Anally screwed beauty enjoys threesome

Anally screwed beauty enjoys threesome
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I had just broken up with my long term boyfriend. It was really hard for me to get used to that fact that him and I were no longer going to be together.

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So I decided to go out of my comfort zone. My friends and I decided to go to a local club to relax and dance the night away. I'm not the club type of person, but this sounded fun and I wanted to get my mind off of things.

When we got there, the place was full of cliches. Tight dresses, strong cologne, and loud music, but I was digging it. All I knew was that I wanted to dance and have a good time, but no one asking me to dance.

I was getting frustrated because all I wanted to do was to dance with someone. My friend was feeling pretty buzzed and was trying to get me to ask someone to dance. (Take into consideration I'm a shy girl with no game to her name). I told her she was crazy and I was not going to do that. So she said, fine, I'll do it for you. She asked the guy sitting next to her, "Will you dance with my friend?" As I sat behind her dying of embarrassment, he said no, but told me his brother wanted to dance.

All I was thinking was good grief, I get thrown on to the brother. He stood up and was an okay-looking guy. Short, buzz cut, and stalky. Something I wasn't really into, but all I wanted to do was to dance. So we danced and talked for a while. Both of us could careless about each other's existence at that point. We stopped dancing and I went back to sit with my friends.

To ease myself out, I began drinking. I wanted to feel a buzz, so I did. After those few drinks, the brother and I began to dance again. But this time around it was different.

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The music had changed, and so had the mood. We began dancing again. I could feel the music running throughout me and all I wanted to do was get lost in the music. Him and I began to dance, and get closer to each other with each song. I turned around and moved my hips in circles on his crotch. He ran his fingers up and down my arms, then holding my hands and bringing me close in.

I could feel his breath on the back of my neck. Both of is just rocking back and fourth to the music. Him and I danced the rest of the night, but not crazy and nasty like most people do at clubs.

But close with chemistry. I gave him my phone number and told him to call me. Which he did. A few days later, we decided to meet up and get dinner. We had a nice dinner full of laughs, conversations, and good food.

I was happy and full of glee, but all I could think about was being close to him again. After dinner, we decided to go back to his place to watch a movie. I know what a movie meant, and it didn't mean to watch it. We went back to his place. It was this small apartment he shared with his brother, but his brother was at work tonight. So we would be alone.


Which I didn't mind at all, it would have been weird that I had seen him at a club a few days ago and now I'm in their home. We browsed the movie section of Netflix (yes, Netflix) and chose a comedy. I don't remember.the name because I obviously wasn't paying attention to the thought of the movie.

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We got cozy on the couch and snuggled under this huge blanket. He put his arm around me and pulled me close into his chest. I could feel his chest beating quickly and then he asked me what I thought about our dancing from the club. I said, "It was nice. I had never done anything like that with a stranger." He looked at me as if I was lying, which I wasn't, but being skeptical is always normal when I was grinding all over his dick.

He then asked me, "Did you want to kiss me?" "Haha, no. I felt a small tension between us, but I thought it was just me being drunk." "What if I told you I wanted to kiss you right now?

Would you let me?" Before I knew it, him and were kissing. His lips were warm and soft. He pulled me in closer to him. Without any thought, we began making out. I felt like a teenager who just discovered what making out was. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him in closer. With each kiss, they began to get rougher.

I felt his tongue slip into my mouth. Our tongues began to dance around in each other's mouth. All I knew was that I wanted to be on top of him. Which he did then pull me on top of him. He was strong, but with a soft touch. He ran his hands up and down my back. Then down to my hips and to my ass. He squeezed my ass, and then moved his hands down to my legs. Rubbing up and down with such a touch.

I had never been touched so softly, but with roughness. He then got under my shirt and took it off for me. He went from kissing my lips, to my chin, to my neck. All I could feel were his lips running up and down my neck. Little pecks and bites. Slowly he put my back on the couch and got on top of me. Continuing to kiss my neck, he moved down my stomach with small kisses. He reached the bottom of my waist and looked up at me.

His eyes were big and brown with the look of want. He unbottoned my pants and took them off. Then grabbing my legs and putting them in the air, kissing each leg up and down. When he said, "All I want to do right now is to make love to you on this couch." I couldn't even reply because I was so lost in the foreplay.

I just felt myself nod and then proceeded with what he was doing.

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He kissed my legs up and down, and made his way into the middle of my legs. He was kissing my thighs and made his way down lower. With a small wink, be began to kiss my pussy. He rolled his tongue on top of my underwear, teasing me with his tongue. Up and down he went, my body aching to feel his tongue in my pussy. I couldn't contain myself, small whimpers came out of me. I felt myself begging to have him lick my pussy. He then began taking off my underwear, slowly enough to keep driving me crazy.

Finally he dug his face into my pussy. His tongue was so warm and firm. He worked his way up and down. Licking from top to bottom, and then flicking his tongue left to right.

I couldn't contain myself, my whimpers turned into moans. With each flicker, my moans got louder and louder. From flickers, he began to suck on my clit; pushing his tongue harder and harder on it. My body twitching now and my hips thrusting my pussy into his face.

I couldn't take it anymore, I wanted him to fuck me. I grabbed his head and told him, "I want you to fuck me right now." Without hesitation, he worked his way up to my face and began kissing me. The kisses were no longer soft, but passionate and wet. I began taking off his shirt and unbuttoning his pants. He thrusted on top of my aching pussy. Then he whispered, "Tell me again you want me to fuck you." I pulled his head in and said, "I want you to fuck the shit of me." He grabbed and then flipped me around, picked up my hips and shoved his dick into me.

All I could feel was his dick fill up my pussy. His hands were tight around my hips. He then pushed my back down and got my ass higher in the air.

His hands worked their way into my hair grabbing a chunk. As he fucked me from behind, all I could hear were the claps of my ass on his dick. His hand had a good grip of my hair; oy felt so amazing having his dick roughly fuck me and his hand pulling my hair. I felt like such a slut being fucked by a stranger, but I didn't want it to stop. He then pulled out and got me to go on my knees, he shoved his dick into my mouth. He pulled my hair back and then began fucking my face.

I could hear his breathing getting heavy and small, "fuck yeahs" coming out of his mouth.


Then he slapped my face and fucked my face harder. He pulled out and began jacking off quickly, I sat on my knees with my tongue sticking out waiting for a good load to come. He jerked his dick on my tongue, hitting it hard with every thrust from his hand.

Then finally the words, "I'm going to cum," I was so excited to have his load all over my face. It then hit me, warm and creamy all over my face.

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He rubbed his dick all over my face with his cum. He then said, "You're no longer a stranger."