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"Need some help?" Tasha asked in a purposeful voice. I swallowed and looked up not knowing what I was going to do. Tasha was leaning with one hip against the door of her father's truck.

She looked sexy as hell. I took a long look at her. Tasha has shoulder length, flaming red hair. It was full and framed the pale skin of her face. The red brought out the bottle green color of her eyes and the smattering of light freckles. Her face is very attractive and after her striking eyes, her full lips are it's most pronounced feature.

My eyes drifted down to her t-shirt covered chest. Tasha usually wore clothes that hid her large chest. She had a fairly small frame that made her D-cups look even bigger. I had never seen more than a little cleavage. I have checked often. Her hips flared out a bit wider than she would have liked. I'd heard her mention her "big butt" on occasion, but it looks pretty fine, to me. I don't know if she is in to it or not, but I'd thought of tapping her ass on many occasions Today she had on jeans and though she wasn't facing the right direction, I had already noted how well she filled them out.

'Oh, fuck' I thought. 'What do I do now?' I decided to just answer the question. I felt a little flushed and it seemed to me like she asked it an hour ago. "Sure" It came out a little nervous and high pitched. I over compensated and then my voice sounded more like Barry White when I asked her to grab the extension cord and thermostat from inside. I expected the little giggle that I had heard so often when I amused her, but she just nodded and went to get the equipment.

I climbed up into the bed of the truck and noticed that the lid of the freezer was not completely closed. I opened it, figuring I would need to adjust the body. I was not wrong. It was entirely expected, but Julia&hellip.I really need to stop thinking of her as a person, it was going to be hard enough to do this as it was. The body&hellip. looked liked it had just been dumped in.

I'm sure that was exactly what happened in all the haste. I pulled the body into a sitting position, bending her legs up, and spreading them apart. The position was not respectful, but her torso needed to lie between her knees so the lid would close.

I would also be able to drag her out a little easier. "Here ya go" Tasha said "Ahhhh!" I screamed and jumped. "Fuck!" I continued. "Glad I'm not the only one who is a little on edge." Tasha said "You want to go get a beer?" I was back to "What do I do?" Tasha is very pretty and if I wasn't with Kim I would have been all over her offer. But, even Kim's earlier permission to fuck her best friend ,did not seem to grant me absolution.

"I cleared it with Kim" she added. She looks so good and Kim is OK with it&hellip. Conflicted, only begins to describe what I am feeling.

"I just need to talk" she added sensing my internal conflict "Promise." Maybe I AM dense. But, the thought of talking about this, with someone who was more objective than the sisters, did not sound bad at all.

"Ok" I said "Just let me get this rigged up" I took the thermostat from Tasha and dropped the probe inside. The probe would take the inside temperature and send it to the thermostat.

The freezer would be plugged into the same thermostat unit. The unit gets plugged into a wall outlet. When the temperature inside the freezer was cold enough the thermostat would cut the power. When it rose a degree above the set point the power would be restored and the freezer would begin to cool again. I'd picked this nifty little gadget up from a store that specializes in making home beer.

I doubt they would have guessed what I was using it for. I closed the lid, and plugged everything in. I used the extension cord to get power from the outside electrical outlet by the porch. I set the thermostat at 34 degrees and listened as the freezer hummed to life and began to cool. The digital readout said 54 degrees. We had kept the freezer running until we loaded it up an 1 ½ hours ago.

I watched it for a few moments and the temp reading changed to 53 degrees. I double checked the set point. Satisfied, I climbed down. I looked around. Luckily my neighbor who shared this boundary with my rented house had moved away and his house was vacant. With the truck backed in and shield by a tree in the back yard, the freezer could not be seen. It could be heard, but only if you were close. I was still hesitant to leave.

"I'll go tell Kim to keep an eye on the thermometer. She can call if there is a problem" Tasha said sensing my anxiety, but not the exact reason why. "OK" I said reluctantly. But I really did want to get away and talk. Tasha was out in about two minutes. I imagine they talked about more than just my gerry-rigged thermostat. We both headed towards the street where my car was parked. "Where to? I asked. "How about Rookies?" Tasha offered.

"That works." I said as we climbed in. Rookies was a good choice. On a Thursday night, with the Rockies playing it would be just busy enough to keep the wait staff busy, but not so loud that we would have to yell to be heard. We did not want to worry about who else might be listening.

"Are you alright?" I asked her for what seem like the hundredth time as I pulled away from the curb. Tasha answered with a shrug and then began. "This is all moving so fast. You guys have had time to digest all of this." "Not much." I said a little defensively. "I only agreed to this on Sunday. That's about 48 hours more than you." "How OK are you with all of this?" Tasha asked. I was silent as I mulled that over.

Tasha was right. This whole thing was moving fast. Sunday the Russian attacked Kim and Rachel and four days later I have a dead body in the back of Tasha's truck. Our plan has us burning that body day after tomorrow. Fast. Very fast. All of my brain power has been focused on making the plan work. "You saw Kim's house. I saw Kim and Rachel tied up, and Kim's breast cut. I think these people are serious." I finally answered "I know.

But, isn't this a job for the police? Tasha asked "Maybe." I began "Kim and Rachel think that the police can't do anything until Rachel is hurt or killed." "Rachel and Kim think?" she said with a hint of incredulity "What does Ron think?" I was turning into Rookies' parking lot as I pondered that question.

"I agree with them, or I wouldn't be doing this." I said with an air of confidence that I didn't feel. Tasha seemed to sense my false bravado and continued pressing. "Doesn't this all seem a little "Hollywood"?' "Yeah. It does. But, how do you explain everything that happened?' Tasha did not answer my question. We got out of my car and went inside. We sat ourselves. I got a Blue Moon, the Big League size, and Tasha ordered a Mike's Hard Lemonade.

The drinks were there before Tasha got back from her trip to the bathroom. "Is that any good?" I asked, chin cocking at her drink. She passed it over to me and I took a pull. "Not bad. I could get used to that" I said feeling a little better. "Ron, I can't explain what is going on. Somebody did all of the things that we saw. There is no doubt. Kim is my best friend and if she needs help, I'm going to help. But, something feels wrong to me." Tasha said as she took a double gulp of her Mike's.

"How so?" I asked "Well, for one thing, here I am with you." I just looked at her waiting for her to explain. "Kim likes you. Probably loves you. It is hard to tell with that girl" she editorialized "So, why did she push us together tonight?' "Push?" I said, still confused.

"I told Kim I wanted to talk about all of this. After handling that dead body&hellip." she paused for a shiver. "After doing that, this all started to seem wrong.

When I mentioned talking, Kim said that I should talk to you." Tasha said uncomfortably. "I don't mean to sound like she was blowing me off. Kim knows that I think you are cute." She looked down at her bottle as she said this and I think she blushed. I squirmed in my chair as she continued. "We've played games with guys in the past; her going with my boyfriend, me with hers, just to see what happened.

You know, see what they would say or do. Would they bad mouth Kim? Would they claim they weren't 'with' Kim, so they could try to sleep with me? That kind of thing." "That sounds a little manipulative" I said, finally finding my tongue. "I know. It was high school drama crap. But, Kim and I never seemed to be with a guy that we loved. You know high school, if you aren't with a guy, people think something is wrong with you. So, it never felt entirely wrong to play these games, but it never seemed right either.

It's the same uneasy feeling I'm getting now. Like I said, like we were pushed together." "I told Kim that you told me 'I was going to owe you, big time.' I'm thinking she if just really grateful that you are helping" I said omitting the part where Kim gave me permission to fuck her hot best friend.

"Maybe. Kim has always had different ideas about sex and relationships." "Tell me about it" I said catching the waitress' eye. "Another round?" Tasha nodded. Our waitress came back and I ordered two Mike's "So you're thinking that Kim is so grateful that I am helping out, that she is 'giving' you to me?" Tasha said skeptically and then she smiled. "How do you feel about that; being pimped out?" "Pimped Out?" I said a bit startled "I guess I didn't think of it that way.

But, there are worse things that being put out to stud." I finished with a self-satisfied tone. "Pig" Tasha said with a big grin and shaking her head.

"What if I told you that Kim gave me permission to have sex with you?" I offered "Did she?" Tasha asked squinting at me, trying to get a read on my honesty. "What if she did?" I held firm, but then realizing I didn't want to know her answer.

I was putting myself in a no win. Either she is interested and I am being unfaithful or she isn't and my ego gets bruised. "Well, let me put it this way.

Back in high school when we would play our games with the other's boyfriend, we always had permission to get them hot and bothered, and then walk away. Nothing more than kissing and light petting. Later, they'd get a text message breakup about an hour later" "Wow.

Dangerous game. You two are lucky you didn't get raped." I said and then continued "So you don't think she would give her blessing?

If, that is so, why are we here and what about Rachel's comment about you not hurting me?" "Rachel was just being a bitch. Even a death threat won't fix that." "What if I told you, Rachel, Kim and I are having sex, together and separately?' "Are you?" she asked without the skeptical tone, and then seeing the look on my face continued. "I guess they really are grateful for your help" Tasha said flatly.

I wasn't sure if I had touched a nerve or what. I was about to ask when she continued. "How is that working out for you?" Tasha asked, with what I thought might have been a tone of jealousy. There was definitely some sort of hard emotion tainting her words. "I imagine Kim mentioned my sex life with Rachel?" I said definitely feeling the liberating effects of the alcohol, and checking for a nod from Tasha.

I got it and went on. "Well, let's just say Rachel has been much more accommodating." I said both avoiding being graphic and with a tad of smugness in my tone. "Yeah, right. I've been friends with Kim since before you met Rachel. Rachel's a ball breaker and if I didn't know better, I'd swear she hated me. I know that if she is being "accommodating", someone has a gun to her head." "I haven't seen a gun, but what I have seen has amazed me." I added. With that Tasha went silent for a few pulls on her drink.

She offered to buy the next one and I agreed. I changed the subject and started talking about tomorrow. "Are you sure we can pull this off tomorrow?" I asked "Yeah. You know I'm studying to be a dental hygienist, right?" I nodded.

Kim had told me that before. We had all known that Tasha's mom was the receptionist at Rachel's dentist. "Well, I used the equipment at Dr. Rosencrantz's office to practice. It's really simple to operate.

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Mom mentioned my career plans and Dr. Rosencrantz offered to let me get some hands on training there. He even checked me out on the equipment himself" Then she was silent thinking.

"Actually" Tasha said with a Mike's fueled giggled "He was doing quite a bit of "checking out" himself.

He spent most of his time talking to my chest. He's old enough to be my Dad, but he's not terrible looking" "Is Tasha getting hard up? Are you starting to troll the old folk's home for dates" I said baiting her. "Ewwwww. That's gross." She said, but she was smiling. I changed to a serious tone. "Tasha?" I began. "I need to ask another favor from you?" "No, we aren't having sex" she said smirking at me.

"I'm serious." I tried to continue "Me, too. No sex. I don't think I could do that to Kim, permission or not" she said more serious than not. "It's not about sex.

Well, it sort of is, in a non-physical way" I answered "Non physical sex? That sounds like no fun at all" she said, not helping me at all. "Tasha!" I interjected and then continued "I need your help tomorrow morning at the crematorium" "Ewwwww. I don't want to do anything more with dead bodies. Tomorrow night is enough" "No. No, bodies. Well, no dead ones, anyway.

I need to get two release forms signed at the crematorium tomorrow. But, I only have one body. The other is in your truck right now." I paused looking for a reaction. Tasha looked at least willing to hear me out. "Jacob, the guy at the crematorium, has a thing for red-heads" I said glancing at her again. She was looking a bit leery. "His work area has several pin-ups, all red-heads. And, one time, there was some sort of lawyer that came in while I was there, a plain looking red-head, and he wouldn't shut up about how hot he thought she was." "And you want me to, what, fuck him?!" she asked obviously pissed off.

"No! No! Hell, no! I'd never ask you to do that!" I said honestly. "But, I was hoping that you might go with me, with maybe a low cut top, and tight pants, and maybe act like you thought he was, I don't know, interesting?" I said that last part, blushing, and very uncomfortable. I didn't have any trouble telling Rachel she had to blow Dr. Syygo, but I respected Tasha. "And you figure he'll be so dazzled by my red hair and boobs, that he'll sign anything?" "Pretty much.

This using sex as a distraction thing is working so far. I figure, why not? But, if you are uncomfortable with it, I'll think of something else" "I'll do it." She said giving in. "But, you are really, really, going to owe me." "Big Time times two" I agreed "You can start with another Mike's" she finished.

That round ended up being our last. We chatted about subjects not dealing with dead bodies as we finished our drinks. I was finding that I really liked talking with Tasha.

She was smart and witty. We seemed to have a lot of the same beliefs and values. She had me in tears with one joke and beer coming out my nose with another.

But, after our fourth drink, we decided to call it a night. As we drove to her place we made plans for the morning. I would pick her up, in the hearse, no less. She would pretend to be my cousin from out of town. I pulled in to the parking lot of her apartment building and parked. Tasha got out, walked over to my side, leaned in, and gave me a long wet kiss, which I returned.

"Peachy." She said with a mischievous grin. I just shook my head as I pulled out and headed home. Tasha's kiss was on my mind. She really was cute. I was hoping that Kim had waited up for me. Although I wasn't exactly sure what I would tell her. Tasha and I had done little more than talk. I wondered what Kim's reaction would be to that.

Hopefully, she would want to reward me for my fidelity and she would do something about the hard on I was sporting. I got home and checked the thermostat. It was reading 35 degrees and the freezer was running. Perfect. I thought. Now to see if Kim was still up. I checked my watch. It was 11:30. I had a shot. When I walked in the door it was Rachel who greeted me from her seat at the kitchen table.

"It's about time!" she said immediately deflating my good mood. "Kim made me wait up for you. She said I had to keep an eye on the temperature thingy until you got home." "Yeah, because YOUR life depends on it" I replied, feeling my anger rise. "Whatever." She said dismissedly and got up from the table. This was her way of conceding the point without agreeing with me. That was not my favorite part of her personality. Then not willing to leave well enough alone Rachel asked, in that patent-pending ball-busting tone, that I had listened to and hated for five years; "So, did you fuck that little red-headed slut?" That did it.

"You fucking bitch! How dare you! Tasha is risking jail to help you out, and you can sit there and sneer at her? Insult her? Like you're so much better than she is?" Rachel was silent, which was the second smartest thing she could have done. Number one would have been to apologize. But, Rachel doesn't apologize. Well, she might not apologize, but I can guarantee she was going to be sorry.

"Get out of those fucking pajamas." I ordered Rachel was ready for bed. She had on a thin summer top, no bra, and a pair of PJ shorts. "Wh…what are you going to do?

She said, with a tremor and a little fear creeping into her words. "You're getting that ass of yours spanked and then fucked. Strip! Before I get really pissed." "Puh…please. I'm sorry. Please don't do that to me." Rachel said looking like she was going to cry. I took two steps towards her, grabbed the front of her top and ripped it down. Rachel jumped as the top tore from the collar down passed her luscious C-cups.

Rachel is drop dead gorgeous. We were married for five years and I never got tired of looking at her body. She has that classic hour-glass figure, with a narrow waist, and an angelic face.

Her now exposed breast pouted up gently as she tried to keep herself covered. I finished ripping her PJ top down and yanked it off. Rachel covered herself as she started to blubber. "D.don't hurt me, pl.pl.please. I'm sorry.

I d.didn't mean it" "Now get out of those shorts or I'll do it for you." I said my anger starting to be replaced my arousal as I felt my cock starting to strain against my jeans. Rachel sniffed and gently sobbed as she stepped out of her panties and shorts. Then she just stood their naked, covering her breasts with one arm and her pussy with the other. "Hands behind your head." I snapped. Rachel did as she was told and I got a clear view of her body. Rachel did not spend much time in the sun, so she was not tan.

But, you could still make out her tan lines, advertising that she swam in a modest bikini. The milky white bikini outline on her breasts added to the allure of the situation. I watched as the red/pink of her nipple rose and fell with her chest. I grabbed one of her tits and squeezed it roughly, feeling it's weight and how ripe it was. I let the firm melon slip though my fingers until her areola was on my thumb.

I worried her little nub with my thumb, trying to get it to contract. Then in a quick motion, I pinched and twisted her nipple.

"Owwwwww!" Rachel cried out. "Ah.ah.ah. You must not wake Kim. If Kim wakes up I'll be most unhappy with you." I said with an idea popping into my head. "You've got a serious spanking coming and then I'm going to fuck that incredibly shapely and tight ass of yours.

I'm going to enjoy it immensely. Now you are free to make all the noise you want, but if you wake Kim up, I'm pulling my cock out of your ass, and sticking in that big mouth of yours, and we will just finish up there. How's that sound?' "No! Please. Don't make me do that! That's gross! Please!" "Lean on the counter!" I ordered, motioning her towards the sink. Rachel took the few steps over and put her hands on the counter. "Take two steps back!" I snapped She did, but took her hands off the counter.

"Keep your hands on the counter." I commanded. When Rachel did as I ordered she had to bend at the waist. "Move you legs farther apart" I continued in a stern voice. "Please, don't. I'll be good. I promise." Rachel said as she displayed her most private areas to me.

I basked in her vulnerability and completely enjoyed the view she was giving me. Her legs were now over shoulder width apart. Rachel has always had great legs, toned, and shapely. They aren't very tan, like I said before. But, they weren't white either. They had just enough color to give you the impression that while she didn't display them often.

Every now and then she let the world gaze upon her. I guess we were supposed to feel privileged. My eyes followed them up as the inverted V they formed narrowed, coming to an abrupt stop at her pussy. The pink lips were closed, but her whole labium was puffy and swollen. I thought I knew why. I put my hand between her legs and rubbed her clit and slipped a finger inside. I was right, she was wet. "I think you tight little pussy wants you to get a spanking, Rachel" I said with a smirk in my voice.

"No! Please, it,&hellip. I mean I, don't" Please don't" "Hush" I said "You would hate to wake Kim." I reminded. She was silent as I continued to rub her pussy, and watching her squirm with embarrassment and arousal. "Mmmmmmmmmmm" she moaned softly. Slap! The sound of my right hand impacting with Rachel's ass interrupted the quiet of the room and startled Rachel. "Ow! she yelped "Is that Kim I hear coming?" I asked sarcastically. "Please.

That hurts." Slap! Rachel only grunted and squirmed as a matching red hand appeared on the other side of her shapely white ass.

"Get up on you toes. If your heels touch the ground before I tell you, I'll go upstairs and get the brush." Rachel tip toed, turning her calves into round balls, and adding a fullness to her ass, that had my cock hard enough to carve stone. Slap! Slap! Slap! I gave Rachel's closest ass cheek three quick swats. "Ow." Rachel said much more quietly than before. "How many are you going to give me?" Slap! Slap! Slap! I evened up the red on her bottom and then paused to answer question as I rubbed her cunt.

"Oh, I don't know. Until my arm is too tired to spank you or until you beg me to fuck your tight ass." "Noooo! Please don't do that! It hurts so much!" "And maybe you'll remember the pain before you open that big mouth of yours to insult someone risking jail to help you" That thought brought my Anger to the forefront, nudging out Arousal for the moment in the battle of emotions.

The next swats were much harder. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! "Owww! Ow! Pleassse!" Rachel's ass was turning a mild sunburn red, that while showing progress was not satisfying. I got an idea. I opened the drawer to Rachel's left and took out a plastic spatula. Rachel saw this and started to blubber. "N.n.nnoo! P.pplease! Thack! The sound was pleasing and even on her reddening ass I could see the outline off the spatula, including the holes for drainage.

Rachel was not as happy and she jumped on the impact and had to stifle a cry of pain. "Umm! No more! Please!" Thack! Thack! Thack! Rachel's body jumped with each blow and her perfect breasts jiggled and swayed with her efforts to dance away the pain on her ass. "All you have to do is beg me to fuck you up your ass, and I'll stop!" "No.

Please don't do that. It hurts. You already got to do that to me once. Please. I'll do anything else you want." THACK! THACK! THACK! THACK! I delivered this swats of my now favorite kitchen implement harder than the previous ones and Rachel jumped and nearly screamed. But, the thought of having my slimy cock put into her mouth straight from her soon to be reamed ass was still weighing on her mind.

"Aye! Please stop! Please" THACK! What. THACK! Are. THACK! You. THACK! Suppose. THACK! To. THACK! Say! Each word was punctuated by a heavy blow to her now angry red bottom. Rachel was dancing and squirming trying to avoid each new swat. But, to her credit she kept her position. I paused for a second to give her a chance to speak. "My legs are cramping.

Can I stop tip-toeing?" "No. The pain will do you good." "Please. It hurts." she whimpered. I'm just an old softy. "What do I get?" I asked. Rachel was not sure what I was asking. She knew I wanted her to offer up something sexual. But, she wasn't sure if she had to beg for an ass fucking, or if something else would earn her a short break. She took a chance. "You could do me while I'm all bent over like this?" she offered quickly Thack!

"Is that the best you can do?" I answered, but thinking that filling her pussy right now did sound like fun. "Ow! Uh. Um." She stammered, debating with herself. "I'll give you some head first, too!" Rachel hated to have a cock in her mouth. Blowjobs were rare when we were married. They were reserved for times when she wanted me to buy her something expensive. "Ok" I answered a little too quickly. That realization triggered a red flag.

Could she be thinking about getting me so worked up that I blow in her tight little cunt, instead of that vice-grip ass she was still displaying for me? Maybe. "On you knees" I ordered Rachel complied and waited for me to undo my pants. "You want to suck my dick so bad, you go get it." I told her in a tone with no humor. Rachel's hands were shaking as she undid the waist button and unzipped my fly.

She eased my jeans down and with them my underwear as well. As soon as my cock sprang free, she took it in her hand and guided me to her mouth. The wet, warm feeling as her tongue went under my cock and her mouth closed on my organ was intoxicating.

Anger had given up it's lead many moments ago and was now in fourth place, trailing Arousal, Lust, and Power. Rachel began to bob back and forth, in a moderately quick fashion. I was quickly ramping up to an explosion. The evening with Tasha had my libido wide awake, the alcohol had fueled the fire, and spanking Rachel, my bitchy ex-wife, had my cock to point of acting like a fire hose.

The thought of Rachel trying to get out of her ass fucking brought me down to earth and I grabbed the hair on the back of her head, stopping her cold. "Go slow." I ordered "I'm cumming in your ass.

If I cum anywhere, but your ass, I'm taking you outside and beating your ass, while you look at the dead body we have in the freezer. You need to learn some manners and a lesson on what you are putting people through. Got it?" Power was definitely leading the pack right now. Rachel nodded her head, with my cock still half in her mouth, and her eyes staring to well up.

Rachel began again, this time slow and deliberately. God, did that feel good. Rachel milked my cock each time she pulled back and then took me to the back of her throat each time she took me in. But, it was also frustrating to stop with a couple of inches of my dick not in her mouth. "Take it all" I told her as I pushed my cock in. I felt her fight my push, but knowing she had to give in.

When my cock hit tonsils, she shifted her head to a new angle and pushed herself on me. My cock slipped down her throat stopping only when her nose was buried in my pubic hair. "Ohhhhhhh" I breathed out, and I put both hands on the back of her head and pulled her into me, as I pushed forward.

I pumped her throat lightly. Her throat wrapped around the head of my cock, but I needed to go deeper. I needed that tight feeling around my whole organ. I pulled completely out in one motion. "Get up and bend the fuck over" I said urgently.

Rachel did as she was told and her still red ass was offering itself to me in less time than it took to read this.


I guided my cock to her pussy, swiped it up to find the tunnel and rammed myself in to the hilt in one motion. A chill ran up my spine as Rachel jumped with the sudden intrusion. I pulled back and then started to quickly pump in and out of Rachel, feeling the tight, wet, warmth of her pussy take me and start to draw the orgasm out of me.

I was pulling Rachel's hips into me as my pace quicken, and Power started to gain on Lust, ordering me to drive my cock to her soul. The sound of our hips meeting made a liquid slapping sound, that reminded my of Rachel's spanking.

I slowed down and asked. "Are you ready to go outside to finish you spanking?" I grunted out "I'm almost ready to cum." "No! Please!" She cried out. Panic had crept into her voice. I knew she was worried about being outside, naked. She was worried someone might see. She was worried about the pain I would inflict, but she was most concerned about having to look at her doppelganger as I flogged her ass.

She had not liked touching the corpse earlier this evening.

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"You can do me in my butt" she blurted out, fully expecting these magic words to cause me to stop pounding her cunt like a jackhammer.

I kept going. "Oh, God. Rachel. I'm getting so close. You have to BEG me to fuck your ass" She hesitated; to her this was the ultimate in degradation. But, was it less so than what she would get outside? "Please, I want you to fuck my butt." She said flatly, but urgently, as my pace had quickened signally I was getting close.

"You don't sound like you want it to me" I managed to get out while trying to slow down. "I do! I do! Please fuck my butt." Rachel said much more urgently. "Your what?" I asked "My ass! Please! I want your cock up my tight ass!" Rachel nearly screamed. Lust had taken the lead, and Arousal and Anger were in the distance fighting for third. I pulled completely out of Rachel's cunt, maybe a second, two at the most, from blowing a hole through her with my orgasm.

I could feel my cock pulse and jump.

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Even with Rachel's wet cunt not milking the ejaculation out of me, I was in danger of it finding it's own way out. That would be so disappointing. But, perhaps knowing more was coming, my cock stopped it throbbing and my pulse came down from the stratosphere.

I took a couple of calming breathes. I put my thumb in Rachel's wet cunt to get some lubrication, pulled it out and then pressed on her little rosebud. Rachel jumped.

"Hold still and relax. You begged to be fucked in your butt and it's coming." I wormed my thumb into Rachel's tight bung hole, marveling that I was about to fill it with my own cock. I was thinking about running upstairs to get the AstroGlide and an applicator when inspiration struck. While, still thumb fucking Rachel's ass I opened the lowest drawer and pulled out a small turkey baster.

I have never basted a turkey in my life, and I doubt this instrument was ever going to be used for that purpose. But it's long tube will hold a lot of oil and it's narrow tip would fit nicely in Rachel's ass. Rachel saw me pull that out and I saw her eyes go wide. "Are you going to put that in me?!" she said with no small degree of shock. "You'd rather I fuck your ass, dry?" I shot back. Rachel was silent as I pulled my thumb out, and got the vegetable oil out of cupboard above her head.

"You're going to gum me up." she complained. "Dry it is" I said and pressed my still violently hard cock in the general area of her forbidden entrance. "No! No! Use the oil, please!" I was filling the tube as she complained. I lubed up the whole contraption with additional oil and checked that there were no rough edges. Then I eased the tip into Rachel's ass. I saw her tighten up, so I swatted her still very red butt cheek with me free hand. "Goddammit!

Will you relax!" Rachel made an effort to do as I asked and I worked the tapered end into her tight hole. "This is gross" Rachel complained. I pushed the baster in past the tapered tip and to the wide tube part.

As I did this I landed a very loud swat to Rachel's ass. SWAT!! "Ow!!" she cried out "Hush!" I ordered as I pushed the tube in farther, opening Rachel's rosebud even wider. "Ow. Ow. Ow." She complained "Go easy that hurts!" I answered by pushing it in another inch farther and squeezing the bulb at the end. I saw a look of disgust appear on Rachel's face, which changed to pain as I pushed the tube farther inside. "No more, please!" That's far enough, OK?" It was only another two inches until it was all the way in and I couldn't help myself.

I steadily pushed the tube until only the rubber bulb was visible. Seven inches of clear plastic was in Rachel's ass.

I squeezed the bulb again, and then eased it back out. More than a little of the oil came with it. I quickly took off my cloths. I was amazed that the thought of getting oil on them caused me to pause.

But, I was naked before Rachel could complain again. I smeared some of the leaking oil onto my cock and guided my rod to Rachel's nearly virginal hole. My head touched it and she jumped. "Pleasssee" she tried begging one more time.

I pretended to misunderstand. "Sure, Rachel" I said as I pushed.hard.

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"Owwwwww! No! Stop!" she said much louder than anytime so far. I felt the shiver return as the head of my cock popped in past her outer ring and then was squeezed to a stop. Oh, was she tight. "How is my oily dick going to taste, Rachel?" I managed to get out as Lust took the lead, and began to insist that I ram my cock home. I felt Rachel relax and I pushed in.

Her tight ass gave ground grudgingly. "Ow. Ow. Go slow! Please, go slow!" I was going as slow as I could. Rachel's ass was squeezing my cock so tight I wasn't sure I could get anything to come out when I came.

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I bottomed out and I felt by balls slap lightly against Rachel's ignored pussy. "Rub you cunt." I commanded.

When she didn't reach between her legs instantly, I gave a quick thrust of my hips to add a little punctuation when I told her again. "Rachel, rub you cunt!" This time she did, and I could see by her arm movements that she was going full bore.

I savored having Rachel doing these things she hated. In five years of marriage, not once had I taken her ass. I had lusted for it, begged for it, promised anything for it. And now for the second time in less than a week, it was mine. I pulled most of the way out and drove in hard. "Owwwww! Please not so hard! It really hurts!' "Rub you pussy harder" I offered and I was not going to be gentle. Rachel had loosed up a bit, as I started to pump her ass. Maybe she was relaxing or maybe her ass was finally stretching out, but regardless it made my job easier.

I pumped faster. "Oh! Yes!" I exclaimed "Do you like this, Rachel? Do you like my cock up your ass?" "N.no! It hurts!" she said through clenched teeth. "Well, I like it a lot!" I said as I thrust a little hard to add emphasis. "Ow.

Please, hurry! It hurts!" she said sounding like tears were coming. I didn't care; I was just two steps from heaven on a downhill slope. I pulled Rachel into me using her hips as my handle and our bodies made a very satisfying, smacking sound as they met. "Umm! Umm! Umm! Ow! Please! Ow! continued Rachel just trying to survive the reaming her little starfish was taking. "You me want to finish in your mouth?" I asked, not really wanting to stop, but figuring I would push a button. "Noooo!" she wailed "Please just hurry!

My butt is on fire!" "Tell me you love it up your ass." I ordered "And make me believe it" "Owww! I can't!" she cried. I fucked harder, increasing her pain. "Oh, Ron! Oh, Ron!" she stammered out through gritted teeth "I love it up the ass!" She didn't really sound convincing, but I was way to close to coming to care too much. I let go with one hand, reach around and found one of Rachel's perfect tits and mauled it. I found the nipple, and just as I felt my balls contract and let fly with my seed, I gave the nub a violet twist.

"Owwwwwww!" Rachel screamed, into her hand, muffling the worst of it. I still thought Kim would be coming shortly, which was my plan. But the pain had caused Rachel to tense every muscle in her body, just as I gave my final deep thrust to empty my balls into her ass. I erupted gunfire into Rachel's body as one, two and three shots fired into her bowel. I released her tit, grabbed both hips and pulled Rachel violently into me, desperate to cum as deeply into her as I could. Black spots appeared in my vision and I felt lightheaded.

Lights flashed behind my eyes and I was wondering where all the air was. I could feel my heart pounding, but everything else seemed to have stopped. Then, as quick as it had begun, my climax retreated and I took in a deep breath. Rachel was sobbing quietly. I did feel a little sorry for her, now that Anger, Lust, Arousal, and Power had all been satiated. But, I reminded myself what had set this off.

"Now, tell me what you think of Tasha." "sniff.sniff…Tasha is a great person for helping me and if you guys had sex it was because she is a giving person." "Much better" I complimented, genuinely surprised at how easy those words came for her.

I let my cock ease out of Rachel's ass, and I noticed the unappetizing mixture of oil, semen, and maybe a little fecal matter that drained out behind me. If there was any blood, I couldn't see it. I stooped down and got Rachel's ruined PJ top, and wiped my cock with it.

Rachel stayed bent over, perhaps waiting for permission. I stepped beside her, turned on the faucet and got the water warm. I wet the cloth and the proceeded to clean up my ex-wife.

"How's you little butt hole?" I asked with a mixture of concern and self-satisfaction. "It hurts" she whined, but then thought better of her answer. "But, it's not too bad, now that it's over." "Good. Remember the pain and feeling the next time you think of insulting Tasha" I picked up my clothes and walked out of the kitchen and headed up the stairs. I tossed my clothes into the hamper as I walked into my room and saw my Kim, naked and sleeping on her side.

She was covered with a sheet to her waist. Rachel's body had taken the lust out of my body, but I still coveted the feel of Kim's firm body against mine. I was surprised at how well I slept when I spooned her. My right hand would naturally find her right breast and my cock would nuzzle between her ass cheeks, like a rabbit in it's burrow. For some reason, this would put me to sleep in moments.

The fact that we had usually fucked like porn stars right before might have something to do with it. I was as quiet as I could be getting into bed. I wasn't worried about Kim being angry with me for what I had just done to her sister. I was sure she would be fine with it. She might have wanted to get in on the fun, but she wouldn't begrudge me teaching her sister a lesson. No, she just looked so angelic I didn't want to wake her. But, I failed. She stirred awake as I got into bed and assumed my customary position.

She covered my hand with hers as I cupped her breast and then asked sleepily. "Was Tasha a good girl?" I wasn't sure if I should explain everything. It just felt wrong to tell Kim I had not fucked her best friend. That thought sounded wrong and it gave me pause. This was so confusing. So I took the coward's way out. "Tasha was great." I said quietly. Kim could infer whatever she wanted. "That's nice." Kim said as she nuzzled her bottom against me, seeking my warmth, and then drifting back to sleep.

'That was a little odd' I thought to myself. I thought she would want details or something. But, it was like she had asked if my softball game had gone all right. I did not sleep as well as I normally did.

I awoke the next morning a little tired. I got ready and kissed Kim good-bye. She was awake with me, and offered to go with me for whatever moral support or distraction she could offer.

But, I thought bringing two girls would be too much. One, I could say, was my out of town cousin and she was hanging with me for the morning. But, if there were two girls flirting with Jacob, maybe he gets suspicious. Anyway, this was going to be an interesting morning. I needed to get to the morgue early and get the Jane Doe loaded up. I have to be there early, because if Julius, the morgue attendant is there he will want to go. It's a sort of an unenforced policy that two guys go when you take a body to the crematorium.

I'm not sure why. Maybe they are worried about workman's comp claims, even though one person can handle the gurney just fine. Maybe they are concerned about zombies, but as we are issued no weapons, manuals on voodoo, or even rock salt, I'm thinking that isn't it. We joke about zombies a lot and Julius is fun to be around, but he would definitely be a problem today if he came. After I got the dead wagon loaded I would swing by and pick up Tasha. I was more than a little curious to see how she would dress for our rendezvous with Jacob.

I had no doubt it would be impressive and distracting. I was just wondering how distracting it would be. After this my plan is in Fate's hands. Well, I suppose it would be more accurate to say the plan was deposited equally in Tasha's top and Jacob's pants.

I know what I want to happen, but I don't know how or if it will come off. I got to the morgue at 6:30, a full hour and a half before normal.

I prayed that Julius was not also in early. I needed to pretend like I wanted him to go with me, so I had the pretend excuse of ignoring Dr. Syygo's two man policy, because Julius was just not available. Maybe the stars had lined up, because Savannah, Dr Syygo's ubiquitous secretary told me that Dr.

Syygo had given Julius the day off. If I'd have known that I would have slept in. I called Tasha and let her know I would not be there to pick her up until 8:30ish. There was no point in rushing out at this early hour if I didn't have to. It would only look suspicious later. The morning went so smooth I was absolutely petrified that something horrible was in store for me.

There were no new cases to process for the morning. I had only a little routine reports and paperwork to contend with. Even that could have been put off until tomorrow.

Then the capper; Dr Syygo took the day off as well. The only time I have ever seen my boss take a day off, that wasn't planned a month in advance, was when his wife was in a car accident.

She was OK, but he still checked in later that afternoon. With all of this working in my favor, I was sure that disaster was in store for me. My imagination went it to overdrive. Jacob will be on vacation and some anal-retentive, by-the-book, heterosexual female will be working in his place. Or maybe, the police will be waiting for me with Dr Syygo at the crematorium. They would be ready to pounce on me for stealing one body and trying to commit fraud with my two forms and one body gambit.

Or, maybe I would run a red light, get one of those photo-tickets showing Tasha in the seat beside me. It would be interesting explaining a civilian in the dead wagon. That was a strict no-no. Or maybe I would be attacked and devoured by a zombie who was not amused by all of the jokes Julius and I had told. I didn't know what, but something bad was certain to happen, and I was making myself crazy thinking about it. I managed to get to Tasha's apartment without running any red lights or attracting the attention of even a single zombie.

Tasha was waiting for me and I caught a quick glance as she waved through her window. I kept an eye on her door hoping that Tasha's outfit would distract me from the impending doom I was imagining. She did not disappoint. As soon as she made her appearance in the doorway, I could see she was wearing a black one piece dress.

The top was completely strapless and the bottom hem just kissed her mid thighs. As she walked towards me I could see that the top was like a tube top, and only Tasha's ample breasts were providing the friction that kept it from sliding down.

I thought at first she was wearing a strapless bra to provide support, but her erect nipples dispelled that thought. The rest of her outfit was a pair of high heel sandals that make Tasha's legs look longer.

She had her hair down and it hung like a mane highlighting her face, and bringing out her striking green eyes. All thoughts of zombies had disappeared, but my pants suddenly seemed a little tight in the front.

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"Will this do?" Tasha asked as she eased in to my car. I must have been staring as the next thing I heard was Tasha's voice, with a humorous tone. "Earth to Ron. Earth to Ron. How do I look?" "Jacob's not going to know what hit him. You look fucking hot!" Tasha beamed at me and I started the car. I did my very best to keep my eyes on the road, but each time Tasha said something, I would glance at her and my eyes would drift down.

I decided I was likely wrong and she was bigger than D cup. I had asked for distracting and I got it. Even in the short time we were in the car she had to pull her top up at least three times. I did myself no favors. I kept thinking it would take no effort at all to pull it down and see Tasha's heavenly globes. I kept reminding myself to focus. Mercifully, it was only about 15 minutes to the crematorium.

We parked in front of the unloading area and Tasha and I went inside. The receptionist buzzed us in, and I headed for the back where Jacob should be working. I wasn't sure if he would be working at the furnace or at his cube. I knew the way to both; this was far from my first time here. We found Jacob at his cube.

He looked up when he heard us coming. "Ron! How are you, buddy?" Jacob said, but he was not seeing me. He had eyes only for my red-haired companion. "Who is this?" Jacob said with his eyes wide and his mouth not fully closing after the words escaped. "This is my cousin, Tasha. She is visiting from out of town. I've got this body I need you to take care of and then I have the rest of the day off.

I'm going to show her around town." I said all of this too fast and I thought I sounded like a criminal. Jacob just kept staring at Tasha. I think the only word that registered was 'body', and Jacob was not thinking of my corpse. "Really? How long are you here for, Tasha? Jacob asked. I could hear the wheels turning and the smell the smoke as Jacob was trying to come up with a plan to ask her out. "Sign this." I said as I handed him the clipboard with Jane Doe's information on it.

"Then I was kind of hoping you might show Tasha the works here. She's never seen a crematorium and she thinks it's cool." We had worked this lame story out in advance. It had only one chance to work, and that was only if Jacob was so smitten with Tasha he would hear only "Show Tasha". And God bless her DD cups, Jacob starred scribbled his signature all the while staring at Tasha's chest.

Tasha and I exchanged a quick glance and knowing smile. We were half way there. "Sure!" Jacob exclaimed as he finished his signature and handed the clipboard back to me. His eyes never left Tasha and she played along. "That is so nice of you, Jake! Can I call you, Jake?" Tasha said with a little bounce that inched her top down a bit.

Jacob, who I knew hated to be called Jake, noticed the new cleavage and said, a bit mesmerized. "Yeah, call me Jake." Jacob shook his head to clear it, and then got a metal ID tag from a drawer and handed it to me.

I knew he would need to record the ID number on the form for Julia. I had already pocketed the now signed Jane Doe form and Julia's unsigned form was on the clipboard. But, he was so intent on not missing a single curve of Tasha's body, he didn't notice any thing I did.

He was also about to delegate the task of recording the ID information. Thank God for big boobs.

"Record the number for me, OK Ron?" The ID tag would go in the furnace with the body to make sure the right ashes got to the right family. I needed Jane Doe's ashes to end up with Julia's family. This ID number would see that it happened that way. Tasha took charge and let Jacob fawn over her, offering her a drink, and pointing out every nook and cranny of the building as we made our way to the dock area.

He grabbed a gurney and we made our way out to the hearse. I help him load Jane Doe on the gurney and we went back inside. Jacob yammered the whole time, trying to impress the hell out of Tasha. Tasha did her part to look interested, but I could tell she did not like the idea of messing with another body. She asked questions and would call as much attention to her breasts as often as possible, by rearranging her top. I was enjoying the show as much as Jacob. Tasha really did look good in that tiny dress.

I was often behind them and it was hypnotizing to watch Tasha's hips sway one way and then the other. The dress would make a light swishing sound in time with her sway. It was a little hypnotic. As I stared at her sexy ass, I was sure she had either no underwear or was wearing a thong. I stared at her well formed bottom for many moments trying to find panty lines. There weren't any. We got to the prep room and Jacob did his macho routine, explaining what he had to do and how if she was squeamish, she might want to leave.

Tasha decided to do just that, and asked where the ladies room was. As the door closed shut Jacob almost shouted. "Ron, you have to help me with her. I will owe you. Please, do me a solid here" I was ready for this. "Jacob, you're a great guy and everything, but she's not going out with you.


She has a boyfriend back home. He's a big, mother-fucking construction worker, and she's in love. Checking out those tits is as close as you'll get." Jacob looked like Christmas had been canceled and Santa Claus was blaming him.

"Dude, cousin or not, I'd be all over that if I thought I had a chance. But, all she talks about is Bobby. Bobby does this. Bobby is so nice. Bobby is so strong.

Bobby. Bobby. Bobby. We are just going to have to enjoy looking." Then he brightened up. "Do you think she would take a picture with me? Something I could put on my wall?" I didn't see that coming. I had noticed his pictures, but I didn't think there were any with him and a girl.

"She might." I said with a note of possibility in my voice "Do you want me to ask her?" "Yeah!" he said enthusiastically. Then he paused and added "But don't make it sound like I'm desperate or anything" "Sure, Jacob." I pulled out my phone, keyed up the address book, and handed it to him.

"Key in your number" I said.


He did and handed it back to me as Tasha walked back in "Are you boys done, yet?" she asked "Shit!" Jacob and I said together. "Sorry, Tasha.

We have barely begun" I said "Well, I'll just have to cover my eyes" Tasha giggled OK, I thought. She's playing the interested female very well. But, I'd better get this moving before something gets fucked up. All we really needed to do was to get Julia in the cremation casket.

Jacob would want to inspect the body for scars that might indicate an implanted medical devise. Those cause a lot of damage if they explode in the heat of the furnace. I already knew there was none. There were scars, but none of them surgical, and only one large enough for a pacemaker. Dr Syygo had checked for that and found nothing. We had her in the casket and wheeled over to the oven in a few minutes.

Jacob turned his attention back to Tasha. "Do you want to press the button?" Jacob asked Tasha's boobs This crematorium is a state of the art facility. Once you have the body in the casket, and the casket on the slab, you push a button and the computer takes over. A door opens, the casket is moved into the furnace and in about 2 hours the body is reduced to ash.

"Could I?!" Tasha said breathlessly, like she was being asked to be a judge on American Idol. I was starting to worry that she was hamming it up too much. "Sure, come over here and I'll show you." Tasha did, making sure her boobs brushed against him. I thought Jacob was going to cum in his pants. He made a big production of showing her all the bells and whistles, and showing her what every dial and gauge was for. Finally he pointed to the green button, Tasha pushed it, and the casket started to roll in.

'Finally' I thought. It was show time. I already had my clipboard ready and I handed it to Jacob. "Hold this, Jacob. I want to get a picture of you two." I said. "Snuggle in close" I added as I framed the picture on my phone. Oh and he did. He had her in tight and was holding her waist like he would die he let go. Tasha looked uncomfortable for a fast second and then relaxed.

The electronic shutter click announced the picture was taken. I had them pose for a couple of more. Jacob was in heaven as he repositioned himself around Tasha differently for each one. I finished and then walked over to them. "Lemme see." Jacob said a bit anxious, handing me back my clipboard. I was about to hand him the phone, when I glanced at the clipboard and said. "You forgot to sign it" This was the moment of truth.

How distracted was he? I studied his face for a reaction. His eyes were on my phone, but shifted to the clipboard as I passed it back. He didn't even hesitate. He scribbled a quick signature and handed it back. I exchanged it for my phone which already had the first picture pulled up. I ripped off his copy and set it on the ledge. "Hey! We look pretty good." Jacob said as he cycled through the three shots and then handed the phone to Tasha.

"Not bad," Tasha commented. I caught her eye trying to will her to offer a copy of the pics to Jacob. Jacob's eyes were back on the phone, as he was making each picture bigger. I quickly pointed at the phone and tried to mime sending a picture to Jacob.

But, she just gave me the confused look. She just shook her head, exasperated, and got in close to Jacob to see the pictures. I guess I was going to have to suggest it.

I was just about to when Tasha spoke. "Ron? You should send a copy of these to Jacob. He was so nice to show me around and I don't want him to forget me." Jacob almost caught me shaking my head in disbelief. I agreed, of course, and made a point of telling Tasha that I had Jacob's number in my phone already. I whisked the pictures off. Jacob looked like he was going to explode. I thought I should take him down a notch, just in case he thought about pressing his luck and asking Tasha out.

I really did not want him calling me day after day, asking about her. "There. All done. I think we should probably not send copies to your boyfriend, though. You know how jealous Bobby gets" I said trying to communicate, with my eyes, to Tasha. She was quick on the uptake this time. "Oh, he's just a big teddy bear" she began "But, you're probably right.

He beat the tar out of the last guy he thought hit on me" Jacob deflated, but he was much better a moment later, when Tasha hugged him good-bye and told him what fun it had been. I was a bit jealous as I watched Tasha's breasts crush against him. With that we all walked out of the door, into the office area, and towards the front door.

Jacob stopped at the reception area and we said our final good-byes. Tasha and I didn't say another word until we were in the car. "We did it!" I shouted "You were fucking awesome!" Tasha smiled and asked "Now what happens?" "Well, when Jacob is done in there, he will put the ashes in a shipping box, and send them to Julia's parents. All the ashes look alike, so they won't be able to tell the difference. I'll put a fake number in the ID tag field on Jane Doe's form. It won't matter as there aren't any ashes to send.

The address to send the ashes to is back to the morgue. I'll indicate on the form I received the ashes and disposed of them. That happens routinely on unclaimed bodies. Both forms will get filed in their respective folders and unless someone really starts investigating and asking questions, everything should be fine." "So, as far as the morgue is concerned, both bodies have already been cremated?" "Yup. We should be in the clear with the morgue" "So, you officially owe me Big Time times two" Tasha asked seriously.

"I do. I'm you're slave" "Good. Let's go over to my place. I changed my mind. I do want to have sex with you." I felt my eyebrows shoot up and I nearly got whiplash as my head spun to look at her. One two-word thought burst into my mind. "Oh, fuck." To be continued……