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Putinhas lesbicas se masturbando teen ejaculation lesbian
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I never really was too confident. I usually would spend all my time alone. But recently, I've been having new feelings.

I'm straight, but I'm bi-curious. And I spend all my time in school fascinating about some of the girls, and not paying much interest in boys. My names Tyler, and my best friend Cayla is one year younger then me. Were both Females. I'm 15 and she's 14, we live in the UK, England London. I'm about 5'9-10 she's about 5'5. ********************************* It was around November, nearing my birthday. I walked out of the cafeteria, brushed the crumbs off of my jacket, and walked through the playground.


I heard someone screaming my name, and turn't, only to receive a huge hug from Cayla, and her giggling. "Umm, hey Cayla? What's up?" I asked, partially confused. "Weeeeelll, I passed!" she screamed and hugged me again.

She had had a maths test and I had tutored her.


"Well done Cayla! Congrats!" I said, hugging her again. That's when I noticed her. A Blondish-brown haired girl, standing a few feet behind Cayla.

She was looking at me. I could have sworn she had gone red, and ducked her head to face the floor. She was beautiful. About the same height as Cayla, Sky blue eyes, long eye-lashes, nice slim figure, small perky breasts, and a nice Bottom.

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(I don't really like saying words like "Ass, or But" I think it's partially rude, but hey, that's just me) she was white, but had a tan, wouldn't last very long in London though, with the weather being so crummy. But she stood out of the crowd, like a burst of sunshine.

Like I said, she was Beautiful. Cayla grabbed my hand and pulled me back to her new friend. I could tell she was a new girl, she was very shy. "Hey Nikkie! This is Tyler, a very good friend of mine." She said with a smile, and winked at me, I smiled back.

I slowly extended my hand toward this "Nikkie". "Hello Nikkie, Pleasure to meet you" I said. With a smile. She shook my hand and looked straight at me.

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I could have dropped dead on the spot. She was even more beautiful up close. Better then any celebrity, better then anything and or anyone.


She was now my world. My mission and I would conker this world. "Hello, Tyler." She said, smiling. Pearl white teeth! It just gets better and better. "Wow" I said under my breath, then straightened up, and let go of her hand.

I couldn't stop the feeling of wanting to hold her. Forever in my arms. Until I died, to not let harm come to this creature! What had come over me? I got a grip of myself, and managed a small smile. "Cayla" I said, turning toward her. "I'm going to have to go to science now" I said frowning "But ill meet you at the school gates after school" she smiled and grabbed me into a hug "See you then" she said. Kissing my cheek. I once again extended my hand to Nikkie.

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"Goodbye Nikkie. It was nice meeting you" I said, smiling, she took my hand and laughed "Like-wise" she said winking. That was it for me.

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She had stolen my heart, hidden it. And I would have to take hers in return.

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*********************************************************** Later that evening I had a text come through on my phone. I started to read the text, it said; 'Hey Tyler.

It's Nikkie. I hope you don't mind me texting you.

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I got your number from Cayla. I just wondered if you were okay. You seemed to be in a bit of a hurry when you half walked half ran from us, ha-ha, so, how are you, and, why was that?' I responded by phoning her. "Hello?" a voice breathed through on the other end. Once again I had to get a grip of myself.

"Hello Nikkie. It was a pleasant surprise getting a text from you so late at night, I was about to go to sleep. But, I'm fine thank you and, I had to hurry to class, so I wasn't late." I said, a little lie, I actually was in a hurry to get away from Nikkie, before I had a cardiac-arrest. (Heart-Attack) "Oh, sorry to disturb you then. I'm fine too, and okay, I didn't know that, I thought it may have been for some other reason but I'm stupid so" she chuckled "Hey!

I was wondering, would you like to come round tomorrow? My parents are going away, for a while, and I need a friend to stay for the weekend. Would you like too?" My heart skipped a beat, I already knew my answer before she had finished. "Sure ill be there" I said, "goodnight" and hung up-not waiting for a response. ************************************************* The next day I woke up at around 8am, and decided to get ready as well as I could.

I put on some deodorant the expensive kind blow dried and straightened my hair. I put on the best swagger look I could. Pink underwear, a nice Pink Top, Grey jumper, Grey jeans, Pink shoes and a pink hat. I knocked on her door (I had gotten her address from Cayla) and stood as straight as I could, and I knew, no matter how good I looked or tried to look, I would never compare to this angel.

She answered the door wearing; blue top, white short, white socks (No trainers or shoes) and a blue jumper. "Nice swagger" I said laughing. She laughed too, her angelic laugh, which made me slow until I stopped laughing.

My laugh wasn't as good as hers either. "Would you like to come in? I've got a movie set up on the widescreen in the living room." I chuckled, "yes, I would like to come in, that's why I'm here" I said winking. I stepped through her door. I stepped out of my trainers and realised that I was considerably taller then her, around 4-5 inches. She walked through to the front room, and pressed play on the DVD player.

She sat down on the settee, I slid down in front of it, onto the floor, and I didn't even feel good enough to sit next to her. I sat with one leg extended forward and one bent upward, resting my hand on my knee and one on my thigh. Nikkie leant over the settee and looked at me, I looked up at her. "Tyler, sit next to me?" I smiled "I'm good on the floor thanks" I replied "Please?" she said, smiling, fluttering her eye lashes.

Darn it! She got me. I couldn't say no. "S-s-sure" I said, stuttering, as I got up to sit beside her, she leant back, with a smug look. She had something against me now. And she knew it.