then you look me in the eyes and smile. I tell you that your pussy is tight an Im going to stretch it out for you.

I lick your clit again and put another finger in your pussy. You moan louder. Your about to cum. With my other hand I stick a finger up your tight ass.

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You love it and start to cum on my hand! I fuck you with both my hands till you try to yell stop.

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But the panties are still in your mouth! I stop and slap ur pussy. I get up put my hand on your neck and ask you Do You Want More! You say Hell yes. Thats My girl.

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I untie you and turn the step ladder on its side. I offer you a drink. You drink it and then I pull you over the ladder till you are on your back to the ladder.

I tie your legs apart and your hands over your head. Now I flog you again and tell you that you came to soon and I didnt get to fist you the way I wanted to. I stop and pull my hard cock out and put it in your face and tell you to suck my dick! You do you lick all the precum off the headthen you take it deep in your throat.


I face fuck for a while till Im about to cum! You 38dd just keep calling me to them! I slap your nipples and squeeze your awesome tits sucking them and pinching your nipples. I come back to your pussy and I see that your pussy has white pussy juice dripping down to your ass! It turns me on and I lick you clean. I finger fuck you with one finger I get a vibrator out of my pocket and put it on your clit. I work to fingers in your pussy.

Your fucking my fingers and you moaning loud. I put three fingers in youit getting tight. The juices are flowing out of you I pull them out and shove them in your mouth to suck them dry! I reenter you and pull out so I can enjoy you to. I ease 4 finger in you until i get them up to my knuckles. I began to work my thumb in you and you moan loader!

I get it in to my knuckle and I began to push and work it aroud till I get it midway of my hand .I push harder ,I can feel my hand being squeezed tight in your wet pussy. I get it in to my wrist. Now i start to fuck you slow and easy. I get harder and harder you scream Im cumming! I keep fucking you, harder and harder slaping your tits and choking you! You cum so hard you just go limp! Your ready to relax. I untie you and help you up. I take you over to the picnic table and lay you on it.

I pull your head over the side and start to facefuck you deep your gaging an Im slaping your tits and choking you with the other. Then I explode deep In you throat. I force you to take it all. You do and Im wore out. I help you up again and take you over to the air mattress and we lay and cuddle and watch the fire and the stars. I Kiss you and as you Are you glad you answered My ad? I am. You say?

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