Legal age teenager slit gets fisted

Legal age teenager slit gets fisted
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At the end of the summer holidays my mom and brother were away for the night so I decided to hold a house party. Craig was 17 and working so he said he'd come after he finished which would be after midnight. So I invited Chris but had told him he had to leave by 11.30pm at the latest. The house was packed with people from the age of 15 to 25.

There was more booze in the house then there was in the local off license! By 8pm I could barely stand. The music was blaring and I was dancing with Donna. All of a sudden I was snogging her! It was my first fem-fem kiss, for a second I was shocked but then I started getting into it. When we stopped we carried on dancing but it was swarming round in my mind.

My mom is gay, and I was confused, thinking if I enjoyed that did that mean I was gay? I put the thoughts to the back of my mind and sat on Chris lap and started kissing him. Donna sat on the other side and began pushing my hair back so she could see the kiss better. I was actually enjoying being watched, and soon Chris had pulled away and I started kissing Donna, we were sat in the corner of the settee and even though I normally like the idea of being watched, it felt uncomfortable.

So I got up off Chris's lap and told them to follow me.


I stood outside my bedroom and asked them what the fuck was going on. Thinking about it, if we started downstairs, and I went upstairs then I knew what was going to happen.

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Chris leaned in and kissed me and told me to just go along with it and Donna kissed me again and told me she wanted to have a threesome. I went into my room and found a small bottle of vodka in my drawer and necked it all. I wanted to have a threesome but I wanted to be as drunk as possible! It was one thing being naked in front of a lad, but being naked in front of a mate- who had a figure I would kill for was scary!

I sat on the settee in my room whilst Donna took her dress off and danced to the music Chris had put on my stereo. I was sitting there necking a bottle of cider Chris had brought up. All my inhibitions were quickly disappearing as I held my hand out to Donna and she knelt in front of me.

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I kissed her, and revelled in the softness of it. I fondled her breasts through her bra, and she reached behind and unclipped it then slipped it off. I looked down at her tits; I had seen quite a lot of Donna's tits over the years, but never this much or this close! She climbed onto my lap and allowed me to suck her nipples, she then guided my hands down to cup her cunt through her underwear.

Chris pulled them off for us; I had completely forgotten he was even in the room! He had got naked and was wanking his hard on.

I was scared to touch Donna's cunt, not knowing if she wanted me to or not but she spread her legs and that was my cue!

I put one finger between her outer lips and she was so wet and warm! I ran my finger of her clit and she kissed me harder, her tongue entwining with mine. She reached down and began rubbing my clit at the same speed and time as I was rubbing hers. I was still fully clothed, so I told them I had to take my clothes off. Once me and Donna were fully naked we went over onto the double bed. I carried on fingering Donna whilst did the same to me. Our mouths were all over each other. Our tongues meeting, my tongue on her neck, her tits, hers on me.

I remember wondering why I had never done this before. I was 16 and having my first threesome, although so far Chris wasn't getting any action! I brought Donna to a climax and she lay there breathing heavily, whilst finishing me off too. When I had recuperated I took Chris cock in my mouth, I was soon joined by Donna, we took it in turns licking and sucking his shaft and he came all over our faces.

We spent a few minutes licking his cum off of each other, and when we looked at his cock he was hard again! I wanted cock now, so I climbed on him and let him fuck me hard!


I could tell he was really into it. Donna sat on his face and he proceeded to lick her out, whilst thrusting his hips to fuck me. Me and Donna were facing each other and kissing and sucking each other's nipples.

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I could tell that Donna wanted a cock inside her so we swapped places. Her technique was so different to mine!

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I writhed on Chris's face and let him bring me to a climax again. Chris came simultaneously with Donna and I kissed them both and started getting dressed. We decided it would look odd us going down at the same time so I went down with Chris and Donna came down 5 minutes later. I was giving Chris a lap dance (fully clothed) when Gem came in and told me Craig was in the dining room! I led Chris out the back door and into the entry between my house and the neighbours.

I knew Craig was inside but after the bedroom antics wanted more of him.

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I bent over and let him fuck me, it was very quick and I didn't want to let him go. I wanted to send everyone else home and fuck him over and over again! I eventually kissed him and he left. I wish he could've stayed but it would just get too complicated.

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Turns out Craig was told that night by a few drunken people that I had been gyrating on another guys lap all night, and had then disappeared upstairs for an hour with him and Donna.

Seems like everyone knew what had happened. Craig didn't seem bothered though, if anything when people were shouting it to him he looked amused.

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I took him into the kitchen so he could have a drink but on the way he pulled me into the toilet! He dropped his trousers and I gave him a blowjob. He told me after he came how it turned him on, and he wanted to know the details! I know we were in an open relationship but still!

We fetched fresh drinks then sat on the settee. I pulled a blanket over our laps so I could whisper in his ear the whole thing whilst giving him a hand job. He was getting drunker by the moment and was being open about what we were doing under the blanket; it turned me on no end.

I was wearing a tiny belt like skirt and he was rubbing my upper thighs getting closer each time to my wet cunt.

I just thought fuck it!


The room was packed so I pushed my underwear to one side and straddled him and let him fuck me in front of the whole room. I was lifting myself up and down on his cock; he had wrapped the blanket around me so people couldn't see him sliding in and out of me. I could hear people whooping as they realised what was going on but Craig wasn't bothered!

If anything it was spurring him on. I had never known him stay hard for more than 5 minutes, but we fucked for a good 20 minutes! When he came I slid off his lap and went to fetch another drink. At about 4am the whole atmosphere had dwindled down and people were asleep or fucking in the weirdest places! The only room that wasn't occupied was mine. I wasn't bothered at all by the fact that there was a lot of sex going on in the house that night- Gemma and Ash had disappeared into my mom's room!

I was drunker then I had ever been so I let Craig half carry me up to my room, all I wanted to do was sleep! But Craig had other ideas! He licked me out as soon as I got undressed, and was pretty good at it!

It was only the second time! Then we fucked a few times, before falling asleep in his arms. I went to sleep that night with a huge grin on my face! In the space of 6 hours I had had sex many timeswith 2 blokes, I had given 4 blowjobs, finger fucked one of my best friends, been licked out twice, a threesome, and been fucked in a full room! It was the best party id ever been to!