Me rompo el culo para amigo de whatsapp

Me rompo el culo para amigo de whatsapp
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Sarah sighed, staring at the clock. It seemed to tick so slowly towards the end of the week. Of course, that was magnified by the fact that it was Friday, and she had plans for the weekend.

Sarah looked around the room, her thoughts in every place imaginable besides what the teacher was trying to beat into her and her peers' head.

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Her chin rested on her hand, her eyes blank as she anxiously waited. She couldn't believe how slow those last few minutes were going.

After another ten minutes or so of the teacher droning on about some ancient civilization or another, the bell rang. Finally, it rang. She jumped up excitedly, swinging her bag onto her shoulder before briskly walking out of the now noisy classroom. The hallway was rapidly growing crowded as many other teens eager to begin their weekends fought their way towards the exit.

Sarah made a face of disdain, and slipped into the bathroom in an attempt to escape from all of the commotion in the hall. She set her bag down, stepping in front of the mirror to primp a bit. She had a bit of time before the racket died down, at least, before she was able to exit the building without being trampled like a greeter on Black Friday. Pulling a brush from a pouch on her bag, she returned to the mirror.

She began to comb her long, lustrous auburn hair. As it straightened under the influence of the brush, it regained some of its glowing radiance, making her smile contentedly. A few more moments of brushing passed before Sarah was satisfied with her hair, stooping to place the hairbrush back into her pack. Standing up, she eyed her figure. Sarah was moderately slim.

She had a bit of meat on her bones, but it worked for her. Arguably, it made her more attractive. Standing up on the tips of her toes, Sarah pouted, falling back onto the soles of her shoes.

She had always wished she was taller, but, the fact that she was eighteen and barely reached five-foot five made it clear she was locked into her fate. People had always called her height adorable, but she believed she would look so much better taller. Despite the fact that she had stopped pouting already, she looked as though she still was.

Her soft, full lips gave her a permanent pouting expression; which was nothing to complain about in her and her boyfriend's opinion.

She smiled, showing off her near perfect teeth. Her sapphire blue eyes were warm and inviting. Sarah shook her head in order to get the strands of hair out of her eyes, finally settling with brushing it behind her ear. A loud whistle rang through the bathroom, startling her.

She looked around, alert and curious before she realized it was her phone. With a quiet laugh, she pulled out her phone, unlocking it. There was a new notification, a text message. Opening it, she read it aloud softly to herself.

"Hey Sarah, it's Harley! Sorry about the random number. My phone broke earlier today, so I went out and bought a month on a pre-paid one. I just wanted to ask you if you mind that I want to change where we meet tonight. So, do you? (:" She smiled, typing a speedy response to her boyfriend of eight months. "Not at all, Honey! Where exactly are we gonna meet, 'cause I want to know how much longer/shorter I have to drive. I need some time to get all pretty for you! :3" She pressed the send button, butterflies in her stomach.

She and Harley had been extremely close ever since they had met three years back.

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Sarah had bumped into him at a party that both of them were at. They both happened to be waiting for a friend that never showed up, so they naturally magnetized. Ever since that night, the two of them had been best friends. Well, until her eighteenth birthday, when Harley asked her to be his girlfriend.

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That was one of the happiest nights of her life. They hadn't had sex, or done much of anything physical for that matter. The best Harley had ever gotten was a quick make-out session, and maybe a little bit of dirty texting.

Sarah was very shy about anything sexual, and every time she thought about something being inside of her she shivered in nervous reluctance. She had known that one day she would have to man up, figuratively of course, and just go all the way with him. Stalling had only worked for so long, as Harley gradually became anxious and eager for more than kissing and relentless teasing.

He knew she didn't do it on purpose, but, he couldn't help but feel like a dog in a cage, forced to watch as there is delicious food and treats set just out of his reach.

Sarah had a very sensual personality in Harley's eyes. Not sensual in the way that a supermodel is sensual. No, Sarah was much more in line with what Harley liked personally. She was everything he had ever wanted. Everything he had ever watched in a porn movie that he spent hours looking for. She had every quality he wanted. She had the cute, high-pitched voice. The curvy, fuckable figure.

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The mouthwatering ass. The full, luscious lips that he loved so much. She even had a few mannerism that tailored to his preferences.

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She whined and whimpered quite often, not knowing that it was torment for Harley. Sarah quite often pouted and begged him for things, knowing that she could get her way by being as cute as she could muster.

Little did she know that she wasn't just getting what she wanted, she was exhibiting the traits of a perfect submissive. A perfect one in Harley's eyes, at the very least. Harley had stumbled upon BDSM early in his years, around the age of sixteen. He found the chemistry of a Master/Pet relationship one of the most interesting and sexually pleasing things he had ever seen.

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Of course, he had never really experienced it before, provided that he was but sixteen. Even to this day, Harley had never played the role of a Master, if a few little roleplay scenes online didn't count.

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But, it seemed that his day had come. Sarah's reply had made him giddy with excitement. She was behaving enthusiastically, which he hadn't expected.

He was going to take it slow at first. The fact that they both were inexperienced warranted an easy start. He wasn't a virgin, but he had never possessed the control he so yearned for.

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The complete and utter dominance over his partner. He wanted so badly to have that kind of relationship with Sarah, but he just didn't know how to introduce it. He was quite good at the art of teasing. Harley knew what made girls tick, especially Sarah. Foreplay was almost second nature to him. It came easily and seamlessly, and he would rely on that skill to hopefully get her into a state in which she would agree to almost anything.

He felt a tad bit bad that he had to take such measures, but he assured himself that with time, Sarah would grow to love being a pet as much as he would enjoy being her Master.


Harley shook his head, looking back down at his phone. He had been spacing for at least five minutes. Luckily he wasn't behind the wheel, at least, not operating the vehicle. He was parked in the lot of the store he worked for, setting up the night in his mind. He began to type his reply to Sarah.

"Well, I was thinking that instead of us meeting at some restaurant somewhere, we could meet up somewhere a bit more romantic. I ordered us a nice hotel out central, and I've got a few surprises set up. I'll text you the address tonight before you leave, Kitten." Another whistle sounded from Sarah's phone, making her jump. She was on a bench outside the school, waiting for Harley's message. She bit her lip as she opened the message, her anxiety growing even more.


She let herself smile softly before replying to his message, her fingers flying over the small keyboard. "Hehe, okay Sweetie. I'm gonna go home and get all cute for you. Text me the place whenever you're ready, Hun! I love you! <3" Harley set down the soda he was sipping on as he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket.

Pulling out, he opened the message from Sarah, grinning and swiping to open the keyboard. "Alright, Cutie. Love you too!" He hit send and slid the phone back into his pocket, giving the keys a twist. After another quick drink, and the adjustment of his rear-view mirror, he pulls out of the parking lot to prepare for the night ahead of him.