Mother father and daughter xxx sex stories vidio

Mother father and daughter xxx sex stories vidio
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ohh soo i came back from hard day at school. am in 10 grade teachers were bein soo anoying and somehow i got suspended. tomoro i wont be goin to school soo the whole day i will be with my mom alone. i came back from school and my mom was makin som to eat. "mom what are you making" her she replied ur favorite babe. my mom was HOT she had nice taned legs big tits.

nice face and an awesome ass. since i came to high school i wanned to fuck my mom. i use to watch her masterbate and while i watch her masterbate i use to masterbate soo it was the best.

then the next morning she had this relly relly short robe i still didnt tell her that i got suspended so i had to make something up. but i was lost when i seen my mom walkin around the kitchen in that realy short robe i can see her ass when she bends ove rto get anything. then she cought me lookin at her.she bent over and i seen her ass and pussy.WOW wat a sight. shes like babe.are you lookin at me.sry mom.

i replied. she said its ok babe. then she just turned around and i stared at her nice ass agin. i didnt relize i had a hard on i got up in my boxers n my cock was pointing straight afront of me.i didnt even look down too se if i had a hard onn i walked by my mom and her hand came over my dick.shes like babe is that a hard one. omg i was soo embarased.then i was suprised wat she said. "babe i relly like it its big" then she did the thing i wanned her to doo since ever.!

she pulled my cock out and she gave it a few strokes i pulled back from her and i was embarased. "MOM THIS IS WRONG." then she didnt say anything.then she just came and gave me a kiss on my lips her thoungue was wrestling with mines.

and now i started feelin on my mom. i picked her robe up and started to grab on her ass and feel on her ass hole. then she took the robe off.i started to suck on her nipples and massage her tits. my hand moved down to her shaved pussy.

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then i picked her up on the counter.and spread ther legs. her pussy was awesome u cou ld tell she haddent had a dick in there for a long time. i started lickin her belly button n moved down to her pussy. damn she wass soo wet.i licked her soo hard.i sucked in her pussy lips.i put my thoungue in her soo deep. then she got off the counter and said babe lets goo up to my bedroom.we came to her bed room and gave me a condom. but i told her mom suck me first.

then se said ohh babe i almost forgot n she gigled. she sucked me for bout 5 mins. then i put that rubber on and and layed her down on her bed. i spread her legs and put my dick in her pussy. i was strokin my dick in and out of her soo fastt she was moanin soo hard then she said something soo nice that madee me soo happy ahah.

she said babe fuck me in the ass.i want to feel ur cock in my ass babe.cumm in my ass babe. without thinkin twice i changed a position and licked her ass.then she was ready. i put the head of my the way my cock was bout 9 inches. anyways i put my cock in her ass and she was moanin soo hard.

FUCK ME BABE.FUCK UR MOM. i was soo happy of wat was happening.then i told her mom am bout to cumm. CUMM IN MY ASS BABE!!!

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i fucked her then BAMM!! i exploded in her asss.! she moaned n the suddenly we both collapsed. we were both sound asleep. then i felt somethin nice happenin.i opended my eyes and my mom was suckin my dick. i was like ohh mom suck it,suck it mom.

she was suckin me for bout 10 mins then i got up and took her of the bed and put her by the side of the bed i told her to hold on to the bed.

i put one of he legs over my shoulder and i had her pussy wide open and ready for my cock.i put my cock in her pussy and i fucked her as hard ass i could have. the she said babe am gonna cumm all over ur cockkk ohh babeeeee.!!!!!!! n then i was ready to cum i said mom am gonna cumm in ur pussy am gonna CUMM IN UR FUCKIN PUSSY! babe no i wanna taste you OHH BABE FUCK ME HARDER N FASTER!!! THATS IT BABE THATS IT OHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

okmom am readyy to cumm in ur beautifull mouthhh. i let goo of her leg and she was on her knees waitin for my cumm. i cummed soo much in her mouth.AHHHHHH!

mom that was amazing.! ohh babe i love ur cumm.BABE I WANT U TO CUMM IN MY MOUTH EVERDAY FROM NOW ON. mom its gonna b my pleasure.

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then we both were naked and walked down to the kitchen both naked. i didnt let goo of her ass on the way down there.

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some how i managed to put my middle finger in her ass.i put it in all the way thenn suddenly i had another hard onn. we came to the kitchen and emidiatly i bent her over and started to lick her ass shes like babe and gigled. soo i licked her ass and told her to give me a good lick on my dick.

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she licked it good.and i got back to her ass and i slowly started fucking her. i fucked her for a long time bout 30 mins she was sweaty and i was even more sweatyer. soo i cummed in her mouth agin.

and we took a brake . it was like 6 pm. by now.


soo we both just sat down and watcheed a movie. .ahh mom am soo tired.i love you. I LOVE YOU TO BABE. later that evening like at 9 pm. my mom was sleepin in the sofa. She had her robeo n that she had this morning.i slowly opened it and started eatin her out she woke up and said.


BABE.OHH BABEE.ohh. PUT UR DICK IN IT. soo i did wat she said. and one agin i cummed in her mouth. the next morning was kida odd.she told me not to go to school. YESSSSS! i thought to my self. so the whole day i was fuckin my mom.

ass. pussy. ass. pussy. it was the bestt. and i love her. son fuckin.dick ridin.dick lickin mom. thats my mom and i love her