Desi Dancer Beautiful Erotic Sensuality

Desi Dancer Beautiful Erotic Sensuality
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Tim stood at the front door, pausing to think before knocking.

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He was about to spend a sex filled evening with a woman he had never met, after answering her ad on the sex connections website. Tim's rock hard nine-inch erection stood straight up, almost sticking out of the top of his pants as he was remembering the ad.


"Wanted: A sexy young and hung stud for hot sex. I am a 54 YO black BBW with three tight holes that need to be filled with your big loads of hot cum. I want you to be any race, under 25, well built, very attractive, HUNG (at least 8 inches and thick) and able to go several times in one night. If you match up to that I will give you the best blowjob you have ever had. I'll be waiting to hear from you. Tanya." Tim looked at his watch. One minute before nine. He said he would be there at nine.

Tim knocked. His knuckles had hardly touched the door for a second time when it opened. There stood Tanya in a loose fitting dressing gown. They had exchanged pictures so Tanya knew it was him.

She smiled. "Hi Tim, come on in.

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You are as good looking as your pictures. It's nice to meet you." When Tim stepped in Tanya shut the door, undid the belt holding her gown closed and let it drop to the floor. Tanya stood there naked with her hands on her hips. She was 5'3" and weighed 183 pounds.

Her chocolate brown D-cup tits sagged almost half way down her chest and her large, even darker nipples almost pointed to the ground. "Why are you still dressed, Tim?" Before Tim said a word, Tanya was already unbuttoning his shirt.

In about one minute he was also naked. Twenty-three year old Tim stood there, 6'1" tall with the slim body of a collegiate swimmer. His nine inches pointed straight at Tanya. The contrast between their heights and the dark brown of her skin and the pale white of his was striking. After Tanya had Tim stripped she gave him a tight hug with her tits pressed against him, between his chest and his stomach and his cock about at her belly button and said, "That's better.

I'm going to have a rum and coke.

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What would you like?" Tim replied that he would have the same. When Tanya had gotten the drinks, they sat together on the couch. Tanya had her drink in one hand and Tim's manhood in the other. Tim had his drink in one and his other around her shoulders fondling one of her large breasts. They chatted sexually as they drank their drinks.

When they were finished, Tanya took Tim's hand and led the way to her bedroom. As they got to the king sized bed, Tanya pushed Tim on the chest and he fell backwards onto the bed.

Tanya climbed up next to him. "Get me off to a good start" she said as she lifted one leg over his head and settled her crotch down onto Tim's face while she was facing his feet.

Tim held her hips and started licking. She had put something sweet between her pussy lips. Tim found that it was chocolate syrup. Tim had not had a lot of sex partners and had never experienced anything like this but he found it fun and pleasant. Tim licked and Tonya stroked his shaft with both hands around it but still not covering all of it. Soon Tanya started feeling the pleasure building in her loins and she started rocking herself back and forth on Tim's face causing him to have some trouble breathing.

As she approached her first very wet orgasm, she leaned down and took Tim's white shaft in her mouth. It's girth stretched her mouth as wide as it would go but that was what she wanted. One push and her nose was burried in Tim's pubic hair. Both she and Tim felt the head of his cock rubbing along the sides of her throat. Tanya pulled up till just the head of Tim's cock was in her mouth and she licked the tip of it causing it to twitch.

Then she ran her tongue around the head and deep throated him again. Tanya established a steady and rapid rhythm as she deep throated and sucked hard on him.

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Tim could normally last for quite a while before coming but this was indeed the best blowjob he had ever gotten and in only about a minute Tanya had him coming in her mouth. She had just his head in her mouth as he shot spurt after spurt into it.

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After she had him empty, she turned and emptied his cum onto his stomach, creating a large puddle. She smiled at Tim and then proceeded to put on a show licking up the puddle of cum and swallowing it.

She lay by his side and started playing with his semi soft cock. Soon she was sucking it again and it didn't take long to regain it's hardness.


Tanya reached onto the nightstand and took a jar of lub, putting some on her finger and handing the jar to Tim. "Lube up Babe" she said as she slipped her lubed finger into her anal opening.

After she took it out, Tim pushed his in and then added a second, stretching her open. Tim had wiped lub on his cockhead and now put it to her ass hole but was having trouble getting it in. "Push" she said. Tim pushed harder and the head popped in past her tight alal ring, causing Tanya to moan. Several more pushes, gained a little more each time, till his thick nine inches was fully up her poop shoot and Tanya had been forced flat on the bed.

Tim had never done anal before and was amazed at how tight she was there. "Fuck me good, Stud." With long hard strokes, Tim ass fucked Tanya. Each time his hips met her ass, the bed would shake and Tanya would moan. He got a thrill out of seeing his white cock disappear between her mocha ass cheeks. Again, Tim didn't last as long as he usually did and he shot his load into her bowels in about five minutes as he held himself buried deeply in her.

Tim pulled out and lay on the bed. To his surprise, Tanya turned around and proceeded to suck his cock clean. This time he was limp and she suggested that they have another drink and rest a little. Tanya went into the bathroom to clean up.

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Back on the couch they watched a porno movie that Tanya had carefully selected and drank another rum and coke. It was very much like the situation they had created for themselves, with a large black woman and a hung young white guy.

About half way thru the movie, Tim slid off the couch to his knees in front of Tanya. He reached out and lifted her tits to his mouth and sucked her nipples, going back and forth from one to the other.

Her nipples grew and she laid her head back and soaked in the feeling. After about five minutes, she got up and told Tim that it was time to go back to the bed. She told him that she had one more hole that still needed to be filled. When Tim stood, she led him again to her bed. This time she didn't take his hand but held his erection like a leash and led him to the bed that way.

Tanya hopped up on the bed, spread her legs and pulled her knees up close to her head. Tim looked at her shaved pussy and saw that she was already wet, so without hesitation he climbed between her legs and put his cock to the opening of her cunt.

With one steady push he was fully buried in her. He could feel that she had told the truth. She was as tight as any of the younger girls that he had fucked.

Tanya had never been married and had never had any kids. Even though she had been with well over 100 men during her life, she was still nice and tight. Tanya was first fucked when she was twelve and she was home alone with her two older brothers when they came into her room and raped her. It had happened a second time just a couple of days later when they raped her again. After that, it was no longer rape as she wanted it as much as they did.

This time Tim preformed the way he knew he could. He pounded Tanya's pussy steadily for at lease fifteen minutes. She continually rubbed her clit as he did. His thick nine inches and her rapidly moving fingers brought her to four climaxes while Tim worked himself to his final orgasm. Finally he growled and held himself deeply in her cunt as he emptied his seed into Tanya's waiting womb. This time it was Tim that took the initiative and took his cum covered cock up to her face.

When his cock reached her mouth, her mouth was wide open and with it starting to gosoft he buried the remaining seven inches balls deep in her throat.

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Tanya sucked hard and held him to her with her hands till she started having a need to breath. She hoped that he would get hard again but he didn't so Tanya got on her hands and knees. Spank me, Tim. Spank my ass hard. Tim brought his hand down on her ass cheek. "I said hard." Tim hit her again and Tanya moaned. He started smacking her ass as hard as he could. His hand was getting sore and her dark brown ass cheeks were actually getting red.

Now, each time he hit her she moaned and jumped, making her large, hanging tits sway violently. After several minutes of this abuse, that she had asked for, Tanya actually had a hard orgasm and collapsed on the bed breathing hard.


As they lay by each other, Tanya told Tim that if he wanted more, he could spend the rest of the night but Tim told her that he had an early morning class and it was an hour drive back to his dorm so he had better call it a night and get going.

Tim got dressed and told Tanya how much he had enjoyed the evening. Then he went to his car. Tanya stood in the open door, naked and waved goodbye as Tim drove off.

Tanya went back into the house and to her computer to find the next young, hung stud she would invite to come be with her. She rubbed rapidly and pinched her nipples herself as she looked over her choices. 910