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Naked straight guy on camera masturbates for gays for cash
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This is a fictional story of the rape of 24 year old Tracey, a busty raven haired beauty as she was travelling home after a party at a friend's house. The story contains scenes of violence, cruelty and rape. Please be warned. I welcome all comments, both positive and negative, on my stories or please feel free to email me on [email protected] Tracey The Garage Incident "So……………would you like to tell me what happened?" Said the Policeman who was sitting opposite the tired and shaken Tracey in the windowless interview room.

A Policewoman was sitting alongside him looking expressionless. Tracey's makeup had run down her face with the tears and she sipped on a paper cup of water before starting her story. "I had been at a part at my friend Sharon's house." She started feeling her voice almost cracking as she spoke. "I didn't have anything to drink and was driving. I left the party at around 1.30 and pulled into the Esso Garage on the High Street.

You know the one I mean?" The Policewoman nodded her head in response but kept the same serious facial expression. "I put around a tenner of petrol in my car and didn't really notice anyone there other than the attendant who took my money.

There were some young guys in the garage shop but I didn't really see them properly." She sipped the water once again trying to remember the evening. The Policeman interjected in the silence. "I know this must be difficult.

Tell me what were you wearing?" This jolted Tracey back into the present and she continued. "Oh, this black skirt and a tight blue top!" "And the skirt is leather and mini?" Said the Policewoman. Tracey nodded. "Anything else?" "Heels!" Tracey said to the table in front of her. "Lingerie?" "Yes, I still have that on, although it is ripped now!" Tracey's face started to crumble into tears again and she sipped her water trying to calm herself.

"And then?" The Policeman prompted. "I heard one of the men in the shop say something but couldn't really hear what. I paid for the fuel and left the shop walking back to my car. I heard a noise behind me as I walked and turned to see a man looking at me and missed the crack in the forecourt." "A crack?" "Yes, yes, there is a crack on the forecourt and my heel caught it and I fell over!" "So!" Said the Policeman moving his gaze down onto Tracey's bare legs.

"That would explain the gash on your knee?" He kept his gaze on her leg running his eyes up over her tanned thighs to the bottom edge of the skirt.

"Yes." Tracey replied not even noticing his gaze. "I started to get up wondering what had happened when I felt a sudden weight on my back forcing me down onto her stomach on the dirt of the forecourt.

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I guessed it was a body and I felt frightened. I tried to scream but then a hand came over my mouth and stuffed a cloth between my lips, which muffled any noise that I was going to make." She sipped her water again. "Did you see who did this to you?" Said the Policewoman. "Can you identify him?" "Or her?" Corrected the Policeman. "No!" Tracey said. "I struggled to get my hands from under my body and when the weight lifted for a minute I dragged myself forward half a body length, trying to escape.

I wasn't thinking at this point, I was just reacting like the trapped animal I felt like. I tried to kick out and felt my skirt being pushed up exposing my bum." A tear rolled down her face. "Go on………………&hellip.please!" Said a voice of encouragement.

"I tried to pull the gag out and could see people, men around watching what was going on. I couldn't understand why they didn't do something. I managed to stand and break free and then ran straight into someone else who held me tight to them. I panicked again and trashed and squirmed beneath him. Then I felt warm lips press against the side of my neck, gently nuzzling and sucking on my skin. I had to escape; I had to!" She paused to take another sip of water.

"Then I felt another pair of hands pulling at my underwear, dragging it down past my thighs and calves. I was naked from the waist down now with my skirt up around my waist. I knew that these men were going to rape me!

I struggled furiously, my head thrashing back and forth. I tried to raise the alarm but the gag was stuck tight. I could still feel the man sucking and slobbering on my neck and now his knees were between my legs, forcing them apart. I felt his cock press against my …………………&………………you know what!" "Your pussy?" The Policewoman said helpfully, "Yes, yes, my um……&hellip.pussy.

Then he spoke. He said, 'You're a hot little cunt and hot little cunts need fucking. And I'm going to fuck you.' The Policeman noted this in his book shifting slightly uncomfortably in his chair. "Then he pushed into me. I cried out in pain through my gag as the head of his cock popped into me, dragging the dry flesh painfully along with it.

I thought I was going to pass out. The pain filling every corner of my body and mind. I was dry and it was feeling like I was being torn apart.

He swore at me and encouraged me to enjoy it. Minutes, which seemed like hours passed as he rode me, slamming my hips and buttocks painfully into the dirty ground with each downward thrust, and the pain gradually lessened to be replaced by strange feeling of fullness." Tracey paused at looked at the Policeman whose eyes were fixed on her naked thighs.

He quickly adjusted his vision to her face. "He froze on top of me and moaned and I felt his seed fill me. He rolled off and I tried to get up, to finally escape; I managed to prop myself onto my elbows when two hands grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs high into the air, forcing me back once again!

Before I could do anything, my knees were beside my head and there was another man on top of me, his penis searching for my newly violated pussy. I gasped as he entered me in one smooth motion: it didn't hurt this time the previous rapist's sperm was lubricating the way for the second violation. He began to fuck me slowly and steadily, kissing my face, eyes, forehead, lips and neck." "Do you like sex?" The Policewoman suddenly said, out of the blue! "What, what?" Tracey looked at her.

"Yes, I like sex but don't like being forced like these men were doing!" "Please go on!" Said the Policeman reassuringly as he patted Tracey's hand with his, leaving his on hers a little longer than she thought he should have done. He also now had a throbbing erection in his uniform trousers.

"After the previous rape it was almost comforting; that this person whoever he was, was caring for me. I was exhausted from my struggles and being held like I was almost folded in half, I couldn't move. I could only lay there, slowly getting fucked for the second time since leaving the party. A warmth started to spread through my body as he slowly thrust into me and I felt my nipples begin to throb beneath the chaffing of my top and bra.

It was rubbing back and forth against my breasts by the gently rocking motion of the man above me. My loins began to tingle, like a humming or a buzzing feeling deep down around my pussy as I stared confusedly at the sky past my second rapist's outline.

I didn't really understand what was happening to me. I shouldn't be enjoying this." "But you were?" The Policeman's eyes were shining now. Tracey ignored him. "I closed my eyes. I was trying to forget what was happening to me, trying to forget that I was lying in the dirt being raped by two men. But the sensations engulfing my body……………&hellip.!" Tracey's mind started to drift off but her voice kept talking.

"………&hellip.the delicious sensations coursing through my body along with my nerve endings being on fire began to overwhelm me.

Each thrust of his cock brought a muffled gasp from me as sparks of pleasure flashed through my body. His kisses on my face and neck became burning pleasures as the buzzing deep down in my cunt increased with each stroke of his cock." The Policeman reached out to his colleague under the table and pulled her hand over to his throbbing manhood which she immediately close her fingers over tightly without taking her gaze off Tracey.

"I felt him increase his pace on top of me, and I started to cum! Wave after wave of agonizing pleasure rocked my body! My cunt gripped and twisted around his cock. I felt him unload and passed out!" The Policeman smiled at her. "But we didn't find you at the garage." "No, I woke up and was alone in a field.

I walked up to the road and hailed a car. The nice man in the car agreed to take me to see you…………………&hellip.if I um………………………&hellip.!" "Go on!" The Policeman said excitedly as the Policewoman's hand worked her magic on his hard cock through the material of his trousers.

"He asked me to suck him off!" "And did you?" "Yes!" Replied Tracey. "Who was he?" The Policewoman asked. Tracey looked at the Policeman just at the moment he felt his cock explode within his trousers and the Policewoman felt the warmth and dampness before moving her hand.

"It was him!" Tracey replied pointing her finger accusingly at the Policeman. He was my rapist, the first one and then the man that gave me a lift back here!" The Policewoman smiled knowingly. "This is rubbish!" She grinned and looked at her colleague. "I think we need to get the Doctor out to this one!" Both Police officers left the interview room and both the 'Police officers' smiled as they walked into their living room. "This is going to be so much fun Paul!" Shirley said to her husband as she loosened her blouse to expose her ripe big breasts.

"These uniforms are so handy to keep around! What time will Ryan be here? She seemed to like him…………………&hellip.! Tracey sat alone in the room and wondered why the interview hadn't been taped as she had seen on TV. "Hello?" She called. "Hello?" The door to the interview suddenly opened and the Police woman re-entered looking cautiously at Tracey who was sitting down looking sad with her tears having smudged her makeup. "What is it you want young lady?" Said the officer firmly and Tracey just looked at her with slight dismay.

"I………&hellip. I'm sorry. I just want to go home now and forget this ever happened." Tracey was very keen to forget the evening.

The party at her friends had been okay. Well okay, inasmuch as her boyfriend dumper her at the party to go off with that slag Sheila. An image of the skinny blonde with spaced out eyes crept into Tracey memory quickly followed by Sheila on her knees in front of Dean with his cock stuffed into her mouth.

It was just after that that Tracey had been dumped, which might have had something to do with her kicking Sheila up the arse very hard and her ultimately gagging on the twat Dean, as he was now known, before Sheila threw up all over his cock and balls. Tracey felt a smile cross her face but her thoughts were interrupted. "Is something funny?" Said the Police woman firmly.

"This really is not a laughing matter you know. First you make an accusation of rape then you accuse my fellow officer of being involved!" "He was!" Tracey said, the smile disappearing from her lips. "Don't be ridiculous!" The Police office said before turning to exit the room. "The doctor will be in to see you soon and carry out an examination!" "What?

What for?" Tracey felt flustered. "I don't need a doctor!" "Well too bad young lady!" The office said turning to face her. "It's standard procedure and we need to send your clothes to forensics too, so strip off and the Doctor will be with you shortly." The woman slammed the door and Tracey noticed again that she thought she heard the door being locked.

She felt tears well in her eyes again and run down her face. If Dean hadn't been such a prick then she wouldn't have been in this situation now! "It's all his fault!" Tracey said to herself firmly. Tracey knew that had she now fallen out with Dean and subsequently been dumped by him she wouldn't have had to drive home alone.


And in turn she wouldn't have stopped for fuel. And in turn she wouldn't have been raped and now ended up her at the Police station. "It's definitely his fault, fucking twat!" She agreed with herself. Then remembering what she had been told to do she started to undress slowly looking over at her reflection in the mirror. Another tear ran down her face as she saw the state of herself.

Shirley, the Police woman walked into the adjoining room to see her husband Paul standing looking through the two way mirror which looked directly into interview room. "Got her exactly where we want her!" She giggled and started to pull at the buttons on her tight white blouse, loosening enough to expose her big soft breasts held tightly in a white lave bra.

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"I love it when a plan comes together!" Paul grinned as he grabbed his wife and pushed her against the wall before burying his face in her soft cleavage and lifting her stocking clad thigh horizontal with the floor giving him easy access to her panties as he slid his hand inside to feel her wet cunt lips.

But the moment of passion was broken as an old man walked into the room. "Don't start without me!" He laughed and looked at the couple as they parted slightly. "Hey Bill!" Shirley said with a grin and gave the man a big kiss before noticing a pretty blonde, appropriately wearing a nurses uniform standing directly behind him.

"You remember my daughter Sam, don't you?" "I do!" Bill said with a smile. "And good to see she's dressed for the part, at least right now!" Sam smiled and her cheeks reddened slightly. Bill approached the two way mirror and gazed in at the raven haired busty girl now sitting only in black panties, an overflowing bra and heels. "Perfect!" He said to himself. "Is there anything I need to know before we start?" "She recognised Paul!" Shirley said quite disappointedly.

"Oh even better!" Bill suddenly grinned. "Now you have the white coat and stethoscope?" Moments later Bill, the old perv who loved to watch his daughter shagging anything and everything was dressed and looking every part a doctor! The door to the interview room opened and the startled Tracey tried to cover herself with her arms until she saw it was a pretty, tall female nurse enter and close the door behind her.

She had a white uniform on and her hair was tied back. Oddly the skirt of the uniform did look a little on the short side to Tracey but she told herself she knew nothing of nurses uniforms anyway. "Hi, you must be Tracey, I'm Samantha!" Said the nurse as she smiled and sat down opposite Tracey. "I heard about the events of tonight, you poor thing!" She reached out and took hold of Tracey's hand stroking it gently and Tracey relaxed as she looked into the nurses kind and sparkling blue eyes.

"Now!" Continued Sam. "We need to take your clothes for the forensic people and then the Doctor will be into examine you and I should warn you it is very thorough, you understand?" Tracey nodded. "If you want to put this gown on!" Sam pulled a gown from a bag she had at her side and I'll take your clothes away." "Listen Tracey, if it helps, I have some of these!" Samantha held out her hand with some white pills on it. "It might help you relax!" She grinned. "I take them all the time!" As she spoke Sam popped one into her mouth.

Tracey giggled and leaning over slipped a tablet from the Nurses hand and popped it into her mouth before swallowing it. Tracey immediately felt slightly light headed as she stood to undress and the nurse sat back and watched intently. Tracey, now feeling much more relaxed and smiling at the kindness of the young nurse started to release her bra and her big heavy breasts with large brown nipples came into view.

Next were the panties and then the heels which Tracey obediently handed over to the nurse. "Thanks Tracey. The Doctor will be in, in a few minutes!" She smiled as she stood to leave the room.

"Nurse?" Tracey croaked. "Please, call me Samantha!" Beamed Samantha sympathetically.

"Sorry, Sam, Samantha, will you be here when the doctor examines me?" "Of course!" The nurse smiled kindly. "If that's what you want!" "Yes! Thank you!" Tracey smiled and Nurse Samantha left the room and could already feel the dampness on her thong as she walked into the adjoining room.

"Well done Sam!" Grinned her Father. "Now time for some fun!" Tracey sat in the gown waiting patiently for the imminent arrival of the Doctor and moments later, Samantha opened the door and came back into the room smiling. "This is Doctor Morris!" She said almost proudly and Tracey saw the old man in his white coat enter the room.

"Thank you Nurse!" The Doctor said looking down at Tracey as he approached her and placed his hands on her face looking into her big brown eyes.


"How are you feeling young lady?" He said. "Tired!" Tracey croaked. "Tired and hungry." "Well we'll sort something out once I have examined you." Gown off please and lie up on the table." Before Tracey had a chance to protest the nurse was over to her and assisting her off with the gown and leading her over to the table in the room.

"On your back!" She said and Tracey obeyed. The Doctor slid rubber gloves over his hands and looked down at Tracey appraising her body as he did.

"Would you like to tell me what happened?" He asked. "I was raped!" "Yes!" Smiled the Doctor kindly. "But I need to know more than that. Were you raped in here?" He suddenly slid his hand down over Tracey's pussy and she yelped slightly and tried to close her thighs tightly together.

"Come, come now Miss, I do need to examine you. Nurse, please?" Samantha came over and stood at Tracey's ankles and pulled them apart. "Please relax!" The Doctor said as he slipped a gloved finger inside Tracey's pussy and she felt her nerve endings start to tingle. "Well? Are you going to answer me?" The Doctor looked at Tracey.

"Did he rape you here?" "Yes……………&hellip.!" Hesitated Tracey. "Yes they, there were two of them!" The Doctor continued to probe inside Tracey's pussy as Samantha looked on with her hands firmly on Tracey's ankles. "Did they have big cocks?" The Doctor asked.

Tracey was beginning to wonder what was going on and looked down at her new found friend, the pretty blonde nurse who gave a reassuring smile and nod of her head. "I um suppose so!" Replied Tracey. "So you only suppose so?" The Doctor said as he turned to the nurse.

"Nurse, come and look at this a second will you?" Samantha moved over to where the Doctor had his finger in Tracey's pussy. "Yes Doctor?" She grinned. "Here feel this?" The Doctor said and removing his finger he guided the Nurse's hand to Tracey's pussy.

She immediately slipped two fingers inside Tracey's hole. "How does it feel?" The Doctor asked as he walked up towards Tracey's face. "Wet!" Came the reply. "In fact very wet!" The Doctor leaned over a very nervous Tracey who could feel her pussy being touched by the Nurse and she knew it was getting wetter by the minute as the probing continued.

He put his stethoscope on and placed the metal tip just below Tracey's large soft breast. "Breath in!" He commanded and Tracey obeyed. "Again?" She did as she was told again.


Then the Doctor placed the flat metal end directly onto Tracey's large left nipple. "Again!" Tracey yelped slightly as she felt the cold metal touch her nipple and to her horror, and with the feelings going on between her legs, she felt her nipple harden. Smiling the Doctor moved to her other nipple. "They like being touched don't they?" He smiled and Tracey nodded feeling very embarrassed. She let out another yelp as Samantha's thumb suddenly brushed against her clit and Tracey's nerve endings were now in overdrive as they sent pulses all around her body.

"Do you like sex?" The Doctor suddenly asked. "Yes!" Tracey blurted out. "With women or men?" "Um, both?" Tracey croaked, her throat now dry. "Were you really raped?" The Doctor suddenly said and continued to play with his stethoscope on Tracey's engorged nipples. "Yes!" Tracey blurted out, her body now burning with desire as Samantha's expert hands kept touching her clit.

"But you enjoyed it!" "No!" "You said you liked sex and that they had big cocks!" The Doctor looked at her sternly. "Yes, I…………&………………&hellip.well I was……………um!" "Listen young lady, you say they had big cocks, you like sex and then you accuse a member of the Police force of being one of the rapists. Indeed you are turned on now and want sex now so you must had enjoyed it!

Yes or no!" "No!" Tracey felt a tear roll down her cheek.

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"Yes or no young lady and bear in mind that if you give me the wrong answer I will need to put you under psychiatric evaluation overnight!" "No!" Another tear followed as what the doctor had said slowly crept into her tired mind.

"No…………&hellip.I ummm…………&hellip.well maybe a little!" "So you did enjoy it!" "Um," Tears rolled down Tracey's cheeks. "I was raped!" Suddenly and without warning the Doctor stepped back. "Nurse, please deal with this situation!" He winked at his daughter Samantha. "I need to discuss the situation with my colleagues." And seconds later he was out of the room leaving Tracey and Samantha alone.

Samantha immediately went up to Tracey and looked down into her eyes. "Just say yes!" She smiled kindly rubbing away a tear with her thumb. "It'll be a lot easier!" Her bright blue eyes caught Tracey's and there was a sparkle between them. Samantha leaned closer to Tracey. "I know what you need; you need some pleasure after all the pain!" As she spoke she brushed her lips gently over Tracey's and Tracey felt a spark between them as Samantha's hand slid back down between Tracey's legs brushing her clit once again.

Sam quickly skipped over to the door and locked it from the inside. "That's us all alone for a wee while so I know the perfect remedy to help you feel better!" She cooed at Tracey before sliding her finger back down over her clit and entering her pussy as she winked at the mirror for the benefit of those that she knew were watching.

The Doctor, Bill had his trousers around his ankles as he stood leaning back against the wall watching his daughter having her uniform unbuttoned by the 'supposed' rape victim and Shirley was kneeling on the floor in front of him licking and sucking on his long tool as her husband Paul slid his cock between his wife's thighs and into her sopping pussy. Animal instincts had now taken over and Bill watched as Samantha's hungry mouth was on Tracey's mouth and neck and finally those big fat breasts as she sucked on them so hungrily.

At the same time Tracey's hands were all over the Nurse as her fingers probed between her legs. Bill felt his cock about to erupt and pushed Shirley away to concentrate his mind more on the show that was going on in the interview room. Samantha lifted her head from the big fat soft breast and easing her uniform off to expose her stockings and pretty lacy underwear she eased her mouth down over her 'patient's' belly until her lips were in line with Tracey's pussy lips.

As she leaned into her, her mouth locked onto the sweet tasting honey pot and Sam started to lick and kiss and suck like there was no tomorrow.

Tracey reached down parting her legs and lifted her feet up onto the shoulders of the naughty nurse as she placed her hands on the back of her head feeling her tongue and teeth and lips eating her most sensitive part. Although in a drowsy state Tracey could feel her orgasm rising quickly and pulled Samantha's face deeper into her dripping pussy as he breathing increased and she started to buck her hips against the Nurse's mouth.

Then as if in a dream Tracey came, in fact she came gallons, literally spurting cum from her pussy directly into the mouth of the Nurse who lapped eagerly at her patient's inner parts.

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Eventually Samantha released her glistening mouth from Tracey and looked up at her smiling. "See always the best therapy!" She grinned.

Tracey smiled back. Samantha moved towards her holding out her hand. "Here take one of these!" She said kindly. "It'll help you relax even more as the Doc has got to do his internal next." Without thinking Tracey took the pill and swallowed it down. A minute later she lay still and unable to move, not knowing what was going on around her.

But she noticed the Doctor come back into the room followed by the Policeman, whom she had earlier accused. Why were both men naked? Tracey thought, perhaps she was dreaming. "I've made her nice and wet for you………………………!" It sounded like the Nurse had spoken but Tracey wasn't sure in her almost dreamlike state.

She tried to move but all her muscles felt so heavy.

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Tracey saw the Doctor smile and lift her legs before positioning himself between them. Moments later he was inside her. Tracey opened her mouth to say 'No' and let out a scream………&hellip.but nothing came out! Tracey looked up at her friend the Nurse who was smiling but moments later had her mouth locked onto one of Tracey's breasts, then the Police woman, now only in underwear locked her mouth on the other breast.

And Tracey felt her mouth being forced open before a big fat cock was shoved inside it and moments later her mouth was full of cum! Tracey closed her eyes wanting to block out the world! …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… For what seemed like moments, but could have been hours, or days, or weeks Tracey awoke in her own bedroom in her own house.

As her eyes came into focus she scanned the familiar decorations of her room. Suddenly nervous she ran her hands down over her naked body and felt, well, she felt okay. She couldn't understand what was going on. Quickly sitting up she looked over at the mirror in the corner of her room.

She looked normal, she felt normal but she knew in her heart that things weren't normal. She lay back in her bed trembling as she attempted to recount the events of the last few days. Grabbing a writing pad and pencil she started to scribble. 1. Picked up by Dean for Party at 6. 2. Party at Sharon's. 3. Breaking up with her boyfriend Dean after she had caught him being sucked off by Sheila, the slag.

4. Having to drive home after the party and going to the garage. 5. Being raped by two men outside the garage. 6. Going to the Police (police man is rapist!) 7. Seeing Nurse (Sam). 8. Seeing Doctor. 9. Getting it on with Sam! (Nice!) 10. Being given pills and then Sam and the Doctor and the Policeman and woman using and abusing me. She felt a tear roll down her cheeks and didn't like the way she was feeling now. I need to phone the Police; again, Tracey thought to herself and picked up her mobile phone.

She punched 9, 9, 9 into the small device and a after a short ring a voice at the end of the line said. "Emergency, which service?" "Pol……………………!" Suddenly Tracey's Mother burst through her bedroom door with a pile of washing in her arms.

"Wakey, wakey Tracey!" She smiled. "You need to get up and ready you know. It's gone 1 already!" Tracey, self consciously clicked her mobile phone closed disconnecting the call. "What Mum?" She queried. "Get up for what?" Her Mother looked down at her incredulously and broke into a smile. "Get up for what she says!" She laughed loudly. "For the party of course. Have you forgotten?" She busied herself in the wardrobe putting Tracey's clothes on hangers. "Party?" Tracey murmured to her Mother's back.

"Yes silly!" Said her Mother, turning to face her daughter. "Sharon's party, tonight! And Dean called to say he'll be here to pick you up at 6." Tracey felt a bead of sweat break out on her forehead!