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Shy princess sucking dick like pornstar
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Tony was out on the high seas. Not another soul could be seen for thousands of miles. He was on a private, 80 foot yacht; that could handle even the roughest of seas. This was exactly what needed, because he was headed for the heart of the Bermuda triangle. The yacht had twin sails that were made up of some of the strongest material. The sails were also flexible enough to withstand some of the strongest winds. It also had twin 1,200 horse power engines.

They were used sparingly however and used only in emergency uses. The yacht was comprised of two levels and a "basement" for brain of the ship. The main deck had state of the art navigation technology as well as an ancient compass. The compass was easily accessible through a hatch in the ceiling; just in case all of his equipment failed him. Below the main deck was the living quarters. It had all the luxuries of home: a fully stocked kitchen, a bed, a bookcase full of various ancient books.

Which in this time were hard to come by because of the war that started 20 years ago. Beside the bookcase was a television; there was a storage bin underneath it filled with all his favorite movies. (Half of the collection comprised of porn. After all it got lonely being all alone on the high seas.) On the starboard side of the room was a door leading off to his bathroom.

It had a shower, a toilet and a sink. It was just big enough to fit those items inside, so there wasn't much room to move around. Each piece of equipment was solar powered. So he had to use each piece of electrical equipment sparingly; more so on overcast days. He did have batteries as a backup in case he ran out of power. If things got really bad and he did end up using his engines, he had a few jerry cans of fuel.

Tony sat in the captain's chair, which he was currently leaning back in. He was currently looking out through the rain soaked window. Even though it was one of those days where he had to keep a keen eye out for any rouge waves. His companion, which was an A.I. often took over when things got hairy. Sometimes he took over when he was bored, or when the power went out.

Tony sighed and continued to stare blankly through the windshield. It was tough being alone, even with the A.I. It was difficult.

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No one knew he was out here, which was exactly how he needed it to be. It all started 20 years ago. Well it probably started long before that.

You see the djinn and sorcerers have been waging a silent; war which they kept in the shadows before then. But something changed on September 24th 2015; the djinn and the sorcerers started an explosive war that hasn't let up since.

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It was also a day that Tony would never forget… for it was the day his father and mother had died. September 24th 2015&hellip. Tony and his father David were in the basement as usual.


They stood around a table filled with maps and ancient documents. Their attention was focused on one piece of parchment in particular. They were currently in a separate room from the rest of the basement. This room was always locked when the both of them were not inside. "Tony!" he exclaimed. Gasping for air as he did. He had just ran inside the house; blood covered the right side of his face which confused Tony. His father had practically dragged Tony into the basement while Tony's mother Anne, yelled at him.

She demanded to know what was going on; but David ignored her. Now in the basement, Tony's father finally calmed down enough to speak. "I found the last piece of the puzzle! But I don't understand what it all means." From above there was an explosion that shook the entire house.

Pieces of the ceiling started to come down, but surprisingly it did not collapse… Tony was shocked that they had not been crushed. "Noo!!!! Mom!!!" Tony practically shouted, tears starting to stream down his face. But his father grabbed him by his shoulder and shook him a bit.

Tony came back to the present and looked at his father. "How can you be so calm!" he yelled. Upstairs Tony could hear the sounds of voices, followed by smaller explosions. "I know Tony, but you have a very important task you need to accomplish now." His father went over to a duffle bag and handed it to Tony.

He also put a number of maps inside; as well as the piece of parchment his father had brought home with him. "You must get far away from here. Inside that duffle bag contains everything you need to get out of this country and find the treasure." His father walked over to the brick wall, and pushed on a brick.

When he did so, the brick wall fell backwards and behind it emerged a passage way. His father practically pushed tony through it. Stumbling through, he started to walk forward. Realizing that his father wasn't following, he turned around and saw his father standing in the doorway.

"You must go on without me Tony… I will hold them off for as long as possible for you to get away" with those words, the door started to close.

Tony started to run back towards the door, but by the time he got there, it was closed. The terrified look in his father's eyes was the last thing he saw. "NO!!! Don't leave me!" Tony said. But it was no use. Tony started to realize that his father had been preparing him for this moment all his life. To take control and not look back. He turned away from the door and ran down the passageway. Just as he started to run, he could hear another explosion on the other side of the door and more yelling.

The passage way shook and became deathly silent afterwards. July 2nd 2035… Tony's thoughts often drifted back to that fateful day. He wondered at first what was really going on. He soon realized that his father had stolen an ancient piece of parchment.

It held a cryptic message that took well over a decade to decode. In the end it required Tony to search for more clues to its message. The journey had been very difficult. The continuous battle between the djinn and the sorcerer's going on, getting anywhere was difficult. Things only got worse when the world's militaries got involved, causing a global war. Inside the duffle bag was a few hundred Canadian dollars, the bank account numbers for Swiss banks which had millions of dollars inside of them, fake passports, a pistol and other various objects.

Being very careful, Tony had escaped the country before things got very hairy. He started the search with the money he had shortly after escaping. He spent most of the time building the yacht he was on now, and also searched for what the parchment meant.

When he had finally decoded it, he realized it simply described the longitude and latitude of the Bermuda triangle. This was only two months ago; since then tony had made the preparations for his long voyage.

Getting lots of food, water and fuel for the yacht. He had to do all of this while staying under the radar from the parties that were interested in him. This had been a very difficult task. The sorcerers had been close to finding him.

Miraculously, whenever one of them came close to finding him; a djinn magically appeared and caused another battle. Tony had been astonished that he had never been found. He was beginning to believe that he was just lucky. One instance he was almost found, was when he was departing from the dock yard. He had started to pull away from it, when he saw two puffs of smoke appear on the dock. He thought they were sorcerers, but one of them was a djinn while the other one was a sorcerer.

At this point they both started fighting each other. Tony could have sworn that as he started the motor, and headed out to sea; that the djinn winked at him. September 25th 2035 Tony woke up with a start. He sat straight up in his bed and looked around. He thought he had heard something, but soon came to realize this was impossible. He was in the middle of nowhere after all. "Caroline status report please" tony said. A female voice filled the living quarters, even though there was little to no sign of speakers.

"Tony, we have reached the edge of the Bermuda triangle. The noise you had just heard was the boat coming to a stop." Tony sighed, and brought his hand up to his eyes and rubbed them. Caroline was an A.I. that he had discovered throughout his travels.

The "basement" of the ship comprised mostly of her brain and a few other important pieces of equipment. It was currently 2:30a.m. Tony had decided the day before to get a good night's sleep before reaching the Bermuda triangle. Unfortunately, that didn't seem to be the case. "Thank you Caroline" Tony got out of bed, the sheets slowly peeling off his body as he did.

He had slept naked like he always did. There was no point in dressing in clothing, since he was the only person out here. He also usually spent the day naked as the day he was born. Tony was thin and lean. He only stood at 5 foot 8 inches tall and wasn't all that much to look at. He had moles all over his body; as far as his dick went, it was only 5 inches long.

He decided that it was a good idea to get dressed today. He went over to his dresser, and picked up a plain t-shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

He did not bother to wear underwear, but put on socks and a pair of sneakers. It was usually cooler during this time of day and he didn't want to be cold when he made the discovery. It got even worse when there was a wind. Tony headed above deck and up to the bridge. He looked out over the ever endless expanse of the ocean. However, Tony was instead greeted by thick fog around himself and the boat. He finally reached the bridge, and sat in his chair. He closed the door behind him as he did.

"Caroline, how far are we from the coordinates?" "According to the charts, we are 20 miles away from it. By the looks of it, these coordinates will bring us right to the center of it." Tony sat quietly for a moment and sighed. He heard the horror stories of the Bermuda triangle from his father. Whoever went inside, never came back out alive. "Thank you Caroline.

Get the sails back into the wind, and continue on with our course to the destination." Tony could feel as the boat started moving again. Something which had become second nature to him now that he had been out on the sea for so long. He looked down at his radar, and saw the point where they had crossed into the Bermuda triangle. "We are now crossing into the." Caroline was cut off. All of equipment suddenly went black and the lights went out.


Tony had been afraid that this would happen and sighed. Luckily he had prepared for this. "Just perfect… looks like I will have to do things the old fashioned way" he reached up and grabbed compass that was in the ceiling. He took it out and walked out onto the deck, towards the sails. The twin sails were connected together so that they would move as one. If it was necessary they could also move independently. Tony walked over to the handle that was used to manually guide the sails.

Before the equipment went out he saw that they were still 19 miles from his destination. Using the compass, he used it to keep a direct course. He caught the wind in the sails and continued on with his journey. After half an hour, still nothing happened. He let out a large sigh. All this time, he had been going on blind faith. He had hoped that wherever the coordinates had taken him; Tony would eventually find the answers to what he and his family had always been looking for.

But as he got closer to his destination, he realized that maybe they had been mistaken. Suddenly, a glow started to emanate from his pocket. It was strange because he thought he didn't have anything in them. He reached into his pocket and pulled out the ancient parchment. Before his eyes, Tony watched as 3 words appeared below the coordinates that were already written on it.

These words were: bravery, courage and finally sacrifice. Upon reading the final word, Tony heard a bone curdling scream.

He looked around, and could not see much through the fog. However he steered his boat through the fog towards the sound. Through the fog, Tony started to make out an orange glow. He began to realize that a boat was on fire.

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Someone must be inside! He thought. "Hello?!

Is anyone there?!" Tony yelled as he had closer. He lowered the sails and let the boat float. "HELP!" A female voice rang in Tony's ears.


It was impressive, considering the roaring of the fire. From the looks of things, it seemed impossible for anyone to still be alive on the boat. It looked to be, strangely enough, like a Viking ship. Through the fire he could make out a silhouette of a cloaked woman, before she disappeared through the flames. He was perplexed. He thought that there were no other people, let alone an ancient ship, be out here. Without thinking or caring about his own life.

Tony ran over to the side of his boat, and dove into the water. He reached the base of the ship. Amazingly as he resurfaced, a ladder was right in front of him. He grabbed onto the rungs and hoisted himself up and onto the ship. Luckily the heat of the fire was less intense here. He quickly scanned the abandoned ship, looking for any signs of life.

Tony thought he was losing his mind. This was the last thing he was expecting when he reached these coordinates. But as he thought this, he saw a figure through the flames. The figure turned and headed below the deck. Thinking it was strange, Tony ran in that direction. He vaulted over a flaming barrel and headed down below deck after the female.

As he did all of this, the piece of parchment in his pocket glowed even brighter. The words bravery and courage being highlighted even more brightly. Tony scanned the deck, in a corner lay a prone body.

It looked to be in a cloak, so he wasn't completely sure of who or what this person was. He turned the person around, and looked into the face of a blurry looking woman. She looked to be plain, and had no distinguishable features. With strength Tony did not realize he had, he hoisted the female into his arms and started to carry her back up to the main deck. By now the air was filled with smoke. He started to cough heavily. If he didn't escape soon, Tony would surely die.

If not from the fire, then from the smoke. He carried the female to the edge of the boat. This was amazing in itself, since there seemed to be a path from where he was to the edge of the ship; while everything else around him was ablaze. His skin was burning.

His lungs burned. But he felt compelled to make it off this ship and save this woman. What he failed to realize, was this woman in his arms was starting to fade away. She slowly faded into smoke, which did not go up with the rest of the fire. Instead it absorbed into Tony's skin. He hopped onto the edge of the ship and looked at the women. Her face now clad in blackness. If he was not so weak and burnt, he would have realized she was almost gone; but it didn't register in his mind.

With his last once of strength, he leaped off the edge of the ship and into the water below. With just a cloak in his arms; the piece of paper in his pocket glowed brightly. Brighter than ever as the final word was highlighted… sacrifice September 25th 2035- 12:03pm Tony woke up in a start, for the second time that day.

He sat bolt upright in his bed, he was shocked. The last thing he remembered was being on a burning boat with a female in his arms. He had no idea how he had managed to get back on his boat, or for that matter how he was back in his bed… naked.

He looked around the room and laid his eyes on the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She had long blonde hair, that reached down to just the top of her ass. Flawless golden brown skin, a symmetrical face, perfectly round and perky DD breasts, she stood at 5 foot 6 inches tall and when Tony stared into her beautiful blue eyes, she smiled back at him.

"Good afternoon master, you have passed all three tests, and have released me from the vessel upon which I was concealed inside. Therefore you are the chosen one to break the cycles of the 12." Tony continued to stare at this woman. His brain wracked with questions; one of which being, this strange woman just called him master. "Who… who are you?" Tony stuttered "I am the master Djinn, and together we will end the suffering" She gave him a smirk and a wink.

Master Djinn- Part 2 Tony continued to stare at this beautiful woman standing at the other side of his room. His mind was still a little hazy from sleep. The recent events that just transpired started to rise back into his memory.

He looked down at his arms and legs, expecting to see third degree burns on them. But all he saw was his normal skin tone. Without a scratch on him. The woman must have seen the quizzical look on his face because she started to talk again.

"You were taken through a series of tests, to see if you were strong enough to become my master. I have been following you and your family for centuries now; watching your progress. I was beginning to wonder when or even if one of you were smart enough to unlock my code and find me." She stopped speaking for a moment. She walked over to my bed, her hips swaying gracefully as she did. When she got to the end of his bed, she seemed to float down on top of it.

It was almost as if she was weightless. As for Tony, he couldn't look away from her beautiful blue eyes. His tongue seemed to be stuck to the roof of his mouth and was unable to speak. "That is until you came along. Apart from your family and ancestors, you showed the signs of my true master. One that was strong willed, king hearted and willing to do whatever he had to save the ones you loved. I saw the pain in your heart the day your parents died." Hearing about his parents, broke Tony out of his spell.

He had tried to block the memory of that tragic day. Every time he thought about it, he had always teared up. Today was no different; a few tears started to well up at the corners of his eyes. She crawled onto the bed and went over to him. She brought up her right hand to his right eye and wiped away his tears.

Tony's face was starting to turn red from being so close to her. He also put his hands down to his crotch, trying to conceal his boner. If she had noticed his embarrassment, she failed to show any sign. "Your father and mother sacrificed their lives to save yours. What happened that day started the beginning of this long war." Hope now came to her face. "This war can be won, now that you have found me." A smile came to her lips; one that seemed to make the room brighter.

One that made her look even more beautiful than before. "I am sure you often wondered how you were never caught. There were times when the sorcerers came close to finding you, only to have a djinn thwart them at every turn." All he could do was just nod. The tears that had started not too long ago disappeared with the presence of her smile.

"Well, that is because they had been protecting you. They have been giving you the chance to solve my puzzle and finally find me. Then came the part of your long journey out across the ocean. There was nothing around except for water, you were left on your own to find for yourself. Not even a djinn would be able to assist you. This is where the true test began. To see if you were strong willed and physically strong enough to cross the ocean to reach the Bermuda triangle." At this point she got onto her hands and knees.

She put her hands on the bed on either side of my head. Her legs separated and straddled herself over my lap, our faces inches from each other. Even with her so close to him, he could do nothing more than just stare into her beautiful eyes as she continued to speak. "But you passed the first test, and finally you reached me.

You remember yourself getting up out of bed and going out into the fog of the morning. Then heard the sound of a woman's voice calling out for help on a burning ship. You could have done nothing and let the ship burn and left her die instead you risked your life to save her and sacrifice your own life." "In order for me to be truly brought into this world, you had to pass the last part of your test.

On the piece of parchment, it indicated the coordinates of this location. On it, three words appeared: Bravery, courage and finally sacrifice. You had to demonstrate each of those three qualities in order to release me. As you know, by my presence here, you succeeded." She was so close to him, that he could feel her hot breath gracing the front of his face. Just her presence had given him a Hardon; now his dick was so hard, it was starting to hurt. Tony shifted slightly in the bed, and finally was able to speak to her.

"So if you're a djinn, does that mean you can grant any wish I ask of you? Do I only have three wishes?" Before she answered his questions, she moved her mouth to his neck, and started to kiss it, slowly and sensually.

It was taking everything he had to not just take her into his arms and ravage her right then and there. "If I was a normal djinn, or sex genie, I would tell you no.

I would tell you that you cannot grant any wish, and that they had to be sexual in nature." She moved her mouth to the other side of his neck and continued to kiss him. She stopped after a minute of doing this and looked up and into his eyes.

"But I am a master Djinn, I can grant any wish you may desire. The only things I cannot do is tamper with a person's free will or grant your wish to kill someone with my magic. Apart from that I am at your disposal. By this time Tony was sweating, he had never in his life been turned on so much before. In fact, he had been so paranoid of staying hidden; he decided that he could not trust anyone but himself.

This paranoia is the reason why he was still a virgin. Without thinking Tony made his first wish. "Oh god, I wish I could just feel your sweet warm lips wrapped around my throbbing cock." A smirk came to her lips and winked at him "your wish is my command master." Tony felt a slight tingling in his mind, and suddenly both his and her clothing disappeared. She moved her mouth to his chest and started to kiss it. She moved over to his right peck, then over to his left peck.

While she was doing this, she brought down her hips, placing her ass on his legs. Her slick pussy rested on the top side of his dick; as she sat down, she forced it to lay across his stomach. Tony was desperately doing everything he could not to blow his load.

He did not want to ruin everything before things even got started. He was quickly beginning to realize that he was fighting a losing the battle. Just by the feeling of her pussy against his dick, he could tell that she was equally as turned on as he was. Before he could say anything, she continued to kiss his chest before sliding further down his body.

They were both sweating at this point; just from the friction of their two bodies rubbing against each other. Their breathing was coming out heavily now, with the occasional moan escaping their mouths. He couldn't believe this was happening to him, this was something he had only dreamed about. "Please" Tony said. "if you. Keep. This up. I am going. To cum." He was barely able to speak. She looked into his eyes; it almost looked as if she was staring into his soul.

"Then cum for me" She continued to slide down his body, until her mouth was level with his dick. By this point he was on the edge of a massive orgasm. She moved her tongue to the tip of his pre cum soaked dick. She also noted the faint taste of her own juices on it. All she had to do was lick it once.

That was all it took to send Tony over the edge. His legs shook violently and his dick twitched as the first spurts of his seed started to shoot out of his dick.

Without a word, she opened her mouth just before, and stuck her head down. His dick sunk in-between her sweet hot lips and he cummed inside of her mouth. His eyes grew wide as he saw her take his entire length in one fell swoop. Tony's eyes rolled into the back of his head.

His orgasm seemed to take over his entire body and he blacked out. A few seconds later Tony regained consciousness. His mind was still reeling from the mind blowing orgasm he just had.

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What amazed him even more was she barely did anything! He slowly opened his eyes and looked down at his beautiful genie. He could see her licking up any stray cum that may have escaped her mouth. He looked into her eyes, and saw raw lust inside of them. "Oh fuck me" Tony said "I wish I could cum 10 times more." Again Tony made a wish without thinking about it.

Her eyes lit up at the sound of his words. A tingle crossing his mind once again. "Your wish is my command master" At the end of those words. He could feel as his dick suddenly engorged with blood once again.

Now it seemed to be even harder than it was before. He looked down at her and had a better idea. He took her head in his hands and urged her to come up; so that they were once again seeing each other eye to eye. Her cheeks were red and flushed. From the look she gave him, it looked like she could come at any moment herself. Her heavy breathing further confirming his suspicions.

For the first time in his life he moved his mouth over to another woman's. Not just anyone, but the most perfect woman in the world. Their lips met and the two of them engaged in a steamy hot kiss. Both of them had never kissed anyone before so it was a new experience for the both of them. The kiss at the beginning was sloppy to say the least but they didn't care. The burning passion and lust emanating from the both of them made up for it; making the whole situation even hotter.

Tony opened his mouth first and pressed his tongue against her lips. She got the cue and opened her own mouth. His tongue slipped inside of hers and soon their tongues were doing a dance around each other. He was the first one to break from the steamy kiss the two of them shared.

They were both heavily panting now; their bodies covered in sweat. "I am embarrassed to admit this, but I am still a virgin" Her eyes lit up at his words and a big smile came to her lips. She moved her lips over to his ear, and whispered into it. As she did so, her breasts pressed down against him, slipping around from the sweat.

"So am I, let's lose our virginities together." For the first time since he woke up in his room and saw her, he hesitated. "Wait?! You're a virgin?!" He said disbelievingly. She moved her head back up so that she could once again look into his eyes. "Yes, I would only give my virginity to my one true master. I have waited millennia for that one true person to come." She giggled at her own joke. Tony smiled back to her, realizing her little joke she made. His mouth turned into an O as her words sunk in.

she had waited for so long, keeping herself pure just for him "Wow" was all he could say. Before he could say more, she slid her slick body down his. Their sweat making this task really easy, he could now feel her ass cheeks wrap around the side of his dick. "Oh god, I want you in me!" Tony said loudly. She looked into his eyes, once again he could see the look of pure lust in them. "Then take me. For I am yours." Tony grabbed her ass cheeks, and pulled her up a bit.

As he did so, she reached behind herself and lined his dick up to her slick oozing opening. Tony lowered her slowly until the tip was resting at the opening of her vagina. A moan escaping both of their lips as he did so. He did not know much about the female anatomy.

He was so hot and horny however that he could not resist the urge no longer. Finally he impaled her down and onto his shaft. "AHH!" she let out a small scream of pain. If she had not been on top of him in this way, he would have seen a little blood come out as well.

This made him stop, even though his dick was all the way inside of her. "What? Did I hurt you? Oh GOD! I am so sorry!" After the initial pain of her hymen breaking dispersed; the intense pleasure she had been experiencing before come back in a flash. The thought of someone finally joining with her made her go over her own edge.

Her pussy walls clenched around his dick, and Tony was sent over the edge for the second time. His seed exploded inside her willing pussy; it eagerly sucked his cum up into her womb. "Oh fuck Caroline!!" with those words, he sealed the bond between the two of them. It was at this point where everything went strange. Their visions started to slowly fade away; their consciousness's drifting into a void. But without them knowing it, the two minds met somewhere in the middle.

Once they met, they combined with each other for a split second. For the two of them however, it seemed like an eternity. Their fates were now intertwined with each other's; nothing could separate the bond the two of them now shared. As soon as their fates were sealed, the two spirits separated.

Tony slowly opened his eyes and stared back at her. He noticed that her own eyes were slowly opening as well. He could still feel his dick still rock hard inside of her searing hot pussy, which seemed to still be spasming around his length.

"What. What just happened?" he briefly remembered her screaming out in pain, but he could see the tears running down her face.

Tony was concerned that he had done something wrong; even with the way the two of them were now. She seemed to read his thoughts. Or maybe she actually did and brought her right pointer finger up to his lips. "SHHHH" she said "don't worry, you did nothing wrong. We are now bound for the rest of eternity. As long as one of us survives, we will never die." A big smile comes to her face, the tears stopped at this point.

She removed her finger from his lips, and wiggle her hips, sending a shiver down his spine as she did. This elicited a moan from the both of them. "You. You mean I am immortal just like you are?" he asked, shock clearly forming on his own face. "Yes you are. When you broke my hymen and made us cum, the first part of our bond was complete. But something unexpected happened that made our souls bound together. You named me just as we came." "Wait, wait, wait, wait and wait" he said "I named you?

I don't…"He thought back to when he entered inside of her forcefully. He vaguely recalled him calling her Caroline. "I called you Caroline… but that doesn't mean anything. Don't you have your own name?" She just shook her head and planted a firm kiss on his lips.

"No, I was just called the nameless one. Or master Djinn. I did not have a name." Tony moved his hands and placed them on her firm round and perfect ass. He gave them a gentle squeeze, which elicited a moan from Caroline. Tony was more of an ass man than a tit man, however her perky DD breasts with big nipples made his mouth water.

He didn't want to lose the heat the two of them were currently sharing and started to slowly pull his dick out of her. She let out a disappointed sigh, wanting to feel her depths filled with his wonderful dick.

It took everything for him to continue to pull out until just the tip was left inside of her. Tony was starting to realize that he was getting physically tired, even though he had a raging hard on. Caroline looked into his eyes, and just smiled at him.

An idea started to form inside of his head. Caroline, had said that she could grant any wish that he wanted right? "I wish that I had unlimited stamina" Her eyes became wide, and an evil grin crossed her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. "Your wish has been granted master" He could feel another tingling in his mind, and suddenly felt the pain in his muscles start to fade away. She suddenly felt like a doll in his arms and also felt like he could run a marathon without breaking a sweat.

If he had looked at his body when his wish was granted, he would have noticed the fat he had acquired over his body melt away and be replaced with lean muscle instead. He could not wait any longer, he plunged his dick once again into her hungry depths.

As he thrusted his dick inside of her, they both yelled out in pleasure as they both experienced a heightened sense of pleasure. Not only did Tony and Caroline feel their own pleasures, but they could now also feel the pleasures of their partner. For example, Tony felt himself plowing inside of her soaking wet depths, but he could also feel the sensation of being penetrated into, and the feeling her pleasure.

It took all of Tony's and Caroline's willpower to just not have an orgasm with the first thrust. Through the intense pleasure, he started to rhythmically thrust in and out of her pussy, however with the added sensations, Tony was quickly losing the battle. He could also feel Caroline's own climax fast approaching. Just as he was about to blow his load inside of her Tony said "I wish we could both hold back from our orgasms for 10 minutes." He said this as quickly as he could.

If he had waited a single second more, they would have both had an orgasm. He felt the tingling sensation in his mind once again and suddenly was left on the cusp of blowing his load. Tony started to plow his dick in and out of her over and over again.

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They were both moaning heavily and sweat was dripping off the both of them now. Caroline lifted her sticky body off of his, a squelching sound accompanying it. With his dick still inside of her she went onto her knees. Starting to fuck him cow girl style. "Oh fuck Tony! I need to cum so badly!" she screamed out, now bouncing up and down on his dick.

Through his pleasure hazed mind, Tony thought of another wish. "I wish for a thick, long dick one that you can barely handle." He said through heavy breaths. A tingle ran through his mind, and he could feel his dick engorge inside of her. Becoming thicker and longer. It was hard to tell exactly how big it was, since it was buried deep inside of her now.

But at the base of his dick, he could see it was at least 3 and a half inches wide. He could now feel his dick ramming against her womb every time she fell down onto his dick. It was just long enough now to reach her womb, but there was still a little more of his dick sticking out. "FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!" She kept screaming over and over again. Her head waving from side to side. Sweat, flinging off of her as she did so. "Oh Caroline!" Tony screamed back, the pleasure was so intense now that he could think of nothing else but the pleasure the two of them were now sharing.

By the time the 10 minute mark came. All that could be heard was wet slapping sounds as their bodies hit each other. Caroline's hands clasped her own breasts, and her fingers squeezed her nipples. Tony had grabbed her hips once again, now guiding her up and down his dick. He felt that if he didn't, she would collapse.

Finally the moment came. The buildup inside of his balls was excruciating for him, and by extension her as well. If it had not been for the intense pleasure the two of them were having, it would have been extremely painful. Tony slammed his dick into her one last time, as he felt his balls unload a torrent of his cum into her. His dick slammed against her womb, and managed to penetrate it as wave after wave of cum exploded inside of her.

"AHH!" They both yelled in unison as the most intense orgasm overtook the both of them. Their bodies shaking from the intensity of it. After what seemed like a lifetime, the stream of cum leaving him started to subside into a trickle, and soon stopped all together. Even with his unlimited stamina, Tony felt completely exhausted. Caroline collapsed on top of his body and the two of them just lay there like that, covered in sweat from head to toe in the afterglow of their orgasms.

Tony could feel Caroline body shake in mini orgasms still for a few more times before they finally settled down, and with his dick still rock hard inside of her, they both fell asleep cuddled in each other's embrace.