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IThere was about an hour left in my chemistry final exam I was sitting there with half my test done and no idea on how to solve the rest of the problems. I looked up from my test to hopefully find an answer from the kid next to me. I noticed the teacher watching me and thought "fuck,he saw me cheating, he's gone fail me for sure." he kept looking at me when suddently a small smirk appeared on his face, realizing i wasnt caught i returned to my test.

when my head looked up again, i saw my teacher looking straight at me, His eyes were just staring at me with his eyes. my gut reaction was to flirt with him. I licked my lips and nibbled gently on the top of my pencil and he winked back. I looked all around and saw all the other students with their heads down. While playing with my hair, I uncrossed my legs. I took the pencil from my mouth down my neck and traced the outline of my v-neck shirt.

to my delight, he adjusted his chair so i was in his direct line of view I thought I could have some fun with him;Mr.

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Peterson was an attractive guy and i didnt want to fail my exam. Plus i was sick of college boys who couldnt find my g-spot with a map, i craved an older man to fuck me hard and good.

So I took advantage of the situation, I slide my hand in between my legs and lifted my skirt so he could see my red satin panties. i rubbed my panties and gave him a wink. he smiled back and looked like he was enjoying watching so i pushed the underwear to the side so he could see me play with my pussy, which was starting to become wet.

I slowly slid one finger in and then took it out placing my finger on the edge of my lips. then I slowly put 2 fingers inand out. i moved my fingers to my clit. i gently touched it, rubbed it, and flicked it with the edge of my pencil.

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i was teasing myself and i loved it. I could see he was enjoying himself as well.


his face was getting flushed.i hoped that he was as horny as i was. But the exam time was up, i hadnt finished but i was confident i at least got a d on it. just as i was getting ready to gather my stuff and leave, mr. peterson said he was going to call out our names for us to turn our test in and then we could leave. It wasnt surprisingmy name was last, we were alone, He asked me if I could approach his desk. he took one glance at my test and said without even half of it done, he didnt think he would be able to pass me.

i leaned over the desk so my big full titties were at his eye level and asked. "is there anyway i could have extra time on my test so i could finish?". "depends do you want to finish the problem you started?" "yes sir" i walked over to his desk and he grabbed my ass towards him. he lifted up my shirt to kiss my stomach.

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i sat on his desk with my legs open to him. i took off my shirt, he ran his hands up my body and gently careessed my breast through my lacey bra. his rough but tender touch made my nipples hard.

he pushed my bra down and began pinching my nipples to make them even harder. he licked each nipple so the air on them felt painfully good. i could feel the bulge of his penis up against my thigh. and asked me., "now what were you going to do about that last problem?" i could see that his penis was hard so i undid his belt, pants and i freed his cock from his binding pants.

he sat back down in his chair i undid the buttons on his shirt kissing my way down his body to his nipplesi began to lick the nipple clockwise until i came to the tip of his nipple,taking his whole nipple into my mouth. he told me that i wasnt performing the right solution for the problem.

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i got down on my knees, pulling his pants down to his ankles and placed my one hand on his hard cock stroking the shaft up and down slowly. taking the tip of him close to my mouth and slide my wet tongue on his head. making circular motion with my tongue ring, flicking his head with my tongue before taking it into my mouth .i took the head out of my mouth so i could lick my lips and see that i was on the right track to solve the problem.

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by the grin on his face i could tell that i needed to continue to get the grade. i then licked the length of his shaft while careesing his balls in my hand.

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i tickled his balls with my tongue. sliding my tongue back up his shaft. he said he wanted to ram his cock down my throat. so i took his entire hard throbbing cock into my mouth, slidding his cock further down my throat until he was completely in. i moved my head up and down, faster and faster as he moaned with pleasure.

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he kept saying "further, take me in more." i looked up to see him with his eyes closes, his hand moved to my head and being the teacher he is, he shoved my head further and faster down his cock. although, i didnt like his direction at first, he assured me that good students always follow their teachers directions.

so i kept up with the pace he desired, taking his penis faster and faster in and out of my mouth. i grabbed on to his thighs as he told me i was a very good student after all and he dug his hands further into the chair.

he told me he was about to come and he was cuming in my mouth. so moved my mouth to his head messaging it with my tongue until his hot cum was shooting in my mouth going down my throat. i looked into his eyes as i sucked every drop of his load.


when the last drop of cum was in my mouth. i licked my lips with delight of his tasty cum. needless to say i passed the class with high marks! ,