Brunette angel enjoying a choco dick in her pussy

Brunette angel enjoying a choco dick in her pussy
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This is a sex stories with different characters point of views and I can't tell you how the story ends, but all I can say is be careful what you wish for. Also this story is not a real story, and for all the girls and ladies in the world who were actually kidnap and turn into a sex slaves keep praying because bad thing will come to the people who did you harm.

Isabelle Are you ready ? Isabelle ask her twin sister "I'm staying after school for a Junior committee meeting" Annabelle lies to me. "Fine I'll walk by self, we only live like two blocks away" "bye sis" "bye" I says as I walk downstairs towards the entrance of the school. I walk towards the entrance the school I walks outside I take the steps down then walk toward the school gates once I gets to the school gates I then leaves I walks down the street.

I kept walking when I realize this guy was following me so I pass my street and kept walking until I gets to this street my best friend lives on I runs over my to best friend front door and ring the door bell and a older women open the front door then the boy walks away.

"Yes Isabelle" is Keke home ? "no she staying after school,but I'll let her know you stop by"."Thanks Ms. Miller and have a great day" I says as I walk away I walk down the street when I was hit in the head with something heavy. I end up waking up tied to a chair, my hands and feet were tied too. I look up to see these three young black men who look like they were eighteen or nineteen. "Annabelle wake your ass up" the tall one says as he walks over to me he then pulls me by my pony tail and my head was pull back.

"How dare you play with a black man money, your such a stupid ass white girl "I'm not Annabelle I'm her twin Isabelle" "Annabelle you told me you don't have any siblings so don't lie to me" " now talk about the real reason your here, the 540 dollars you made two days ago was never given to me and what made it worst you stole 2,000 dollars from me Diamond ratted you out, I told her if she didn't tell me her kids and her mom will never see her again like I'm going to do to you, know how it is if you sell and you don't pay me you don't get paid bitch".

What are you talking about ? "the money you made yesterday from all those drugs you sold". "I'm trying to tell you I'm Annabelle twin my sister must. before I could finish talking the man slaps me "I want you untie her hands and feet Quint".

Quint walks over to me and unties my hands and feet "now get your dam knees, your going to suck are dicks you dam whore" "I'm not a whore" the man punches me and I fall to the ground "get your ass back up" he yells as I slowly get up "I don't want to do this" I said as I started to cry "I know your only a teenager and your a virgin Annabelle but that all going to change" the tall guy yells I put my hands over his long dick.

I move my face closer I lick the top of it "I said suck it or else" he yells the guy moves closer I stick his dick in my mouth while I was crying, I suck his dick out of force. "I don't want any of your tears on my dick bitch and speed this up" I suck faster, but I couldn't do it anymore so I slide his dick out my mouth and the man grab me by my pony tail and lift me up by my hair suckhe lifts me up.

I was slam against a metal table behind me and a minute later an then my pants and panties were pull down. "Drew I need you to whip her into shape this one bad girl" the tall guy says that when a felt a whip hit against my ass "ow" I scream in pain. I was whip on my ass a couple of times then my hands where untie an my hands was tied up real fast and I was slam against the metal table "you better spread your legs" I try to spread my legs when I didn't spread them open in time a this long whip was hit against my legs all I saw was red lashes that was going to be cuts.

Once my legs spread open all the way the tall one stood in front of me the tall man move closer to the metal table and ram his dick in me "what the fuck" I yell as I was lift up with the tall man dick still in me. The tall guy lets go me and I hit the hard floor.


"I think I broke my shoulder" "do we give a dam, now you're going Quint while you suck Drew and I dicks". I lift my body off the floor slowly when the tall guy grab me by the arm and lift me up. Drew place a blanket on the floor then lay on it I swat over his dick and my legs get lower and his dick slide in me then Quint stood in front of me with his seven inch dick, I didn't want to suck his dick but if I didn't I could be kill.

I put my hands on Quint dick and put my mouth to it. "Suck it" Quint yells as he grab my hair, I lick the top of his dick when he shove his dick in my mouth where I almost choke. I suck Quint dick for awhile then the tall guy grab me by my waist and I slided Quint dick right out of my mouth.

I was lifted on to the metal table agaib "get on all fours" the tall guy order and I did. "Hand me the vasliene" Drew said, Quint hands him the container an he then rub some Vaseline over his dick what is the vasliene for ? I ask "bitches don't talk unless I tell them tol" Drew yells.


I scream when Drew shove his dick into my ass, it hurt and burn a lot then the short guy stood in front of table "I want you play with my dick" the short guy says. "You're are my sex slave now, forget about your old life because welcome to your new life" the tall guy said as he fuck me in the ass faster, then the men laugh. ___________________________________________ Annabelle I was in my bedroom crying because I didn't want my parents seeing me crying over my twin sister.

Isabelle was older twin by five minutes she was one who always help me get out of trouble and I was one who always got us into trouble. I wipe my tears and hop out of bed I change into some clean clothes and I head downstairs.

I grab my house keys, where are you going ? my mom ask "to the store" "I nees home by eight, I don't want you ending up like. my mom started to cry before she could finish talking. I head out I walk to a couple blocks down the street I work on, my own time selling drugs to make extra cash. "Annabelle"Diamond says I walk over to her she pulls me into the alley.

"So I might of told Marcus that you was one who stole the 2,02,0 dollars rom him". Why would you tell him ? "Marcus told me he was going to kill me if I didn't, I see what happens to the other girls who lied to him". What did Marcus say if he finis me ? "He told me once he finds you its the end of you". "I think he kidnap my twin sister". Isabelle the one who like five minutes older than you ?

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"Yes". "My sister going to get kill" I say as I started to cry. How about we go look for her ? "Okay". --------------------------- Isabelle "Untie me please" I plead "shut the fuck up" Drew yells "I'm going to the bathroom" Drew says as he head towards the basement stairs why don't you pee on top of her ?

what's even better if you pee in her mouth no I got an idea:. All three men cum and pee in a clean cup and the tall guy mix it together and walks over to me "open wide" I kept my mouth shut when Quint slaps me real hard across the left side of my face.

I open my mouth and the tall guy pours the cum and pee mixturmuchto my mouth "now swallow" I started choke on the pee and cum "sallow it now" the tall guy screams.

I swallow the cum and pee "now lets untie her and let her get sleep there some men I want her to meet tomorrow". Drew untie me then I was lift off the metal table I sat on mattress in the corner "you'll sleep naked and no blanket and this basement does get cold" the tall guy said afriendsnd his friends walk up the basement stairs. My stomach started growling but I ignored it. I look up to setha window an I try to climb on top of old washer an tried to unlock the eindow when I was pull down and shove to the floan.

"This bitch try to escape" the tall gut said in anger and then he stomp his left shoe into my stomach twice then starts to beat the shit out of me. Who is this hoe ? a man who look a lot like the tall guy said as he walks down the basement stairs. "This is Annabelle, the one I told you about" the tall guy said as he gets off me I look down to see bruises and a bloody broken broken nose. "You were my brother best drug dealer and then you go steel from him, so get punish".

Why ? I try to say. "This man right here my younger brother who I would help out no matter what, we been close ever since our parents left our life when we were eleven" I face the wall when the older man talk. The tall guy and his older brother take basement stairs back up to the first floor of the house.

The next day two men that was close to the tall guy wanted to meet me. We all was in the living room, I was dress in this skimpy outfit with a black doggy colar with chain hook to it.

"So Annabelle your going to become my first prostitute" the tall guy said I didn't say anything.

"I'm going to become a pimp and your going to be my first prostitute, I was going to force Diamond to be one,but she have kids" the tall guy says as he smile at me. I then get up "this is so fuck up" I scream as the chain was pull on. "Bad doggy" the tall guy says as he pull me by my doggy chain, he drags me down the hall to the basement. I was push into the basement and I fall down basement stairs. "Get your ass up" the tall guy said as him and his friends came down the basement stairs but I couldn't move "get up" he yells again.

"I think you kill her" Drew buts in. "No I just knock her out" the tall guy says as he swats to check Isabelle heart rate. "Annabelle is dead".

What are we gonna do ? Quint ask in a panic voice. "Drew since your strong grab Annabelle body an tie her up, and follow me". Drew grab rope and ties my hands and feet together then lift my body up and carry me up the basement stairs. When we get to front yard the tall guy tells Drew to put me in the trunk of his car. The tall guy unlock his trunk and I was lay in the trunk then the guy stares at me for a minute then he slams the trunk door close.

___________________________________________ Annabelle Diamond and I screech around town at places that Isabelle goes to. Do your sister have any friends or a boyfriend ? Diamonddoor "yes she have a best friend" Annabelle says as Diamond does a u-turn and she drives to Keke house once Annabelle told hermiddl.

Isabelle and Keke bestfriends since middle school. Once Diamond gets to Keke street she drives down to the fourth house and Diamond parks on the curb. Annabelle gets out the car and runs up to Keke front door and knocks. Keke opens the front dand. "Hi Annabelle" did my sister stop by here this afternoon ? "I stay after school for a club meeting, but I can ask my mom" "Mom" Keke yells.

Keke mom came to the door a minute later. "Wow that was fast" Annabelle whisper. Did Isabelle stop by earlier after school mom ? "Yes Isabelle stop by she wanted to talk to you, but I told her you was at a club meeting so Isabelle and this young man left together".

What young man ? Annabelle ask "The young man was wearing black cargo pants with your school color uniform shirt an wearing a white jacket". "Thanks Ms. Miller" Annabelle says as she walks to Diamond car "have a nice night and be safe". Annabelle gets in Diamond tog "Ms. Miller my sister best friend mom said she was this boy who was wearing cargo pants and a uniform shirt in my school colors". "How does that ring bell on who the boy is". "It don't, but the boy with my sister was wearing white jacket".

"But it's still summer, fall season isn't here yet so that boy had to be hot" Diamond said.

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"I think you should take me home" "Okay" Diamond backs up and drives off. __________________________________________ Isabelle I open my eyes to see I was laying in a tight space with rope tied around her arms and legs and her mouth duck tape.

I squirm around to hear a car stop I acts like I'm still unconscious when I hear feet geting closer to the trunk. The trunk door openunconsciousmy body out the trunk. Drew lift me up and carry her body over his shoulder. "Grab the shovels and my gun in my secret compartment" the tall guy says and carry me towards this pile of dirt.

Drew lay my body down by the tree then Drew and Quint started to dig when I open my eyes. While Drew and Quint dig the hole, the tall guy yells at them. I try to get up while they didn't notice me, when I was push back down "lets have sex with her then kill her" Drew says "great Idea" the tall guy said as he walks closer to me he unties my legs and rips my clothes off and fuck me.

"Get the fuck off me" I scream through duck tape, I then push him off me, but Drew grabs a hold of my hands. "Quint grab my black bag from the car and my gugunthe tall guy yells.Quint runs towards the car I try to squirm my way free, but Drew strong hands where holding my arms back where it hurt. Quint runs back over ,the tall guy stands up an unzip the bag and pull a small pocket knife out the bag. The tall guy flip the pocket knife open and walks towards me.

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"Now Annabelle if you would of have just gave me a blow job at the house this would of never happen, I want you sitting up" he yell. Drew lets go of my arms and I sit up against the tree with my back sitting straight up.

"I would untie your legs,but you might try to kick me and run away, but lucky I have my gun on me it's small but very powerful" the tall guy said with a smirk. The tall guy stands in front of me then he sits on the grass witch was really dirt he move the pocket knife up and down my right leg, then the tall guy stabs the pocket knife into my right thigh and slide it up my thigh while leaving a big bloody open cut.

I scream under the duck tape covering my mouth I look down to see a big cut on my right thigh, blood drip from it like non stop.

"Leave my sister alone" Annabelle said as she step out Diamond car Annabelle is that you ? "Yes you jackass, you kidnap my twin sister over money I never took".

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What ? "I never stole that two thousand dollars from you, Diamond lie you was rob one night, like I told you banks are way safer then a house safe". "I didn't know you were a twin". "I didn't tell you because I didn't want any of your men harming my family over some drug money". "Well your sister going to die tonight".

Drew lift me up and shove me over to the tall guy, my right thigh was still bleeding bad. The tall guy grabs me by the waist and puts his gun to the side of my head. "I have your two thousand dollars you claim I stole, now I'll give you your money if you let my sister go". "No one is going anywhere until this girl is dead and my money is handed over to me" the tall guy yells.

"Annabelle honey get back" my mom says as she walks over to my twin sister. "I'll handle this mom" Annabelle said as she reach for the duffel bag fill with money off the top of Diamond car.

"Now hand over my sister or no money". "Fine, you can have your slut of a sister". The tall guy pushes me closer to my sister Annabelle slides the duffel bag over to the tall boy when I fall down, I was shot in the back of the head. "My baby" my mom screams as my dad try to pull her away from Annabelle side. "this is your fault you filthy whore" my mom yells at Annabelle "this is no one fault" my dad said as he tries to comfort my mom.

"I told you, I will see someone dead and have my money all in one. before the tall guy could finish talking he was shot in the chest, the bullet went straight through him, he then lay his dead body next to my dead body then he was shot again. "I finally got back the money you owe me" the tall guy brother says as he walks over to everyone.

-------------------------- Annabelle I stood there frozen "this son of bitch owe me money" Marcus older brother Ray said as he puts his gun in the duffel bag and zip it up. "I'm sorry for the lost of child" Ray said as he walks back to his car, he gets in and drives off without looking back. I then broke down and cry, my whole family was crying except my dad he was trying to hold it in.

"I want you out my house, by tomorrow" my mom said as she slams the passenger seat door of my dad truck close. I sat in the back seat of my dad truck crying on the inside. My twin sister Isabelle wait was a week later on a Friday, then the funeral was the next day, and I went up to say some words. "Were all here because this young, smart, beautiful girl name Isabelle Miller who die because of a drug deal gone wrong.

My twin sister wasn't a person who sold drugs, I did and I was one who was suppose to be kill because some money I never took or stole. I started to cry as I finish saying my speech "my sister didn't deserved to die at the age seventeen we were going to be eighteen in two months but I guess I will be celebrating our birthday by myself this year.

All I have to say to all you high school kids who about to go to college like me don't hang around the wrong crowd so you won't ruin your chances for your future" I said as I walk away from the stage. E veryone then claps then Keke goes stand next to my sister casket on stage and starts singing this old church song I never heard before. "You wete brave up there" my dad said as he pats the seat next to him I sit down and I hug him. "Don't cry your sister in a better place I bet she watching over us right now" my dad said as he claps for Keke.

"I think it's time to bury your sister" my dad said as he walks over to the casket him and some of my cousins, and uncles help him carry the casket to her grave outside the funeral home. Everyone follow them once my sister was buried into the ground she was cover with dirt. I watch while I was holding onto my dad arm when my mom grab my right hand. Now it been a couple years since my twin sister die, and I'm twenty three going on twenty four out of college and I'm engage with a baby girl coming into the world soon and I'll think I'll name her Isabelle Judith Miller my sister would love that.