Tribal gay twinks movie gallery He and Christopher blow each other

Tribal gay twinks movie gallery He and Christopher blow each other
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Its been a couple days since that first time with my daughter Cora and I can't get it out of my mind and I must have jacked off 6 times in the past two days thinking about it. Other than a few flirtatious smile exchanges, Cora and I haven't actually mentioned anything about it to each other. I decided to do some work from my home office on this day. Again my mind wanders into Dad perv mode and I decide to go up to the scene of the crime- Cora's bedroom.

I sit on the bed looking around the room and start rubbing my cock getting hard. I unzip my pants and take it out and start jacking off sitting on Cora's bed. Quickly I can feel my cock growing tightening my pants, I unzip and ease my dick out.

It's is super hard and I grip it with enough pressure to stroke my foreskin moving it on my shaft up and down stroking my meat. Of course, I need more, more corruption, more of Cora, so I get up and start going through her dresser drawer looking for her underwear drawer and find it.

I pick up a few thongs and look at them, imagine them on her, then when I reach back further inside that drawer my hand knocks against something hard, I look behind the garments and find a video camcorder.

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I've never seen it before, its one of those older ones that use the mini tapes and it has a cable to plug it into a TV. I flip open the small screen attached to it, turn it on and hit play. It looks like Cora and her best friend Lexi are being recorded inside a tent. I rewind the tape all the way back and plug the camera into the big TV so I can see whats happening better, its a little dark.


I hit play again, I see Cora and Lexi talking to the camera. This video was taken a few years ago, I can tell how much younger they are smaller than they are now. In fact, I can now recall this night, Lexi wanted Cora to do a backyard camp-out in our backyard. I set up the tent for them earlier that day. I think they were 13 at the time. I can hear and see Lexi is sort of directing everything, the person holding the camera and what they were doing.

I hear a response from the person filming and its a boys' voice I recognize, its Lexi's twin brother Billy. Lexi and Billy live down the street and Cora has been friends with Lexi since grade school. Today Lexi is a slender, athletic framed girl about 5'5" with straight, black, shoulder length hair, very pretty girl with these gorgeous blue eyes, super tight and sexy body and she knows it.

She has a confident and bold way about her, always seeming beyond her years.

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I have often perv'd over in the last couple years often catching myself staring at her when she is over, especially when laying out by our pool.

She has dinner with us fairly often, I get the sense her Mom, a single mother, struggles a little trying to keep it together and they don't really do that family thing well. I often look up from my plate and catch those gorgeous blue eyes looking at me from across the table, we exchange short polite smiles and look away.

Billy is a nice kid, pretty quiet and modest, skinny, not real tall and wears his hair in that anime like style the kids are doing these days. At first they are just goofing off laughing and doing silly stuff in front of the camera. They are both just wearing large t shirts that hang down just below their butts, no pants and they are both very tan-it was near the end of the summer they spent much of hanging around the pool.

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The camera action that was occurring- Lexi would tell Cora to do something and Cora would act it out, as the laughing and energy calmed slightly, Lexi and Cora were getting closer together and kneeling/sitting down next to each other on the sleeping bags that were spread across the bottom of the tent, the kids were facing the camera.

So Lexi tells Cora "ok, now kiss Billy"-Cora gets up, walks towards the camera and off camera you can hear Cora and Billy kiss, a peck on the lips quickly. Cora kneels back down. Then Lexi says "now kiss me" Cora is glancing back and forth between Lexi and the camera/Billy, not moving, "no", Cora replies bashfully, "c'mon" Lexi says, "its just a kiss" Cora hesitates, then she leans forward and gives Lexi a kiss on the lips and kneels back.

"Again" Lexi directs, Cora kisses Lexi again, this time Lexi puts her hand behind Cora's head to keep her from backing away keeping the kiss going a little longer, then Lexi opens her mouth kissing Cora. Cora pushes off from Lexi, "Lexiiii!!" Cora says in a you-shouldn't-tone, "what are you doing??" Cora asks while making a face with her eyes at Lexi, sort of gesturing to Lexi to acknowledge Billy's presence. "Its ok", Lexi replies "he knows".

"What??" Cora asks firmly, "yeah, I told him, don't worry its ok, he and I have secrets too, it's cool, he's cool" Lexi proclaims. Cora pauses for a few seconds thinking about it, then smiles and says "ok." Lexi approaches Cora and they open mouth kiss, put their hands on each others faces and begin fully making out.


I was surprised, my heart was beating fast and it stirred my lustful urges again. They make their way down to the floor on the sleeping bags, laying on each other, their hands wandering, and kissing and groping. They pull their shirts up, but not off and expose their bra-less chests, tightly formed, perky tits and press their taught little bodies against each other tits to tits, body to body squirming all over each other. It's obvious they are already comfortable doing this with each other, they flow with smooth familiar movements, it definitely wasn't the first time.

Then Lexi rolls Cora laying backward onto her back and Lexi positions herself on her knees in front of Cora and crawls forwards face first. Cora lifts her shirt up again, Lexi pulls Cora's panties off, helps Cora spread her legs. As Cora pull her knees back, Lexi lowers her head slowly, opens her mouth and starts licking Cora's pussy.

My eyes glued to the screen and my heart racing, I was shocked and thrilled at the same time. Cora moans "oooo Lexiiii" and Lexi does it more. Cora's breathing heavy, squirming and moans as Lexi tongue bathes her pussy rapidly. Lexi slides her fingers inside Cora and Cora squeals "oh my god" as Lexi continues to lick Cora while sliding her fingers in and out, Cora continues moaning and breathing heavy. They do this for a little longer, then Lexi switches positions with Cora, except Lexi goes face down onto the sleeping bags, knees on the ground, ass up high and back arched.

Such a sexy sight of Lexi's sexy ass and hot little pussy front and center. Lexi looks back at Cora who is on her knees, positioning her face behind Lexi "do it, do it, lick me now" Lexi commands Cora. Cora laps Lexi pussy from behind with pleasure, runs her tongue up and down, moans and grunts as she works and sucking sounds fill the tent. "Oh yeah, oh, fuck yeah, mmmm" comes out of that sexy, raspy voice of Lexi's as the girls continue to go at it for several more minutes.

Lexi is obviously, extremely aroused, her moans and repetitions of "yes OMG yes" sounding increasingly desperate, "put your fingers in" Lexi directs Cora and Cora obliges. By this time, the camera is glancing down and can see Billy has his dick out and its hard he is feeling with his other hand as he watches his Sister and her best friend licking each others young pussies. Once Cora noticed Billy's dick, she glanced at it several times while her mouth was preoccupied.

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Lexi stays in position and looks at Billy and asks him "you ready?" Billy knowing what she wants, nods yes. Cora looks confused pausing for a moment watching to see what is happening next. Lexi tells Cora to take the camera and keep filming. "what are you going to do?" Cora asks Lexi. Lexi says, "you know."IT", "what?

have you done that yet?" Cora asks, "yeah, once before" Lexi replies, "with who?", Lexi smiles "I told ya we have secrets too" referring to Billy. At this point it is pretty apparent Lexi devised this whole thing, told Billy what was going to happen and brought the camera. Billy drops his pants, his young skinny body and less than stellar sized dick comes into camera view. He gets on his knees behind Lexi and now Cora is operating the camera, which at first seems to be pretty focused on Billy's dick.

Cora is very young and that is probably the first one she has ever seen in person.

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With his hand holding his dick, kneeling behind her, getting it closer to Lexi's pussy lips, her back still arched and very sexy ass in the air. Billy tries to position himself just right, his movement unsure and not fluid. Lexi looks back and tells Billy "ok, lust like last time and remember to pull it out before you cum".

"Ok, ok" Billy replies, excited and anxious. He makes a few attempts trying to get it in with a few awkward pokes and pushes, but then suddenly it slips in and they both take a quick breath in. And I can hear Cora gasp too with her face so near the camera mic. Lexi pushes back into him "push it in more" she tells him, and he does it, "ooooh yeah, easy though" Lexi mutters.

Billy naturally pulls it back slightly then in again all the way, "Oh" he blurbs "ah, ah" as pumps a couple more time quickly, "oooo yeah, oooh yes, mmmmm" Lexi whispers.


Just one or two more pump and Billy blurts out sort of a startled, "oh shit," pulls his dick out and rapidly jerks off and a couple small spurts shot out onto Lexi's ass cheeks. I can hear Cora near the camera mic take a sharp breath in and say "oh my god?" as she watches a boy cum for the first time.

Billy didn't last more than 15 seconds. They all pause for a few seconds, not really knowing what to do next and the camera view shakes and scatters then it shuts off. I sat there staring at the blank screen of my TV in silence for a couple minutes trying to process everything, thinking about timelines, events and interactions I've had with all of them between then and now, just to try and get a full picture of the situation.

"WOW!" I said out loud to myself sitting there stunned and shamefully, very aroused. My cock was rock hard. I pulled my shirt off, leaned back on Cora's bed, I pushed rewind jerking off as I watched it again. It didn't take long I was so turned on, gripping my shaft stroking it quickly to climax as it pulsed several large gobs of warm cum all over my stomach and chest.

I hid the camera back where I found it and returned to the den after cleaning up. [I welcome feedback, what did you like, what didn't you like?}