You love eating your own cum for me CEI

You love eating your own cum for me CEI
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"MISSY" By Blueheatt This story starts when Missy was young. She was my girlfriends daughter. She was spoiled, hard to get along with, with both the girlfriend and I. Then she met her girlfriend and discovered boys. Missy was cute as hell, slim build with a nice hand full of boobs now.

She had real long shiny black hair, beautiful skin, cute butt and nice hips. She was petite, about 5 feet tall and had gorgeous legs. I over heard Lisa and her talking one sleepover, I was pretending to be asleep in my recliner.

They were on the floor in the corner of the living room playing some game, and the subject turned to boys. I could hear Lisa saying quietly that she thought I was hot, and had Missy ever sat on my lap and felt my dick under her. Missy said no, and Lisa said she did this to her dad and soon he would get a hardon and she could feel it press on her vagina and it gave her a good hot feeling.

They giggled and went on to bed. The next morning right after the girlfriend drove off to work, and Lisa left, out comes Missy. I was in my recliner in my robe, and her in a long yellow thin robe. She climbed up into my lap with her back to me. She pull her nightgown up folded her legs back and carefully adjusting her vagina so she sat right on my dick. No bra and no panties on. I put my arms around her tummy and she lay back on me, nestled in, all content.

My robe was thin and I wore no underwear. I tried to keep from getting a hard on, but only my thin robe and her thin nightgown was between her vagina and my semi-hard dick. She said she had an itch now and again and put her hand under night gown and slowly scratched it, right next to her vagina. She would adjust her hips and work her vagina tighter down on my dick.

One month to go until she was ___ and I was in pain trying not to respond. She kept adjusting her vagina on me and scratching that itch. I felt her fingers graze my dick over my robe and she would sigh. This went on every morning from now on. I put on tight underwear, but my hard on lump got bigger each morning. Then I thought about something.

I had found her diary under some clothes on her top shelf when I was painting her room a while back. I just wondered if she might be writing about all this in it. After she went to school, I checked her room and found it in the same place, It was unlocked. I opened it, and sure enough she had. She talked about Lisa teaching her so much about sex, and showing her how to masturbate with her hair brush.

Lisa had been doing the same thing but only more. Lisa had sat on her dad's lap like us, but had moved her dad's hands up to feel her boobs. She had reached down and pulled out her dad's hard on and pulled it back to rub it on her clit. She would move up and down on her dad's dick, rubbing it on her clit until one morning he squirted big globs of cum all over her tummy and hand. She had a big orgasm when this happened. I knew now where Missy was headed. Two weeks now to go before Missy was ___.

I waited, so if I got caught for some reason, I wouldn't go to jail, worse case scenario. I thought about my girlfriend saying she had sex at ___ with her mom's boyfriend, and liked it. I decided to wait, if I could. My girlfriend gave me all the credit for Missy's warming up to me and her now happy attitude with both of us.

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I tried not sitting in my recliner in the mornings, but Missy would jump up and put her legs around me while I was standing, then do a slow slide down over my hard on lump with her vagina and shutter and giggle. She was already on the pill, and she knew I knew it too.

One morning she jumped up on the kitchen counter, legs wide apart and wanted a hug. As I put my arms out to her she took my hands and put them on her nipples, and said: "That tingles so good." I moved my hands to her back and hugged her.

She wrapped her legs around my hips and leaned back and said: "Swing me!". As I put my hands under her lower back she thrust her vagina into my dick tight and said: "Wheeeeeee, then she gasp as she brought her upper body to me digging her vagina in hard to my dick.

She shuttered and gasp again as she slid her vagina down over my dick. She had a orgasm that morning, according to her diary. Now it was 2 days before her birthday, and she knew what that meant and planned for it.

The more I avoided her, the more she would attack me standing up for a slide down across on my dick with her vagina. My girlfriend took notice that Missy was hands all over me at times. She would giggle and tell me she thought Missy had the hornies for me, and told me again how she got together with her mom's boyfriend and he was so good in bed. Our sex had been getting hotter and hotter for weeks as I fantasized about fucking Missy while fucking the girlfriend.

She noticed the increase in my passion and one night ask me if I thought Missy was sexy. I said, "Oh hell yes!" She ask me if Missy had made any moves on me. I said yes. She said really?, and got real excited and wanted details. I said she had only rubbed her self on me, and sat on my dick in my recliner. She said: "Wow, I did those same things with my mom's boyfriend!", and giggled. Well, tomorrow was her __th birthday finally, I got her diary down and wanted to see the latest entry.

She wrote she was excited and said she was going to get me to make out with her and feel her up. "I can't wait to have him touch my boobs and vagina. I'll rub his dick or whatever to get him to do it. I'll kiss him long and wet, and feel his chest and kiss down at his dick.

I can feel it's so big, and I want to kiss it and suck on it too." That night I got her alone in the kitchen and told her tomorrow is the big day. She beamed with a big smile and pulled her self tight into my dick. I said tomorrow morning I will sit in my recliner and we'll talk about sex. Her eyes went wide open and she said: "Really?" I said, See you in the morning. That night she couldn't sleep and kept getting up to do this or that.

My girlfriend giggled quietly, and said, "She's excited, I better just let her stay up till she gets tired enough to sleep". At __, the girlfriend went to bed, and didn't tell Missy to go to bed now. I didn't help by whispering to Missy, "One hour to go", Missy lay on the couch wide awake. When I turned to tell her, 30 minutes to go, she had fallen asleep. I got up, picked her up and went to her bedroom to place her in bed.

As I placed her, she stirred and put her arms around my neck and pulled me on top of her. She whispered, "Are we going to play tomorrow?" I said, "Oh yes". She smiled a sleepy smile, kissed me and fell back asleep. The morning arrived as I sat in my recliner. As soon as the girlfriend left, Missy strolled in with a big smile.

I said happy birthday then she kissed me long and wet, pushing her tongue in my mouth and letting it dance all around.


Then she climbed up to sit on my lap, her back to me. This time she pulled up her nightgown clear up, and opened my robe some and sat right on top of my dick.

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I felt her warm and damp pussy lips straddle the top of my dick. She let out a soft moan as she slowly settled down on it.

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She took my hands and placed them on her boobs. I was turned on like a heat lamp now. Those __ yr old boobs felt soft and wonderful. I found her now hard nipples and rolled them between my fingers. She started to gasp for air as she moved back and forth on my now full hard on. We could both hear the clicking sound of her wet pussy sliding on my dick.

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She reached down and fondled my dick, feeling all over it. Then she scooted back, leaned way over and got her face right next to my dick, I could feel her breath on it. She started kissing all over it, then started licking it.

When she got it sopping wet, she moved her pussy down to it and pulled my dick back to rub on her clit. My balls were jumping wanting to shoot big time. She began to moan loud and in one quick motion, she put my dick inside her. Wow she was tight! We slowly worked it in. She moaned my name over and over. Oh my god, she yelled out. I held her hips and started moving my dick in her faster and faster. She moved with me. I fingered her clit with one hand and a nipple with the other. She twitched and moaned.

She reached down and felt my dick going in and out of her with her fingers, Then she screamed out, "OH GOD, Y E S!", and that's when I let go with a huge cum, filling her pussy over and over. She growled and squeezed my dick tighter with her vagina walls, as cum and pussy juice ran out all over me. She moaned and twitched down on my dick, over and over.


I massaged her clit as she bucked and yelled out again. She just kept working her pussy up and down on my dick as she moaned, "OH my god, oh my god", between taking breaths. I lifted her off of me as she turned to kiss me long and hard. She faced me and put my dick right back in her. She closed her eyes as she worked her pussy up and down on my dick, and muttered how wonderful I was. That evening she had Lisa and some friends over for a small birthday party.

Lisa would look it me with a very sly smile. Missy must have told her what happened.

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Lisa was to sleep over and the party ended. The girlfriend had a lot of wine to drink and went to bed. I was in the kitchen when Lisa and Missy came in. Missy came over and said, "You never did talk to me about sex." I said, "That first lesson was a non-verbal lesson". She and Lisa giggled, then she said, " Lisa wants a lesson too." More giggling. I told her that tomorrow your mom will be at her mom's house for two days, maybe we could have a lesson?


They whispered something and Missy went to check on her mom sleeping. Lisa came over to me. Lisa was taller, bigger tits, had cute figure with long brown hair and a very assertive girl. She came right up to my face and kissed me hotly. I pulled her pussy to my dick and said, "Tomorrow." Missy came back and whispered, " Mom's out and snoring, Hey you guys, did you start the lesson without me?" We all chuckled quietly and Lisa whispered, "He has hot free samples!" They both started to kiss me and feel my dick when I said that I would tuck them in and give them one free sample for tonight.

They ran off to get ready for bed. I put on my robe and checked on the snoring girlfriend turned out the hall light. I tapped lightly on Missy's door. It opened a crack, and Missy whispered "Come in".

I went in adjusting to only a tiny wall night light. Missy sat on one end of the single bed only wearing a light blue thin see thru short frilly top, no bra and small pink panties. Lisa at the other end had on a pajama top with only one button buttoned at the bottom, no bra. She had little white panties but rolled down at the top so a little pubic hair showed. They both sat sitting up, legs on the floor. I left the door open so I could hear any intrusions coming. I motioned for them to sit next to each other They were both looking right at the lump under my robe.

I held my finger to my lips indicating no noise. I leaned over first to Lisa and hotly kissed her, our tongues racing inside our mouths. Then over to Missy and we did the same.

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Their eyes were filled with excitement. I opened my robe slightly and let my dick stand straight out. I took one hand from each of them and put them on my dick. I let them feel it all over, and my balls. Their eyes were wide open and fixed on my dick. Lisa was the first one to just kiss the end of my dick. Then Missy started in and they kissed my dick and balls all over. Missy was the first to take the head of my dick and put the head in her mouth and slowly suck on it.

Lisa began to slowly jack my dick. Lisa was the first to put her hand in her panties and start fingering herself. Lisa's hot little breath felt so good on my dick as she lick up to Missy's sucking. Missy let her take a turn at sucking my dick, and she put it in her mouth further and jacked me faster. Lisa's fingers were moving in and out of her pussy now, and her thumb rubbing her clit.

Missy stood up and whispered quietly that they wanted to taste cum. We kissed hot and wet as I felt her nice tits. She sat back down and took another turn at sucking me deeper. She now had her fingers in her pussy, going in and out. Lisa stood up and kissed me, pushing her tongue in as far as she could as she felt my butt. She whispered, "We want you to cum for us, and ask if I would put my fingers in her pussy when I cum." I sat them down and moved their heads together and turned them so their lips were almost touching.

I moved my dick to their lips and they both sucked. I put their hands up to both jack on me while I slipped fingers in both their pussy's. The feel of those two hot breath's and two tongues on my dick, it didn't take long for me to let go with a intense cum, I shot the first load directly in Lisa's mouth, and the second in Missy's and kept shooting in their mouths.

The both tasted the cum and licked the cum off their lips and my dick. Lisa shuddered with an orgasm as her eyes were glazed and put her hand on my fingers and worked them in her faster while her thumb rubbed her clit fast.

Missy whispered to Lisa," I love the taste of his cum", and opened her legs wide as I pumped my fingers in her pussy fast until she squeezed her pussy on my fingers and twitched as she orgasmed. I brought their faces together and kissed them both and whispered, "Tomorrow."