Hot bbw mistress hairy blonde Zecora plays with big pierced boobs

Hot bbw mistress hairy blonde Zecora plays with big pierced boobs
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I married my wife when my step-daughter was only four years old and have raised her ever since. My step-daughter is a very pretty young woman, standing about 5'6" with an average weight, straight sandy-blonde hair cut to her shoulder blades, firm young breasts filling a B-cup nicely and is a senior in high school. We have always been close and got even more so over a few months following her eighteenth birthday. She started exploring her sexuality and, using a combination of our open relationship, her beauty, and the sincere love that we have for one another, slowly broke down any resistance that I had and seduced me into having sex with her.

In the almost two months that followed our having sex together we had very limited opportunities to explore the relationship further. During the weekly movie nights, there was no longer anything to mask the intentions and we would routinely play with each other throughout the entire movie, frequently with my cock buried deep inside of her using short, slow strokes to keep her dripping and at the heights of ecstasy.

On a few of these nights we even managed to bring each other to a full orgasm, trying hard not to let on the true nature of what was happening mere feet away from her unknowing mother and brothers. Unfortunately, no situation had presented itself to allow a repeat of the beautiful lovemaking that had transpired. The closest that we had gotten was two quick oral sessions in the bathroom and one "quickie" when she jumped me after I woke her up by sucking on her exposed clit one weekend morning.

As much as I longed for a repeat encounter, I felt that it may be for the better anyway so that she could find someone who would love her deeply and start a relationship with.

As the kids' Spring Break approached, my wife and I started looking at options for our typical family getaway. Realizing that this was likely the last one with us all together, we decided to splurge a little and rented a three bedroom oceanside cabin in a nice, quiet, recreational area about six hours away that we knew of but wouldn't have insane crowds since few others really knew about it.

Since the weather forecast looked great we decided to trailer our boat down as well and had a full week of fun and rest & relaxation. The week was upon us; everything was planned and all that remained was to pack our clothes, buy some groceries and make the drive down when my wife told me that our plans had changed. Apparently, while I was working a little late, my step-daughter had complained to my wife that she didn't want to go because she would be the "only one her age" there and didn't want to be constantly pestered by her younger brothers, who, in all honesty could be a pain to deal with.

She had asked to stay behind to have some peace and quiet and if this had been the year before, probably would have been allowed to. Since this last year as a whole family was important to both my wife and me she was promptly told "no" but after a whole lot of pleading was finally allowed to bring a friend as a concession since we had a spare bed at the cabin.

I was a little upset at first; thinking that having someone else join us was almost as bad as her not coming but after talking it out with my wife I ended up agreeing that it was probably better than her being miserable the whole time.

The rest of the week I worked late to prep for a week of being gone and left my wife to deal with the details for the trip. My wife would drive down with the four kids once they got out of school and I would drive the truck and boat down with the larger supplies in the back and meet them there. I finally finished up, went home and hooked up the boat, and headed out. The drive was going well and I was making good time and was less than an hour away when it dawned on me that I didn't even know which of my step-daughter's friends was going to be spending the week with us.I hoped that it wasn't going to be a bust and ruin the vacation.

I arrived at the site a little before dinner and was a little disappointed when I saw that it was her friend Riley that had don't get me wrong; Riley is a nice girl that I know a only a little bit through my step-daughter but whom I know has been raised in an ultra-religious household.

There were good sides to this I figured; but I was a little concerned that the way we ran our family might offend her.

Our family was a little more "European" in style and allowed small amounts of alcohol and our sense of proper attire in the home was a little bit loose with it being common to see one another in little more than underwear while transiting the house. If Riley got upset about this and told her parents I thought that it could cause problems for us and I reminded myself to be careful and watch what we did to be safe. We all ate the simple dinner that my wife had prepared, finished unloading, and called it an early night since we were all bushed between the travel and setting everything up.

The next morning I awoke around 8:00, threw on some shorts and sandals and walked outside to check out what I hadn't really seen in the twilight the night before. We had been coming to the area off and on for years but had never stayed in the luxury cabins that we were in, always opting for the spartan cabanas further down the beach. The cabin was in a beautiful location just across the sand dune from the ocean on a spit of land with a small waterway in the back as well.

It was nestled in a nice little clearing surrounded on either side by trees and bushes to give it a little privacy from the other cabins and had more to the back of the property with a small dock about 30 feet long.

It had a good sized deck on the ocean side of the house and a nice sized fire pit nearby as well as an outdoor shower right near the stairs. I started around the house to see what else was there and was so preoccupied that as I rounded the corner near the hot tub I almost didn't notice that the girls were already awake and laying out in the back yard to get some sun. "Hi Dad," I suddenly heard. Broken from my reverie, I saw that my step-daughter and her friend had spread beach towels out on the ground and were soaking up the rays.

Both of them were lying on their stomachs and Riley looked half asleep while my step-daughter was reading a book. I thought it odd that they would be in back instead of on the beach and inquired why. I was told that the breeze by the water had made them too chilly.

I thought it no wonder since it was so early and despite the fact that they were both wearing fairly modest suits, there was still a lot of exposed skin.

Now let me take a moment to describe many ways she is quite different from my step-daughter; one with a mature body and childlike face and the other the complete opposite. She is only about two months younger but has not really developed "womanly" curves yet but the features of her face are quite strikingly beautiful and could easily pass for that of a grad student.

She is slightly tall for a woman, standing about 5' 10", with a very slight build, barely noticeable breasts (small A cup, maybe even AA), and dark chestnut colored hair that is straight and goes to the middle of her back. The only visible sign of her body maturing was the slight widening of her hips that, until seeing her in her swimsuit, had been indiscernible. See Riley here She was a beautiful woman in her own right but seeing them together gave a night-and-day appearance.

"After lunch could you drop us off over by the cove?" she asked, referring to a small inlet on an uninhabited island about two miles offshore. "If you two don't mind helping me get the boat in the water I don't see why not," I replied. Slowly, the cabin came alive and by 11:00 we were all eating an early lunch together. The boys wanted to head to the other end of the beach to comb for shark teeth that were often found on that end so my wife said that she would bring them and they'd hang out for a bit.

I told her of the plans to put the boat in the water and commented that I'd probably drop my hand at a little fishing and we all agreed to be back at the cabin by 5:00. After we finished eating, everyone got ready and headed out to their activities. I made all of the final preps for the boat as the girls got ready and finally they came out, each carrying a good sized beach bag.

They had thrown shorts and t-shirts over their swimsuits and were wearing sandals, hats, and sunglasses. They hopped in the truck and we headed down to the boat ramp to launch it where both girls readily lent a hand.

It was readily apparent that Riley had spent some time around boats before from the way she handled the dock lines. After parking the truck and now empty trailer we headed out toward the island to drop the girls off. As soon as we got out of the narrow channel and were able to open up the speed both of them went to the back of the boat and started talking and giggling like typical teenage girls. About 20 minutes later we arrived at the island and I brought the boat as close to shore as I could without grounding it and told the girls that they would have to wade the rest of the way in.

Standing there on the shore with the bottom half of their shorts wet presented quite the image as I agreed to pick them up in about four hours and I headed off to see what I could catch.

I didn't end up having great luck that first day but caught three medium sized flounder by the time that I had to go back to the island. When I got there, I didn't see either of the girls but spotted one of their beach bags down the shore from where I dropped them off. After heading to where the bag was I still didn't see them so I decided to drop the anchor and swam/waded ashore.

Still seeing no sign of them I called out my step-daughter's name and heard a faint reply. A few minutes later she came out of the tree line and began running down the beach towards me. Seeing her come out alone, my first thought had been concern that something had happened to Riley. As she got a bit closer I could tell that she had a happy expression on her face and as I calmed my worries was when I noticed the change in her attire.

She had removed the T-shirt that she had been wearing and gone was the simple suit that I had seen her wearing this morning. The royal blue bikini top that she had on now covered little more than her nipples and despite being young and firm, her breasts were bouncing all over the place as she jogged down the beach. She ran up to me and virtually jumped into my arms, mashing her chest into mine.

"Sorry that I was running late. We lost track of time." She spouted off innocently. "Where's Riley?" I asked. "Oh, she's probably going to be another five minutes or so," she replied, quickly followed by her leaning up to kiss me, shoving her tongue in my mouth and rubbing my dick through my swim trunks at the same time.

"Sweetheart, what if she sees us? I doubt that she would understand." I sputtered. "I really don't care," she said. "I want you." With that comment she plunged her hand down my shorts and grabbed a hold of my rapidly hardening member. As much as I wanted to throw her down to the sand and make passionate love to her on the beach I simply gave her another deep French kiss, squeezed her ass, and stepped back to open the distance a little. "What's with the new swimsuit anyway?

You know that your mother would probably have a fit if she saw how small that top is." She simply grinned and said "she won't. You think that's bad, you ought to see the other half." She gave me a quick wink and then dropped her shorts and whirled around to show me the bottoms.

The front had a strip of material that was probably only about one inch wide by four inches long, barely covering her slit. Wisps of her pubes were poking out the top even though she kept them trimmed closely. When she turned around I couldn't even tell that she had anything on except for the single tan colored string coming around her hips and joining another one coming out of the top of her ass crack that only had about two inches visible.

Still standing in front of me, she bent all the way over and touched her toes while jiggling her ass and I could still barely see the string running up it.

She quickly closed the foot between us and started grinding her beautiful ass against my still hardening cock causing it to reach its full size rapidly.

She rubbed up and down my cock for a few minutes until finally I gave her a good smack on her ass. Turning around, she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist, grinding her pussy against my dick while she once again shoved her tongue in my mouth. After a kiss that seemed to last for an eternity, she clutched tightly with her legs and leaned away from my chest. Letting go with one of her arms, she slid the tiny amount of material covering her breasts to the side and brought my head down to suck first one, then the other nipple.

I really didn't want to stop but realized that we had to before it went any further and put her down on the ground. I gave each nipple a quick kiss before covering it up and then picked up her shorts from the sand and tossed them to her.

"Put these back on," I said, "and go grab your stuff." She gave me a pouty look but complied with the directions. No sooner than she had gotten her T-shirt on, we heard some noise coming from the trees nearby. Less than a minute later Riley emerged carrying her beach bag filled with clams. "Sorry it took so long guys but these really slowed me down," she exclaimed. I couldn't help but notice that she too had changed swimsuits since this morning. Her new selection wasn't quite as revealing as my step-daughter's suit but it still left little to the imagination.

I couldn't help but notice the clear outline of her hard nipples pressed firmly against the bright red material of a bandeau bikini top and wondered what the cause was since it was still quite warm out.

"Wow, that was a great find and will go perfectly with the flounder I caught," I remarked. "We really need to get going. Are you going to be able to make it out to the boat with all of your stuff?" "No problem.

There are benefits to being tall.I should be able to wade most, if not all of the way," Riley quickly replied. I was beginning to warm up to this girl a bit as I got to know her.very down to earth and apparently resourceful.

I was pretty sure that it had been her idea to get the clams, not my step-daughter's. The girls stripped down to their bikinis and tossed the rest of their clothing in the bags for the swim out.

Each of us grabbed a bag with some of their things and the three of us headed out to the boat together. Once we were all onboard, we raised the anchor and headed back toward the dock behind the cabin which I knew would take close to a half-hour. Unlike when we headed out to the island, on the way back the girls stayed up near me in the cockpit area. Riley seemed particularly interested in talking to me and I didn't mind since it gave me a chance to get to know her a little better.

If it was possible, her nipples were even more clearly outlined due to the wetness of her suit and I got my first opportunity to see the matching bottom to her new suit. Once again, it was not as revealing as my step-daughter's suit but showed quite a bit of skin and accentuated what slight curve of her hips was there. Honestly, this was a great suit for her body but the material was obviously made more for lying in the sun and not for swimming because just like the top, her bottom clung to her body once it got wet.

It hugged her skin so closely that I could clearly see the outline of her vaginal lips and saw no indication of pubic hair so I assumed that she shaved. She was quite an intelligent young woman with ambition and drive and she talked quite confidently but her posture showed that she was a bit insecure of her body. Honestly, she shouldn't have been, because despite having a quite nubile body, the overall appearance in the right outfit, like now, was one of beauty.

Around the time that we entered the channel, the suits had dried out enough to toss our clothes on over them and about fifteen minutes later we were back at the dock by the house. Bringing both the flounder and clams back up to the house, it was time to get dinner going and retrieving my truck from the parking lot by the boat ramp would have to wait until later. I fired up the grill and went to clean up while it was heating. After my shower I was heading back out to put the fish on the grill when I passed by Riley who gave me a big, slightly mischievous, smile on her way into the bathroom wrapped in a towel.

I wasn't sure what it was about but I couldn't help think to myself that it had only been a day and she was already settling in well with our family. I guess that I shouldn't have been too surprised since my step-daughter normally picked her friends well. As the food was finishing cooking I decided to open a bottle of white wine that we had brought down with us. I was pouring two glasses for my wife and me when the girls walked in.

Instantly my step-daughter asked for a glass as well. I was a little hesitant even though things had been going well with Riley because I didn't want to ruin it or cause any trouble. Just as I was about to act as if she was joking, Riley took the bottle from me, quickly glanced at the label, and stated very matter-of-factly "pour me one as well, please. I really don't care for sweet wines so I'm glad that you picked a Sauvignon." I was floored by this declaration on so many levels and stood there speechless with, what I assume was a stupid look on my face.

Glancing over at my wife, who had an expression similar to my reaction, I received a shoulder shrug and look of "why not?" Dinner was wonderful and the conversation was great so we opened a second bottle right near the end. As soon as we were done, the boys cleared out to go goof off somewhere and the four of us sat around the fire pit to continue talking as I started the fire going so it would be ready for later in the evening.

The topics varied but in general, I was quite impressed by how mature Riley seemed and found it to be a quite pleasant evening. Around the time that we finished the second bottle it was starting to get dark out and figured that we better clean up from dinner and get the truck and trailer back from the boat ramp. I went and grabbed the keys for my wife's car and when I came back my step-daughter was elbows deep in dish water and my wife had an armful of dishes in her hands.

My wife suggested that I go with Riley to go get the truck. The two of us headed out and as soon as we got in the car, we fell right back into conversation. This time it was a little different though.the topic almost immediately turned to one about boys and relationships, or rather Riley's relative lack of them. She expressed concern to me that it was because she was unattractive or that, even at eighteen years old, she hadn't really developed yet.

I did my best to reassure her that she was beautiful and that any boy who couldn't recognize that didn't deserve her.

She continued to express feelings of displeasure and insecurity about her sexual inexperience and seemed concerned that it would cause problems for her later down the road. She also worried that she might never really develop and that there might be something wrong with her. I couldn't believe how candid she was being with me and did my best to comfort her and assure her that she'd be just fine. Before long we were at the boat ramp and I was headed to the truck for us to drive back separately.

The whole trip took about twenty minutes and when we got back to the cabin there were just the faintest tinges of red left in the sky and that the fire was burning nicely now. We went inside and saw that dinner cleanup was mere seconds away from being done so I suggested that all of us head outside and enjoy our first real evening of the vacation. The six of us hung out for the next few hours by the fire and had a lovely time simply relaxing. As the fire died down, we all decided it was time to retire.

I was a little surprised when Riley joined right in with the other kids for a good night hug and kiss. She went last and threw her arms around me in a tight hug, pressing her body firmly against mine.

She held me so tight that I swore I could feel her nipples pushing into my chest. She leaned in and gave me a soft kiss on my cheek while holding the other side of my face in her hand and softly said "goodnight.

Thanks for everything, especially the talk." After that she let go and simply trundled off to the bedroom that the girls were sharing. Only a short bit later I followed suit. I couldn't tell what was being said but noticed when I walked by their room that the lights were already off but the girls were still awake and busy whispering about something.

After the way that the day had gone, I secretly wondered what they were talking about but decided to give them their space and I headed off to bed. The next day we decided to all go down to the beach together. About half a mile down the beach was a nice area with two beach volleyball courts and a bathroom/shower area so we decided to bring our stuff down there rather than right across from the cabin.

The girls' smaller swimsuits were gone and had been replaced by the more modest ones that I had seen them wear in the back yard. The six of us toted everything down midmorning and were having a great time swimming, playing volleyball, throwing a Frisbee around, and catching the rays.

We had brought a picnic lunch with us and after eating, resumed our fun. Everyone was having a blast until around 1:00 when my step-daughter jumped up to block a spike and came down awkwardly. She said that she'd be OK and was just going to sit out for a little but about 20 minutes later she got up to go over to the blankets where our things were and emitted a sharp yelp as soon as she stood up. Upon hearing that, I decided that we needed to get some ice on her ankle so we were going to go back to the cabin.

There was no reason to stop everyone from having fun so the two of us started heading down the beach and left the others to continue the game. She was hobbling so badly that by the time we had gone about twenty yards I ended up picking her up and carrying her the rest of the way back.

When we arrived I took her into the living room and placed her sitting down on the couch and commented that I would go get some ice from the kitchen. Before I could even turn to go get the ice she leaned forward and tugged my trunks down my thighs. I was a little shocked and hadn't even recovered my senses when she grabbed my ass in her hands and pulled me toward the couch, opening her mouth and taking my flaccid penis into her mouth. It didn't stay that way for long as she swirled her tongue around the head and quickly brought me to full hardness.

"Honey, we really need to get some ice on that." I stuttered through the lengthy pauses caused by the sensations that she was giving me. "Fuck the ice!" was the simple statement that she made briefly pulling off of my dick. She took another few strokes and then took me all the way into her throat and held it, her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft touching against my balls.

She looked up at me and, looking me straight in the eyes, gave a devilish grin with my cock still deep inside of her. "My ankle is just fine," she sputtered as she slid off of me while keeping the eye contact the entire time. "I just wanted to get you alone." With that statement, she released me from her grasp and quickly pulled her top over her head and tossed it to the side of the couch.

She took me back into her mouth and used one hand to gently play with my balls as she used the other to shove my suit the rest of the way down to my ankles and motioned for me to step out of them. As I lifted first one, and then the other, leg to step out of the trunks my step-daughter took advantage of the gap created between my legs and slid a finger from the hand fondling my balls between my cheeks.

Slightly lubricated with her spit, she used it to massage my ass hole and elicited a sharp intake of breath from me as she pressed firmly against the rosebud. She brought her free hand up and began rubbing her breasts, occasionally pinching one nipple or the other.

It was an exquisite sight to watch her coordinated efforts and was arousing me to no end. My mind was swimming from the combination of sensations caused by her mouth sucking my cock and her hand playing with both my balls and ass. I wasn't sure where she had gotten this from but had to admit that it felt great. Occasionally she would remove her finger and scoop up a little saliva from where it had run down near the base of my dick and use it as lubrication.

She alternated between rubbing small circles over the hole to pressing firmly against it. Eventually, on one of these pushes, the tip of her finger slid into me up to the first knuckle. As soon as she felt her finger slide in, she stopped everything. She shifted her position from on the edge of the couch to sitting on the floor. She motioned for me to spread my legs a little and then slid her body between them until she was sitting right between my legs with her face right next to my dick.

Still leaving her finger in me, her mouth went back around my cock and gave a good half a dozen or so thrusts before abruptly pulling off again. Using her free hand, she lifted my cock and balls up, slid her head underneath me, and began to lick my ass hole around her finger. She kept this up until it was good and wet and then slowly withdrew her finger about halfway before pushing it back in. Her tongue alternated between my ass and her finger and was doing a good job of keeping everything lubricated.

Every now and then the hand holding my dick would slowly give it a nice, long stroke synchronized with her finger moving inside of me. The feelings were intense and before long she was pushing deeper with each stroke until she had buried the whole finger up my ass. She gave a few more strokes and then stopped with the digit deep inside of me and looked up with that impish grin again.

"Are you ready for what's next?" she asked. Not knowing what she had in mind, I had no idea what to answer so simply emitted an "ummm???" She didn't really wait for a real answer anyway but instead let go of my dick and let it stick out from my body about an inch or two in front of her and stared intently at it. Suddenly, I felt her finger wiggling inside me followed by a firm pressure while she made small circles with her fingertip.

The feeling was intense and as I looked down at her I saw that there was cum steadily oozing out of my dick in a long strand that she had placed her tongue underneath. She licked up the rivulet of cum until her tongue reached my penis and then relaxed the pressure as she briefly sucked on the tip and then repeated the whole process a few more times. After the fourth time that she did this, the pleasure that had built up was so intense that I let out a loud groan, desperately wanting release.

Sensing this, my step-daughter's finger started pressing again but this time she took my cock in her mouth at the same time.

She swirled her tongue around and bobbed her mouth up and down about half of my dick while making those little circles with her fingertip. I could feel the pressure building up inside of me until it felt like my dick was going to split in two and then finally it happened.she took me all the way into the back of her mouth and simultaneously pressed her finger into me just a little more. I came with such a force that I am surprised that I didn't knock her back.

As it was, the amount of cum and speed that it came out filled her mouth up so quickly that she didn't even have a chance to swallow and it was leaking out of the corner of her mouth.

She kept her mouth sealed tightly around my cock as she slowly backed off of it and then looked up with an open mouth to show me what must have been the largest load that I have ever had in my life. As she stood up, she swirled it around with her tongue and then looked me straight in the eyes as she closed her mouth and swallowed it all down. "Mmmm, delicious," she said huskily as she scooped the cum running down her chin with a finger, swallowing it down as well.

I couldn't believe how dirty my step-daughter was acting but I had to admit to myself that it was pretty hot. "It's my turn now," she said as she took my hand and led me toward the hallway. I had no idea what she had in mind but she obviously had a plan and I decided that I would simply go along with it and try to give her as mind blowing an orgasm as she had just given me. My step-daughter led me back to her bedroom and lay back on her bed.

I immediately leant over her and gave her a deep, passionate kiss. I ran my hands down her body and followed with my mouth stopping occasionally to give a little kiss on her bare skin and a gentle suck on each or her taut nipples. When I reached her waist, I hooked her swimsuit bottoms with my finger and slid them over her thighs and down her legs slowly until finally removing them from her feet and dropping them to the floor.

Lying there, fully exposed, I moved back up between her legs kissing the inside of her thighs and gave a few more kisses to her moistening pussy. She reached behind my head and pulled me into her crotch until I licked my tongue slowly from the bottom of her slit all the way up until it flicked her clit. She let out a deep sigh and pushed my head down lower.

"Yes.keep going; push it deep inside of me. Taste my juices. Feel how wet you are making me." As soon as I shoved my tongue into her hole it seemed as if I had opened a flood gate. Once her lips had been parted, I was instantly greeted with a gush of her sweet juice. The scent was intoxicating and only drove me to want more. I ran my hands under her ass and pulled her up into my face as I continued plunging my tongue as deeply as possible inside of her. I continued for a few minutes and then started alternating between sucking her sopping pussy and licking and nibbling at her clit.

It wasn't long before she squeezed her thighs against my head and I started feeling her shake through a minor orgasm. Once it had subsided she asked me to put my finger in her ass. As I continued licking, I first thrust my index finger into her pussy and scooped up some of her juices and I thrust in and out a few times and then rubbed them all over her puckered hole.

She was moaning constantly and pushing her hips down onto my finger, inviting it to be put inside of her. Once I felt that she was lubricated well enough I slowly pushed the finger into her and began thrusting it in and out. As she relaxed and became more lubed, I built up the pace and increased the depth until I was using the entire length of my finger fairly quickly as I synchronized my tongue on her pussy to the timing of the thrusts.

It was obvious that she was enjoying herself greatly yet I was still surprised when she asked me to insert a second digit into her ass. To my knowledge this was the first time that she was getting into anal play, but as with our other forays, she was taking to it like a pro.

By now she was moaning quite loudly and for the second time I felt her spasm around me. This time some of her juices actually oozed out of her pussy, only to run down her crack and provide more lubrication around my fingers. "I want you in me," she said in a husky voice, still a little bit winded. Not one to argue, I knelt up and positioned the tip of my hardening cock at the entrance to her pussy. I started to withdraw my fingers from her ass and promptly felt her grab my wrist firmly.

"Stop! Leave them in," she said. Once she no longer felt any resistance pulling away from her, she released my wrist only to grab my dick and pull it toward her wet pussy. Again I was surprised but decided to go with the flow since she appeared to know what she wanted. As I slid into her, I couldn't believe the feelings that were surging through my dick. My step-daughter is normally a snug fit but this was unbelievable.

Having both holes occupied increased the pressure and it was almost like being inside a virgin it was gripping me so tightly. Each time I would push in I could feel my cock hitting my fingers with nothing but a thin membrane separating them. As I built up speed a bit, I looked down and watched her rubbing her clit as I stroked deep inside of her. The trio of sensations had her face contorted and she was virtually gasping for air she was breathing so heavily.

Suddenly, she let out a deep moan as I felt her gush around my cock in yet another orgasm. I could tell that she still hadn't had a huge one so I kept going but slowed down a little to allow her to come down from the high a little. As soon as her breathing was under control she asked me to take my fingers out.

I figured that her ass was probably a bit sore from this new intrusion and there was a slight audible pop as I pulled them out and used both hands to play with her breasts. I couldn't have been more wrong because as soon as I reached her chest, I felt her grab my dick in her hand again. This time she removed it from her pussy and slid it right down until the head was firmly against her rosebud.

This girl never ceased to amaze me but by now I was well aware that she knew exactly what she was doing and what she wanted so who was I to question it. She let out a little yelp of pain as my girth entered her but the look on her face told me everything I needed to know so I kept slowly pushing. I kept going until my full eight inches were in her ass before I stopped. I only briefly paused before starting a steady thrusting going all the way from the base to just below the head of my dick on each stroke.

We had only endured about three or four minutes before I could tell that she had already built up to an orgasm. I sped up just a little bit and dropped one hand down to her groin to rub her clit. Right away she let out a scream that was so loud I thought that the rest of the family might hear her a half mile down the beach. Her ass clamped down so tightly on my dick that I could barely move in her and I could feel as well as see her muscles convulsing as she went through an intense orgasm. Her orgasm was so strong that it triggered my own and I came in her ass mere seconds later.

We stayed still for a moment to catch our breath and relax before I slowly withdrew from her bottom, sensing that she had had enough. As soon as I moved from between her thighs, she sat up and took my cock into her mouth and sucked it clean of the cum that was all over it. "Come on," she said while suddenly standing up.

"We have to get you out of here before Mom gets worried." She grabbed my hand and dragged me out to the front room where some of our clothes were still on the floor. She went straight toward my trunks, bent over and picked them up, and handed them to me to put on while standing there completely naked. She made no motion to grab her clothes but simply waited for me and once I had put my shorts on she pulled me close and gave me a deep kiss.

She told me to be on my way and as she turned away to gather her things, I couldn't help but notice that there wasn't any sign of a limp at all as she walked down the hallway. "The sneaky devil," I thought to myself and headed out the door. As I walked back down the beach I began to reflect on the past few months.

As of today, I had now penetrated all of her holes and faced a wholly new step-daughter from the one that I had lived with for the previous fourteen years. She was full of unbridled passion and either came upon the skills needed for great sexual pleasure naturally or had picked them up rapidly.

I doubted that I could ask for a hotter partner. When I got back to the rest of the family I was asked what took so long. When I simply stated that we had taken it slowly and then I helped to get her settled, my wife chided me with comments about my weakening in my old age. We stayed down there for almost another two hours having fun before we had all decided that we'd had enough and it was time to head back to the cabin for the evening.

When we arrived, my step-daughter was lying down to the side of the hot tub with her "injured" ankle hanging into the bubbling water with a bag of mostly melted ice sitting next to her. My wife asked how she was doing and was told that she was feeling quite a bit better.

"I think that alternating the hot and cold has helped a lot," she said, indicating the tub and ice bag and then gave me a little grin. "This way, I can still get a bit of a tan though. My wife seemed satisfied by her answer and dropped the conversation to go shower up. The rest of us went to wash the salt away as well and then had a light dinner and then we all decided to relax in the hot tub for a bit until it was time to retire for the evening.

The six of us ended up seated around the tub in alternating sexes with my wife and I across from one another and her next to the boys while I was next to the girls. All of us were pretty tired from the day's activities that we simply sat around and talked for a bit.

After a little while I suggested that we wrap up soon and retire early to get some rest. Everyone seemed to agree so we decided to give it about five more minutes and then get out. Once the decision had been made, I suddenly felt a hand on my dick. It rubbed up and down a few times and caused me to harden up a bit and then gave a good squeeze before leaving my lap.

I looked over and made eye contact with my step-daughter who simply grinned at me and announced that she was heading out to the shower. She got up and purposely put her ass right near my face as she turned around and headed out of the tub.

I ended up the last one out to allow myself to soften a little so that I wouldn't be noticed. I covered the tub and headed inside to go clean up. Once I had finished showering, I headed to bed and fell fast asleep from the exhaustion of the day's activities.

The next morning at breakfast we all discussed plans for the day and determined that we were all going to head out for a day of boating. We packed a few coolers with food and water, made sure that we had enough towels and sunscreen, and changed into our swimsuits. By ten o'clock we had brought all of the gear down to the boat and headed out to sea. We spent the rest of the morning waterskiing after getting offshore and were having a blast. Around 12:30 I brought the boat to a shallower area where I knew there was a wreck that we could do a little snorkeling around and anchored the boat.

My wife starting breaking out the lunch that we had brought as the rest of us set up the table and rearranged the cockpit chairs to eat. Since the weather had warmed up nicely and we were no longer speeding through the water on skis, the skins that we were wearing were no longer needed so most of us decided to strip out of them before we ate. As my step-daughter peeled hers down, the tight fit had pulled the tie on her bikini bottom and once the skin was around her thighs the bikini almost fell off completely and bared her ass to the boat.

She caught it pretty quickly but not before her brothers saw her predicament and had done their best to embarrass her by whooping and hollering. Obviously, it wasn't the first time that I had seen her naked bottom but I had still enjoyed the brief look before she got her suit retied. The suits that all three women were wearing were quite nice and I felt proud to be "the guy with the boatful of sexy babes;" at least in my mind.

My wife was wearing a patterned traditional triangle bikini top with a skirted bottom that did a good job of showing how much she had kept her body in great shape throughout the years. She easily had the body of a woman ten years younger. My step-daughter had decided to wear the previously mentioned tie-side bottom with a Brazilian cut and a matching violet halter top that gave full coverage but showed a nice bit of her cleavage to good advantage. To wrap up the trio, Riley was wearing a peach colored suit with an underwire top and a somewhat revealing scoop bottom.

Like the others she looked beautiful and her breasts looked larger than my impression from the other day and appeared to be about a B-cup. We had an enjoyable lunch and snorkeled around the wreck together for a while, after which we split up a bit to relax and enjoy what we wanted to. My wife wanted to lie out on the boat and do some tanning while she read a book so I headed that way with her and had her hand me some spear fishing gear off the boat.

I headed back toward the shallows where I could stand and get set up only to find that the boys were swimming toward the nearby beach and the girls were goofing around in the shallows about 30 feet away from me. The two of them were giggling while splashing water on each other and playing around. Right about the time that I was about to leave, I caught sight of Riley grabbing at my step-daughter's top causing her left breast to pop out of the bikini. She squealed and after shoving herself back in, went after Riley in retaliation.

I tried to act as if I hadn't noticed, put my face mask back on and was starting to swim away when I suddenly saw Riley's bottom get pulled down to her knees. From 30 feet away as well as the angle that she was facing, I couldn't really see too much but I did get a clear look at her bare ass.

The brief frontal glimpse that I received caused me to mentally note that I hadn't noticed any contrast of her dark colored hair at her crotch and again it appeared that she kept herself shaven. As I swam the hundred yards to the wreck, I wondered if that was truly the case and if so, I was curious why. We spent another few hours having fun and relaxing on the water before heading back to the cabin. I had managed to spear a few fish near the wreck, so we cleaned and cooked them for dinner and chose to have a relaxing evening since again we were all exhausted from the day's activities.

We sat around the fire pit and played cards for a little while before retiring to bed early. That night I enjoyed a beautiful lovemaking session with my wife but I couldn't get the images of the two girls' brief exposures earlier that day out of my mind. The next morning it was obvious that, although we had been having a lot of fun as a whole family, everyone wanted a day to simply do their own thing.

My wife decided to hang out at the cabin and work on a hobby that she had bought with her while working on a tan and catching up on some reading. The boys, who were almost inseparable, started off with a long bike ride down some of the wooded trails nearby and then were going to play around in the more populated beach hoping to find some other kids to play with and, I'm sure, gawk at the scantily clad women in their bikinis.

I wanted to get some more fishing time in and after I announced so, the girls asked if I would drop them off at the cove again so they could "get away." Most everyone was headed off to their respective activity by 10:00 and I had dropped the girls off around 10:30 with an agreement that I would pick them back up around 4:00. Being the middle of the week as it was, I only passed by two other boats on the twenty minute trip to the fishing hole.

When I got there I couldn't see any other boats on the water at all which was just fine with me. Just as I had dropped a few lines in, turned some music on, cracked open a cold beer and settled back for a relaxing day, one of the lines started running.

I couldn't believe that it had happened so quickly but I wasn't complaining. I landed my first "keeper" in less than 10 minutes on site and was kept so busy it almost seemed like they were simply jumping into the boat. In less than two hours, I had caught my fill of some gorgeous fish worth taking back to the grill.

I'm not much of a catch and release type and prefer to eat what I catch so I was a little perplexed as to what to do with the rest of the day. It was surprising how I could spend all day fishing alone and not get bored but after only about 15 minutes with nothing to do but sit there and listen to the radio, I was bored beyond belief. I decided to head back to the cove and see what the girls were up to and hope that they didn't mind a little extra company.

If they did, I had no clue what I was going to do to kill the next few hours. It was only a little after one o'clock when I arrived back there, anchored the boat, and stripped down to my swim trunks to head ashore. I grabbed my towel and hat, snagged a six pack from the cooler, and waded to the beach, quickly spotting the girls a few hundred yards away. I was a little surprised that they hadn't seemed to notice my arrival since the boat isn't exactly the quietest thing around but as I got closer, I noticed that they both appeared to be dozing.

It gave me a good opportunity to take a good look at them and admire their beauty without them getting too self-conscious about their looks. As for my step-daughter, I had obviously seen her body in great detail before, but looking at it now I was still impressed at her beautiful form. Her face had a very young look to it but her body had truly developed into that of a woman with curves in all of the right places.

She was quite fit but had that slight layer of body fat over the muscle to give her form a nice, smooth, curvy appearance. She had a wondrous hourglass shape and lying on her stomach I could see her breasts pushed out to her sides tapering to a slender waist and then curving nicely to rounded hips followed by smooth and sexy legs that barely met at the thighs.

The swimsuit that she was wearing was so small that I could barely notice it. She had untied the top to avoid tan lines and her back had just the right amount of muscle definition. The string running around her waist and through the crack of her ass was doing absolutely nothing for support but was merely there to keep the rest of the suit in place yet her butt was still firm and uplifted and gave no appearance of sag what-so-ever, even lying down as she was. In sharp contrast, her friend Riley had matured quite differently.

Her face gave an impression of someone who was years older than her actual eighteen years but without looking like she was aging poorly. Her skin was unblemished and virtually flawless but I think that it was her classic Mediterranean features that caused her to look older than she was.

Like my step-daughter, she was lying on her stomach with her top untied and her head was resting on her crossed arms.

She had taken her long hair and laid it out next to her on the towel to keep it from interfering with her tanning process. She, also, had a beautiful back that I knew would look great in an open-back dress.

There was a little more muscle definition on it but not enough to detract from a smooth and sultry appearance. I found her body strangely sexy. I say strangely because she had almost an absence of curves. Looking closely I could see that she was actually quite skinny but didn't appear anorexic. Even with her arms above her head and bikini top untied I could see no indication of her breasts. Her chest rolled straight into her torso with barely any change in size. There was a slight flare at her hips that provided the only curve that had been seen thus far.

The thong that she was wearing showed me clearly that her butt was small and well-toned and fell just on the right side of being considered flat.

What she had looked nice but she didn't have much. She was lying with her legs slightly parted and allowed me to take a good look at her long legs. Much of her height came from those legs and looking at them now I could definitely see that they were her best feature.

Long, shapely, smooth, and well defined so that you just wanted to run your hands up them. They were so close to perfection that she easily could have gotten a job as a leg model. Her position also provided an additional advantage in that I could see the crotch of her suit clearly.

Being a thong, it obviously didn't cover a whole lot of skin and I could see just a hint of darker color at her ass hole on either side of the suit. It widened out in time to keep her pussy properly covered but was tight enough that I could easily see the shape of her lips and the line of her slit outlined in the material.

Yet again I saw absolutely no sign of pubic hair and I was developing a real longing to see her naked not to mention a bit of a hard on from looking so closely at these two sexy ladies. After a few minutes of ogling them I decided that it would be best to not have them wake up to find me staring at them so I put my towel out next to my step-daughter's and decided to get a little sun myself.

About five minutes later I heard an alarm go off and watched my step-daughter reach into a bag between the two of them to silence the offending sound. "Riley, time to flip," she stated quite loudly. I watched as both girls turned over onto their backs, both of them leaving their tops on the towels as they rolled over, now bare chested. "Oh.Dad.hi," sputtered my step-daughter, just now noticing my presence. Initially she was surprised to see me but after the initial shock, immediately calmed right back down.

Riley nearly jumped out of her skin at the comment and had a slightly worried look on her face. "Who else came out?" she inquired. "Just me," was the simple answer I gave her. "Oh. You don't mind, do you?" my step-daughter continued while motioning to her absence of a top. "We don't want any harsh tan lines." Her calm demeanor reassured Riley who relaxed a bit but still had a slightly concerned look on her face until she heard my reply.

"Sure sweetie. It's not a big deal. I hope that I am not raining on your parade but the fish were biting like you wouldn't believe and I have already caught plenty for us to eat so I thought that I would join you. If it particularly bothers you I'm sure that I can figure out something to do." "No Dad, that's OK. We don't mind at all having a hunky man to keep us company," she gibed causing both of the girls to giggle. Riley hadn't said a single word during the entire exchange but seemed to be OK since she neither offered a protest nor made any move to cover herself or put her top back on.

The three of us were simply lying there on the beach on our backs enjoying the warm rays of sunshine and chatting. The next time the alarm went off; my step-daughter sat up and asked me if I would help renew her sunscreen. She turned her back toward me and held the bottle of sunscreen over her shoulder, waiting for me to take it.

As I sat up and reached for the bottle I got my first good look at Riley's naked breasts. Before now she had been mostly hidden from my view since my step-daughter had been in between us and I didn't want to get caught leering at her.

As I have stated previously, they were quite small; probably an A-cup. Their shape was perfect though, clearly defined on her chest with the outlined area a natural fit for her frame. She had dark areola a little larger than a quarter centered around pencil sized nipples that were standing out significantly in their hardened state.

I wasn't sure what had them hard right now (weather or arousal from the thought of her exposure) but I remembered that I had noticed them hard frequently during the past few days. My step-daughter began to moan and sigh like she was getting a massage as I rubbed the lotion into her shoulders and back. She was thoroughly enjoying herself and started making the sounds more and more sexual in nature until finally it sounded like she was about to orgasm.

In all honesty it was having an effect on me but I did my best not to let on and tried to ignore her antics until finally I had finished and told her so. "Awww," she said and gave me a pouty look but returned to her prone position on the towel to get some more color on her back.

As soon as she had done so, Riley sat up and said "my turn. Come over here and rub me all over with some of that cream." The thick innuendo to her comment was not lost on me, especially after seeing the grin on her face. Regardless of the tone of her comment I figured that there was no reason not to, so I went over and knelt down behind her. Being this close to her allowed me to get a good whiff of her scent. There was an overtone of the sunscreen in the air but I detected a subtle fragrance of orange blossom underneath it that was a little intoxicating.

Before starting, I began gathering her long hair so that it wouldn't get in the way or end up with lotion in it. I hadn't realized what an arduous task it would be, but the volume of hair took a good few minutes to ensure that I had all of it gathered without any strays across her shoulders or back.

While I was effectively stroking her hair I thought that I heard her emit a soft cooing sound. Finally complete, I had to lean in close to hand the bundle of hair over her shoulder so that she could keep it out of the way and got another good whiff of that nice feminine smell. My new vantage point also provided me with a nice close-up look down her chest. Her wonderfully hard nipples were, indeed, perfectly shaped and were simply begging to be sucked on. I wanted so badly to simply reach around her and cup each of her small breasts, rubbing them and playing with her nipples but I resisted the urge and took a final look before shifting back to begin applying the lotion.

The weight on my knees was starting to get uncomfortable so I changed positions and sat down with my legs outstretched on either side of hers, allowing me to be close enough to do a proper job. I put a good amount of the lotion on one of my palms and distributed it between both of my hands and started in on her shoulders. As I worked the sunscreen into her skin and moved toward her neck, Riley leaned back toward me and let out an audible "mmmm" sound. I finished with her neck area and moved to her upper arms, making sure to get good coverage all the way around them and finished on the inside of her bicep.

When I moved up the inside of her arm she began to giggle a little despite my best attempts not to tickle her in the process. I directed her to lean forward again as I reapplied more lotion to my hands so that I could get the main area of her back. She was so flexible that even while sitting cross-legged, she put her face almost all the way to the towel with arms outstretched above her head, virtually doubled over, and caused her hips to shift back toward me a bit.

When I reached out to pick up where I had left off the slight gap left between us was closed and I felt my groin contact her ass. I tried to act oblivious to the contact despite being well aware of it because in her position I didn't think that there was any way to avoid it plus I didn't want to draw attention to it either.

The shifting around caused by applying the sunscreen didn't help at all. It was causing her ass to rub on my penis, threatening to make me get a hard-on that, while wearing nothing but swim trunks, would be impossible for me to hide. I worked the rest of the way down her back and made sure to get under the waistband of her suit. As soon as my fingertips went underneath the material, Riley shifted her position again causing my hands to go further than I had intended and I found the fingers of one hand all the way inside her suit, touching the cleft of her ass.

I was a bit shocked so I quickly moved around the waistband to the sides. Once again she let out a little giggle from being tickled inadvertently. Done with the waistband area, I reapplied more of the sunscreen to my hands and started on her sides working my way upward. As my hands moved up, I found it increasingly difficult to reach without grinding myself into her.

We were definitely in solid contact now and when I couldn't reach any further without laying on top of her back I asked her to sit back up while I continued to rub the lotion on her. The way that she sat up did two things.first, it molded her ass directly around my dick, almost squeezing it between her cheeks. Second, she arched her back as she came up and my hands suddenly went further forward than I had intended and I felt them resting on the underside of her breasts.

Before I had had a chance to move them she playfully said "oooh, naughty, naughty," but made no effort to move away. If anything, her movement caused them to move up a little bit more until I believe that I was feeling the change in her skin from breast to areola at the top of my hands. I enjoyed this brief moment but didn't want to linger so I removed my hands and finished the last little bit of skin that needed sunscreen.

Thinking that I was now complete, I started to get up and go back to my own towel. Before I had even had a chance to stand up, Riley said "wait a minute, you're not done yet." "I got everything," I replied. "Don't worry, you won't get a burn." "I need some on my legs too and it's easier for someone else to do than to do it myself." There was no question in her mind if I would do it or not and she simply presumed that I would do her bidding.

With that she stood up, placing her cute ass directly in front of me for the second time and moved to lie back down on her belly.

"Come on now, let your hands work their magic," she stated and then threw in "please" as an afterthought. Honestly, I knew that she could have done it herself if she wanted to, but I really didn't mind letting my hands rub down her supple teenage body some more. I worked some of the lotion into her skin starting at one foot progressing upward to her knee and then repeating the process on her other leg.

A few giggles as well as some "ooohs" and "ahhhs" later I had completed everything up to her knees and had to shift positions to be able to reach further.

Sensing this, Riley moved her legs apart to allow me to position myself in between them. I had originally intended to go sit on one side of her and reach across but her new position negated that idea so I scooted up in between her legs, stopping around her knees. I put more sunscreen on my hands and went to start where I left off on her right leg.

As soon as I looked down, I noticed a new development that was causing a development in me as well. Her crotch, covered only by the smallest amount of material in her thong, was completely exposed to me. The thin swimsuit was pulled tight into her folds and showed nearly every detail though the fabric.

I could even see her outer labia peeking out the edges of her suit and if I wasn't mistaken, it appeared that the crotch of her suit was a little darker than the rest of her suit from dampness. Pausing for a moment to collect myself, I resumed the work on her right leg and was greeted with a few more sighs and one outright moan as I went up the inside of her thigh.

As I reached the top of her leg, I was a bit hesitant but didn't want to leave an area bare, only to get severely burnt.

While I closed the last few inches, I swear that she elongated her body and I suddenly felt warmth against the back of my left hand. Looking down, I saw that my hand was squarely against her crotch. Before I had even had a chance to react I watched as she performed a little roll or her hips and rubbed herself against the back of my hand, emitting a long "mmmmm." I quickly withdrew my hand and got some more lotion to do her left leg before I completely betrayed my feelings and started becoming a more active participant.

At this point, I wanted to finish this up before anything got completely out of control or the baggy swim trunks that I was wearing could no longer hide the state of my penis. Right now it was in a semi (mostly) hard state but wasn't so bad as to be tenting out.

Glancing to the side I was glad to see that my step-daughter appeared to be asleep again and oblivious to the goings-on right next to her.

I was so focused that I had almost forgotten about her presence until now. As I resumed applying the lotion on her left leg I took a slightly faster pace, wanting to finish the job quickly and put a little distance between Riley and me. As I reached her upper thigh, I watched as she actually widened her legs a little bit more than what they already were. Her suit bottom was so small that it caused the material to slide into her slit on one side and I saw that her left outer labium was now completely exposed.

I was not prepared to touch her bare pussy so I stopped a little bit short and hoped that she wouldn't burn there since I'm sure that would have been a terribly painful spot. Proclaiming that she was all done, I started to withdraw my hands when she quickly reached back and lightly grabbed one of my wrists.

"Wait, you forgot an area," she said and placed my hand square on her exposed rear. "Riley." I stammered. "I sure don't want to get burnt there, especially since we have a long car ride in a few days. No one here will care that you touched my bum and if you are that worried, it will be our little secret," she replied with a little grin on her face. I had to admit that a part of her argument made sense but it was obvious that there was more to her game than simply wanting the sunscreen applied.

The bad part is that I had an extreme weakness when it came to making my step-daughter, and now her friend, happy. Riley was already using her hand to guide mine over her buttocks when I decided to cave in. Feeling my hand move more of its own accord, she relaxed her grip on my wrist and allowed me to proceed with a little bit of guidance.

At one point, as I applied the sunscreen near the cleft of her ass, the tip of my middle finger grazed over her sphincter and caused her to give a sudden jolt and a sharp intake of breath. At the same time, she rolled her hips a little bit that pushed her up against my finger and I could feel her hole pucker for that brief moment.

I looked down and noticed that a small dollop of the lotion had clung to her puckered hole and I couldn't help think that it looked like someone had cum in her ass. After that thought I quickly finished up before anything else could happen.

I gave her a little swat on the butt as I stated that I was all done but before I could actually get up, she twisted around a little kind of trapping me between her legs and reached out to give me a big hug while expressing her thanks.

Normally, I wouldn't have thought much about it except for the fact that our bare tops were now pressed together. I could feel her rock hard nipples burrowing holes into my chest and couldn't help getting even harder while we embraced. Not wanting to be discovered, I let go of her and began to shift my weight away from her. She got the hint that the hug was over and let me go as I backed up, arose, and went back to my own towel to hide my engorgement.

I lay down on my stomach to hide the swelling in my groin and tried as hard as I could to get comfortable but was completely unable. I finally gave up and decided to get away from the two bikini clad beauties for a while. I put my sandals on and asked Riley if she could tell me how to get to the spot where they had found all of the clams. She propped herself up on her elbows and then pointed down the beach.

"You go about a third of the way down the beach and there is a little trail and then." she started. "Oh hell," she exclaimed and stood up, "after that it gets a little convoluted. Why don't I just take you there?" She grabbed a t-shirt and put it on over her bare chest and then slid on her shorts and sandals.

Although this defeated the real purpose of my leaving it wasn't like I could exactly tell her that I didn't want her to come because her teasing was making me hard and horny. "I recommend that you put your shirt on because there are a few tight spots in the trail and you don't want to get all scratched up" she stated. As soon as I had grabbed my shirt and a net bag to put the clams in she headed off down the beach and said "follow me." Despite that fact that I had been trying to get away, I had to admit as we headed there that I was actually glad for the guide because a few forks in the trail were not very obvious and wouldn't have been easy to find if I didn't know where I was going.

About twenty minutes later we emerged from the woods in a secluded little niche between some large rocks that was probably only about fifteen feet wide but penetrated the shore line easily by one hundred feet or so. Looking at it from the shore line I wasn't even sure that it would have been easy to find from the boat. Riley walked over to one of the rocks, said "this is it," and removed her sandals, shorts, and shirt and placed them on the rock leaving her in nothing but the thong again.

I quickly removed my shirt and sandals as well and placed them on the nearest rock to me and waded into the water to hide my again hardening cock. I was feeling around for clams with my feet when I suddenly became aware of Riley's presence next to me as she put her hand on my arm.

"Over here is the best spot," she said as she came in close, pressing her nipples into my arm when she took it to lead the way. She pulled me over to a spot about 30 feet away telling me that it was where she had found the most clams and the two of us began to dig around in the silt. Success came fairly quickly and for the next five minutes we were both putting great quality clams into the bag. Riley then declared that she was going to lie out on the rocks and encouraged me to have fun.

She did a quick arch through the water that flashed her bare ass at me, swam to shore, and exited the water in a pose straight out of a swimsuit magazine. The whole thing was sexy as hell but I quickly put it out of my mind by returning to the task at hand.

I spent almost the next hour collecting good number of clams and got pretty picky about the size and quality that I decided to keep rather than throw back. Once I decided that I had enough, I headed back to the shore to let Riley know that I was done in case she wanted to return to the beach area.

I dropped off the bag at the waterline and walked over to the five foot tall rock that she was laying out on only to receive my next shock. Knowing that she was only scantily clad I didn't pay too much attention as I approached but as soon as I stepped onto the rock I found myself staring straight between her slightly parted legs at her completely bare pussy. It was a beautifully shaped slit with puffy outer lips completely enveloping her inner lips and hiding them from view. I assumed that she shaved or waxed because there was no sign of pubic hair visible, even from the mere four feet away that I was standing.

I cleared my throat to let her know of my presence and watched as she opened up her eyes, staring directly at me, making no motion at all to cover her nudity. "Did you get a good catch?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. "I think that we have a good amount to bring back with us." She propped herself up on her elbows and with a coy look asked me "are you sure that you couldn't use just one more clam?" The next thing that I knew, she opened her legs wider, pausing for a moment to allow me to get a good look, and then leaned forward reaching around me to place her hands on my ass.

She pulled me in a bit closer and slid her hands up to the waistband of my swim trunks, swiftly pulling them down and freeing my engorged cock. "My God," she exclaimed. "It looks even larger than it felt the other night." I was puzzled for a moment, only to remember the brief grope in the hot tub. Thinking back to the moment I realized that I had not actually known who had done it and that I had simply assumed had been my step-daughter. Riley gave my dick a few long, slow strokes and then leaned in to give it a kiss on the head, looking up at me the entire time.

It was an incredibly sexy sight and was only made more so when she stuck her tongue out and slowly licked the tip right up the slit. "Riley." I stuttered. "Shhh," was the only reply that she gave and then placed her mouth over the head of my dick and circled her tongue around the tip.

She stroked me slowly with one hand as she continued the tongue action and pulled me in while kneading my ass with the other hand. After a moment she let go of my ass and took a hold of my hand bringing it to her breast. Finally, the shock of what was happening wore off a little and I began to massage the slight swell of her breast and play with her nipple.

The first time that I touched the hardened nipple, she jumped a little and I realized that they were extremely sensitive. I took advantage of that fact and every time that it seemed like she was settling in a bit I would give it a little pinch that caused her to jolt.

I brought my second hand up to play with the other breast and nipple and we continued like this for a few moments while she started slowly taking the first few inches of my dick into her mouth. Suddenly, she stopped all movement and I could feel her shudder around my cock as she had a small orgasm.

I couldn't believe that it had come so quickly or with so relatively little stimulation and I wondered how she would act with even more. She opened her mouth wider to take a few deep breaths and I withdrew from her. She began to protest but stopped as soon as she realized that we weren't done yet when I leaned down to take one of her nipples between my lips. At first I simply kissed it and pulled it a little with my lips and then opened my mouth to suck on the hard nub and flick it with the tip of my tongue.

She began to moan, quite loudly I might add, and would give a sharp intake of breath each time I got a bit more aggressive with it until I could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying it. Always the tease, when I sensed that she was becoming overly aroused I stopped abruptly, waited for a moment for her to come down and then did the same to her other breast.

Once I returned her to that heightened state I once again stopped. Both of the nipples were rock hard and stood out proudly from her chest. I then leaned her back to lie down and planted a few kisses down her chest, working my way to her crotch. The closer that I got, the more I could smell the slight muskiness of her juices flowing. Her outer lips were becoming engorged with blood and had turned a rosy color. Closer inspection also revealed that she was not hairless as I had previously thought, but that the small patch of hair above her slit was so short and fine that it couldn't easily be seen unless you were close to it.

I slowly traced an outline of her pussy with the tip of my tongue, taking great care to not hit any of her most sensitive areas. I wanted to take her to a higher state of ecstasy before getting her release than she even thought was possible. After a few of these circles, I gently opened her folds a little with my fingers and let my tongue run up her slit from bottom to top but staying low so as to avoid contacting her clit. By now Riley's juices were flowing freely and I was thoroughly enjoying her delicate, sweet flavor.

I continued to dip my tongue inside of her pussy and had her loudly moaning from the experience. She reached down to grab a hold of my head and pulled it in almost like she was trying to pull me inside of her.

I could feel her attempting to guide me up to her clit but I maintained the control of her ecstasy as I continued to eat her out for a while. Periodically, I would either slow down or stop completely in order to keep her hovering on a high level but just short of getting her release. After hearing her curse me out, I decided that it was finally time to change things up and left the spot in between her thighs.

I slowly moved back up her body, kissing it along the way until I had returned to her breasts. I again enjoyed sucking on the hard nipples for a few moments and then continued up to plant little kisses on her neck and gently nibble on her ear.

Finally, I moved fully on top of her and gave her a deep French kiss. Lying on top of her as I was, I could feel her hard nipples pressed firmly into my chest and the extreme heat radiating out of her pussy against my hard cock nestled in her folds.

Riley began thrusting her hips against me causing my cock to slide through her lips. As I listened to the sound of her breathing I could tell that she was rapidly approaching an orgasm from the contact against her clit so I drew back despite the fact that I, too, was enjoying the sensation.

When I shifted back, the tip of my penis moved downward so that the next time that she thrust her hips forward I started to enter inside of her. Even she seemed a little shocked when it happened and stopped her movement. I took back control of what was happening and pressed forward slowly. After sinking into her almost two inches and feeling no resistance of a hymen I decided to continue and kept entering her until I was buried completely inside of her.

The whole time she was staring straight into my eyes with her mouth agape making no sound and appearing to not even be breathing. As soon as my pubes pressed firmly against her engorged clit she let out a cross between a scream and moan and I could feel her have an intense orgasm around my cock.

I stayed deep inside of her until she had finished the orgasm. Once she had come down from her orgasmic euphoria, I began to thrust in and out of her. I started off slowly and built up speed as her lubrication became distributed around my cock. In no time at all, Riley was moaning loudly again and I could feel her fingernails pressed firmly into my back. Before long I was going full tilt into her, adjusting my position occasionally to change the angle of my thrusts inside of her and either increasing or decreasing the amount of contact against her clit.

Periodically, I would also lean down to lick or suck on her nipples. She wrapped her legs around my ass, trying to guide me and control my position to keep me against the swollen nub. Despite her best efforts I continued to maintain control of the angle and had her hovering on the edge for what seemed like an eternity. After such prolonged intense sensation, I felt the buildup of my impending orgasm. I did everything that I could to hold off but her tightness made it extremely difficult.

I was very relieved when I soon heard, and felt, Riley approaching her climax as well. I changed up my thrusts in order to increase the stimulus and quickly bring her to orgasm and was rewarded a few moments later. She screamed in ecstasy and I could feel her pussy convulsing around my cock as I released a huge load inside of her just seconds after she exploded.

After catching out breath for a moment we shared a passionate kiss. Riley commented that we had best be getting back to where my step-daughter was. Agreeing, we both got out clothes back on. I grabbed the clams that I had collected and the two of us did the trek back to the beach. "Where have you two been?" came the question as soon as we were spotted.

"Oh; out clamming," she continued without even giving a chance for reply when she spotted the bag. The three of us hung out for a little while longer, laughing and joking around before it was time to start heading back ashore. The trip was uneventful and that evening was spent with the whole group enjoying another nice seafood dinner and relaxing out by the fire pit until we all went to bed.

The next morning started off as any other; waking up to have breakfast followed by discussing our plans for the day. My wife mentioned that over half of our vacation was gone and said that she would like for all of us to do something together that day. The boys immediately groaned their disapproval at having to hang out with two "old" people (my wife and me) as well as their sister, not to mention her friend. We told them that it was going to happen whether they liked it or not and the discussion turned to what to do for the day.

After much discussion it was decided that we would take a walk on one of the wooded trails in the morning and then go out to a nearby shooting range once it was open at 11:00. The trail was nice and relaxing since the day hadn't warmed up too much yet. We only had one scare caused by a snake spooking my wife that was easily dealt with by giving it a gentle nudge with my walking stick and watching it slither off the trail into the woods.

There had also been a few opportunities to show off my foraging skills when we encountered wild strawberries, cactus fruit, and beach beans. All in all, we had an enjoyable time on the walk and ate an early lunch before heading off to the range. Our family had all been shooting before but apparently Riley had never even held a firearm before now, let alone shot one. Since I was the most experienced shooter, my wife suggested that I coach her a bit.

Everyone in my family had been shooting somewhat regularly for at least a few years so they headed right away to fill out the range paperwork and select weapons to use. I took Riley aside and taught her some fundamentals before joining the rest of the clan on the range. I had selected a simple semi-automatic .22 rifle for her to start off with.

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I took her and my youngest son, who wasn't too experienced himself, down to the far end of the range where we would be away from the other shooters and I could talk them through things easier. After another five minutes or so of coaching I felt confident enough in their understanding to finally let them have some ammunition.

The three of us started off very slowly with me standing in between them coaching while they took one shot at a time. I would watch as they fired each shot, see where they hit the target, and offer suggestions on how to improve. It took about 15 minutes before each of them had fired through the seven rounds that each rifle held. My son had gotten back in the hang of things quickly but Riley's target looked like she had barely hit it at all.

The rounds that had actually hit it were spread all over it and there were no hits at all in the large black circle at the center of the target. I told her to wait there for a moment and brought my son over to where the rest of the family was and asked my wife if she could keep an eye on him while I tried to work with Riley.

I mentioned that he was doing pretty well and should need minimal guidance but due to his age I felt that he needed closer supervision. Returning to the end of the range, I started coaching her on a few problems with her stance that I had noticed while she was firing.

We talked about her sight alignment and breathing as well and we did a bunch of dry firing until I thought that she had gotten over trying to anticipate the rifle firing. She seemed quite attentive and appeared to truly want to learn and do well but seemed very down on herself that she hadn't easily picked it up.

She even commented on her displeasure that she was an adult and couldn't do it but a ten year old could. I did a lot of encouraging and even offered to let her simply fire away down range with no target until she had gotten more comfortable and then we could work on her marksmanship but she was having no part of that.

I finally felt that she was almost ready to shoot some more without extremely disappointing results for her but she was still having a big stance problem that she didn't seem to be correcting with the coaching. I told her to pick the rifle up and point it toward the target like she was going to shoot it and then to stay just like that. I then began to walk around her and move her around a little like she was a puppet. At first she resisted until I told her to relax and let me adjust her as I moved her head to get a better cheek weld, her off side arm to get better balance and support for the rifle, etc.

Finally, I had to come around behind her where I could stand almost paired with her to see where her balance and aim were. I was so close to her that I was virtually pressed against her backside. I reached around her to do another minor adjustment of her shooting hand and had the other hand around her ribs just under her breasts adjusting her posture.

Completely enveloped, she ground her buttocks against my groin playfully. I may have overreacted a little and definitely shocked her as I replied with a very stern "not here; under any circumstances!" She definitely got the message though because she immediately stopped goofing around and it was just then that I noticed that my step-daughter had come over to join us and give her friend a little pep talk.

Hearing the sharp retort that I had given Riley, she said "whoa.what's that Dad?" I couldn't really think of an explanation other than the truth but was not about to say that so I simply said that we were working on some issues to help her out. She didn't ask anything more but I'm not sure that she bought the explanation.

A few more tweaks and then I told her to stay exactly like she was and I inserted the magazine into her rifle with more ammo and then reached around to chamber the first round. "Remember everything that we just went over," I told her and then stood right next to her to watch closely everything that she did. This time each round landed on the target and they were spread about an area of a dollar bill. Although not great shooting, it was a drastic improvement from the last magazine that she had fired.

Another magazine full had her improve slightly but most importantly she was beginning to have more fun with it. I gave the two girls another box of ammunition each and then went to go get a rifle for me to shoot. I returned to the line in the lane next to them and the three of us sent some lead down range.

I had the girls shooting with targets at the 25 meter line but the other advantage to being down at the end of the range was that these lanes went out to 500 meters. I immediately ran my target out to the 100 line for a warm up and quickly ran through two 15 round magazines. Riley couldn't believe when I got the target back and all thirty rounds were in a group a little bit larger than a quarter.

I made a couple of minor adjustments to the sights and sent a fresh target out to 250 meters. Two magazines later and it returned with a grouping that was still smaller than a half dollar.

"My God," Riley started; "you really keep it tight, don't you." My step-daughter quickly answered "oh yeah, he really likes it tight; don't you Dad?" "He's great at getting things into a really small hole over and over again," she continued without pause. The innuendo was extremely thick but I felt it best to simply ignore it. In one word I replied "practice." Both girls giggled and we resumed our shooting until we were out of ammo. Riley had actually gotten good enough that she saved one of her targets to show off and told us that she wanted to do this again sometime.

We linked back up with the others and once the cleanup was done decided to head back home. When we arrived at the cabin it was only a little after two o'clock and we still had plenty of day left to go do something else if we wanted to. There was way too much day left to call it a wrap so the discussion quickly turned to what we would like to do with the rest of the afternoon. A consensus was finally reached that no one really wanted to just sit around the cabin but also no one really felt like doing anything terribly active.

Leave it to my step-daughter, who would probably choose to spend every waking moment under the sun's rays if she could get away with it, to suggest heading off to the island to bask the afternoon away. Oddly enough, since he never liked to agree with his sister, the older of the two boys jumped at the chance.

We all looked around the room at each other and seeing that there were neither any arguments against the idea nor did anyone have a better idea, it was decided that we would pack up and head out there. Once the decision had been made, Riley asked if we were allowed to make a fire out there and when I gave her an affirmative response she suggested that since it was a late start that we should stay later.

We could build a fire, have dinner, and generally stay as late as we felt like. That idea, as well, seemed to appeal to the group so we quickly packed some things up and headed out to the boat.

Once we got into open water I took the opportunity to let the boys take the helm for a little while, teaching them how to handle the boat. They did pretty well except once when they nearly threw my wife out of the boat after hitting a swell at a bad angle causing the boat to suddenly lurch toward the port side that she was sitting on.

Luckily she caught her balance quickly enough and didn't end up in the water. I made them slow down a little bit after that but to be honest I think that the event itself had already taught them the lesson. We made it to the island without further ado and had actually made pretty good time; arriving about 3:30. Before we left I had made sure to check the tides and knew that we were going into a flood tide so I brought the boat nice and close to the shoreline to make it easier to offload everyone and the items that we had brought with us.

Once I had made sure that the anchor was secure, I turned off the boat and headed in myself joining the rest of the family who were already setting up a little "camp." My wife, Riley, and the younger of the two boys stayed on the beach to set up while the other three of us headed into the woods to collect some wood to build a fire with later and by 4:00 we had enough to cover us through the evening and decided that it was time to relax.

Riley, the boys and I began to throw a Frisbee around the beach a little and were having fun but after about twenty minutes the boys asked to see where we had been getting the clams from. Shrugging my shoulders, I announced to the group that we were heading over to the cove and asked if anyone wanted to come. My wife and step-daughter simply waved for us to go on and Riley stated that she was going to catch some rays with them so it was just going to be the guys.

Remembering the route that I had been shown the day before, I led the group over there and upon our arrival we got straight to work collecting the tasty shellfish. With all three of us going at it, it wasn't long before we had plenty and decided to bring them back to the cooler and put them on ice.

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About halfway back we got to a split in the trail and the younger of the boys stated that he wanted to do a little beachcombing and his brother readily agreed after asking if I would bring the clams back for them.

I stated that I would, ensured that they knew how to get back to where we had set up, and told them to ensure that they were with us before the sun dropped too low. When I got back to the ladies, I figured that I had been gone for about an hour and didn't really pay them much mind as I made some room in the cooler for the clams. Once they were safely on ice though, I received a huge shock.all three of them were lying on their backs with their breasts completely exposed and seemed to have no care in the world about it.

Obviously, I knew from the day before that the two girls had no problem sunbathing topless but seeing them do so in my wife's presence, not to mention her participation, was a bit shocking. Honestly, I was not sure what to do or say; should I simply ignore it or would that seem odd in and of itself?

Despite the fact that I was truly enjoying the sight of three beautiful women that I was intimate with, lying there topless on display for me, I decided that I should at least say something.

I grabbed a drink and sat down next to my wife. Trying my hardest to sound lighthearted and aloof about it I said "my, we're feeling pretty open today aren't we?" I hoped that I gave no impression of being offended by the display and mentally crossed my fingers that nothing was suspect.

My wife simply glanced in my direction and gave a little shrug; "well, the girls brought up a good point that the tan lines look awful in a nice summer dress and this place is plenty secluded enough so why not." "What about the boys?" I replied. "They both saw plenty of topless women at the beach last summer in St Martin. It shouldn't be a big deal." I couldn't argue with that logic so I gave her a shrug back in reply and tried to at least "act" as if I didn't care.

Secretly though, it was hard to ignore the three of them after the heightened sexuality that had been surrounding me all week; especially the previous day's escapades in this same general area. Eventually I drifted off in a doze for a little and awoke to my wife gently shaking me telling me that it was time to start building the fire if we were going to be able to cook the food at a reasonable hour. Glancing at my watch, I agreed so I got up and went right to work. A few minutes later the youngest of the children came over to help and I spent a while teaching him the skills necessary in order to build a proper fire and even opted for lighting it without a lighter or matches just so he could get the practice.

Once it was going well enough to leave it alone, I went for a quick swim to cool off a little bit. I swam "laps" for about ten minutes and when I stopped I stood up in about five feet of water. I was wiping the water off of my face and away from my eyes when I suddenly felt a pair of squishy breasts pressed firmly against my back and hands gently squeezing my biceps. Without even turning to look, I knew from the size that they felt that it was my step-daughter behind me.

"I did it for you, you know." came her greeting followed by her coming around front of me to talk face to face as she stood there still topless. "What are you talking about?" I asked. "Convincing Mom that we should all go topless. I knew that you would appreciate the sight and, to be honest, I like showing myself off to you. Seeing the way that you look at me always brightens my mood and makes me feel really good about myself." "There's no reason that you shouldn't feel good about yourself, honey.

You are a beautiful young woman," I replied. "You are making it rather difficult for me though because I can't exactly let myself get a hard on in front of everyone now, can I?" An impish grin formed on her face as a reply to that comment followed by her appearing to be pondering a thought.

"Too bad we couldn't forgo the swimsuits altogether." With that thought still in my mind, she gave me a quick goose on the ass and swam off, leaving me standing there hoping that things were not about to get out of control. A few minutes later, I headed back up to the beach right around the same time that I saw the boys approaching the spot we had set up. I tried to kind of cut them off at the pass, so to say, but was just a little too late to intercept them. I saw the shocked looks on their faces when they saw the three pairs of exposed breasts but to their credit, they exchanged a short comment or two between them and then quickly composed themselves before they got to the area where everyone was.

We had a great time that evening; cooking dinner over the open fire, swimming, and playing catch and Frisbee. A little while after we ate dinner, we decided to take a moonlight swim. There was still a hint of red in the sky but it had gotten dark enough that we could only clearly see each other for a hundred feet or so. Thankfully, none of them did it at the same time but all three women seemed intent on molesting me. It started first with Riley swimming underwater and yanking my trunks down to my ankles.

After surfacing for a quick breath she headed back under and took me in her mouth until she needed to come up for another breath. Hearing the sound of splashing getting closer she swam away and I pulled the trunks back up.

The next one by was my wife only a moment later who swam right up to me and pressed herself against my chest, kissing me deeply and wrapping her legs around my waist. After Riley had left, my hardness had abated slightly but came right back as soon as my wife did that. She noticed my stiffness and ground her crotch into it before shoving my waistband down enough to free my member, pull her bikini to the side, and stuff me into her hot pussy.

She rolled her hips around me and ground her clit against my pubes until only a quick moment later I felt her cum around my cock. After she came down from her euphoria, she resumed her motions a bit to get me off but was interrupted by nearby sounds and disengaged from me, stating that she would take care of it later. As soon as my wife left, I was approached from behind by my step-daughter who said "did you two do what I think you did?" Without waiting for an answer, she ducked underwater and quickly swallowed my dick in her mouth running her tongue over every inch.

She popped back up whispering "mmm, yes you did.very hot. I can still taste her on you and I must say it is nice." While, she said that, she stood there jerking me under the water. With the tormenting that all three of them had been giving me I was not about to last long. She sensed this and ducked back under the water taking the head into her mouth and I suddenly felt her finger probe my ass. This sent me over the edge and I exploded torrents of cum into her as she sucked to get it all out.

She removed her finger, pulled my trunks up and surfaced to give me a deep kiss with the taste of my cum still in her mouth. A short while later, we all had gotten out of the water and went to dry off by the fire and snack a bit. The three ladies remained topless long after the sun had gone down despite the fact that their reason of masking tan lines had ended.

It was fun to watch the flickering light of the campfire dance around and cause odd shadows across their breasts. Only after the air had cooled enough that even the boys and I were throwing shirts on did they decide to cover up. We chatted for hours until we decided that it was really too late to stay longer and packed our gear up. The last act before our departure was to extinguish the campfire which cast us into complete darkness.

I'm still not sure who, but one of them gave me a quick grope and grab on the ass in that moment before anyone's eyes had adjusted to the darkness. All of us were pretty tired so the ride back was quiet. I took it a little slower than normal as well since it was dark and I also realized that I was a bit tired too. We finally got back to the cabin a bit after midnight, tied the boat up, and headed straight to bed. I awoke in the morning to a very welcome sensation; that of my dick being not only sucked, but made love to.

I remained as I was for a few minutes, simply savoring the feeling. Trying not to give away the fact that I was now awake, I glanced down to see my wife's head moving up and down in my lap and feeling her tongue swirling around as my shaft moved in and out of her mouth. After all of the action over the last few days, I hoped that I hadn't said anything in my sleep that would get me in trouble but figured that I was safe since she was still happily sucking on me.

Finally letting on that I was awake, I gently ran my fingers through her hair and softly moaned at the wonderful job that she was doing. She looked up and gave me a big grin with her mouth still full of dick. A few more bobs, followed by her locking her lips firmly around the base of my cock while she slowly withdrew, maintaining eye contact and swirling her marvelous tongue around me. She expertly used her lips to catch all of the saliva and any precum that may have leaked out the whole way up.

When my head finally left her lips with an audible popping sound, she said "I never got to finish what I started last night." She slid up my body until she was straddling my waist and placed the tip of my penis just inside the entrance to her pussy. I couldn't believe just how hot and wet she was. I wasn't even really inside of her yet and I could feel her juices running freely down my length. Oh so slowly, she allowed her weight to drop and impaled herself on me.

She performed this so artfully that it felt like it took three to four minutes before she had me fully inside of her. The motion was so slow that I couldn't really feel her moving down my shaft but could only tell that she was from the difference of the cool air compared to the radiant heat that she was enveloping me with.

For the next fifteen minutes my wife rode me like she was a champion bull rider until finally she exploded in an intense orgasm. She collapsed on top of me exhausted and I rolled her onto her side. Without withdrawing from her, I changed positions so that I was straddling one of her legs and placed the other one over my shoulder. I slowly began thrusting in and out of her while one hand stroked the calf and thigh of the leg on my shoulder and the other hand played with her nipples.

Occasionally I would change from rubbing her breasts to toying with her clit. With all of the stimulation, my wife quickly returned to a passionate state and I could tell that the intensity was building for her. After about seven or eight minutes in that position I carefully turned her body once again while continuing to pump my cock into her.

When we were finally done with the repositioning we were basically going at it doggy style except that she seemed to have no energy to support herself so her face was flat against the pillow and both of her arms were stretched out above her head. Her lower body weight was raised only because of her folded legs propping her up with her calves, thighs, and abdomen pressed tightly together. Unfortunately this arched, outstretched position made it extremely difficult for me to reach her breasts or her pussy so I put my thumb into my mouth and withdrew it leaving a nice dollop of spit on it.

Carefully moving the hand to her, I used the spit as lubrication while I firmly rubbed her puckered ass hole. The pressure was obviously driving her wild and she was talking dirty like I had never heard her do before. I could feel myself getting close to an orgasm and wanted her to join me so with a little more lubrication, I popped the thumb into her ass up to the knuckle.

She let out a short yelp in surprise quickly followed by a deep and guttural moan. Next, she actually started pushing back into my hand, apparently loving the additional pressure. "Cum in me. Cum in my pussy. Cum in my ass. Cum all over me! I want your hot load in me. Ohhhh! Yes!" she screamed.

Wanting to give her everything that she wanted I did my best to hold out until I could tell that she was past the point of no return for her own orgasm and then let myself go. I few deep, hard, strokes later and my balls released the first jet of cum into her pussy just as I felt her start to quake.

I withdrew both my dick and thumb from her holes simultaneously while I tried to stem the flow by firmly grasping the base of my cock as I pulled out. With her new found emptiness right as she was beginning to orgasm she let out a somewhat loud "nooooo!" As quickly as I could manage I slid into her slightly open and puckered ass hole, releasing my hold and letting the next jet of cum squirt in her ass.

It helped lubricate the way for me to drive into her, releasing a third strong jet, this time deep in her bowels. Feeling that her orgasm had crested as well, I withdrew from her ass and let out a small spurt that hit her at the very top of her cleft and promptly began running right down the crack of her ass.

I quickly moved around her as I began to slightly soften and ooze cum, placing myself at her mouth. I rubbed a little of the cum across her lips as she opened them and then let her suck the remainder out of me as I continued to soften inside of her mouth.

Finally expended and limp, she released me from her mouth and simply said "wow" in an exasperated manner. I watched as she first licked her lips and then reached down to scoop the cum off of her pussy and ass, bringing the hand back to her mouth to lick the cum off of her fingers.

My wife was acting like a total slut right out of a porn flick but it was so hot that I wouldn't have been surprised if I had gotten hard again.

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Instead though, once the show of licking her fingers was complete she said "the rest of it can stay right where you left it inside of me but I need to go shower off." I could clearly see the shiny spots of cum smeared across her ass as she walked to the bathroom leaving me with that image in my mind along with the dirty memories of the last few minutes.

I was still lying on top of the bed completely exposed when my step-daughter walked in a moment later followed a few seconds later by Riley. Both of them were wearing simple nightshirts that came down to their thighs but were short enough that they were flashing a little bit of their panties with each purposeful step into the room.

"My God Dad, what did you do to her?" my daughter asked while giving an approving look at my still wet dick lying on my stomach. "We could hear you two through the walls and it sounded hot." As soon as they walked in, I had attempted to cover myself which wasn't easy since I was on top of the sheets and comforter.

Before I could get very far the girls had closed the distance and my step-daughter placed her hand on my forearm motioning for me to stop trying. At the same time Riley reached out and took hold of the base of my cock as she stretched across the bed placing her face mere inches away from my groin. My step-daughter had laid down opposite her, placing her hand on the inside of my upper thigh and staring intently at Riley's hand on me.

Although I had had various sexual contacts with each of the girls, it was not lost on me that both of them had come into the bedroom together. I lay there both stupefied and speechless. I had no idea what each of them knew about each other's previous encounters or what they would consider to be 'out of bounds.' The only thing that I knew for sure was that I was rapidly hardening again despite having just cum a few minutes before. Riley leaned in and took the head of my penis into her mouth, swirling her tongue around the tip.

She momentarily pulled off long enough to remark "what a lovely taste" and then resumed her sucking. Her head and body were largely blocking my view so I was even more shocked when I felt a tongue licking around the shaft at the same time. "I told you that my Mom tastes great," replied my step-daughter to her friend.

My mind was reeling with a million questions.what has she already told Riley? When did she tell her? Who else has she told? What has Riley told her? Are the two of them active with each other? Is my wife involved? The list went on. The two of them continued sucking and licking for a moment before changing who was doing which.

When they switched, I got my first look at both of them sharing me. I cannot lie; watching the two beautiful girls making love to my dick had to be one of the hottest sights that had ever been witnessed by my eyes. Unfortunately it was only a minute or two later when we heard the shower turn off. The two of them licked their way to the head of my prick and basically gave each other a deep French kiss with the tip in between their swirling tongues.

Breaking from their embrace, they each gave me a quick kiss and ran off together before my wife could come out of the bathroom. She emerged only a moment later and commented on how I looked a bit flushed. I spent the rest of the morning walking on eggshells around all three women, not sure of exactly where I stood with any of them. Aside from that, the morning went well and was simple and relaxing. After breakfast we all hung around the cabin for a while doing various things like reading books or doing a crossword puzzle.

We ate a simple lunch on our own time as each one of us got hungry and around one o'clock the boys asked if we had any particular plans for the afternoon. Receiving a negative reply they announced that they were heading down the beach to go play volleyball at the courts and stated that they would be back before dinner.

The girls were already on the patio near the hot tub sunning themselves (no surprise there since that was what they spent most of their time doing). About 30 minutes later my wife came into the living room where I was reading a book and told me that she wanted to do a little shopping out in town and asked if I wanted her to pick me up anything.

I thought about it for a moment and couldn't think of anything that I couldn't get after we got home so told her no.

Before she had even gotten out the door I had returned to my book. I heard the door close and less than two minutes later open again. "What did you forget; your keys?" I asked without even looking up from the book. Hearing no reply, I finally looked up just in time to see my step-daughter, standing directly in front of me in a bikini, take the book away from me and drop it on the floor.

She then straddled my legs and sat on my lap, grinding a little as she gave me a deep French kiss. I found myself hardening a bit when I heard Riley's voice behind her "save some for me!" I was still unsure what the status quo was but figured that if I simply let the girls take the lead then I couldn't very well screw things up. As my step-daughter basically gave me a lap dance, Riley came behind me and ran her hands down my chest and then back up.

I watched as her hands left my body to reach out, taking a hold of my step-daughter's face and drawing it toward her own. Riley leaned in, pressing her nubile breasts against the back of my head, and the two girls shared a passionate French kiss with a familiarity that made me suspect that it was not their first. After a moment, she let go of my step-daughter's face, reaching down to place them right inside of her bikini top and play with her breasts.


To say that I was quite enjoying the show would be a gross understatement. I could not actually see what she was doing inside of the bikini but I could definitely tell the effect that it was having.

My step-daughter was moaning almost constantly with an occasional sharp intake of breath. She was also writhing in ecstasy and since she was still sitting on my lap, had a direct effect on me as she ground on my now rock hard dick. The harder that I got, the more effect it appeared to have on her as well since it was causing stimulation to her clit as she ground against me.

After only a few minutes, she let out a muffled squeal as she went through a mini orgasm. After coming down from the orgasm a little, she stood up and took my hand in hers, motioning for me to stand as well. Riley came around the side of the chair, taking hold my other hand. The two girls moved in to kiss me and all of us enjoyed a three way kiss with our tongues dancing together and bodies pressed tightly against one another.

Breaking from the kiss, the two of them guided me down the hallway to their bedroom, closing the door behind us. Working together, the two of them quickly disrobed me from my shirt, shorts, and boxers, leaving me completely naked, and sat me down on the edge of one of the beds.

They then proceeded to slowly and sensually undressing each other in front of me. As each item of clothing came off, the other girl would pause to rub, lick, kiss, nibble or, bite it.

The show that they were putting on for me was quite arousing and I decided to lie back on the bed slowly stroking myself as I watched, not that I needed to, to keep my erection. Having taken their time, it was about ten minutes before both of them were as naked as I was even though there were only four articles of clothing to remove between the two of them.

They then joined me on the bed with my step-daughter moving to kiss me while Riley started at my calves, placing kisses on them as she slowly moved up toward my groin. She had reached my crotch and began gently suckling on my testicles around the same time that my step-daughter broke from our kiss and shifted to lick and nibble on my nipples.

The change in her position allowed me to reach her pussy with one of my hands and I found it to be quite moist from her excitement. After spending a moment on each nipple, she moved further down my chest and abdomen until her face had joined Riley's at my crotch. By this time, Riley had abandoned my testicles and was sucking on my penis in her mouth while swirling her tongue around the head.

I was fondling my step-daughter's breasts now with one hand and her repositioning had placed her crotch near my shoulders. I used the other hand to gently nudge her to straddle my face, placing us in a sixty-nine position. Once she was there, I let my hand join the other at her chest and parted her vulva with my tongue.

As soon as I did, I released a sudden gush of her juices that covered my chin and then found her to be continuously dripping from her heightened arousal. They worked on my cock together in silence (other than the sounds of us softly moaning) for a little while until Riley apparently wanted more stimulation herself. Shifting her body up mine, she straddled my hips and placed the tip of my prick between her folds and slowly began to insert it into her.

My step-daughter helped to lubricate the process by readily licking in between her friend's pussy and my cock as Riley slid downward until fully impaled on me. Judging by the sounds and my own feelings, both of us were immensely enjoying ourselves as my step-daughter repeatedly licked straight up my shaft from the base of my dick to finish by flicking Riley's hard and protruding clit.

Riley seemed quite content for a little while with simply being impaled on me while being licked and made no effort to move. Eventually, she began to raise and lower herself on me slowly using the full length of my penis to stimulate her. This apparently had made licking more difficult and I felt my step-daughter's mouth abandon us.

I could hear, rather than see, that the two of them were again locked in a deep kiss. Despite the great pleasure that I was getting as well as thoroughly enjoying the taste of pussy, I regretted not being able to see what I am sure was a vision of pure beauty. Suddenly, Riley froze up and let out a scream and I could feel her tight pussy quaking around me in orgasm.

The spasming triggered my own climax and I came deep inside of her and moaned loudly, muffled by the pussy clamped over my mouth. That, in turn, set off my step-daughter's orgasm, flooding me once again with her sweet juices. Within less than a minute, all three of us had cum and were in such a state of bliss that no one moved.

After calming down from our mutual climax, we disengaged from each other to lie side by side caressing each other gently. Our hands roamed indiscriminately over each other's bodies without a care in the world about whose body we were rubbing on.

During the next ten minutes or so we took turns kissing each other, occasionally with all three of us kissing together. Often, the person not kissing anyone would be found licking or sucking on some exposed part of one of the others. Despite having just cum, the stimulation, both physical as well as mental, kept me in a semi-hard state the entire time. By this time my step-daughter was feeling ready for more and openly said so by grabbing a hold of my cock and proclaiming "it's my turn for this now" with great emphasis on the word "my." She moved down, taking me fully in her mouth, and quickly brought me back to a fully hardened state.

Once I was, she lay down on her back spreading her legs and looked up at me with longing, saying "Dad, fuck me." I slid in between her legs, placing my dick in the wet folds of her pussy. She wrapped he legs around my buttocks and, unwilling to let me tease her even a little, pulled me deep inside of her while emitting a deep groan of pleasure.

She then began a rhythmic rolling of her hips, encouraging me to begin thrusting in and out of her. While we slowly fucked, she kept alternating between looking at me or Riley, not only not caring, but apparently hoping that her friend was attentively watching us. In the meantime, Riley had been sitting upright on the sidelines watching the two of us while she used a finger or two to gently play with her pussy. Periodically, I noticed that her face would become slightly contorted or I would see her biting her lower lip with her eyes tightly shut.

It was obvious that she was quite turned on and deriving great pleasure both from watching us as well as her own ministrations. I was just barely able to reach her and gently massaged her breast as she continued to play with herself.

After a little while, my step-daughter motioned for me to stop and then moved out from underneath me. She crawled over and placed herself between her friend's thighs, reaching her tongue out to lap at the wet pussy in front of her. With a deep moan, Riley reached out, grabbing a hold on my balls and pulling me toward her face.

Once I was close enough, she sucked and licked at my cock, cleaning all of the juices from it. My step-daughter raised her head for a moment and commented to her friend "mmmm, I can still taste him inside of you.

He must have really filled you up." "And I can taste you all over him too," Riley replied. "And you taste great!" My step-daughter returned her mouth to working Riley's pussy over and used her hands to play with her friend's ass while Riley continued sucking and stroking my cock with one of her hands. After a few minutes, she brought both of her hands behind her own ass, spreading the cheeks as widely as possible.

Looking at me, she stated "get back over here and fill me up." Not one to argue, I moved behind her and sunk myself all the way into her in one stroke. Once I was buried to the hilt and steadily pumping into her, she released her hands and returned them to playing with Riley's pussy and ass. I watched as she would insert one or two fingers into either hole as she licked the surrounding area. Eventually, she ended up with her index and middle fingers in her friend's pussy and her ring finger in her ass hole.

Simultaneously, her thumb was perched on Riley's clit, rubbing it occasionally as the other fingers worked their way in and out. Moaning quite loudly, she finally let out a scream and came around my step-daughter's fingers. After a moment to calm down, Riley rose up to her knees and reached over my step daughter's back to grab the base of my cock as I continued to thrust into her. As I sped up my movements, she began to gasp, breathing rapidly between moans.

A moment or two later, on my backstroke, Riley withdrew me completely and placed the tip right against my step-daughter's puckered ass hole. With a devilish grin, she looked at me and said "do it." Riley watched intently as I plunged myself deep into her bowels eliciting a guttural scream of combined pleasure and pain with her head buried in the bedspread.

She then came around behind the two of us as I continued thrusting and got down low on the bed. She reached between my legs burying three fingers into my step-daughter's pussy and rubbing her clit as I plowed in and out of her ass.

I could feel the pressure that her fingers added, making a tight ass hole even tighter. As her fingers wiggled, I felt the warmth of her tongue playing with my scrotum as I moved back and forth. The combination of extraordinary sensations was quickly bringing me toward orgasm. Without warning, I suddenly felt Riley shove her tongue as far as she could into my ass while firmly rolling my balls in her free hand. This set me off, grunting loudly and shooting hot streams of cum powerfully into my step-daughter's ass.

She then let out a squeal and I could feel her sphincter clench down on my cock as she erupted in a mighty orgasm. Riley continued playing with both of us until our mutual orgasms had subsided and we begged her to stop. Realizing that she had not yet cum, I moved back and flipped her onto her back, diving face first into her pussy, vigorously eating her out. Glancing up, I motioned for my step-daughter to join me and moved to the side to give her some room. The two of us then licked and nibbled away while reaching up to play with her sensitive nipples, each one of us focusing on one.

Under that amount of attention, Riley only lasted a few moments and came forcefully, flooding our mouths with her sweet nectar. Both of us slid upwards and the three of us spent a few moments cuddling in bliss before noting that it would be best if we composed ourselves before anyone else returned to the cabin. After dressing ourselves, I headed back to the living room to return to my reading and the girls headed back to the patio to sun themselves. On their way out, they stopped by me to share one last embrace, rubbing their firm bodies against mine, and the three of us kissed passionately together, tongues entwined.

Despite having just recently cumming twice, I felt arousal returning to my dick and reluctantly broke from our embrace before it got too bad to stop. It was less than an hour later that the boys returned, sharing stories of their exploits on the courts. They also spoke of meeting a few other kids, two boys and three girls roughly their own age, who were also spending the whole week here.

They mentioned that they were hoping to be able to meet up with them again the next day if at all possible. A little while after that, my wife returned with a handful of shopping bags and showed me the various trinkets and home décor items that she had gathered from the little shops that she had spent the day browsing through.

She had gathered a few nice items for our home as well as a newly released DVD that she said that we should watch later that evening.

The girls came in from outside stating that they were hungry and asking about our dinner plans. My wife replied that she had picked a few things up for dinner while shopping and told the two of them that she could use a hand in a few to get it ready. She then asked all of us how each of our days had been. The boys quickly recounted their tales and reasserting their desire to meet with their new found friends the following day.

As soon as they finished, my wife turned to the girls, inquiring "and how was your day" with emphasis on the word 'your.' After this morning's events, I wasn't sure how much I should read into this, but it did plant yet another seed of question in my mind. It wasn't helped any by the girls' unison reply of "awesome." "I think that today was JUST what we needed, Mom" my step-daughter continued.

"I feel alive and reinvigorated now." "Definitely," Riley chirped in. "I, for one, am ready for a whole lot more fun now." It was a good thing that no one seemed to be looking in my direction because I can only imagine how flushed I must have appeared after those comments.

I had barely regained my composure when my wife turned to me asking "and what about you, dear?" "Ummm, great. Today was nice," I sputtered. I was very grateful that she left it at that, despite the odd look that I received from her.

A little idle chit-chat followed amongst all of us and a short while later the three ladies headed to the kitchen to start preparing dinner. Although I couldn't clearly hear what was being said, there were a lot of giggles being shared by the three. A cold front had rolled into the area that evening and was threatening rain so we decided to eat inside.

We had a peaceful dinner and after clean-up, my wife suggested that we adjourn to watch the movie she had picked up earlier in the day. My wife was still wearing the clothes that she had been out shopping in and the girls were still in their bikinis albeit with shorts thrown on over the bottoms.

The boys and I were all wearing shorts and t-shirts but the chilled air had driven one of them to go change into sweats before we sat down to the movie. We sat down with the two girls on either side of me on one couch covering all of us with a large blanket, the boy who had put on sweats lying on the floor, and my other son lying down with his head on my wife's lap on the other couch. The movie turned out to be a romantic comedy and had plenty of laughs intermingled with a love story that included a handful of steamy scenes.

Throughout the movie I often found myself being toyed with by one girl or another and a few times both of them at the same time. I experienced my dick being rubbed or stroked, breasts pressed firmly against my arms or shoulders, subtle kisses to my neck and ears, and occasionally one of my hands being pulled to an awaiting crotch, sometimes inside of the shorts and bikinis.

The intermittent toying had kept me hard throughout almost the entire movie and toward the end I was nearly begging for relief. To my satisfaction, the girls seemed to realize this and together, made a concerted effort to take care of the problem. Working together, they switched back and forth between jerking my rod and playing with my balls until I exploded my cum all over their hands. I watched as they carefully extracted their hands from under the blanket and licked the cum off of them, swallowing it down sensuously.

The movie ended with one girl on either side, cuddled against and hugging me. My wife looked over and made a remark about how sweet we all looked together. We all chatted for a little while longer before deciding that it was time to retire for the evening. As we were getting ready for bed, my wife commented again about how sweet she thought it was how Riley had taken to me as if she was one of our own children.

I couldn't help but think to myself about just how "un-fatherly" I had been with both of the girls this trip. The two of us settled into our bed, naked as usual, and my wife scooted back pressing us into a spooned position. She rolled her hips around as we chatted until she could obviously feel my hardness pressed against her backside. Reaching between her legs, she grabbed a hold of me and slipped my dick inside of her, slowly and gently rolling her hips some more until we both fell asleep with me still enveloped by her warm pussy.

I awoke the next morning to find my wife looking angelic, still asleep. Although I had softened to a flaccid state, I was still nestled inside of her and our bodies were exposed from the bottom of our ribs up. Looking over her shoulder, I saw that her nipples were hard and the areola puckered in apparent arousal. I reached over her and cupped the nearest breast in my hand, gently massaging it. At this littlest amount of stimulation, I heard a quiet sigh of pleasure come from her, heightening my own arousal.

I hardened inside of her as I continued to fondle her breast and once fully hardened, I began to slowly slide in and out of her as I could feel her lubrication increase. I kept a nice, slow pace, watching as her breathing got faster. Her mouth opened, periodically letting out little moans and sighs.

She appeared to still be asleep while enjoying my ministrations, caught in a pleasant dream. I watched intently for signs of her awakening, but saw none, even after she began to roll her hips in response to my strokes inside of her.

I continued on, moving my hand from her breast, underneath the covers, down to her pussy to gently apply pressure to her clit. She replied with a sharp intake of breath, followed by a throaty moan. A few minutes later, I felt the unmistakable sensation of her cumming around my cock. Only then, did she wake from her dreamlike state, rolling over to kiss me deeply. Finishing our kiss I said "good morning, sweetie." Her reply was to sigh and say "mmmm, good morning to you, too." "Shame on you, for taking advantage of a sleeping woman.

But."she continued, "I'm glad that you did." She gave me another kiss and then asked "care to try that again, now that I am awake?" I responded by rolling her onto her back, moving between her legs as I raised them up. I placed gentle kisses on the inside of each calf prior to placing it over my shoulder.

Sliding forward, I felt the tip of my penis make contact with her moist folds and slowly inserted it until our pubes met. Leaning forward, I began to thrust into her while playing with her breasts. I continued until our lips were locked in another embrace and then followed with nibbles up her neck and onto her ear lobes. Her mouth was agape and she was breathing heavily as I pumped into her over and over again.

The occasional moans increased in frequency until she bit down on her lower lip to muffle a scream as she orgasmed again. Lowering her legs down from my shoulders, she rolled the two of us over until I was on my back with her astride me.

She slid down my body taking my hard member into her mouth and deep into her throat. Once there, she began to swallow and flex her throat muscles, effectively milking my cock without sliding in and out of her mouth at all. The feeling was intense and I warned her that I was sure to cum if she continued. Rather than back off, she continued even more vigorously until I exploded into her.

As deeply as I was lodged in her throat, there was no chance of the cum escaping and she swallowed greedily until my cock stopped smasming inside of her. Finally, she slid her mouth off of me, licked her lips, and said "mmmm.

Thank was nice." "People will be waking up soon, if they aren't awake already," she continued. "Let's get dressed and get some breakfast going so that you can regain some of that energy." With that declaration, she rose off the bed and began to put on a pretty set of lace bra and panties followed by a light sun dress and strappy heeled sandals.

She was almost finished dressing and I was still lying on the bed so she gave me a swift smack on the ass and told me to get moving. A second smack had to be threatened before I actually got up to dress myself. Meeting my wife in the kitchen a few minutes later, the two of us began to cook eggs, bacon, and hash browns for breakfast until joined shortly by the four children.

The six of us ate a nice sit-down breakfast together, discussing the day's plans. Discussion went back and forth between doing something as a family since our week was almost over and spending another day doing activities that each person wanted to do. As much as the former idea made sense, the boys made a compelling argument about having made plans for today with the other kids they met yesterday.

In the end, it was decided that we would allow everyone to do their own thing again but only on the condition that the following day would be spent as a family. To no one's surprise, once the sun had warmed the cool air, the girls headed to the back patio to lay out sunning themselves. The boys changed into swim trunks and then spent the next half hour packing some food and grabbing everything that they would need down the beach for their day with the new found friends.

I think that they may have been a bit sweet on the girls because I had never seen them prepare like this on their own before. I found it a bit amusing and said so to my wife who readily agreed. My wife was puttering around the kitchen, taking care of small chores and generally seemed a bit distracted so I decided to leave her alone until she was ready. Thinking that it might be a good idea to clear my own head after all of the recent adventures, I changed into beach attire, grabbed a water bottle and towel, and declared that I was going to take a long walk/swim and would be back in a while.

As I walked down the beach, I reflected on the events of late and questioned every action (or inaction) that I had taken. I thought about the past few months with my step-daughter escalating her advances from little flirts, to physical contact, to sexual encounters. Now her friend was involved as well, first toying with, and then having had sex with me. That was bad enough but now I was contending with both of them together. Both girls were legally adults but I knew that society would not look on it that way, especially since I had basically raised one of them for about 80% of her life.

My thoughts were so conflicting that I was really beginning to feel like a cartoon character with an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Adding to that turmoil was a complete lack of knowledge about who knew what and where I really stood in the middle of everything. The little comments thickly laden with innuendo, stolen feels and outright molestation of my body with others nearby, and the slightly odd looks that the women in my life were giving one another really had me wondering.

I was beginning to feel like I was a pawn in some perverse game of chess with three queens. One part of me suspected that my wife was aware of everything going on lately because she was acting a bit differently lately. I was even thinking it possible that she had orchestrated things herself but could not figure out why she would do so. After yesterday, it was apparent that the two girls were aware of my sexual interaction with the other and accepting of it but even that situation left questions unanswered.

The easiest was how much did my step-daughter know about my involvement with Riley BEFORE the two shared me and would she particularly care? As much as I was having a lot of fun and felt connected to Riley, there was no way that I would trade it for the love that I had for the young woman that called me Dad if I found out that it would upset her. I suspected that this arena was a fairly safe one so I didn't dwell on it.

The next question was to wonder if I had been set up with Riley by my step-daughter and if so, when? I was suspecting that I had, indeed, been set up; probably before we even headed to the vacation home. I found it hard to believe that the one friend that she had decided to bring would be the one also desiring sex with an older man like myself, or the alternative that all of her friends would.

Add to that likelihood, that the same friend would be open to the threesome we had shared yesterday. Either way, I guess that it didn't really matter.


I was caught in this tangled web now and although these answers would help me gather insight into the girls' thoughts, they wouldn't change the situation in the here and now. The follow on thought, if I assumed Riley's involvement prior to the trip, was to wonder just how much she had been told of the exploits over the past few months. In one part it didn't matter, but in another it could be important. If I mentioned or did anything, assuming that she was aware of it, and it upset her enough, she may spill the beans to someone else causing a lot of trouble for me and probably a fair share of problems for the rest of my family.

She seemed extremely open to things that had come out so far so I figured that the likelihood of grievously offending her was low. This gave me a little time. I did, however, need to corner my step-daughter and get her to reveal to me just how much she had told her friend. As much as I was fairly satisfied with the status of the last problem, it served to create another one.

If she had told Riley about things that we were doing, who else had she told and should I worry about things leaking out from them to cause complications? Who might Riley mention things to? I couldn't control the past but I figured that it was important that I talk with both girls about this and express to them the importance of keeping our secrets safe as well as determine if there was a need to have the same talk with anyone else.

My last worry about the two girls was what the future had in store for us. Would the tryst continue after our return home? Would jealousies arise from it? How would we manage to keep things quiet once the circumstances changed and we were no longer remotely isolated from friends and family and under one roof together? My last thought gave in to the realization that I did, indeed, want to continue the relationship with both girls, if, at all possible.

The sex was great, that much was obvious, but it was more than just that. I had a deep love for my step-daughter that transcended our physical desires and made me long to make her feel like the sexy woman that she was. Her development, both physical as well as mental, combined with her youthful exuberance, drove me to do everything in my power to please her in ways that she could only dream of. Unfortunately, there was that small part of me that wanted her to find someone her own age that felt the same way about her as I did and for her to no longer have a need for me as anyone other than a father.

It saddened me to think of this, but at the same time I knew that in the long term it was what she really needed. Riley, on the other hand, was different. Despite our age difference and the fact that I really hadn't gotten to know her much before this vacation, I found myself extremely attracted to her.

She was a young lady quite beyond her years. She was very pretty on the outside and displayed a maturity and personality that made her a truly beautiful woman. I loved how she could be feminine and a little bit of a tom boy at the same time. She was quite down to earth, extremely intelligent, and generally a true pleasure to be around. In most areas she was also very self-assured which made her even more desirable in my eyes. Add into all of that, she was a real vixen in the bedroom, appearing to be open to almost any encounter.

I could easily see myself wanting to be with her even if my step-daughter was no longer around. I hoped that she would find her love as well but secretly wanted to keep her for myself. Now, don't get me wrong, I still love my wife and could never imagine leaving her, even for someone as wonderful as Riley, but if there was ever a way to add her as a fixture to my life without hurting anyone, I would do it in a heartbeat.

All of that brought me to my biggest worry: my wife. As I just mentioned, I truly love my wife. I still find her to be attractive, enjoy our sex life, have fun in our interactions, and generally find her to be a great companion. I would never want to hurt her and saw a great potential for that happening now.

Regardless of how the seduction had unfolded, I was definitely a willing participant to all that was transpiring now. As I previously mentioned, she had been acting a little strangely lately around me. I wasn't sure if she had discovered either part or all of what was going on or at least suspected that something was; that she had, in fact, orchestrated this tangled web; or if it was a coincidence, completely unrelated to the sexual encounters happening between the girls and me.

I tried to review the facts in hope of narrowing the answer: she had not said anything about it to me; she was still having sex with me; we haven't been arguing. Knowing her, all three of these items were indicators that either she knew nothing at all or was OK with what she did know. Trying to think of other indicators, I realized that she had seemed a little awkward over the past few days with her daughter as well; nothing terribly obvious, but a bit outside the norm for her.

That didn't seem to narrow it down any more so I kept thinking.then it hit me; she seemed perfectly normal around both boys. That meant that I could probably cross off that it was unrelated. I found it hard to believe that she knew what was going on and would be alright with it unless she had played a part in setting it up so my deductive reasoning had me believe that she was complicit in the ongoing affair.

Hard as it was to wrap my mind around, I figured that I had my answer. By the time that I came to this conclusion I had probably gone close to four miles and was a bit sweaty after that distance walking in the morning heat so I decided to take a swim out into the ocean to cool myself off. After swimming about 500 yards out to sea, I decided to return to shore and wiped the saltwater off before it could get dry and crusty all over my body.

I generally felt better now so picked up the rest of my things and began to stroll back toward the cabin realizing just how remote an area that I had ended up in. On the way back, I thought of what I needed to do next. I figured that talking with my step-daughter came first followed by talking with Riley. I still didn't know what to do about my wife but figured that I best leave it alone for the time being. By the time that I got back, I realized that I had been gone for much longer than expected.

As I approached the cabin, I noticed my wife's car still outside but didn't see any sign of anyone outside and wondered where they had gone. Although the time alone this morning had been nice, I hoped that I would find a note inside so that I could join them. After checking the kitchen table and counter and finding no note, I headed toward my bedroom to shower any remaining salt residue off. As I walked down the hallway, I caught sight of movement in my peripheral vision when I passed by the girls' open door.

Glancing inside, I spotted Riley on the bed completely naked on her hands and knees with her head buried in between my step-daughters legs. All of the thoughts going through my mind this morning already had my mind on sex so I found myself quickly aroused by the sight and figured that I couldn't simply ignore the opportunity.

I removed what little clothing that I had on as I entered the room and approached Riley from behind with my cock sticking straight out from my body in full hardness. Moving between her spread legs, I swiftly buried my length in her hot, wet pussy.

As I slid into her, she cried out my step-daughter's name followed by "yes! Fuck me good!" I had barely had time to register my confusion when I felt a finger against my lips motioning for me to be quiet. Looking up, I saw my step-daughter standing next to me, alongside the bed.

Looking back to the bed, I could clearly see that Riley was still in between a pair of outstretched legs attached to a body that was mostly covered by either Riley or some of the bed sheets and a pillow. I had simply assumed that it must have been my step-daughter. I looked back to the beauty beside me in shock to watch as she gave me a stern look as she brought her finger to her own lips to say that I should continue to remain silent.

She bent down and picked up a pair of lacey panties that I recognized as the ones that I watched my wife put on that morning and only then, realized that it was my wife underneath Riley getting eaten out.

The next thing I knew, the panties were being shoved into my mouth to keep me quiet. My step-daughter then came onto the bed behind me and I could feel her bare breasts rub against me back as she grabbed a firm hold of my ass, pushing and pulling it to get me to continue fucking her friend. As I resumed my thrusting motion I felt her moist fingertip press against my ass hole and rub circles around it.

Each time I withdrew from Riley, I could feel the finger press even more into me, just shy of penetrating my orifice. It felt good but she was being quite a tease about it and then she suddenly removed her hand from my ass completely bringing it up to my panty stuffed mouth. Her other arm reached around my chest and she gave a sharp tug on one of my nipples. I felt her lean into me with her breasts firmly pressed into my back as her index and middle fingers of the hand at my mouth shoved my wife's panties further into me, holding them in place.

On my very next backstroke, I felt a firm pressure between my ass cheeks. A brief moment later I felt a sharp pain as I was penetrated by a fairly large object, causing me to groan loudly only to be muted by the panties being forcefully held in my mouth.

I felt my cock swell considerably at moment of penetration and after a moment, I began to relax. As soon as I relaxed, the pain subsided and was replaced by an oddly pleasurable sensation that filled my backside completely. She grabbed a hold of my hips and helped to 'guide' me as I thrust in and out of Riley.

She kept her own hips relatively still so that each time my penis withdrew, her fake one sunk deeper into my ass. The pressure inside of me was guaranteeing that I would not last very long. I tried to last longer by occasionally stopping but each time I did, I felt an insistent push or pull on my hips.

The only good thing was that I could tell that both women in front of me were approaching orgasm as well. Despite being muffled, I could recognize the sounds that my wife was making as those just prior to exploding and Riley had been routinely updating everyone with dirty comments that would make most porn stars blush. The amusing bit to me though, was that, based on those comments, it appeared that she still thought that she was being fucked by my step-daughter, not me.

Sensing that we were all getting close, my step-daughter pushed me to increase the tempo of my thrusts and less than 10 minutes after the four of us were 'chained' together I was on the brink of what felt like it would be the most powerful orgasm that I had ever experienced. My breaking point finally came as I heard my wife explode. I buried myself as deeply as possible into Riley's dripping pussy and felt my step-daughter do similarly to my own ass with her body pressed tightly against mine.

I came like a shotgun blast, squirting cum quite forcefully into her womb and she froze in place to begin her own orgasm a moment later. The feeling of scalding jets of cum filling her pussy made Riley realize that all was not as it had seemed. She craned her neck as far as she could and went bug eyed after catching sight of me.

She opened her mouth as if she was about to say something and was quickly stopped by my step-daughter motioning her to remain silent. I then received my own direction in the form of a whisper in my ear saying "get your ass out of here now! Keep quiet, and don't come back for at least a half an hour." Once the statement was made, she pulled the panties from my mouth and quickly backed away from me, pulling out to leave my ass feeling a bit empty.

I extracted my own dick from Riley and watched as cum began to ooze out of her. As I got off the bed and went to retrieve my clothing, I finally could see what had been inside of me. She was wearing a very realistic looking strap-on that was about ten inches long and easily as thick, if not a little bit thicker, than my own cock.

I thought that it was almost as if I had just fucked myself only a bit longer. I didn't get an opportunity to see any more because I was being whisked out of the room as quickly and quietly as possible.

As I got my clothes on in the living room I could hear my step-daughter talking to her mother in a domineering way. I couldn't quite make out what was being said, but could tell from the tone that she was definitely taking charge. I departed the cabin as quietly as possible and decided to check on how the boys were doing. It took me a little bit to find them, but saw that they were having fun with their new friends. After saying hello to everyone, I pulled the boys aside to ask roughly when they expected to return and mentioned that it would be OK if they wanted to invite their friends for dinner either that night or the following as long as we had enough notice to prepare enough food.

They said that they would think about it and we parted ways so I wasn't 'encroaching' on their space and embarrassing them. I returned to the cabin about two in the afternoon, a little less than an hour after I had snuck out and tried to act like I had been gone the whole time. All three women were sitting in the patio chairs underneath a big umbrella with some drinks in front of them.

My wife, still looking a little flushed, commented that I had been gone for quite a while and inquired what I had been up to all day. I mentioned that I had taken a good long walk and swim and basically enjoyed the fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. I heard a slight snicker come from one of the girls at the last part and when I looked in their direction, watched as they tried to make it appear that the noise was unrelated to what I had said. "What about you," I asked. "Oh, just spending time with the girls after I finished cleaning up a bit," was her vague reply.

Raising her glass up, she asked "would you like one?" I had no idea what they were drinking but replied "sure" anyway. I sat down as my wife went inside to get me my drink and as soon as she was gone, was bossily told "Mom has no idea that you were here earlier so don't say anything about it!" Barely acknowledging her 'order' I sternly asked "what the hell is going on around here?" Sounding more like the parent than the child, she replied curtly "we'll talk about this later." Just then, my wife returned from the cabin with a tall glass in her hand, sitting it down in front of me so I decided that it might be prudent to continue the discussion later.

Thanking her, I took a sip of the drink and was surprised by the taste of a strong gin and tonic. I say surprised because it appeared that we all had the same drink in front of us and although we permit the children to have an occasional small alcoholic drink, it was shocking to see such a tall one in front of each girl, mid-day to boot.

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The four of us chatted for a while about this and that, refreshed our drinks, and chatted some more until a few hours later when the boys returned. They each grabbed a soda and joined us, letting me know that it would just be us for dinner this evening. "We invited two of the girls over later tonight though," one of them stated. One of the other families was leaving tomorrow morning so their children couldn't come over, leaving just two of the girls able to join us.

The next few hours were pretty relaxing for all of us. We talked some more about a variety of subjects and combed through the fridge eating leftovers or other items that we wanted to make sure wouldn't either spoil or go to waste.

One of the main items discussed was what we should do on our last day of the vacation. Popular consensus was that another day out in the boat and going to the island was what everyone wanted. We didn't have to leave on Sunday until about 10 o'clock, so we would have a little time to do a final pack out and clean up and we could prep some things tonight and tomorrow morning to help cut down on the required time Sunday. My wife checked our remaining food supply and determined that everything that we had to get rid of could be adapted into meals that we could bring to the island with us.

Finding no particular issues, it appeared that we had a plan. Around seven, the two girls that the boys had invited arrived at the cabin. They appeared to be younger teenagers a little older than the boys and I would estimate that they were probably about 14 and 16.

They were both pretty with bubbly personalities and it didn't take long to see why the boys had gotten along with them so well. After a little light conversation to break the ice and get to know one another a little, we decided to play a few games that we had brought with us on vacation. Someone suggested that we go out to the hot tub and luckily the two girls were still wearing their suits underneath their clothes so it was agreed upon.

Those who needed to, went to change, and a few moments later we all met up outside with topped off drinks in hand. Eight of us in the tub together was a bit snug, but we made it work. Although there was a little room around us, it was no surprise if our bodies made contact with one another due to the close proximity to our neighbors. Luckily, no one seemed to be overly sensitive about being so close to one another. My wife was seated next to her daughter, followed by me, then Riley, the older of the sisters, my older son, my younger son, and finally the younger of the sisters.

With as many bodies as we had crammed into the tub, the water level had risen up to the middle of our chests. Looking around, I noticed that the bubbling action of the tub had soaked each woman's bikini top but since we had to sit upright, did not cover the breasts, leaving them exposed to the cool night air.

To no surprise, there was a pronounced effect leaving hard nipples protruding all around the tub. Enjoying the hot water and jacuzzi effect, the eight of us began to chat about a variety of things.

Among other things, we discovered that the two girls lived only about 30 minutes away from where we did and suggested that we make sure to exchange info so that we could continue to keep in touch after our vacations were over. I had started out with my arms stretched behind me across the edge of the tub but after a little while I found them growing stiff and slightly cold so brought them around me and placed them on my lap under the water. Very soon after they went into the water I could feel my step-daughter take hold of my hand and place something in it.

As soon as she had, her hand left mine and dropped onto my lap to gently massage me through my swim trunks. It took me a minute to figure out what it was that she handed me, but I soon realized that I had her bikini bottoms in my hand. Given how many people were here, in such close proximity, I was a bit shocked and didn't know what to say or do so I did nothing and simply allowed her to continue playing with me. It didn't take long before I was rapidly swelling.

Having just about exhausted idle chit-chat, my step-daughter started turning the conversation more interesting. She began talking about fashion designers, mentioning some of the latest designs.

The boys and I all rolled our eyes but, outnumbered, conceded defeat since the women all appeared interested in talking about it. She started mentioning one designer, in particular, who had recently been in the fashion news for coming out with some racy designs. At one point in the conversation, she mentioned a famous model that had been photographed in the racy clothing line and said "looking at her in them [the clothes] made me so hot.

She is beautiful and has such a gorgeous body, don't you think?" Riley, quickly agreed stating "she must be one of the sexiest women around and looks awesome in those outfits." My step-daughter replied "I know. I wish that I looked that good!" The older girl seated next to Riley chimed in "I don't know what you are talking about.I think that you are positively gorgeous and wish that I could look as sexy as you do.

Take your suit, for fill it out so nicely." Motioning to her own smaller breasts, she continued "it would look awful on me and I might as well wear a potato sack." "Tell me about it," Riley quickly added, taking a moment to make a show of cupping her small breasts in her hands.

Even the youngest girl here had breasts slightly larger than Riley's. The boys looked a little uncomfortable with where the conversation was headed but couldn't help but look from one pair of breasts to another since 'invited' to do so. "Girls," my wife said, "you are as beautiful as you feel and none of you have anything to worry about." She then glanced in my direction to give me a look telling me that I should help convince the girls that they were beautiful.

Trying to reassure them, I said "I agree. I would be proud to be seen with any of you on my arm as my girlfriend," quickly adding "if I wasn't married and was a few years younger" to cover up any awkwardness. The younger girl and both boys had decided to remain quiet during this whole exchange and I watched as all three fidgeted a little uncomfortably.

At first I thought that it might be a cue to change the subject but then noticed that although they were squirming around a little that each had an expression of mild arousal on their face and appeared quite interested in where the talk was going.

I watched as Riley gave her breasts a brief squeeze and then dropped her hands back into the water. The one closest to me subtly landed on my thigh and I felt as she slowly moved it upward until it was slightly underneath the leg of my trunks.

It wasn't long before the two girls' hands in my lap met in a light touch and they shared a knowing look. It was a good thing that the combination of diminishing light and bubbles hid anything below the water from view because I felt another swimsuit being placed in my waistband and knew that the girls on either side of me were naked from the waist down.

Continuing the discussion, Riley asked "have you seen the new lingerie line that she came out with?" She was referring to the model previously mentioned and I vaguely recalled seeing some of the lingerie in an online catalog recently.

I wasn't familiar with the entire line but the items that I had seen were definitely made for bedroom allure and not for functionality. Only my wife acknowledged that she was familiar with the line so Riley decided to describe it a bit more.

"All of the items that I have seen use a combination of silk and the most delicate lace that you can imagine.

There's really not much to them but the lines accentuate each and every curve that you have. With all of the lace," she continued "they tend to be pretty sheer and don't leave a lot to the imagination but they are oh, so, sexy. I wish they weren't so expensive because I would love to get some more of them." My wife had a surprised look on her face and asked "you have some of it?" "Yes," she replied.

"I bought one of the bras a few weeks ago and absolutely adore it. It's a quarter-cup bra with emerald green silk surrounded by matching lace that makes me feel so sexy.

It lifts me up a bit and sits with my nipples perched just above the lace top. I really like to wear it with one of my loose tops because every movement makes the shirt rub against my nipples and I'm pretty much aroused all day long." As she said this, she slid her hand inside the leg of my trunks and grabbed a hold of my hard dick.

I think that everyone was shocked by her comment. The boys were both staring at her stupefied with mouths agape, the younger of the two girls simply looked flabbergasted while her sister appeared to be getting aroused by the vision in her head. I chocked back a cough and both my wife and step-daughter looked at her in sheer astonishment.

No one seemed to know what to say next. "Mmmm," Riley continued; "makes me feel good just to think about it." Casting a furtive glance downward, I saw that her nipples were poking through her bikini top like little daggers. On the other side of me, my wife let out a soft cooing sound. As I glanced over, I noticed that she and her daughter were looking at one another with expressions of lust in their eyes. Mere seconds later, I felt my step-daughter reach out to me under the water, handing me yet another bikini bottom.

I realized that she had taken her mother's bottoms off of her and judging by what I was seeing, was playing with her pussy underneath the turbulent water.

After what seemed like an eternity of silence, Riley spoke up and began talking about the following day's plans.

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This broke the tension a bit and conversation resumed amongst all eight of us. A few minutes later, Riley let go of me and withdrew her hand from the leg of my swim trunks. She felt around for a moment and, finding my hand, gently pulled it to her own crotch where I could feel her clit protruding as hard and aroused as her nipples were. She clamped her thighs around my hand and returned her own hand to my lap, shoving it right down my waistband to take me firmly in her hand.

The conversation continued with her milking her hand around me and occasionally giving a stroke along my shaft. The conversation mellowed out a little bit, enough to get everyone involved, including the younger of the two sisters. A comfort was established that kept us all talking, even when the discussion turned a bit racy at times. A short while later I felt a second hand in my lap, this time my step-daughter's.

Discovering that Riley was already stroking my length, she wrapped only her thumb and forefinger around the base of my shaft and cupped my balls with the remaining three fingers. Occasionally, I could feel her roll the swelling nuts around in her hand. With the stimulation being provided by the two young beauties it was often hard to keep my composure but I think that I did a pretty good job.

I could tell that my wife was having difficulty as well, apparently still being fingered under the water. At one point, I discerned a slight gasp from her direction and glanced over to see her eyes shut tightly as she bit down on her lower lip.

If I was not mistaken, she had just orgasmed in front of the entire family and our guests. My step-daughter turned her attention to me, subtly reaching over with the hand that had just been in her mother's lap, grabbing on of the bikinis from my lap and wrapping it tightly around the head of my cock.

I watched as she then brought the hand to her chest and pinched her nipple a few times while appearing to adjust her suit. She guided Riley's hand to more along my shaft faster as she rolled and squeezed my balls more vigorously until I could feel myself approaching my own orgasm. As I did, I could hear Riley's breathing become more labored as I played with her clit.

Suddenly, I exploded into the swimsuit followed mere seconds later by Riley clamping her thighs around my hand rendering it immobile. A brief moment later, I sensed my step-daughter having her orgasm as well but could not tell if it was her mother's or her own doing.

Luckily, the rest of the group appeared oblivious to the escapades around them and the conversation continued for a little while longer. Realizing that it was getting late and that the girls needed to leave soon, we started wrapping things up. I felt the suit bottoms taken away from my lap and the three women shifting around a bit to get them back on.

As people started getting out of the hot tub to dry off and say good-bye's the younger of my boys asked the collective group if the girls might be able to join us the following day on our outing.

I knew that the boat would be a little bit more crowded but it was possible to fit everyone so I simply shrugged my shoulders. My wife looked a little non-committal as well until seeing a look of excitement on both sisters as well as the two older girls making statements such as "come on Mom, let them come, they are a lot of fun." She finally conceded and simply stated, "we need to make sure that it is OK with their parents." I added to the girls "we need to know no later than 9 o'clock if you are coming with us." Both of them acknowledged their understanding of the arrangement and went to say their good byes.

They came around to each of us in turn, and gave us each a big hug and kiss goodbye. The boys got pecks on the cheek from both girls but interestingly enough the rest of us got kisses on the lips from the older sister. As the two went around the lot of us, I noticed that Riley was the only one of the three women wearing the proper suit bottom and hoped that no one else noticed as well. I also couldn't help wondering which one of the three had a little extra present in their suit.

After the two girls left, we cleaned up a little bit and since it had gotten quite late, headed to bed. About 8:30 the next morning I heard a knock at the door and answered it to find the two sisters carrying beach bags. "Our Mom said it was OK to go with you guys. I really appreciate the offer and am looking forward to it," the older girl said.

I invited them in, telling them that we were finishing up the preps to leave and should be ready to head out soon. Seeing my wife in the kitchen packing food, they quickly offered to help her out and I continued prepping the items that I had been working on before their arrival. Nearing completion, I grabbed as much as I could carry, telling everyone else to bring their stuff to the boat so I could stow it before we left. One by one they arrived at the dock with armloads of bags and only one of the boys had to return to the cabin for a second trip.

Finally packed, we got everyone loaded into the boat and headed out the channel. Due to our load out, I took it fairly slowly on the way out to the island so we were able to hold a conversation without feeling the need to yell above engine noise and wind. There was definitely a desire by most of the group to do some skiing and tubing but I told them that there were just too many in the boat to do it safely.

I suggested that after we had brought things ashore at the island, we could take some groups out in the boat and have some high speed fun. Finally arriving shortly before 11, I brought the boat as close to shore as possible and everyone helped to offload the gear. I anchored the boat slightly offshore and the whole group helped in various ways to establish a 'home base' for what we all hoped would be a fun filled day.

Once we appeared to have everything set up, we ate a light picnic lunch and everyone decided to catch some rays as our food settled. I'm not sure if she just wasn't thinking or if she was purposely stirring things up, but my step-daughter immediately began to remove her top sun herself and then called over to her mother to get sunscreen applied. I know that the last time we had gone to the island all three ladies had gone topless, but that was before we added two more people to the group.

I cleared my throat loudly and gave her a stern look. Her response was to simply place one finger ever each of her exposed nipples as she turned toward the two girls.

"You don't mind do you," she asked. Without waiting for an answer, she continued "I really hate the tan lines. You know, no one here would mind if you wanted to take yours off too." The younger of the two girls looked mortified at first until her sister replied "no, no.that's OK. We don't mind. It's not like we haven't seen bare breasts before." After a brief pause she added "I'm not sure if I'm ready to go topless myself though." My wife gave a good look at both of the girls to make sure that they seemed OK and seeing that the initial shock seemed to have worn off and that they had relaxed, decided to remove her top as well in a sign of silent approval.

She then went to attend to the sunscreen request asking her daughter to return the favor once complete. Meanwhile, Riley had also decided to bare her chest and seeing the other two women occupied, asked me to help her with the lotion.

Seeing no real reason to decline the request, I moved to help her out and noticed that the girls had a slight look of astonishment on their faces again. I was terribly thankful that, although being a little playful, Riley was not acting nearly as overtly horny as she had done the other day on this same beach. My youngest quickly asked the younger sister if she wanted him to take care of her and although she looked a little bit skeptical, she agreed.

That left the older girl and my step-son paired and before long the entire lot of us had lotion applied to avoid getting nasty sunburns. After a little relaxation, I offered to take people out on the boat and had a number of immediate takers. We started rotating through and for the next hour or so ran the boat up and down the length of the beach towing people behind it.

Everyone seemed to be having a blast. I returned to the beach for a little more relaxation and was lying down reading a book when my step-daughter stopped by to talk to me. Lying down next to me, she suggested in a near whisper that I take my wife on a walk around the island for a little while since the two of us hadn't had some time for just the two of us in a while.

Part of me suspected that she was up to something but she had made a valid point so I decided to take her suggestion anyway. She rose back up and returned to her original spot, lying next to her friend. I got up and walked over to my wife asking if she wanted to get away for a little. With an affirmative reply, she stood up and slipped her sandals on along with a sun hat and a lightweight button up shirt that she simply threw on, leaving it.

As we began to walk away I noticed that both of the young ladies were intently watching us while exchanging whispers. The two of us had walked for about 15 minutes down the beach when we came to an area with a large cluster of boulders extending into the ocean situated around a corner of the tree line. We decided to sit out on one of the boulders for a few and she made a little comment about how beautiful the view was. I agreed and I looked over to see her leaning back on her arms.

Her shirt had fallen open, exposing her breasts and her body was cast in a glow from the sun's rays. She looked positively radiant and reminded me how beautiful a woman she was so I told her so. She thanked me by leaning over and giving me a passionate kiss, running her free hand along my chest to the side of my ribs. I returned the kiss, twirling my tongue around hers as I slid my hand around her waist, feeling her smooth and supple skin.

We continued to kiss each other and caress each other for quite some time, growing more and more aroused as we continued. Eventually I brought my hand up to cup her exposed breast and lowered my head down, kissing lightly along the way, to suckle her nipple.

As soon as I placed my lips around her nipple, I could feel it begin to stiffen and heard her softly sigh in pleasure. She took hold of the back of my head, first drawing me in toward her, and then shifting me to her other breast after a moment. Moaning steadily, she brought my head back to meet her in another passionate kiss as she shifted her body to straddle me, astride my lap. She used both of her hands to hold my face while we continued to kiss and I could feel myself beginning to swell with arousal.

Our hands were roaming each other's bodies freely and it was obvious that the passion was rising rapidly. Reaching down, I untied the bows on either side of her suit leaving her exposed to me. I pushed her shoulders gently, getting her to lean back on her arms and then cupped her ass in my hands, raising her up until her pussy was in front of my face. As I raised her up, the suit fell away from her crotch and dropped to the side.

I was thankful for the remote location because she was moaning quite loudly as I delved into her with my tongue. I was rewarded with copious amounts of her freely flowing juices. I continued eating her out as I kneaded her ass until I felt her knees tremble as she orgasmed to the ministrations of my mouth. As she calmed down a little, she lowered herself down getting on hands and knees in front of me. As she slid my swim trunks down, I was thankful that years of exposure to the wind and sea had left the boulder quite smooth.

After baring it, she swiftly took my hardening member inside her mouth and began to give me an amazing blow job. She sucked me to a rock hard state, routinely withdrawing until just the head remained in her mouth and then slamming it down her throat with her lips tightly around the base and her nose buried in my pubes. After a short while, she moved upward until she was again straddling me. She rolled her hips around, causing her wet pussy to slide over my dick.

This opened her lips wide and exposed her clit to stimulation as my dick slid back and forth over it. She rose up and, after aligning me with her hand, dropped her weight down to fully engulf me inside of her.

She began to ride me slowly, grinding her clit into me on each downward stroke. As I enjoyed the intense sensations, I allowed my head to lean back and closed my eyes to simply focus on each and every stimulus.

We had been going at it for approximately five minutes when I felt long hair cascading from my rib cage down across my abdomen. Suddenly snapping my eyes wide open, I looked down to see Riley beside us, leaning in to suck on my wife's nipple.

Looking up at my wife, I saw a surprised look on her face that I imagine must have matched my own. I noticed that she appeared to be looking straight past, rather than at me, and before I even had an opportunity to look, a bikini dropped on my shoulder and bare breasts pressed into the back of my neck.

Hands appeared over my shoulders and ran across my chest rubbing my pecs. Riley turned toward me and began to suck on my nipple.

After a moment or two she extracted herself from between us and went around behind my wife. I watched as she removed my wife's shirt, tossing it to the side, followed by her own top which she dropped between us into my lap.

Pressing into her back, she cupped my wife's breasts and used her thumbs to fondle her nipples. My step-daughter removed one hand from my chest and reached out to fondle one of my wife's breasts along with her friend. Riley then leaned around my wife to give me a French kiss and my step-daughter followed suit on the other side with her mother.

Breaking from the embrace, the two young ladies then kissed each other deeply. Finally calming down from the initial shock of the girls' arrival, my wife resumed riding me as both girls continued to run their hands freely over both of our bodies. After a moment, I felt my step-daughter move back slightly as she came partially around my side.

On my wife's next upstroke, she reached underneath her mother's ass and encircled the base of my cock with her hand. As my wife continued, I could feel my cock being pumped. With her other hand, she grabbed hold of mine and drew it to her bikini clad pussy, pressing it into her and using the hand to rub herself firmly.

I took over the control of playing with her and saw my wife watching intently as I pulled the crotch to one side and began to run my finger between my step-daughter's moistening lips. Riley appeared to feel left out as she stood, stripped out of her bikini, and swung her leg onto my wife's shoulder placing her crotch in my wife's face and her ass in mine. She gently pulled my wife toward her and I watched as she stuck her tongue out to lick the young woman's folds.

Not wanting to leave pleasing the beautiful teen to my wife, I pressed my face into her backside and began to lick her sphincter, eliciting a deep moan of pleasure. At the same time, I slid first one, and then two, fingers into my step-daughter's pussy and began thrusting them in and out.

We continued like this for a few minutes until Riley's legs began to shake as she experienced her first orgasm. Unable to easily stand, she withdrew herself from between us and sat down to the side gently rubbing her pussy as she watched the unfolding action.

My step-daughter got up and took Riley's recently vacated spot, placing her pussy in front of me and her ass pointed toward her mother.

I dove right in and began greedily licking her pussy. I reinserted two fingers into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. My wife started licking up and down her crevice with long strokes beginning at the base of her pussy upward until emerging from the cleft. To aid her, I removed my fingers from inside of her and with a cheek in each hand, spread her ass widely. Allowing her greater accessibility, my wife plunger her tongue into her daughter's puckered ass hole after a few more long licks. My step-daughter made a screeching sound at the penetration, followed immediately by sounds of intense pleasure.

Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted Riley leave our side as the intensity of a pending orgasm increased. As my step-daughter came loudly, Riley reappeared on the boulder carrying her beach bag. After such an intense orgasm, my step-daughter looked as if she was about to collapse so I got up and helped her to lie down.

As she lay there with her legs spread widely and the sun beaming down on her exposed pussy, I watched as Riley leaned in and gently licked away the dripping juices. No longer encumbered by one of the girls in between us, my wife resumed her riding motion on top of me.

Both of us watched intently as a vision of pure beauty unfold before our eyes. Once Riley appeared satisfied that she had licked up all of the available juices, she reached over to the bag and withdrew the strap-on that my step-daughter had worn the day previously.

Able to see it better, I noticed that it was not only a large, but otherwise realistic looking, dildo but it additionally had a studded protrusion on the inside that would splay the wearer's lips and stimulate her clit and the first few inches of her pussy. It was attached to a flesh colored harness designed to allow the wearer's ass hole to remain exposed. She manipulated the toy into her friend's orifice and used one hand to hold it in place while the other attached the straps around her waist and thighs.

Once it was securely in place, she licked around the veined shaft and then swallowed about six inches into her mouth. Her bobbing head was causing movement of the internal knob that was obviously having a stimulating effect on my step-daughter.

Audibly moaning due to the sensation, she reached down and, at first, held Riley still, followed by gently pushing her mouth off of the fake cock. "Mom, come here and fuck me," my step-daughter called over. Riley moved aside as my wife rose off of me, crossed the slight distance, and straddled her still prone daughter.

Exposure to the thankfully warm air, still covered with my wife's juices, caused a brief chill to radiate throughout my body starting from my groin. It didn't last long because Riley swiftly moved in and took me inside her mouth. Unfortunately, the feeling didn't last long as she removed me from her mouth after ensuring that she had cleaned my wife's flavor off of me completely. She then took a hold of me in her hand and knelt beside me to watch the other two ladies' intercourse.

"Mmmm, I do adore the way that you taste," Riley commented to my wife. Leaning over her, my wife kissed her daughter passionately with their breasts pressed together. She then brought one of her hands alongside their combined breasts, massaging them gently. After a moment, it slid downward until running across the younger woman's thigh to rest on the inner area only a few inches from the strap-on.

My step-daughter then grabbed a hold of her mother's ass, drawing her up toward her abdomen. I watched as the tip of the fake cock popped out from between them briefly. Almost as soon as it had been freed, the guiding hands reversed direction and the firm rubber shaft began to slide into my wife's waiting pussy.

"My God; aren't they sooo hot together," Riley breathily whispered in my ear with a gentle nibble on the lobe. The dildo slowly continued with a wet squishing sound until it was almost all of the way buried inside of her.

Even though she had already been opened up by my prick just a short while earlier, the last few inches of dildo stretched her further and caused her to loudly groan as she allowed her weight to drop on top of her daughter's body.

After settling for a moment, the two began to move as a single entity, rolling their hips in opposing directions that caused the toy to slowly thrust in and out of my wife while the knob worked its' magic on the young woman wearing it.

It only took a minute or two before both of them were breathing heavily and almost constantly moaning in pleasure. Still with a firm grip on my dick, Riley stood, pulling me up with her. As we crossed the few steps to the other two, she spit into her hand. She wiped the dollop of saliva up the crack of my wife's ass and smeared it over her anus.

Next, she used the hand to spread the cheeks a little and hold my wife steady while she drew me closer, placing my head directly onto the puckering hole. She finally released the grip on my shaft and gave me a resounding smack on the ass. "You know that you want to," she goaded me.

"Go ahead and put it in there already. She's waiting." I slowly pressed forward, feeling the extreme resistance of the tight muscle, amplified by her already stuffed pussy.

With a slight pop, the tip was fully immersed and I looked down to see her sphincter clinging tightly to the underside of the mushroom head as I slightly pulled back. She added a bit more of her saliva for lubrication and I pressed forward again, burying another inch. We repeated this process a few times until eventually my shaft was completely encased in her ass. She left my side and I could hear her rummaging through the bag. A moment later she reappeared next to me holding a plug in each hand.

"Which one do you want to put in me," she asked. The two plugs were roughly the same size but one was metal and the other appeared to be glass. The metal one was a bit longer and tapered to a wider diameter before reducing to a very narrow stem, capped by a large crystal to keep it from slipping in too far.

The glass one was shorter and narrower but the stem area, rather than the thin spindle style of the metal one, remained about an inch and a half in diameter before flaring back out at the end. It also reminded me of a lemon reamer because it had raised ridges running down the length of it. This one looked interesting so I pointed to it. The next thing I knew, she was inserting it into my mouth, swirling it around.

She took it out and handed it to me before putting the metal one in her own mouth and then turning around. She grabbed a hold of her cheeks, spreading widely, as she bent over, nearly doubling herself. I used the saliva covered tip to probe her ass and then popped it the rest of the way into her backside.

Once it was in she shook her ass around a bit while her hands flexed the spread cheeks back and forth, settling the plug in a comfortable position. She continued to bare her ass to me for a few minutes and I noticed that the end of the plug was designed in a way that allowed me to clearly see inside of her.

I was a bit enchanted by this revelation because on one hand it was a little freaky but on the other it was pretty hot. Standing back up, she took the metal plug out of her mouth and said "mmmm, thanks. That feels nice," and then walked behind me. I felt her slide between my legs underneath me and was half expecting that she was about to put the other plug in me but instead she started licking and nibbling my balls.

A few minutes later I heard my step-daughter moan. "Riley, you are such a bad girl," she said. "But oh, so good as well.I can always count on you to know what makes me feel good and right now that plug feels great in my ass." It was now apparent that she had used the metal one in my step-daughter's ass.

This was getting pretty wild. Riley, slid out from underneath us, went around in front and shared a beautiful kiss with her friend. She walked behind me and again, rummaged through the bag. She returned a moment later with an odd looking dildo in her hand. It had two different penis shaped ends; one that was about eight inches long with about a two inch diameter and the other was about four inches long with at least a three inch diameter.

Each one had a well-defined head and was covered in prominent veins and the two ends were joined together in a way that made them look kind of like the letter "J." Where they met, there was a cluster of small knobby protrusions on the inner curve by the shorter dick and a pair of hanging testicles on the outside curve by the longer shaft. It was an odd looking toy that I had never seen the likes of before.

Holding the toy in her hand, she stood in from of my wife grabbing her hair with the free hand. She yanked the hair upward getting my wife to raise her head staring straight into the young woman's crotch. Riley stepped forward pushing her pussy into my wife's face aggressively and I saw my wife comply with the demand to eat her out.

It was strange to watch the transformation of the normally polite and somewhat reserved girl into the domineering sexual being that stood before us. With the vigor that my wife was attacking that pussy, it didn't take long before Riley was moaning and screaming almost constantly.

Suddenly, Riley yanked back hard on the hair still in her grasp, pulling back from the stimulating mouth. "That's enough," she forcefully said. She took a step backward, releasing her hold on my wife, and squatted slightly bowing her legs outward. Her free hand spread her labia open as widely as she could, and then she slowly inserted the short end of the toy until it was completely inside of her.

After shifting it around a little to settle it, she straightened up and ran one of her hands back and forth over the longer shaft, stroking it. The overall appearance was unsettling. Aside from the difference in color not quite matching her skin tone, it almost looked like she had her own cock that she was masturbating.

She spit into her had a few times and stroked the toy some more to lubricate her hand's ability to slide up and down the turgid shaft. Thinking about it, I realized that all three women now had both of their holes filled. Riley didn't have many options left about where to use the imposing looking toy.

As Riley began to walk around toward the tail end of our connected group, I had conflicting feelings of both excitement and trepidation at that realization. There was a sense of arousal at the sight of the young beauty with her own dick and knowing that recently I had received intense pleasure from the girls' anal stimulation.

Then there was the fear, having just witnessed the way she had treated my wife combined with the girth involved. It may have been a little shorter than the toy my step-daughter was using but it was clearly thicker. I wasn't sure how well I could accommodate the size, especially if she wasn't gentle about it.

To no surprise, I felt her step between my legs, grabbing my ass. She ran the tip up and down my ass crack and poked it into my anus a few times without actually trying to penetrate me. I next felt her hand smearing spit in the crevice followed by more of it being forcefully shoved into me by her finger.

It was followed only a few strokes later by a second finger and she worked them deeply into me while occasionally spitting on them to lubricate me thoroughly. Once she seemed satisfied, she withdrew the fingers and I knew what was coming next. It was difficult, but I tried to relax as she spread my ass with both hands and I felt the large head contact my body. Thankfully, she was not being nearly as rough as she had just been as she pressed steadily forward. Looking down at my own dick, I was able to see it swell in my wife even more at the pressure to my ass.

I could feel the tight hole spreading slowly wider and wider until suddenly it was able to slightly relax as the head popped past the muscle. Riley stopped for a moment and pulled back a little. This caused a whole new sensation as the bulbous head caught the inside of my anus and pulled it back toward her. I felt like I was getting turned inside out. She added a little more lubricant to the tight hole and pushed back in slowly, sinking just a little more into me.

As I loudly groaned, she continued this back and forth action a number of times until I could feel the sensation change. No longer did the muscle feel like it was being pulled back and forth by the invading toy; I could now feel the cock sliding though the tight opening.

A few more dollops of spit added helped even more and a few strokes later she seemed to be sliding in and out of me fairly easily. She had worked about three inches of length into me and I was starting to be able to derive pleasure out of the penetration when she abandoned any amount of gentility remaining in her. In one, swift, stroke, she buried the entire remaining length into my backside. The suddenness of this deep thrust drove all of the air out of my lungs as I let out a large groan.

Faster and faster, she plowed the cock in and out of my ass with abandon, fucking me in the most basic sense. Her wanton invasion drove me to increase the force and tempo of my own thrusts into my wife's ass causing her to rock back and forth on top of her daughter's strap-on.

In turn, the young woman on the bottom of our stack sped her movements into her mother that I could easily feel bumping into my cock through the thin membrane separating us. All four of us were moaning loudly and panting heavily through the only orifices in our bodies that were empty. My mind and body were both overflowing with sensory input and I rapidly exploded inside my wife's ass, collapsing on top of her afterward. A moment later, my step-daughter screamed as she shoved her dildo as deeply as possible into her mother's pussy and I could feel it pressed tightly against my own cock.

Pressed tightly between us and completely stuffed full of cock, my wife made an odd gargling sound as her entire body shook and her sphincter spasmed around the base of my dick. Unlike the rest of us, Riley continued to plow into me steadily. Her pounding was so forceful that all three of us below her were being rocked back and forth.

I could hear her breathing getting faster and eventually, after feeling like my ass was being torn apart, she screamed loudly as she bottomed out the large dildo, her hips tightly against my ass. After a moment when all of us remained motionless catching our breath, Riley Reached down and grabbed a hold of the testicles hanging below her dildo.

She lifted herself off of the thick knob that had been stuffed into her vagina, leaving the longer shaft deep inside of me. I extracted myself from the heap of bodies with a popping sound as I withdrew from my wife's cum-filled ass. Weak at the knees, my wife reached out her hand for support, so that she too, could rise and her sopping pussy made an audible slurp as it slid off of the strap-on that her daughter was wearing.

My step-daughter finally stood up and I watched as her fake cock bounced around in front of her. My wife and I both sat down on the boulder, leaving the two girls towering over us. I had to sit a little bit awkwardly given the toy still protruding from my ass. Riley motioned in my direction.

"Look at your husband," she said to my wife. "See what he likes," she continued as she pointed to my ass. My step-daughter then stood directly in front of me, placing the pussy covered strap on against my lips. "Clean me off," she directed. I could see my wife watching intently out of the corner of my eye. Her gaze kept shifting between the cock in my ass and the one in my mouth. When I was finally done licking the juiced off of the rubber penis it was withdrawn from my face and I could see that my wife was so turned on that she had been playing with herself while watching.

Riley took hold of her shoulders and lay her down on her back, still running her fingers through her wet slit. The young woman then got onto her hands and knees and stuck her tongue deep into my wife's slightly gaping ass hole to lick my cum out of it.

My step-daughter walked behind her friend and quickly stuffed the strap-on into Riley's pussy. She fucked her hard and fast while pulling on the clear plug in her ass until Riley screamed in orgasm after only a few minutes. Both toys were removed at the same time, eliciting yet another squeal from the young woman as her holes gaped. My wife reached upward and removed the harness from her daughter and licked the juices from her swollen vulva.

My step-daughter got on her hands and knees next to Riley and called over to me requesting that I mount her. As I entered her hot pussy with my surprisingly still hard dick, I could feel the toy inside of me bouncing and sending reverberations throughout my ass. I was fucking away at the young beauty in front of me when I felt the embedded cock begin to move. Looking back, I saw that my wife had grabbed a hold of it and was using my own movements to fuck my ass as I fucked her daughter.

The whole time she continued to stuff her fingers into her cunt. It didn't take long before I felt my step-daughter cum around my dick. The clamping of her vaginal walls tightly around me triggered my own orgasm as I pulled out of her to spew my load on her lower back and ass. Riley quickly arrived to lick the mess off of her. My wife pulled the dildo out of my ass causing a sharp, but brief, pain and left my hole gaping. Realizing that my wife was still going at herself and had not yet cum, all three of us turned our attention to her to finish her off.

I was at her left breast, my step-daughter at her right, and Riley was licking at the base of her pussy and her ass hole while my wife continued playing in her pussy with her fingers.

Within moments, she orgasmed in an ear shattering scream. The four of us disengaged from one another and were lying next to one another giving gentle kisses and caresses as all of us calmed down from our respective orgasms.

After a short while my wife sat up and asked "what the fuck was that all about?" The statement came as a shock for me. First, because she almost never swore. Second, because I was still assuming that she was aware and probably had manipulated everything that had been occurring recently. After a moment of awkward silence, it was my step-daughter who spoke up. "Well haven't been the only one that I have been learning from." She then went on to recount an abridged version of her seduction of me over the past months.

"I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that both of you have taught me," she continued. "But I thought that it was about time to combine the lessons. I might add that I am really glad that I did because that was awesome." Turning to Riley, she asked "what about you?" Riley vigorously nodded her head and commented "absolutely!

I can't remember a better time than what we just shared." "Mom, Dad, please don't get upset with each other. If anything, it's my fault. I don't regret it though because just like everything else, you guys have prepared me well for adulthood." I reassured her "I'm not angry sweetie, just shocked.

Not to mention that you have also been a bit of a teacher. There are things that have happened recently that I have never experienced before and probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for the two of you girls." I looked over to my wife and noticed her sheepishly nodding her head in agreement. "My only real issue is the fact that you felt the need to manipulate us," I continued. "I would have thought that you knew us well enough to know that you can come to us with anything." "Really Dad," she replied with a tone of sarcasm.

"Think about this for a moment. If I had simply asked either of you to have sex with me so that I knew what I was doing, you would have looked at me like I had an extra eye in the middle of my head. Then you would have offered to have a talk with me about finding the right man, the time would come, et cetera, et cetera." "I'm sorry that I had to do it this way but you know that I'm right," she continued.

"I don't regret it though because I know a lot more now about what I like as well as how to do the things that I like. One thing I definitely like is having fun with the two of you, either together or apart. I don't want to stop." "Neither do I," Riley spoke up. "There's no way in hell I could broach this at home but I wouldn't trade this week for anything.

I'm an adult now and can make my own decisions about who I want to be with and right now I would like to be with you three. I'm sure I'll find a boyfriend and things will change eventually but right now I know that all of you care for and wouldn't hurt me and you make me feel so great that it isn't funny." Her statement left us all silent for a moment and then my step-daughter arose, gave both my wife and me a soft kiss and took Riley by the hand.

Riley gave each of us a kiss as well and then the two girls departed with my step-daughter commenting "we'll leave the two of you now; I'm sure that you two want to talk. I do hope that you will realize that this whole thing is more right than wrong and we can continue it together. We'll see you soon." Once the girls had left the vicinity, my wife and I did exactly that; discussed the situation that had unfolded. It actually didn't take very long before we had conceded that, although the events that had transpired already broke a number of social taboos, no one was being hurt by it.

If anything, it helped to keep the girls from being hurt by someone who wouldn't care about them and would simply use them for their own gratification. Once that had been cleared out of the way, it was a rather simple decision to allow it to continue until the situation changed. We did, however, decide that there needed to be some ground rules established and the primary one that came out immediately was to ensure that both girls stayed on birth control with no exception to avoid getting pregnant.

The next was to keep all four of us safe from STD's by getting everyone to agree that prior to having any type of sexual relations with someone outside of the four of us that we would inform and discuss it with the rest of the group. This was not so much a control item as it would seem but a safety net since we had not been using condoms thus far and as long as we remained exclusive to the group really didn't need to be concerned with disease since we were clean.

The last stipulation was that there be no more deception and manipulation as there had previously been. All of us knew about each other and it appeared to not be creating jealousy so there was no reason to keep things hidden from one another.

Additionally, now that we were over the hurdle of reluctance, there was no reason to not simply ask for what was desired rather than scheming to get it. Now that these items were decided, my wife and I dressed and walked back down the beach and rejoined the rest of the family and our guests. The remainder of the afternoon was uneventful and was filled by all of us having a lot of fun swimming, boating, sunning ourselves or playing games together on the beach.

As we moved into the evening hours, the campfire was lit and we cooked our dinner over it, eating together around the warm glow while telling stories. Eventually, it came time to head back to the mainland and we loaded up the boat and got underway. On the return trip, most everyone was fairly quiet but had split into a few groups.

The two girls in one group, my wife and the boys along with the younger sister in another, and the older sister decided to hang out near me at the console. We didn't really talk much so I thought that it was a bit odd that she was hanging out near me instead of near the other youth.

Most of the conversation that we did have was thanking me for taking her and her sister with us and assuring me that they had really enjoyed themselves. Maybe I was simply getting too suspicious about everything after the recent events but I swore that I caught her staring at me and checking me out a few times on the way back.

As we arrived back at the cabin's pier, I dismissed the thought since nothing further had transpired. Everyone helped to offload the gear and then the two girls bid their adieu giving each one of us a hug and kiss goodbye. We had already exchanged information and as they departed, made promises to get in touch with us after they got back from vacation. I asked Riley to bring the truck down to the boat ramp while everyone else began clean up and packing for departure.

I took the boat to the ramp, helped back the trailer down and then the two of us got the boat pulled, rinsed off, and tied down securely. On the way back to the cabin she rested her hand on my thigh and asked if I was OK with things as they were and I suggested that we discuss things a little further with all four of us later after the boys had gone to bed. She seemed to accept that but left her hand on my thigh for the rest of the short trip.

After we arrived back at the cabin, the whole family helped with packing and clean-up in preparation for our departure. We then relaxed out on the patio for a little while longer chatting and playing a few games until we decided it was time to call it an early night so that we would be rested for the next day.

Everyone headed off to their respective rooms and the cabin seemed rather quiet. My wife and I sat naked under the covers in our bed with the bedside table lights on as we talked softly a little more about the earlier events. We really hadn't yet had an opportunity to discuss things with the girls and felt that we had to do so soon. Talking about the recent sexual escapades was having an effect on me and I found myself slightly aroused. Apparently I wasn't the only one because my wife leaned over and gave me a passionate kiss as she ran a hand down to my crotch.

Feeling my rapidly hardening member, she began to stroke it gently until it was fully erect. "Wait here," she told me and then rose from the bed. I watched as she threw on a flimsy robe, not even bothering to tie it and then walked out the door to the hallway.

A few minutes later she returned leading the two girls, one in each hand, back into our bedroom. The girls were wearing even less than she was, with only my step-daughter wearing pink thong panties. My wife brought them to the bed and motioned for them to sit down on the comforter next to me as she, herself, sat near my feet.

"Girls," my wife began; "your father and I have been discussing things and need to talk to you about them." She then gave them a brief overview of the conditions that we had agreed upon and asked if they had any comments. "No, I don't think so." my step-daughter started as Riley simply shook her head no.

"I guess this means that you are OK with it continuing?" The only response that her question received was my wife leaning down and taking her daughter's nipple between her lips to suck on it. I sat there transfixed as I watched my wife kiss and caress her daughter.

The two of them were a vision of pure beauty in their embrace as they began to make love to one another. I barely noticed that Riley had moved closer to me until she ran her hand up my chest and followed with a passionate kiss.

After a few minutes of both couples rubbing each other and sharing kisses Riley moved down to take my penis into her mouth and I looked over to see the other two in a sixty-nine, licking away at each other. I leaned back and enjoyed the sensations as I thought about just how nice this was. I figured that it wouldn't be too hard to get used to this now that everything was out there in the open between the four of us. For almost the next two hours, all of us made sweet love, routinely changing positions and occasionally changing partners until each one had been with everyone else at least once.

Unlike the last few sessions, there was nothing wild and crazy about this time, just passion and love. In the end, I ended up cumming deep inside Riley's pussy while my wife and Riley had each experienced two orgasms and my step-daughter had an amazing four. Although we had not shared the love in anything more than couples, the presence of all of us in one bed made the entire experience hotter. Once we seemed to all be finished, the four of us snuggled together in one large mass on the bed and gently fell asleep together in a large embrace.

The next morning we awoke and following breakfast, the boys and I began to pack the vehicles while the women scurried around the cabin doing final checks for remaining items and the last of the clean-up.

By about ten o'clock we were completely done and sat down briefly on the patio to have a quick snack and break before hitting the road. Just before we loaded into the vehicles, the two sisters stopped by on their way to the beach to say goodbye one last time. They gave each one of us another friendly hug and kiss goodbye and made us promise to keep in touch with one another.

When the playful older girl came around to hug me, her hand ended up on my ass and she appeared to give me a suggestive wink but I figured that I must be assuming things and dismissed it as my imagination. As we began to pile into the cars, Riley suddenly declared "since we're all travelling at the same time now, I don't want you to have to be all alone.

I'll go with you.if you don't mind, that is." I hadn't even replied when I received an odd look from both my wife and step-daughter. They looked at each other next and then both of them shrugged their shoulders in resignation. "It will give us a little more room," my wife stated. "Alright, I guess so," I told Riley. We dropped the keys off at the rental office and then got on the road for the six hour long drive expecting to arrive home around dinner time.

The first two hours went by with a little chatter between us and mostly listening to the radio.

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We had been making rather good time when we pulled off at a rest stop area for bathroom breaks. About twenty minutes after we left, the reception got rather bad so Riley fiddled with the radio to find a new station. Finding nothing that she wanted to listen to, she turned the radio off to avoid the static and said "I guess that we'll just have to amuse ourselves." Within a minute or two of the radio being turned off, the conversation turned toward the recent sexual exploration of the girls.

She shared with me a bit of the history between her and my step-daughter, which apparently went back almost nine months. As she spoke, I could see her excitement rise and then she placed her hand on my thigh like she had the evening before. This time it didn't last long though, before the hand shifted from my thigh directly onto my lap.

As she continued to talk about sex, she rubbed my dick through my pants and I could feel it swelling. I got hard enough that I had to shift around a bit to avoid getting uncomfortable. She noticed and said "let me help with that." I heard and felt her undo the button fly of my jeans and then she reached into my pants unabashedly. Her hand fished around, finding the opening in my boxers, grabbing a firm hold on my cock, and manipulating it out of the multiple layers of clothing until it was fully exposed.

"Is that better," she asked as she gave the full length of my shaft a few slow strokes. Without even waiting for an answer, she resumed the conversation, getting somewhat graphic in the details of her exploits with my step-daughter, and more recently, my wife. The entire time that she was speaking to me, she slowly stroked my dick, masterfully keeping it rock hard and throbbing without pushing me over the edge into orgasm.

Once she had finished telling me about the escapades that I was unaware of, she began to recap the items either with just me or all of us that she had enjoyed the most, and why.

She continued for about another half hour before letting go of my dick, causing me to groan slightly in protest. I watched out of the corner of my eye as she released her seatbelt and then unbuttoned and unzipped her khaki shorts, pushing them down a little to reveal the lace top and silk of a pair of light pink panties.

After securing her seatbelt back in place again, her right hand went down the front of the panties and her left one took a hold of my dick again. It didn't take long before I could hear the sound of her fingers squishing inside of her and the cab of my truck smelled of sex. Riley began to question me about my favorite things and how I had enjoyed the kinkier items that the girls had done with me.

Listening to me tell her that I had really enjoyed experiencing new things with them appeared to excite her immensely. I commented that I had particularly enjoyed the foursome with all three ladies, having never experienced more than two on one before. I also told her that I was surprised at how much I had enjoyed the anal stimulation that both girls had been giving me.

"I thought that you might like that," she said. "Most guys are never willing to try it and realize how enjoyable it can be, or so I've been told. I know it feels good to us women; at least when you have a man who will take his time like you do." We continued to talk about sex while she played with both of us and I felt like I was constantly being held on the brink of orgasm.

It was getting terribly bad when I saw my wife's turn signal flash as we passed a sign for an approaching rest stop. I commented to Riley that I thought we were getting ready to pull over again.

"Good," she replied. I could hear her fingers increase in the tempo of playing in her wet folds and she leaned her head down onto my lap. She gave a few quick licks at the head of my dick and then swiftly took the whole shaft into her mouth and throat. She sucked like her life depended on it and I was glad that we were slowing down on the ramp to the stop so that I could maintain control of the truck. She moaned deeply around my cock as she came all over her fingers and pumped fiercely until only a moment later, I came forcefully in her mouth.

She quickly swallowed it down, licked her fingers clean, and then tucked me back into my pants. She fixed her own attire just as we were pulling into the trailer parking spots. She thanked me as she got out of the truck with a grin on her face and walked over to my step-daughter, giggling a little as they headed to the restrooms. When they returned, my step-daughter declared "I'm going to ride with Dad on the last leg.

You can ride with Mom and the boys, Riley." She then hopped into the cab of my truck without waiting for an answer. Once everyone was back into the vehicles we got back onto the road for the last few hours of the drive. Almost immediately, I found myself confronted by the young woman next to me.

"So.I can see that you two have had a nice drive so far," she said with a thick note of sarcasm. "Yeah, I guess," I replied. "Traffic has been fairly light." "That's not what I mean," she countered. "I can still smell her." I chose to say nothing in reply so she continued.

"I don't mind, you know. Actually, I find it really hot that the two of you are having so much fun. She's the one that got me thinking about you in the first place. Then, after she found out that we were screwing around, she told me that she began to think about you sexually as well and asked me to try and set something up between the two of you.

The two of us are very close, if you know what I mean, Dad," she said with a wink. "I do not regret for even one moment what you and I have done. Now that Mom is in the know, I intend to keep going even more until we no longer can because of college and even then, I do get breaks from school, you know." "There are so many things that I want to try," she continued. "Not to mention the fact that there are a lot of things that we have done that I have really enjoyed and want to do some more with you, Mom, Riley, or a combination of us.

Maybe we can even talk about selecting someone else to join our fun if we wanted to do even more. After a few more minutes of talk, she took my arm and put it around her shoulder leaning in, against my chest. Her hand slid under my shirt and she gently played with my chest hair until a short while later I could tell that she had fallen asleep.

She remained that way until we were almost home and I nudged her awake. As we got near our home, my wife called to tell me that she was going to stop and pick up some take out for all of us and I saw her signal for the exit before ours. We continued on and the others arrived only about 5 minutes after we had parked the boat back into its spot, disconnected the trailer, and gone inside, leaving most of our things in the truck figuring that they would be fine until later.

All six of us, now reunited ate dinner in the comfort of our home before my wife said that it was time to bring Riley home. The young woman said her good-byes, lingering a moment with me and thanking us profusely for such an enjoyable time and commented that she couldn't wait until we got together again.

As she said it, she gave a sly look to both my wife and me. Somewhat sadly for me, the three women departed but I knew that this would definitely not be the end of things so I chose not to allow myself to be too disheartened by her departure.