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Shirley's Sexuality Awakens I noticed that Shirley was reading a lot on the internet. One day while she was shopping I looked at her browser history and was shocked that she had been going to porn sites. Shirley had always been a very conservative person when it came to sex.

Quite frankly sex with Shirley was terrible. She came from a family that would never discuss sex, so what transpired had a life changing effect on our marriage.

Here is what happened. It was a typical boring Saturday night. Shirley and I had been married for a little over two years. My friend Dean and his new wife Mary would come over around 6 and we would play cards until around 9. Then they would leave. It had become a very boring routine.


Little did I know that things would change forever that Saturday night. Dean and I have been friends since elementary school.

He is around 6 feet and slender. Mary is about 5' 4' and her figure is what you would call voluptuous. She has large tits and is a true blond. I was not attracted to Mary and is was mutual with Mary. I am close to Dean's height and slender too. Shirley is petite and slender. She has small tits, a killer ass and long dark hair.

We had been playing cards for about two hours and I was bored out of my mind. For some reason I suggested we play strip rummy. Both girls said "no way." I think Dean was as bored as I was. Dean told Mary "she was chicken." Both girls were tipsy, and finally they agreed. Dean and I had been wining every hand and figured we would have then stripped in a hurry.

I knew Dean wanted to see Shirley naked. He has told me often that he thought she was sexy. I wasn't attracted to Mary. We started playing cards and Dean and I lost every hand. We were both naked very quickly. Mary hardly glanced at me, but Shirley was enthralled with Dean's dick. His was a little longer than mine, but what she liked best was that the head of his dick was curved down. After we had gotten dressed and they had left she kept talking about how it had looked.

Now Shirley is usually very conservative sexually, but when drinking she is a completely different person. The following weekend we started off playing strip rummy and we all got naked pretty quickly.

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Dean couldn't keep his eyes off Shirley, who was tipsy. He suggested we put on some music and dance. I am not much of a dancer so Mary and I decided to just sit and watch.

During the slow dancing Dean had a noticeable hard on. When I get a hard on it stands straight up towards my navel, but Dean's stood straight out and kept hitting Shirley in the stomach, so she moved into him. This did not go unnoticed by Mary and soon she said it was time to get dressed and leave. Dean didn't want too, but decided it was better not to argue with Mary. Dean called the next week and we talked about last Saturday. He said that Shirley really turned him on and he wondered if I was willing to share her.

I said "by share, do you mean you fucking her?" He said "yes." I told him it was Shirley's body, and she would decide if Dean could fuck her, not me. I gave the phone to Shirley.

They talked for awhile and then Shirley said "I'll think about." Back on the phone I asked how would we get Mary to go along with this? He said "do you want to fuck Mary?" "Not really" I said. He said we would make Mary's drinks extra strong and she would want to lay down and go to sleep.


We all agreed to his plan and we set it up for next time we got together. It was about three weeks before we had a chance try it. Dean and Mary arrived at their usual time and we immediately started playing cards. Within just a short time we were all naked. Shirley was slightly tipsy and Mary very drunk. We put Mary on the couch and she soon passed out. Shirley went down the hall to the bedroom. Dean was right behind her. She asked "is this going to be threesome like she had read about on the internet?" "No, I am going to take pictures if you agree that is alright." She looked a Dean's dick and then mine.

She finally said "why not." She laid down on the bed and spread her legs as far as she could and I got some good pictures. Dean started rubbing her clit and she was soon very wet.


Dean quickly moved between her legs and put his dick in her cunt. I moved away from her and Dean as he started kissing and fucking her. I could tell it was feeling good to her because she makes these little cooing sounds when she is enjoying the sex.

She then pulled Dean face down and gave him a long kiss. I knew she was getting close to an orgasm. Dean took her legs and put them over his shoulders so he could get deep penetration. Shirley let out a loud "OH" and I knew she was cuming. Dean buried himself in her cunt and was filling her up with cum. They laid this way for several minutes until he bought her legs back down and then pulled out of her.

The hair around her cunt was full of her juices and Dean's cum. She pulled his head down and they shared a long kiss. I moved over and she shared a long kiss with me. She got off the bed and went to the bathroom. I had been taking Polaroid pictures of them fucking. She crawled back in the bed and laughingly told Dean he had put a lot of cum in her. She completely ignored me as she griped his dick and started rubbing his balls. Dean was hard in just a few seconds.

I had a band new package of film and quickly inserted them into the camera. Dean rolled her over and pulled her ass up. I grabbed a pillow and put it under her stomach.

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Shirley usually doesn't like it from behind, but I guess she was willing to try something different. Every time Dean's dick slammed into her cunt she said "OH YES" and it got louder with each thrust. Because of his curved dick he was hitting Shirley's G-spot. I told Dean to get her on top so I could get pictures of his dick going in her cunt.

I got the shots I wanted then. Dean then flipped her back over and buried his dick deep inside of her. Again his was filling her up with cum.

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This time when she came back from the bathroom she said she had had all the fucking she could handle for one night. We went in the kitchen and put our clothes back on.

It took all three of us to get Mary dressed and out to their car.

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As they drove off Shirley reached up an pulled my head down and gave me a long kiss. We cleaned up the kitchen and Shirley took her shower and then I took mine. When I went into the bedroom she was putting tissues in her cunt. She said Dean's cum was still leaking out. The next morning she acted as if nothing had happened last night, but did have a smile on her face all day. Later she asked me "if I had enjoyed watching Dean fuck her" and I said "yes." Then I asked "if she had enjoyed being fucked by Dean." She thought for a couple of seconds then said she had thoroughly enjoyed it and wanted to do it again.

I asked would she do it with other men. She said it would depend on the men and how she felt at the time. All the pictures I had taken turned out great and we would set at the table looking at them.

She asked "could we get Dean to come over without Mary?" I said "I would ask him." I also reminded her that my brother Richard was coming up for a visit next weekend. Shirley's whole demeanor had changed since getting fucked by Dean. She started showing her sexuality by wearing revealing clothes and sometimes not wearing panties under her very short dresses or skirts.

She bought mini-skirts and being good with a sewing machine made them shorter. Most ended about two inches below her butt. We would go to the mall and I let her walk by herself. It wouldn't take long before she had a lot of men and teenage boys following her. One time she stopped and seem to pick up something off the floor by bending over.

Her butt and pubic hair were plan to see. My brother always showed up around supper time since Shirley was a great cook. When he arrive he was shocked to see Shirley in a holder top and extremely short shorts. In the past she always dressed very conservatively around him. We enjoyed a good meal talking about nothing in particular.

Shirley mixed drinks and she was soon tipsy. Richard asked me how did I liked the camera he had given us.

Shirley almost choked laughing and said all John did was take pictures of her naked. Richard asked if he could see them? Shirley said it was ok with her. I went and got the box of photos and Richard started going through them occasionally saying wow or how sexy she was. Several times he said that she had a beautiful cunt. He came to the envelop that was banded with rubber bands. I looked at Shirley and she said go ahead and let him see them.

Richard started going through photos and would look occasionally up at Shirley who had a big grin on her face. He finally asked "who was the man?" I said "his name is Dean and we had been friends for a long time." He asked Shirley "if he was any good." She said "that he had made her cum twice, so yes he was pretty good." She looked at my brother and ask " are you any good?" When Richard didn't say anything she reached behind her back and untied her halter top letting it fall on the floor.

She then unbuttoned her shorts and pull her shorts off. She wasn't wearing panties. She stepped closer to Richard and asked again "are you any good?" Her cunt pubic hair was right in his face.

He looked at me and I nodded. He got up and Shirley lead him to the bedroom. I was right behind with the camera. As she moved on the bed Richard said "he had always wanted to fuck her." She said "now is your chance." Richard quickly stripped. He started kissing her and she kissed back. He kissed her neck and moved down to her tits. He would take one nipple and gently bit down while his hand was playing with the other nipple.

He started kissing his way down until he was at the top of her slit. He peeled her outer lips back and used his tongue to massage her clit.

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Shirley was squirming over the bed. Finally Richard positioned his dick at her cunt entrance and shove it in. Shirley put her feet behind his lower back as he pounded into her. She was breathing heavily and each time he went in her breath would explode out.

She started the cooing sound which I knew meant her orgasm was about to start. When it did she shouted "YES" so loud I thought the neighbors could hear her. She used her feet to pull Richard as deep in her as she could. Richard buried himself and I knew he was filling her with his cum. The passion slowly faded and his dick slipped out of her cunt. Again her cunt hairs were full of juices and cum. She got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. Richard rolled over and looked at me.

He said that was the best piece of tail he had ever fucked. Shirley had just come into bedroom with a wash cloth and told him "Thank You." She started cleaning his dick and balls.

After getting him clean she told me to quit taking picture and move to the end of the bed. Then she did something I had never thought she would do. She put her mouth around my dick and started moving up and down until my dick until it was all the way in her mouth. Her tongue was licking the head of my dick. I was so shocked that it did not take long before I wanted to cum. I told her I was going to cum and I expected her to take he mouth off my dick. Instead she went all the way down until her nose was in my pubic hair.

I couldn't wait an longer and I started cuming in her throat. She kept sucking on my dick until it was soft. She opened her mouth and there was just a few drops of cum on her tongue. She had swallowed my whole load and drained my balls dry. She started rubbing Richard's dick and balls.

It didn't take long for him to get hard again. She told him to stand in front of her. She brought her mouth to his dick took it in her mouth. She kept going down on his dick until she had it all in her mouth and then started going up and down. It wasn't long before Richard said he was cuming. She went all the way down and gripped his butt so he couldn't pull out. Richard started cuming and Shirley swallowed all his cum. I had been snapping picture.

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She turned towards me and opened her mouth. Some cum was still on her tongue, but she had swallowed the rest. Richard collapsed on the bed.

He looked dazed and finally said "WOW." I asked Shirley what has gotten in to her? She laughed and said "you, Dean and your brother's dick that's what." "Wow you have really changed." She said "I have been thinking about some of the things I was afraid to do sexually and giving a blow job was one." "Any thing else I asked." She smiled and reached in the drawer brought out a tube of KY jelly.

I was confused since she had already fuck us both without a lubricant. She said "put a lot in her asshole and put some on my dick." She rolled over and raised her butt. I knew to go slow to give her virgin ass time to stretch asshole out. It took several minutes to get my dick all the way in her ass.

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As I started fucking her she was humping back on my dick. When I shot my load she gave the tube to Richard. I don't think I have ever seen my brother so shocked. After he finished she said, laughingly "that she would probably walk funny the next few days." She then went in the bathroom to clean up.

Richard and I used the washrag and cleaned ourselves up. We went to the living room to get our clothes. After we had dressed. Richard said he had never believed that Shirley could be that fucking sexy.

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I was having a little problem believing it too. Shirley came in the living room and was still naked. She said she had been reading and realized she was not enjoying sex as much as she could, so she decided to explore her sexuality. She said "I have a lot more things to try."