Sex With Friends Cheating GF

Sex With Friends Cheating GF
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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART 39 MORNING TO AFTERNOON It was one of the summer mornings. I was preparing breakfast for my husband and he was taking his bath.

Generally, most of the time, we take bath together in the morning, but that day I got up early and was in the kitchen after taking my bath before my husband woke-up. I prepared tea for my husband and went to the bedroom to wake him up. And now, he was in bathroom after his morning tea. I was sure in my heart that although my husband has missed having his bath with me today, but he would be fucking me surely before going to office. Having morning fuck in the bedroom or in bathroom while bathing together or in the kitchen, is very common between us.

I saw from corner of my eyes my husband coming out of the bathroom while I was going to the bedroom from kitchen. He paused for a moment outside of the bathroom and then he walked up behind me and grabbed my ass from behind as I was heading towards the couch.

There was a definite aroma in the air and it drove me wild as I was expecting such move from my loving and fucking husband.

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I could feel that his cock was already rock hard. He let his towel go down from his waist and he just pulled up the only thin gown which I was wearing without any panty and bra under it.

We both were naked in a flash. I was sitting on the couch and he was sitting on the floor, between my legs. He lent forward and put his mouth right over my pussy, taking in a deep breath through his nose, smelling my wonderful aroma.

A small sigh escaped from my mouth and I opened my legs a little wider, giving him better access of my pussy. I was exposing my beautiful and clean shaved pussy against his face. There was a thin layer of moisture covering my pussy lips. He leant forward again traced his tongue along my pussy from top to bottom.

I let out a louder moan and opened my legs further. He started to lick my growing clit as my breathing became heavier. I was starting to get very wet and I know that the taste of my juices is intoxicating. As I approached my first orgasm very soon by his mouth treatment on my dripping pussy, my legs tightened around his head and I let out a long high pitched sigh. Juices began to run from my pussy and down onto his chin. He tried valiantly to lap them all up as my orgasm subsided and my leg muscles relaxed.

Without saying a word, I looked up at him and smiled as I opened my legs again, never releasing eye contact. He stood up and I could notice that his cock was rock hard and was saluting me. I just stared at his cock with hunger in my eyes as he knelt down between my legs and pulled me by the thighs to the edge of the couch. He rubbed his swollen cock head up and down the length of my slit, coating his hot rod in my juices, before slowly pushing it into my hot pussy.

We both were aware that it was already 9.00 in the morning and he is not having much time in his hands to fuck me in the way we both likes. Generally, we spend a lot of time in foreplay before starting practical cock pussy fucking.

According to the situation, it has to be a quickie. I had my eyes closed now and started to slowly rock my hips as he began to thrust his long, thick, hot and hard cock in and out of my dripping pussy.

As he thrust, he rubbed my boobs in small circles. I could feel myself coming to orgasm and quickened my pace, thrusting his cock fast and deep into my juicy pussy. The slurping sounds it made as he drove his cock in and out of my wet pussy.


And I reached to the pleasure of orgasm once again. He felt my second orgasm and he pulled his thirsty cock out of my pussy and now it was my duty to take him up to his destination of Cuming. I took his hot and wet cock in to my mouth and have tasted my own juices. I was sucking his cock furiously and at the same time I was masturbating on his cock holding his cock from the base.

I was sucking. stroking his cock without rest and took him up to the pleasure point of Cuming. After some time I felt an extra hardness, an extra hotness which signaled me about his Cuming. I also felt crown of his cock swelling in my mouth and I have increased my speed of sucking, stroking and suddenly, he filled my mouth with his warm sweet cum. His cock was showering his warm cum jets in to my mouth and I tried my best to drink his cum as much as was possible.

His cum was also dropped on my naked boobs but his cock was still in my mouth and I was like milking his cock. We finished another very good quick sex in the morning before his going to the office. We recovered soon as time was too short and went bathroom once again to clean ourselves as he was getting late for his office.

After preparing the lunch, I went to the bathroom once again to have a quick shower. I took the shower and I was watching myself naked in the full size mirror in my bedroom. As mentioned earlier too, I maintain my body in perfect shape even after my pregnancy by spending some time in yoga everyday.

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I have noticed that my stomach was still almost flat even after pregnancy of almost three months. Only I knew that there was a little change in original flatness of my stomach. Once again, I felt proud of my well shaped sexy body and my beauty. Whenever I see my well shaped sexy body in mirror, I always remember my lesbian sex partner Neeta, because she too maintains her body and it was good to know during our first lesbian sex encounter that Neeta too do regular yoga to maintain her young and sexy body.

My husband went to office after fucking me in the morning like a quickie and I was waiting for him for lunch. I received a call from him that he would not be coming home for lunch due to some urgent meetings in his office and he also informed that there will be late in the evening too in returning home from the office. I was eating my lunch alone and was thinking about Neeta. I did not meet Neeta after my pregnancy, although we use to talk over phone regularly and Neeta was aware about my pregnancy.

Like my wish comes true, I received a call from Neeta that she was going her home early as there is not much work in her office. She wanted me to meet her at her house if possible for me. It was difficult for her to meet at my home because my neighbor Tanu, Neeta's long time lesbian sex partner was at her home and Neeta does not want to take any risk meeting me at my home because Tanu was unaware about our relations and it is important for Neeta to keep good relation with Tanu to be continued in her job at Tanu's husband's shop.

Neeta told me many times that she enjoys lesbian sex with me better than her old lesbian sex partner Tanu. It was important for us to keep our relations secret from Tanu.

Neeta sounded so sexy that I could not control my feelings of having lesbian sex with her. I was also eager to meet Neeta since a long time, and the situation was perfect that my husband will be coming late in the evening; I said yes to Neeta and have finished my lunch. I selected a blue shirt and black skirt. I wanted to look more attractive. I put a little make-up to make myself look good and left from my house to meet Neeta.

It was close to 4.00 PM when I started from home. I drove my car to her house and it took about half an hour to reach her house and I was at the front of her house very soon. I pressed the door bell and heard someone walking down towards the door. It was Neeta. She opened the door and she was standing in front of me wearing top and pajama.

She invited me inside her house and she looked a little excited on finding me at her door. It was a small and nice house. She offered me some cold drinks and we sat on the couch holding each other's hands. She told me that her mother have gone to meet someone and was expected at late night only.

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We both were started feeling heat of lesbian sex love soon. It was not our first time. We did it many a times in the past and have enjoyed it very much. Even my husband knows about our lesbian sex relationship. Once, my husband fucked me in presence of Neeta. Neeta took an active part in our group sex between me, her and my husband, but she played only lesbian sex with me, played with my husband's cock and watched my husband fucking me.

She did not want to be fucked by my husband that time and it was easy for my husband too because he also does not want to fuck anyone else other than me. Neeta is a pure lesbian lover but she confirmed me that she surly wishes my husband to fuck her along with me in group sex game soon. The heat of love and sex was increasing between us while talking and drinking cold drinks. We finished our cold drinks soon. I was sure that Neeta did not want to wait longer because of the two reasons.

One, she was very very hot and horny that time and secondly, she knows that I was also not having much time in my hands because I have to return my home before my husband comes in the evening. She moved close to me.

She slowly slid her hand under my skirt and started caressing my thighs. She was looking at my face and smiling at me. She took the first step and she was doing that for a few seconds. I was feeling very happy that she is taking initiative, I just let her continue and I opened my legs slightly. This time, she was in dominating mood and I too wanted her to play the lead role in our lesbian love fuck. She picked up the signal without saying anything by me and she knew that I was up for it!

She slowly moved her hands inside my skirt and quickly her hand was very close to my pussy. She was caressing my inner thighs with one hand and with the other hand; she was stroking my hair with love. My pussy had already become wet. My eyes were fixed on her boobs.

Her pointed nipples were pressing against her top and clearly visible outside. She said, "My hand can feel how hot you are as always my darling Julee". I moved my face close to her and placed a slight kiss on her lips. That was the trigger. She then grabbed my face and we started kissing passionately. Now her hands moved up to my pussy and she was rubbing my wet pussy over my panties. I unbuttoned her top and was not surprised to see her not wearing bra as she was fully ready to have lesbian sex with me.

I started playing with her well shaped round boobs and planted my tongue insider her mouth. Our tongues were playing together. Sometimes I felt my entire tongue was inside her mouth! I licked her lips and sucked her tongue like an ice cream sticks! She liked it a lot. She sucked my lips and slightly bit them.

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It was making me even hornier. I was playing with her firm boobs. They were of good size and amazingly firm. As mentioned above, she has a great figure. Her nipples were rock solid by now, ready to be sucked hard. Then she pulled her hand out of my skirt and said, "Let's go the bedroom". I obeyed right away and she took me inside her bedroom holding my hands. Without waiting for her to remove my shirt and skirt, I myself have removed my clothes to save them from mess as I had to wear them again while returning my home.

I was undressing myself and when I was done removing my shirt and skirt; I saw she was already naked and ready for me! She was standing in front of me completely nude! Oh my god!

What a sexy figure she is having. All I saw was a horny babe waiting to be fucked. I was in my bra and panty in front of her. Two sexy lovers, sex goddess were ready to explore each other. She pushed me on to the bed and climbed on top of me. She quickly removed my bra and started to suck my well shaped round boobs. My nipples went erect by her skillful sucking. She sucked my entire breast and switched between the two nipples frequently. I was moaning then, "hmmm. aaahh" Her sucking of my nipples was taking me to the another world of pleasure.

She then guided my hand to her wet pussy. To me, Neeta is an expert lesbian fucker. She exactly knew what she wanted and what her partner wanted. I started to rub her hot and clean shaven pussy and she was sucking on my nipples and boobs.

Then we started to kiss once again.

I was still rubbing her pussy and she was very wet my rubbing on her sexy pussy. My fingers were soon full of her pussy juices. She was producing lot of juice and she was very horny. She stopped kissing and moved down. She started kissing on my panties. It sent shock waves all over my body.

I was moaning harder "aaaahhhh". I rolled my head back and started to enjoy it. Then she pushed my panty aside and exposed my pussy. Now I was also completely naked like her. She kissed my pussy lips very gently. I was now moaning very loudly. I let a loud "aaaahhhhhh". She loved to see me moaning. She started to eat my pussy lips.

She was alternating between sucking my pussy lips and licking my clit. Then she started to use her fingers. She was rubbing my clit and sucking my pussy lips. The tension in my body was growing. Then she started to tongue fuck me! I was screaming "Fuck ya!! Harder. Harder." She was pushing and taking her tongue in and out of my pussy like a male cock. It felt as though someone is fucking me using a real cock! It felt so good.

She was still rubbing my clit. Her nose was rubbing against my pubic area and it turned me moaning even harder. I was so horny then. She tongue fucked me even harder. Then she started to use her other hand. She inserted one of her fingers in my asshole.

I was shouting "Don't stop. Harder. Fuckkkk. Aaahhhhh!" She was fingering my ass hole, rubbing my clit and tongue fucking my pussy. I cannot ask for anything more. I felt like heaven was coming down. I was sweating in excitement. I was screaming and my muscles were becoming tight.

I shuddered into an unbelievable and strong orgasm. As I was orgasm, I pushed my pussy into her face and she liked it! Her face was full of my pussy juice. She said "Julee !

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ou taste so good!." Then she got up and we started kissing again. I tasted my own pussy juice from her lips and it felt so good. She was showing who the boss in the bed is that time and I was happy to accept her as a boss in lesbian love fuck.

Then I got up and starting to kiss all over her body. She was standing and I was sitting at the corner of the bed. I used my fingers to rub her pussy.


Her pussy was dripping and I massaged her pussy lips. I sucked her boobs hard which made her moan "hmmmmmm." Then I started kissing her thighs and slowly reached towards her pussy. She let out a loud "aahhhhh" when my tongues touched her pussy lips.

I started sucking her hard. She loved it! I knew it. I was eating her juicy pussy like anything. While I was sucking her pussy, I quickly inserted my middle finger into her pussy. I was fingering her pussy slowly and my other hand was playing with her boobs and erected nipples. She was moaning harder now. She was breathing harder and she was thrusting her hips into my fingers. I was fingering her pussy harder now. My entire middle finger was inside her pussy.

I was sucking her pussy lips hard and my nose was rubbing her clit. The smell of her pussy juice made me even more horny. I was fingering her pussy harder and I was able to feel her muscles tighten on my fingers.

She was screaming, "aaahhh. Fuck! Even faster. Fuck me faster. aahhhh" I was sucking her clit harder and fingering her pussy harder and harder. I buried my face in her pussy. Then she was rocked by an amazing orgasm. She screamed out and her muscles were cramped and my fingers felt the intensity of her orgasm.

Then I slowly removed my fingers and placed mild kisses on her wet pussy lips. Then I got up and we kissed passionately for a few minutes. We broke the kiss and smiled at each other.

Oh! What a wonderful lesbian fuck game we had. Words were not needed. The love for each other was there in the air! We hugged each other and started to dress because this was the time for me to leave for my home.

We did not have to ask how it was. We both knew it was one of the best lesbian sex we have ever had in recent times. I was fully satisfied and I could see a great satisfaction on her face, in her eyes.

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We hugged each other once more on her door while leaving her home after giving and taking a wonderful lesbian sex pleasure. I reached to my car and drove it towards my home thinking about two wonderful quickies I had that day.

One I had in the morning, with my husband, and another one in the afternoon with Neeta. I knew it very well that another full fucking session with my husband will be coming up in the evening when he returns home from his office .

and I smiled on my sexy thought. Julee