Granny on a wheel chair

Granny on a wheel chair
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Sleepover Fun Amanda bounced over to the door when she heard the knock, and opened it, exposing a slim figure standing on the porch in the evening dark dimness.

"Sasha! Ohmigod I'm so glad you're here!" Sasha, a tall brunette With big brown eyes grinned and hugged her friend tightly. They were both in the same grade in high school, and had known each other for forever it seemed. Now since it was finally summer, they could hang out and do what they wanted instead of just seeing each other at school. "Did you bring everything you need for tonight?" At Amanda's question, Sasha nodded and hefted the pink sleeping bag and her purse which was bulging with stuff.

They both headed to the den, where Brittany was already set up, her purple sleeping bag laid out on the floor. Brittany was nose to her phone until Sasha and Brittany came into the room, then she locked it and threw it to the side. "Finally we can start!" Brittany said while stretching her arms over her head and arching her back. Amanda stared as Brittany's nightshirt stretched with her motion, molding her shirt over her sizeable breasts. Amanda was beginning to realize these past few months just how attracted she was to boobs; playing with her own turned her on, but touching another girl's boobs was a thrill she was ready to explore.

Amanda looked away as Brittany opened her blue eyes, but Brittany noticed her gaze and smiled a little before reaching for her own purse. "You sure your mom isn't coming back tonight?" "Yep! She's gone til tomorrow." At Amanda's confirmation, Brittany drew a pint of some sort of clear liquid from her purse and grinned mischieveously. While unrolling her sleeping bag, Sasha oooooh-ed in appreciation. "We are gonna have fun tonight!" Sasha said.

"Yeah, I almost wish there were boys here as well; it's been too long since I tasted man-cum." Brittany opened her mouth to respond to Amanda's comment, but at just that moment the front door opened, and Amanda's brother Charlie walked in, tiredly closing the door behind him. Amanda blushed and turned away from him, embarrassed even though she knew that Charlie hadn't heard her.


Brittany grinned and said pointedly, "Hiiii Charlie." Amanda glanced around and saw her brother wave to them as he went into the kitchen. She saw Sasha trying not to laugh, and Brittany leaned forward. "Your brother is a man, Amanda." she whispered. Amanda just rolled her eyes and reached for the pint bottle, taking a swig of the disgusting liquid. She coughed and put it down just in time to see Charlie come out of the kitchen with a bottle of water, and stop just outside the threshold between the kitchen and den.

"Hey Amanda, I'm bushed and I have to work in the morning, so I'm going to bed.

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Try to have fun with your friends, okay?" Amanda scoffed at his words and nodded in what she was sure was an annoying manner. Charlie turned to go to his room, but Brittany couldn't help throwing in her own good-bye. "Niiiiight Charlie!" Charlie glanced back over his shoulder and waved. As soon as he disappeared upstairs, Amanda lightly slapped Brittany on the arm.

"You're such a slut!" Brittany tossed her hair and grinned. "Thanks!" As the night wore on, more and more of the pint bottle disappeared.

When it was about halfway empty, Brittany suddenly pulled her night shirt off and let it fall next to her. Her breasts were big and beautiful, although small enough to perfectly fit her girlish figure.

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Amanda immediately began giggling as she laid eyes on the pair of titties in front of her, while Sasha, who had drunk the least, glanced between Brittany's unconcerned face and the base of the stairs just in view around the corner. "Won't your brother wake up, Amanda?" Tearing her gaze away from Brittany's bouncing chest as she played with her flaxen hair, Amanda replied.

"I highly doubt it, he takes a sleeping pill when he needs to get enough sleep for the next morning." Brittany's hand froze in her hair, and she turned toward Amanda so sharply that her tits jiggled. "Reeeeeally…" "Ohmigod you're such a perv." Sasha took this opportunity to bare her own chest, exposing smallish boobs with dark nipples.


Amanda had never seen Sasha's boobs before tonight, and cooed in appreciation as Sasha embarrassedly rubbed her upper arms. "Sasha, you have nice boobs, I never realized before." She smiled at the praise and reached up to tweak her nipples, "You think so? I always thought they were too small." Brittany sidled over to Sasha's side and caressed her friend's shoulder softly, "Dudes still love them.

In fact I've wished for smaller boobs before just so that my back doesn't hurt all day. Bras are painful with big boobs, so count your little blessings!" Sasha laughed out loud at Brittany's remark. Amanda didn't want to feel left out, so she struggled out of her own night shirt and displayed her titties proudly. They were approximately halfway between her two friends' boobs sizewise. Brittany cheered at the removal of the shirts, "Nice! Now that we are all topless, I think we need another shot!" The girls each drank from the bottle again, and each girl shivered in turn at the burn of the alcohol.

Brittany cupped and squeezed her tits and but her lip as she inhaled. With a light moan she exhaled, her slightly tousled hair falling haphazardly around her face. Sasha was feeling the effects of the alcohol and leaned slowly toward Amanda.

"Amanda, have I ever told you how beautiful you are? You really really are." "Aww! Thanks, Sasha! You're really pretty too!" Sasha edged closer to Amanda, clad in nothing but a pair of shorts, and slowly ran her fingers through Amanda's long auburn hair. Amanda loved her hair and made sure to brush it every day; she had the longest hair of the three.

She loved the attention she was receiving and decided to advance things a bit. She slid her hand up Sasha's leg, feeling the smooth, freshly shaven skin of her thigh underneath her fingertips.

Sasha sighed and flashed her eyes, her mouth open slightly. Before Amanda knew it, she and Sasha were in each other's arms, slowly and sensually making out. Their lips softly pressed against each other and glided around the others'; their hands exploring each others' bare backs. Whenever their boobs slid against each other, Sasha moaned a little and Amanda drew a deeper breath. Amanda slowly moved her hand further and further up Sasha's sensuous thigh until her hand found what she was looking for: a source of heat, and a bit of dampness.

Using her tongue to play with Sasha' tongue, Amanda felt Sasha shift her weight to accommodate Amanda's searching hand. She slowly slipped a finger between Sasha's thighs and teased her fingertip at her opening. Sasha's breathing reacted with the motions of Amanda's fingers until Sasha gasped and held her breath as Amanda plunged her middle finger up into Sasha.

Sasha bit her lip, her eyes closed and her brow furrowed, and a tortured moan eased its way from her throat. Amanda could feel Sasha's tunnel flex very slightly around her proving finger. At the same time, Amanda felt another body press against her other side and take her other hand from Sasha's hair and place it in a very warm spot. Amanda fumbled around until she was mirroring the motions of her other hand, and slid her middle finger inside.

An appreciative coo filled Amanda's ear, and she felt Brittany's teeth close around her earlobe. Amanda gasped in surprise as she felt Brittany's vagina flex hard, closing down on her middle finger with surprising force. Drawing her lips away from Sasha, Amanda blinked languidly at Brittany. "How did you do that? You're so strong down there." Brittany intermittently drew away from Amanda's ear to explain that she had been doing kegel exercises ever since she learned about them from her older sister over a year ago.

"Kegels help make you tighter. My ex really appreciated my efforts." Both Sasha and Amanda giggled, but sank back into the feel of things pretty easily. Amanda was enamored with Sasha's body for some reason; she wanted to explore every inch of her body, but only had so much time.

Amanda leaned forward, allowing Sasha to lay back on her sleeping bag while still attending to as many nerve endings as possible. As she kissed her way down Sasha's flat tummy, Amanda suddenly noticed that Brittany was no longer next to her. In fact, as she glanced around the room, she didn't see Brittany anywhere. "Why did you stop?" Sasha asked.

Amanda dismissed the thought of Brittany and returned to the business at hand. Brittany was excited and apprehensive and horny all at the same time as she slowly stepped up the stairs. Amanda and Sasha foreplaying was hot and all, and she was sure that they all were getting fingered tonight, but Brittany wasn't satisfied. She wanted some cock. And just a few meters away, Charlie was sleeping, unlikely to wake up. Brittany giggled a little but then clapped her hand over her mouth as she reached the top of the stairs.

Charlie's room was to the left at the top of the stairs, so Brittany catfooted closer and put her ear to the door. She couldn't hear anything at all for a moment, but then a snore was barely heard. She rubbed her hands together and gently twisted the doorknob and pushed the door open.

Inside the room, the only light came from the television, which was muted. Charlie lay sprawled on his back covered in a sheet. Brittany realized with a thrill that he was bare chested. Throwing caution to the winds, she padded into his room and called his name softly, and then louder. "Charlie? Charlie!" Absolutely no change was noted. Every dozen breaths or so he snored a little, but beyond that he was peacefully supine. So, Brittany reached out a hand and carefully touched his chest, feeling hairs beneath her hand as she slid it over the contours of his lean muscles.

Just laying hands on a tough, strong male body sent a thrill through Brittany's nervous system, so it wasn't long before she slipped her fingers beneath the sheet and pulled it back, intent on seeing what she was dealing with. Oh, she was so lucky that Charlie slept naked.

He was flaccid in his slumber, but Brittany had plans for that. First though, she tapped him on a leg and on his belly, which barely showed signs of ab muscles. "Charlie, wake up!" She said in a normal voice, to which she got no response. Excitedly, the teenager grasped Charlie's dick in her left hand and played with it carefully.

It was very warm, and luckily he had shaved back quite a bit; what hair remained was modest and unobtrusive. Since it was flaccid, Brittany had no idea how long or thick it would be once it hardened up, so she played in suspense. She suddenly heard a shriek from outside the room.

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Brittany had all but jumped to her feet when she heard it, but grinned sheepishly when she knew what it was. That was the sound of a female's orgasmic cry, and it came from downstairs.

When Brittany returned to her cock, she drew in a breath; it had hardened to completion. She felt with her fingers that it was plenty thick and capable of reaching far enough too. If she wasn't wet and ready before this, she was now, and she knew it. Listening for any change in Charlie's breathing, Brittany got off the side of the bed and shimmied out of her pyjama bottoms, and clambered up on top of Charlie's legs.

She worked his penis in one hand, while rubbing her exposed pussy with the other hand. The light from the tv flickered randomly behind her, sending stark light and weird shadows to play over the wall that Charlie's headboard was up against.

So Brittany was able to see her shoulders hunch as she put him inside her. She pinched his engorged cock head so that the blood ran out, and then pressed it against her opening, lowering her hips and relaxing her muscles so that he popped inside her opening and slid further inside of her slick tunnel. She moaned through her teeth as he opened her up inside; accessing a tunnel that no cock had accessed in many months.

Now she sought how much range of movement she had; long cocks were uncomfortable, pushing against the end of her vagina when they thrust as far in as possible. She was already loving the thickness of him, though. She adjusted her stance and pressed down, allowing her weight to push him deeper inside.

She sighed in pleasure as she felt him open her up more and more as his muscular member penetrated her deeper and deeper. Almost at the same time her hamstrings came down on Charlie's hips, she felt his now re-engorged cock head press up against the end of her vagina, somewhere up inside her intestinal area.

Cooing softly in pleasure, Brittany realized that she had never had a perfect fit before. So, she decided to enjoy it.

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She place all her limbs in certain locations designed to support her position, and raised her hips up, pulling his now-slick cock from her depths until she held his engorged head at the inside of her entrance. Then she sat down again, abruptly refilling herself with him with an unconscious squeak. She looked up at Charlie's face, but he was still unconscious, his head lolling to one side. So, she continued. For the next couple of minutes, Brittany bounced up and down on Charlie, wet noises and squeaks coming from her.

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What she was doing, how she was doing it, with whom she was doing it, and where she was when it was happening, and most certainly how it felt; all these feelings conspired to inflate and explode an orgasm within Brittany's body. She knew it was coming, She had just not been sure if she could work herself to one in such an exotic situation.

But it happened, to her joy. With her hand tweaking her clitoris and the steady rhythmic plunges of warm cock inside her vagina, heat bloomed inside her core and pleasure rose within her until cresting and crashing down upon her. Her breathing increased in rate until she came, then she held her breath, stiffened her back and arms, and squeezed her eyes shut; her muscles flexing and shivering in the harsh light of the television behind her. This lasted for more than ten seconds, until she finally expelled her held breath and drew in another.

In her ardor, Brittany had not realized what affect her kegels would have. In her spasmodic flexing of muscles while she enjoyed the orgasm that pulsed through her, she was unintentionally flexing her powerful kegel muscles, which tightened and untightened her vagina, which was currently completely sheathing Charlie's hard cock.

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For ten seconds she did this without realizing it, and it turned out to be enough. As she gasped out her held breath, she heard a moan. But it wasn't outside the room, and it wasn't female. She snapped her eyes open. Still asleep, Charlie bucked his hips once beneath Brittany's butt, and lifted her into the air; his cock managing to sink another centimeter inside of her vagina.

Brittany, just leaving the climax of her orgasm, was perched atop Charlies's hips, impaled deeply upon his cock, and suddenly felt him swelling within her a split second before he jerked. She felt a different explosion of warmth up inside of her, exactly where the end of his cock was pressed against the end of her vaginal canal. Where her cervix joined with her vagina.

Three more times he twitched, and three more times Brittany felt a warm splash inside her. All this happened within about four seconds, while Brittany, unable to twist or turn enough to get her legs under her, merely fought to maintain balance while impaled on his ejaculating cock. Finally, with a guttural sigh, Charlie's butt fell back on the bed, and Brittany followed with a grunt of her own, since she was still held him deep within her, the cock tapped her cervix as they fell back on the bed.

The teenager watched carefully as she caught her breath, but Charlie just snored once and resumed his slumber. "So fucking hot" she said under her breath as she wiped her hair back from her face.


She wiggled a little, feeling the softening muscle move around inside her guts. Suddenly she remembered the comment that Amanda had made earlier in the evening, so Brittany clenched her pussy as hard as she could and got up off of Charlie's slick cock with a little squelching sound. "Thank you, Charlie," she whispered as she gathered up her pyjama bottoms. She threw the sheet back over Charlie and left the room, maintaining concentration on her kegels.

Once out of Charlie's room, Brittany swiped a couple fingers through her pussy lips, but found no man cum on her fingers. She grinned and made for the stairs. Amanda gasped and moaned with a shudder as she came on Sasha's tongue, which was firmly embedded inside of Amanda's snatch.

Her fingers were wrapped up in Sasha's dark hair, and she only began extracting them after her orgasm began to fade. Sasha's head came up after a final lick, and she grinned at Amanda through hooded eyelids, her nose and mouth shining with Amanda's juices.

"Wow you came hard!" Sasha said as she wiped her face with her unused pyjamas. Amanda blew out her breath between her lips and nodded in agreement. "You're really good at that, thats why!" Sasha rolled her eyes at the compliment but grinned back, and the two shared a passionate kiss. Just then, they both heard footsteps on the stairs, and as they turned to look, Brittany came striding into the room in the buff, her pyjamas in her hands. "Amanda, I've got a present for you." Amanda raised an eyebrow at her friend, "Where have you been?" Brittany just grinned and threw her pants at her sleeping bag and laid down on them.

"Come and eat me out, and you'll get it." Amanda shrugged, as she was a good sport and still horny, crawled over to her friend, who opened her legs for her, exposing her pussy. Amanda leaned in and licked once, from Brittany's opening all the way up to her clit. She drew back for another run only to see a bit of white thick viscous fluid bubble out of Brittany's vag.

For a second, Amanda wondered what it was, but then she put together Brittany's disappearance and Charlie being upstairs zonked out. She drew in a breath in surprise, and the smell of her brother's cum filled her nostrils. "You fucked Charlie and stole his cum?

What- I can't- How did you-" "Kegels are great remember?" Brittany said, flexing her snatch to keep the cum locked in.

"You said earlier you wanted to taste some cum tonight.

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So here you go." Amanda teetered on the brink. She had developed a taste for semen when she was with her last boyfriend, and it had been months since she tasted it last. And she had never done something as primally hot as eating cum out of another girl's pussy. In the end, her visceral need won out.

She bent down and licked up what had come out of Brittany.

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It was still hot and salty, and she relished the taste. Brittany cooed and unclenched her pussy, allowing a flood of pearly white liquid to erupt up out of her and into Amanda's waiting mouth. Amanda could hear Sasha gasp in astonishment as she watched Amanda slurp up as much fun as and could out of Brittany while Brittany ground her hips against Amanda's face. Amanda leaned back and wiped her face before saying, "If either of you tell anyone about this I'll kill you." The other two girls swore solemnly that bit would stay between the three of them.

A grin split Amanda's face, "That was really tasty though!" Brittany laughed and came in closer for a salty kiss.