Sexy ass ho gives footjob

Sexy ass ho gives footjob
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It started with a call, she wanted me to meet her at a hotel. She was an ex-girlfriend, and she was living with her grandparents while her house was getting the finishing touches. She wanted sex and knew I had roommates and could not do anything wild at my place, so I decided to meet her.

Her name is Silvia. After I left the house Silvia called me on my cell and asked me to call my bi female friend, Cheryl, and have her meet us at the hotel. I asked her why?

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Silvia was not bi and not interested in women at all, at least that is what she had always told me. She said she had a desire to taste pussy. Whoa!! I was shocked, but not going to disappoint her, I made the call and prayed that Cheryl was going to be available. Wouldn't you know it, Cheryl was busy, but after I told her why I wanted her to meet me, she said she would get out of it and met us.

She too loved to taste pussy, and having a cock in the room was awesome, in her book. I arrived before Cheryl and found the room. When Silvia opened the door, she was wearing a button down shirt, and nothing else, The shirt was unbuttoned enough to expose her cleavage and enough of her breasts to get me hard.

She was built very well, nice body, with at least 38C, maybe a D cup tits.

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She told me that at times she had to wear D cup bras, but most of the time she squeezed into a C. Ok, this was my first FMF 3some, so I was way turned on and excited. I could not believe Silvia was going to do this for me. She told me that after she had her pussy eaten by another woman, she needed my big cock. Maybe I am modest, I do not think I am that big.

Actually, Cheryl had measured it one time, Eight and a half inches. Not real thick, but thick enough to make the women happy. Cheryl is an oral pro, she was the first, and one of the few woman that could deepthroat me. I loved her for her talent and could not wait to feel my cock deep in her throat.


Silvia led me to the bed and sat me down on the floor at the end of the bed. She then put her foot on the edge of the bed and moved her pussy right to my mouth.

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She said she needed to cum and wanted me to eat her till she had her first orgasm. Man!! I was in heaven. She tasted so sweet. She had unbuttoned the shirt and was looking down at me while I licked her clit and darted my tongue into her pussy.


It took about 3 second for my pants to become uncomfortable because I was being confined in them with my raging hard-on.

I reached down and unzipped them to release the pressure.

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Silvia started moving, grinding, and pushing her pussy harder into my mouth as she became even closer to her first orgasm of the evening. About the time I thought she was going to cum, and I was a little worried she would not survive a fall because she was standing up, my cell phone rang, it was Cheryl, calling to find out which room because she had arrived.

:) Of course we stopped just short of Silvia cumming, so I thought I would let Cheryl finish her off. Silvia answered the door for Cheryl, they had never met before. Cheryl let out a small "hot damn" comment when Silvia opened the door with her shirt opened and exposing herself. Cheryl didn't waist a second, she walked in, closed the door, and as she led Silvia to the bed, made some comment about having to taste this awesome looking woman.

While Cheryl went at it, I slowly undressed her. Now Cheryl was not built as well as Silvia was. Cheryl had smaller tits, and had a few extra pounds on her, but she was very good at deepthroating and that is what I loved about her. I first met her when she was only 18 and she was dead set on not having intercourse until she was married, but she would suck off any guy who had a nice, long, thick cock.

Here it is, 3 years later, and she is fucking and sucking, and all with no plans on getting married.


Silvia can get a little loud, right before she cums, and here she was getting loud. I knew it was close and I really needed some attention, so I fingered Cheryl while she made Silvia cum. Silvia started to really get moving as she finally reached the orgasm I had started working her to. Actually, I think it makes it more intense when you get very close to cumming and then get it taken away from you, the second time around can be more intense, and with the sounds Silvia was making, I think it was much more than she had hoped for, for her first orgasm of the evening.

Ok, Silvia didn't give very good head, she would suck on it and it felt good, but never enough to make me cum. I cum much harder when it involves a hot mouth, and I wanted to cum right then. So I had Silvia turn around, with her head hanging off the bed, I had stripped and I straddled her head, facing away from her.

I asked Cheryl to get on her knees and give me one of those awesome deepthroat blowjobs she was so good at. I asked Silvia to lick the base of my cock and my balls why Cheryl did her work, she said she loved it, but wanted me to cum in Cheryl's mouth, so she could kiss her and share it afterwards. I told her I could handle that, if she would kiss me too, she let out a nice, agreeing moan/giggle.

There is nothing that can describe the feeling of having your cock all the way in a woman's mouth, then having her slide, ever so slightly, on and off of it, like she is fucking you with her throat.

To top it all off, Silvia was doing great taking care of my balls and the very base of my cock. Without a doubt, I had never came so hard, and from what I was seeing, so much. It was so much that Cheryl was not able to keep it all in her mouth. She had pulled back when I started to cum, so she could keep it in her mouth and share it with us, but I came so much that it ended up running out of her mouth, down my cock, and all over Silvia's face too.

When I was done, Cheryl kissed Silvia, then licked her face clean. After a short rest, I knew that Cheryl had not had her needs met yet, so I fucked her while Silvia helped. Silvia was playing with Cheryl's tits, kissing on her, and fingering her clit while I fucked her. Silvia's hand and fingers felt so good next to my cock while I fucked Cheryl.

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I have good stamina and can cum 7 or 8 times in a 3 or 4 hour session. We spent 5 hours meeting each other's needs that evening. Silvia got drunk as the evening went on, she was drinking 1800 straight up. She loved the stuff. I have not had a FMF 3some since, and am hoping I get one before I decide to settle down. This was awesome and I can only hope the next one is as enjoyable as this one was.