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Furry twink raccoon sucked and jerked off hard
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Here is a hot memory from my youth. I think about it often and wish I'd had the guts to do something to carry it on at the time. When I was in my first year at high school I went on a school trip to Germany. It was only my second school trip away from home for more than just a day. We stayed in a small town not far from Munster, and spent a week in a school centre there.

We stayed in a local hotel in rooms with 2 single beds in. In my room was my mate Phil. During the day we went on coach trips to various places like the Mohne dam and Bergen Belsen. It was a cool holiday and we had a lot of laughs.

There were about 4 teachers with us on the trip. One of them was my maths teacher, Mrs Parkin. She had the look of a homely wife. I thought she had a great body although she was quite short. I would say she was about 30 give or take a few years.

I used to stare at her in a daze. She would sit on her desk in front of class reading out loud to us. I can still remember how i used to look at the curve of her breasts under her dress.

I seem to remember her wearing the kind of dress that closes at the front, overlapping across the middle. She would sit with her legs crossed in front and i'd imagine that I could see up her dress to her panties. On a night after we had gone to our rooms, the teachers used to come round and turn our lights off. I think this was at about 9 or 10pm.

On this particular night Mrs Parkin was doing the rounds. It was late on in the week and it was probably her second turn at night duty. I couldn't sleep this night so at about 11pm I turned my bedside lamp on. Phil was fast asleep in his bed giving off the odd snore. I had by this time become sexually active in the masturbation department and was already wanking every other day at home. I started to read a book but soon became bored.

I had one hand down my pyjama's under the quilt just holding my soft cock. It felt quite sensitive and i would rythmically give it a gentle squeeze just to get that that sensation in the tip. I put the book down and slipped down the covers quietly.


I pulled my pyjama bottoms down till they were just above my knee's also. Didn't want the noise of clothing rubbing up and down to disturb Phil, who was still snoring away. I can't remember what I was wanking over. Could of been any number of girls in my school or some TV celebrity. I had a well developed imagination already as even though I was still a virgin, I had done just about everything else with a girl by now. As I was lying ther with my eye's closed rubbing my cock, I heard the doorhandle to the room turn and opened my eyes to see the door opening.

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I quickly reached for the covers and pulled them up to my chest but before they had got there I saw Mrs Parkin look into the room and she must have seen me. I picked up the book lying next to me and pretended to be reading it, even though in my heart of hearts I knew there was no way that she didn't see what I was doing. My god the shame, what would she do?

would she give me a telling off? she may even tell other teachers and everyone would find out. She stood for about 4 or 5 second and didn't speak. It seemed like a lifetime. Then she walked over to Phil's bed and looked in on him.

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He was still snoring away. "Why aren't you asleep?" she asked quietly "sorry Mrs, I couldn't get to sleep.

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I thought reading might help" "Well, you know your not supposed to have your lights on" she said. "everyone else is fast asleep". She wasn't telling me off, it was like she was having a normal conversation with me, which was a first. She turned back to the door and to my surprise, instead of walking out, closed it. She held her hand on the door for a second, then turned round and slowly walked towards my bed. She had a calming motherly look on her face and came and sat on the edge of my bed.

She asked me what I was reading and I told her. I was feeling uneasy as I still had a boner on under the covers. I had placed the book over it to hide it. To my horror she picked the book up and looked at it, then put it on the bedside table.


She looked down at the tent under the blankets and a knowing grin spread across her face. I raised my knees slightly to hide it but it didn't help much. "You should try and get some sleep ." she said. She pulled the covers up to my neck and I snuggled down low. "are you missing home or your mum?" she asked? "No I'm fine I said, just don't feel tired" I wanted her to go so I could finish my wank. She was wearing jeans and a T-shirt and it was quite tight over her breast.

You could see the outline of her nipples showing through. I would have loved to suck on them. "Well, you should turn your light off and try and sleep anyway" she said, and with that she leant over me, her breasts inches from my face, and turned the lamp off. What happened next was very surprising. Unike I expected, she didn't leave the room, but stayed there sat on my bed in the dark. I didn't know what to do. There I was with a hard on, lying there with one hand still on my cock. I dare not move.

I could hear here breathing and see her outline. She just sat there for about 3o seconds. Then I felt her hand move underneath the bedclothes from the side. It slowly yet purposely made its way to my groin.

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My pyjama bottom's were still round my knees and My hand was still on my cock. What was she doing? Was she checking to see if I had been wanking when she walked in? Her hand reached my groin and she felt for my cock.

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Her hand grabbed mine gently and after a short while moved my hand off my cock. Busted!!

I thought. Now she knows for sure.


Would this mean trouble? I froze at what she did next. She moved her hand back to my cock and slowly wrapped her own fingers round it. I could not believe this was happening. She gave it a few squeezes as if she was measuring it's thickness. blood rushed to my cock and it started to pulse. Slowly she started to move her hand up and down, wanking me off. My mouth opened in disbelief and I silently moaned.

This was fantastic. I had been wanked off by a few girls before but this felt different. Felt like velvet. My arse cheeks were beggining to slowly tense and release now and her rubbing quickened.

Her breathing seemed to get louder and deeper but she never spoke a word. It was as if she wanted to make like she wasn't there!! The pace got faster and as my arse tensed it was lifting off the mattress and sinking back down. She would squeeze ever so gently as her hand reached the head of my cock.

There was no hard jerking, just a quick, yet smooth rythm to it all. Her breathing got deeper and I thought I saw the outline of her other hand lift up to her breasts in the darkness. How I would have loved to reach out and squeeze them but I felt paralysed. I started to get a cramping feeling in my balls and my arse cheeks tensed extra hard and lifted me up off the mattress. I felt myself come and heard a squelching noise under the sheets.

Her hand movements slowed down and stopped. Slowly she withdrew her hand from under the sheets, but still did not say a word.

I was too shocked to speak and I just lay there with my cock going limp, covered in sticky cum. Mrs Parkin stayed sat on the bed for what seemed like ages, though was probably about 5 minutes. Then, she stood up and slowly walked to the door, opening it quietly and stepping out into the light of the corridor. As she went to close it I saw her face in the light.

She had a half smile on her face as she closed that door quietly behind her. I lay there for a few minutes then removed my pyjama bottoms and wiped my sticky cock and balls with them.

Phil was still snoring in bed as I lay there, no doubt with a stupid grin on my face. The next morning I did not see Mrs Parkin. Later on the day she appeared with the group but she acted completely normal as if nothing had ever happened.

She even told me off later in the trip for being too loud. I wish I had had the balls to reach up for those lovely breasts though, just so I could know that they felt as good as I'd imagined them.