Busty raven Jasmine Jae spoiling cock

Busty raven Jasmine Jae spoiling cock
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She circles her prey slowly, catlike, smirking as the anticipation deepens in her slave's eyes, the horny younger girl squirming with arrousal, her wet thighs rubbing smoothly against each other eagerly. "Master?" she calls, not looking away from her slave, "Be a dear and warm up the car, won't you? We'll be along in a moment." She unlocks her wrists and stops in front of their Slave, gazing deep into the frightened eyes.

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She leans closer, lips parting, smiling as their Slave instinctively surrenders into the kiss, her body putty in her Mistress' hands, her own hands balled into fists at her side as she struggles not to embrace her in return. She squeezes their Slave's young, firm breasts roughly, illiciting a moan of desperate arrousal as she hears the throaty roar of the engine in the distance, grinning mischeviously as she takes a few steps back.

Their Slave whimpers with disappointment, genuine longing in her eyes as they play over the sensual curves of her Mistress' body, the younger girl licking her generous lips appreciatively. The Mistress laughs thickly, slapping the crop against her thigh distractedly as she swivels her hips playfully. "Hands above your head.


Cross your wrists, good Slave. Now, dance for me. Gyrate, good.now, lower.mm, very nice.turn around and let me see that ass.yes." She steps forward lightning-quick, left arm wrapping the girl's chest, right encircling her hips, crushing her aching, swollen pussy against her palm, savoring the whimper of arrousal as she bucks helplessly, kissing their Slave's sweaty, warm neck hungrily, purring as she tastes the salty, slick, glistening skin.

"Mm, you like that, don't you Slave?" "Yes Mistress," she whispers tremulously. She increases the pressure between the girl's legs, her hot, musky juices squelching out through her Mistress' gloved fingers.

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"Louder!" she commands impatiently, licking up behind her ear tenderly. "Yes M-Mistress, I love being at your mercy, please Mistress, please!" "Please what?" She hesitates, at a loss for what to beg for; if she begs to be fucked, will she receive it or just be beaten for her impertinence? The pressure increases again, making the girl squirm with discomfort.

"Please What?" "P-Please", she whimpers desperately, writhing in the tight grasp, her sweaty body glistening in the broad light of day as she swallows hard and continues, louder, "Please Mistress, do with me as you will, permit me to please you and my Master." She purrs in response, grinding playfully against their Slave's ass.

"And if I want you to ride Master's cock in front of a crowded stadium, nude as you are?" She blushes, turning her head away shyly, and whispers "Yes Mistress." When this earns her a vicious pinch to her nipple, she raises her head and says louder "Y-Yes Mistress!" "Good," she soothes, caressing the aching flesh.

"And if I wish you to go back to the bar in nothing but a trenchcoat and offer yourself to the first man you see?" "Please Mistress, don't - Aaaa!" She cries out as her Mistress cruelly rakes a deep red welt under her breast, blood seeping from the raw skin.

"Yes Mistress! Anything that will amuse you!" She chuckles wickedly, raising her right hand in front of their Slave's face, splaying out her fingers and watching the glistening juices stretch between them, dripping thickly, then turning her hand to catch them and make them drip anew, purring as she feels their Slave's hips bucking eagerly.

"Anything that will amuse me; interesting choice of words. And if it will amuse me to make you strip down in front of everyone and pleasure every man and woman in the bar until at last they have all had their fill of you?" She whimpers and nods, another welt raked for her reluctance.

"Yes Mistress, oh gods, if it is what you and Master wish of me I will be your slut, I will do whatever you desire." "Lick my gloves clean" she commands simply, bringing her fingers to their Slave's full, luscious lips, her teeth barely parted before she thrusts her slick digits into the girl's mouth, exploring her shamelessly, as freely as she would any other toy, forcefully reminding their Slave that indeed she has no will of her own.

She moans appreciatively as she laps at her own sweet, musky juices, sucking lovingly on her Mistress' fingers, closing her eyes and savoring her own humiliation. Too soon she is jerked from her reverie when she feels the chain of her leash lifted from her tender cleavage and yanked firmly.

The Mistress pulls her up to the bag, then brings her up close. "Posture," she cautions playfully, giving her leash some slack as she rummages through the bag of tricks. She straightens with a devilish smile, producing a pair of nipple clamps on a fine silver chain with a strange clasp in the middle. The Slave whimpers as quietly as she can as the torturous devices are attached to her diamond-hard nipples, the sensitive flesh screaming in agony as they're carefully tightened until she can barely stand it.

She feels her Mistress' breath hot on her bare chest as she attaches the strange clasp to the leash, placing it just right so that her nipples bear the weight of the slack leash, the agony unbearable. She instinctively brings one hand to relieve her throbbing clit, moving slowly and stealthily, and the leash is yanked sharply, the motion translating to the clamps and jerking her breasts up roughly by the nipples, her breasts jiggling pleasantly as she writhes in agony, fists balled at her sides.

"Posture," she taunts again, jangling the leash's chain meaningfully. Their Slave straightens immediately, forehead pinched with pain as she struggles to endure the agony, her breath coming in ragged gasps as her eyes silently entreat her Mistress.


"Come along Slave" the Mistress commands, pulling her across the lawn, chest aching, hands held firmly at her side as she resists for the millionth time the urge to cover herself modestly. "If you stay at just the right distance, the leash will take the pressure off.but fall too far back, or give me too much slack, well.

You'll learn quickly." Their Slave whimpers miserably as she's compelled down the long gravel driveway, the sharp stones cutting at her bare feet, but not daring to fall behind.

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She gasps in agony and doubles over as she stumbles, earning nothing more than a sharp and excrutiating jerk on the leash, hastening her to catch up quickly. It seems an eternity before she finally reaches the car, and she sighs with relief and real gratitude as the vicious little clamps are removed.

"It feels good to be free?" "Yes Mistress." "Kiss me." She eagerly complies, wrapping her arms around her Mistress' sexy curves, caressing her leather-and-latex clad form lovingly as she presses her nude form firmly to the older girl's, pushing her back against the throbbing side of the idling car. Her tongue eagerly seeks out her Mistress', moaning in unabashed pleasure, her entire body tingling with relief. Her Mistress shoves her back forcefully, breaking the kiss, blushing slightly with her own constrained arrousal.

"Good," she says huskily, clearing her throat before continuing. "Now climb into the back," she commands as she pitches forward the passenger seat.

She hesitates for a moment, unsure of her Mistress' intentions: surely she should be dressed before this, or.but her thoughts are cut short as her nipples are pinched roughly, wracking pain dropping her to her knees.

"Interesting," muses the Mistress. "So very sensitive to pleasure And pain. I wonder what would happen were we to have them pierced?" "No Mistress!" she blurts, gasping and throwing a hand to her mouth, looking up in terror.

"What?" she growls flatly, glowering down at her Slave. "I mean," she whispers meekly, averting her eyes and kneeling up straight in vain hopes of garnering sympathy, "if you wish it." "Better," she growls, seizing the girl by the hair and hauling her painfully to her feet.

"In. Tits to the glass until I say stop. You're going to give everyone a show." "Yes Mistress" she whimpers meekly as she complies, crawling across the leather upholstery to place her full, firm breasts to the cold glass, the hard surface a sort of slow torture to her already aching nipples. She feels her ankles lifted as her Mistress slides into the other seat, then places the slave's feet in her lap as the Slave continues her humilating punishment.

She watches from the corner of her eyes as their Master drives them down busy streets, subjecting her to the leers of passing truckers, pedestrians, anyone who they pass. She whimpers quietly in the silence as they drive, afraid to move a muscle until she feels her Mistress' lips kiss her thigh softly, tenderly. "Are you very sorry, Slave?" "Yes Mistress," she sobs as clearly as she can manage, eager to pull away from the prying eyes but afraid to do so too early.

In response she feels her legs pulled apart slightly, her labia parted by strong gloved hands, and a gentle caress to her trembling clit. "Alright. I want you to show me how eager you are to obey commands." "Yes Mistress!" "I want you to climax as many times, and as loudly as possible each time, as I tease you here on the back seat. If you are pleasing to us, you will be rewarded.

If you displease us, we will punish you, and we know how to Really punish you." "Yes Mistress!" she replies eagerly, just the right ammount of trepidation in her voice, crying out theatrically in pleasure as the assault on her quiverring clit resumes, her Mistress' deft hands pinching and flicking the delicate button, all the pleasure and all the pain building into one masochistic cocktail of delight as she throws herself against the glass with reckless abandon, giving the world a more impressive show than ever before.

"Yes Mistress! Yes! YES!" she gasps, voice climbing as she bucks her hips rythmically and eagerly against her Mistress' probing digits, one hand raking through her long silky black hair, her breath fogging every window in the car as she cries out a long, powerful orgasm. She arches her back and presses her chest to the roof before collapsing back into her Mistress' lap, surrendering exhausted as the powerful, talented fingers draw out the pleasure, quickly making her tired hips buck anew with another rapidly building climax.

She looks up to see their Master glancing hungrily at the two of them, smiling shyly back at him as she moans in exagerated pleasure, teasing him mischeviously before the pleasure overtakes her again, driving all other thoughts from her mind as she raises her hands over her head to caress her Mistress' cheek and hair, gasping as she in turn caresses their Slave's breasts lovingly.

She lets out a long, loud moan as the orgasm wracks her, the pleasure seeming to go on forever, until her voice disintegrates into a shuddering rattle of raspy, exhausted panting. Her Mistress holds her there arched back across her chest, her ample breasts pressing firmly against the slave's spine, cushioning her even as it forces her to contort, her head lolling back on her Mistress' shoulder in complete surrender, moaning senselessly as the nimble fingers artfully draw out the long, luxurious pleasure.

When her moans have died down to the merest whisper she grabs the Slave by the hair, pushing her chest forward between the seats as they pull into the parking lot. "I think our Master is getting lonely up there," she purrs as she pries the girl's legs apart, sliding across the back seat to kiss her shaved pubis.

"Why don't you show him how grateful you are for this opportunity to redeem yourself? And do be loud about it." Their Slave collapses eagerly into her Master's lap, hurriedly opening his pants and drawing out his massive, throbbing cock, gripping it firmly in both hands as he hurriedly parks.

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As her Mistress eats her out she moans in exhausted ecstacy, whimpering as she laps obediently at the head of her Master's organ, her wet little tongue tasting him teasingly before she pulls forward enough to take it into her mouth, moaning with pleasure as she takes him in, her entire body spasming with pleasure as her Mistress continues her ceaseless assault. She sucks hungrily on his cock, her tongue stroking it lovingly as she bobs her head as much as her awkward position will allow her, bracing her leg against the car's roof as she struggles to focus against the overwhelming pleasure, finally surrendering to it, releasing her Master's member and howling with pleasure as she thrashes madly with the force of her orgasm, falling back onto the passenger seat and arching her back as he slaps her breasts roughly, the pain only heightening her pleasure.

Her Mistress holds her clit on the tip of her sharp, powerful tongue, stroking her hard and slow, each one sending an aftershock of pleasure, debilitating her, leaving her helpless and humiliated and aching for more. Her Mistress finally releases her with one last wet lick across her slit, a final wave of pleasure leaving her tingling.

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"Did you come, Master?" she asks, glaring menacingly at their Slave as she licks the girl's sweet juices from her lips. "I did not, Mistress" he replies, glaring down mischeviously.


"Hmm. Unacceptable performance, Slave. Get out." She hesitates, looking at them both beseechingly, then lowers her eyes, crawling into the passenger seat and opening the door, trembling with shame as she prepares to bare herself for the world, terrified that they mean to leave her here, heartbroken that her time with them might be at an end, eyes welling with tears as she steps out onto the hot asphault.

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