Kylie Jenner Wichst Ab Herausforderung

Kylie Jenner Wichst Ab Herausforderung
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Lorelei have just caught her fianc?anging her maid of honor. Upon being caught the groom ask her to give back his mother's wedding dress, the one she has on. Upset, Lorelei throw her engagement ring in his face and storms out the chapel wearing the dress. She runs to the nearest train station, crying. She then hops onto the first train. Lorelei didn't seem to notice that she's the only women onboard train.

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She stands up sharing a pole with a businessman. He looks the busty brunette twenty-something up and down. The businessman turns his attention back to his blackberry, once he know she is looking back at him in disguise. Lorelei turns her nose up at him. She looks around and sees that there seems to be twenty men onboard with her. The teenager at the next nearest pole resembles the businessman, likely they're father and son. The teen doesn't stop staring at her breasts. Lorelei looks cross at him and turns her nose up at him.

Looking around the train, she notices the rest of the men looking at her body. She's a little upset by this, knowing they're all thinking about sex. Because of her two-timing ex-fianc?she wonders if men think of anything else.

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Although, she does find it flattering their all thinking about her. Lorelei's phone rings, its her ex. "Lorelei, I know you're upset right now.

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But, can I have my mom's wedding dress back?" the jerk ask. She yells angrily into the phone, before throwing it against the window. The phone falls into the lap of the old man in a tux sitting in front of her, waking him up. Lorelei starts to apologizes to him, but he is preoccupied with her double Ds.

His hands shake reaching for her breasts. "Go ahead," Lorelei tells him, not caring at all. Without any second thoughts, he grabs her chest like he was a teen again.

He caresses her round breasts through her dress. The old fart's fingers feel fantastic, firmly fondling across the fabric of her corset. She begins to enjoy his tender touch. The geezer must have been a masseur in his youth. The nerdy man sitting next the geezer rips the front of the wedding dress, exposing her bra. The businessman's son moves in closer to the geezer to watch the action.

The businessman slides his hand across Lorelei's ass. She leans forward as another man joins in. Lorelei looks at the new guy, he's a bodybuilder. The bodybuilder lifts her dress over her awesome ass giving them easier access to her panties. The businessman and the bodybuilder begin massaging her inner thighs.

She don't mind them working their hands across her pussy through her panties She moans as her pleasure increases.

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Lorelei looks at the nerd sitting next to the geezer. The nerd is almost drooling over her. She drops her bouquet onto the floor and places her hand on the nerd's crotch. Lorelei unzips his pants and pulls out his inflating cock, while doing the same to the geezer. She begins stoking both cocks, making them thicker and longer. Both men moan as her hands slide up and down their throbbing poles.

Lorelei leans in close to the geezer's groan.


She lifts her veil over her face and replaces her hand with her tongue on the elder erection. Her tongue slides from the sit of his pants to the tip of his prick. Lorelei then repeats this with the nerd. Without any warning she inhales the geezer's cock. Her head slides up and down his shaft as she pumps the nerd's cock at the same pace. Lorelei lifts her head and takes a deep breath.


She smiles at the old man, before turns to face the nerd's dick. Her lips enclose around the head. She shakes her head violently as her tongue tastes his prick. Lorelei's lips slides down his pole with her tongue twirling around it. The nerd's hand presses against the back of her head holding her down. She chokes a little as her pussy moistens her panties Lorelei feels the businessman pull her wet panties to the side as his tongue reaches her pussy.

His tongue traces the soaked split as he squeezes her cheek. The sensation sends her head back screaming. This forces her to release the nerd's cock from her mouth. The businessman's son seizes this opportunity with her head back, he takes hold of her head and thrust his thick dick deep down her throat with his balls banging against her face.

Her head twist and turns as his dick hit's the back of her throat him. "That's my boy," the businessman proudly says, standing besides his son. The son backs out of her mouth and is quickly replaced by his father. The businessman's cock thrusts back and forth down her throat as she slobbers all over it.

Lorelei's saliva slide up her face, ruining her mascara. As the businessman pulls out, Lorelei gets off the train's floor. Lorelei stands facing old man. The old man leans in close to her as lifts up her dress over his head.

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Under her dress the old man's hands glide across her silk stockings. With her panties pulled to the side, the geezer kisses the lips of her pussy. His talented tongue traces the slit, venturing inside a few times. The geezer gentle tongue circles her clit. He entangles her glan in his teeth teasing her into cumming. She leans back against the bodybuilder, who holds her lovely long legs open as she screams in ecstasy.

The glazed geezer lifts his head out from under Lorelei's dress. He get up from his sit. Lorelei pulls him by his bowtie, getting him close enough to kiss. She licks her splatter from his face and gives him a passionate kiss.

With their tongues entwined, the geezer's penis enters her pussy. Lorelei's legs wraps around the old man as he drives his dick deep inside her pussy. "OH YES!" Lorelei yells, loving this orgy. The bodybuilder grabs hold of her ankles with one hand as the other hand pulls his cock. He spits on his cock, lubing it up. His prick prods her butt hole as it prepares to penetrate. Slowly he enters as she screams. With each inch add it, her voice gets louder.

The two cocks fill her with joy as she cums. The old man bows out as the businessman's son takes his place. Before starting, he rips the front of the dress open. He thrust his thick dick deep into her pleased pussy as his father takes the place of the bodybuilder. His huge cock penetrates deep inside her ass. Their dueling dicks pump back and forth inside her.

"HARDER!" she delightedly demands, digging her fingernails in the son's back as she cums again. Father and son withdraw their cocks.

Lorelei walks through the crowd of masturbating men. Her fingertips taunts the tip of each presented prick she pass them. She presses her body against the geezer. "Just lie down," she tells him, pushing him the floor. She stands over the geezer with her back to him and her legs spread open as pulling her dress up. Her pussy hovers above his pole.

She squats down, enclosing his erection within the confines of her tight little ass. Lorelei leans back as the nerd pounces.

The nerd inserts his cock into her, conquering her cunt. She rocks both cocks as grabs two random cocks from the circling crowd. Her hands violently throttles the two thick dicks as they both blast her shoulders with sperm. The nerd quickly fills her cunt with cum after that. Relinquished, the nerd and the other two men return to their seats as Lorelei continues with the geezer. "More, more," she yells, grinding on top of elder's rod.

As she gallops on the old man's cock, the bodybuilder pulls the wedding veil over her face. He rams his rod down her throat, making her suck him off through the veil. She chokes with the cloth, cock and cum clogging her throat. His dick departs her lips, letting his semen run down her veil to busty bride's bosom. Lorelei rides the geezer's cock hard and fast as she throws her wedding veil to the floor. The businessman and his son stroke off into her face followed by three others.

Then one guy, who gets her in the eye. Followed by five more men, who cum covers her face. The next five blind her with their blast. The rest gather around her, bombarding her wrecked wedding dress with cum. Lorelei smears the semen all over her dress. Finally, the geezer pops his cork, filling her anal canal with his seed. The train stops and the doors open. As the last drop leaves his cock, a voice familiar to Lorelei yells, "DAD?!" A startled Lorelei looks up to see her ex-fianc?ooking just as shocked.

"Junior, meet your new step mom." the exhausted old man says to his son/Lorelei's ex.