Brunette Beauty Sucking Dick While Her Room Mate Showers For Stunt

Brunette Beauty Sucking Dick While Her Room Mate Showers For Stunt
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"No, dammit, I don't want to throw a party at my house!", I protest. "Yes, you do!", KyShea says, "I'll have my brother bring all of the drinks. Johnie Mae and Bobbie Mac can spread the word, Brad can DJ, and you and Stacy can decorate! C'mon! It's Valentine's Day!" Everyone in the booth looks at me. Fuck, if we weren't at the mall in the food court right now I'd get up and leave. But Lord knows I love to shop.

and eat. sweet Jesus it's such a golden combo. Guess I should catch you up on the latest. Since that night me and Carter had that "discussion", he's pretty much been avoiding me. Me and Brad fool around every now and then. Stacy has started working with her mom as an assistant.

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KyShea made Pom Line, and Johnie Mae and Bobbie Mac just got named West High's newest campus TV news anchors for next year. My mom hit some lucky draw they had at the casino and won $500,000 and split it up between me, her and my college fund. Shhhh, no one knows but Brad. Okay, now back to this party they're trying to push on me.

"Yeah, I know my mom won't be home for the weekend, but come on." I say in weak defense. Brad smirks and punches my arm. "We'll take that as a yes! Come on ladies!

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We need to grab outfits!", Stacy yells a little too loud. She hops up and drags the other girls off to whatever store, leaving me and the boys at the table. Brad is sitting on the same side of the booth while Bobbie Mac is sitting across from me. Brad begins rubbing my thigh under the table. I let out a slight moan and cough to try to cover it up. Bobbie Mac catches on and laughs. "You guys suck at trying to be secretive.

Look, I know you two have been fucking around. No need to hide it from me," Bobbie Mac says, looking me dead in the eyes. I blush and look down at my buldge.

Brad just smiles and looks away. "It's complicated," Brad finally says, "Complicated and hot". Bobby Mac starts laughing and looks at me, trying not to laugh.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. You guys should go take care of that," he says. I nod and we rise from the table. Brad takes off running to get a second burger from McDonald's before we go. Bobbie Mac waits until Brad is out of hearing range and says, "If you ever get tired of Brad, I like to get head too".

We both fall out laughing and when Brad comes back with a whole meal he asks what's so funny. We tell him someone fell. Total lie. He eats it up and we head off, waving at Bobbie Mac.

I lay down on my bed completely nude, with my boner swaying in the air while Brad crawls on top of me and begins to suck on my nipples. I squirm and moan, he puts a finger in my mouth. I begin to suck it while he works his way down.

He licks the head and then without warning begins to deepthroat me. I swear his throat feels like what pussy would feel like. He sticks a finger in my tight ass and finger fucks me while sucking my cock. I breathe heavier and heaver and he suddenly stops and takes his finger and mouth away. I still squirm on the bed like a fool. He lifts my legs up and begins eating me out. His tounge dances it's way around my hole and then he sticks his finger back in and begins to tongue fuck me.

Gripping the sheets I try to say his name but just as I open my mouth he grabs my balls and tugs on them, making me squeal like a bitch. After his wicked attack on my ass he lines his fat cock up with my ass and rams it all the way in. He roughly begins to fuck my boy pussy as hard and fast as he can, making me scream in pure ecstasy.


His enlarged dick head hitting my prostate, which in turn making me leak precum all over the place makes me even harder. With a few final grunts and thrusts he begins to unload his cum inside of me, which made me cum on my own without even touching my cock.

Ropes of cum sail past my head and onto the pillow and begin to hit my hair and face. He collapses on top of me, smearing off my jizz on his tummy and he slowly slides his softening cock out of my worn out ass.

With a "pop" it's out and I feel his boy juice ooze out. I kisses me full on and yawns. I kiss is sweaty neck and slip from under him and go to the bathroom to clean up. Upon coming back into the room, he changed the sheets, took a shower downstairs and was already knocked out.

I laugh to myself and sit down, still naked, and look out of the window, and guess who was watching? Carter. He just closed his curtains as soon as I got near the window.

Mmhmm. I seen him. I shrug it off and crawl into bed with Brad. He wraps his arm around me and brings me closer, nestling his head into my neck and dosing off again. I drift off into a peaceful sleep knowing I couldn't ask for anything better. "Ohamgee! Link!" KyShea tackles me before lunch and drags me off to the side of the hall out of the way of student traffic. "Huh," I say in a nonchalant tone.

"Sooo many people know about the party! Everyone is talking about it, bitch," KyShea excitedly says, "this is going to be HUGE. 2 days man!" I sigh and nod. Damn I forgot about the party. I tell KyShea to grab me some lunch and hand her a few bucks.

I head off to the bathroom. I needed to take a wicked piss. Her excitement got me all excited on the inside. I stand at one of the urinals and let the golden shower start. I tilt my head back and close my eyes as it hits the back of the urinal. As soon as open my eyes, I sense someone standing behind me.

I quickly finish up and flush. I look over my shoulder and it's Carter. "Stand right where you are and hear me out," Carter says with a bit of malice in his voice.

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"60 seconds and counting," I say. "Okay, Link. Look, I've been watching you and you caught me. I guess you're butt buddies with Brad, huh. Why him instead of me? I stopped bullying you. The least you could do is give me a straight answer," Carter says. "He's. cool. He gets my dick hard. I don't know. It's. Brad," I say. What else is there to say? It's the truth. "Heh. Okay.

Whatever," Brad says sarcastically. "Whatever, don't ask for a straight answer if you can't take it," I shot back at him.

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I can feel Carter looking me up and down. I walk over to the sink and wash my hands, while he stands there watching me.

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"You like my ass, baby?" I ask Carter. "Good Lord, yes." Carter says in a distant voice. "So does Brad, bitch," I say. Damn I'm rude. I walk out of the bathroom and to the lunch table. The group asks what took so long, I just say the bathroom was packed. Bobbie Mac gives me a funny look and I shrug.

We begin making plans for the party on Friday and they start making a list of what decorations I need to buy. I take the list and look at it. Not too bad. ---- It's Friday night, and the party of the month is in full swing. For every pink Christmas light up, there's at least 3 kids. The house is literally packed.

Brad is doing the damn thing on music, everyone is dancing and drinking. The red cups look even redder under the pink lighting. There's a keg in the kitchen and a beer pong game going on between Johnie Mae and Stacy in there as well.

Out in the backyard, there's a campfire going on, and teens sitting around chatting and laughing. Under the gazebo, there's a spin-the-bottle game going on. With my 4th drink in hand, I decide to go join. In this circle there's a few cheerleaders I know because of Stacy, a few regular kids, 2 footballers and. Carter? Damn. He looks up at me as I sit down.

I roll my eyes and ask who's turn it is. It's Marcy's turn. She's one of the prettier cheerleaders. She spins the bottle and it lands on Terry, a football player. They lean in and kiss. The next person has their turn and soon enough it's my go. I spin the bottle and it lands on me. Everyone, including myself, laughs. They tell me to go again and this time is lands between Marcy and Carter. Marcy leans in to kiss me but Carter put his arm out and pulls her back.


He kisses me, lightly. Everyone is looking at him. I just giggle and tell everyone to lighten up, he's just doing it for laughs. He laughs it off and everyone resumes the game. I get up and leave the game to go check on the house.

As soon as I open the back door heat just pours out of the house like an oven. Beer pong is still going strong, as is the party. I go upstairs make sure all of the rooms are locked. There's some girl blowing a guy on my door. I don't saying anything, I just keep going. I get back downstairs and the music is so loud the windows are rattling.

I decide to go hang out in the garage and chill out for a few moments.

I sit down on the couch we keep in there and lay back with my eyes closed. Carter creeps in, locks the door and sits down. He leans back and puts his arm around my shoulder. "That was some. interesting shit you pulled earlier, bro," I slur at Carter.

He smirks. "Yeah, so is this." Carter says quietly. He pulls a gun out of his pants and holds it to my head. "Hands up bitch, let's take that girly ass shirt off."