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Blondie hot babe got a mouthful
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*Author's note- This is mine, do not steal. This is chapter 6 of the series, if you haven't read the others I suggest you go do so. This contains flashes of non consent and murder, I do not condone, nor should you go out and do it.

The symbols later on are satanic, the A with the circle around it represents animal/human sacrifices it, it can also stand for anarchy, the second symbol, the triangle, is used to confine demonic forces during rituals. This story will be posted on the account xxxArtemisDawnxxx on and on ArtemisDawnXXX on * '.' thoughts *.'s POV* Point of veiw change <.> memories Chapter 6 *Part 15* *Shelly's POV* Flashes pass through her mind as quick as lightning through her apologies she's speaking out loud.

I feel weighed down with grief as she relieves over and over the night I screamed Selene's name, and what happened about an hour ago. When she murdered me. <Walking back home, tears are streaming down my face. I continuously curse and sob at Shelly. Feelings of betrayal wrack through me. Its dark.> "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." <A lone figure stands at the end of the street, I'm all alone as I stop in my tracks and stare at him. He's shrouded in darkness, and I see red glowing from where his eyes should be.> "I'm sorry, please, I'm sorry." <He extended his hand and beckons me forward.

My mind doesn't want to move to him, it wants to run, but my body is compelled towards him, like a moth to flame.> "Please forgive me, please, please, please." <I take a step forward.> I try to get through to her, but she's incoherent as she relives what she wants me to understand. 'Val baby, I know its not your fault.' It falls on def "ears." <Another step.> "So sorry." <And another.> "Make it stop, it hurts." <An apple appears in the stranger's palm.> "He made me do it." <My body reaches for the apple as my mind screams to stop.> "Sorry, I'm sorry.blood." <I touch the apple, it glows brilliantly and I feel a warmth spreading across my palm.> "Your hands.I sorry." <I feel an intrusion in my mind, and my consciousness grows fuzzy as he slowly takes over my mind and body.

I feel strong and at the same time sluggish, a red light starts to glow from my eyes. I'm turning into a.daemon. He's changing my body by taking over my mind.

I can't fight.> 'Valerie.' <My senses are still working, but I cannot work my body, I move on my own accord, and I sense his plan.> "NO!

PLEASE!" <Murder Demkian's friend, take his lover's soul, revert him to his former self.> "He's murdered you, I didn't, he made me." <Use him to release Demogorgon.> I feel Val shudder, and I wrap my consciousness around her's, trying to calm her. It works slightly and her speech becomes more coherent. 'Val, why did he do this?' "To release his Master, he used us, he's been planning this for a long time. I.I know what he's going to do." I feel a hope burning inside me, and Valerie feels it to, I sense it slowly building her own spirit and she talks more firmly.

"He's going to turn Damien back into Demkian, then he will have him use Selene as he did to his lover, Aikatherine.

First he had to have 10 souls of the Bloodline hunters from her family, descending from Aikatherine's brother Adelphose, her parents and sister were almost enough, but she was the last." 'What do you mean, what he did to his lover.' Images flash through her mind and I feel sick at what I see.

Betrayal, murder, and desecrating her corpse, just to gain his Daemon powers. 'Do you think we could get there and stop him? Do you know where they are.' I feel her search through her "memories" that were left by Kerberos' invasion, then I feel joy radiate through her. "I know where they are, and maybe, just maybe, we can save Damien and Selene." *** *Damien's POV* I stare at Kerberos shocked.

'His son? Its not possible.' He chuckles at my expression. "It seems as if you don't believe me. You are my son Demkian, we were together every since you were 1876." I shake my head violently and shout, "Liar!" He grabs my face roughly, his eyes blazing with anger.

"Don't you dare call me a liar Demkian." He says menacingly. "You are mine, you couldn't kill the girl because she reminded you of your mother, the only human you ever loved and regretted killing." My gaze on him falters as he continues explaining, it seems to hit some part of my brain that recognizes what he says. "Because of your weakness the human part of your brain awoke, and put your Daemon side for the most part asleep, it made your forget your past, and put a happy fairytale in its place instead.

The only place that side of you could become apparent was in your dreams, it showed you scenes from your past and things you wanted to do in the present." I stare at him astonished, the things he's saying making sense. I shake my head violently. "No! It isn't true!" I shout at him, trying to block is haunting gaze from my mind. "It is Demkian. Here, let me show you the truth." He releases my throat, and extends a fingertip to my forehead, I feel warmth radiate from where he touches me, and everything goes dark.

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*** I see a small flickering light at first, like a candle, warm and glowing somberly. I walk towards it, extending my hand, when the rooms suddenly illuminates showing the scene before me.

Everything is illuminated by candles, the furniture is pushed against the walls, to make room for the scene in the middle. There is a human body lying on the floor, a naked female, her throat is slit from ear to ear, and I see cum leaking from her exposed pussy. Kerberos is kneeling by her head, chanting something in a language I don't know. 'Latin.' My mind puts it together, almost like I've heard these words before.

I then notice a carving in the girls stomach, it's a letter A with a circle around it, the blood slowly trickling down her sides. There's also another symbol, a triangle surrounding her body, its painted in her blood and seems to glow slightly. As I watch, Kerberos' chanting become louder and I start to see a dark smoky shape appear above the girl. It appears to be the shape of a human, except much bigger, about 15 feet tall, and huge bulging muscles.

He starts to become more apparent. He's transparent, but I can see him clearly now. His skin is pitch black, and his eyes are a blazing red, he's similar to Kerberos. He has a massive wingspan, but from were ours are bat-like, his a bird-like.

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His feathers are pure white, except the tips which look as if they've been dipped in blood. 'A fallen angel.' My mind fills in. He stands there naked, his flaccid cock hanging from his body, it's a good 14 inches. "Master Demogorgon." Kerberos says, bowing down to him. "Kerberos, why have you summoned me?" Kerberos sits back up, keeping his eyes steady, even though I see him shaking slightly.

"Master, I haven't been able to create the weapon we need. No woman here seems pure enough to do such a task." "You must finish this task if you want to set me free Kerberos. We need the boy your sister's book described. I mixture of Daemon and human blood, he will be unstoppable. He will be the only one able to free me. He must be the ones to kill the Hunters, your only task was to make yourself the first Daemon so you could create the boy." "I know Master, because there will be a small part of his human form that will feel guilty for killing them, and it will cause emotional turmoil within him, making him able to release your from your prison." Demogorgon steps as close as he can get to Kerberos.

"Why do you put up this prison when you summon me?" "Master, with you still chained in the other realm, it would be disastrous to summon you without the protection, its able to have you keep your form here, instead of being wounded." "Very well. The next time I see you Kerberos, You better have delivered what you promised.

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Go find a sow, and have a son so you can release me!" "Ye-yes Master." He says bowing and the dissolving the spell and sending Demogorgon back.

"I will find a suitable mother for my child." Kerberos says and walks from the room. Then the scene dissolves and forms a different memory. It's a dark street, lanterns creating a dim glow. Carriages line the sides of the street haphazardly. There is no one around. I'm up on a rooftop. A light drizzle is lightly covering everything, and somehow dampening my hair. I look across from me at the other roofs, and see Kerberos stalking across them. He's following a woman whose briskly walking through the rain in the streets below.

She has white hair, and green eyes, the color of my eyes when I'm human. She has high cheek bones, and her skin is pale, there's a rose color on her cheeks from where they're flushed from the cold. She's wearing a simple grey coat and gloves with a blue dress.

Her bodice shows a generous amount of cleavage, but not enough to label her a common whore. She has a nice figure, an hourglass shape, her breasts about a D cup, and her hips swell out nicely, and I'm guessing she has long legs, although I can't exactly tell from her dress. She looks to be in her late teens or early 20's. 'Mom.' The thought hits me. This is my mother. I follow them, I notice a sort of glow coming from her, radiating from her core and expanding.

'She's pure, no sin permeating her existence, almost Angelic in a way. Exactly the kind of woman Kerberos was looking for. I sense that she is no longer a virgin though, but she still has that glow, she must have been married. I then see Kerberos jump off the roof and land in front of the woman. She's startled and falls back, landing with a hard thud, almost cracking her skull on the cobblestone.

"Shhh, my dear, all will be well." Kerberos says. Her chest is heaving, but it seems as though she can't find the will to scream like she desperately wants to. "Come my dear. You are going to be mine." Kerberos extend a hand toward her, and I see something similar to smoke come from his fingertips and hits&

She inhales it, and she falls back, her eyes fluttering shut. Her breathing deepens, and she relaxes. Kerberos comes and cradles her to his chest, the smoke circles around them, and they disappear. I wipe a tear from my face as the scene changes again.

This time we're back in the house again, a bedroom. A huge bed lies in the center of the room, and surrounded by candles. There is a fireplace across from the foot of the bed, and a plush, white rug in front of it. There is a fire burning brightly, illuminating the room even more.

"What is your name my dear?" I hear Kerberos' voice say. I see figures slowly appear by and on the bed. The woman is tied down, her wrists tied to the headboard her legs are free. Kerberos is sitting beside her on the bed. She looks scared, but she faces him bravely.

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"My name is Charlotte." "You have a beautiful name Charlotte." He says, and tenderly strokes her face. She doesn't flinch, and she doesn't take her eyes from his.


His steady gaze falters slightly, and confusion seems to flash across his expression. "Are you not afraid of me?" She keeps her eyes on his. "Yes, but I cannot fight what happens, so I might as well stay calm and let whatever happens happen." "You are a very educated woman. You will make an excellent mother to my child, if you live that long." I can hear her heartbeat pick up. "Mother? Of your child?" Her strokes her face again, but this time travels down her neck and side.

"Yes, I am going to get you pregnant. I need a son, and your soul I pure enough to create the one I need." "Please, don't do this. I won't be able to do this for you, I've been pregnant twice before with my husband's child, and I've lost them both…which is why he left…because I failed him." Her eyes close, and a tear rolls down her cheek, which Kerberos whips away.

I'm surprised by his kindness, and I can tell it is genuine. 'He actually feels something for this woman.' "Have you ever thought it was him that was impotent. I can tell there is nothing wrong with your womb, it is ready to carry a child, and quite able to grow it properly." She blinks at him, tears rolling down her face. "No. I can't. We aren't married, I cannot have your child, it is a sin!" Her voice grows as she speaks, going from a whisper to a yell.

He smiles at her, and I see some of the uncaring hatred leak back into his expression. "That's the point, my child has to be born in sin, even if you aren't willing, you will have my child. You are a pure soul, clean of all sin, you are practically an Angel here on Earth, but, you will soon fall." She shakes her head violently and starts praying.

Sounds like she's reciting the Lord 's Prayer. Kerberos starts laughing, it getting louder that farther she gets into the prayer. "Silly girl, there is no God for you, he isn't here to hear you, he has more important things than you in this World, I've never once seen his so called "works," I was around when Jesus existed, he was nothing more than a man, his miracles didn't exist.

I am your Master, I am your God. Pray to me little one, I will comfort you." She looks at him, her eyes puffy from crying. "Those are lies…" But her voice doesn't hold that strong tenor anymore, it's closer to a scolded child. He strokes her face again and stands. "No my sweet, they are facts. Now, will you have me willingly or will I have to take you without your consent?" "I'll never let you have me willingly." He frowns slightly.

'Kerberos was expecting, no hoping for her to say yes, he really doesn't want to rape her.' He shakes his head, and I see the cold enter his eyes, encasing himself in ice. "So be it woman." He takes off the robe he was wearing and lets it fall to the ground, showing his naked form to her. The last thing I hear from her is her scream as he climbs on top of her. I block the rest of the scene out, it lasts for hours for her, but the scene lasts only a couple of minutes for me from Kerberos only showing me his "highlight reel." At last he stops and she's panting and crying, almost unconscious.

"Soon, my child will be able to walk this Earth, I'm sure your God is weeping for you at this very moment." He says sarcastically and he grabs his robe and stalks out of the room. I look out the window before the scene dissolves…it raining. The scene that comes up is similar to the last, but different, time has passed from the last, I see snow falling lazily out the window, with a glimmer of sun shining through, the fire is blazing even more in the fireplace.

Its warm, almost cozy in the room. A scream breaks through the peace. I spin and face the bed and I'm met with blood, lots of blood, covering the bed, and the lower half of Charlotte.

Her face is covered in sweat, and completely red, its contorted in pain as she pushes. I look down at her spread legs, she's naked, with blood pouring out of her opened vagina. 'Its looks like she's being ripped apart.' I see movement in her swollen belly, and the child moves and kicks around inside her, it seems desperate to get out, but her womb is open enough yet to free him.

She screams again and I see her start coughing up blood, as the baby destroys her from the inside. I hear a cracking sound as her lower set of ribs break, one by one. She tries to scream, but it sounds as if she's lost her voice. "Hurry up! He's going to kill you if you don't!" Kerberos screams at her, he's standing by her head, but I see the worry etched in his face. 'He…doesn't want her to die.' "Its huuuuurts, make it stop please…get him OUT!

NOW, GET HIM OUT! PLEASE!" She starts pushing, and more blood pours from her opening, it gets wider the longer she pushes, she takes a deep breath and does another, she does this over and over before I see the child crowning.

"That's it, your almost through, come one Charlotte!" I yell at her even though she can't hear me. She pushes hard, the head popping out of her, then the shoulders start to creep out slowly.

Blood is gushing around the child as Charlotte pushes, and I can see her starting to tear. I can see how much pain she's in, but she keeps pushing. I look up at Kerberos, he seems conflicted.

He wants to enjoy her pain, but he's fighting it back, but I can see his hard-on through his pants. Finally the shoulders get past their barrier and the rest of the child slides out, followed by the umbilical cord.

Kerberos walks briskly over and lifts the child, snipping the cord with his nails. He turns but than a small voice floats over to him. "Can…I see…him…please?" Kerberos glances back at the poor, decimated woman. She's lying there limp, covered in blood with more being added. He can see the life leaving her. Should she get her last request? Kerberos sighs and brings the child to her and places him in her arms. She looks at the baby that's torn her apart, made her live through months of pain and torment, and yet, she can see a silver cord connecting her to him, a child of her soul.

She whispers low for the child to hear and not Kerberos whose looking out a window. "You may be partly a demon, but you are also mine, you can make a choice, you aren't evil, I can feel it within you. I've never had a child, I only wish I could watch you grow up little one, I can't be there for you.

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I don't regret it, none of it, as long as you live, I will be part of you soul…my beautiful baby." Her sight starts to dim and she feel strength leaving her body. "May you be blessed, may you be safe, in these last minutes that's all I can hope for." She touches his forehead, and Damien sees a faint light go from her fingertip into him and encompassing child. She doesn't seem to realize what happened. Her hand falls away. She kisses his cheek lightly. "Mommy loves you…Damien." She says weakly, and then she falls back, her eyes starting to go glassy, but still with a firm grip onto her child.


Just then Kerberos comes and takes the child and walks out. "Comes Demkian, it is time for you to serve your purpose." *** Everything comes back to reality, to the dank, wet cell.

Kerberos is lowering his arm from me as I blink away the tears that formed in my eyes. "See, you are mine, and you know why you were made Demkian." I shake my head violently and scream, "That isn't my name, its DAMIEN! I AM NOT DEMKIAN!" Kerberos stares at me in silence, before whispering softly. "You don't deserve that name, that human name that your mother gave you. You are a monster, born of rape, fear and pain, all the things you revel in. It's what you were made for after all." Tears roll down my face as what he says sinks in.

'Mommy…?' The thought flashes through my mind, along with the image of her still and cold and stiff. Kerberos is looking at me smiling. 'What the fuck is he smiling about? I'll wipe it off his Goddamn face!" The anger starts to boil inside me, I can feel it churning around. I start to turn, but it feels different, it doesn't feel like normal, like my half and half, I feel something awakening.

'No, what's happening to me?' "That's right Demkian, come back to me. I need you to finish your purpose, she is sleeping now for you to sacrifice. Demogorgon is already acquainted for her soul, but it isn't forever there, you have to sacrifice her, do what you were born for Demkian!" An intense heat starts radiating through my chest, starting from my heart and going outwards, consuming me. Its hot, so hot, please make it stop.

"You can choose, you aren't evil. Mommy love you Damien." Mommy, please help me, it hurts so much. I hear a twisted version of my own voice.

"We killed her Damien, she can't help." No please, please, I need her, I don't want this, PLEASE! "Serve your purpose Demkian." The heat and pain flashes through me, encompassing me, putting me into a cage. I can't feel anything, everything is dark, where…where am I?


*** Kerberos' POV I see Damien go limp, he isn't in his human form any longer. 'He must be changing, if he isn't…I can't think of anything else that will awaken him, guilt of his mother's death should do it…Mighty Demogorgon, please, make this work." He starts to shift, and I can feel something coming off him. His aura has changes, from warm and human, to cold and evil.

I can feel the hate radiate off him. 'He's even stronger than I, yet he is under my control, my flesh and blood, and my servant.' Demkian looks up at me with his blazing red eyes. "Father, how should I serve you?" **Thanks for reading guys, and sorry about the wait, I've been busy with life and all that, but I'll be posting more now.

Hope you enjoyed, rate and leave feedback just don't be an ass.**