Sharon Mitchell and Tracey Adams are in this BDSM

Sharon Mitchell and Tracey Adams are in this BDSM
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I woke up on the couch to the two kiddos sitting on the floor watching tv, and a hand on my crotch. A thumb was rubbing where my clit was under my shorts.

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"Shhh" Jace whispered as he continued. I laid back and enjoyed the moment. I kept glancing at the kids to make sure they were distracted. As I neared orgasm, I stopped him and ran down the hall to the bathroom. Jace followed and threw me on the counter. Shorts came off and panties slid to the side as his mouth made contact with my pussy.

I gasped so loudly and gripped for bearing. I knocked some toothbrushes off and the soap into the sink. He continued to lick me and eat me out. It only took a moment for me to fly into ecstasy and orgasm all over his face. He licked his lips and came up to kiss me. "Good morning." He whispered and kissed my cheek. He slipped out of the bathroom and left me there to clean up.

I picked up the toothbrushes and fixed the soap. Then I cleaned myself up. Out in the living room, my uncle decided to join the festivities. I sat next to him and gave him a kiss. The little one was apparently looking and said "icky!" I ignored him and kissed uncle again.

His lips were delicious and I wanted so much more. Jace looked a bit uncomfortable watching us. I got up and tugged uncle's arm in the direction of his bedroom.

He got up and followed me.

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We laid in his bed and made out for a while. I couldn't get enough. After about twenty minutes we parted and caught our breath again. He pulled his hand out of my panties and I got off his lap.

"Mmm you make me feel so sexy Uncle. I want you in my pants everyday." He chuckled and pulled me in for another kiss. "You make me feel young again so we're even." A knock at the door signaled Jace walking in and closing it.

I wave him in and tap the bed. He lays down next to his dad. I then straddle Jace and make out with him. I rub where is cock is and then I feel a hand on my ass. It's uncle's trying to slip a finger in. "Not right now. Let me pleasure your son. Watch." I whisper to him. I then slip to my knees and undo his pants.

His beautiful cock springs to life. I grasp it and slide it into my mouth. I can see his eyes close and he falls back on the bed. Uncle is watching me suck Jace off. He is getting harder by the second.


I take my mouth off of Jace's cock. "Get it out Uncle. Show off how big you are. I love seeing your huge and beautiful cock." "You're such a bad babysitter." He says and pulls it out. "The kids are fine. I'm only a naughty babysitter for my uncle." He starts to jack off while Jace stares at his dads cock. He's two inches bigger than his son. "Your daddy has a beautiful cock. But it's not as talented as yours Jace." I suck it until it gets wet enough for me to mount.

I drop my panties and shorts and climb on the bed. Hovering above Jace, I line him up and slowly slide down his shaft. Then I start fucking him fast. "You love watching don't you uncle? You love watching your niece ride your son?

You blew a load watching him fuck me last night didn't you?" "Huh?" Jace asks as he erupts in my pussy. "Oh fu—!" He says as he puts it together. "Lay down Uncle. You're gonna eat his cum out of me." He does and I mount his face. Cum drips out of me and into his mouth.

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His tongue goes wild and I moan in pleasure. As I finally reach orgasm, I buckle forward but uncle's mouth is still suctioned to my pussy. He makes me have a multiple orgasm and I scream into the bed in pleasure. As uncle's grasp let's up, I get off of his face and lay in between them. "Thank you both." I say breathlessly. I am welcomed by both of them touching my body and kissing my neck and chest. After we all got dressed and cleaned up, we headed for the park with the little boys.

******************* Later that evening after taking the little boys to the park and out for ice cream, we head home for bed time. Jace and I tuck them into their little beds and kiss their foreheads as we turn out the lights. We walk into the hall and out into the living room. He lays down on the couch and I lay on top of him.

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"Can we have a threesome?" "With who?" "Your dad. Duh!" "I guess. I'm not kissing him tho." "Ugh fine.


Let's go ask him." We walk to uncle's room. And sit on his bed. "Can we have a threesome?" I ask. "Damn this birthday just keeps getting better and better." He replies. I toss off my shirt and smile at them.

My D cup tits were hanging free and begging for mouths to suckle on them. They answered the call and both suckled on my nipples.

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I moaned and wiggled around on the bed. Someone's hand snuck into my pants and started moving my wetness around. I moaned very loudly as my clit was rubbed. "I'm glad you like that my princess" uncle says. I roll over and make out with him. With his hand still in my pants I feel myself get close. Jace's hand sneaks around and rubs my thighs and ass as I cum on Uncle's fingers.

Then I roll over and make out with Jace. He pulls my pants and panties off while uncle gets undressed. Now fully naked, I am hovered above by Jace. He only had boxers on. He dry humped me as we made out. I could feel him get harder against my leg. I reached down and squeezed his balls in my hand. He moaned deeply into the kiss. I scratched them a little and he moaned even deeper. I knew exactly what he loved.

Jace hopped off of me and let uncle grab me. He put me on his cock and I hopped up and down on him. I was so turned on I forgot Jace was behind me. I tuned around and got on my hands and knees. I sucked Jace's cock while Uncle pounded me from behind. Soon enough they agreed to switch spots. They turned me around and spit-roasted me again. Jace pounded into me hard. He was already pulsing so I knew he was close. I sucked uncles cock and paid special attention to his balls.

He loved the attention there. I smirked up at him and sucked the sack into my mouth. When I did this, I tightened my vagina muscles and Jace came inside of me. I turned around and tackled his cock. I sucked the very last drops out of his cock. That's when uncle slipped back into my pussy and pounded me fast and hard. "Oh! Oh! Oh!

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Look Jace, your daddy is fucking me! He's fucking me real good! I can feel him so deep inside of me. Does it turn you on to watch?" I ask Jace. He nods and starts stroking himself. I dribble some spit on the tip of his cock and he rubs it in. "Oh fuck uncle! Fuck me nice and rough!" I spit out surprisingly.

He grips my hips rough and pounds me then grabs my hair in his other hand. I am being fucked very rough and I'm loving it. My pussy clamps down and I orgasm on his cock. Jace moans out my name and cums on my face. He looks shocked but I love it and lick it up.

"Uncle pound me harder!" I beg! He gives up on my hair and just grips my hips right. Soon enough I'm feeling a lot of pressure build. I don't know this feeling. All of a sudden I squirt all over my uncle. He gasps and laughs and so does Jace. "Yessssss I love my family!" I shout.