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Raveena tandon sex xxx nude
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Angie (Pt1) Angie arrived back at her house and ran straight to her room. Closing the door behind her she removed her bra and panties set and laid them on the bed. Stripping down she put the panties on, then, looked at herself in the mirror. Her pert 34b's where her best thing going she thought.

Her looks where plain and her ass was, well, just was. Not much curves to the hips yet she thought. She cupped her breast and tweaked her nipples. They where not average nipples for her size, they where about ¼ in around and the same out from what she was told boys called "puffies", her areolas. She reached down and picked up the bra. It would barely cover her nipples, but would show off the top of her breasts.

She was so surprised when her mom said she could buy the set. Well, she said if it was something she wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen in by her dad. She almost choked when she said that, if only she knew that was it WAS for.

She posed back and forth in the mirror, wondering if she looked older in the set. In her eyes she never would look older.


Her boobies where smaller than most of her friends. Even Deb, her BFF was a C already. Smiling, she thought of Deb with her dad alone in his truck for 2 weeks. The thoughts of what she was probably doing made her hand drift towards her pussy.

NO, she thought, I am not going to mess these up, yet.

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She took the Bra then the panties back off, and put them in her top drawer and picked out some more to wear for now. Putting on a pair of tight shorts and a halter top, she closed her door as she went downstairs to help her mom in the kitchen.

As she came into the kitchen, her mom was on the phone so she walked over to the fridge to get a pineapple soda. She had just "discovered" them and was obsessed with drinking them. As she stood there, listening to her mom, she learned that her aunt was going to have surgery next week, and apparently she wanted her mom and her to come out to her place and stay for 2 weeks to help her out.

Great she thought, 2 BORING weeks. Then her mom said something that made her smile. She told her aunt that she would feel better leaving her daughter here. She turned her back to Angie, but she could still hear her whisper that although she didn't know for sure, the past few days her husband had been acting funny and that although she had no proof, she thought there might be another woman, or at least he was thinking of one, and she would rather not make it easy for him to cross the line.

"I wonder who dad is thinking about" she smirked. Angie loved her mom, but, she had let herself go the past few years and she could see why dad wasn't so attracted to her anymore. Plus, she knew something that her mom or dad didn't know. She knew about her mom and her co-worker Jim. She had stayed home from school without telling her parents one day, and thought there was a burglar till she heard her mom's voice.

Then she heard his voice. And lots of giggling. She had stayed in her room and didn't make a sound as they came up the stairs and went to her parent's room. She heard her mom say hurry, they only had an hour. Then it was like no sound so she sneaked out to her mom's door. It was cracked and she peaked in. What she says was to say the least mind blowing.

Or MOM BLOWING MR JIM! Mom had her shirt and bra off, and Jim had his pants around his ankles and mom was licking his thing! She stayed there and watched as her mom actually took about 4 inches of his dick, or cock as he told her to suck it, and used her hand to jack it up and down.

She had never seen anything like this before in real life. Of course she had on the Laptop in her room, what teenager DIDN'T look at porn sites.

But this was REAL, and it was her MOM. She watched as her mom stood up, dropped her skirt and panties at the same time, and as Jim pulled his pants on off and as he climbed on top of her.

Her mom guided his cock, she still giggled at that word, towards her pussy. Raising her legs and wrapping them around him. She watched as they kissed and he sucked her nipples. As she scratched his back (hope he was married too she had thought, so his wife would catch him). As she rose her legs and he grabbed them and laid on them almost to her head.

WOW mom, you can bend she had thought as she screamed harder you bastard and he pulled her hair and asked if she liked it you slut. She wondered why they called each other names like that if they where fucking? Then she watched him stiffen up and her mom pushes him off her and says NO, I am not on birth control. Her mom then crawled between his legs and SUCKED him as he came. EW. Her mom even swallowed it. Then she looked at the clock and said you got 5 min to eat me and get me off stud.

She laid back and he started licking her pussy where they had just fucked. She watched for 5 min and her mom looked at the clock, said damn, pushed him off her and told him SHE came first next time. Got up and dragged him to the bathroom to shower real fast. She had gone back to her room then and listened as they came by her room and went downstairs and left. She had played with herself for 2 hours after that till she knew her mom would get home from work, then she got up, and went outside and hid till she pulled in, then she waited a few min then went on in and acted like nothing happened.

Her mom hanged up the phone and turned around and told her that her aunt was sick and was going into the hospital for a minor surgery, and that she needed to go stay with her and help out.

She asked if she could hold down the fort and take care of her dad for 2 weeks without him dyeing. Laughing she told her mom "Sure", "I am almost grown now and can be trusted and treated like a young adult that I am" Her mom looked at her and nodded. Yes you are she told her, and then went off to start packing. She would miss her husband getting home but wanted to make the flight she told Angie.

Actually, she wanted to fly out tomorrow and spend the night with Jim, but she wasn't gonna say that. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Angles dad had stopped off at the liquor store and picked up a bottle of wine for tonight. He wanted to have a romantic night with his wife, and maybe work these thoughts out of his head he had been having.

He knew they where wrong, but damn it, he still thought of it. His daughter's friend Deb was a hottie and he could see him fucking her little ass off.

That didn't bother him, no, what disturbed him was he was thinking more and more of what it would be like to fuck his daughter Angie. Until he had read her texts from Deb about HER dad, he never thought about it, but like the Jennie out of the bottle, he was more and more now.

So tonight, He was going to get his wife loosened up and then have sex like they use to. Kinky, ruff, and wild. As he pulled in he noticed that her car was gone. Walking in he smelled dinner being cooked and as he walked in he said "Smells great, I have the wine for it" but stopped as he saw his daughter at the stove.

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"Where's your mother" he asked? Angie explained what happened and where her mom was gone to, and said "but we can still drink the wine cant we" jokingly. Her dad not thinking of that said sure before he thought. Angie set the table and before he could protest, had poured both of them a glass of red wine. Adult like she asked if red wine was good for fish. Laughing he told her "hell if I know, I never buy it for the food." She tasted it, and made a face, then took another sip and said it was like sweet tarts.

Tangy. He laughed and said sorta. They talked about things at school and stuff during supper and after that they both cleared the table and cleaned the kitchen. Putting up the dish towel Angie said "now what?"TV or a Movie?" He told her it was her choice but first he was gonna go shower and change, she said ok, she needed to too.

"We meet here in 30 min" she laughed and bounded up the stairs. Angie didn't need a shower, but, she did change into her new bra and panties set. And an oversized tee shirt that she slept in.

She then put a little bit of perfume behind her ear and brushed out her hair. Looking at herself in the mirror, she took the sleep shirt off, and put on a tank top. Looking at her boy shorts panties, she smiled, and closed her drawer and went downstairs. She found the movie she wanted on pay per view, and ordered it.

He might get mad over paying for one but he might be mad at worse tonight, or hopefully wouldn't care. The movie had started and was 10 min into it when her dad came down and sat down.

He was in sweats and no shirt. He asked what movie without even looking at her. She told him it was one her friends said was good called "Lolita 2000". Looking over at his daughter, he noticed what she was wearing but didn't say anything. His mind was racing. His daughter was dressed in barely anything, and wanted to watch a movie about an older guy and younger girl. He muttered "nice" and "I, um, heard it was good too." She got up and walked over to the light switch and turned off the lights.

And when she came back, she snuggled up against him. She said she hadn't done this since she was a "Little girl" and just wanted to one more time. He hugged her and left his arm around her shoulder, waiting to see if she said anything or moved or moved it. Nothing. She leaned against him and they watched the whole movie with nothing happening.

Both where nervous, and fidgeted a lot during the movie. When it was over, He figured he would give her an opening to see where it went, but also give him a way out if he freaked her out. "So, was it what your friends said?" he asked. She looked at him trying to judge him and said "Yeah, but come on, what type of guy would go for a younger girl like my age when they can have women with big boobs and legal" she laughed.

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"Well, not all guys go for big boobs" he laughed, "and age is only a number if you love someone." "Really, I thought boys only went for the girls with big boobs" she said, "none of them even noticed me" she pouted a little bit. "Well, from what I can tell, you are growing up there" he told her, and said "and you will probably be as big as your mom" "oh great, I am fat bound" she moaned. Shocked at her reply, he told her that her mom just let herself go for awhile that she use to be a knock out.

"Is that why you two don't &hellip." She stopped before she said "fuck anymore" "sorry dad, it's the wine." She giggled. "Its ok he said, I know you can tell when me and your mom have sex.

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The neighbors probably know" he laughed. I need another glass of wine he thought. And got up to get one. Angie, seeing where he was going and what he was getting asked if she could have more. Thinking for a minute, he grabbed the whole box of wine and walked back into the living room. Sitting 2 glasses down he said "Why not". He gulped down his, and watching him, she tried to hers but only got about half it in before she had to stop.

So, he asked, if we are gonna sit here and drink, what are we going to do. Watch another movie? Thinking fast, Angie said "no, lets play a game and talk." "We never talk anymore." OK, what game? She went to the closet and looked and asked "where are all the old games" knowing her mom sold them last week at the yard sell. "I don't know, your mom did something with them I guess." OK, she walked into the kitchen and got a deck of cards out of the drawer and walked in and said "cards?" Shrugging, he said "Sure, rummy?" "Aw that's for kids she said.

How about hi/low" Surprised she knew of that game he said ok, but that's a money game. "Yeah, true, ok, so instead of money, we do this. If you win you ask a question to the other person they have to an swer honestly. If you try and miss, they ask you.

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If it's a match, you have to do a dare. And if you chicken out of the dare you have to take off a piece of clothing, that way you wont chicken out. Well too many times." She laughed. Thinking this might be fun and he might find out some things about her friends and maybe see some tits if he did it right, he agreed.

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"Ok, I got 5 pieces of clothing on counting socks, you" she asked. "4 he said, but, I am not worried, I will give you the one extra" he laughed. "Cool, play here or at the table?" "Here is good, pull the chair over to the other side of the coffee table and we can use it" After everything was set up, they started. Things went pretty tame till she hit a 2/Q split.

"Ok" she said "I will go for it." And hit a Q. This is what her dad was waiting for. He figured he would win win on this one, and told her "ok, your dare is to moon me" "DAD" she giggled and thought for a split second "its now or never" and stood up, turned around, and slowly lowered her panties showing her ass to her dad.

She wiggled it and looked over her shoulder and said" bet you thought I wouldn't do it and quit the game didn't you." Staring at her ass, he said "well, yeah, guess the game either goes up a notch or we stop before we get ourselves in trouble" he laughed.

Then he poured himself another glass of wine. She held hers over to him and said hit me. Why not, so he did. Next time up he hit a 3/K split and went for it. He hit a 2. Angie thought for a minute and asked him "so, was my ass cute." Gulping he replied "Yes, yes it was but I will deny ever saying that." Lol.

Smiling, she resumed dealing and both passed for the next few rounds. Finally he hit a 4/K and went for it, getting a 5. "OK, what's your biggest secret?" he asked. "I cant answer that yet" she smiled and he said ok, dare then. She looked at him and sighed "Shit, ok" then "opps sorry, I didn't mean to say that" "Its ok, tonight all rules are suspended as long as we never tell" he winked and laughed.

Both of them where buzzed from the wine. "You must remove one piece of clothing" he said boldly. "That's if I refuse the dare" she said. "You never said it couldn't be a dare" he countered. Without another word she removed her socks. She didn't even think that she only needed to take off one. "There, happy" she giggled. She dealt about 5 more hands when he got a A/A he called low on the first and high on the second and when she laid down another A he grabbed his head and wailed "NOOOO." "Lol OK," she said, "same thing, take something off." He took off his socks and said "we better not get many more dares or we may know more about each other than we should" he grinned stupidly.

"Oh really" she batted her eyes back at him and said "I am not scared, are YOU." "Deal" was all he said. Another glass of wine and 2 dares later, he was sitting there in front of his daughter in just his boxers.

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She, after losing another was in her bra and panties. "When did you start dressing like that" he asked? "Actually, today, you're the first person, and only person, to seen me in them" she slurred slightly and flirty. Getting a little horny, with her dad sitting in front of her with a semi hard on in his boxers, she was getting antsy. "How about all or nothing next dare" she said.


Raising his eyebrows he said "are you sure about that? I mean really sure?" "Sure, why not, I am having fun and NOT gonna tell anyone, are you?" "NO, NEVER," he almost shouted, then said "OK, all or nothing, but, I have only one piece on, you have 2." "Ok, if you win, you get a dare on me too" "ok, deal" She dealt for almost 5 minutes, both wanting the perfect hand. Finally, she got a 2/K and went for it. She drew a K. Getting up unsteadily, she looked at her dad and said "Oh well, I am not welcher" and pulled her bra off, then her panties.

She stood there in front of her dad naked. The effects of the wine and the act of what she were doing making her sway unsteadily. "And what is your dare daddy o" she giggled." "Well, actually I get 2 don't I.

You lost and matched so I get another right?" "Damn, yeah you do" "ok, first off, you must dance around the room, all the way around it." "Is that all ok" unsteadily she danced around the room.

All she knew was kinda sexy dances so she grinded a little on the couch as she passed it and held on to the railing at the stairs and booty bounced her but there. As she sat back down she noticed her dad had a major hard on now. "Tell you what," she giggled, "double or backfire for a high card" she said. "Ok, they both drew and she got the 4, but he got the 3.

She looked at him and grinned "Now its your turn. YOU dance around the room naked." "I don't know how to dance" he said meekly. "Ok. Then strip and bounce you dick up and down all around the room" she giggled. "Your just like your mother" her sighed. She watched as he went around the room. He was only about 7inches but she liked it. It looked huge to her inexperienced eyes. When he was done, he asked what now. She slurred her words saying "if you wasn't my dad I wouldn't be a virgin no more" This is the end of pt 1.

Will work on pt 2 and post it as soon as I finish it. I have tried a new style this time. And made the story longer. Please give me your feedback, good or bad, as all suggestions are listened to. Fredbear