Mädchen spielt das omegle Spiel 2

Mädchen spielt das omegle Spiel 2
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART 5 SEX IN AIR I was enjoying my normal life along with my secret sex life with my uncle without any problem. Once in a while, watching my parents in the night when they were in sex game was continue and sex had become a necessary and very important part of my life.

I have learned everything about sex form uncle and I consider myself as SEX-PERT. My body was developing fast and taking a beautiful shape, I do not know whether this is because of having regular sex or because of my growing age. I was now a fully matured girl. By God's Grass, I become more beautiful with great and dream body figure. I know that other girls were feeling jealous about me looking my beautiful face with sharp and beautiful sexy body cut.

My boobs that time were not big but were round and stiff enough to attract any male. My hips in good shape started moving in great rhythm whenever I walk. I wish to mention here that I or my uncle did not miss any chance of sex and we had quickies many a times when somebody is around in next room, for fun and adventure.

Some time, when I feel horny or uncle feels hot, we had quick session of sex in bathroom, kitchen, and staircase or even on back seat of the car by parking it at side. We did not remove cloths but most of the time, I removed my panty to allow free movement of my legs and to spread them according to demand of position and to allow uncle to stroke me without any problem. Either I lift my bottom dress or I slide down it and uncle takes out his cock out from his pant by opening zip and using his underwear facility to move it out.

He used to start direct stroking in full speed without any foreplay and we finish the act in a quick time before anybody knows that what we did in a short time. I took admission in a college but there was a plenty of time in opening of the college. I have started to take interest in our family business of farming product and its marketing.

Uncle was and still looking about export of our product and I have started assisting uncle in export marketing. My uncle was making a plan for his trip to Germany and Switzerland for business and he told my dad that there are times in opening of college and I can accompany him in his trip to meet the buyers there for developing of business as I am already assisting him in dealing with them. My dad gives OK to me for my first foreign trip with uncle. Accordingly, uncle booked Swiss Air flight for both of us from Mumbai.

We reached Mumbai from Goa to catch Swiss Air flight for ZURICH (Switzerland). We checked - in and boarded the flight. There was not much rush and the flight was having roughly 50 / 55% passengers.

It was 1.20 in the early morning when the flight took off. It was 8. 1/2 hours journey up to Zurich and the flight were scheduled to land at Zurich at 6.20 Swiss time in the morning. Most of the passengers were sleeping after having some drinks. My uncle and I were only passengers sitting in a row of four seats and having plenty of space to rest. Uncle was sitting on the first seat and asked me to have a comfortable sleep by sleeping rest of three seats by pulling their hand rest up.

I went to sleep with my head on my uncle's lap. My face was against my uncle's belly and I pulled over the blanket on my body up to my neck. One hand of uncle was on my head and he started to move his fingers in my hairs with love so that I get a quick and good sleep. I pulled another hand of my uncle under the blanket and took it in both of my palms just over my boobs.There was dim light in plane and the flight was very smooth. Airline staffs were also taking rest and there was no movement in the flight.

I have closed my eyes and very soon, I was in deep sleep. I was in sweet dreams and feeling that someone is touching my cheeks with a lot of love. I was enjoying that dream and loving that magic love touch on my cheeks. Suddenly, I was awake and noticed that it was a dream. I have opened my eyes and looked up to uncle's face. He was in deep sleep.

I felt hardness under my cheek on uncle's lap. I understood that it was uncle's long and strong cock which was stroking my cheek. Uncle was un aware of this and he got a natural erection in his sleep. Dear readers!! You know that uncle's cock have become my weakness and I started feeling hot for sex game immediately. I tried to sleep again but I could not. I did not want to disturb uncle from his deep sleep. But, soon I have surrendered my mind before my sex wanted heart.

I looked around in the plane. Everybody was sleeping and there was no movement. I looked to the watch on my wrist which was showing Swiss time ( I have changed time zone of my watch according to destination Swiss time as soon as the flight took off ) The time was 3.00 A.M., ( Swiss time ) means about 3 hours to land.

I was become horny and my pussy started to become wet. I could feel that my nipples went hard under my bra. I thought that practical and penetrative sex is not possible in the flight because if we start to fuck on the seat, some body may notice that.

I, in my mind, decided to masturbate each other under the blanket for sexual satisfaction. I was thrilled to do this in the flight in presence of other people around us. My uncle was still in deep sleep and there is no change in hardness of his cock.

Infect, I could feel that now it is harder. I have pulled the blanket over my head so that I could keep his cock from reach of any body's eyes. I moved my hand towards my head under the blanket and have also moved my head towards knee of uncle so that I could open his zip to take out his erected cock for blow and hand job. I have un-zipped his pant and I could notice that uncle was awake by my action, because he has changed his sitting position little bit and have spread his folded legs a little.

Now, there was only his underwear between me and his erected cock. I moved my hand further and my fingers could find the place (hole) on his underwear from which the cock can be taken out for other work but, now for blow job and hand job.

It was little difficult to pull his erected cock out from the underwear through that hole in underwear but, I could do it successfully with little help of uncle. Now his fully erected long, thick, hard and hot rod was out against my eyes under the blanket. I have taken it in between my lips immediately without wasting any time.

Tip of his cock was slightly wet by his pre cum which I could taste. I started to move my tongue around head of his cock. He also moved his hand towards my legs joint. I was wearing a tight jeans and shirt. I was in the position that I was on my side. My cheek was on my uncle's Thais and both of my legs were parallel, one above the other. Uncle inserted his hand in to my jeans directly from upper side and now his fingers were having direct touching contacts just on my clean shaven pussy.

His hand was under my jeans and panty, but it was little difficult for him to reach out up to my clit because of my sleeping position. I moved my upper leg and have folded it upward so that he can do his job easily. Now his middle finger was moving on my clit and on my pussy love hole. As my pussy was already wet, it was not difficult for him to move his finger on it. It was getting wet and wet by his movement of fingers on it. Once again, we were loving each other by our sexy activities but this time in the air and that is too when other peoples are around, sleeping on their seats.

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Now his cock was half in my mouth and I was giving him a perfect blow job like an expert and his hand is also busy to give me a good hand job and an expert was masturbating me by moving his fingers very skillfully. He folded one of his legs upward and his foot was on the seat. His was knee was pointing up and I was on his other knee and his other foot was on the ground of plane. He pulled the blanket up to his upper knee to provide me more space and comfort for my job to his cock.

We wear enjoying our act secretly between other passengers. Even, we trying to remain still during this act, we were not successful in that, particularly me, I could not prevent my back and buttock to move them in pleasure.

He increased his speed of fingering me in my pussy and I too increased my speed in reply to it. I was about to reach and by noticing it, he used his full skill to reach me up to my destination. I was moving my back with his each strokes of finger in and on my pussy. I caught his cock tight in my mouth and I reached had a strong orgasm. I have tightened his ginger/hand between my legs and was in deep satisfaction.

Now I wanted that he too get his target. I pulled out his cock from my mouth and have started to stroke it with my hand by holding it tight between my palms. He stopped me by putting his hand over my hand and asked me to go to the toilet and to keep the door opened. I understood that he wants to fuck me practically. Once, I was surprised that how we can do that in a small place like plane's toilet.

Secondly, somebody can notice going both of us in one toilet or both of us coming out from one toilet. He assured me in his eyes and I went in one of toilet. I was inside the toilet and was thinking about the fucking position that how we can do it. He came inside the toilet and locked the door. He told me that we have to do it fast like we did many a times. He un-buttoned my jeans and pulled it down below my knees.

He also pulled down my panty over my jeans. I was semi naked with my jeans and panty on my legs below my knees. He turned me and now I was facing mirror on wash basin. He told me to take support of wash basin. I understood what he is going to do and how he is going to do this. That was a great and perfect idea to do it in a small place.

I took support of wash basin and bent a little to allow him enter in to my pussy from back. I have also widened my legs a bit. He pulled out his already erected hot rod and had put it on my pussy hole from back. Both of his hands were on my round ass. He guided his cock in to my pussy and pushed it harder inside. As my pussy was already too wet with juices, it was inside about 50% in to my pussy. He pulled it back little and gave a hard push jolt to his hard cock holding my ass tightly.

Now it was deep in to my pussy and he started immediately stroking it with faster than a normal speed. He was taking out his cock and pushing it again deep in to my pussy. It was a great in and out action of his cock and we both were enjoying it.

His speed of fucking was very fast and I could note that we can finish our fucking in short time.

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My pussy has again started to release juiced and there was a very good sound mixing. The sound of flight, the sound of fucking because of my pussy was too wet and the sound of touching his leg joint to my ass when he was pushing his cock in side.

I could also feel strokes of his balls between my legs with his every in action. We were on our fucking business together in a toilet of a flying plane in the early morning just before reaching our destination to my first foreign trip. Oh my god !!! It was a amazing feeling and pleasure that I was being fucked by uncle in semi doggy and semi standing position in a flight.

I was also giving support to him and taking an active part in fucking by moving my back forward and backward to match his hard strokes. He further increased his speed and I was also about to get another orgasm of that night. He was fucking me like anything to cum fast and early and I was enjoying his each and every stroke and giving reply to each stroke according to my ability.

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Suddenly. I reached. I finished. Oh my god. Great feeling. great experience. great fucking. Great orgasm. But strokes continue from him. He was still fucking me and I gave full support to him for reaching him.


He hold my ass tight. pushed his cock very hard deep in side of my pussy. bent slightly on my back and fired his hot liquid gun inside my pussy.

I felt his firing of his hot cum in side deep in to my pussy. He removed both of his hands from my ass and pumped both of my boobs in pleasure. His hot cock was still dancing in side of my pussy. We remained sometime in the same position and then he pulled out his cock from my pussy. He cleaned it with tissue paper. Now his cock was not seems to be so hard.

It was going softer and softer. After cleaning, he put it back in to his trouser and underwear at his place and told me to take my time to clean myself.

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He had opened the toilet door little a bit had an inspection outside. He told me that everything is ok.

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and told me to lock the door. He went out and i locked the door.

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I sit on toilet seat to drain out all his cum. My eyes were closed in full sexual satisfaction.

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I have drained out all his cum from inside of my pussy and have cleaned it by first by using water and then tissue paper. I took my panty and jeans at right place and have stepped out from the plane toilet. Uncle was sitting on his seat and I sat on next to her seat. I put my head on his solder and have closed my eyes. How lucky I am to have such a wonderful uncle fucker. After some time, there were some movements of airline staff for preparation to serve tea, coffee and breakfast before landing.

There was also movement of the passengers and airline staff has started their morning services. We both went to toilet again to get our self fresh (not together, one by one on different time in different toilets ha.


ha. ha. ) It was 5.30 in the morning when we had our tea in the flight and I could see beautiful view of the Swiss mountains from plane window and I was about to land first time on foreign land and that is too in my dream country Switzerland. Julee