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Superlatively würdig öffentliche Nacktheit porn
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First Encounter by Miss Behave It was 3rd period and I was bored to tears in my English class, sitting next to my best friend. Kelly and I had been inseparable since primary school and we were lucky enough to have gotten most of the same classes together for our third year of high school.

Sat at the desk behind us was Cassie, she was known as the bitch of our year and for some reason althroughout primary school she had always hated me, playing tricks on me and my friends but especially me. I had never found out why she was so evil to me and I suspected that I would never find out the answer.

Our teacher Mrs Watkins was rambling on about shakespeare's various plays to a lethargic bunch of pupils who really didn't feel they needed to know anything more about the playwright than they already did, we all just wanted to do something, anything more interesting than what was going on right now and that was not much at all.

There was a knock at the door and a few of the pupils jerked slightly at the sound and sat to attention incase it might be someone important, in walked Mrs Dawson, the school secretary and handed a small piece of paper to Mrs Watkins and left immediately.

Mrs Watkins opened up the note and read it then folded it again and proceeded to warble on about shakespeare as the picked her way through the rows of desks towards Kelly and I, she stopped in front of me in mid sentence and handed me the piece of paper which I in turned opened as she kept on in her story telling of Romeo and Juliet's tragic romance.

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As I looked at it the note read "Violet Murray, please report to Mr Mannings office at the end of this period." I wondered instantly what the headmaster would want to see me for, I turned to Kelly and knew that she too had read the note by the quizzical expression, I just shrugged my shoulders not knowing what it might be about. As the bell rang at the end of English we had five minutes grace to get to our next class, but I had to go to see Mr Manning so I asked Kelly to tell Mr Fleming our History teacher that I would be late for class.

I arrived at the headmaster's door, knocked lightly and heard Mr Manning instructing me to enter, as I peeped my head round the door he looked up from his huge mahogany desk, he held papers in his hands and smiled slightly as he told me to close the door behind me.

I did as I was told and stood next to the door waiting to be released from this tension I now felt, the uncertainty of what he was about to say to me whirring in my mind.

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As I stood motionless he signaled with a wave of his hand to stand before him at the front of his desk. As I moved towards him I could see his eyes glance first at my legs and then slowly wonder up the rest of my figure, again the corners of his mouth upturned into the slightest smile and that made me even more nervous as his eyes settled momentarily on the mounds of my breasts through my blouse.

He glanced up and saw me looking at him studying my curves intensely, I blushed under his scrutiny, trying to keep my eyes focused on something else other than him. He slowly began to talk in a very calm manner saying he had asked me here to inform me that accusations had been made and founded against me in the theft of another pupil's property, which had been found in my locker earlier that morning.

I was shocked and confused and he must have been able to tell by the expression on my face, I opened my mouth to protest my innocence but before the words would come out he told me I had been caught by one of the CCTV cameras so there was no point denying it. He continued to talk in a very calm but authoritive manner explaining that I was in serious trouble and he would normally be forced to inform my parents but said if I could think of a suitable punishment for myself then he might be able to stop a letter being sent to them.

He asked me to go away and think long and hard about what I could do that would be a satisfactory discipline in order to rectify the situation.

I was to return at the end of the day with a suitable suggestion. I didn't know what to say to respond to that so I just stood there arms by my sides, my body weak with nerves and my brain riddled with confusion, he walked round the desk, his eyes averting from my face to my breasts again, then his palm was on the small of my back as he gently led me towards the door, I tingled at his soft touch, my mind raced as the nervous excitement of this unfamiliar feeling flooded through my body, I felt my nipples harden and ache for more but before I knew it, all too soon I was cut off from him and outside in the corridor again.

I couldn't tell what I felt as I stood in the girls loo's looking at my own reflection, could I actually have been aroused by a man that was threatening to inform my parents about a act of crime that I had never committed, infect, I never did find out what it was I was supposed to have stolen and more importantly who had accused me of the theft. The rest of the day seemed to fly past as I was re-running what was said over and over in my head trying to figure out if I really was having stirrings in my body or if it was just my mind playing with me.

The bell rang for the final time that day so now it was time for me to return to Mr. Mannings office to try and makes sense of this all and find out exactly what I was being accused of stealing. I stood outside his door again, taking a deep breath to try to settle the nerves swirling in my stomach, the corridors were deserted as everyone was already away home thankful that another day was done.

I knocked at the door and patiently waited for an answer, Mr Manning opened the door, looked at me and stood aside for me to enter but he seemed to lean forward so I brushed against him and there was that tingly feeling inside me again. He told me to stand infront of the desk as before and said that he would be right back, he left closing the door behind him.

It must have been only a few minutes before he returned but it felt like an eternity standing there with my hands clasped behind my back, trying to figure out what I should say to protest my innocence.

As he walked in he closed the door behind him, I heard the key turn in the lock and my head spun round to see him take the key and put it in his trouser pocket, he walked towards me and half sat, half leaned on the front of the desk, his fingers entwined resting on his lap.

Fear and excitement filled me and I couldn't quite decide which one I wanted to feel most. I could tell he was looking intently at me, my head stayed bowed as I stood before him focusing on his hands and for a second I thought he would never break the silence. He said "Well Violet, what do you feel your punishment should be?" I was trying to conjure up the words that I wanted to say but no matter how much I tried I couldn't think of anything more to say than " I didn't do it!" He stood and looked at me with a smirk on his face and said "Now Violet, we all know how you and Cassie have always been enemies and the ipod was found in your locker!" I said "I don't know anything about an ipod and I certainly didn't steal anything from anyone including Cassie." He reached behind him and picked up a small plastic bag with something inside but I couldn't tell what it was, he opened up his hand and showed me the packet, it had brown coloured stuff in it that looked like broken clay.

I was confused and looked at him for some sort of explanation. He had a dark look in his eyes as I looked directly at them, he said "This was also found in your locker this morning when I carried out the search, it seems your not as innocent as you would have me believe, are you Violet?" I asked him what it was, he laughed an evil sounding laugh and said "Why its your drugs ofcourse, your supply of hash to be exact!" My eyes shot open wider than they have probably ever been in my life and my jaw dropped to what felt like the floor, I was speechless, suddenly hot tears sprang to my eyes as I said I had never taken any drugs and that I'd never seen that stuff in my locker the previous afternoon, but he just stared at me with a expressionless face and ignored my pleas of innocence.

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He finally said "You do realise I will now be forced to tell your parents about this most serious matter and you will most likely be expelled from school indefinitely." I begged him no to tell my parents, they would be so shocked and disappointed and even if I pled my innocence to them there was a good chance they would believe Mr Manning instead of me. Mr Manning looked at me, my eyes silently pleading with him, he looked like he had an air of triumph in his expression.

He stood up straight right infront of me, he said "There is maybe one way I could help so your parents never find out about this, It would be our little secret but it all depends on how much you never want them to find out!" My eyes welled up with a fresh set of tears ready to burst at the thought of my parents being told their one and only daughter had been found with drugs, I begged Mr Manning, said I'd do anything he wanted, so long as they never found out.

He walked to my right hand side, placed his warm hand on my shoulder, slowly walking round me while tracing one finger over my shoulder, across my back, I felt goosebumps on my skin while the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end at the touch of him on my body. He was completely silent until he reached the front of my left shoulder, slowly he continued tracing his finger across my blouse, over my breast stopping at my left nipple, he looked at me while he circled my nipple and said "How far would you go in order not to disappoint your parents?" I knew instinctively what he meant and as soon as he had finished his sentence, in that instant I was terrified of what was about to happen to me.

Even through the shock I felt about what had just happened I looked down to see my body had again betrayed me and my nipples were hard, a tingling sensation had started in my pants, I could feel how warm I was down there and realized once again how I had been around by my headmasters touch. I'd do anything Sir was all I could manage to say.

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He turned from me, walked back around to the other side of the desk, sat in his chair and leaned back into it, clasping his fingers against themselves, he said "I think just to make sure you have nothing else to hide, I think you should strip off all your clothes now!" As he said the words I could see the sheer delight he had in having this control over me.

I was shaking, silently arguing with my conscience while fumbling to find the the buttons of my blouse, one by one opening them up to reveal my milky white skin for his inspection.

My breath was unsteady and my chest heaving as I let my blouse slip off me to the floor, left standing there with only my bra, the pale pink colour showing the change in the contrasting redness of my skin under this unfamiliar situation that was being forced upon me. Still staring at me as I stood there motionless, scared to move but trembling from head to toe he simply said "Continue!" I reached round my back unhooking my bra, clutching at the front as it loosened, trying to hide my breasts but he said "Now be a good girl, show me your lovely tits or I'll be forced to punish you, is that what you want?" My eyes welled up again as I let my hands lose their grip, my bra falling off as my arms fell in unison, showing him everything, my hard pink nipples standing out for his eyes to wander over them.

After a few minutes he had satisfied his need to see my embarrassment, he stood up and walked round the desk, eyes still transfixed on me, he stood before me watching me tremble. His hands suddenly on my tits, he gently squeezed my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers, tugging slightly, I looked down to avoid eye contact but instead all I could see was the bulge of his penis straining against the cloth of his trousers, I gasped aloud at how big it looked.

He laughed when he heard my gasp, he said "Violet, do you want to see it?" I said no although secretly I was curious, I had only ever seen flaccid penis diagrams in sex education and I wondered what an erect one might look like. He instructed me to open up his belt and zip and take it out for him. With some hesitation I tried to unfasten his belt strap and open the zip but I was too nervous, my fear overtaking me and I just couldn't do it.

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He whispered "Just relax, Violet" and I started to for a few seconds until he said "Get on your knees for me!" I was afraid to defy him so I did what I was told. Once I was on my knees with my head directly level with his bulging penis directly infront of me, he undid his belt and zip, worked his trousers and underwear down to the bottom of his thighs, his cock sprang up as he stood up straight.

My eyes widened once more as I saw it, hard, red and throbbing and suddenly I felt my pussy throb and ache as I felt a trickle of juices flowing from me, I wanted to touch myself but I knew I couldn't do it infront of the Headmaster.

He said "Take it and explore." I was too dumbstruck by my own pussy's need for attention that I didn't comprehend what he had said.

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He leaned forward, took my arms up, held me by my wrists, thrust my hands on his cock, making me grip it, gently stroking it back and forth, letting his foreskin roll over and over the tip of his cockhead as my movements started to take on their own rhythm and my whole body began to rock in time with the motion. While he watched me he said "Put it in your mouth and taste it!" I was disgusted and shook my head in refusal but he just reminded me that I had to be a good girl and that I said I would do anything!

I knew he was right, he would force me to do it anyway.


I pulled back the foreskin exposing his swollen cockhead, held a firm grip, leaned forward and licked the bit where the hole was, he pushed it further towards me, easing it further into my mouth until the whole tip was inside my mouth, touching my tongue, still pushing past my lips, he ran his fingers through my hair and gripped tightly, forcing himself inch by inch further into me, making me take it, taste it, suck it.

He was thrusting harder and faster until I was choking on it as it touched the back of my throat, before I knew it he had thrust in deep and held my head right into his pelvis, I let out a loud sob as I felt his cum spurt into my throat and he never let me go til I was forced to swallow it, I gagged at the taste and feel of it as it slid down my gullet and I was overwhelmed by what had just happened and then he let me go, I slid to the ground with streams of tears spilling forth from me.

He stood and composed himself and said "Good girl, now that was a starter, get ready for the main course!" I had a feeling this was going to be a long evening but I had to do whatever he wished or I would never live down the shame if my parents were told I had been found with drugs.

I still lay sobbing, Mr Manning was at my side kneeling over me, he pulled me up by my arm, holding round me for a few moments until I stopped crying, but to my amazement I was still unbelievably aroused by his touch. When I regained my composure he told me to stand up, turned me round to face the desk, kneeling behind me he started kissing the back of my neck, playing with my still hardened nipples, pinching them hard then letting them loose and each time he let go they hurt, watching me whimper as he did so.

He whispered to me "Now Violet, I'm going to do things to you and you have to promise to be a good girl, I'm going to make you feel things you never knew you could." As I stood there glued to the spot his hands were under my skirt pulling my tights down, kissing my back and gently biting my skin, I was getting more of a rush as he caressed my bare skin as he slid down my thighs, then calves, I could feel my juices flowing from me no matter how much I tried to stop it.

Turning me round to face him all I had left on was my white panties and skirt, reaching under my skirt he started to rub at me softly through my panties, they were wet and I was embarrassed, I felt it tickle and I gently pushed towards him so I could feel it more, he laughed out loud and quietly said "You're a bad girl and you need a severe punishment!" I gasped so loud as he pinched me where I was throbbing, he told me it was my clitoris and he could feel it was very warm, he said "It needs attention and I am going to give it just that!" He lifted me up and sat me on his desk, instructed me to lie down and as I did he was spreading my legs wide apart.

Licking through the fabric of my pants he was rooting his tongue in deep to my clit, making me wetter, he tentatively licked down the slit all the way to my pussy, flicking his tongue back and forth over it making me writh about, my hands gripping each side of the desk, I was feeling all tingly and moaning quietly.

He pulled my legs up onto his shoulders, slipping my pants up and off of me, he settled each leg on his shoulders, looked at me then me then he was lost to me, diving deep into my aching pussy, searching for my clit, finding it, sucking it gently at first and harder and harder til he was biting it, I was moaning and trying to stop what I was feeling, it felt dirty and wrong but at the same time I wanted it.

I couldn't think straight with this assault on my senses. He licked and sucked me everywhere, nibbling, biting, each time he seemed more intent on making me moan louder and harder, I could feel my clit tingling more now and it started to pulsate so hard as he had his lips wrapped round it, flicking it wildly with his tongue, I was feeling strange and then it started, I felt dizzy, sweaty, I couldn't be sure if I wanted him to stop or continue.

I needed him to stop now and tried to tell him, but he just ignored me, kept flicking at it, I was begging by now, trying to close my legs on his head to make him pull away but he just held my thighs apart with his hands, I couldn't close them, I couldn't stop him and I was scared, I couldn't take it but he was making me.

I started to cry and tried to pull myself away from him but his grip on my thighs was too tight, I was dizzy now and the room was out of focus, I felt a surge inside me then all at once I was screaming, writhing, crying out loud all at once, breathless, chest heaving, begging him to stop, he didn't. All the tension seeped from me and then my body went limp, I couldn't move or breath, gasping for air, Mr Manning was now leaning over me, watching me weep, his cockhead on my clit as it kept pulsing.


He kissed my forehead, murmured to me "Its ok, your ok, Good girl." He asked if I had enjoyed it, I didn't know what to say, so I just asked if it was supposed to happen? He said "You just had your first orgasm, did you like it?" I was stunned, I didn't know that's what a orgasm felt like, it had indeed been my first and I was unsure still so I said I didn't know.

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He said "Well your going to have to decide while I make to take more!" His hard cock was poking my clit still, he moved away from my face and chest, stood up, pushed me a little further onto the desk, walked round it, took something out of the drawer, I heard the sound of metal clinking together.

I was still breathing harder than normal, still unable to move. My hands were put above my head, then I felt the cold metal on my skin, the handcuffs were on my wrists tied to one of the handles of the desk drawer. I was afraid but excited all at once with this new experience. To be continued…………………………………&hellip.