Singapore son fucking mom sleeping

Singapore son fucking mom sleeping
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Hello, this is my first story that I have ever posted on the internet for a public audience to view. I would appreciate all of the positive and negative feedback that everyone has to offer. I dont judge others for their interests and I definitely do not discriminate them for their interests either.

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As a method to give me feedback, leave a comment below the story or private message me and I will take your feedback and suggestions into consideration.

If my stories offend you at any time, feel free to stop reading. Also, please let me know whether or not I should scrap the story and begin a new one.

I am a constantly-horny teenage male who enjoys writing stories as much as reading them. My stories are based off of my day-to-day fantasies. I do not copy any other peoples' stories, and never intend to. Without Further Ado ____ A Change Of Plans Chapter One In February of 2003, Allison and I started dating.

I took her to many expensive, exsquisite, and interesting places. I was 22 years of age and Allison was also 22 years of age, but born a month and 2 days later. We met in highschool, I wrestled, and she played volleyball. We would see each other in the Gymnasium three or four times a week, most of the time after my practices, which was right before hers started. After highschool, Allison and I both went to the University of Michigan, she wanted to become a nurse, while I focused on working in the automotive industry, as a clay model sculpter.

Occasionally Allison and I would pass on campus and discuss various things about our classes. One day when we passed, I noticed she had nothing with her, which was very unusual as we always had large amounts of assignments to do. I grabbed her by the arm and attempted to strike up conversation with her, but she pulled away and ran away crying.

I was confused, as I had never seen Allison cry in all of the times that I had seen her. I suspected something was upsetting her and followed her to her dorm room. When I arrived at the door to her dorm room, all I could hear was sobbing from the other side of the door. I attempted to open the door, but it was locked. I heard a voice which I could not recognize, a man's voice. Allison was still sobbing loudly, so I could not understand what the man was saying.


I heard footsteps coming towards the door so I backed off around the corner in the hallway. I saw a tall man with a hood emerge from the room, leaving the door open behind him. I walked in to find Allison sitting on the floor, nude, with tears running down her face. As I approached her, she crawled away, seeming to not know if it was the other man coming back again. I grabbed her from behind, lifted her up, and set her on her bed.

I then closed the door. I sat down next to her on the bed and told her to open her eyes. Noticing that it was me, and not the shady man, she quickly put her clothing back on. Even at the sight of me being in the room with her, her crying had not subsided. After around ten minutes, she finally spoke, saying to me, "M- Mi- Michael.

I am so sorry.", I looked at her and said, "Allison, what for?", and at that moment, she looked me in the eyes and said, "The man, who just left my room.", there was a long pause, then she continued, "He threatened me, a- and said if I didn't have sex with him, he would murder me and the next man to enter my room.", I then had an eerie feeling go throughout my body, as I slowly turned around to find the same shady man staring with bloodshot eyes at Allison and I. Allison started to sob again, and then she hid behind me.

I couldn't beleive this tragic turn of events. While all of this processed through my head, the main thought that constantly rose to the top was to protect Allison. I then heard the man clear his throat, and he said, "Leave now, and you might be fortunate enough to walk away with a few minor injuries.", I responded by saying, "Fine, I will leave, but promise no harm to the girl." He nodded and as Allison heard all of this process through her head, she started to sob even harder and even started screaming.

I had no intentions of letting the shady man do anything to Allison. I backed away from the dorm room, and he walked in, closing the door behind him. I then ran down the hall, and ran at the door and kicked it down. The door landed on the man and knocked him over. I then stood on top of him and the door which pinned him to the floor. I thought for a moment, then told Allison to run and go get help. I interrogated the man, soon to find out that he was a janitor at the University of Michigan.

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After interrogating him for a short while, the police came in and arrested the man. I informed them of who he was, and they thanked me for doing the right thing.

Allison came back and was so surprised and so happy to see that I was unscathed. Allison then sat with me on the bed and thanked me by kissing me on the cheek. We never officially stated that we were dating, but I guess that started it all. Two years later, after Allison and I graduated college, I proposed to her, and not too long after, we were married.

One evening, Allison and I went to lie down to go to sleep; however, it seems that she had other things in mind. Allison turned to me, looked deep into my eyes, and said, "Michael, I want to have a child with you.", I was surprised by her sudden statement. I had given thought to having a child before, but Allison and I had never openly discussed it. I responded by saying, "Are you absolutely positive about this?

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Once we have the child, we can't turn back.". She thought for a moment and then said, "Yes, I am positive, I would like nothing else more than to bare a child with you Michael.". I then held her right cheek in my hand and passionately kissed her on the lips. Allison had straight brown hair, her eyes were a hazel color, and her skin was fairly light colored.

She had d-cup breasts and a fine ass. Her body was slender, she was around 6'1" tall. I have wavy brown hair, brown eyes, partially tanned skin, and I myself am fairly slender and tall. I am 6'3" tall. I gently squeezed her large breasts as we continued to passionately kiss each other.

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Allison started to stroke my hard cock through my pants and as she did, I slowly removed her night gown, leaving only her underwear on her body. I allowed her to remove my shirt and pants as I continued to rub her amazingly soft breasts. Her nipples became very stiff, so I started to suck on her nipples which caused her to moan quietly. I then noticed that she had stripped me of all of my clothing, including my underwear.

Allison then moved her head down towards my cock; she rubbed my cock for a few seconds. Shortly after she rubbed my cock, I felt her stop, so I looked down to find that she had just stuck my entire length of cock down her throat in one fluent motion. She sucked my cock for a moment, twisting her tongue around the head of my cock in a circular motion.

Allison had never enjoyed oral sex before, and this was the longest she had ever done it. I slowly eased my cock free from Allison's mouth, then I eased her up onto the bed. I then positioned myself on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I started to remove Allison's underwear as I noticed that she was insanely wet. She was so wet that it must have been dripping down her slender legs. I pulled her wet pussy closer to me, and then began to explore. I started to lick around her labia and then moved to put my tongue inside of her. I made an in-and-out motion repeatedly which made her cum within seconds.

I then removed my tongue from inside of her and I moved my tongue to her clitoris.

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Her clit was very sensitive, as I licked it with my tongue, Allison was squealing and squirming all over the bed. I then raised my head up and said jokingly, "You don't seem to like this, I should probably stop.", she replied by thrusting my head back towards her pussy and while laughing said, "If you stop, you won't ever have sex again!".

I laughed and continued to lick her clit until she came twice more. I was then exhausted, I layed back down in the bed, then Allison jumped up above me and in one fluent motion dropped onto my cock, and started fucking me rigorously. I then said, "Here it comes!", and came inside of her.


After a few pregnancy tests in the next few days that followed, Allison told me that she was pregnant and that we could start expecting a new member in our family in nine months.

Eight and a half months later, Allison and I made a trip go the doctors office to have a regular checkup.

Unfortunately, this would be the last trip we made to the doctors office for awhile. The baby died in Allison's womb with an unknown cause. Allison and I were very depressed by this; but, she took it so much worse. Allison's sanity level became so out of control, that later that year, 2006, Allison comitted suicide while at work.

She could no longer handle the sight of mothers coming into the hospital where she worked everyday with their children. This is where my life had A Change Of Plans.

End Of Chapter One ____