Gay sex emo guys movietures I wasn rsquo_t feeling very well after I had

Gay sex emo guys movietures I wasn rsquo_t feeling very well  after I had
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Fbailey story number 694 His Little Sister Billy was my best friend until he fucked my little sister. Well, a couple of weeks later it finally dawned on him so he told me that I could fuck his little sister. Billy and I were bout sixteen and our sisters were both thirteen. Billy said that he would have my sister Jill talk to his sister Greta about it and set the whole thing up. Yeah, right! That night Jill came into my bedroom after our parents were sound asleep.

We could always tell when they were asleep because they both snore rather loudly. I was asleep but she crawled in bed with me and shook me until I woke up. Then she gave me a minute to gather my wits about me. Jill said, "Billy says that you want to fuck Greta.

Is that right?" I said, "Sure! After all he's fucking you and I'm not getting any." Jill laughed, "Billy's not getting as much as he lets on." I asked, "What do you mean. He gets to fuck you every day after school.

I've heard him in there." Jill laughed again and said, "Billy has a hair trigger. He cums before he even gets it in me. Oh sure, he got it in me once and only once. So what!

Technically I lost my virginity to him. He feels so bad afterwards that he gives me oral sex and I really like that. Of course you can't tell anyone about this. He has his macho image to protect." I asked, "Will I still get to fuck Greta?" She replied, "Yes, she really likes you and she knows that I let her brother fuck me. She doesn't know the whole story either." I said, "I can't wait any longer I really want to fuck someone." Jill said, "Then fuck me!" I said, "What!" Jill said, "Come on, I need it just as much as Greta does.

You can fuck both of us.

I don't mind if you fuck her and I'm pretty sure that she won't care if you fuck me." I looked at her and then I reached over and grabbed one of her small breasts. Jill giggled and said, "My cunt is a lot lower than that." I asked, "Since when did you start calling it a cunt?" Jill replied, "Billy likes it when I talk vulgar around him. It excites him. Little good that does." I slid my hand down the T-shirt that she always sleeps in. At the bottom I slid my hand back up a little until it rested on her love mound.

That was when I finally realized that she was going to let me fuck her. My finger slipped into her wet slit and into her deep hole. I put in two fingers and started to finger fuck her. She liked it.


Billy wasn't much on foreplay…he would shot it in his pants. Three fingers were too many for her but she let me do that for a while, especially since I was sucking on her tiny nipples too.

When I had enough I sat up, pulled her T-shirt up over her head, and spread her legs around my knees. I was going in. The head of my cock no more than touched her outer pussy lips when Jill bucked up against me, forcing my cock into her.

She clamped her hand over her mouth and kept fucking up at me. She had caught me off guard but I caught on quickly and started fucking back into her. Jill removed her hand and whispered, "Oh God, you feel so good. I don't know if I want to share you with Greta now. Billy never got his cock in me that far. Maybe I just gave you my virginity after all." I said, "I love fucking you.

Can we keep doing it? I wish we had started a few years ago." Jill laughed and said, "When I was ten I saw you masturbating and I wanted you to fuck me then instead of wasting it in a Kleenex but Mom told me to leave you alone." I asked, "You told Mom that you saw me masturbating?" Jill replied, "Sure I did.

Then I got the birds and the bees lecture and that was when she took me to the doctor. He fingered my pussy and put me on birth control pills. When Mom wasn't looking he fingered me good. In fact every six months he fingers my pussy while he talks to Mom." I asked, "Mom watches him finger fuck you?" Jill giggled and said, "She sure does.

He usually finds something up inside me and has Mom check it out too. I've had both of their fingers in me at the same time. He sticks some plastic thing up in me and opens me right up.

Then both of them get down there and check me out." That was enough for me. I started pumping into her as hard as I could, then I started pumping my cum into her. She covered her mouth again to soften her scream of pleasure. I had giving her, her first cock induced orgasm. She loved it and clutched me tightly and kissed me.

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Jill then said, "Thank you, big brother. You can fuck me anytime that you want. Really! Greta is going to love it too. I'm going to invite her over this weekend for a sleepover.

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I'll tell Billy to stay away for the weekend. Maybe I'll give him a blowjob. That's all he has talked about in the last two weeks." Then Jill said, "I don't want his to be the first cock in my mouth. Can I suck you off in the morning before we get dressed for school?" I told her that I would be looking forward to it. In the morning Mom gets Jill up and then she takes care of Dad's breakfast, leaving Jill to get me up. Well I was awake and I was up.

At least part of me was up. I was anticipating that blowjob from my sister. Jill was naked when she came into my bedroom. She climbed in bed with me and started sucking right away.

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Apparently she wanted to get it over with quickly so that we didn't get caught. No! That wasn't the case at all. Jill had been up most of the night thinking about sucking my cock. She was too anxious to go slowly. It didn't take her more than a few minutes to suck me dry and swallow it all. We didn't get caught.

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At breakfast Jill asked Mom if she could invite Greta over for the weekend. She said, okay. At school Greta was excited. She even stopped me at my locker and told me that I could fuck her all that I wanted to that weekend.

Jill had told her what Billy had said. She told me that she had let Billy try to fuck her the month before but that he came in his pants before he even got it out. Then she laughed, kissed me, and ran off to her next class. On the walk home I was accompanied by two girls, Jill and Greta. Mom said hello to Greta and then she shook her finger at me and told me to behave around the girls. It wasn't me that she had to worry about. I was in Jill's bedroom just about to stick it in Greta's pussy when Mom knocked on the door.

I scampered under the bed and Greta climbed in the bed while Jill opened the door. Mom sat on the edge of the bed and said, "I see that you two are cozy.

Now I don't mind if you two go down on one another but don't flaunt your nudity in from of your brother. That boy is ready to pop. I used to make out with my girlfriends…I still do on occasion." Greta asked, "Is my mother one of your girlfriends?" Mom giggled and said, "Yes she is. We have been friends since before we were your age." Greta said, "So you have gone down on my mother." Again Mom said, "Yes, I have.

Many times." Greta then said, "I have too. She tastes pretty good." Mom agreed and walked out the door leaving us alone. That time I got my hard cock in Greta and stared pumping away until we both were on the brink of climax. I filled her with cum and pulled out. I got dressed and headed across the hall to my bedroom. Later I found out that Mom had then gone in and sucked all of my cum out of Greta's no long virgin pussy. Jill told me afterwards. Mom sucked on Jill's pussy too.

Then Mom told them that she knew that I had been under the bed when she was in earlier. Surprisingly, Mom told them that they could let me fuck them whenever they wanted too. They told Mom about Billy's hair trigger and she told them to suck him off a few times before he tries to stick it in them.

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They weren't sure that they wanted to do that every time. They didn't have to do anything to get me ready. Mom told them that Dad was like that too. So that weekend Mom had Dad take her shopping, take her to buy some sexy clothes, and then to take her to dinner.

She literally left us alone to fuck one another all weekend long. I got to fuck both girls in almost every room in the house that weekend. Jill liked it on the dining room table. Greta liked it sitting on the kitchen sink. I just like it anywhere. Jill started giving Billy blowjobs once a week. After he had cum in her mouth three times he could get in her pussy…but just for a few minutes.

She always told me that I was the best. She still joins Greta and I in bed once in a while. I married Greta after college and Billy went in the military. Jill married her gynecologist's son.

She said that his fingers felt better. The End His Little Sister 694