Raven Redmond With Latina Hottie Taste Test

Raven Redmond With Latina Hottie Taste Test
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Xavier and Damien are both 17.

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Since birth the two boys shared everything together. They were raised by an abusive father and an extremly submissive mother. They grew up watching their mother being raped, beaten and tortured over the course of their lives. Around the time they were 15 they watched their mom get murdered by their father.

From there he trained his sons to be the cruelest they could be. When he died a few years later they kept on going with their training. Damien and Xavier started an underground sex bar. Everyday they had men and women came into their bar and used the back rooms. A few girls were lucky enough to actually sleep with the twins, but weren't so lucky on getting out.

Both of the boys were wasted as fuck.

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They were just about to close the bar for the night when a women came in. She had to be about 20 years old. She was wearing a short skirt, haulter top, and very high heels.

"This girl has to be a slut." Xavier said. "Excuse me." The woman said. "I can't seem to find my boyfriend. He told me to meet him here and I got lost on my way." She took out a picture from her bag and showed it to the boys. "Have you seen him? We were supposed to go to a movie.but I guess not now." She said. The boys studied the picture before laughing.

"Nope. We haven't seen him." Damien said. "You can come to the back and use out phone though." Xavier offered. It seemed like the twins had the same idea in mind for this woman, because they both had matching smirks. The woman nodded and walked in the back. She saw alll the rooms and raised an eyebrow. "Um where's the phone?" Xavier walked back there with her and acted surprised.

"Oh damn I forgot. We didn't pay the phone bill this month." He said. He practically stripped the woman with his eyes. "What's your name?" He asked as if that was going to help her situation. The woman sighed. "Judy. I guess I'll be on my way." She said. Damien walked in the back and closed the door to leave the back hall.

"Um how about no." He said. "You kinda inturrupted us closing so you get to be our last costumer for the night." He said. Judy backed away and started going into her bag looking for something to use against the boys before trying to swing the bag itself at them. Xavier snatched her bag, and Damien grabbed her. They dragged her to one of their clean and favorite rooms, the BDSM room.

The boys chained Judy to the wall. Xavier started going through Judy's stuff while Damien started ripping her clothes off with his bear hands. "Oh you have such a nice phone." Xavier said. He snapped the phone in half since it was a flip phone. "Shit is bad though. They break too easy." He said. Damien started feeling up on Judy's body. Her breast were huge, and her nipples were just as huge.

He groaned softly and snatched her panties off. "Xavier this one is really hot." He said. Xavier smirked and walked over to her. He took her panties from his brother and stuffed the panties in Judy's mouth.


"Isn't that a pretty sight?" He asked. Damien started sucking on Judy's nipple, biting and tugging at it harshly. Judy let out something of a muffled moan through the panties. Xavier groaned watching the sight and slipped his fingers in her pussy. He starrted finger fucking her. "Hmph she isn't all that tight." He noted.

Damien didn't care though. He was already getting a hard on and he pulled at her nipple once more with his teeth before letting go. "Shall I get the whips bro?" He asked. Xavier nodded and Damien went to go get them. When he came back he handed one to Xavier. One of the whips had beads on the end of it, while the other one Damien made himself.

It had razors tied to the end of it. He whiped it across Judy's stomach once and blood seeped out shallowly. The boys let out groans and started to beat Judy over and over with the whips. Judy was screaming and thrashing. After a while Xavier got bored and took a shock prob out of the supplies closet. He turned it on and touched it to Judy's abdomen.

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He watched as the bitch convulsed and started getting wet. "I knew it. She's a whore." He said.

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Judy had tears in her eyes but couldn't help herself from getting wet. Damien took the prob from his brother and poked the prob against Judy's pussy. Judy's body jolted and she started dripping on the floor. Xavier placed his fingers on her pussy and he started to rub it.


Her jucies splashed all over his hand and the floor underneath her. "Put it here." He told his brother. Damien nodded and put the prob on Judy's clit. She scream into her panties and cummed all over the prob.

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Xavier unshackled her and they carried the whore to the bathroom. Damien walked to the tub and ran hot water in it. You could see the smoke comming out the faucet as the water ran. Xavier took the panties out of Judy's mouth and slapped her in the face. "We should have known you were a whore. Well let's wash off some of your filth." He said. When the tub was full enough he grabbed Judy's hair and forced her head into the water.

She started struggling in the water since she couldn't breath and the water was burning her face. Xavier lifted her face up for 30 seconds before shoving it back in the water. He repeated this process before looking at his brother, who looked like he couldn't take much more of waiting. They dragged her to the bed in the room. Damien threw Judy on the bed and smirked. "I can't wait to try this pussy." He said. Xavier chuckled.

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"Yeah but I'm sure its a fucking black hole." He said. Damien took off his pants and pulled out his cock. It stood about 6 inches and was about 2 inches in gurth. He thrusted into Judy's pussy, letting out a groan. "It may be used but it feels amazing." He said. Xavier smirked and straddled Judy's chest. He hit her in the face and got harder.

He smirked and started punching Judy in the face. Everytime her head bounced against the bed he got harder. That's when he took out his cock and started face fucking the bitch. As he did so he pulled out a knife from his pocket.

He figured she would tell the police if she was let go.

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He handed the knife to his brother. Damien smirked and grabbed the knife firmly in his hands. He grabbed the knife and stabbed Judy in the stomach.

He dragged the knife down and watched the blood flow out her stomach. Judy was screaming her head off as she was being raped and murdered. Xavier reached into Judy's stomach and pulled out her insides. He came inside of Judy's mouth and pulled out before pulling out her large Intestines and wrapped them around her throat. He started to strangle her, shaking her neck as he did so. Damien cummed in her pussy twice by the time his brother started choking the bitch.

He started pulling out more organs, stuffing some of them in his mouth. Judy's face went from red to purple, to blue. Her tongue rose out her mouth in defeat and soon enough her eyes went glassy. Xavier stopped pulling at the intestines and snapped Jdy's neck just to be sure she was dead. He got off her and Damien laughed. He put his hands on her chest and cut it open, before breaking her rib cage. He pulled out her heart and started eating it. Xavier washed his hands and let his brother enjoy his meal.

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They threw the mangled corpse in the fire place and cleaned up the room. "That was fun." Damien said as they got dressed. Xavier nodded in agreement before they walked out their bar, locking it up and heading home for the night. The End.