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Cute gay braces porn movies You should remember Tristan_ he was here
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"Where are we?" "Göttingen, it said." "Where's that?" "I have absolutely no idea." "At least it looks like there's somewhere to stay." In hindsight, traveling across continental Europe had not been a good idea. The Napoleonic wars were raging around, I just wish my history had been more inclusive, then I might have avoided this. It was 1810 currently and we were somewhere in a German puppet state controlled by Napoleon, Westphalia I think.

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We found a suitable lodging house, and while James was arranging the domestic affairs, I took the ladies to dine. I was hoping for something other than the schnitzel, schweinshaxe and wurst we'd been having for the last week, but I was disappointed.


At least there was good wine, it was the wrong time of year for beer. We were chatting somewhat disconsolately, the latest turn of events had not put us in a good mood, when some one behind me said "Guten abend herr doctor Gauss." Then it struck me why Göttingen sounded so familiar, it was where Gauss worked.

Carl Friedrich Gauss, a god in the pantheon of mathematicians, he'd probably be remembered as the finest mathematician since Newton, if Einstein hadn't stuck his oar in. He'd been in the news a few times these past few years I'd been in the nineteenth Century, they would of course mention his affiliation to the university in such articles.

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I whispered to Maria, "I think that maybe Gauss, you know Ceres and all that." One of his recent headlines was to do with the rediscovery of Ceres, Ceres was the first, asteroid discovered. No one yet knew much about asteroids, even that Ceres was the largest, only four had been discovered to the current date. Gauss' work had allowed Ceres to be rediscovered after it had been somewhat carelessly lost.

Maria's eyes widened at that, she had a thirst for knowledge and would dearly love to learn from the source.

I'd provided some perspective not available to people currently. I knew what Gauss' stature would be in history. I couldn't pass up an opportunity like this, even if I should have been more wary of making waves temporally speaking. Meddling in the past is fraught with danger when you're from the future. I rose and turned to the gentleman seated alone behind me, he had a sad countenance, I could sympathize, he had also recently lost his wife.

I summon up my best German to say "Do I have the honor of addressing Carl Friedrich Gauss, the eminent Mathematician?" Given my sketchy accent, I knew Dutch, not Deutsch, I must have sounded like I'd just fallen off of a hay lorry.

He looked at me, unimpressed, wishing I should disappear I guessed. He reply was somewhat unexpected, "What is the meaning of e raised to the i pi power?" A Mathematical test perhaps, I did my best to answer it. "Imaginary powers of e oscillate sinusoidally in the complex plain, luckily the imaginary parts cancel out on the real axis, and the factor of pi causes a rotation through 180 degrees causing the result to be minus one." At least that's what I wanted to say, I tried it in German, somewhat haltingly, a few words came out in English because I had no idea of the right German one.

His demeanor brightened somewhat at my answer. "You are English?" He asked that in slightly accented English. "Yes, I'm sorry for my poor German." "I found your answer to that question to be quite interesting, we should discuss it. Yes, I am Carl Friedrich Gauss." "Stephen Charles Somers, at your service, would you care to join me, and my companions," I indicated, Maria, Louisa and Hanna sitting at my table, "We would all be honored to entertain you." He indicated that he would and joined us at our table, sitting between me and Maria.

He stole a quick glance at Maria's bountiful bosom before ignoring her and turning to me. Maria spoke to him anyway, "It is a great honor to meet you Doctor Gauss, I followed you work with Ceres with great interest.

Though I am sorry I can not match Stephen's abilities with complex identities, I am aware of Euler's Identity, though I would struggle to derive it." Euler's Identity was the name of the little Mathematical puzzle Gauss opened with. He seemed quite startled that a woman would even be aware of such things. It might be rude for Gauss to speak to a Lady without a formal introduction, so I obliged. "Dr Carl Friedrich Gauss, might I introduce my companions, Miss Maria Freeman, Miss Louisa Smith, Miss Hanna Smits." Gauss stood up and took the hand of each of the ladies and kissed it, saying he was charmed to meet them.

The girls each greeted him in their own way, Louisa was polite and distant, Hanna effusive and managed a little German, like my efforts it wasn't too far from her native Dutch. Maria held his hand for longer than was appropriate, looked him right in the eye and again said how pleased she was to meet him. He seemed a little flustered by her attentions, I'd guess that was what Maria was trying to do. If Scientists had groupies, Maria would be one of them. We continued our meal now including our eminent guest.

There wasn't much I could discuss on an equal footing with such a towering intellect, but I tried my best. Maria seemed quite fascinated with him and managed to keep up the conversation. I remember a few snippets. . "Tell me Dr Gausss." Maria addressed our guest. "Is it true, as Stephen says when he was teaching me the summation of series, did you really add up all the integers from one to one hundred by deriving the summation formula when you were three?" "No, that is not true.

When I was three I corrected my fathers arithmetic. I was eight when I had to sum the series." .

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"I was so sad to learn of the passing of your wife last year. You have our condolences." Gauss' demeanor changed back for a moment, he had been looking quite happy. I added, "Yes our deepest sympathies, I lost my own wife not that long ago." We did manage to steer the conversation back onto happier ground after that. . Gauss was telling an amusing anecdote, which continued, "We were traveling in parallel, so we would never meet." With a little too much wine inside of me, I ventured, "But Dr Gauss, Euclid's Axiom assumes a plane surface, do we not live on the surface of a sphere." Gauss looked quite thunderstruck at my comment, I sobered up in a hurry, I'd guess that non-Euclidian geometry had not yet been invented, I really didn't want to wipe my own future out of existence by disrupting history.

I avoided expanding on my comment and managed to steer the conversation away from such hazards. I successfully managed not to mention his law of electric fields, or his treatment of optics. . Gauss asked Maria, "Do you know Sophie Germain?" "I can't say the name is familiar." "I think you would have a lot to talk about, it is so rare that you find an educated woman.

If you're in Paris you should visit her, I could provide a letter of introduction." "That would be most agreeable Dr Gauss." I'd never heard of this person either, but she sounded intriguing if Gauss were recommending her.

Maybe we should continue the trip through Paris, I had been avoiding it trying to not venture into "enemy" territory, but we already managed that anyway. . We could finally find no more excuses to stay in the dining room, the staff were looking a bit sullen, so I suggested, "Dr Gauss, would you like to continue the conversation in my room. I have some excellent Cognac." Cognac was one of the bonuses of our present situation, Gauss didn't look like he needed much more in the way of cognac, but he assented to the idea and we escorted him to our room.

Maria took one arm, Hanna the other. Despite Hanna not having much in the way of a brain, Gauss had taken to her, he'd also taken to Maria, I wasn't sure if it was her body or her mind he coveted. Perhaps it was both, an intelligent educated woman is a great novelty in the current time, it would seem to be only the second he'd know, the first he'd met. We got to my room, the girls helped Gauss into one of the comfortable chairs.

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I found the traveling booze box. "Would you like a drink Dr Gauss? As I said, I have a fine Cognac, or some port, or sherry." "Cognac would be agreeable." I poured a small glass and handed it to the Doctor.

"Ladies would you like a drink?" "Some port please." Not a surprise from Maria. "Sherry Please." Nor from Louisa, Hanna just nodded in agreement with Louisa. I fixed the ladies drinks and a Cognac for myself, and we were all seated with a drink.

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Maria made her move. "Dr Gauss, we think that you deserve a great reward." "I do? For what?" "For being the greatest Mathematician of your generation, if not in all of history.

We want to show our appreciation for your genius." Gauss blushed at the compliment, or the cognac, and waived away the compliment. Maria signaled to the ladies, Hanna jumped up eagerly, Louisa looked less certain of things but also rose as Maria did. The girls stood in front of us, me and Gauss, we were lounging in the comfortable chairs, both with our cognac.

With no obvious cue, the girls started on their strip tease. It was something they'd been practicing, I approved of it. Hanna was a great artist at this, her performances would give a corpse a hard-on. Maria was also pretty enthusiastic, and had the advantage of her wonderful bosom to entice us.

Poor Louisa, she never looked that enthusiastic about this, she was good but was overshadowed by the others. Soon enough Louisa was naked and displaying her charms, Maria also was naked, Hanna was nearing her finale. She undid her hair and the blond braids untangled fell about her shoulders while she was divesting herself of her corset and chemise.

Leaving her naked, boobs bouncing and legs spread showing her shaved cunt to its best advantage. Gauss had been looking shocked, when I'd glanced at him, when I could tear my gaze away from the girls.

He still was uncertain about things. "Mr Somers, your women, …" I looked at him, "They're not my women, they're free, I signed Maria's manumission, …" I wasn't sure if that word translated, so I tried "bevrijding? befreiung?" That seemed to work, "I signed it myself." He nodded, open mouthed, bemused.

"Though Hanna may have other ideas, Hanna, what are you?" "Ik ben zijn hoer" She said she was my whore, in dutch, but it seemed to get the message across, Hanna liked being, or at least playing at being, my whore. I was happy to indulge her.


Jiggling enough to keep the attention, Maria asked, "Do you like what you see?" "Pauca sed matura" Was his enigmatic response, it sounded like latin to me, I tried to work that out, my latin was very rusty, 'shabby, but old' maybe. That didn't sound right.

I puzzled on that for a while, but got no further. Maria and Louisa smiled at it, I was going to have to ask her what he said, but now Maria knelt at his feet, followed by the other two.

"I'm glad you like us, we like you." With that she reached for his fly and released his dick. It was hard, and no, I'm not going to tell you how big Gauss's dick was. Maria held it, and Gauss was looking very uncertain, then she popped it in his mouth. Wow! He did like that, I'd bet he'd never had a blowjob, in this day, only whores gave blowjobs, and only if you were lucky. Gauss was very lucky, all three ladies took turns at blowing him.

I had a pang of envy, it was pretty mind-blowing when all three ganged up on you like that. Gauss' incredible mind was suitably blown, as was his dick, it took hardly any time at all before he was coming. Hanna had him at the time, she sucked in, then released his dick.

He then squirted over her, Maria grabbed him and he spurted over her. Then Maria pointed him at Louisa and she got spattered as well. Maria then took him into her mouth for the rest.

When things calmed down sufficiently, I said to no one in particular, "Is that a Gaussian distribution then?" Maria laughed heartily, the other two looked a bit puzzled.

Gauss looked contemplative. If you missed the joke, if you've ever heard of a bell curve, or grading on a curve, that's a gaussian distribution, he'd invented it the year before. — After the blowjob, the girls and Gauss disappeared into the bedroom for the night. Maria blew me a kiss as she was going and indicated I should keep warm. That's code for keep my hard-on hard, I'd get some eventually. I spent the night in the room next door, originally meant for Hanna and Louisa.

I could hardly believe it, I met Gauss! How often do you meet such a god among mortals? I was happy to let him have the girls for the night, not that I could have stopped them, hell if he'd been interested I'd have let him have me. The next morning, I was waiting in the drawing room when Gauss and the girls emerged.

Gauss was fully clothed and had a spring in his step and a broad smile. The girls were of course still naked.

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Gauss shook Louisa's hand warmly and kissed her on the cheek (the one on her face in case you're wondering). He hugged Hanna and gave her a thorough groping, she seemed very appreciative of the attention.

He then did the same for Maria, who also appreciated it, following up with saluting and bowing to Maria, shaking her hand warmly. He gave Maria an envelope then turned to me. "You are indeed a very lucky man, and I thank you for sharing the bounty with me." I shrugged, "As I said, they're free to share their booty with anyone they choose.

If you're ever in my part of the world, you would be most welcome at my home, I'm sure the girls would be pleased to see you." Yes, I deliberately said 'booty'. I handed him one of my cards, and the girls said almost in unison, "We would." and nodded in general agreement. He replied, "That would be most kind of you Mr Somers, but I don't leave Göttingen these days." I shook him warmly by the hand and started to show him out.

The girls each kissed him on the cheek. He left, and that's the last time I ever saw him unfortunately. When I closed the door, the girls were standing the looking like a blockade.

I raised ann eyebrow in question. Maria took the lead, "Poor thing, I don't think he'd had any since his wife passed away. He had enough for all of us, and then some more." It looked like they were even more come splattered than last evening. "He was very precise about it, very Teutonic, but we were attending to him, not to our pleasure." That wasn't entirely surprising the female orgasm was just about unknown, it was a medical puzzle that doctors performed for husbands, weird.

"He was most concerned that you were mistreating us, but we persuaded him that we appreciate it. So we're all very horny, …" Both Louisa and Hanna nodded enthusiastically at this, "And YOU are going to help us." This was very promising, help usually involved me performing oral sex, something I enjoyed greatly. I indicated my shirt, inquiring if they wanted me to strip first, Maria responded, "Later, JUST GET ON WITH IT!" She sounded very insistent as she sat down, so I wasted no time in getting between her legs.

I cleaned Gauss' come of all three of their cunts, that's a sentence I never imagined I use. It sounded like an apt description of my intellect compared to Gauss', 'fit only to lick his come out of his whore.' However, it was very tasty, slightly weird taste actually, must be the German diet. All three girls came once, at least, then they had me strip for them.

Then I had to lick them all until they were all totally satisfied, when I say 'had' to, I wasn't complaining or anything. Unusually even Louisa came once more. I was getting pretty desperate by this time, so they decided they could all gang up on me like they had Gauss.

When I'd finished in a suitably messy fashion, Maria said "I like your Gaussian distributions, I was trying to make a pun of 'Phallus' and "Westphalia' and failing. Its so difficult to pun nouns of different declensions." I kissed her, I was getting her a classical education and she was trying to use it to make dirty jokes in Latin.

('Phallus' being the latin for 'dick' of course.) "That would have been too corny." Maria stared to nod in agreement, then just stuck her tongue out at me, I think she got the joke, I'd been trying to work that one in the conversation and failing too. Ceres, as in Gauss' asteroid was of course the goddess of corn.

'Pauca sed matura' it seems means 'Few, but ripe.' Gauss' personal motto. ('Pannuceus' would be 'shabby'.)

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