Girl gets her pussy gangbanged

Girl gets her pussy gangbanged
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"Come over," the voice on the phone told me. "And bring some red wine?" he chuckled. "Oh, ok," I said in a quivering voice. My nerves were shot, my hand shaking, and I was just talking on the phone. Was I really going to do this? Had my hormones got the best of me? I had just met this guy on a dating site and we chatted a for a hour or so and he's inviting me over. "You'll love it," he said very reassuringly, "we're just two guys looking to get off. I'll slide off your pants and it'll all be good from there." I had never gone that far with a guy before.

And what would my girlfriend say if she found out? She'd freak. She'd leave. But I didn't care. I wanted this. I wanted it bad. I wanted him to take charge and see if this is what I really liked. I was hard chatting with him. I was hard talking to him. I was hard driving over, with a nice red wine. I rang the apartment buzzer. The door opened and I made my way down the hall, hands shaking with fear and anticipation.

There it was, room 113. Lucky number 13 I thought. Knock Knock He was shorter than me, maybe 5'10 and thin. I was a robust 6'3. "I love Italian!" was his greeting, looking at the bottle I brought. "You've got great taste: wine, shoes, your hair!" So much for nerves.

I felt so calm.

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Was he just being polite? I just had the same short haircut for years and my shoes were just some nice brown casuals, worn in, scuffed up. "They make you look tough. Here, I'll open this up. Come on in, grab a spot on the couch." A b-movie was on. Cheap sci-fi, with lots of nudity. Just my thing, I love this crap. He brought the wine over in a coffee mugs. My hand shook taking it.


"Don't worry, just relax a little," he said. "Drew, call me Drew. You have a name, sweetie?" "Eve," I said. I always wanted to be called that. "Short for Evelyn." It was wonderful to explore my personality a little. Be a little more feminine. "Here to tempt me Eve?" he said with a grin. "I hope so. This wine is fantastic." Drew sat down beside me, snuggling close. We drank our wine and watched the cheesy movie roll along. Those actresses must really need a check to take their shirts off so much.

Drew put down his mug of wine, still so classy. "Come with me." We walked down out of the living room around the corner to his bedroom. I still grasped my wine mug, the shakes had returned. Drew closed the door behind me.

Then hopped on to his bed playfully and took off his shirt. "Kiss my back," he said lying on his side.

"It turns me on so much, kiss my back." I hesitated. "Just for 10 seconds, rev my engine and then the fun will really start. Hit the lights too." I flipped the switch and took a big gulp of wine.

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I set my mug on his dresser and joined him in bed. "You should get undressed first," he told me. "I wanna feel your cock press up against me." Now I was getting hard again. It's a nice cock, at least that's what everyone says. It's 7 inches long but nice and thick and cut. His was smaller than mine, maybe 6 inches and not nearly the same girth. I noticed just me lying naked behind him, spooning him, he was getting hard, I was too. I started to kiss him on the back of his neck.

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He quivered with my hot breath. I worked my way down and around his shoulder blades and he shook. He let out a soft moan. As I continued to work around, he slide off his shorts, no boxers for him. Both of us lying there naked, it was making my heart race. I pressed up against his ass. Nice and smooth, my hard cock teasing his taint. I reached around him and felt his cock.

Rock hard. I gave it a soft stroke and he let out a bigger moan. "Mmmm, now that's a great start," he said turning around. He kissed me deeply. He pulled back a little and licked my chin while sliding his tongue back into my mouth. At the same time he rubbed my cock. The pleasure was incredible. "I'm gonna fuck you," he stated. "Get on top of me." "Where are the condoms?" I asked, nerves coming up again. "Don't have any, I'm clean. Your clean. Lets go." It was so risky, but I didn't care, I wanted it badly.

I climbed on top of him and he reached over to his night stand and grabbed some lube. He poured the lube over his cock and stroked it, making it shine. He reached up and warmed up my ass with his fingers. I instinctively pushed down while i was straddling him. His hips pressed up and I felt his cock press on my hole. With a sigh he pushed my hips down with his hands and slid my ass onto his cock.

I moaned and bit my lip. Yeah, it felt so good. I was hard and he started pumping up and down slowly and not too deep. "Yah, that's good," he said. "Now get on your back and lift up your legs." We quickly traded places and he grabbed the lube bottle again.


He slid over between my legs and poured a bunch of the lube over my cock, balls and ass. He worked it in, gently fingering my tight hole, prepping it for what was coming. He slid his hand over my chest and stomach saying, "You turn me on so much, I'm gonna cum quick." He teased my hole with his cock now. "Ready?" he asked. I nodded and moaned. I looked down and past my own rock hard cock I saw him line up his with my ass.

He pressed his cock all the way inside me now. I let out another moan and looked up while he smiled. The rhythm was perfect and his cock was just the right size for my tight ass. It burned, but felt so good. Suddenly he pressed forward, my legs leaning way back now as dug in hard.

I noticed this intense feeling that I had to pee, or at least I thought I did but looking down I was hard as a rock. He was fucking me so perfectly, it was better than I ever imagined. The feeling intensified and I tried hard to fight it, my hand holding his chest while he fucked my ass. I couldn't take it anymore and let go. I let out a huge cumshot and moan. I came without touching my cock. It shook my whole body, but didn't mess up Drew's movements.

He didn't notice I shot my load all of my chest, or he didn't care. Then he pushed deep and let out a huge groan. "Ah! Mmmm." He paused, then said, "I came inside you." He pulled out and layed down beside me rubbing his fingers along my cum covered chest and stomach. He put them in his mouth. "Sweet. Just like you." He put his hand back, scooping a bigger wad of cum.

"Eat," he said, shoving them in my mouth. I had never tried my own cum before either. I was a little grossed out, but in too much ecstasy to care.

He leaned over and kissed me and smiled. Then he leaned over and licked up the cum, pulled back up to my face and let it drip down, like a porn star. I opened my mouth and let it fall in.

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It was so hot, I was getting hard again. "Swallow, hun. Be a classy bitch!" he said smiling.

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I obeyed and swallowed. "I knew you'd like it!" I just smiled, cum sitting on my chin. I thought to myself, I like this, like a lot. "Have a boyfriend?" Drew asked. "Want one?"