Puro amor con mi novia

Puro amor con mi novia
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In August last year Kate (my wife), 38 and I visited Portugal where we stayed at a hotel for a couple of weeks. The holiday was extremely relaxing with plenty of sunny hot weather. After a couple of days Kate was very relaxed, spending days sunning herself around the pool in very skimpy bikinis.

Kate has a long brown hair which falls half way down her back and a fuller figure, with larger hips and full 36D breasts which were barely concealed by her the virtually non-existent bikini top.

One afternoon the pool was unusually quite, most people having gone on an excursion. Kate and I found ourselves besides the pool with only three teenage boys whose parents had joined the excursion.

The boys were around 16 or 17 years old and spent the afternoon playing a boisterous ball game in the water, the sole aim of which seemed to be to drown one another. Kate laid on a sun lounger apparently reading a book, but I could not help but notice that she spent very little time looking at the book.

Most of her attention seemed to be drawn to the three lads and one in particular. The boy she was paying most attention to had short blond hair, was trim and muscular with a large bulge in his swimming shorts.

I noticed that when Kate reapplied suncream she did so in an exaggerated style slowly drawing her hands over her legs, lingering near her groin and partially slipping her hand into the top of her bikini bottoms. I also noticed that she was checking to make sure that the boys were paying attention. Kate then removed her bikini top and her large pendulous breasts fell from the small pieces of material revealing her erect nipples. Kate slowly applied large amounts of suncream to her large breasts drawing her fingers around the nipples.

She then reclined with her legs wide apart, the material of her bikini bottoms scarcely containing her pussy lips. The boys were paying attention alright, they could barely look away. They had huddled together in the pool talking excitedly to one another.

After a few minutes they resumed their game of ball. Kate announced she was too hot and she slowly waded into the pool wearing only her bikini bottoms and a pair of sunglasses. The boys faces were a picture, their eyes roving all over her body taking in every inch from her the impression of he vagina visible through her bottoms to her gorgeous full tits. When she climbed back out she took ages slowly drying herself with a towel, drawing it carefully over her breasts, down over her stomach before rubbing her thighs.

Kate put on her bikini top and suggested that we head back to our room because she was feeling rather aroused. I did not need asking twice. When we arrived in our room Kate suggested I pour some cold drinks and join her on the balcony. I poured the drinks and headed out onto the balcony.

As we sat I could see the three lads staring up from the pool towards Kate's near naked body. We sat down and began to sip our drinks.


A couple of minutes later there was a knock at the door. Kate answered the door to find the three lads at the door. Apparently Kate had left her purse besides the pool and they had come to return it. "How kind. You must come and so I can thank you all", I heard her say.

Kate offered them each a drink (non-alcoholic) and then we sat in the living area drinking and making small talk.

The three lads were Toby (16), Jake (16) and Kevin (17). They were on holiday with Toby and Kevin's parents while Jake had come as a friend.

Toby was the blond haired lad upon whom Kate's attention had previously lingered and I noticed Kate flirting with him as they talked. Her body language was also a give away, continually adjusting her hair, then readjusting her bikini top almost forcing them out of the tiny material triangles. Toby became increasingly relaxed and I noticed he was constantly glancing at my wife's breasts.

Kate shot me a quick questioning glance at which point I nodded and said "if you want to". With that Kate announced that for their good deed she wanted to give the boys a little something and she had something in mind which she thought would appeal to three teenage boys.

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With that she reached behind her back and untied her bikini top and cupping a hand over the front of each breast slowly drew her hands away to gasps from the boys. She then sat beside Toby. Toby went an intense red at which point Kate told him to relax and gave him a kiss on his cheek. She asked if he had ever touched a woman's breasts at which he shook his head.

"Would you like to?" Kate asked, at which point Toby nodded a vigorous yes. Kate turned to face Toby and took his hands in hers, guiding them to her huge pendulous breasts.

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His young hands roamed over her breasts before gently stroking her nipples which became increasingly erect. Kate explained that many women get aroused by having their nipples teased and even licked and sucked. "Would you like to lick them?". "Most certainly" Toby replied, leaning down and running his pink wet tongue over her nipples one at a time before sucking on one then the other. By this time all three lads hard erections clearly visible through their swimming trunks.

Kate stood and turning sideways to Jake asked if he would like to see her completely naked. There was no way this horny young boy was going to say no. With that Kate told him to untie the knot on her bikini bottom which he immediately did.

She turned the other way and asked him to untie the other side at which point her bikini fell to the floor leaving her completely naked in front of these lads. She lower herself to the floor and laying on her back parted her legs giving them a view of her soft pink vagina lips. She parted her pussy lips with her fingers revealing the moist pink inners of her pussy. Looking at the boys watching intently Kate slowly lick a finger before slowly sliding it inside herself until it was completely inside.

She then asked Jake if he would like to touch her vagina. He knelt on the floor and slowly slid his finger into her body at which point Kate let a sharp sigh.

Kate explained that ladies enjoy their vaginas being caressed, especially the hard clitoris. Jake played with her vagina and clit for a few minutes working his fingers in and out of her wet pussy whilst Kate smiled and looked on. Kate then announced "you've seen mine, now it's your turn to show me yours". The boys looked sheepishly at one another clearly a little unsure. With that Kate took hold of the waistband of Jake's trunks and pulled them down revealing a fairly sizeable erect cock.

Pushing Jake onto his back she took hold of his penis and began to gently work her hand up and down his shaft. Kneeling beside Jake Kate leant forward and spat on her hand spreading the fluid over his cock.

She then leant forward and held her huge breasts either side and began wanking his penis between her breasts. Before long Jake began to moan and shot bolt after bolt of thick white spunk with amazing force over Kate's breasts, neck and face.

"Well what about you two?" Kate asked as she used a towel to wipe the sperm from her face. Toby and Kevin did not need asking again and quickly removed their t-shirts and swimming trunks. Kate knelt in front of Kevin and holding the erect shaft kissed the end of his penis before parting her lips and taking his penis deep into her mouth. She then began to work up and down his penis dragging the tip of her tongue over the tip of his shaft.

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With her other hand she took hold of Toby's hard penis and began to wank his large cock. Wrapping her hand around his buttocks she drew him closer and making both boys face one another she took both penises in her mouth at once, lovingly licking and slurping at their erections. Before long Toby and then Kevin could take no more and Kate was rewarded with a mouth overflowing with creamy white young sperm which dripped out down her chin and over her giant breasts. Kate then told the boys that as nice as masturbation and oral sex are, there are other ways to mutually satisfy each others needs, vaginal sex.

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She made Jake stand and began to kiss him. Jake was initially a little cold but soon became increasingly passionate, French kissing her whilst their hands roamed over one another fondling each other's arse cheeks. Jake's cock soon became erect again stabbing into Kate's thighs and her pussy as he began to rub himself against her. Sensing his increasing arousal and urgency Kate asked if he would like to fuck her and led him by the hand over to the wall by the door.

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She placed one foot on a chair and the other on the floor before drawing Jake towards her. She held his erect cock and guided into into the moist warm opening to her body. He needed no further guidance and began to kiss and lick her neck, something she absolutely loves and is guaranteed to make her even more aroused.

Kate closed her eyes and grasped his young pert bottom as he thrust his rock hard cock in and out of her body. Kate began to moan and sigh as he took one of her nipples between his fingers and gently squeezed and tweaked her erect nipple. Jake began to thrust faster and faster into my wife's body before letting out a cry and stopping dead in his tracks as he sprayed his seed deep into her womb.

When Jake had withdrawn Kate sat in chair breathing deeply with Jake's sperm trickling from her vagina and down her inner thigh. Whilst Jake had been fucking Kate Toby and Kevin had been stroking their cocks and were now both solid and waiting for relief. After a minute or two Kate asked all three boys to follow her into the bedroom. She told Kevin to lay on his back on the bed and then climbed on top of him.

She then guided his cock to the entrance to her pussy before slowly lowering herself fully down onto his cock. She clearly wanted to be in control and began to slowly rise up and down on his penis. She turned and smiled at me before closing her eyes and leaning back.

Kate began to cup and fondle her large breasts, pinching her nipples before raising one breast to her mouth and sucking her own nipple. Kate then began to grind her vagina against Kevin's groins slowly, clearly enjoying the sensation. After grinding like this for a few minutes Kate became increasingly flushed and began to moan as she reached her first orgasm. Afterwards she leant forward and kissed Kevin before rolling off of his cock and laying on her back with her legs wide apart, Jake's sperms still seeping out and her huge tits hanging down either side of her chest.


"Come on Kevin, use me for your pleasure and pump me full of your cum" she said. Kevin lay on top of Kate and thrust his still solid young cock deep into her body. He fucked her vigorously as Kate watched his face intemtly, smiling to herself at the pleasure we was so obviously getting from fucking her pussy. Soon he could take no more and shot his spunk into her body where it joined Jake's.

Kate had Toby sit upon the edge of the bed and facing away from him she impaled herself upon his large erect cock. She beckoned over Kevin and Jake instructing them to lick and caress her breasts for her while she lifted herself up and down on Toby's cock, the sperm from the previous lovers pouring out and soaking Toby's pubes and bollocks.

Shortly as Kate began to moan, approaching another orgasm, Toby seized her hips and thrust into her vagina with increasing urgency. Kate screamed and wailed as a huge orgasm swept over her as Toby shot his cum deep into her vagina. Afterwards the boys showered one after another with Kate keen to clear up before their guardians arrived home from their excursion. Kate later told me that Toby fucked her vigorously a second time in the shower.

We gave each boy a souvenir, a photo each of Kate naked from the neck downwards laying on the floor with their sperm trickling from her pussy and pooling on the carpet.