Throat Pumped Latina Munches Man Ass

Throat Pumped Latina Munches Man Ass
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An experience in life I will never forget - and still enjoy. It is true but happened a few years ago. I am not married and the girl involved and I still see each other regularly but she no longer lives in the same city. Suzie is a flight attendant and based away from home and travels a lot. She says I am her only lover but like me she has had a few more experiences between the time we met and the time we declared our sole love for each other true love not just sex now.

Her mother and I still see each other occasionally and we still retain the intimate relationship. I began with her in the early days of Suzie. Suzie has no problems with my relationship with her mother.

Her mom is a swinger still and I have been invited to a party or two but have declined. I am not the username this is posted under I am a flatmate of his. I have read some of his work and decided to document my experience. I had been dating Suzie for about a month we are both 16.

We live in the same district but our homes are not close. We have never been good friends, we have been acquaintances and I know a few of her school friends.

She was reluctant to date with me at first and I had no idea why. At first she would only go out with me and other friends in a group.

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After we had been out twice on our own together, she was seeming to warm to me and on the third date she actually allowed me to kiss her. We dated a few more times and I could tell from the way she kissed, she was enjoying it and our kissing became quite passionate and she had the habit of pressing her body against mine as we kissed and I was sure she could feel my boner in my pants.

She said nothing but each time she did it and then one night I touched her breasts on the outside and she moaned with delight. That night when I went home I had to masturbate I had blue balls. After that I was uncertain where I should go from here but I decided to take our passion to the next stage.


On the next date I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her to me and touched her breasts again deliberately, on the out side of her clothes again.

She never moved my hand and I was permitted to feel the softness or firmness really of them. She had a thing bra on and I made a point of feeling for her nipples which as I found out were hard. I assumed she was feeling a bit sexy. That night when I was kissing her good night she had made it obvious she was grinding against me and feeling for my boner.

I again felt for her breast and she put her hand up I though to move my hand away but it was to undo a button on her blouse and I realised she was virtually offering me access to her bare skin and I slipped my hand into her blouse and fondled her warm firm breasts.

We kissed passionately and I fondled her breast for while longer and she said thank you I liked that and then she went inside. Again I had to masturbate. The next date we went to a movie and she wanted to go toward the back of the theatre and I soon realised after the movie started why.

I put my arm around her as I had done before with the expectation of her to putting her head against my shoulder and I was going to try and feel her breast again. I was surprised when she undid her blouse and slipped her bra up and gave me full access to her bare breasts. I could not believe my luck. I fondled and played with both breasts and nipples and she had no interest in the movie she wanted more kissing and touching. She purred like a kitten as I manipulated her nipples with my fingers.

Her hand had gone down to my crutch and she knew I had a hard on she was feeling for it and whispered can you unzip. I never hesitated and unzipped my fly and my cock almost flew out of my underpants and into the fresh air of the darkened theatre. The closest people were in front of us and to the side and I would not have been surprised if they were similarly engaged as at first they looked in our direction and realising we had no interest in anything else but ourselves, ignored us from then on.

The moment it was free she held it in her hand and felt it all over sort of feeling and examining it rather and stroking it. Then she began to hold it gently and very slowly moved the skin up and down but not over the head of it. It wasn't the same as masturbating me, it was more a discovery adventure experience I felt.

I was sure she had never given a hand job to a boy before. Do you like that she asked. I love it I said am I making you happy.

So far…&hellip. but don't get too excited I am not ready for that yet. I wasn't sure what 'that' was but I had the feeling it was a bit higher up the ladder of sexual pleasure. Before the end of the first feature we both covered up. We talked and had an ice cream at interval and she made no comment about what we had both achieved during the first half. In fact you would never have known we had been half undressed, as I had undone my belt to further open my fly and give her access to my balls as well.

She excused herself to go to the toilet and I did the same. I really wanted to wank myself I was so excited about how far we had progressed, maybe during the second half my hand may find something under her skirt. Shortly after the lights went down the blouse was undone again and the bra slipped up. My cock came out and was firmly gripped by a warm hand.

I thought I might get lucky now. I was to be disappointed as when I tried to slip my hand up her leg she said don't be greedy I am not ready for that …&hellip.yet.

I then resumed the treatment of her nipples and managed to get my mouth down and sucked them as she stroked my cock again, her grip was firmer but not to the stage of really giving me a full hand job, she fondled my balls gently and that was good too.

The movie finished with the both of us almost exhausted from the passionate kissing and frustration of our foreplay being rather subdued. She smiled at me when the lights went up and said you will have to finish that at home like me. I was a little surprised at the suggestion and wondered why she had not let me get my fingers wet if she knew and was aware of what I wanted and would achieve myself later.

It appears she would do the same. The next time we went out it was with a group to a picnic and we had to behave ourselves. At the picnic another girl came up to me and chatted to me when Suzie was talking to somebody else. When Suzie came back she said I saw you talking to Jan, she has a bit of a reputation for doing things with boys. I said I know.

Suzie said have you been one of the boys. I was not sure what to say but I realised I had better tell the truth because Jan had a habit of admitting to others who she had sex with and I had been one of them. I replied Yes I have but only once. Have you done it with anybody else.

No. So she is the first girl you had sex with. Yes. Ok I know now, and would have found out anyhow if you hadn't told me the truth. I said I am sorry I really like you and I hope this wont make any difference. It will now I know you have had sex with somebody else I know you know what its like. I have never had sex before. I didn't quite know what to say I wanted to say I really want to fuck you but I wasn't game.

We ended the day with a nice passion session by her front door kissing and fondling her breasts through her blouse and bra and she rubbed her hand against my cock in my trousers and as she broke our embrace and held my hand she said off you go and treat yourself.

I know I am going to. I took this to mean she was going to masturbate and expected I would too once we got indoors. We walked home from school a couple of times and she asked me on the Thursday do you really like me. I said more than anything else in the world.

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Even when I wont let you touch me down there. But you touch me and I like that and I can suck your nipples sometimes I like that. Can you come around on Saturday afternoon. I want you to meet my mom and she wants to meet you. Ok. Is it anything special can we go out afterwards. It will be special for me - and we will stay home and you will be pleasantly surprised.

Saturday came and I made sure I was nicely dressed and showered and everything was in its right place to meet her mom. We were too young to be serious like that but Suzie was something special I could tell by the way she dressed behaved, and as there were only her and her mom I suppose her mom was protecting her a bit.

When I got there Suzie looked radiant better than I had ever seen her. She had a bit of lipstick on and her hair was done in a way I had not seen before and she looked a bit older and more beautiful. I met her mom and she was beautifully dressed as well but in shorts and a top and I believed no bra I thought I could see her nipples but they must have been soft because they didn't stick out. After we had a drink her mom sat us down and began to ask me questions about myself and the fact I had taken Suzie out quite a few times.

She said you must like her. I said I do she is a lovely girl. Would you like her to be your girlfriend. I said yes and hoped she already was. And your lover. I didn't quite know what to say. Don't be shy her mother said and Suzie sat there quite unperturbed by the question, I had gone red with embarrassment I think.

Well I said we are both old enough but I hadn't considered that really. Don't tell lies she said Suzie has told me all about what you have achieved so far and I guess that means if you had the chance you would seduce her she had told me she has told you, that she is still a virgin and you have had one experience.

I was at a loss for words. I said what am I supposed to say. Well she said today you might just achieve what you have wished for. Suzie and I have discussed her desire for you and is prepared to allow herself to be seduced by you and for the two of you to share her virginity. You both have my permission. I said say that again slowly you want Suzie and I to have sex together.

Exactly and it will be under my supervision and control I will be available for you both to answer questions and to explain anything you wish to know. Now when you had your first experience I believe with another girl from the school did you use contraception did you behave safely. No but she said it was safe.

How did she explain it. She said there were days in a month she could have sex safely and others she could not and she was safe the day we did it.

Has she done it with other boys that you know of. Yes. How many do you know. Suzie said she claims quite a few. And you have been one of them only once? Yes. Well that's something. Now do you object to me looking at your penis and inspecting it - I want to be sure you are not infected with anything she may have had and transmitted to you. How long since you had sex together?

About a month ago just before I took Suzie out. Have you had a discharge from your penis since then. What do you mean? Puss or anything like that come out of the penis. No. Sores or pimples on it. No. Then it seems pretty safe but I am going to inspect it.

Now I want both of you to go up to the spare room and undress how long since you have had a bath or shower. I had a shower before I dressed. Good there is no need for another one.

Suzie take him up to the bedroom and the both of you undress…&hellip. don't worry I have seen it all before I know what a hard on looks like I have been a nurse and married so I have seen it all before. She took my hand and I followed like a dog. I was speechless. I managed to get out to Suzie what is happening. Are we going to have sex. Yes Mom and I have discussed it and she believes I am ready and you are worthy of my virginity.

Is she going to be there. I am not sure but it looks like it. Shit this is embarrassing. Don't worry she may leave us alone but before that she is going to explain everything to you as she has with me and we will both know exactly what is going to happen. God I never realised it could be like this. Don't worry its going to be perfect and wonderful and I really want it to be the best day of my life so far.

I am prepared for it physically and mentally even with my mom in charge or whatever. We got to the bedroom and it was an amazing sight it was done up like nothing I had seen before all very pretty and looking nothing like a bedroom.

Flowers and silk and cushions everywhere and this huge bed a king size one in the middle of the room with just pink sheets and cushions - nothing else.

One big rocking chair and there were photographs or pictures of nude women and girls on the wall none that looked like Suzie but there were some young naked girls and what may have been a picture of her mother naked. Suzie never hesitated and removed her clothes and was naked before I had my shirt off. She watched as my pants went down followed by my underpants and my hard cock popped out and sprang up. I took my shoes and socks off and I was completely naked standing in front of her admiring her naked body for the first time.

She was watching me. I looked at her and I could not believe how lovely she looked, her breasts firm as I already knew and she had the pink areola around them a dark red colour, In the darkness of the theatre where they had been exposed before I hadn't realised how beautifully cherry coloured they were I had never seen ones as dark as hers before.

She had lovely nipples right on the tip of her breasts as I already knew. God she looked beautiful. Her pubic hair was short and appeared to be shaved or trimmed to a small V pattern, and all away from her vagina and vulva. I nearly came just looking at her. I was saying ' God you look beautiful' when her mother walked back in. Her mother was naked as well and her breasts were bigger and just as lovely The only difference apart from the size was hers was that they moved about as she walked where as Suzie's were firm.

Also her pubic hair around her vagina was almost the same shape as Suzie's but a fraction bigger V. In her hand was a big video camera I wondered what she was going to do with that. As well as the camera she had a bottle of champagne. There were already three glasses in the room. She poured the champagne and she toasted Suzie and I and we drank a toast to her virginity or the loos of it. This is a real celebration I could not believe I was a part of it.

I looked at the camera and said I don't want my face all over Youtube or whatever. She said neither do I want Suzie's body shown like that either this is just for us to look afterwards. Then she drew my attention to two cameras on the wall and a mirror on the ceiling she said you will see yourself in 360 degree panorama.

I said shit what is this place. Her mother said I am a member of a swinger's group and we use this room for our video performances. I want to show some of the members Suzie losing her virginity.

There are some who have expressed their desire to do that themselves and I have made it clear toi them that that wont happen. Now I want them to see she is a woman in her own right and that they can forget their fanciful ideas. There is no way Suzie is going to be used by those men. It will end the constant discussion about her. I was stunned by the facts she was telling me this, as well as her naked beauty.

I can imagine her with a bunch of men having sex. She looked so young and more like a sister to Suzie than her mother. I think she saw me looking at her and wondering what I thought it would be like having sex with her. My cock was beginning to show precum at the eye and I gat touched it really. Then she said I have a bit of hairdressing to do she went to a drawer and opened it and I could see a drawer full of sex toys this was areal bordello. She removed a pair of electric clippers a comb and a razor.

Then she combed my pubic hair and used the clippers to trim it short but not shave any hair away. Then she had me sit on the chair and she shaved all the hair off my balls. I had never ever done that before. When she finished they did feel nice. She said its for the video bald balls look better than hairy ones. Now she said lets discuss what we are going to do. She spent the next few minutes tell us what she wanted us to do and how she wanted to have the video staged.

She wanted to capture the facial effect of my penetrating Suzie as well as the actual penetration when she actually lost her virginity and her hymen was split. It had to be simultaneous the popping of her cherry and the expression on her face at the same time. She said it would probably hurt her and she could bleed. She had already discussed it with Suzie and emphasised it had to be a natural reaction and not some staged effect. She said they had tried to prepare her for it and had massaged her hymen with a cream to soften it and hope that when it split it would not hurt her.

At this stage she told Suzie to get on the bed. She was giving her instruction on how to lay back and open her legs. She spread her lips apart and she showed me Suzie's vagina Her mom opening it with her fingers and spread it apart getting me to inspect the wonderful sparkling wet pink flesh inside her and pointing out her clitoris which was like a match head at the top of her vulva.

I think this may have already been discussed and even rehearsed previously as there was no obvious embarrassment or concern by either Suzie or her mom. Then she turned to me and said now for you. She came to me and took my cock in her hand.


The she squeezed my cock and milked it down. Once more I could have cum on the spot with her holding my cock and her standing virtually inches away fro me and her beautiful breast almost touching my nose. How I didn't take a nipple into my mouth I don't know. As she milked me down - nothing apart from more pre cum came out which she took on her finger and quickly licked it off.

She then explained if there was any infection that would show as a pussy discharge as she milked it and not that nice pre-cum you had there. You are clean she said. She then sat me on the edge of the bed and Suzie sat up and we held hands. Her mom then explained all about having sex and what it was and said to me - you know that already. Then she said this is what will happen when you inset your penis into Suzie.

She then told me as I put my penis into her it would go in so far and then hit a barrier which is her hymen. She said you have to stop at that point, when Suzie is ready remember she has not previously been penetrated by anything other than her own finger; I will give you permission to deflower her. Then you will push your penis against her hymen and rupture it. That will probably hurt her but she has had it explained and she will not worry.

By now you will be deep inside her and she will probably be bleeding a little bit. Don't worry its quite normal. At that stage I will decide if you are to proceed and continue to make love to her. We may have to wait until she is ready to continue if it is hurting her or she may be ready to continue straight away every girl is different some have already had their hymen ruptured before their first time and they don't realise it, others have a little or no pain and some a lot I know Suzie's hymen is still intact I have checked.

Right she said - enough of this talking lets get moving Are you ready sweetheart she asked Suzie. Mom you know I want this more than anything else in the world and this is going to be perfect I have the best man in my life.

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I don't know what I would do with out you either this is truly amazing. She was sitting up on the bed and we all had another glass of champagne. I told her to lay back and I tipped a little bit on Suzies vagina and her mom laughed and said I had never thought of doing that then she got the video and told me to do it again.

Her slit filled with bubbles out of the champagne and looked beautiful. Suzie then took up her position for me to begin. I was told to stand beside the bed as her mom focussed the two wall cameras on a TV also on a wall that we could see ourselves on. Then she told me to position myself for the moment of Suzie's life once this is done it cannot be undone, this can only happen once in a girls lifetime.

She will no longer be a virgin. We can all celebrate that later. Her mom fussed about and put a small sheet beneath Suzie's bum to capture her virgin blood she said. She then checked her camera and focussed it on my cock and I saw it huge on the screen it looked huge and I said shit I am glad its not that big, Suzie said so am I, but it looks beautiful.

I was then told to get up between Suzie's legs and to hold my cock ready to insert it into her. Her mom then squeezed some lubricant out of a tube and rubbed it on the tip of my cock just to make it go in easier she said. I didn't think I would have any problem I was making lots of pre cum again.

She said it would make the top of my cock shiny and look better on the film. She then fussed about with her hand held camera and rehearsed a couple of shots she was going to make this was like a film studio I felt I wondered how many girls had the loss of their virginity filmed like this my guess most lost it on the back seat of a car. Ok she said lets get everything moving. I was directed into the best position for her to video what I was about to do my cock was as hard now as it had ever been looking down at Suzie laying there ready to be fucked by me made me shiver with anticipation and delight it wasn't the cold, although it was snowing outside it was really warm in the room.

Her body looked beautiful her slit and her pubic mound looked so attractive and her beautiful breasts firm with her hard red nipples sticking up on the tip of them looked so beautiful. I bent down and kissed each nipple and looked at her beautiful face kissed her lightly on her lips I did something I had never sone before I told her I loved her. She just looked into my eyes and the look said it all.

Her mom had been filming it all but from here on she took over and directed me into every move as she filmed every second and I was told to hold my cock and place it on her lips of her vagina and wait a moment. As I did that Suzie shivered and said its finally going to happen I am so happy.

Now slowly push it in a little bit and the head of my cock disappeared between the lips of her vulva. Can you feel that she asked. Suzie replied I love it. Her mom fussed about and took some shots getting me to move a little bit to get the best view. Then she said ok lets do it slowly push it in till you feel some resistance. I didn't have to go far and I could feel this sort of tightness near the top of my cock. The camera was moved to get everything in focus then she said …are you ready sweetheart……Suzie said.

YES………… THEN DO IT. I looked down into Suzies eyes and mouthed 'I love you' and pushed my cock in harder to her warm wonderful wet vagina. I felt the pressure of my cock against her hymen for a moment then it broke or whatever it does, and I went into her with a rush. I was expecting it to be more difficult to get past her hymen. I let out a sigh as I went in faster than I had planned.

Suzie let out a sort of yelp and shook her head for a moment then looked up at me and said 'WE HAVE DONE IT'. I said is it hurting. Suzie said not really it is stinging a bit and feels a bit hot. You are in there and your penis feels fantastic I am no longer a virgin……&hellip.yipeeeeeeeeee. I am so happy ………Its better than I could ever have imagined. Her mom said that's great.

Was it anything like what we talked about. Suzie said it was fine its nowhere near as sore as I expected. I was then told to stay still, don't move her mom then went and took a lot of video from a number of positions.

Suzie was fine she wasn't crying or anything. She told me to pull back but not out of her and she filmed the bloody mess on my cock and around her lips., then she used the cloth to wipe the little bit of blood of us.

Now she said you two enjoy yourselves don't worry about me the cameras on the walls will give me a good view and I will be around to get some close ups after you two have got better acquainted how long do you last usually she asked me. I said I have only fucked a girl twice and I lasted about 7 or 8 minutes. With Suzie I might cum in a moment I cannot believe how wonderful it feels just being with you both and the sensation of being inside her is overwhelming I never realised it could be so good.

Well you don't have to worry she is on oral contraception so she is safe but I would like you to see if you can get her to orgasm on her first time I don't know how she feels but it would be a wonderful thing if she could I don't know if she will but she certainly knows how to we have had a lot of practice and I can show you some video of us both later if you would like to see us.

She may have lost her virginity today but she certainly hasn't had her first sexual experience we have been rather naughty for a while as mother and daughter. Masturbating together is a favourite pastime. Nothing would have surprised me after today I would never have imagined what happened to me today ever happening in my life nobody would believe me if I had told them and my guess is anybody reading this will wonder too. It did happen and almost as I have described I don't think I have left anything out.

Anyhow ------Suzie and I began to fuck, it was a wonderful experience we remained in the missionary position and I surprised myself we lasted almost 20 minutes slowly and surely we engaged in sex having a break and taking my cock out of her when she asked me. We had more champagne between the times I was out and before I went back into her and returned to fucking. Her mom popped in and out of the room as we fucked to see how it was going and she was great I could never have imagined any other mom doing for Suzie what she did.

As Suzie and I progressed Suzie became more comfortable with my cock inside her she admitted later it hurt her more than she was prepared to admit at first but she gradually became more comfortable with me fucking her and gradually began to enjoy it and we had some good fun for a while before she said oh Fuck (the first time I had heard her use the word) I think I am going to cum.

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I felt so proud I began to raise the speed of my penetrations and go into her harder as I had sone with the previous girls when they were close and she screamed out Mom Mom and her mother cam running wondering what the problem was and as soon as she realised Suzie was about to cum, she grabbed the camera and she raced about getting all sorts of pictures and realised I was working hard on her and asked me if I was cumming too I managed to get out after Suzie…… and kept going hard.

By now Suzie was on the edge of the bed with her legs on my shoulders and my feet on the floor pushing myself as hard as I could into her. Then Suzie began to shake and half lift herself off the bed as the sensation began to arouse her clit and she was pinching her nipples and moaning and groaning and making the most wonderful grunting sounds as her climax worked its way to its peak and then she screamed……………FFFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK meeeeeeeee.

FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK. Mmmmmmeeeeeeee. She could hardly speak with the grunting and heavy breathing she was enjoying it was the loudest I have ever hear a girl when she orgasmed. She was humping her body against mine hard as I was fucking her as hard as I could making slapping sounds each time our bodies banged together to get the most wonderful sensations in her clit and vagina.

My balls were swinging beneath me and hitting her ass every time I thrust my cock into her her mom was singing out ---Come on Baby -----Come on ----- make it a big one----go… go… go… -you know what its like go. go. go. The entire performance was now centred on Suzie and I had reached my peak and had began to grunt and pump my hot milky semen into her warm body, each time I came I jerked with the sensation of the top of my cock rubbing against the walls of her vagina which were tight anyhow, it was amazing the two of us rutting like animals as we both achieved our climax within seconds of each other.

We really enjoyed the sensation possibly more than we have since and we fuck every few days either in the big room as we refer to it or in her bed. Her mom is often there and we are more than friend believe me. We talk about normal things but every now and again we talk sex and its amazing how easy it is to talk to the two of them she is so proud of the fact Suzie and I have sex so often.

I would never even mention the word sex in my house.

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My mom says how lucky I am to have a girlfriend like Suzie if she only knew we spend almost as much time together nude or in bed fucking or sucking each other it would blow her brains out I think she thinks I am innocent of the facts of life. We have progressed to oral and sex in just about every position we could imagine, and with a little bit of her mother's help enjoyed some marathon three way sessions. We all end up soaking wet with sweat as we engage in the most wonderful sexual liaisons imaginable.

Yes I have the occasional sex with her mother as well. I have two of the most sexually interesting and available women in my life. My guess is I could fill a bucket with the cum I have produced in the past six months and my mother wonders why I am not putting on weigh it all goes in sweat and cum.

Suzie's mom has her swinging group that keeps her busy and she enjoys that we are not permitted anywhere near her place when they are held at Suzie's watching half a dozen couples swinging would be interesting. I believe one of our teachers and her husband are involved and we would not want them to know what I do in my spare time.


That's it I am happy and fucking like a rabbit with Suzie and her Mom. How long it lasts is anybodies guess and while their relationship is incestuous I can handle it as I am as much a part of it as they are. well for today believe me Suzie and I and her mom yes I have enjoyed sex with her as well,