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Gal loves spinning the big cock in such hardcore
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Jacklyn's mother, Susan died when she was 4 years old. Her father, Jacob was a cruel man. He was fit from working on a farm all his life, but he was bitter. He did not like work and hated people with money like it was their fault he had none. Had he been a wiser man he would have saved money instead of squandering it.

He would borrow money from others to afford the seed for the planting season and come harvest he would have plenty of money, he could pay the people ten times over. He gave them what he owed without gratitude and then gambled the rest so by planting season, he'd have to borrow again.

He never asked the same people two years in a row if he could help it. Now he was alone in his two story home, which had been owned by his wife's parents, with its large living room, kitchen, dining room, a bathroom, and den downstairs and a master room, with two other bedrooms and two bathrooms upstairs, forced to not only to cook his own meals and wash his laundry with his other chores, he had to watch, feed, and clothe Jacklyn until she could care for him and herself until she got married and left.

Jacob could not deny that even at four his daughter was pretty. She had taken after her mother, with her brunette hair and hazel eyes, but she had lighter skin and her eyes had a spark in them Jacob had never seen in Susan's. He had no doubt when it came to marriage Jacklyn could have a rich husband who would think it proper for Jacob to give them some sort of dowry and pay for the entire wedding.

At this thought Jacob began to loathe his daughter so much, an idea struck him. One that insured Jacob would never have to worry about her leaving him and would ensure he had help on the farm for a long time. Jacob took Jacklyn home and put her on one of the kitchen chairs. He grabbed a pair of scissors from the drawer and began to cut Jacklyn's long hair.

"Why do I need a hair cut?" Jacklyn asked.

"Mama said girls need long hair." "Mama isn't here anymore." Jacob said. "You're no longer to be a girl, understand?" "No," "You're gonna be a boy." "Why?" "Because I say so. You're going to dress as one, act like one, and forget all about being a girl." "Am I still Jacklyn?" "Of course not, no boy of mine is going to have some girly name. Your name is Jack now on. A good strong name." Jacklyn went into the bathroom when Jacob finished and looked in the mirror.

Her hair was so short she could see her scalp. "Jack!" Jacob called from the hall. Jacklyn left the bathroom to see her dad. He pulled her upstairs and took down all the pictures that Susan had painted for her, the pink bed spread Susan had made her and all the clothes out of the closet except the jeans and shorts.

"Where are you taking those?" Jacklyn asked. "I'm gonna sell them." Jacob said. "You'll need new clothes to be a boy, take of that dress and put these on." He tossed Jacklyn a pair of jeans and a white t- shirt. Jacklyn obeyed and Jacob threw the dress in the box. "Please daddy," Jacklyn began. Jacob smacked her. "Sons do not say 'daddy'." He said. "They say 'father'," "Father," Jacklyn tried again.

"Can't I please keep the paintings? There's only two and they are not too bad." Jacob looked at the paintings in the box. One was of a water fall and river through a forest and the other was of a field with a wild horse rising up on its hind legs.

"Fine," Jacob said. "But, if you ever disobey me, I'll burn them. Understand?" "Yes, sir." Jacklyn said. 11 YEARS LATER………………………………………………………………………………… Jacklyn sighed as she finished plowing the lawn.

"JACK!" Jacob called. Jacklyn ran into the house. In 11 years Jacklyn had grown, but most saw her as a young man. Her hair was now allowed to hang to her shoulder because Jacob said a few boys had girl faces at fifteen, so no one would notice if she wore it in a ponytail all the time and working on the farm, mostly without her father had built up her muscles. The only way anyone would notice she was really a girl was to look under her shirt at the corset she wore to keep her breasts flat.

Jacklyn entered the house. She didn't see Jacob upon first entering. "Father?" she called. "In the dining room." Jacob called. Jacklyn entered the room and stopped immediately. Jacob was not alone. There was a boy roughly, Jacklyn's age. He had dark hair, tan skin, and brown eyes. "Jack," Jacob said. "This is Damien Louis." "Nice to meet you," Jacklyn said holding out her hand.

Damien shook it. "Pleasure." He said. "Damien has moved in next door." Jacob said when their hands parted. "Are you alone?" Jacklyn asked. "Yeah," Damien said. "I figured I'd come out here. I'm nineteen, so I figure I'll get a job." "That's a lot of figuring." "Yeah." "Damien was thinking he'd like to work the land." Jacob said. "That'd be cool," Jacklyn said. The next morning Jacklyn made breakfast for herself and her father. Damien arrived as she finished washing their plates.

"Morning." Jacob said. "There's some breakfast on the stove. You boys be all right if I run errands?" "Yessir." Jacklyn said. "Good, just remember Jack you pull your own weight and you horse around after chores." "I will." Jacob left. "If you want to grab a plate while I finish these," Jack began. "Nah," Damien said. "I ate already." "Oh?" "What you're the only boy who cooks?" "I thought I was. Father calls them sissy chores, but after my mother died he had to do them for me, so I must do them for him." "Oh, sucks.

Got anything to put this food in so the pans get clean?" "Cupboard on the end." "Ah." Damien helped Jacklyn clean and they went outside. "I did a lot of the plowing yesterday." Jack said. "If you like I can finish and you can plant the seeds where I've done it." "Sure." They go to work in the blazing sun and after Jacklyn finished the plowing she went to help Damien with the seeds.

"No," he said. "We had a deal. I'm almost done anyway. Why don't you go make lunch?" Jacklyn obeyed. She made two large sandwiches with milk to drink.

Damien walked in. They ate and washed and dried their dishes. Jacklyn's shirt was soaked from the water sloshing in the sink. "I'm going to change." Jacklyn said. "I'll show you the well so we can water the seeds then." "Why didn't we do that earlier?" Damien asked. "If the earth bakes, then there's less chance of overwatering." "Whatever." Jacklyn went upstairs and removed the cotton shirt. She stood in her jeans and corset letting her body cool down.

If she could redo the straps of her corset she'd take that off too, but for now she had been allowing these breaks, making reasons for her to need to change her shirt. Suddenly the door opened and Jacklyn stared at Damien as he stared at her body. "You're a girl." He said. "Please," Jacklyn said. "You can't tell anyone.

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Please?" "You're a girl." "Please, promise me you won't tell?" "If you promise to become my slave." "What?" "You do what I tell you and I won't tell anyone what I know, deal?" "Like what?" "Is it a deal or not?" "Deal." "Good," Damien entered the room and shut the door behind him.

"How long does it take to get that on?" he asked gesturing the corset. "Five minutes at least." Jacklyn said. "Damn, well those can wait." He reached down and undid her pants. "What are you doing?" Jacklyn gasped. "Lay down on the bed." "What?" "Lay down on the bed, now." Jacklyn obeyed and Damien lay beside her. His hand went into her pants and under her underwear.

Jacklyn gasped as Damien's fingers opened the lips of her pussy and began to rub her clit. "Damn," Damien said. "Haven't you even touched yourself?" "N-No," Jacklyn said. Damien began to rub her faster and faster until Jacklyn felt a strange sensation in her crotch.

The front door slammed. "Shit." Damien said withdrawing his hand. "Get up, hurry. Where's the bathroom?" "Next door." Jacklyn said getting up and zipping her pants. Damien left as Jacklyn buttoned her pants and grabbed a t-shirt. She pulled it over her head and ran downstairs as Jacob left the kitchen. "What were you doing?" Jacob asked. "Changing," Jacklyn said. "My shirt got wet while I washed the dishes. There's a sandwich in the fridge for you." Jacob nodded.

"Where's the boy?" he asked. "Bathroom." Jacklyn said. "We were just about to water the seeds." "Get to it." Jacklyn went outside and began to draw water and water the rows.

Damien joined her on her third trip. "Hey," he said.

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"Don't worry, I'll keep my promise, but you better keep yours." "I will." Jacklyn said. "Good," The next day there was only housework and watering to do. Jacob was to be gone all day. "I'm hot," Damien said when they finished. "Where do you cool off? "There's a pond a couple miles from here." Jacklyn said. "Let's go." Jacklyn led Damien to the pond that was fed by a water fall.

"Wow," Damien said taking off his shirt and jean shorts. He got into the water and submerged himself and resurfaced. "Hey," Damien said seeing Jacklyn fully clothed. "Come here, take off your clothes. The corset too, we can put it back on later." Jacklyn had no choice but to obey. She got in the water and Damien swam to her. He pulled her close and began to fondle her breasts. "So why are you pretending anyway?" Damien asked.

"My dad is old fashioned." Jacklyn said. "He doesn't want me to marry so he makes me act like a boy so he can keep me here to work for him until he dies." "Why?" "He's been working his whole life, but he gambles any money he makes away and borrows more and more from others.

He's gambling right now, I bet." Damien lowered his head to her breasts which were just under the water. He began to suck them as he continued to fondle them. "You really never touched yourself much have you?" Damien asked as he stopped sucking them. "No," Jacklyn said. "He times my showers to save hot water and I have to wear the corset all other times." "Even to bed?" "Yes," "That sucks. Come on." He pulled Jacklyn out of the water and they lay down on the grass side by side.

"You really are very attractive." Damien said rubbing her left breast as he propped up on his right elbow. He began to suck her breast again and his hand moved to her pussy. He began to rub her clit and Jacklyn squirmed. Damien smiled as he suckled her breast.

He sat up. "If you think that feels good," he said and moved between Jacklyn's legs. He began to suck her clit and Jacklyn moaned aloud. She had never felt anything like what she was feeling as he sucked her.

He began to lick and nip at her entire pussy as if her were trying to eat it. Jacklyn felt the strange sensation and she heard Damien sucking. The feeling stopped and Damien lifted his head. "Does your dad ever touch you like this?" he asked. "No," Jacklyn said. "He rarely even looks at me. He's seen me naked of course; he puts the corset on me." "I don't want anyone touching you. The corset is fine, but here," he licked her clit. "And here," he kissed her right nipple.

"And here," he kissed the left, "All those are for me only. Got it?" "Yeah." "Good, now your dad is going to be gone all day?" "That's what he said." "Good," "What you did today and yesterday when you touched me, what was that feeling? It felt good." Damien sat up. "Don't you go to school?" "He home schools me so no one will know." "Does he teach you about health?" "No," "Damn.

If by 'those feelings' you mean your body tensed and you felt like you were air, then that'd be an orgasm. It releases chemicals in the body and you cum. Cum is juice that comes from your pussy and my dick. Do you have a computer?" Jacklyn nodded and Damien stood. "Get dressed." He said grabbing his pants. "I'll help you with the corset, but you've really got a lot to learn about your own body." They went into the house and Damien began to type on the computer in Jacklyn's bedroom." "Now," Damien said standing.

"You sit there and read and I'll make us some lunch." Damien left and Jacklyn sat down at the computer. There were diagrams of girls' privates and Jacklyn found Damien was right.

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She had a lot to learn. She only knew what a clit was by the fact she had stumbled upon Jacob's porn stash and read a few of the captions on pictures. Damien returned when Jacklyn had read the page. "So is that what you're leading up to?" Jacklyn asked as they ate in the kitchen.

"Sex?" "Eventually." Damien said. "Will it hurt? The site said it can hurt for girls the first time," "Well, we'll take it slow and no worries, I'll pick up some condemns." "Condemns?" "It's something that goes over me so when I cum I can't get you pregnant. I'd suggest birth control for you, but I think your dad would notice the pills. Do you track your periods?" "Yeah, dad makes me so he can make sure I can't lie about it to get out of work." "Good, then we'll only mess around when you're ovulating then use condoms when we have sex and you'll be fine." "Alright, and you won't tell anyone?" "Not a soul." "Thank you." "There is something I want to try though." They went up to Jacklyn's room and Damien undid his pants and pulled himself out.

"Go ahead," Damien said.

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"Touch it." He guided her hand to his penis and wrapped her hand around it. It felt warm and hard, but mostly it felt right. Like it belonged in Jacklyn's hand. "Good." Damien said guiding her hand up and down on himself.

"Do it like this." He removed his hand and Jacklyn continued alone as Damien lay back on the bed. Damien moaned slightly. Jacklyn's instinct took over as she lowered her lips to it.

She began to suck his dick and she felt his hand on her head encouraging her as he moaned in pleasure. "Jack," Damien said and Jacklyn realized Damien didn't even know her real name.

How weird was it, she wondered, to have a girl sucking you off and calling out a guys' name? "Jack," Damien said again. "I'm ─ I'm gonna ─" He came in her mouth and by instinct she swallowed it. It had a new taste, but it wasn't bad. Damien sat up and Jacklyn stopped. "Where did you learn to do that?" Damien asked. "I've read a few of my dad's porn." Jacklyn admitted.

"Did I do something wrong?" "If you did, I can't wait for you to do it right. That felt awesome." "Can you call me Jacklyn?" "Huh? Oh, is that your real name?" "Yes," "Sure, when we're alone I'll call you Jacklyn." His lips met Jacklyn's in a tender soft kiss. They went down to the living room to chill out. "So have you had sex with other girls?" Jacklyn asked. "No," Damien said. "And that's the truth. Before I moved I had a girlfriend and she was always saying we should have sex sometime, but I liked just fooling around and then her old man came after me saying I'd gotten her pregnant and he didn't believe I was a virgin if his daughter wasn't so they did a test and it was actually the dad's best friend and co worker so I left." "Did you want to have sex with her?" "Well, yeah.

I wanted to, but she was sixteen and the whole statutory thing was confusing so I wanted to wait." "Damien, I'm fifteen." "Your dad told me, but nobody knows about you and so nobody can really complain. I mean even if you dad walked in on us while we were going at it he'd be in more trouble for making you be a boy and lying all these years and they'd arrest him and then no one would be complaining." Jacklyn nodded.

Damien left before Jacob got home so Jacklyn could shower. Jacklyn washed up recalling every touch of Damien's hands upon her. She felt energized when she stepped out of the shower and wrapped the towel around herself.

She went to her room and froze. Her father was sitting on her bed. "Come here Jacklyn," he said and Jacklyn stepped into her room cautiously. "No Maurice, I'm not staying." Jacklyn turned to see a man around Jacob's age behind her door, in the process of closing it. "Jacklyn," Jacob said. "Daddy owes Maurice a lot of money, but he says he'll pay me double what I owe if he gets you." "What?" Jacklyn asked.


"Not forever, just a couple of hours. No worries, it'll feel good. Try not to bruise her." Jacob said and left the room. Maurice grinned as he shut the door. He pushed Jacklyn onto the bed and removed her towel.

His eyes took in her body like a starved dog and food. He undressed and began to rub her breasts roughly. Jacklyn felt his penis rub against the lips of her pussy and then her clit. She knew he wouldn't be gentle and he wasn't wearing a condom. Jacklyn's eyes strayed to the calendar on the wall and she read her own writing of when her period had ended.

Almost a week ago and according to the site Jacklyn's odds of conceiving were good. Jacklyn tried to fight and Maurice smacked her across the face. Jacklyn took a deep breath to scream hoping someone might hear, but Maurice smacked her again. He moved Jacklyn bodily so she was lying properly in the bed and he climbed over her. "Now you listen you little slut," Maurice said. "You will either shut up and deal with this or I'll drag you downstairs kill your dad, rape you where he can watch and let him see you in his final moments as the slut you are and then kill you.

What's it going to be?" Jacklyn could deal with her father's death, but had no desire to die, herself so she closed her eyes. Maurice laughed softly and rammed himself into Jacklyn. Jacklyn gasped at the pain as tears flooded her cheeks. Maurice began to move and Jacklyn hated herself as it began to feel good. The motions felt right, but with him, they were wrong, so wrong. Jacklyn felt herself orgasm twice. Once was close to right after he began and the second was as he came in her.

Maurice fell down on her and panted heavily. "God damn," he said. "You're a good fuck. I'll see if I can't come again tomorrow night." He stood, dressed, and left. Jacklyn pulled her comforter over herself and cried herself to sleep. Damien wathed Jacob's car, leave the driveway of the house next door and smiled.

He went to his nightstand and pulled out a strip of five condoms, he had bought the night before. He went next door and let himself in. Jacklyn was just sitting at the table when Damien entered. Jacob had gone out already. "Hey," Damien said and then he saw the bruises on her cheek. "What happened?" "I'm sorry," Jacklyn said and began to cry.

"I didn't mean to. I didn't know. Please, don't tell? Please?" "Jacklyn, what? Talk to me, what happened?" "My father owes a lot of people a lot of money. This guy he gambles with or whatever, well he owes him a lot more and my dad sold me so he could get a clear slate and double in his own pocket." "So this man forced himself on you and your dad said he could?" "I know what you said, but I didn't know he was coming.

I didn't know what would happen." "Jacklyn," Damien said. "I don't understand. I'm not mad." "But you said they were yours and yours alone and I tried to fight but─" Damien wrapped Jacklyn in his arms. "I meant willing," Damien said. "This doesn't count. Don't worry he'll never hurt you again." He led her upstairs where he removed the blood and semen stained sheets and remade the bed with clean sheets.

He had Jacklyn lay down and he lay beside her, just stroking her hair. "Damien," Jacklyn said. "Please, can you make love to me? No condom, just you. I want to really feel you to erase him. Please?" "Are you sure?" Damien asked. "Please." They undressed each other and Damien asked again before entering with Jacklyn's permission. He was gentle as he slowly moved within her. Jacklyn let her hands roam his body as she clung to him.

"Jacklyn," Damien said as he moved. "I gonna─" "Inside," Jacklyn said. "Please inside. Let yours erase him." Damien kissed Jacklyn as they released together. The two fell asleep and woke to a loud knocking.

They got dressed. "Stay close," Damien said and Jacklyn followed him downstairs. Damien opened the door to see two uniformed police men. "Can I help you officers?" Damien asked. "We're looking for a Jack or Jacklyn Henders." One said. "May we come in? We've got some news." Damien stepped aside.

The news was the Jacob had gotten into a fight with Maurice and Jacob accused Maurice of raping Jacklyn and Maurice said Jacob did the same things why else keep a daughter a secret and dress her like a boy? Maurice shot Jacob and killed him and some cops shot Maurice when he tried to shoot at them.

Jacklyn said Maurice had raped her and had paid her father, technically triple his dept to do it, but Jacob had never touched Jacklyn except to tie the corset. She was excused to another room to remove the corset after revealing her stomach to show she wore one and gave it to the men.

"We'll try to take care of most of this mess." The officer said as he and his partner left. Damien stayed with Jacklyn. It took weeks for everything to be put in order. By the time the officers returned Damien and Jacklyn knew she was expecting a baby and they didn't know if it was Damien's or Maurice's. Damien said he didn't care and Jacklyn knew he was sincere because he never asked for a date of conception and neither did she. The officer's returned and told Jacklyn that her father had owed a lot of money and so, even though his life insurance was supposed to be hers she couldn't have a dime.

Jacklyn didn't care. She'd let the crops die and had planted grass instead. The bank was going to take the house and that was fine with Jacklyn. The only thing that had made her stay was the fact it was one of the things she had left of her mother's and she'd had nowhere else to go. One of the stores in town had bought Jacklyn's old things and let her have them back so she had more of her mother's things and Damien was moving back home and taking Jacklyn and as he put it 'their' baby with him.

The drive took three days and they pulled into the drive way of a large house on the third afternoon. Damien smiled to Jacklyn. "I don't know what we're going to do right now," Damien said. "I don't know where we'll live or where I'll work, but we'll figure it out." Jacklyn nodded and they got out. Damien was curious as to how his parents would react after he'd left for almost four months because he'd been accused of statutory rape and impregnating a sixteen year old and was bringing home a pregnant fifteen year old and it may or may not be his baby.

He glanced at Jacklyn. She was almost in her second trimester and her stomach had barely bulged. Damien knocked on the door and his mother answered. She was a kind woman with shoulder length blond hair and blue eyes named Karen. "Damien?" she asked. "Come in, come in. Andrew, its Damien." Damien led the way into the house.

Jacklyn followed meekly. Damien squeezed her hand tenderly. Andrew, Damien's father had dark hair and eyes like his son, except with gray around the ears. He embraced Damien briefly. "Mom," Damien said.

"Dad, this is Jacklyn." "Pleasure to meet you dear," Karen said. "Would you guys like something to drink?" "Water, please." Jacklyn said.


"That's fine with me." Damien said. They sat around the living room with their drinks. "So what brings you back home?" Andrew asked. "Well," Damien said. "I'm not going to lie, I need help. We need your help. Jacklyn is almost four months pregnant." "And it's yours this time?" "For all purposes, yes." "What does that mean?" Karen asked. "All purposes?" They told Jacklyn's story and Karen and Andrew listened intently.

"Well," Karen said. "You two will stay for dinner and then we can figure out how we can help." Andrew nodded.


Everyone talked as if they'd known each other for years. It was decided that Damien and Jacklyn would move in to a house next door and Andrew and Karen would buy it for them. Damien would work part time for his dad's doctor office and attend classes at a University. Karen was a certified home teacher and after a few months Jacklyn had her GED. Damien's parents agreed to help out with bills as long as Damien and Jacklyn continued school. Andrew helped Damien get some good insurance so Jacklyn could see the doctor and Jacklyn soon gave birth to a baby girl.

She had dark hair, though not as dark as Damien's and her eyes were the grey blue of baby eyes. Damien kissed Jacklyn's temple as they looked at 'their' daughter. "What should we name her?" Damien asked. "Emily Sue Louis." Jacklyn said and Damien smiled. They weren't married, but Damien planned on it and so did Jacklyn. A few weeks later Karen and Andrew had the three over for dinner, again. Andrew sighed. "I have some news for you two." He said. "I know you said you didn't want to know, but I took samples of DNA from both of you and compared them to Emily's." "Dad we don't care," Damien said.

"I know, but I just wanted to check so we knew if we should look out for something in that man's family history or if we were fine and we are fine." "You mean," "Emily is your daughter." "She always was." Damien said, but couldn't help feeling better. She really was his.

Her eyes might turn brown like his, or stay from his mother's. Damien kissed Jacklyn.

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"I love you." He said. "I love you." Jacklyn whispered as tears of happiness streamed her cheeks.