Asian gets a lusty pussy drilling hardcore creampie

Asian gets a lusty pussy drilling hardcore creampie
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Molly was the devil. Period. She's a vicious little Satan that existed in this world only to torment me.


I felt like if there's a God up there, Molly was the personification of God's-Fucking-Me-Over-in-The-Asshole-with-a-Studded-Dildo. Not only was she my little sister's best friend, which means she was constantly here in our house, she's also unfairly gorgeous. I mean, how often do you see a red head with round blue eyes that shine brighter than any stars throughout the cosmos and a body that attracts men like UV light attracts flies.

And that analogy was quite fitting for describing her because every time some guy got close to her, he was singed into a crisp with the constant barrage of negative criticisms. And as ill-fortune seemed to hang around me, I was one of those guys.

The only difference was that I was trapped, kind of like how a fly gets trapped in the wire net by their own melted limbs and eventually gets fried until it literally turned into ash. The only way to I could avoid turning into a pile of carbonaceous dust was to ignore her, pretending that she's invisible in my eyes. Ironically, I was constantly being reminded of her exquisite beauty all the time.

If I could forget her, I would. But I couldn't. At almost every weekend, she came to my house and had dinner with my family. My attempts to forget her, as well as the harsh comments she had said to me over the time, was constantly shattered by the periodic visitation. Though I was not proud of it, I did masturbate to her, like all the time.

Her round symmetrical face opposite of the dining table, with her mouth opening and closing as she chewed, was better than any porn that I'd ever seen in my life. Of course, my parents loved her and treated her like their daughter. My sister, who obviously knew about my distaste(and admiration, which I don't like to admit) for her, once coyly suggested that we two should get marry some years later to truly make her a part of our family.

In front of my parents, Molly only smiled demurely at the insipid suggestion. In the confines of their little haven, aka, my sister's room, the rather thin walls between my sister's room and mine spared me no mercy at the disgust and hatred she had for me that very night. "Seriously, Jess. I would rather sleep with a dirty old beggar than with your brother." my cock twitched in shame at the comment.

"I mean, look at him. He's such a nerd I have to stop myself from cringing every time I see him." "He's not that bad." my sister said and I found my hopes being lifted. "Look at his clothes. It's like he's wearing something from the seventies. It's lame." Molly exasperated. I tugged on my t-shirt and looked at the close-up picture of Bryan Adams face. What could be wrong with it?

"He likes oldies." my sister remarked and I couldn't have agreed with her more. I preferred old music over the new ones because old music sounded real. Like the singers actually put effort into making the song.

Contemporary songs, on the other hand, sounded like someone simply plugged in words into a ready-made template of chords, matched it up with some HD footage of a scenic backdrop with the singer emotionally singing in it, and called them originals. "But seriously, can't he just wear something from this century." I heard the bed frame squeaked and the image of Molly molding her round ass onto the soft mattress formed inside my head.

Admittedly, I was dirty minded, mind you. "I'm kind of okay with it though." a second squeak reverberated through the walls. "I don't understand why you always get your panties in a bunch in front of my brother. It's not like he wears it to piss you off." my sister sounded like she was teasing Molly. "I just.I just don't like it." Molly said softly.

I had to press my ears on the wall to even be able to listen to what she said. Yes, I was eavesdropping. Bite me! "Why does it matter if you like it or not? The only thing that matters is that he likes it." my sister remarked teasingly. Her question had my interest piqued.

It's a question that I had never thought of asking myself before. Why does she hate me so much? "I didn't say it matters to me." Molly retorted and I could almost hear her blushing, if that's even possible.

"Is that so?" my sister giggled. "I think the reason you hate him is because he's ignoring you." "That is so not true." Molly denied with a voice a pitch too high. "Stop laughing. That's not true." I could hear her slap my sister's shoulder.

Interesting. I felt my stomach rolled in my stomach at the revelation. My cock lifted his sorry head in with new found hope. "Shhh.keep it down. He might be able to hear you." my sister warned. "He can?" Molly snapped nervously. "Why didn't you tell me early?" she reduced her volume to a light whisper. Still, I could still make out what she said. "What if he heard all of those?" "Why does it matter?

It's not like you've declared your undying love for my brother." "Shut up!" Molly hissed and my sister burst into laughter. That night, I couldn't sleep. Each time I closed my eyes, the image of Molly's bright blue eyes appeared in front of me.

Her face was pleading, her mouth partially opened, and her warm breath caressed my lips. I'd tried countless of time to wash out the image of her beautiful face from my head but each attempt only met with 'stiffer' resistance.

Yes, pun intended. There's no way Molly, a girl that a guy would kill for, had a crush on me. That's impossible. That's just not Molly, the devious little devil that had me locked in a little hell of my own. Molly didn't do nerd like me, that's painfully obvious. She's the kind of girl that would only date quarterbacks, not Java-loving, C#-obsessed, weak and pathetic nerd like me. "Fuck!" I shot up from my bed.

I needed a wash on my face lest I wouldn't be able to purge out the distracting, gorgeous, face of my nemesis. When I got to the bathroom door, I noticed the light coming from the gap below.

Some shuffling sound permeated from behind the door. Someone must be inside. Not wanting to go back to my bed, I leaned over the banister and waited for whomever was inside the bathroom to finish.

Then my head was beginning to fuck with me. Molly's velvety moan cut through the silence of the night. I shook my head in disbelief and slapped my head to get myself together. Thinking of her sucking my cock while jacking off was one thing, hallucinating her moaning in the dead of night while waiting to use the bathroom was a completely different thing.

I must be losing it, really. "Oh, yes, I want you inside me Roger." I frowned at the call of my name. The words were very vivid, almost as if Molly was really saying them out loud. I turned around and stared at the bathroom door.

It couldn't be, could it? "Yes, I want you deep inside my pussy." my cock hardened at the soft lustful voice. It was definitely coming from the bathroom. And it was definitely Molly speaking from inside. "I want your cock, Roger." Holy fucking Christ!

My face flamed into bright red. Molly was masturbating to me. The rational part of my brain screamed at me to respect her privacy, to run back to my room as quietly as possible and pretend I didn't just hear that. But the primal part of me wanted me to stay and listen to her masturbate to me.

The latter won as I planted my ear on the door. Damn it, I couldn't believe I was eavesdropping again. It's a habit that I really should avoid doing it too much. But this was special. This was Molly touching herself and calling out to me. This was Molly, the devil of my life."Yes, fuck me harder." My train of thought shatter by the high pitch squeal.

The panting behind the door grew more intense. The rate increased. There was some sloshing sound as if something was sliding in and out of a wet surface. The image of Molly's pussy lips wrapping around my cock materialized in my head.

It took every ounce of energy not to wrap my fingers around my throbbing cock and rub one out right that moment. I was in the hallway and it would be the dead of me if any of my family members saw me masturbating to Molly masturbating to me.

Okay, that sounded really confusing. But you know what I meant. "Yes. Come inside me. I want you to fuck a baby into me." she moaned.

In the name of Gandalf the White, I almost came into my pants. Shit, this was getting wronger by the second. I shouldn't stay here. I should have walked back into my room. But I couldn't. The knowledge of Molly touching herself with me inside her head was profoundly compelling that I wanted to stay here so badly.

"Yes.yes.yes.faster.faster.Roger.give it to me." I swallowed a shudder. My hand trembled in desperation and my cock twitched excitedly in my pants. The harden flesh between my legs ached to be milked. A soft lengthy squeal reverberated through the wooden door, sending a shiver down my spine. Molly was coming, that much was obvious.

What I didn't know was how much that sweet innocent squeal made me wanted to go in to the room and fuck her. My cock obviously agreed to that idea fervently. It was even drooling precum right then.

My hard throbbing cock inside the wet welcoming warmth of Molly's pussy was certainly a thought not alien to me. Ever since I saw her the first day she came to my house, I had always wanted to plant my cock deep inside her.

But I wouldn't do that because, first, I would have to rape her to get that fantasy to turn into a reality, second, I didn't want to make my family hate me forever as a result of that. So, I always took things into my own hand, so to speak. Never in my wildest imagination that Molly too shared a similar interest. The door was swung open and I fell forward onto a very surprised Molly. We both landed on the floor with me pressing on top of her.

A still wet incriminatory dildo clattered on the floor before rolling towards the wall. "What the fuck are you doing here?" Molly hissed in shock. Her blue eyes darted to the dildo on the edge of the bathroom.

When our eyes met once more, her face boiled to a crimson red. "It's not what it looks like." she said quickly. Her beautiful face, to be honest, looked so better up close. My cock, which was pressing against the mound of her sex, grew harder by the second and I tried to calm it down.

The widening of Molly's eyes told me that my attempt had obviously failed. "I'm.I'm so sorry." I pushed up, lifting my engorged member from her. My member screamed bloody murder at my attempt at civility. No, stupid cock, I'm not raping my sister's best friend in the family bathroom. I pulled Molly onto her feet. As I did so, I didn't fail to notice the curve of her body accentuated by the short tight blue pants and low cut t-shirt she was wearing.The girl was still redder than a beet and shocked like a doe caught in the headlights.

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She was looking at me like how characters in movies looked at aliens. Dutifully, I bent down and grabbed the dildo. "Here you go." I croaked nervously. God, this was fucking awkward. Molly took the rubbery tool from me in silence. Then, I decided to turn and walk out of the bathroom. As I walked back to my room, I knew just how much I had just fucked up. The only piece of good thing out of this incident was that my cock's definitely bigger than her dildo. I didn't know how long I had laid on my bed with my eyes wide open while trying my best to suppress the images of Molly prodding her pussy with the tip of the dildo from forming in my head.

As I rolled on my bed for what must be the umpteenth time, there's a soft knock on my door. I swallowed nervously as I prepared myself for the repercussion of tonight's incident.

Perhaps Molly wanted me to apologize to her. Or she told my sister how I had eavesdropped on her masturbating and my sister's behind that door with a very thick piece of book to club me with. Or even worse, my parents! Shit shit shit. I walked to the door and I felt like a prisoner on death row walking to the gallows.

If I ever happened to be a prisoner on death row, this feeling I felt right now would probably be it. I unlocked the door and pulled it open. My heart almost arrested before I realized it was only Molly that was standing there. "I'm sorry." I said embarrassingly with my head hung low. It's true, I really was not proud of what I had done. Molly didn't say a word. Instead, she stepped towards me. Her soft hands pressed against my chest and she pushed me back into my room.

When we cleared the door, she shut it behind her. I heard the distinct click of the door being locked. "How long have you been standing there?" she asked softly. Her voice calm and cold. I didn't know how to answer that question. What should I say? Since that moment you said you wanted my cock inside you? There's no way I could say that in front of Molly. Instead, I opted for a vaguer answer. "A couple of minutes." Even in the dark, I could still she her frown, as though she was doing some mental calculation.

"Then you know." her blue eyes gazed up into mine. She was standing so close to me, I had to bend my head down so that I could see her face. See the emotion in trapped behind those eyes. "Yes." I admitted dejectedly. "Then." she muttered uncertainly. Out of the blue, she pulled her t-shirt over her head. Her lovely breasts glowed under the pale moonlight filtered through the curtains. My cock throbbed at the graceful sight but like an intimidated virgin with no sexual experiences I was, I took a few steps back.

I watched her tossed the t-shirt to the floor before flipping her hair over her shoulder with finesse. "Fuck me, Roger." she whispered. God, those dirty words coming out of those pure lips was unbelievable. In fact, this whole thing was unbelievable. Molly coming to me for sex? "Stop joking, Molly. It's not funny." my voice cracked pathetically.

Molly looked at me for a moment. I could see her eyes running over my body. After what felt like eons of tense silence, Molly slid her fingers into her waistband and in one fluid movement, the short pants fell to the ground, leaving only a thin piece of lacy fabric covering her nether region. She walked up to me and I involuntarily stepped back. When the back of my knees hit the edge of my bed, I stumbled and landed on the mattress. With my eyes still locked in an apparent staring contest with Molly, my cock throbbed painfully under the tight fit of my briefs.

It wanted to be let out. When Molly reached me, she wrapped her arms around my neck and her soft lips was pressed against mine. Fireworks lit up in my stomach and my cock turned into granite. She climbed onto me, her legs on each side of my body, and pressed her sex onto my solid bulge. Her warm breasts pressed against my chest, rubbing fervently on me. I parted my lips and welcomed her tongue and as we slowly lost in the carnal trance of our new found connection, I gradually relaxed onto my bed.

"That's not a joke, is it?" I asked when we broke off the kiss to breathe. "No, Roger." she whispered and then pressed her lips onto mine once again.

I tasted her mouth, I worshiped her tongue. Her feminine scent was invigorating, each inch of her precious skin felt like the best silk in the world. My hands pressed against her smooth back before sliding down over her round ass. I had always wondered how it would feel to touch her ass. Let's just say none of my imagination even come close to how good it felt under the palm of my hands. "Take off your clothes, Roger." She ground her sex against my hard bulge.

How could I say no? With her help, my Bryan Adams t-shirt was tossed over the bed haphazardly. My pants soon joined the discarded fabric below.

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When Molly pulled my briefs over, her eyes widened in surprise as my fully engorged cock sprang free from its confinement. "I always know you are big." Molly sucked in a sharp breath. "Just not this big." "I think it's going to hurt having this thing inside me." she added lustfully.

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Something told me that she was not put off by the size of my cock, not one bit. Grabbing the base of it, she pointed the tip to her soft puckered lips. Her tongue tasted the head of my cock, and then the base of the shaft, before she mouthed over my ball.

Then, she giggled playfully. "I've always wanted to do that." "I'm glad you are having fun." I said coyly. "Do you want to know one thing about me, Roger?" she exhaled. Her warmth breath caressed my skin. Her hand began stroking my cock in a gentle rate.

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"Yes." I hissed in pure pleasure. "I've been fantasizing about you fucking me ever since I've met you the first time." she hastened the strokes. My legs jerked and my thighs stiffened. "I've always wanted you. But you always ignored me. Roger." "I only ignore you because." I swallowed when I felt her mouth enveloping the head of my cock. "It's because you always insult me." Her head lowered and my cock slid further into her mouth.

I let out a groan that sounded so foreign to me, for a moment I didn't know it was my own.

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Her head bobbed up and down, her sweet lips gloriously dragging along the shaft of my cock. When she surfaced to breath, tucking her messy red mane behind her ears, she looked me in the eyes. "That's because I didn't know how else to talk to you." "So you decided to insult me to start a conversation." I cocked my eye.

"I.I'm sorry. I get all bitchy when I'm nervous." she turned her eyes to my cock once more and gazed longingly at the engorge flesh like it mesmerized her.


"And you make me nervous." her lips parted and my cock once again found refuge deep inside her mouth. I grabbed a fistful of her hair, not tight but firm, and guided her head up and down on my member.

"Is this you apologizing to me then?" I let out a shuddering breath. She nodded with my cock still deep in her mouth. It's so adorable I almost wanted to bring her up to kiss her.

But with the commitment she's putting for my throbbing cock, I didn't want to interrupt her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her soft lips caressing along the length of my cock, her tongue tasting the precum leaking out of the head. "I'm going to come, Molly." I warned and nudged her a little to get her to stop just in case she didn't hear me. Despite my warning, Molly kept going. In fact, her movement became quicker. "Molly." I warned once again. My orgasm looming just over the corner, ready for a grand release.

Molly ignored my second warning. Her lips continued to work magic on my cock. Her head bobbed relentlessly with no end in sight. "I'm coming, Molly." a final desperate cry escaped my trembling throat.

Then, I felt it. The floodgate opened. A surge of cum coursed through my throbbing cock and with Molly's lips tightly sealed around the base of it, there's only one place the surge of cum was going. Molly moaned in delight as the warm wad of semen exploded into her mouth.

I felt the tightening of her throat on the tip of my cock as she swallowed.

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Religiously, she continued to stroke my cock, drawing every last drop of cum up into her mouth. When she pulled away, she gave the tip of my cock one last lick. "Am I forgiven?" she asked coyly. I pulled her up and held her by her neck as I tasted her lips. My tongue slid between her lips, tasting my own orgasm inside her mouth.

I didn't know how long we'd kissed, but it did feel like eternity and when we pulled away from each other, I realized just how eternity could feel so brief. "Yes, Molly. You are forgiven." I said.

Running my fingers over her silky hair, I studied the face in front of me. God, Molly was really beautiful. Her eyes spoke volumes. Despite coming only recently, my cock soon found its former glory and erected back to its full form. I flipped her over, pulled her lacy panties away and then straddled her.


My thick member rested against her puckered pussy. I felt the warmth, no, the heat, coming off of her pussy and that's when I finally understood the term 'in heat'. "Slowly." Molly muttered. "You are big." "I will." I hissed and began undulating my hips.

The tip of my cock glided along her wet crevice and settled at her moist opening. Poise to penetrate, I carefully eased myself into her. She tensed up almost immediately, her fingers dug into my back. But other than that, she didn't not stop me.

"Are you okay?" I asked worryingly, fearing that I might have hurt her. "It's okay. Keep going." she smiled lazily, her eyes fluttered with lust. I proceeded, feeling more of her wrapping around my cock as I inched into her slick folds. When her soft pussy lips finally kissed the base of my cock, I let out a satisfying moan. Her pussy felt like heaven.

"You want to know one thing about me? Molly." I asked in the exact same way she asked me. "Yes." she mewled. "I've always wanted to fuck the shit out of your sweet pussy." I whispered into her ears. Her pussy immediately clenched around my cock. "Then fuck the shit out of my sweet pussy. Roger." she moaned. Enough was said. I pulled back before I slammed my hips onto her, my cock rammed into her slick girly opening. "Yes. Roger." she cried. The softness enveloping my cock, the sweet friction along my shaft was electrifying.

I eased myself out of her again before slamming my cock back inside her. Each violent motion sent electricity throughout my body.

Each hard thrust drew me closer to another release. "Your pussy feels so good." I couldn't help but to compliment. "Then use it, Roger." her fingers dug into my skin.

"Use my pussy to come. I'm yours to use." The words were like fuel to a raging fire. My hips pummeled harder and my cock hammered into her soft flesh faster. God, I was going to come too soon if this went on. And then it would be over too quickly. But I couldn't stop myself.

I needed her. My cock needed her pussy. "I'm coming. Molly." I cried softly. "I'm not protected." she remarked urgently.

"Okay." I moaned into her as I reminded myself to pull out. "Roger." she cried my name. "I will get pregnant." she warned albeit not resolutely. It's almost as if she wanted me to come inside her. "I know." I nodded, while my hips never stopped undulating, my cock never stopped sliding in and out of her.

"I will pull out." "Okay." she sighed. "I wish I could let you finish inside me." she added and I almost came at the words. "Next time." I managed to utter without losing my control.

I was so close to the edge, so near to an eventual end that would leave my seeds deep inside her fertile womb if I weren't too careful. "I'm almost there." "Roger. Use my pussy. Come for me." she moaned and I hastened at those words. "Then milk my cock, Molly." I needed to have a come back on her.

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"Milk.My.Cock." I hissed one word at a time, each separated with a hard thrust into her pussy. And boy did she milk me. Her hips jerked forward. Oh God I was really near right now. I could feel the swell of my cum, building up at the base of my cock, ready to be unloaded.

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When my climax was just seconds away, I yanked my cock out, my hand quickly wrapped around it to keep the momentum going. And I stroke. I stroke hard and fast. My seeds surged through my cock, each long spurt of white warm cum shot into the air before landing on Molly's chest. "Roger. Yes. Roger." Molly squealed in an erotic trance as she convulsed into an orgasm forged by her own fingers rubbing on her pussy.

As every drop of seed had been dispensed onto Molly's chest, I collapsed onto her. Our body joined intimately, my cum smeared on her soft breasts and over her tight hard nipples. After a while, I decidedly asked. "Do you like that?" I whispered tiredly into her ear.

"Yes. Roger. I love that." she crooned into my neck, her lips nuzzled onto my skin. "I think I fell in love with you, Roger." "I think I already know that." I replied and then took her lips once more. When morning came, despite what little sleep I had, I felt lively.

Hell, I felt rejuvenated. As Molly and I sat at the dining table, looking at each other with knowing smile, my parents went on about their business as usual, obviously unaware of the little escapade we'd pulled off yesterday.

"Molly, have some sausages." my dad pushed the plate towards her. "It's okay, Mr. Angles. I've already had plenty." then she cast me a knowing smile and I couldn't say I didn't understand her. She did get quite the 'sausage' last night. "Morning." My sister came to the kitchen rubbing a sore shoulder.

"Morning dear. What's wrong with you? You looked terrible." my mom observed. When I looked at my sister, I could see two very obvious eye bags under her lifeless eyes. "For some strange reason." she slumped onto the dining chair while staring pointedly at Molly and me, "I couldn't sleep last night." Oops.