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it happened on vacation (and continued at home) pt 7 How long can this go on. How far can this go and how far am I able or willing to go. We don't know everything we are capable of until we are faced with a situation.

I am full of questions about whatever had transpired, what does my sister know ?. I don't know if she is evading the issue or just full of young lust like I am and everything takes a backseat to togetherness, love and SEX. Have I grown, matured ?. I've found out a lot about myself and learned some things in the last few weeks and I'm wiser for it or am I full of shit and just fooling myself ?.

I know what I want and what I like however, there is that old saying: Be careful what you wish for because you might get it ! .I was looking at the bedroom door as my sister popped her head up and in a worried tone whispered, "what is it".

I laid my head back and calmly said, "nothing, thought I heard something". She let out a breath and said, "whew, you scared me". She turned over and I scooted up behind her, my leg landing in a puddle of our stuff, mostly my stuff, which made me say, "eh yuck". She laid there silently giggling, her body shaking as she held in her laughs. I playfully smacked her on the ass and she said, "oooh baby spank me". "You're a bad girl", I said as I spanked her again which elicited a shiver and an "uuuuh" from her.

"You like that don't you", I said which she responded, "UUUH HUHHH !.


Perhaps she has learned some things about herself as well ?. We laid together snuggling while I fell in and out of sleep. I woke hearing my sister breathing steadily and I knew she was sound asleep, so much for my questions.

Getting back to my room and my bed felt good. I needed the room and some alone time to think. I laid down looking straight up, my head filled with thoughts as I drifted in and out of sleep, it felt like hours went by. My door opened and closed, I saw a figure moving silently towards the side of my bed.

It was a moonless night and my room was dark and all I could make out was a figure opening up a shirt or some kind of clothing ?

and dropping it to the floor. My covers were pulled down then my cock was enveloped in a warm sucking wetness unlike anything I have experienced. I laid there motionless, I literally could not move as I enjoyed the best blowjob I ever had. In total bliss and bewilderment I was powerless as I thought who, what, why. My head was spinning with wonder as I felt the head of my cock being throated, then being released. I was now being stradled with a hand wrapped around my throbbing tool and being plunged into a warm softness I can only describe as HEAVEN !!!.

I was being ridden (ridden hell, I was being fucked) and loving it. I wanted to reach up and rub, touch, feel, squeeze, etc, but I was in such a state of bliss I could only lay there. I felt it coming on and waited for my release (I laid there thinking "this is going to be big") then I finally spoke out, "I'm gonna cum", and a soft voice responded, "do it for me sweetheart, cum in mommy". I laid there thinking "Oh my god, MOM !, this is really happening" ?. I tensed up and was just at the moment of release then was suddenly blinded by light.

Aggravated at the intrusion I reopened my eyes to bright light then closed them again and concentrated on cumming as I badly needed to finish !!!. I re-opened my eyes, the room was bright, I was groggy and disoriented and.

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ALONE !. With the light shining in my windows it had to be late morning. I laid there totally pissed off, "Dam, what a dream, I was so close", I thought to myself.

I heard my phone beep with a waiting message but I had an urgent need. I grabbed my rock hard dick and started pumping, trying to remember every exquisite detail.

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I imagined the feel of that warm soft cunt riding my dick as I pumped with all I had for several minutes. My arm was getting tired and I wanted to switch (which usually isn't a problem) but I was close and a change up now would ruin it. Ignoring the burning in my arm I pumped faster as I remembered the feel of Mom's heavenly pussy gliding up and down my shaft.

Finally bringing myself to that point, I rolled onto the floor and got on my knees. I pounded away then dropping my head down with eyes closed tight I let out a loud, "OOOOHHHHHHHH" !, as a stream of sticky goo shot out.

I kept pounding and squeezing as a few more globs spurted out. I slowed down my pumping, my arm was aching and my hand was covered in goo as the last of it dribbled from my peehole. I let out a whewwwww and knelt there heavily breathing in and out. It felt good but not good enough, I needed pussy.

I wiped my hand some underwear, threw on some shorts and walked down the hall. The door to my sisters room was open, it was empty, in fact nobody was home ?. I went back to my room and picked up the phone to check the message.

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It was Sis, her message read: "hard work made u sleep late huh ?", gone to bday party. LATER !", the message read. I then realized it was Saturday instead of Friday, I thought I was way late for school. A bit more relaxed now, but still sexually frustrated, I decided to take a shower. As I was getting dressed my phone beeped. The message read: "miss u, want to swim ?".

It was my girlfriend. My reply: "ok". Her reply: "on my way". I started getting hard, I wanted her BAD !. It had been awhile since I last fucked her. The last time we were together she had to play her little game, play it cool, so cool that we didn't fuck. I remembered leaving frustrated so getting some of her pussy now was even more critical due to my dream this morning and because pounding one off just didn't do it anymore.


When she arrived I got into her car and she leaned over and kissed me, things were a bit warmer this time !. As the car pulled away from the house she said, "I have to drop something off to my brother at his friends house, it's on the way home though". "OK", I said. She looked at me smiling and said, "then it's just you and me".

I'm getting good signals, I thought. My cock was getting a signal and it started to grow hard. Turning a corner, I noticed we were going up the same street Mom, Sis and I were on yesterday when the revelation of our "cousin" was blurted out.

She stopped the car in front of a house and I started nervously scanning the neighborhood as she dashed up the walk and went inside. She came back out and bounded down the steps with considerable speed (another good sign I thought, she wasn't wasting time) then she jumped in the car and slipped her hand into mine locking our fingers together. Before we pulled away she turned to me, "I WAS mad at you yesterday", she said.

"What did I do", I responded quizically. "You ignored me", she said. "What !", I said.

"I saw you pass right by here yesterday and you didn't even look at me", she said, as she tried to make a stern face. "Oh, well, uhh, I'm sorry. I didn't expect to see you here and I was preoccupied", I said.

"You'll just have to make it up to me", she said with a smile. "Absolutely", I said. She sped off and we headed to her house, the signals were clear and unmistakable. Me unknowingly ignoring her really lit her fire.

As she drove she asked, "When am I going to meet your parents" ?. Her having moved here only a couple months ago and our summer being consumed by various individual activities, we just didn't take the time for the usual formalities.

"When do I meet your's", I retorted. At that point nothing else was said. I sat there thinking I don't care about that shit anyway. All I had on my mind was fucking her pussy.

We got to her house and went inside. "I'm going to change", she said which I immediately asked, "need some help !". She looked back and rolled her eyes as she walked down the hall. Why does she have to make this so dam difficult I thought. I headed to the nearest bathroom, used it, then put on my bathing suit.

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When I got out I heard her from another room ask me, "You want to walk or drive ?". Their neighboorhood has a community pool. "Walk", I said. As I came around the corner of the hall she stood there in her bikini, my cock started getting stiff.

She was truly a vision of beauty, in my eyes. She is nicely tanned and wearing a white bikini, not that much as far as tits go (I've never been much of a breast man) but she did have a handful which was plenty. What attracts me is full hips and a nice ass and she had both. I'm partial to girls with long dark hair but her being blond didn't deter me.

I walked up putting my arms around her waist and we kissed. I let a hand slide down to her ass and the other hand went up her back as I pulled her closer to me. I broke our kiss and went for her long slender neck, she receptively leaned her head back to expose as much neck as possible. At this point I slipped my hand in her bikini bottom and squeezed her soft ass. She pulled me away from her neck and started kissing me and with my hand still inside her bikini bottom I moved around to the front slipping a finger into her slit which caused her to suck at my lips harder.

I rubbed her slit deeper then inserted a finger into her hole and she tried to pull away saying, "no, no, no, we can't". "Come on, whats wrong", I said. "We can't, not here", she said. "Why", I said. "I'm scared", she said. "Come on baby, I love you so much and it's been a long time", I said. I was willing to say whatever I had to to make this happen. I wasn't going to be denied and was in no mood to play the waiting game. I went in, kissing her neck, rubbing her pussy and had my other arm around her holding her tight while using my weight to pin her against the wall.

She was lightly resisting me physically while softly saying, "uh huh, uh huh, uh huh". She pulled my face to hers, kissed me hard, pulled her head back and said "Oh God, I can't take this anymore". She broke loose from my hold grabbed my arm and lead me towards her room. When inside she threw her door shut, we embraced and fell back onto her bed kissing and rolling. I was peeling myself out of my bathing suit with one hand and kissing her then she rolled away from me and untied her top and rolled back.

I got on my knees in front of her and she looked at my engorged cock which was hanging heavy. She watched as it swayed from side to side while I was looking at her laying before me. I pulled off her bottom and leaned over her, going down for a kiss. She raised her legs up as I guided myself to her twat.

Pushing into her I met incredible resistence. She placed her hands on my hips trying to hold me out. "Easy, it's been awhile", she said. "Tell me about it", I said, as I started the in and out motion. She was plenty wet so I went at it pumping faster and forcing my cock deeper into her cunt.

After about 5 hard strokes I bottomed out deep inside her. She was breathing heavy and moaning due to my intrusion. I went at it hard. I was fucking her, USING her. I needed this, I needed her.

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"OH GOD, YOUR IN MY STOMACH !", she shouted. "I'M GOING SO DEEP I'LL BE IN YOUR THROAT !", I replied. I put my arms under her legs and planted my hands on the bed. Now I was holding her legs open and back which gave me the access I desired. I rammed into her hard and she put her arms out with her hands against my hips trying to impede my progress which only caused me to pound harder.

She finally raised her arms over her head and glasped her fingers around the slates on her headboard, hanging on and grunting loudly. I didn't know if she was enjoying it or just gave up the fight and let herself be taken but I was beyond conscience and went at it like a wild animal. I was getting closer and closer as I pounded her now dripping pussy.

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She was making painful sounding grunts as I slammed into her cunt, her knuckles turned white as she squeezed the headboard slates. "FUCK MY PUSSY BABY, FUCK ME LIKE WHORE", she screamed. Dam, what a nasty little thing she is I thought.

I haven't seen her like this before. "Give It To Me you Little Whore", I said. "I AM A WHORE BABY, I'M YOUR WHORE, FUCK MEEEEEE" !, She screamed. "I Have To Cum Baby", I said in a strained voice. "FILL ME WITH ALL YOUR BABY MAKING CREAM", she screamed. "AH, AH, AH, UHHHHHHHH, I'M SHOOTING, I'M SHOOTINGGGGGGG, I screamed as I let loose my muscles and drenched the inside of her cunt.

I pulled out of her and aimed shooting a heavy load of thick sticky white goo onto her stomach. She sprang up onto her knees and put her lips around my cock as I gave a final squirt inside her mouth.

She sucked on my sensetive head which cause me to shiver and pull back. She sat up and looked down at the goo stuck to her stomach. Reaching down she wiped her finger in my cum, curling her finger to get as much on it as possible, and put it in her mouth. MMMMMMMM, she moaned, as she reached down for another treat.

I just sat there and watched as she scooped cum from her flat tight tanned belly and licked her fingers clean. When she was done she looked at me and said "wanna go to the pool now". All I could do was move my head up and down. She went to her bathroom to clean up and as I started getting my bathing suit back on. My phone beeped a message alert. Fishing it out of the pocket I pushed the button and the message read: "meet later ?".

I replied: "where". Her reply:"same place". My reply: 5 ? Her reply: 6 My reply: ok I shoved the phone into my pocket as she came out of the bathroom. "You want to go out this evening" ?, she asked me.

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"What time" ?, I said. "7", she said. "Sure, I can make that", I said. As she turned and walked out I had a huge smile on my face.